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The Uma Musume franchise, along with the anime and mobile game, includes several manga series. Serving as a bit of Expanded Universe insight into how the horsegirls live their lives, these manga are unconnected to the other media adaptations. They were released shortly after the Winter 2016 premiere of the franchise concept trailer, making them the oldest installments of the three media. All of them run in Cycomi, the magazine that runs manga based on Cygames' properties along with original content.


There is a third manga, Umayon, that focuses on the horsegirls' anime characterizations. for tropes on that comic, see the anime page.

Starting Gate!

The first story-based part of the franchise, illustrated by S. Kosugi. Just like the anime, this manga starts with Special Week coming by train to join Tracen ("Traincent" in the fan translation). But rather than get her first glimpse of the racetrack, she bumps into Silent Suzuka as she enters the academy, and finds out that Suzuka is the first other horse girl she ever saw...
  • Alternate Universe: To the anime (though, technically speaking, the anime came two years later). The personalities of a few characters, most notably Silent Suzuka, are quite different. Schooling is also kept separate from derby runs, with girls often taking a few years in Tracen Academy before they can even try to qualify for racing. Team Spica, the Trainer, and even the inter-horsegirl relationships were all exclusive to the show.
  • Schoolgirl Lesbians: Special Week's admiration for Silence Suzuka is interpreted as love even by other characters. Spe-chan herself calls a city trip with Silence Suzuka a "date". However, Silence Suzuka does not seem to reciprocate her feelings fully.

Haru Urara Ganbaru!

A short manga focused on Haru Urara, illustrated by ZECO. Following Urara's racing career from the beginning, the series shows her attempts to win inbetween her growing bond with her trainer and her rancher. It ran from March to September in 2016.

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