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Takeo Inou has moved to Tokyo to attend school in the city. When the dorm she was going to move into turned out to have no vacancies, the real estate agency moves her into the Hyakkisou Inn. What nobody realizes is that the name of the inn, which translates to the "Manor of One Hundred Demons", is not figurative. Within it reside a mob of youkai who are ready and willing to frighten any poor soul who moves into their home, so that in their surprise they'll release negative energy upon which they can feed.

Ready and willing though they may be, however, they are unable to accomplish their task as Takeo is completely unfazed by everything they try to do. The youkai soon learn that Takeo is cursed in such a way that severe misfortune follows her everywhere. Her first day of school alone features a falling spotlight, a car splashing water in her face, a dropped wrench hitting her in the head, slipping on a banana peel and through a window, a bird relieving itself on her, her planned living arrangements unavailable, and shipping error losing her luggage. Experiencing that kind of disaster on a daily basis means that a building filled with youkai out to scare simply is not the worst thing she's ever experienced.


In fact, as the youkai discover, the key to shocking the negative energy out of her is not fear, but happiness. Takeo has experienced so little true happiness in her life that even small moments of it can surprise her, which expels the negative energy for the youkai to feast on. Because Takeo's energy in particular is both plentiful and high quality, a bargain is struck. The youkai will let Takeo stay in their manor and work to make her as happy as they can, so long as Takeo is able to provide such delicious negative energy for them to feast on. In the process, they all hope to get to the bottom of why Takeo is cursed in the first place.

Thus begins Takeo-chan Bukkairoku by Love Roma creator Minoru Toyoda, a story of youkai trying to make a young girl happy, which just happens to run counter-intuitive of everything they know.


Takeo-chan Bukkairoku contains examples of:

  • Big Bad: Following her inadvertent trip to the Underworld, Takeo learns the one who placed her curse on her was Jinno-Akumurou, the god of pestilence. As the series progresses, Jinno makes attempts to reinforce the curse on Takeo.
  • Born Unlucky: Takeo is revealed early on to be under an extremely powerful curse. Her daily disasters aside, Takeo once managed to pick exactly the right path through Hyakkisou's secret garden to end up in the underworld.
  • Catchphrase: Takeo has "Because I'm used to this sort of thing," said whenever someone asks about her odd behavior.
  • Declaration of Protection: Tecchan gives Takeo one in chapter 26. She's stunned and embarrassed... until small animals start moving in close to Tecchan, making her laugh.
  • Fantasy Kitchen Sink: Starting at chapter twenty, a vampire, Von Orlok, moves in next door with his harem of western monster girls and an eye for Takeo.
  • The Jinx: Takeo's misfortune does not limit itself to just her. Anyone around her can be caught up in it without Mu-chan available to negate it.
  • Lilliputians: Koropokkuru, a tribe of tiny people from Ainu folklore, live in the Hyakkisou, unbeknownst to its regular-sized residents. Takeo gets to interact with them thanks to a potion that turned her into a Incredible Shrinking Man.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: This series is jammed with them, even before Von Orlok and his harem shows up.
  • Monster Roommate: The name of Takeo's home translates to "Manor of One Hundred Demons" and is exactly that, as Takeo shares the building with a whole host of youkai.
  • School Uniforms Are the New Black: For the early portion of the series, Takeo is shown only ever wearing her school's winter uniform. In chapter 10 she explains her misfortune tends to ruin most of her other clothing. The black school uniform does not obviously stain when dirty, and its long sleeves offer some protection for her arms. The remainder of the chapter is dedicated to finding a way to weaken the power of Takeo's curse enough to allow her to dress as she likes. From that chapter on Takeo is shown wearing a much wider variety of clothing.
  • Took a Level in Cheerfulness: The efforts of the youkai to make Takeo happy, and the bonds they form as a result, gradually turn Takeo into a much happier person to the point she can honestly declare she will never again let herself give in to despair.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: The first pages of the manga feature Takeo being held by a huge, frightening monster with a completely neutral expression on her face. The first chapters go on to show that the youkai simply can not scare her no matter what they do.
  • Youkai: The author did his research, bringing into the story a wide cavalcade of different demons and creatures from Japanase folklore which would make Shigeru Mizuki proud!


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