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Anime / Tanken Driland

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Tanken Driland ("Explore Driland") is originally a Japanese mobile game released by GREE. A manga adaptation was released in 2012. An anime adaptation was released in July 7, 2012.

Mikoto, The Princess of Elua, who wishes to become a hunter, explores Driland, fighting various monsters in the process. Accompanying her is Wallens, her assistant, Polon, a musket wielder who aspires to be a hero, and Pann, a hunter with a spear. The group explores various treasure, meet other hunters, and save the world from a very horrible threat.

Associated Tropes:

  • Agent Peacock: Bullian, one of Bonny's other apprentices. A flamboyant guy with pink hair, rose covered outfit, and badass archery skills.
  • A-Team Firing: Don't expect the words "Accurate" and "Polon" to occupy the same sentence.
  • Bare-Fisted Monk: Wallens is the only team member who doesn't fight with a weapon.
  • Brainwashed Bride: When Alvida puts on Bacchus's Crown, she starts acting completely different and even proposes to Mikoto (who eventually falls under the influence of the crown too). They almost have a wedding ceremony, but as soon as the crown is shattered, they return to their senses.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: Mikoto, who started as a sword fighter but learned to use Misour powers at episode 19.
  • Former Teen Rebel: Wallens of all people.
  • Older Than They Look: Wallens has been guarding Mikoto since she was a kid. And he hasn't aged a day.
  • Shout-Out: Wallens ex-gang Team Shark and their rivals, Team Jet.