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Girls Stare at Scenery, Boys Stare at Girls

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Tails: You're so beautiful.
Cosmo: Yes, the stars ARE beautiful!

A standard romantic scenario. A couple (or two potential romantic partners) are gazing out at some sort of scenery, like a wide landscape, a flower garden, the night sky. One of them (usually the female, if the couple is heterosexual) is enthralled by the view and comments about it. The other one (usually the male) might hum sort of affirmation, but he's not really looking out at it like she is. Instead, he's gazing at her, implying that she's more captivating as whatever they're looking at.

One common variant is for the girl to be unaware of his feelings for her and missing his gaze as part of that, making his stare a Longing Look.

A more innocent version of All Men Are Perverts. Compare Distracted by the Sexy.



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  • The Rap Reiplinger piece "Loving You is Surfing You:"
    Girl: Oh, Renten, isn't the ocean just beautiful tonight?
    Boy: If you looking at de ocean.
    Girl: And the moon. Isn't it love-a-ly?
    Boy: If you looking at de moon.
    Girl: Oh Renten, is so romantic my heart is pounding.
    Boy: I can see dat.
    Girl: Oh Renten, don't you like to look at anything natural?
    Boy: No, just you.

    Fairy Tales 
  • The Golden Phoenix: A variant; the Sultan tells his daughter to show Jean around the garden in preparation for their game of hide-and-seek. The princess wonders if Jean actually wants to win, because he isn't looking at any of the garden. Jean tells her he would rather look at her.

    Film — Animation 
  • Tangled, in the "I See the Light" romantic song that takes place during the breath-taking floating lanterns scene, Rapunzel is admiring the lanterns she always dreamed to see, meanwhile Flynn is looking at her the whole scene.

    Film — Live-Action 
  • A variation happens in Life Is Beautiful: Dora and Guido are at the opera together. Dora is watching the opera, Guido is staring at Dora.
  • In The Lizzie Mc Guire Movie, when the title character and Paolo are at a fireworks show, Lizzie watches the fireworks while Paolo stares at her. Lizzie says, "This is so beautiful," to which Paolo replies, "Yes, you are."
  • Another variation is when Mrs. Brisby mentions the underground lights to Justin in The Secret of NIMH. The two are staring at each other at the time, but Justin looks surprised when she says she's talking about the lights, as if he thought she meant her eyes, or possibly his.
  • A variant of this trope is found in The Force Awakens. When Rey is awestruck by the forests of Takodana, Han Solo glances at her, realizing what hardship she grew up facing alone on Jakku. This prompts him to offer her a job aboard the Falcon. This can be a particularly heartbreaking example, as Han struggles with the knowledge that his son has been seduced to the dark side, and for that moment, might see Rey as a surrogate daughter. Too bad it doesn't last long.
  • Inverted in Close Encounters of the Third Kind when a character insists on his wife coming to see the UFO's he's just witnessed (of course they're long gone). She gripes that they used to come to places like this to look at each other.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has a platonic version with Mantis and Drax as they watch the fireworks. Mantis says they're beautiful; Drax, looking at her, agrees, and says she's beautiful too… on the inside.

  • In "Black Rainbows" by Miracle Musical, Madi Diaz sings the following:
    I see the praised rays
    You see me smile
    We know the joy beyond above
    Has been here awhile

    Video Games 
  • In one ending of Metal Gear Solid, Meryl comments on how beautiful Alaska is, and Snake responds but says the most beautiful thing there is Meryl.
  • Inverted in Radiata Stories during the human path; Jack's date at the fireworks will steal a glance at him while he looks at the fireworks.
  • This proves to be a detriment in Resident Evil – Code: Veronica. When Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside crash land in the Antarctic, they enter an Umbrella base and attempt to move a work vehicle out of the way with a crane. Steve operates the crane, with Claire staring off into the frigid tundra. While she's doing that, Steve proceeds to longingly stare at Claire's backside, resulting in him not paying attention and unknowingly knocking the vehicle into a gas pipe, resulting in the two needing to evacuate the base.
  • During Mistress's entrance in Rumble Roses Sebastian only focuses on her while Mistress gives attention to the crowd for most of said entrance.
  • During the post-game of Super Mario Odyssey, you can find two snail-like Bubblainian tourists — one male and one female — sightseeing in the Lake Kingdom. The female one is commenting on the beautiful scenery, while the male says that he only has eyestalks for the female.

    Visual Novels 
  • Villainous Nights: In the first heart scene of "Across Time", when Zeke uses his powers to take the heroine to the top of the Eiffel Tower.
    Zeke: How're you feeling?
    Heroine: A little dizzy, but I'll be okay. […] [looking out over Paris] And the view is absolutely worth it.
    I study the exhilaration in her eyes, the way the wind stirs her hair.
    Zeke: Yes. It is.

  • To Love Your Enemy:
    • On the astronomy club field trip, Yikyung is admiring the stars while Yeonhee on the mat next to him turns and notes how handsome he is.
    • After Yeonhee spends the night cramming for a midterm, the two of them watch the sunrise. Yeonhee is entranced by it; Yikyung glances at Yeonghee before turning away, blushing.
    Western Animation 
  • The first episode of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic seems to have a bit of this; see here for context.
    Spike: Beautiful...
    Twilight: Yes, the decor is coming along nicely. This ought to be quick. I will be at the library in no time; beautiful indeed!
    Spike: Not the decor... HER!
  • Played with in Avatar: The Last Airbender, when Suki and Sokka are looking up at the night sky.
    Suki: It's a beautiful moon.
    Sokka: Yeah, she is.
    • To clarify, they're both looking at the moon. Sokka's first girlfriend had given her life force to restore the moon spirit, leading to him viewing the moon differently than most people.
  • Happened on Batman: The Animated Series, between Bruce Wayne and Lois Lane.
  • Happens in Sym-Bionic Titan when Ilana and Jason are on the roof of the barn looking at the stars. Ilana comments on how beautiful it is and Jason agrees; only he is looking at her and not the stars.
  • The Crumpets: Inverted with Caprice and Marylin. Caprice sometimes interacts with Marylin romantically while he is busy admiring flora and fauna due to his appreciation of nature. For example, in their first date, Marylin adores and pays attention to the animals Caprice has to babysit. In another episode, Caprice offers to kiss him, but he picks up a leafy plant and expresses a kiss towards it.