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Manga / Alive: The Final Evolution

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We were alive on this planet, then they arrived.

Imagine The Happening turned into a shounen series.

Taisuke is an Ordinary High-School Student whose life is changed forever when a mysterious "suicide virus" spreads around the world and causes normal people to suddenly kill themselves. As he witnesses a young girl gleefully jump to her death, a strange thought goes through his head: "I'm so jealous..."

Weeks later, after the epidemic has died down, a couple of bullies at Taisuke's school are brutally murdered and his best friend Hirose is the prime suspect. To his horror, Taisuke discovers that the survivors of the suicide virus—those who contracted the virus but did not commit suicide—have begun to manifest destructive supernatural powers and are being gathered by an enigmatic man named Katsumata. Hirose turns out to be one of these "Comrades", and is brainwashed into joining their cause, kidnapping Taisuke's childhood friend Megumi as he flees north.


Determined to rescue Megumi and bring Hirose back to his senses, Taisuke leaves the city on his bike and pursues the "Comrades" to their gathering place up north. On the way he meets up with renegade Comrades Yuta and Nami- who reject the plans of Katsumata- and begins to manifest his own Comrade powers as he comes to grips with what it means to be "alive".

The manga has been fairly successful, and was being made into an anime until the company doing it suffered economic problems and cancelled the project in 2010. The manga-ka, Tadashi Kawashima, passed away on June 15th, 2010 due to liver cancer. In spite of that, he succeeded in completing Alive while hospitalized.


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