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Manga / Final Girl (2019)

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"The mysterious killer arrives during the night! The five of them are all alone... with the killer who wants to make them his prey! Let's begin! A classic from the golden age of slasher horror..."

Final Girl (ファイナルガール) is a 40-page Ecchi Horror Comedy one-shot manga by Kokikuji You, published in print by Shōnen Magazine in 2019, later released online on the author's Pixiv account in 2020.

While out on a snack run, an ordinary, overworked office worker finds himself suddenly blacking out in front of a movie theatre showing an old Slasher Movie, 18th Day Sacrifice. When he regains consciousness, not only does he find himself within the movie that was being shown, he also finds himself having become its resident blonde, promiscuous "slutty girl", who by all genre convention is going to be the first to die. His only ticket to survival is his savviness over horror genre tropes, trying to defy as many slasher clichés as possible in order to avoid his grizzly, deeply predictable end.

Not to be confused with the Final Girl trope that the one-shot is named after. Also not to be confused with the defunct 2013 interactive horror story, the 2015 action horror film, nor the 2015 horror-parody film of similar names.

This work contains examples of the following tropes: