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W'z is a 12-Episode Anime by GoHands and a sequel to Hand Shakers. It premiered on January 5th, 2019. Ten years after the events of Hand Shakers, W'z focuses on Yukiya Araki, a middle-schooler who wants to become a DJ. Yukiya is the irregular Hand Shaker and has refrained from touching anyone's hands to avoid bringing them into the Ziggurat, the alternate dimension that serves as the battlefield for all Hand Shakers.

One evening, while trying to get more views for his music videos, Yukiya and his friend Haruka enter the Ziggurat and inadvertently grab the attention of several Hand Shakers who seek to defeat Yukiya and take his power.

This anime contains examples of:

  • The Ace: There are several characters who demonstrate this trope.
    • Tazuna is called the "ultimate Hand Shaker" due to getting his wish granted and his exceptional battle prowess.
    • Fumiyuki is an Irregular just like Yukiya and Haruka. Apparently, he has been crushing other Irregulars for years to prevent the harm that could be done on the wielders and other people.
    • Yukiya, an Irregular Hand Shaker. He's had plenty of battle experience ever since he was adopted and accidentally started touching other people's hands, therefore being transported into the Ziggurat. He can even put up a fight with Tazuna and Fumiyuki.
  • Amazing Technicolor Battlefield: The Ziggurat, an alternate dimension only Hand Shakers have access to.
  • Battle Couple: Senri and Hana are a lesbian couple and they fight quite well for each other.
  • Body Horror: In episode 12, it is revealed that Midori made a wish to help his father in exchange for his body. As a result, he can bring jewels from the Ziggurat into the real world by tearing into his own flesh. A giant emerald currently protrudes from his chest.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: Subverted. After ten years has passed, Riri and Masaru still keep their close relationship. It is confirmed in episode 3 that Masaru was actually adopted. Masaru drops the formality and calls Riri’s name causally instead of calling her big sister. Their relationship are describe as a newly wed couple by Chizuru.
    • In episode 7, Masataka addressed Riri as Masaru's wife. Riri doesn't seems to deny it, but she sounds happy when Masataka thought Riri was Masaru's wife while Masaru becomes fluttered.
  • Childhood Friends: Yukiya and Haruka had known each other since elementary school.
  • Childhood Friend Romance: Senri and Hana are in a relationship and they know each other since kindergarten.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Applies to Midori and Seba. Many years ago, Midori made a wish to help his father in exchange for his body. Then his father and colleagues started using Midori's body to bring precious treasures into the real world. Eventually Midori and Seba became sick of everyone's greed and killed Midori's father, and Midori became the heir of the Okuike Group.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: After Yukiya defeated Teams Connect and Pile, they befriend him and even watch his performance at his school's music festival. This trope also occurred in Hand Shakers, in which Tazuna and Koyori befriended the teams that they had beaten.
  • Didn't Think This Through: Yukiya eventually realize in hindsight that making a online video from within The Ziggurat just to get more views might not have been his best idea, especially since it painted a giant target on his back as it tipped all the other Handshakers in the area off and cued them in on what he could do with his power.
  • Does Not Like Men: In Episode 7, it's implies that both Senri and Hana strongly hate men for their immature behaviors and never wants to be in relationship with a guy.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: Yukiya's pose when confessing to Haruka is similar to that for a marriage proposal.
  • Happily Adopted: As revealed by episode 10, Yukiya had suspected that he was adopted. Nevertheless, he's still content because his parents are so caring towards him.
  • Kid Hero All Grown-Up: Applies to both Tazuna and Koyori, the main characters of the previous series that are depicted as grown adults here.
  • Holding Hands: As expected of Hand Shakers, this is the method used to summon their weapons and enter the Ziggurat. Being an irregular Hand Shaker, Yukiya is apparently compatible with everyone, not just a designated partner. When he accidentally touches a girl in the street, she catches a glimpse of the Ziggurat until Yukiya lets go of her and she loses her memory of the Ziggurat.
  • Ho Yay: Displayed in episode 13, when Seba carries Midori bridal style.
  • Likes Older Men: Mayumi is in love with Nagaoka, as revealed in episode 13.
  • Likes Older Women: Yukiya falls for Koyori after only one encounter, even though she is around a decade his senior. Given that Koyori had probably stopped aging at this point, Yukiya had probably assumed that Koyori was not much older than him. He gets over the infatuation after realizing his feelings for Haruka.
  • Love Confession: Yukiya and Haruka finally do this in episode 10.
  • Luke, I Am Your Father: In episode 13, it is revealed that Nagaoka and Mayumi are Yukiya's biological parents.
  • Mistaken Age: Apparently not everything has changed in the past ten years—even Haruka first mistook Chizuru as an elementary school student.
  • No Hugging, No Kissing: Most official couples don’t hug or kissing each other just holding hands instead. Downplayed with Senri and Hana since they do hugged each other, but they don’t kiss.
  • Oblivious to Love:
    • Haruka's attempts to hide her feelings for Yukiya are comically bad. They work anyway, because he is that dense.
    • Koyori is no better, she sees Yukiya's faces getting red after she approaches him and concludes he must have a fever.
  • Older Than They Look
    • Chizuru is a full-grown adult but is constantly mistaken for an elementary school student. This has become a running gag in both Hand Shakers and W'z.
    • It is revealed that after Tazuna and Koyori met god, not only did Koyori lose her ability as a Hand Shaker and can't enter the Ziggurat anymore, but she might have stopped aging and so remains the same from before the two met. After Yukiya makes his wish, Koyori begins to age again, and all Hand Shakers lose their powers.
    • Nagaoka and Mayumi. It turns out that Mayumi's wish was to stop Nagaoka's illness. Her wish was taken literally, though—she and Nagaoka are now stuck inside the Ziggurat, where time does not flow. Hence, they have both stopped aging.
    • Yukiya, who is first introduced to be "probably" 14 years old. As revealed in episode 11, he had spent eight years inside the Ziggurat, but Nagaoka wanted Yukiya to see the outside world. After Fumiyuki brought Yukiya to the real world and the infant was adopted by Team Chain, all the stopped time came flowing back and Yukiya grew eight years at once.
    • Tazuna to an extent. He has delicate facial features and looks younger than Midori, who is supposedly 8 years his junior.
    • Midori is technically supposed to be 19 years old; however, as revealed in the flashback in episode 12, he is around the same age as the Akutagawa twins, if not older.
  • Official Couple: Some Hand Shaker duos got married at some point between Hand Shakers and W'z.
    • Team Babel (Fumiyuki and Tamari). Fumiyuki is the first Irregular Hand Shaker, who can only enter the Ziggurat by holding a woman's hand.
    • Team Babel the Second (Yukiya and Haruka), who profess their love to each other in episode 10.
    • Team Card (Riri and Masaru). They were also at Team Chain's wedding.
    • Team Chain (Reijirō and Yukine), who eventually adopted Yukiya.
    • Team Cocoon (Mayumi and Nagaoka), despite the massive age gap. It turns out that they are Yukiya's biological parents, since Mayumi wished for a child to be born between the two.
    • Team Connect (Senri and Hana). It's pretty obvious at the beginning of the anime that they are a couple.
    • Team Gear (Tazuna and Koyori) at the end of W'z.
    • Team Shadow (Chizuru and Hayate). They currently run a café together.
  • Secret-Keeper: In episode 5, it is revealed that Haruka never lost her memories when she was with Yukiya in Ziggurat, unintentionally when they were kids. Since then, she been lying to him about not remembering what happen in the Ziggurat and she doesn't want to see him hurt.
  • Secret Test: In episode 11, Fumiyuki and Tamari ambush Yukiya and Haruka to steal Yukiya's power, and Tazuna and Koyori are summoned by Fumiyuki to help beat Yukiya. Turns out that Fumiyuki was testing Yukiya to see if the latter was worthy enough to keep his powers, and Tazuna and Koyori were threatened by Fumiyuki to fight Yukiya. This becomes more understandable once everyone realizes that Fumiyuki is an Irregular just like Yukiya and Haruka.
  • Self-Made Orphan: Midori and Seba had actually killed Midori's father after the latter and his colleagues continuously exploited Midori by pulling out jewels from the child's body through surgery.
  • She Is All Grown Up: The ten years Time Skip did great things to the physical appearance of the cast of the previous series, with the exception of Chizuru and Hayate who were already fully grown adults back then.
  • Stealth Sequel: Turns out to be one to Hand Shakers, the original marketing and premise not making any mention of the shows being connected.
  • Those Two Guys: This applies to Senri and Hana along with Yukiya and Haruka. They are never seen apart with their partners and always seen together.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: Despite being one of the biggest and most difficult challengers in the original series, Kodama and Hibiki don't make a single appearance in the sequel, leaving one to wonder what happened to them.