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Manga / Destroy and Revolution

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Makoto is just an Ordinary High-School Student who has had a difficult life. One day, he becomes friends with Yukki, who wants to become a terrorist to change and save the corrupt Japan. That's when he tells Yukki a secret—he has the power to destroy whatever he wants at a distance. Then they join forces and shake Japan to its core.

Compare with Akumetsu.

Tropes in the manga:

  • Long-Haired Pretty Boy: Yukki let his hair grow out to spite his father.
  • The Mentor: There was a mysterious old man that taught Makoto about the One-Ness and disappeared. He was alone and had no friends or family. No one, not even Makoto, knows his name.
  • Parental Abandonment: Makoto's father committed suicide. His mother abandoned him. And his grandmother died from old age. As a result, he has no family.
  • Psychic Powers: People with the power of One-ness could do anything like teleporation at a distance, communicating with others who have the power and sense fellow users of One-ness.
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  • Yakuza Princess: Kudou Youko discovers that her father is a Yakuza crimelord. Despite the fact that this revelation turns her life upside down and no one wants to deal with her, she finds herself loving her father because he's so nice to her.


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