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Manga / Akarui Sekai Keikaku

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The minister's aide has a project in mind to help correct the declining birth rates in Japan. Thus begins the "Bright World Project", where students are paired up or killed off after a period of time. While nearly everybody does pair up eventually, nine students fail to do so, and thus are given challenges by the minister's aide. Will they be able to couple up before they are all killed?

These nine students include:

  • Daichi Harusame: A 2D obsessed otaku.
  • Minakami Hotaru: Daichi's childhood friend and stalker.
  • Mion Hinomiya: A perverted girl.
  • Rin Myouga: A sadistic girl who rejected a thousand confessions.
  • Tsuyoshi Tsuchimikado: A over weight, but smart student.
  • Kanejou Satomi: A girl known for greed and blackmail.
  • Michael Amagasaki: A self promoted playboy.
  • Kei Narumi: A small boy who looks like a girl.
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  • Jun Kodama: A tall strong man who never speaks.

Akarui Sekai Keikaku provides examples of:

  • Bad Luck Charm: Io is a personification of this. Bad luck effects those around her, such as getting hit by runaway carts or giant holes appearing below them.
  • Big Damn Hero: In chapter 14 Kodama and Narumi come out of no where to keep Tia from grabbing her dog tag before Daichi can.
  • Foreshadowing: When the initial batch of orders come through, Narumi's hands are the only one who's bound. It turns out he has a rather nasty side to him.
    • Haruseme says "This is why I said I will only love marin-tan" when Hotaru drugs him and ties him to a chair. Her antics caused him and her trouble in a flashback.
  • Token Evil Teammate: A very loose definition of team mate. Narumi will take any opportunity to get anyone else in the project killed, except when his life is in danger, then he'll start working with everyone if there's no other choice.
  • Weapon of Choice: Hotaru's Boxcutters, in homage to a well known Yandere.


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