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"In the name of 'justice', let's crush them!"
Kanae Tasuku

Fukashigi Philia is a 2011-2012 manga by Tsutsui Taishi and is 16 chapters long.

Four incredible high schoolers, Himeji Misaki (Miisha), Yuugo, Rikiya and Tasuku are determined to clean up the city of criminals through any means possible, whether it be violent or illegal.

While hunting down human traffickers, The Protagonist Tasuku happens upon a pretty girl in handcuffs. Oddly enough, wrapped only in a blanket, with handcuffs around her wrists, this girl is a mute amnesiac and writes down everything she wants to say. On her left hand is an insignia of the man whom Tasuku is looking for, a man named Isumi who took care of him after his parents' deaths and disappeared three years before the storyline.

He also discovers that this girl, who calls herself Noa, is also able to predict the future. She predicts that he will kill the new transfer student Asuma, and a strange man named Shidow appears ...


Fukashigi Philia contains examples of:

  • Abusive Parents: Yuunagi Isumi. With his biological daughter, Yusuzu, he's a Doting Parent ... until she mentions any sort of interaction with anyone that's not him. He then goes full out cray-cray and tells her not to associate with those "bastards," because he's the only one who can ever love her. He stalks a boy whom he catches talking to her, The Protagonist Tasuku, murders his parents when they protect Tasuku and Nao. When Nao revives Tasuku with her wish and gives him his Ability to revive after death, Isumi decides to take the two of them in - in order to torture and break them. After his physical body's death, he creates the image in Tasuku's mind that he was a wonderful parental figure.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Trying to kill someone will set of Tasuku's, to the point that he will try and kill them for trying.
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    • Sentetsu, who was charged with murdering Tasuku's family, will beat up anybody who mentions the incident 8 years ago, because he has absolutely no idea what went on during that incident. Isumi, who murdered the parents, used his Mind Control powers to make Sentetsu his scapegoat. He nearly breaks the window separating him from Miisha when she asks.
    • Hurting Tasuku is Yuugo's, as seen when he brutally cuts Isumi apart for what he did to Tasuku and Nao in those three years after "the incident." Unfortunately for him, Isumi also merges his consciousness into him with his last strength.
    • Being around Tasuku and being female is Noa's, who often spends her time trying to kill Asuma and by extent, Miisha (although she sees Asuma as the greater threat.)
  • Calling the Old Man Out: Yusuzu does this to Isumi-Yuugo, by revealing all the events since the past 8 years to the main cast. It's her way of rebelling against her father, who brainwashed and manipulated her into believing that he was the only one who loved her by making everyone she met forget about her within a day.
    "You know that ... the only one who genuinely loves you is me!! You want to be alone forever now?!!
    "I will not be alone anymore! Because Riri-chan was able to remember me!!"
  • Cassandra Truth: Nobody believes that Sentetsu is innocent of murdering Tasuku's family except for Rikiya, his step-son, and Miisha, a genius at solving crimes. It turns out that it's all Isumi's doing, and Isumi used his abilities to implicate Sentetsu.
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Almost every female main character with the exception of Yusuzu, who is the victim of a Crazy Jealous Guy. Miisha lampshades this with Asuma.
    "Aren't you clinging onto him even more than before?!! I don't care, but it's annoying!!"
  • Didn't See That Coming: Noa does not expect Asuma and Miisha to survive the attack at the hospital. It's all thanks to Miisha's and Rikiya's Spanner in the Works moment below.
  • Doting Parent: Most of the parents towards their children, with Tasuku noting that his father always took pictures of him and Nao to put in a picture album, and even though his mother was strict, she was still gentle. Isumi replaces their role after their deaths although in actuality, he tortured Tasuku and Nao, constantly killing Tasuku due to Tasuku's ability to reverse time after dying, and essentially brainwashed Tasuku into becoming "justice." After Isumi is physically killed by Yuugo and merges his consciousness with Yuugo's, though, Isumi manages to make Tasuku think that Isumi was a caring parental figure. With his own biological daughter, Isumi is doting ... but he crosses over into Abusive Parents.
  • Five-Man Band: Although the Crushers consist of only four people, both Asuma and Sentetsu become affiliated with the team.
    • The Leader - Miisha, as far as organizing meetings and picking targets goes. She usually doesn't go on the frontlines, though, which is Tasuku's and Rikiya's job.
    • The Lancer - Tasuku. He's more laid-back than Miisha is, and is usually the one going out actually beating up people.
    • The Smart Guy - Yuugo. It's noted that Yuugo's abilities in tracking down people are spectacular.
    • The Brute - Both Rikiya and Sentetsu can qualify as this, although neither are dumb.
    • The Chick - Both Miisha and Asuma qualify as this, although Asuma moreso. Miisha notes that Asuma's straightforwardness is almost radiant.
    • Sixth Ranger - Yuusuke Yusuzu, Isumi's daughter and the girl cursed so that nobody would remember her besides Isumi and Noa, and who knows the truth behind everything. After Asuma, her former friend, manages to recognize her, she gains the courage to confront her father and defy him. Her intervention brings back Tasuku's memories.
  • Incest Subtext: Not played for laughs. Both Noa and Isumi have this with her brother and his daughter, respectively. Noa crosses the line into Brother–Sister Incest, visibly blushing at the thought of being "connected" to Tasuku through his handcuff and originally planning to become lovers by wiping his memory of her existence. Isumi has shades of Parental Incest, where while he doesn't seem to have any romantic attraction towards his daughter, he insists that he is the only one who can and will genuinely love her, and wanted to create a "paradise" where he had her all to himself. He also off-handedly mentions having branded her at one point. Squick.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Noa tries to get Asuma and Miisha killed for interacting with her Love Interest Tasuku. When the two of them get attacked by an Ability User at the hospital, they text Tasuku for help, which Noa deletes so that they would die in accordance to her plan. However, she hadn't foreseen Sentetsu breaking out of prison and staying with Rikiya when Rikiya gets to message for help, thus sending both of them to help the girls. With Sentetsu's strength, the girls are able to survive and Tasuku doesn't see Sentetsu, which would have sent him berserk. Miisha lampshades how they were lucky that Tasuku didn't see the message.
  • Self-Harm: Asuma inflicts this upon herself ever since her best friend bullied her in order to avoid being bullied herself. Doing it, she says, makes her feel better and gives her a thrill.
  • Slave Brand:
    • Noa has one on her left hand, and it's that mark that makes Tasuku take her in, because it's Isumi's trademark insignia. She got it after the death of her parents, once Isumi captured her and her brother. He brands her on her left hand after reducing her to a mindless doll, and the process of branding her also somehow restores a bit of her sanity. Note, a little bit. She's still pretty Yandere.
    • More disturbingly, Isumi says, while branding Nao, that the only other person to have been branded is Yusuzu. Who is his daughter. And we never see where the brand is, exactly.
  • Spanner in the Works: A rare example where the ones ruining the Big Bad's plans is somewhat calculated. From the beginning, which means ever since 8 years ago, both Miisha and Rikiya doubt Sentetsu's guilt and question his imprisonment. They decide to have Miisha, using her connections to police chiefs, question Sentetsu in hopes of sparking his memory. It works. And it completely throws off both Noa's and Isumi's plans.
  • Squishy Wizard: Isumi can control people's minds, alter their memories, and seal away people's abilities to talk, but he can get roughed around by a child, as shown in the last chapter.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: All Ability Users created by Noa and Isumi have a certain weakness, usually that which caused their original deaths. After being revived, they have an immense paranoia that will either shut down their powers temporarily or even kill them.
  • Yandere: Noa, big time. Every time she sees any girl with Tasuku, she wants her killed and tries to manipulate events so that they'll die. She is actually Nao, Tasuku's younger sister and a Reality Warper that wants her brother all to herself. She's the reason why Asuma enjoys self-harm, why Yusuzu is racked with guilt and is always wiped from people's minds, and is generally the reason for almost everything in this story.


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