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E. M. (Edward Morgan) Forster OM (1879–1970) was an English writer best known for his critical views of the established class system. He was named Henry at birth, but a mistake at his baptism led to him being given his father's name, Edward, instead. As a result, he was generally called Morgan. His six published novels have all been adapted for film. He also wrote a number of short stories, a couple of plays, a couple of biographies, a film script, numerous essays, and the libretto for Benjamin Britten's adaption of Herman Melville's Billy Budd. He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature sixteen different times.

His most successful novel during his lifetime was his last, A Passage to India (1924). His most popular today is probably the relatively light-hearted A Room with a View. His novel Maurice, written in the mid-1910s, wasn't published until after his death, for it was a homosexual love story, and Forster's own homosexuality was still illegal in the UK for most of his life.

Works by E. M. Forster with a page on this wiki:

Selected other works by Forster:

  • Abinger Pageant (play)
  • The Celestial Omnibus (and Other Stories) (collection)
  • England's Pleasant Land (play)
  • The Eternal Moment and Other Stories (collection)
  • The Longest Journey (novel)