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Meguro-san wa Hajimete Janai (translating to It's Not Meguro-san's First Time in English) is a Shounen Romantic Comedy manga by 9°C. Third year high school student Makoto Koga is a socially awkward nerd who has long had a crush on the most beautiful girl in school, second year Saki Meguro. Unable to take it anymore he decides to ask her out, expecting to get rejected so he can move on with his life. To his shock, she agrees, but replies that she's not a virgin. He quickly discovers her reputation of being an "easy woman" who never turns down sex. Together the two of them forge a relationship and struggle to solve their social and emotional problems together.

  • Anything That Moves: Deconstructed. Meguro has a complete lack of self-esteem and refuses to turn down requests from anyone. The manga is largely about her discovering her own desires and living life for herself.
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  • Big Damn Kiss: Meguro and Koga have their first kiss while watching the fireworks at the Summer Festival.
  • Class Trip: Meguro goes to Kyoto for an arc as her second year trip and ends up in the same group as one of her exes.
  • Emotionless Girl: Meguro. With Koga's help, she starts to get better.
  • Extreme Doormat: Meguro. At least at first. She has spent so little time thinking about what she wants, that when Kogo presses her on it she doesn't even know how to answer.
  • Honey Trap: Subverted. Koga was so convinced that Meguro would reject him for being out of her league, he starts to think that she is setting him up. She isn't.
  • Look-Alike Lovers: Koga's parents both look like him.
  • Nerd: Koga is a classic example. Smart, scrawny, black hair, glasses, socially awkward, no friends, bullied, etc.
  • No Social Skills: Applies to both of the two leads. Koga is a socially awkward nerd who gets nervous talking to people. Meguro is a cold doormat with no agency for herself. The two of them spend the manga trying to better themselves.
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  • Not a Morning Person: One of the few things that Meguro does take an opinion on is that she doesn't like mornings, and usually heads to school still half-asleep.
  • Parents Walk In at the Worst Time: Koga and Meguro are sharing a tender moment in his room when his mother comes bursting in. Given his No Social Skills and lack of friends, she immediately assumes that he kidnapped her against her will.
  • Polyamory: Yuuma is in a consensual polyamorous relationship. He does consider himself a little weird for being in love with multiple girls at once, but decides to stay true to his feelings. His girlfriends have no such reservations.
  • Second Love: Koga is this for Meguro. While she had many boyfriends prior to him, the only one she ever really cared about was the first one.
  • Sensei-chan: Nonomiya, who is even called Nonomiya-chan by her students.
  • Slut-Shaming: Meguro is frequently derided for her many boyfriends in school. In her internal thoughts, she thinks she she doesn't have a right to complain because she thinks they aren't wrong about her.
  • Teacher/Student Romance: Not literally, as he was a Senpai and tutor, but Meguro saw her first relationship as this and always called him "sensei" regardless. This relationship going bad is what led to her attitude at the start of the manga.
  • Wanted a Son Instead: Inverted. Koga's mother says she always wanted a daughter instead. She doesn't take it out on Koga, but she does use it as an excuse to dote all over Meguro.
  • What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?: Back in middle school, Meguro didn't understand the concept of love and asked her tutor to teach her about it. This is how she ended up losing her virginity.


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