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The RWBY: Official Manga Anthology is a comic adaption of RWBY. It consists of side stories that follow the plot of the show, put together by multiple manga artists. It was released in a multi-volume format.

This manga is a separate work from both RWBY (2015) and RWBY: The Official Manga.

At New York Comic Con 2019, a second anthology set focusing on Team JNPR was announced.

This manga provides examples of:


  • Adaptation Expansion:
    • Ruby get more Character Development than the main show proper.
    • Weiss' backstory is expanded, such as her sister, Winter, defending her from father, Jacques.
    • Yang's backstory is explored more as well.
  • Ambiguously Bi: There's some Ruby/Weiss teasing, particularly on Weiss' side, compared to the show only having her display a brief interest in Neptune.
  • The Cameo:
    • Mercury and Emerald both appear in one scene each of Ruby and Weiss's anthologies.
    • Adam Taurus makes a flashback cameo in Blake's anthology. It also features Team CFVY assaulting Team CRDL.
    • Yang's anthology has a cameo for Taiyang Xiao Long.
  • Depending on the Writer: Justified as this is a compilation of stories made by fans. The artstyle, story, and character portrayals vary from each artist in some chapters. Although the fans worked with the authors there are still some issues with these portrayals in some chapters of each anthology story. These can probably be explained by some obvious obstacles in the collaboration and the fact that the original show's creators have clarified that they only got the early versions of the stories.
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  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In Blake’s manga anthology, there’s a story about her getting tired of seeing Faunus discrimination (particularly Cardin’s bullying of Velvet). She then goes back to her dorm to see Team RWBY dressed up in animal costumes, squealing about how cute they are. She later talks to Sun about how she was uncomfortable due to many Faunus being treated terribly for the very traits that her team finds so adorable and can wear as a costume without fear of being bullied. This calls to mind cultural appropriation in the real world, in which some groups of people will be harassed or discriminated against for certain things (clothing, hair) while another group of people can take it and wear it without consequence.
  • Rewrite: Each anthology has a couple of contradictions, and character inconsistencies, barring a few - obvious - just for fun stories, in some chapters and thus renders some chapters non-canon via Word Of God. Examples of this are…
  • Ship Sinking: This is the case for Weiss and Yang, as Yang confides in Weiss that she sees her as another lively sister. The feeling is also mutual on Wiess's part as in the show, Weiss all but confirms with Yang that she views Team RWBY, as more of a family more than her own brother and father.
  • Ship Tease: The stories contain a lot of Ruby/Weiss and Yang/Blake teasing:
    • One comic has Ruby decide that, in the vein of many adventure heroes, she needs a love interest. After dismissing every guy in Beacon for one reason or another, she teases Weiss about being jealous and even starts to flirt with her. She even holds her chin up and leans close to her, all while puckering her lips.
    • In another comic, Mercury gets Ruby to dance with him at a party, who is clearly uncomfortable with his advances. A disgusted Weiss pushes him away, and Ruby comments how she's kind of a "knight in shining armor". As they're leaving the party, Weiss echoes Ruby's own thoughts about how she'd rather be studying or practicing than attending the party, leading her to comment that she's glad they're partners.
    • In one gag comic strip, Ruby starts referring to her teammates as "Sister" (Yang), "Friend" (Blake), and she gives Weiss the title of "Wife". This makes Weiss blush, and a confused Ruby asks, "Why are you blushing?!"
    • The idea of Ruby being the one to help Weiss break out of her lonely shell gets repeated in several comics throughout the book. Another has her sulking over feeling inferior to her sister after not making team leader, only to realize how ridiculous her line of thinking was just seeing Ruby smile. When Ruby offers to make her coffee like she had for her, there's even a visual of two mugs arranged like a heart.
    • Going to do some training on her own after thinking her teammates are slacking leading up to the Vytal Festival, Weiss winds up sulking as she wonders if they're really coming together as a team. When she spots Team JNPR walking by, she briefly imagines her team as a pair of couples like they are, blushing at the thought.


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