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How mysterious time is. When you're waiting to get out of school, it drags on forever, and at the weekends, it passes by all too quickly. It is no surprise then that many authors would turn their attentions to this dimension and even name characters after it.

The most common form is to name characters, especially Family Theme Naming, given how births have order and time does too, after months or seasons, but other types occasionally appear; it also works to name characters after times of day like Dawn, Aurora, Eve, and Twilight. See also "Day of the Week" Name.



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    Anime and Manga 
  • Swap Swap uses the same theme naming for its four body-swapping leads as Haru Natsu Aki Fuyu: Haruko ("haru" is Japanese for "spring"), Natsuko ("summer"), Fuyuki ("winter"), Akiho ("autumn").
  • In Sol Bianca, the all-woman crew of the starship Sol Bianca bear the English names of months, or simple variations thereon: Janny, Feb, April, May, and June.
  • The Hinata family in Sgt. Frog has a seasonal convention (Fuyuki=Winter Tree, Natsumi=Summer Beauty, Aki=Autumn). The Disappeared Dad (Haru=Spring) completes the set.
  • In Fruits Basket, all of the cursed members of the Sohma family (except for Yuki and Kyo) take their names from the traditional names of the months from the Japanese lunar calendar; for example, Isuzu "Rin" Sohma is named from "Isuzukure tsuki" (June) and Hatsuharu "Haru" Sohma is named directly from "Hatsuharu" (January). Their names each correspond to the months that their Eastern Zodiac animal is associated with (except for Momiji and Kureno, since author Natsuki Takaya accidentally mixed up their names).
  • Film example: the sisters in My Neighbor Totoro are named "Satsuki" and "Mei"; the word "satsuki" is the old Japanese name for the month of May. Their sharing a month is apparently a reference to the two of them being a single character in early drafts of the script.
  • In 7 Seeds, the five teams are each named after a season, and all the team members were chosen to have names related to their team's season.
  • In Urusei Yatsura, the school that the characters attend is named Tomobiki, and there are occasional mentions of another school named Butsumetsu. These names are from the rokuyō, a cycle of six days (similar to the seven-day week) in the Japanese lunisolar calendar. Butsumetsu is considered the unluckiest day of the rokuyō (it symbolizes the day Buddha died), so most of the students from that school are delinquents.
  • The teachers in Happy Lesson are named after the medieval Japanese names of months.
  • Minami-ke doubles up on this: the Minami sisters have Haruka (spring), Kana (summer), and Chiaki (autumn), while the other Minami family has Natsuki (summer), Akira (autumn), Touma (winter)... and the oldest brother, Haruo (spring).
  • Coyote Ragtime Show has 12 Elegant Gothic Lolita robot assassins each named after a month of the year.
  • The MI6 agents in Darker Than Black all have code names relating to months and days, such as April, July, February, November 11, and August 7.
  • The hentai series Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo has Haruomi the protagonist, Natsumi the eldest girl, Akina the middle sister, and Mafuyu the youngest of the three. Those names contain the Japanese words for the four seasons.
  • A more meta example, all of Hiro Mashima's manga series have a protagonist named after a season. Rave Master stars Haru (spring), Fairy Tail has Natsu (summer), the short-lived Monster Soul has Aki (autumn), the one-shot Fighting Group Mixture has Mafuyu (winter), and both Monster Hunter Orage and EDENS ZERO have Shiki (four seasons).
    • Speaking of Fairy Tail, the powerful wizard August used to be an unnamed orphan who then met Zeref. The little August's face reminded him of his late lover Mavis and he named the boy after the month when Zeref and Mavis had made love. Little he knew that August was his and Mavis's son.
  • Loveless - Ritsuka and Seimei are named after seasons.
  • ×××HOLiC - Watanuki, based on an alternate reading of April 1.
  • Softenni gives all the main characters a surname with a seasonal kanji in it. Asuna Harukaze, Kotone Sawanatsu, Chitose Akiyama and Kurusu Fuyukawa.
  • In Tsuritama the boys are named after the seasons — Yuki ("snow" for winter), Haru ("spring"), Natsuki (natsu/"summer"), and Akira (aki/"autumn").
  • After War Gundam X - Some of the mechas of the series are named after months. Examples are the Febral (February), Septem (September), Octape (October), Jenice (June), Descem (December), Juracg (July)
  • Yattodetaman, one of the Time Bokan series based on the theme of Time Travel, has the good main characters named Toki Wataru (literally "goes through time"), Himeguri Koyomi (both "himekuri" and "koyomi" are a reference to a type of calendar) and Princess Karen (Karen sounds like "karenda", or "calendar"). The Italian dub brings this Up to Eleven, having renamed the good guys Beppe Ieri (ieri = yesterday), Tina Domani (domani = tomorrow) and Principessa Domenica (= Princess Sunday), and the Terrible Trio as well: Principessa Lunedì (Princess Monday), Primo Settembre (September the First) and Due Ottobre (October the Second).
  • Tokyo Ravens: Four of the Main Characters: Harutora (Spring), Natsume (Summer), Akino (Fall), Touji (Winter).
  • The Persona 3 movie tetralogy: #1 - Spring of Birth, #2 - A Midsummer Knight's Dream, #3 - Falling Down, and #4 - Winter of Rebirth.
  • Family Complex has the siblings Harumi, Natsuru, Akira and Fuyuki who were born in that order and are named for the seasons, starting with spring.
  • Fate and Chrono from Lyrical Nanoha. Doubles as Family Theme Naming since Fate was adopted by Chrono's mother at the end of A's.
  • In The Elder Sister-like One, Yuu's name comes from "yuugure," meaning "twilight", so Shub-Niggurath chooses the name Chiyo, meaning "a thousand nights" to complement Yuu's name as an invoked case of Family Theme Naming.
  • Three of the four protagonists from Yo-kai Watch: Shadowside are named after the seasons. Natsume Amano (summer), Touma Tsukinami (winter) and Akinori Arihoshi (autumn). That makes Keisuke Amano the Odd Name Out.
  • The opening cast of Blend-S. For those who know kanji, Kaho, Akizuki and Mafuyu refers to summer, autumn and winter respectively. Maika Sakuranomiya's case is less obvious, but recall sakura—or Cherry Blossoms—are the ultimate symbol of spring in Japanese culture.
  • In given, all four main characters each have kanji relating to one of the four seasons in their given names. Made especially obvious by their band actually being called Seasons before it's renamed.
    • Mafuyu's name (真冬) has the kanji for "winter" (冬).
    • Ritsuka's name (立夏) has the kanji for "summer" (夏).
    • Haruki's name (春樹) has the kanji for "spring" (春).
    • Akihiko's name (秋彦) has the kanji for "fall" (秋).
  • Spy X Family has a day to night theme naming for most of the characters. Of the adult cast, we have Loid (codename Twilight), Yor (a bastardization of yoru, night), and Agents Daybreak and Nightfall.
  • In the Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics Snow White episodes the Dwarfs are named after the days of the week.
  • In One Piece, the 14 highest-ranking female members of the organization Baroque Works are required to have a code name, composed by "Miss" followed by a day or a reference to a holiday.

    Audio Play 
  • Shiki Kareshi, unsurprisingly, has all focus boys named after a particular season. The second series adds two more unofficial seasons, the Rainy Season (represented by Amane Semi) and the New Years season (represented by Hatsuto Ichinose).

    Comic Books 
  • May "Mayday" Parker and her clone sister April in Spider-Girl. The previously unnamed April thinks that she is the original, so she names herself for an earlier month as a jab at May.
  • Daisy Duck's nieces April, May and June.


  • Cutler Series: Its books, Idiosyncratic Episode Naming: Dawn, Secrets of the Morning, Twilight's Child, Midnight Whispers, Darkest Hour.
  • In The Secret Life of Bees, the sisters that take Lily in are all named after months: August, June, May, and May's deceased twin April. At one point, Lily muses that as a member of their sisterhood, she wouldn't mind being October.
  • The main antagonists in Keys to the Kingdom are all named after the days of the week.
  • All the main characters of G. K. Chesterton's The Man Who Was Thursday are secret agents who take the names of days of the week, including the protagonist, Thursday.
  • The title characters from Robin Benway's teen fantasy book, The Extraordinary Secrets of April, May, & June. They were born thirteen months apart.
  • The Star Wars Expanded Universe has Leia's childhood friend Winter.
  • The protagonist of Jasper Fforde's Thursday Next series, as well as much of her immediate family. Inverted with her brothers Anton and Joffy.
    • "I was born on a Thursday, hence the name. My brother was born on a Monday and they called him Anton - go figure. My mother was called Wednesday but was born on a Sunday - I don't know why - and my father had no name at all . . ."
  • The first Dragonlance series, starting with Dragons of Autumn Twilight, then Dragons of Winter Night, etc.
  • Dawn and Eve of the Xanth novels.
  • The October Daye series: So far, in addition to October, the protagonist, we've seen a January, an April, a May, and a June. January and April are related by adoption. May was originally October's Fetch. In the third book, Lily comments, "Whatever will we do when the months of the year are used entirely?" Word of God says that in Faerie, it's rude to name someone directly after someone else, but honoring somebody by using a name with a related meaning is acceptable. October's name is somehow connected with September Torquill, January's mother. There's also August, who's October's older half-sister who vanished years before October was born.
    • Gillian means "July". Word of God says this is deliberate.
    • Let's not forget Evening Winterrose.
  • In This Is Not a Werewolf Story, Dean Swift has three teenage daughters named April, May and June.
  • John Varley's Titan novels include two clone-sisters, April and August Polo, each named for the month in which she was "born." They have three other clone-sibs named in the same style: May, June, and July. April and August's captain, Cirocco Jones, thinks that the names alone prove that scientists should not be allowed to fool around with experiments that sleep and breathe and cry.
  • In Warrior Cats, some prefixes that Clan names use are based on time (e.g. Dawncloud, Nightstar, Morningflower, Duskfur). Midnight the Badger's name is also confused as a time when they're told to "listen to what Midnight tells you". The books of The New Prophecy are also named after a time: Midnight, Moonrise, Dawn, Starlight, Twilight, Sunset.
  • In the short story "Tuesday of the Other June" by Norma Fox Mazer, the protagonist, her mother, and grandmother are named June, April, and May, respectively. The story deals with the protagonist being bullied by another girl who is also named June.

    Light Novels 
  • The four female protagonists in Student Council's Discretion, Sakurano (Cherry-Blossom-Field) Kurimu = Spring. Shiina Minatsu (Deep-Summer) = Summer. Akaba (Red-Leaves) Chizuru = Autumn. Shiina Mafuyu (True Winter) = Winter. That's when Ken first met them and they helped him get over his Heroic BSoD.

    Live Action TV 
  • On Fringe, the Observers use months as names.
  • In the dinosaur-themed Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger, the three core rangers' surnames are Hakua, Sanjou and Itsuki, which are puns on the Japanese words for the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic epochs (which was when the dinosaurs lived).
    • This was Lampshaded during the cross over Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger VS Abaranger, when the Dekarangers find recite the names of Ryouga, Ranru and Yukito... on their business cards.
    Hoji: Hakua Ryouga.
    Ryouga: *peace sign*
    Hoji: Sanjou Yukito.
    Yukito: *sigh with a blink*
    Hoji: Itsuki Ranru.
    Ranru: *stare*
    Hoji: These are your real names?
    Ryouga: Yes. Aren't they nice names?
    Sen-chan: Hakua-ki (Cretaceous Period), Sanjou-ki (Triassic), Jura-ki (Jurrasic). Good job parodying the dinosaur's eras.
  • Kamen Rider gained one thanks to Decade and the One Steve Limit. Decade's female lead is named Natsumi (Summer), but so is a character from Kamen Rider Blade. When the latter appears in Decade, she is presented as an Alternate Universe version named Haruka (Spring). Kamen Rider Double follows the trend with female lead Akiko (Fall/Autumn) and one-shot character Fuyumi (Winter).
    • In Kamen Rider Zi-O, the antagonistic Time Jackers derive their names from words related to time...which is complicated by uncertain translations. We have Ora/Hora (the Italian and Spanish words for "hour" respectively), Huere/Uhr (the French and German words for "hour"), and leader Swortz (whose name is theorized to be a combination of "quartz" and "schwartz", the German word for black). The movie-exclusive Tid/Tiid is the Odd Name Out.
  • On Married... with Children, one of Kelly's friends was named April May June.
  • One episode of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide had a group of girls named after months like April and May. The third girl was named Julie, though.
  • Square One TV's Mathnet segments had Kate Monday and her replacement upon season 4, Pat Tuesday, based upon Dragnet's Joe Friday.
  • Three's Company: Chrissy, who's legal name is Christmas Snow, was named after Christmas day.
  • Ezel: The children adopted by the House of Seasons (which shaped them into future guns-for-hire) were given new names, all themed after the months of the year.
    Ali: All these fucking bastards named after months...


    Newspaper Comics 


    Roleplaying Games 
  • In GURPS Banestorm, the advisors to the Heavenking of Sahud are known as the Eyes of Heaven. They are named Vision of Budding Flowers, Perception of Bountiful Growth, Glimpse of Falling Leaves, and Sight of Bone-White Snow, thus corresponding to the four seasons.

    Video Games 
  • Devil Children series gives us several examples, albeit in unusual fashion.
    • Protagonists of Black Book and Red Book are Mirai, meaning "future", and Setsuna, meaning "instant", or a smallest unit of time possible. Setsuna has a brother, Nagahisa, whose name is comprised of characters for "eternal" and "long time".
    • The protagonist of the sequel game, White Book, is named Masaki Kuzuha, and his name also means "future".
  • In the Street Fighter series (starting with Alpha), the Dolls that serve M. Bison/Vega form a complete calendar roll-call in their native (usually) languages - in order: Enero (January, Spain), Février (February, France), März (March, Germany), Aprile (April, Italy), Satsuki (May, Japan), Juni & Juli (June and July, Germany again), Santum (August, Vietnam), Xiayu and Yanyu (September and October, China), Noembelu (November, Mexico), and Decapre (December, Russia).
  • April May, Redd White's secretary from Ace Attorney, is named after the fourth and fifth months of the year.
  • The Jellyfish Air Pirates from Guilty Gear are all named after months of the year, similar to the Sol Bianca example above. Janis (January), Febby (February), March, April, May, June, July, Augus (August), Sephy (September), Octy (October), Novel (November), Dizzy (December) and Leap (leap year).
  • BlazBlue features the Duodecim, twelve ruling families named after the months of the Japanese lunar calendar
  • Pokémon:
  • Crono, of Chrono Trigger, whose name is a prefix relating to concepts of time.
  • The tenth Touhou game, Mountain of Faith, introduces the Aki (Autumn) sisters, Shizuha and Minoriko, so named because they're gods whose roles are heavily associated with autumn; Shizuha is a god of dead leaves, while Minoriko is a harvest god.
  • The hub worlds in the second and third Spyro the Dragon games correspond to a different type of temporal theme:
    • Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!'s are themed after seasons, though, strangely, it is missing Spring (Summer Forest, Autumn Plains, Winter Tundra).
    • Spyro: Year of the Dragon's are named after times of the day (Sunrise Springs, Midday Gardens, Evening Lake, Midnight Mountain).
  • The four Cute Sports Club Manager in Inazuma Eleven series are named after Japanese seasons: Aki, Natsumi, Haruna, and Fuyuka.
  • Steamboat Ski Resort has time-themed names for runs off the Sundown Express lift on Sunshine Peak.
  • The original Japanese version of Mother 1 had its towns named after holidays. The protagonist's hometown is Mother's Day, and there is also Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, and Valentine. The prototype English version of the game (known as Earthbound Beginnings) had these names changed, but the translator for the Fan Translation kept the holiday-themed names.
  • Gaido Venerdi, Latooni Subota and Garnet Sandi of Super Robot Wars: Original Generation have surnames based on days of the week: "Venerdi" is "Friday" in Italian, "Subota" is "Saturday" in Russian and "Sandi" is "Sunday" in French. Making this more deliberate, the localization turns Garnet's surname directly into Sunday.
  • In Criminal Case: World Edition, Angela Douglas, The Coroner of the Bureau, and her husband Lars, the forensic lab chief of the Bureau, have triplet daughters named April, May, and June.
  • THE iDOLM@STER: SideM has the unit High Joker, who is a group of high school friends with a seasonal motif. The unit consists of Haruna wakazato, Natsuki Sakaki, Haruto Akiomi, Jun Fuyumi, and their vocalist Shiki Iseya.

    Web Animation 
  • RWBY: The seasons are important to the background and mythology of the setting, so it is no surprise that anyone named after a season is important. Summer Rose (Ruby's mother) is a plot-important Missing Mom, Cinder Fall (The Heavy) is a woman after the powers of the Fall Maiden and is noted to have probably chosen that name herself, Winter Schnee (Weiss's sister) is a Specialist with the Atlas military and a junior member of the Benevolent Conspiracy, and Vernal (one of Raven's bandits) has a name meaning "pertaining to spring" and is the Spring Maiden. Or a decoy, anyway.
    • In Volume 7 it's revealed that Winter has been chosen to become the next Winter Maiden (though she ultimately doesn't).

    Web Comics 
  • Summer Winters and daughter June of Moon Over June.
  • No Rest for the Wicked's protagonist is Princess November, daughter of King January and Queen Avril. Her sisters are August and September. (Word of God addresses the lack of an October on the sixth Frequently Asked Question).
  • Tower of God: Twenty-Fifth Bam, whose name means Twenty-Fifth Night, was named after his birthday. The 13 Month Series is a group of special weapons named after the 13 Months of the TUS universe.
  • In Route148, there are characters named June and April.

    Web Original 
  • In May Xnocens everybody either has a month as part of their name (July, Idius March, May and September Xnocens, Mechta and Rhett October, April, January, November, February) or is only known by their last name which would make a pun if combined with a month as first name (Borne, miss Forth).
  • Melinda Summers of Chrono Hustle.

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 
  • April, May and June are all fairly common names. At least one person around is named April May... born in June.
  • Aztecs were named after the day of their birth, consisting of a day sign plus a number.
  • The Imperial Japanese Navy named destroyers after, among other things, months and times of day.
  • The Akan peoples of Ghana and the Ivory Coast have a tradition of "Day Names," given on the basis of the day of the week on which the child was born; this custom has spread to other West African peoples under the influence of the Akan. The most famous day names worldwide are Kwame ("born on Saturday"), from the Ghanaian president and pan-African activist Kwame Nkrumah, and Kofi ("born on Friday"), from the Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan.
  • It is was also relatively common in some countries to name a child after the Patron Saint of the day it was born. For example, someone born on the 30th of June would've been called Marcial.
  • People born in the 2nd half of December often have Christmas-related names. Examples: Sir Noël Coward (16 December 1899), Noel Edmonds (22 December 1948), Noele Gordon (25 December 1919), Carol Smillie (23 December 1961), Carol Vorderman (24 December 1960), Holly Madison (December 23, 1979), Robin Gibb (December 22, 1949), Natalie Grant (December 21, 1971), Christmas Abbott (December 20, 1981), Caroline Aherne (December 24, 1963), Jesus Silva (December 24, 1971), Carol Christine Hilaria (CCH) Pounder (December 25, 1952).
  • Steamboat Ski Resort in Steamboat Springs, Colorado has time-themed names for runs off the Sundown Express lift on Sunshine Peak.