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My Hero Academia Smash!! Is a Yonkoma comedy manga written and illustrated by Neda Hirofumi. The series is a spin off of the Shonen Jump series My Hero Academia, written by Kōhei Horikoshi. Much of the comedy of the series comes from depicting the everyday lives of the students of class 1A (and sometimes the villains as well) or parodying events of the main series, which often times results in some bizarre Alternate Continuities.

This series provides examples of:

  • The Ace: Bakugou starts to become this as the series continued. Great with kids, master chef, could pick up any part-time job he had to, insect hunter master. This actually gets weaponized against him at one point as Class 1-A keeps manipulating him into helping set up a party.
  • Achievements in Ignorance: The narration explains during Quirk Apprehension Test that Ochaco power actually removes the influence of Space-Time from any object she uses it on as gravity is caused by the warping of Space-Time. At least according to the theory of relativity. It goes on to say that for once science could measure gravity and time without any outside influences. And then it goes on to say that they'll never realize this.
  • Adaptational Nationality: For the sake of a couple of jokes in the offical English Translation. When All-Might depowers back to Toshinori Yagi, it's shown that he looks like a short Minnesota father, complete with accent and mustache.
  • Alternate Continuity: The series has many examples of alternate events from the main story, such as Midoriya and Uraraka winning the Heroes vs. Villains exercise by Uraraka convincing Iida to give up, or Bakugo escaping his capture by the Villain Alliance by beating them in a game of Life.
  • Ass Shove: Denki gets this courtesy of Mina who needed to plug in an appliance and Jirou was already using his nose for her boombox.
  • Basement-Dweller: Stain in this Continuity, complete with angry rants on internet forums.
  • Black Comedy: The manga tends to make fun of some rather serious events in the original manga. For example, chapter 71 has Todoroki making a light joke about the fact that his mom burned him with scalding water.
Todoroki: [Wistful after eating apple pie] I wish I'd had a mother who baked pies... instead of my face.
Everyone else: Aww, Todoroki!!!
  • Black Comedy Rape: Not quite rape, but the implications were there. After the Tournament Recovery Girl said that she was going to have to give Izuku a very special kiss, as she closes the curtains.
  • Birthday Episode: Habuko enlists the help of Class 1-A to throw a birthday party for Tsuyu. She's happy that they all came together for her to the point she doesn't have the heart to tell her that her birthday is in February.
  • Brainwashing for the Greater Good: Invoked and defied. Momo asks Shinso to use his power to make her less social awkward. He wants nothing to do with it.
  • Butt-Monkey: Kurogiri gets this treatment often in parts focused on the Villain Alliance, most noticeably when he plays the King's game with Shigaraki, Toga and Dabi.
    • On the hero side, Ojiro and Mineta usually get the short end of the stick, the former because of his generic design and personality and the latter because of his perverted behaviors. Both traits are amped up in this manga. For the pro-heroes you also have Endeavor who's attempts to impress Shoto keep blowing up in his face. One time literally when there was a gas leak. Zigzagged with Mt. Lady as a bunch of thing happen to her, but some good things happen as well sometimes at the same time.
  • Christmas Episode: Chapter 8, which has the 1A students help All Might with a charity project.
  • Comically Missing the Point: When Midoriya is attempting to use One for All by visualizing the "egg not exploding" he realizes he's never put an egg in a microwave.
  • Comically Serious: Iida, very much so. When Recovery Girl kisses him in order to heal him with her quirk, he becomes troubled because he believes they have to get married.
  • Commander Contrarian: Bakugou to the point Class 1-A weaponizes it. They tell him there is no way he can do something, and he immediately does it. He's angry about it but can't stop himself.
  • Corner of Woe: Present Mic goes into one when no one wants to get lunch with him. The punchline to the strip is Aizawa yelling at him for stealing his napping corner.
  • Country Mouse: Downplayed with Mt. Lady. The only high school that would take her after her quirk manifested was an Agricultural High School in Hokkaido as she was an insurance liability.
  • Deconstruction: Chapter 16 points out how stopping crime is the actual paying jobs of the heroes. When All Might lowers crime by 66%, Mt. Lady is forced to take up stepping on people again and Kamui Woods notes he needs to find a way to sure up his income. Izuku even takes notes on how pro heroes need to do what it takes to survive.
  • Dragged into Drag: Happens to Midoriya, Satou, and Mineta when they help Midnight with a charity event.
  • Driven to Suicide: The huge amount of property damage Mt. Lady does eventually prompts her accountant/sidekick to nearly jump off of a building so his family can salvage some money out of his life insurance. Mt. Lady has to talk him down.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: In-universe Tokoyami becomes this for the UA Sports Festival as he protects Momo's modesty before what is the entire world.
  • Everyone Has Standards: Turns out it's not all about the money as Mt. Lady claims. In one comic saving someone's life is Priceless. In a more humorous punchline, she wants to die despite the fact that her Wardrobe Malfunction means she's more popular then ever.
  • Extreme Doormat: Momo, she makes school supplies for everyone who asks for it, and even creates an expensive bike for Sero.
  • Flanderization: Everyone's more embarrassing qualities are heightened here, from Midoriya's fanboyism (which gets into some creepy levels in some chapters) to Bakugo's anger issues (though oddly enough, he's more nuanced in this version, often showing a more emotional and caring side.)
    • On the inverted side, a lot of the already intense characters are given more depth to them. As said before Bakugou has his calm and thoughtful moments, Stain's motivation are much less Blue-and-Orange Morality, and Endeavor is made into a father desperate to impress his son.
  • Furry Reminder: Froppy's Frog quirk has its drawbacks in the main series too, but it's taken even further here, where she tries to hibernate under a tree during the Christmas special.
  • Gag Dub: In-universe. Jirou starts making up her own dialogue during the Battle Trial Arc as they don't have audio. Apparently Bakugou and Iida have a torrid love affair that's on the rock and resulted in a child. Who is also the bomb they need to guard. Later on Denki joins her.
    • This becomes a running gag with Jirou, interjecting her own soap operaesque dialogue into arguments.
  • Gender Swap: One bonus chapter has a villain which reverses the gender and quirk of whoever it effects. Naturally, one of the main gags is Mineta and Kaminari go around gushing about how attractive the boys-turned-girls are.
  • Genre Shift: In-Universe during the Sports Festival. The Cavalry Battle becomes a Baseball Shonen manga.
    • The Final exam arc becomes a Variety Show challenge.
  • Hand Wave: After reduced to nothing but dust during the Tournament arc, Kirishima was saved by Recovery Girl "did something or other to bring him back."
  • Hidden Depths: Bakugou of all people is an amazing chef, and somehow popular with kindergartners. Ochaco is a massive Baseball fan. Stain has to work a horrible retail job, and is browbeaten by his manager. Present Mic of all people is a Muay Thai boxer.
  • Homeless Hero: Invoked. Midnight is driving by and sees Aizawa asleep on a bench in his trademark sleeping bag. She thinks he actually is homeless, but it turns out he's just camping out because he has to do some errands in the morning in the area.
  • Horrible Hollywood: Of sorts. There's a comic about the parties the Heroes go to and the sheer amount of pressure and expectations that everyone is under at them and in the hero business is.
  • Like an Old Married Couple: Bakugou and Kirishima, to the point Hanta jokes about "Trouble in paradise".
  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: In-universe too! Izuku is trying to hunt for beetles. And finds Sato in his boxers while wearing a head piece to a Japanese rhinoceros beetle costume. Sato's tries to explain about how he needs sugar for his Quirk, but that only serves to make Izuku more hysterical about how little sense it makes.
  • Manipulative Editing: The end result isn't seen. But Jirou records a heated argument between Shoto and Bakugou out of revenge for them getting thousands of internship offers when she got zero. Not helping matters is exact wording of what their yelling at each other.
  • Mistaken for Transformed: In one strip, after the students learn Aizawa was lying about expelling someone, they become extremely paranoid. They spot a cat nearby they declare has been staring at them for too long and assume it's Aizawa. Cut to Midnight waiting for them to show up for their lesson and being informed by Monoma that he saw an entire class chasing after a cat, much to the teacher's confusion.
  • Mr. Exposition: Denki tries to be this, but completely sucks at it to the point Kirishima tells him to stop.
  • Mundane Utility:
    • Momo does absurdly well on the physical test because her quirk lets her do things like "running" by using a scooter or "tossing" a ball with a cannon.
    • Izuku manages to use all of his hero research to tell a father what exactly his son wants for his birthday.
    • Mt. Lady was the most popular girl as her Agricultural High School because she could move livestock like most people would move their phone.
  • Power Perversion Potential: Apparently Mount Lady makes a significant chunk of her income by stepping on people. She wishes she didn't have to resort to that, but it's the only way to pay off the collateral damage her power causes.
  • Perpetual Poverty: Exaggerated with Uraraka but not by too much.
  • Professional Gambler: Recovery Girl as Denki and Mina found out to their horror. Their final exam was to win against her in Mahjong, and they only won through sheer dumb luck.
  • Public Exposure: Bakugou needs money fast so he signs up to be an art model for a class. He's wearing shorts so that the manga's age rating doesn't have to be increased.
  • Ship Tease: Everywhere. It helps that the series is completely non-canon.
  • Smitten Teenage Girl: Jiro has a tendency to assume romantic intentions from her classmates.
  • Soul-Sucking Retail Job: Stain works part-time in a convenience store. It's so soul sucking that Kurogiri himself says that he would never be able to understand his suffering.
  • Standing in the Hall: Iida does this to himself, for something Aizawa doesn't even care about.
  • Stalking Is Funny if It Is Female After Male: In the 5th volume, Magne spends much of her page time sexually harrassing and groping a very uncomfortable Dabi.
  • Surprisingly Realistic Outcome: As in the original manga, Bakugou's gauntlet collects his nitroglycerine sweat. In Smash, however, when he tried to use that stored-up nitro it blows him up.
  • Talking Down the Suicidal: After doing a massive amount of property damage, Mt. Lady has to talk her accountant/sidekick out of jumping off a building.
  • Talking Your Way Out: Uraraka does this to Iida in the Heroes vs. Villains exercise, where she takes advantage of his method acting and convinces him to give up because his motivations are flawed.
  • Too Much Information: What is pretty much everyone's reaction to All-Might describing what it's like to punch a Nomu in it's brain.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: What the League of Villains pretty much gets up to in the comic.
  • Wardrobe Malfunction: Mt. Lady has one when she has to use her untested new outfit when her usual one is still at the cleaners.
  • Worth It: In a serious and heartwarming manner. A comic lists all the damages that Mt. Lady has to pay for because of her powers. The final panel is her saving her suicidal accountant from jumping.