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Manga / Uchiha Sasuke's Sharingan Chronicles

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Uchiha Sasuke's Sharingan Chronicles is another comical spinoff of Naruto written by Kenji Taira. note  As the title suggests, the manga focuses on Uchiha Sasuke, the rival of Naruto driven by revenge. Joining him are the other members of Team Taka: Karin the Tsundere, Juugo The Big Guy devoted to Sasuke going from The Stoic to Axe-Crazy and Suigetsu The Straight Man.

The manga is found in Saikyo Jump, the little brother to Shonen Jump that features similar shonen spinoff manga like Gourmet Gakuen Toriko, Chopperman!, and Dragon Ball SD. The manga started in November 2014, replacing Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth. It ended early 2017, paving the place for Boruto Saikyo Dash Generations.

Uchiha Sasuke's Sharingan Chronicles contains incredibly cool tropes, such as...