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Manga / Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphization Project Feat Pop Comic Code

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Ultraman was never this... girly?!

After surrendering to Ultraman and leaving Earth, Alien Mephilas suddenly wakes up in the body of a schoolgirl at the Kaiju Graveyard High School. Hilarity Ensues as Mephilas tries to get used to her new environment, make new friends (all of whom are also defeated kaiju), and restart her dream of capturing the heart of the Earth.

Written by Shun Kazakami, Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphization Project feat.POP Comic Code is a Gag Series manga that is, predictably, created as part of the Ultra Kaiju Anthropomorphization Project by Tsuburaya, featuring designs from POP Comic Code. It was published in Young Champion from January 27, 2015 to January 14, 2020.


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