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Originally a member of Infinite Story before coming over to ChooseYourStory in 2007 because he's a no-good, dirty tyrant, End Master is a fairly well-known name in the online CYOA community. He can be found spewing vitriol omnidirectionally, keeping the riff-raff out of ChooseYourStory (which he is an administrator of), consuming the souls of the damned, or basking in the praise of his undead army—usually all at once.

He has many featured works on ChooseYourStory, some of the most popular of which are Eternal, Necromancer, and Death Song, which have their own pages, Necromancer and Death Song sharing a page. His works range several genres, from low fantasy to science fiction, and often make extensive use of Black Humor. He is also known for his stories being very heavily branched.

His works with their own pages on this wiki include:

His works without their own pages on this wiki include: