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For Zelda Classic, scripting has been a huge commodity. One quest designer, however, turns that into a work of his own. HeroOfFire is an up-and-coming quest designer who has been working on scripted quests on Zelda Classic

Quests he's worked on:

  • Official fourth Quest of Zelda Classic (overworlds)
  • Hero of Elements, a quest based on elements
  • The Zelda Randomizer series (a randomly generated item Fetch Quest), which includes:
    • Randomizer Classic, which gives the game a classic Zelda 1 feel. It takes advantage of the item and enemy editors that were released in 2.10, respectively.
    • Randomizer Modern, the same as Classic but with more detailed graphics.
    • Randomizer Super, an Updated Re-release that adds more items to the mix.
    • Randomizer BS Zelda, based on the 1994-95 BS Zelda game that was released only in Japan.
    • Randomizer Outlands, based on the ROM hack "Zelda Challenge Outlands" that debuts the Koten graphics set.