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Magical Sempai (AKA Tejina-sempai) is a series by the mangaka Azu. The story begins when the protagonist, the Assistant, is forced to join a club as part of school regulations. They end up joining a stage magic club, where his sempai is precisely everything that the club president should not be; immature and with Performance Anxiety so intense that whenever anyone is watching them they flub the tricks they're doing every time. Later on, Saki-chan, a street performer who has a less than sibling-like relationship with her brother joins. Hilarity Ensues.


The comic is currently being published in English by Kodansha Comics. You can find a preview of Chapter 1 here.

An anime adaptation is currently in the works, and set to premiere in July, 2019. You can see the trailer here.

Magical Sempai contains examples of:

  • Beach Episode: Chapters 61 and 62 focus on the magic club going to the beach and using it as a training camp.
  • Ecchi: Panty Shots are common, as is Clothing Damage, and there are some sexual innuendos and other lewd content.
  • Edutainment Show: The manga contains some information on how some basic magic tricks are performed. Later on this is expanded to street performance.
  • Hocus Tropus: Obviously, this manga goes into detail on almost every trick on this list.
    • Disappearing Box: Notable in that in Chapter 12, the Asssistant tries to get Sempai to hide because visitors are coming, and the Assistant quickly realizes that there's nowhere for her to go-all of the props that she could hide in could potentially have a trap door that would let her escape. The Disappearing Box trick proper is introduced as early as Chapter 2.
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    • Escape Artist: The "rope trick" is introduced in chapter 1. The "handcuff escape" is the focus of chapter 15. In chapter 40, the "water escape" is introduced. In the latter two chapters, Harry Houdini is mentioned, specifically.
    • Impossibly Awesome Magic Trick: Averted; there is not a single magic trick that is not explained somehow. Since Sempai flubs each trick anyways, there is no reason not to explain it, but this is also extended to street performance, which Saki-chan is not as bad at.
    • Pick a Card: The very first trick in the very first chapter. This is one of Sempai's favorites... but that still doesn't keep her from flubbing it nearly every time. It's the focus of Chapter 13.
    • Saw a Woman in Half: The "sword box" trick. which is a variant of this, appears in Chapter 29. Because Sempai refuses to accept that it's accomplished by escaping through a trap door, she gets her clothes ripped.
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  • Gone Horribly Right: Since Sempai is so easily suggestible, the Assistant has a hard time snapping them out of hypnosis.
  • Incest Subtext: As is usual for such a series, Saki-chan's crush on Ma-kun falls just short of text.
    Saki-chan: He's cool but cute, smart, and his looks are perfect? Whose future is pretty much guaranteed to be bright? You know the type!
  • Japanese School Club: In addition to the stage magic club the manga centers around, the chemistry club is also part of the plot, as the magic club was not an actual club until after Saki-chan and Ma-kun were introduced. This is mostly an excuse for the Assistant to stick around when the deadline comes and the magic club is still not official, as while he is a member of the chemistry club he does not have to actually go there. However, Madara-san, the president of the chemistry club, becomes a recurring cast member starting with Chapter 53.
  • Kimono Fanservice: In Chapter 17, the focus is on "wazuma", or Japanese magic, so Sempai is wearing a kimono.
  • Not What It Looks Like: Happens on several occasions.
    • In chapter 28, Sempai gets stuck in a box and overhears the Assistant talk to himself about how cute her spring animal prop is and assumes he's talking about her. When he explains what he was really talking about, she doesn't take it well.
    • In chapter 50, Sempai is seen with a shady-looking man. The Assistant, Saki-chan, and Ma-kun assume the worst. He's actually her older sister's husband. They were out to buy a present for her.
  • Playboy Bunny: Sempai wears an outfit like this in one chapter. It's incredibly tight, mainly because it was meant for her flat chested big sister.
  • Qipao: Subverted. When Sempai says that she's going to be doing Chinese magic, the Assistant assumes that she's going to be wearing a Qipao, similarly to how she wore a kimono when she did Japanese magic. She actually ends up wearing a scary mask thanks to the specifics of the trick.
  • Sempai/Kohai: Naturally. The club president of the magic club is called sempai exclusively, and chapter names for this series follow the pattern of "The X Sempai".
  • Sexy Jester: Sempai ends up wearing an outfit like this as part of Saki-chan's suggestion that she become a pierrot.
  • Spoon Bending: This trick is the focus of Chapter 19.
  • Status Quo Is God: No method in order to cure Sempai's stage fright works, not even hypnosis. In fact, that was the first thing they tried!
  • Street Performer: Saki-chan and Ma-kun both practice street performance. Saki-chan is good at it. Ma-kun is not very good, but Saki-chan pretends he is.
  • World of Buxom: Downplayed. There are only 4 female recurring cast members as of the end of Volume 4, and two of them are flat. However, both of the female members of the magic club have large breasts. As a result, the notes for Chapter 44 joke that it should be called the "Big-Boob Club".
  • Yank the Dog's Chain: In Chapter 54, Sempai puts on a successful show for a group of children. (She still did poorly, but children don't judge.) Then they figure out where she was hiding the wand and candy that "disappeared" and rummage through all her clothes.

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