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Panpaka Pants, Panpaka Pants!

Panpaka Pants is an anime series developed by DLE. Originating as a series of one-minute musical shorts that aired in 2008 on the Shizuoka Broadcasting System, the anime starred four piglets (named Taisuke, Jiro, Oshi and Keiko) who would dance in their underwear while singing a song that's intended to inform the young audience how to take care of themselves.

After being syndicated to TV Tokyo in the early 2010's, the shorts eventually had the spotlight shift to a single piglet named Panpaka, who proved to be so popular that he received a feature-length movie in 2014 titled Eiga Panpakapantsu Banananoukoku no Hihou (Panpaka Pants The Movie: Treasure of the Bananan Kingdom), which was subsequently followed by a five-minute television series that lasted two seasons, both of them consisting of 26 episodes.


  • Barbie Doll Anatomy: All characters who are seen naked lack visible genitals.
  • Character Blog: Panpaka has his own Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • Evil Counterpart: Black Panpaka and his cat Croli serve as evil counterparts to Panpaka and his cat Punyan. While Panpaka and Punyan enjoy going on adventures to find rare underpants, Black Panpaka and Croli are thieves who enjoy stealing underpants and see Panpaka and Punyan as rivals.
  • Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal: Panpaka is an anthropomorphic pig whose only clothes are a pair of underpants.
  • The Movie: Panpaka Pants The Movie: Treasure of the Bananan Kingdom, which has Panpaka accidentally separated from his family during a planned family vacation and has to team up with Wanpoko the Dog, Terry the Monkey and Orson the Crane to reclaim the Bananan Kingdom's stolen bananas from the Alligator King.
  • Mooning: Wanpoko, Terry and Orson have a tendency to bare their behinds, much to Panpaka's dismay.
  • Naked People Are Funny:
    • The one-minute shorts occasionally show the four piglets naked or losing their underwear for the sake of a gag.
    • Panpaka occasionally finds himself in predicaments where he loses his underwear and has to go naked.
  • Wearing It All Wrong: One of the one-minute shorts depicts the four piglets being given underpants and mistakenly wearing their undergarments on their heads before being shown the proper way of wearing them.