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Andreas Deja (born April 1, 1961) is a Polish-born German-American character animator.

He is most famous for his work at the Walt Disney studio, and a key player in The Renaissance Age of Animation, having designed the era's favorite Disney villains plus three major heroes and mascot Mickey Mouse.

He currently runs an art blog dedicated to the work of Disney animators, Deja View.


Tropes & Trivia about his career:

  • Author Appeal: Big cats, especially tigers. He's repeatedly praised Milt Kahl's animation on characters such as Shere Khan and Tigger, and served as the supervising animator on both Scar and a later version of Tigger, as well as creating the independent short Mushka about a girl befriending a tiger.
  • Creator Backlash:
    • He's been very critical of the later Disney Renaissance movies for their homogeneity. In one interview, he recalled meeting a woman in a supermarket and telling her what he did, having to hold his tongue when she winced and asked if he was working on yet another musical.
    • He is also a die-hard fan of Bambi, so when asked to help with Bambi II, while he didn't hate the project outright and did like the effort demonstrated, he was naturally very skeptical to the idea of making a sequel to what he considered an already perfect film.
  • Doing It for the Art: Like many Renaissance-era animators, Deja is a fierce advocate for keeping 2D animation alive in the age of CGI. When the Disney higher-ups tried to pacify him by saying that Uncle Walt himself didn't just stay with one medium, he (politely) shot back by saying that Walt was simply building his portfolio, not giving up one thing to pursue another. Later, he took it upon himself to create an indie featurette simply because nobody else would.
  • Playing Against Type: He's mostly known for animating villain characters such as Gaston, Jafar, and Scar. He was originally going to animate Hades when working on Hercules, but was tired of being typecast as a villain animator, and instead worked on the titular hero. He also got out of his comfort zone when animating Lilo and Mama Odie and Juju.
  • What Could Have Been: Deja is one of the few big-name 2D animators who at least tried to transition to CGI, but he reportedly gave up after working one-on-one with a tutor for a week, saying that he simply couldn't get a feel for the tools.