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Manga / I Belong to the Baddest Girl at School

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A scary delinquent assaulting a terrified victim, or a lovestruck girl having an intimate moment with her boyfriend? It's hard to say for sure...

Fuyuhiko Unoki has never been a stranger to bullying. He's had trouble standing up for himself ever since elementary school, and his classmates have always been happy to walk all over him. Yet none of that could have prepared him for the day Kanade Toramaru, the most dangerous delinquent at his high school, approached him with a demand: "Be mine." While he certainly doesn't want to be her personal slave, it's not like he has much choice in the matter, so he's resigned himself to doing what he can to satisfy her while taking care not to upset her and risk invoking her wrath.

Except... that's not quite the whole truth. Kanade was actually trying to ask him out, having fallen hopelessly in love with him, and due to the way he's been attending to her every need since then, she's convinced it must have worked and that Fuyuhiko is now her boyfriend. From here, she'd love nothing more than for the two of them to grow even closer and do all the romantic things that couples usually do. Unfortunately, thanks to her inability to express her feelings clearly, along with Fuyuhiko's tendency to assume the worst whenever he's dealing with her, that's easier said than done...

I Belong to the Baddest Girl at School (or Pashiri na Boku to Koisuru Banchou-san in the original Japanese, often shortened to "PashiKoi") is a Romantic Comedy manga by Kashima Ui that ran from December 2017 to January 2021 in the online magazine Young Ace UP, and follows the two as they stumble their way through a relationship built on a huge misunderstanding, while developing a genuine bond in spite of it all.

In August of 2021, the publisher began uploading dubbed chapters of the manga to their YouTube channel, with Masayuki Suzuki and Yuka Iwahashi providing the voices for Fuyuhiko and Kanade respectively. That same month, the series would also recieve an official English translation courtesy of One Peace Books.

This manga provides examples of:

  • Adults Are Useless: Teachers rarely appear, and whenever they do they're unhelpful and neglectful. Fuyuhiko has had to deal with more than his fair share of teachers who act like it's his fault he's being bullied and take advantage of his kindness just as much as the students, the delinquent girls are all written off as a bunch of lowlifes with no future ahead of them, and Aika notices that unlike at her previous schools, no one at her new one even bothers to try and stop her from causing trouble.
  • After-School Cleaning Duty: In chapter 7, Fuyuhiko is stuck cleaning up on his own after the classmates who were supposed to be helping him stood him up (again). Thankfully, Kanade and the girls agree to help him out... and as soon as they're done they set off to find and beat up everyone who ditched him, much to his horror.
  • All Love Is Unrequited: Yutaka loves Matsuri, who loves Kanade, who loves Fuyuhiko, who... loves Kanade, except he thinks she views him as a slave. Meanwhile, Tasuku falls in love with Aika, who also loves Fuyuhiko, though the way she expresses that love has only made him afraid of her. By the end of the series, though, Fuyuhiko and Kanade have cleared up their misunderstandings and started dating for real, and Matsuri has gotten together with Yutaka after learning of her feelings for her, meaning Aika and Tasuku are the only ones still struggling with unrequited love.
  • Anguished Declaration of Love: After years of keeping her feelings bottled up, Yutaka reaches her breaking point when Matsuri tells her she's planning to move away after graduation, and insinuates that she only sees her as a friend. Yutaka, clearly hurt, tells her she likes her in a different way, and when Matsuri continues to make light of the situation, she pins her against the fence and tearfully confesses her love.
  • Animal Motifs: Each of the five main students are themed after a different animal in the Eastern Zodiac, with Fuyuhiko and Kanade sharing their theming with the rest of their families. Each of the volume releases includes a Super-Deformed drawing of one of the characters with features from their associated animal on the inside cover, all of which can be seen on the characters page.
  • Animal Theme Naming: The main characters' family names all begin with the kanji for the Eastern Zodiac sign they represent, through Youdou and Tatsumi both use an Alternate Character Reading for theirs.note 
  • Author Appeal: Fuyuhiko's rabbit theming is consistent with the cast's larger Eastern Zodiac theming, but he's not the only character or even protagonist Kashima has created with that particular Animal Motif. Why? She just really likes bunnies.
  • Big Damn Kiss: Chapter 67 ends with one between Yutaka and Matsuri following the former's Anguished Declaration of Love. The final page of the chapter is dedicated entirely to their kiss, without a word of dialogue or a single sound effect to distract from it.
  • Bitch Alert: It's the last day of the summer break. Fuyuhiko happily reminisces on the time he's spent with Kanade, and realises this is the first time he's ever looked forward to a new school term. Then he hears a girl's voice from behind him; one he's all too familiar with, and freezes in terror. The girl laughs and asks him if he's finally found someone who doesn't treat him like dirt. He urges himself not to turn around, but as she gets so close he can feel her breath on the back of his neck, he reflexively turns his head and is met with an eerily calm, smiling face. The next day, when Kanade comes to Fuyuhiko's house to pick him up, he's too afraid to even open the door. This girl's name is Aika Youdou, and from this introduction alone, we can tell she's bad news.
  • Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Matsuri and Yutaka live their lives like an extended manzai routine, with Matsuri constantly misinterpreting everything that's going on and making terrible decisions, while Yutaka tries her best to correct her, only to hit her with a Dope Slap once her stupidity proves too much or starts causing problems for other people.
  • Cat Up a Tree: In chapter 42, Kanade shows up to Fuyuhiko's doorstep covered in cuts and bruises, but refuses to explain why because she thinks it's embarrassing. It's only after he promises not to laugh that she admits it was because she saw a cat stuck up a tree and tried to help it down, only for it to attack her.
  • Cats Are Mean:
    • Played for Laughs with Fuyuhiko's pet cat, whose mischievous antics end up being responsible for a number of comedic situations between him and Kanade.
    • Inverted when the two of them visit a cat café on a date. All of the cats we see there are gentle and playful.
  • Character Check: As time goes on, Fuyuhiko becomes less afraid of Kanade and starts to enjoy her company, while Kanade gets much better at expressing her feelings in ways that don't come off as threats. The beginning of chapter 36 has them briefly return to their earlier characterization for a quick gag, with Kanade cornering Fuyuhiko on the school roof after locking the door, making him wonder just how long it's been since she last had him cowering in fear like this.
  • Childhood Marriage Promise: Fuyuhiko's mom reminisces on how the first time she met Aika in elementary school, she introduced herself as her son's future bride. Aika, who by this point has already realized and accepted Fuyuhiko will never love her back, is mortified that she still remembers this.
  • Crystal-Ball Scheduling:
  • Description Cut: In chapter 67, while everyone is filling out career planning questionnaires, Aika tries to start a bet that Kanade will write "Unoki's Wife" on hers. One page later, we see Kanade writing exactly that as her first option with a huge grin on her face.
  • Disappeared Dad: Fuyuhiko and Kanade's fathers never appear.
  • Dodgeball Is Hell: Chapter 13 centers around a dodgeball match between Fuyuhiko and Kanade's classes, which quickly devolves into a one-sided slaughter in the latter's favor as the former are brutalized by Kanade's lethal throwing arm.
  • Dramatic Irony: Much of the comedy in the series is built around this. Since you as the reader are privy to both Fuyuhiko and Kanade's inner monologues, you're fully aware just how badly both of them are misinterpreting the other's intentions, while they remain totally oblivious.
  • Drop the Washtub: In chapter 59, Tzuka's attempts to blackmail Kanade after kidnapping Fuyuhiko are suddenly interrupted with a falling washtub to the head. As it turns out, Aika was hiding in the tree branches above her, and wasn't too happy about what she was doing.
  • Everyone Can See It: Downplayed with Fuyuhiko and Kanade. Most characters who spend time around them quickly pick up on their feelings for each other and assume they must be a couple, with Aika in particular claiming you'd have to be "denser than a black hole" to not notice there's something going on between them. Despite that, to anyone looking at them from a distance such as the teachers and most of the student body, they just seem like a bully and her hapless victim.
  • Exact Words: In chapter 5, Matsuri interrogates Fuyuhiko to try and find out why Kanade likes him so much. When Kanade tells her not to lay a hand on him, she obliges, and holds her foot up to his chin instead.
  • Family Theme Naming: Both of the Unoki siblings have names associated with cold weather; the 冬/Fuyu in "Fuyuhiko" means "Winter", while the 雪/Yuki in "Miyuki" means "Snow".
  • First-Episode Twist: From her introduction at the end of chapter 3 through most of chapter 4, all signs seem to be pointing to Matsuri being a sweet-natured Romantic False Lead for Fuyuhiko... right up until she pulls out a razor blade and begins threatening him for getting between her and Kanade, the true target of her affections. Of course, since Matsuri goes on to become a major recurring character after this and her obsession with Kanade and jealousy towards Fuyuhiko are two of her most prominent traits, it's basically impossible to talk about her without spoiling the twist.
  • Foreboding Fleeing Flock: When Aika drops in on Fuyuhiko taking care of the rabbits behind the school building, her mere presence is enough to send them running in fear.
  • The Ghost: Fuyuhiko alludes to having a younger sister as early as chapter 2, but she doesn't make an onscreen appearence until Kanade runs into her in chapter 63.
  • Her Boyfriend's Jacket: In most of the volume releases, the afterword is accompanied by a drawing of one of the characters wearing their significant other's clothing. These include Kanade in Fuyuhiko's hoodie and school jacket for Volume 1, Fuyuhiko (and his cat) wearing Kanade's tiger jacket in Volume 5, Matsuri and Yutaka switching uniforms for Volumes 2 and 3, Aika stealing Fuyuhiko's shirt for Volume 4... and Tasuku in a girls' uniform for Volume 6.
  • Hypocritical Humor:
    • In chapter 22 Matsuri, who had spent the whole day looking for a way to show up Fuyuhiko, finally gets one over on him on a test of strength machine. Kanade and Yutaka are not impressed and start talking about how unattractive a girl defined purely by her strength is, to which Matsuri retorts the two of them are like that too.
    • At the beginning of chapter 65, Matsuri gets annoyed at Aika for calling a meeting to discuss how to bring Kanade back to normal, asking why "Unoki's stalker" gets to be in charge. While no one calls attention to it, considering the way she acts around Kanade, she's the last person who should be accusing someone else of being a stalker.
  • The "I Love You" Stigma: This becomes a major issue for Fuyuhiko after Kanade confirms she's in love with him. By this point he's fully aware he loves her too, but the pressure of saying that to her face is just too much for him.
  • Imaginary Love Triangle: Matsuri assumes there is a tangled mess of relationships between Fuyuhiko, Kanade, Yutaka, and Aika. In reality, Fuyuhiko and Kanade are already in a mutual (but very complicated) relationship, Aika actively supports them getting together, having long since accepted her feelings are one-sided, and Yutaka doesn't even have feelings for Fuyuhiko.
  • Improbably Female Cast: Fuyuhiko and Tasuku are more or less the only male characters with any semblance of importance. Besides them we have a cat, family members who are mentioned but never appear in person, and nameless one-off extras. Every other character of note is female.
  • Invisible Parents:
    • Both Fuyuhiko and Kanade mention that they don't see much of their parents, as they're usually too busy with work to spend time with them. While Fuyuhiko's mom does start appearing regularly in the second half of the series, Kanade's mom is a no-show until the last couple of chapters, and neither of their fathers ever make an appearance at any point.
    • Yutaka and Matsuri are both implied to be living with their families, but when we get a chapter set in each of their apartments, they're the only ones shown living there.
  • Ironic Echo:
    • The first time Aika tells Kanade she's never considered her a rival for Fuyuhiko's love, it just comes off as another one of her cruel taunts. However, when she says it again while trying to make Fuyuhiko and Kanade admit their feelings for each other, the meaning has changed completely: She doesn't see her as a rival because she was never competing with her in the first place.
    • During that same scene, Aika claims that though she loves Fuyuhiko, she "hasn't thought, even once, that she wanted to date him." When Kanade later learns she made a Childhood Marriage Promise with him, she sarcastically throws those words back at her.
  • Japanese Delinquents:
    • Kanade is the top one at the school, if not the whole region. She occasionally gets into fights where she casually curb-stomps the opposition while Fuyuhiko stands by helplessly.
    • Matsuri and Yutaka are Kanade's self-proclaimed subordinates, and while they're not quite on her level, neither of them are a slouch in a fight. Both are styled after different types of stereotypical delinquents, with Yutaka resembling an old-school sukeban while Matsuri leans more into the Gyaru Girl side of things.
  • Last-Name Basis: Exaggerated in the case of Fuyuhiko and Kanade; not only do they consistantly call each other by their last names, they didn't even know each other's first names until quite a ways into their relationship.
  • Locked in a Room: Fuyuhiko and Kanade manage to lock themselves inside a storeroom while setting up for the cultural festival. Kanade is easily strong enough to kick the door down, plus she has her phone on hand to call for help, but she chooses to quietly sit and wait, not wanting to squander a potential romantic moment.
  • Locker Mail: Matsuri's first appearance is putting a fake love letter in Fuyuhiko's locker so that she can lure him out and fight him.
  • Love Bubbles: These always show up during Kanade's Inner Monologue, usually to contrast whatever dark and horrible thing Fuyuhiko thought she was doing.
  • Love Confession:
    • Kanade's terrible one starts off the series. What she thought was a romantic declaration sounded like her demanding Fuyuhiko be her slave forever.
    • Fuyuhiko returns the favor while the two of them are stargazing, though thanks to their Sustained Misunderstanding this one also gets misinterpreted.
    • Much of the second half of the series is dedicated to Fuyuhiko trying to work up the courage to confess to Kanade properly after his previous attempt fell flat. Unfortunately, every time it seems like he'll get the opportunity to do so, something or someone will always come along to ruin it. Even so, he finally gets his chance in chapter 75 when, following his most recent failed attempt, Yutaka picks him up and throws him into Kanade's arms.
  • Love Confessor: In chapter 25, after Fuyuhiko sees Yutaka has a photo of Matsuri as her phone's wallpaper, she pulls him aside to try and explain that it DEFINITELY doesn't mean she's in love with her, but quickly gives up, admits that's exactly the case, and airs out all her feelings for her to him.
  • Love Letter Lunacy:
    • Matsuri makes her debut in the series by leaving a fake love letter in Fuyuhiko's locker, hoping to lure Kanade's "new right-hand man" out on his own so she can fight him. Hilarity Ensues as neither Fuyuhiko nor Kanade have much experience dealing with love letters, so the former mistakes it for a Chain Letter (and when Matsuri clarifies it was meant to be a love letter, assumes she was forced to ask him out on a dare), while the latter thinks it's a letter of challenge and secretly follows him to make sure he doesn't get hurt. Then at the end Matsuri reveals Yutaka was the one who wrote the letter and teases her over how genuine it sounded, asking who she was thinking of when she wrote it.
    • Matsuri later uses the same trick on Aika to meet with her in private so she can try and threaten her into leaving her friends alone. Ironically, despite Aika recognising it as a love letter this time, Matsuri didn't mean for it to look like one; she just happened to have cutesy stationary on hand at the time.
  • Make Way for the Princess: When Kanade is walking to school, the other students stand at the sides of the path to let her pass by out of a mix of fear and respect. She both loves this (as when she's with Fuyuhiko, it feels like they're walking down the aisle to their wedding) and hates it (because getting caught in a crowd would have given her the perfect excuse to hold his hand).
  • Meet the In-Laws:
    • This happens out of the blue in chapter 54 when Fuyuhiko's mom shows up to bring him his lunch while he's alone with Kanade. Though Kanade is nervous the whole time, desperately trying to make a good first impression and prevent her from finding out she's a delinquent, she turns out to be very supportive of their relationship.
    • Fuyuhiko's date with Kanade in chapter 73 is brought to a screeching halt when her mother shows up, demanding she return home immediately. What follows is a very uncomfortable car ride, with the two of them silently sat in the back listening to her voice her disapproval of their relationship.
  • Metaphorically True:
    • Later into the series Aika starts calling Kanade her Best Friend, despite the fact Kanade can't stand her. She's not technically lying, though, as Kanade did agree to be her friend (albeit only after she was bribed into it), and since Aika doesn't have any other friends, that makes Kanade her best friend by default.
    • When Kanade's mother overhears Fuyuhiko confessing his love to her daughter, she accuses her of lying when she said he wasn't her boyfriend the other day. Kanade protests that she was telling the truth; while her and Fuyuhiko were in love with each other since well before then, they had only technically gotten together at that moment.
  • Minimalist Cast: The series introduced a grand total of five named characters in its first eleven chaptersnote , then took until chapter 33 to add another. Even though more characters were gradually introduced after that, by the end of the series there were still only eleven with a role greater than a bit part.
  • Missed Him by That Much: Miyuki doesn't realise the mysterious high school girl who saved her from bullies has also been showing up at her door every school day to meet up with her brother. Best illustrated at the start of chapter 67, where Fuyuhiko walks right by Miyuki watching TV on his way out of the house, where Kanade is waiting to brag about her most recent fight.
  • Mistaken for Romance: Fuyuhiko and Yutaka become close friends over the course of the series, seeing each other as someone they can confide in and be honest with. Neither of them have any romantic interest in the other, but that doesn't stop Matsuri from assuming there must be something more to their relationship. Even Kanade makes that same mistake during her 10-Minute Retirement, briefly worrying that Fuyuhiko may have lost interest in her and gotten together with Yutaka now that she's no longer a delinquent.
  • Not a Date: While Kanade and Fuyuhiko are on their first date, they run into Matsuri, who claims that her and Yutaka are also on a date. Yutaka tells her to stop making things out to be more than they really are as they're just on a shopping trip together, to which Matsuri suggests they should walk arm-in-arm to make it clear they're dating.
  • Not Drawn to Scale: By Kashima's own admission, she tends to play fast and loose with the characters' heights. This is mostly for the benefit of the Toramaru siblings, since if she tried to draw everyone to scale then she'd have trouble keeping both Kanade and Tasuku in frame.
  • One Dialogue, Two Conversations: A good chunk of the humor comes from Unoki feeling like he is in a master/servant relationship with Kanade, while Kanade thinks they are in a loving relationship.
  • One Head Taller:
    • Kanade is a full head shorter than Fuyuhiko, and that's when she's wearing geta to boost her height.
    • A flashback to Matsuri and Yutaka's middle school days in chapter 69 shows the former used to be a head taller. However, Yutaka has gone through a huge growth spurt since then and surpassed Matsuri in height, though the difference is now only half a head.
  • One-Steve Limit: Averted. Fuyuhiko's cat is also named Toramaru, which causes some problems when Kanade Toramaru overhears him talking about the cat.
  • Only Sane Man: Yutaka quickly figures out the whole misunderstanding her friends are caught in. Not that she ever bothers to explain it to them.
  • Pitbull Dates Puppy: The main crux of the series, with Kanade as the former and Fuyuhiko as the latter.
  • Production Foreshadowing: The crying plush rabbit that Fuyuhiko wins for Kanade in chapter 22 would go on to serve as a Series Mascot of sorts for Ui Kashima's later manga Liver Diver Lover.
  • Pseudo-Romantic Friendship: Matsuri and Yutaka have been best friends since they were kids, and have become so close that they practically act like lovers. Especially Matsuri, who claims Yutaka is "hers" just like Kanade does to Fuyuhiko, feels lonely when thinking that she might find a boyfriend, and is physically affectionate to the point where Kanade often grumbles that the two of them spend more time flirting than her and Fuyuhiko. All of this makes things awkward for Yutaka who genuinely is in love with her, with Matsuri's playful behaviour only making her flustered and causing her to worry that she sees the idea of them getting together as one big joke.
  • Relationship Upgrade:
    • Fuyuhiko and Kanade go through a gradual one throughout the series, mostly on Fuyuhiko's side as Kanade's feelings for him never really waver. When they first meet, he's afraid of her and thinks she's just another bully out to take advantage of him, but over time he starts to notice signs that she cares about him and sees him as more than a mere errand boy. Before he realises it, he's fallen in love with her, though he resigns himself to accepting she will never feel the same way about him. When he learns that Kanade thought they were dating the whole time, and conversely she learns that he didn't, she resolves to wait until Fuyuhiko is ready to start a relationship before she starts pursuing him again, while he tries to build up the courage to properly ask her out. By this point though, the two of them already behave like a couple, and when they do officially get together at the end of the series it's mostly a formality.
    • In chapters 67 to 69, Yutaka confesses her feelings to Matsuri, but runs off before she can give an answer. Fortunately, Matsuri is able to track her down and tell her she'd be happy to be her girlfriend.
  • School Bullying Is Harmless: Averted. While Fuyuhiko's status as a Bully Magnet is often Played for Laughs, especially once Aika enters the picture, the series also shows the long-term psychological effects this has had on him, such as the severe toll it's taken on his self-esteem.
  • School Festival: Chapter 58 sees Fuyuhiko and Kanade on a date at their school's culture festival. Unfortunately, the date is interrupted when Tzuka kidnaps Fuyuhiko.
  • Sitting on the Roof: The school roof serves as a convenient meeting place for the main characters, considering they're all split across different classes and years.
  • Sleep Cute: In chapter 18, Fuyuhiko finds Kanade taking a nap on the school roof and wakes her up to give her her lunch. The moment she's finished eating, she goes right back to sleep on his shoulder.
  • Sustained Misunderstanding:
    • The whole series runs on this. Kanade, the banchou, thinks that she asked Fuyuhiko, the errand boy, to be her boyfriend near the beginning of the year, and that they've been a couple for a while. Fuyuhiko, who has been bullied for all his life and has literally never had a positive relationship with anyone outside of his family, thinks she asked him to be her personal errand boy, not helped by the fact that a lot of what she says can be misinterpretednote  or is an extremely odd thing to saynote . Kanade's self-proclaimed second-in-command, Matsuri, thinks Kanade wants Fuyuhiko to replace her despite him being a wimp. And then there's Yutaka, Matsuri's best friend, who is the only one who realises what's going on.
    • The misunderstandings grow even worse in chapter 26 when Matsuri becomes convinced that Yutaka is in love with Fuyuhiko despite her protests to the contrary.
    • Volume 4 ends with Kanade calling Fuyuhiko her boyfriend to his face, which leads them to finally clear up their original misunderstanding, only to cause yet another one in the aftermath. Kanade, realising Fuyuhiko never thought of them as a couple, assumes this must mean he never held any romantic feelings towards her and dedicates herself to finding a way to win him over, while Fuyuhiko, despite knowing their feelings are mutual, is too shy to give her a proper Love Confession, leaving them in just as awkward a situation as before.
  • Tap on the Head: Fuyuhiko has fallen victim to this at the end of two chapters:
    • In chapter 42, Aika knocks him out with a quick chop to the back of the neck and drags him into a secluded room to ask him what he really thinks of Kanade. She reassures him he has nothing to worry about beforehand; if she messes it up, the worst it could do is kill him.
    • Chapter 58 has Tzuka ambush him as he leaves to get a drink during the school culture festival, knocking him out with a blow to the head and taking him hostage in order to threaten Kanade.
  • Through His Stomach: Two chapters involve Kanade cooking lunch for Fuyuhiko in an effort to impress him, though while he does enjoy it, the fact he's a much better cook than her discourages her from trying it more often.
  • Umbrella of Togetherness: In chapter 10, it's raining and while Fuyuhiko brought an umbrella, Kanade did not. Both of them insist that the other take it, as neither of them want the other to get wet. Yutaka points out the easiest solution would be to share it, and Kanade, recognizing the romantic connotations, silently thanks her.
  • Unprovoked Pervert Payback: When Matsuri finally realises Fuyuhiko never wanted to be Kanade's second-in-command but rather her boyfriend, she accuses him of only seeing her as a sex object and promptly punishes him for it. Note that he hadn't said anything remotely sexual about her, just that he had a crush on her. Thankfully Yutaka arrives just in time to break things up, and when Matsuri complains she never got a chance to explain herself, Yutaka retorts that Fuyuhiko was clearly the victim.
  • Unrequited Love Switcheroo: An odd example - the characters in question have mutual feelings for each other, but thanks to a series of miscommunications, one of them assumes the other doesn't reciprocate. At the start of the series Kanade starts dating Fuyuhiko, but because of the former's terrible attempts at flirting and the latter's past trauma, he assumes she only wants him around as her personal errand boy. Come chapter 45, Kanade realises that Fuyuhiko never saw her as his girlfriend and resolves to find a way to win his love... oblivious to the fact that Fuyuhiko has had feelings for her for a long time now, but is too shy to give her a proper Love Confession.
  • White Bunny: The Unoki family, who are themed around rabbits, all have white hair and reddish eyes. In addition, all of the rabbits being looked after by the school's animal care club have white fur.
  • Wounded Gazelle Gambit: Aika threatens to pull one after she gets decked in the face for groping Yutaka. She points out that since she just transferred to their school and no one there has any idea what she's really like, she could pretend Kanade's delinquent gang beat her up for no reason and everyone would side with her. She doesn't go through with it though, as Fuyuhiko offers himself up to her to protect their reputations.
  • Wrong Insult Offense: Kanade calls Aika a "sadist bitch" while chewing her out for her treatment of Fuyuhiko. Aika has no problem being called a bitch, but will not let the "sadist" part stand:
    Aika: It can only be called S&M when both sides recognize it as such. I'm just bullying him one-sidedly. That's an insult to a real sadist!
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: Every time it seems like Fuyuhiko and Kanade are about to make some major progress in their relationship, you can expect Kanade to say precisely the wrong thing and for Fuyuhiko to take it in precisely the wrong way, putting them right back where they started. Failing that, someone will interrupt them, immediately spoiling the mood.
  • Your Size May Vary: There's a subtle example at play with the Toramaru siblings. Due to the wide height gap between them (Kanade is 4'10" while Tasuku is 6'1"), whenever there's a shot of the two of them together, you can expect their heights to be fudged to bring them closer together and make sure they both fit comfortably in frame. Compare this panel, where Kanade's head reaches past Tasuku's shoulders, to this full body shot where despite standing on her tiptoes, she can't even clear his chest.

Alternative Title(s): Pashiri Na Boku To Koisuru Banchou San, The Errand Boy And The Delinquent Leader In Love