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Anime / Haitai Nanafa

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The three sisters, with the grandmother and the spirits in the background.
Twenty-six two-minute episodes of moe slice-of-life in Okinawa, with Okinawan language, cuisine and mythology.

The three Kyan sisters Nanafa, Nao and Kokona, live with their grandmother in a soba shop in Okinawa. Two wood spirits (Niina and Raana) and one lion spirit (Iina) appear. Of course, all of those (except the grandmother) are cute girls.

"Haitai" is the Okinawan for hello/konnichiwa. It's the female version; the male version is "Haisai". Remember it, it's more important than it sounds. More translation notes.

Tropes found in the series:

  • The Alcoholic: Professor Chura. She drank all of Gran's special snakebite home-brew without breaking a sweat.
  • Beach Episode: Episode 6. Only the tourists sunbathe though; the locals know better.
  • Bifauxnen: Nanafa gets a crush on one off-screen. She doesn't find out the person in question is a girl until the end of the episode.
  • Cool Big Sis: Nao. Gorgeous, popular, and charismatic. She also cares deeply about her sisters.
  • Cool Old Lady: The grandmother. When the spirits are messing up Kokona's school's Sports Day, she drop-kicks them without a second thought. The crowd even applauds afterwards.
  • Crossover: With Moe Anthropomorphism of Ultra Series' kaiju in episode 20.
  • Cute Clumsy Girl:
    • Every time Iina tries to do something, she'll trip or slip, and revert back to her shiisaa form.
    • Kokona's friend Mimi trips over a rock in her first appearance, and she is also stupidly cute.
    • Professor Chura is also a cute klutz. In rapid succession, she hits her head with a piece of chalk, she drops all of her books in the hallway, and pulls somebody's pants down trying to get back up.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Nao seems very popular with her (female) underclassmen.
  • Exotic Eye Designs: The water spirit has stars for pupils.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: Niina and Raana, after stealing some super-spicy candies.
  • Ghost Story: Two are told in episode 9. The spirits are terrified of them.
  • Hitodama Light: The grandfather's ghost has these.
  • Idiot Crows: When Iina tries (and fails) to throw a baseball.
  • I See Dead People: Kokona can see her grandfather's ghost, as can her friend Mimi.
  • The Klutz: Iina. She broke her leg trying to throw a baseball.
  • Little Big Sister: Niina to Raana.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Iina and Nanafa's friend Takako both laugh like this, complete with hand gesture.
  • Ojou: Takako's family owns a super-conglomerate, and she buys Nanafa a castle as a birthday present.
  • Ojou Ringlets: Takakao, naturally.
  • Our Ghosts Are Different: The grandfather's ghost hovers around, silent and unseen by the family.
  • Palette Swap: The characters tend to change colors for no clear reason.
  • Potty Emergency: Episode 11 turns into this when the restaurant toilet breaks and everyone has to share one bathroom.
  • School Swimsuit: The main component of Raana's outfit.
  • Serious Business: If there's a baseball game on TV, the streets (and restaurants) of Okinawa are deserted, and phone calls are ignored.
  • Sick Episode: Episode 10. The girls do everything in their power to help Nanafa get over her cold.
  • Slice of Life
  • Title Drop: Nearly every episode starts with a character saying "haitai".
  • Took a Level in Badass: Professor Chura, thanks to Takako's Training from Hell.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Wood spirits' favorite food is eyeballs.
  • Training from Hell: Professor Chura gets Takako to do this to make her a better teacher.