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Literature / This Is Screwed Up, but I Was Reincarnated as a GIRL in Another World!

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Ren, a ten year old orphan girl, was en route to being delivered to a corrupt merchant. However, bandits attacked the carriage she was on and caused it to plummet down the sides of a cliff. But the impact from the accident awoken her memories from a past life. She was from a world called Earth, and was once a male researcher in his mid-thirties named Yuuki Renjuurou who had died in an explosion resulting from an experiment gone awry. According to her memories for the past ten years, she had reincarnated in another world after dying and grew up in an orphanage. In order to escape a future where she would be enslaved by the merchant, Ren will draw upon the knowledge from her past life and magic aptitude for all elements, to create new forms of magic and survive in a harsh, new world alone.

This Is Screwed Up, but I Was Reincarnated as a GIRL in Another World! (Yoku Wakaranai keredo Isekai ni Tensei shiteita you desu) is a Light Novels series written by Ashi and illustrated by Kaomin, which began publication in 2019. A manga adaptation began serialization the same year in Suiyobi no Sirius, and has been licensed in English by Seven Seas Entertainment.

Associated Tropes:

  • Acceptable Break from Reality: Creation Magic, used by Ren, the protagonist, is about the only fantastic element in her daily life. Everything that doesn't involve magic works exactly as it should in the real world.
  • Adaptational Angst Upgrade: The meeting between Ren and Norn is far more tense in the manga than the original novel. In the manga, Ren actually attacks Norn when they meet in the forest, before seeing that the poor wolf was badly wounded, and considered killing and butchering her before splashing her with a healing potion out of pity, and when they met again at her house, Ren and Norn glared at each other, ready to fight, until Ren decided that feeding Norn some of her leftovers was a wiser course of action.
  • Adaptation Explanation Extrication: The prologue in the web-novel is all but entirely removed in the manga. There is a brief flashback to the carriage accident, but none of the struggles afterward. Ren is shown immediately in the lap of luxury, not what she had to go through to get it.
  • Aliens Speaking English: The official language of this new world is Japanese, presumably due to the influence of other reincarnators or transmigrators.
  • All Periods Are PMS: Poor Ren. When her first period hit, it hit hard. Even modern pain meds, that she created with magic, didn't help much. It's not until she was able to get her hands on "birth control" pills that she found relief.
  • Downer Beginning: The story starts with Ren just barely having survived a carriage accident, caused by bandits attacking the carriage she's on, and being the Sole Survivor, with her best option being to flee into a monster-filled forest to avoid being raped, murdered, or sold into slavery.
  • Erotic Dream: Played for horror. In the manga, Ren, asleep in her bed, has a nightmare of being the toad-faced merchant's willing Sex Slave. Dream Ren is smiling, cooperative, and apparently enjoying it. Wide awake Ren is disgusted and horrified.
  • Fantasy Contraception: Ren eventually acquires a "Contraception" skill that has the useful side effect of making her periods more comfortable.
  • Fantasy Metals: Aside from the traditional fare, Mythril, Adamantatite, and Orihalcum, there's blue-steel and magic steel.
  • Food Porn: For the vast majority of the time, when Ren starts making food dishes, people on both sides of the fourth wall get rummy tummies and drool...
  • Gender Bender: The soul of a 30+ male researcher who died in a lab accident winds up in the body of a 10 year old girl, but the girl's personality is the active, dominant one.
  • Hammerspace: Magical storage takes on one of three forms: a magic storage container, [Item Box] skill, and [Unlimited Storage]. The last being the one that Ren uses. Ren's is the rarest and most valuable since time has no effect on whatever she puts in there, and the storage capacity is unlimited. To avoid attracting too much attention, she keeps her ability a secret by pretending to take things out of an ordinary bag that she claims is a magic bag.
  • Man, I Feel Like a Woman: Once she's secured sources of food and shelter, Ren, who was a man in Japan, becomes curious about her own body, initially because her clothes are irritating her nipples. She quickly develops a masturbation addiction and spends a lot of time and energy on crafting sex toys.
  • Nipple and Dimed: The manga adaptation customarily uses Barbie Doll Anatomy for main character Ren, which is probably because, despite her well-developed figure and masturbation addiction, she's said in the Light Novels to only be eleven years old (this is left vague in the manga). On the other hand, an adult woman who is shown finding Ren's cooking Orgasmically Delicious does get her nipples drawn.
  • Orphanage of Fear: Ren grew up in one. At the age of 5, she's taken to a temple to learn her basic skill, not so she can get a heads-up on a viable career, but so that her worth as a slave can be determined, and during the next 6 years, the merchant/orphanage director did not spread sufficient food to feed all the orphans properly, so Ren had her meals constantly stolen, and she was abused by her fellow orphans, until, at age 11, she's shoved into a carriage, to be transported to her new owner, but then the carriage comes under attack by bandits. The resulting accident from the driver's attempts to flee, amazingly, is what allows for her escape.
  • Pragmatic Adaptation: The manga excises any direct mention of Ren's age, only vaguely noting that she is younger than she looks. This provides a level of plausible deniability when depicting her in a sexual manner, such as her obsession with her 'daily routine'.
  • Protagonist-Centered Morality: What's good and what's bad depends entirely on what Ren says it is. Even then, she doesn't give it too much thought except for doing her best to live an honest, law-abiding, and most importantly, quiet life.
  • Really 17 Years Old: Ren starts the story at 10 years old and is 11 by the time she reaches town and takes up the job of adventuring. Most people who meet her for the first time are shocked that she's 11 since she's much taller, bustier, and mature than the regular 11 year old, and that's before it's taken into account that she's the master of two Fenrir "familiars" and routinely takes down B rank monsters with ease.
  • Reincarnate in Another World: Implied. Ren awakened memories of being a 30+ male researcher on Earth, as a result of a near-fatal carriage accident, but was raised as a girl on this other world for 10 years, and the girl's personality is the active one. To date, it is not known if Ren's actual soul is the male researcher, his soul entered Ren's body when she was in a near-death experience, or the real reason she's got his memories. Whatever the case, she's not the first "visitor" to this world as there's bits of Japanese tech and culture scattered about, including the official language being Japanese.
  • Slavery Is a Special Kind of Evil: There is "contract" magic that allows for slavery with no ability to refuse orders or escape, and aside from especially heinous crimes, is illegal to inflict on others. The toad-faced merchant who sold Ren has so much clout and Plausible Deniability, that all investigations into the orphanage he sponsors peter out...
  • Superhuman Trafficking: Implied. Ren, an orphan, was being transported in a carriage, believing that her fate is being sold as a slave, and fears being found by the toad-faced merchant who arranged it because her special skills and "Celstial" heritage would only make her a more valuable Sex Slave.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: Upon becoming a "Celestial" Ren's eyes changed from black to gold and they've stayed that way.
  • Traumatic Super Power Awakening: Ren becomes a "Celestial" and gains some pretty powerful abilities as a result of the near fatal carriage accident.

Alternative Title(s): Another World Reincarnation, Yoku Wakaranai Keredo Isekai Ni Tensei Shiteita You Desu