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School of No Studying

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Joey: Hey, Yug, how come we never do any school work, anyway?
Yugi: It makes you wonder why we even bother coming here.

Due to The Law of Conservation of Detail, it's not surprising that most stories that take place in a school setting, or have school-aged characters as the protagonists, wouldn't focus too much on the studying and taking-tests side of things. There are more interesting things to show than that that, after all, and Alice and Bob having to buckle down and practice for their Trigonometry midterms would severely wreck their abilities to prevent Dr. Demonface from Taking Over The World.

Sometimes, though, there's a real lack of logic to it. In Real Life, most kids in school focus much more on their studies than petty campus drama, but it's the exact opposite in "realistic" series like Degrassi or Glee. In less realistic, more fantastic series (like Haruhi Suzumiya), not even the Ordinary High School Students seem to care about tests and exams. Especially egregious in High School series, where the importance of good grades and stable GPAs are at an all-time high.

Can be a Justified Trope since the amount of time spent in school with lessons not occurring in one school day can cover the runtime of even a one-hour episode, lunch alone can equal that of a half-hour one and many school-set shows take place over several days per episode.

Related tropes are Shouldn't We Be in School Right Now? and One-Hour Work Week.

Examples of this trope:

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     Anime & Manga 
  • As mentioned above, Haruhi Suzumiya. Not even Mikuru, the upperclassman, stops to worry about her grades (but it's implied she's not that bright anyway.)
  • Taken to a rather ridiculous level in School Days, where petty campus drama seems to be the ONLY thing on anyone's minds. Well, that and steamy, statutory sex.
  • Neither Yuuichi nor Nayuki in Kanon worry about their grades, and seem to spend most of their time in class either sleeping, having conversations with each other, or lamenting how boring the class is. While the other main characters in the series have an excuse (Makoto is actually a fox, and thus doesn't even go to school, Mai is a demon hunter, etc.), neither Nayuki or Yuuichi have such an excuse.
  • The Misaki Academy in Twinkle Saber Nova has very liberal student conduct requirements, which do not seem to include studying. Therefore, the students spend most of their time participating in various club activities.
  • BlazBlue: Remix Heart: Most of the time, our team Remix Heart goes into adventure, "solving cases" and other things than doing schoolwork. It's slightly averted, however, e.g Mai finding some books in the library to study (which leads to the plot of the chapter) or 1-2 scenes of class activities.
  • High School Debut, as the title suggests, has much of its action take place in high school, and Haruna's initial concern is all about making a fresh start among her high school peers. She's never seen even thinking about school work, and her romantic interest only briefly wonders about what he should study in college. The only official school events that even get brought up are a ceremony to welcome incoming freshmen, a school athletic festival, and a graduation speech.
  • Ouran High School Host Club: No one, not even Scholarship Student Haruhi, is ever seen actually going to class! Everyone's partying with the Host Club, or other school clubs. Justified, on the grounds that Ouran is an Elaborate University High school for spoiled rich kids.
  • In Girls und Panzer, students on the Tankery team are excused from as many class absences as they want, due to Tankery's importance to the school.
  • This seems to be the case in Dangan Ronpa 3, as the students of Hope's Peak Academy's main course don't have to attend classes, instead being given the opportunity to work on their talents. Even when Yukizome gathers the students of class 77-B and forces them to attend, it's for the sake of having them socialize with each other rather than having them actually study.

     Film - Live Action 
  • The two Pitch Perfect films are about college a cappella singing groups. Nobody puts any focus whatsoever on their studies, majors, and what not.
  • After the first two or three films, the Harry Potter films rarely contain any scenes in classes or studying for them unless the directly affect the main plot. Dumbledore mentions all exams being cancelled near the end of Chamber of Secrets, and final exams and essays are rarely if ever mentioned thereafter.

     Live-Action TV 
  • Most Community characters worry more about campus life than their actual classes. In fact, the series featured more and more episodes taking place off campus in season two and beyond.
  • The teenage spies in MI High never seem to have any work to do. In fact, they frequently leave class using the most flimsy excuses often enough for it to be a Running Gag.

     Video Games 
  • Depending on your play style, the main character of Tokimeki Memorial may or may not spend a lot of time studying. However, even if you spend every single day at the library, the only characters who'll show up to study with you are the "studious" types; there's no randomly bumping into one of your other classmates (outside of one-time scripted events).

     Western Animation 
  • Timmy Turner in The Fairly Oddparents spends much more time at school than most of his cartoon comrades, yet almost never even thinks about his grades despite being a straight-F student.
  • Undergrads is exactly like this. The characters are in every social event on the campus, but they never appear studying on screen. All of the action happens between classes and free time, and it is never revealed what they are even studying!
  • In full force in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. The girls focus more on the upcoming competitions (popularity contest in the first movie, battle of the bands in the second, intra-school compatition with Crystal Prep in the third) than actual schoolwork.