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Fall 2012 Anime

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This chart is a list of the TV anime series that aired between October and December of 2012, along with their Laconic descriptions.

Here is this season's forum discussion.

See Summer 2012 Anime for the previous season and Winter 2013 Anime for the following season.

TV Series:
  • Aikatsu! (Idol Action!)
    Airing from October 8

    Based on an arcade card game about producing idols
  • Bakuman。 3
    Airing from October 6 for 25 episodes

    Next season of the Shōnen manga adaptation series.
  • Btooom!
    Airing from October 4

    A NEET that liked to play an online game about throwing bombs at enemies (the titular Btooom!), suddenly finds himself forced into a real-life version.
  • Busou Shinki - (Armed God-Princesses)
    Airing from October 4 for 13 episodes

    The story of little dolls that serve and fight for their masters.
  • Code:Breaker
    Airing from October 6th

    Riding the bus one day, a girl sees people being burned alive by blue fire, and a boy standing over them. The next day, her class has a New Transfer Student who looks just like that boy.

  • Gintama
    Returning starting October 4th.

A new season of the comedy anime with new episodes, and selected re-runs of older episodes called "Yorinuki Gintama-san"
  • Girls und Panzer (Girls and Tanks)
    Airing from the 8th of October

    It's about high school girls, who are battling with tanks for sport.
  • Hayate the Combat Butler! Can't Take My Eyes Off You
    Airing from October 3rd

    Another TV anime about the indebted butler, with an original story written by the manga's author.
  • Haitai Nanafa
    Airing from October 6, as a series of 5-minute episodes

    The story of a young girl, her sisters, grandparents, and a group of spirits.

  • Initial D Fifth Stage
    Airing from November 9th, for 6 episodes, with two episodes per month

    More car racing
  • Ixion Saga DT
    Airing from October 7th

    A boy from our world journeys to a different one, saves a princess, and ends up in the middle of a conflict. Based on the online game Ixion Saga.
  • Jormungand Perfect Order
    Airing from October 10th for 12 episodes

    The second half of the series started in the Spring 2012 Anime season
  • K
    Airing from October 4th with 13 episodes

    An original anime set in a slightly Alternate History. The story involves a young man caught up in a psychic war between seven kings. Probably. Details are scarce.

A teenage girl ends up becoming the land god of a shrine, complete with (attractive, male) kitsune familiar.
  • Litchi DE Hikari Club
    Airing from October 1

    A group of nine middle school boys create a machine and set it to find beautiful women.
  • Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! - (Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai!)
    Airing from October 3 for 12 episodes

    A boy who used to suffer from chuunibyounote  is dating a girl who still has it. Then a female friend from his middle school who has it even worse starts fighting for him.
  • Magi: Labyrinth of Magic
    Airing from October 7

    A young boy named Aladdin, along with his friend Ugo, a djinn trapped in a flute, sets out to explore the world. He soon discovers that he is a magi, a magician that chooses kings, and he is supposed to help preserve fate. The whole thing takes inspiration from One Thousand and One Nights.
  • Medaka Box Abnormal
    Airing from October 10

    Second season
  • My Little Monster - (The Monster Seated Next to Me)
    Airing from October 1st

    A girl who's only interested in getting good grade gains the affection of a delinquent boy after he decides that they must be friends because she delivered print-outs to him.
  • Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne - (He's my brother, but as long as we're in love it shouldn't matter)
    Airing from October 5 for 12 episodes

    The main character is separated from his twin sister early in his life, then he ends up living with her again in high school.
  • From the New World
    Airing from September 28 for 25 episodes

    A millennium from now, the world is fractured and ruled by those with telekinesis. A group of children learn the truth behind this world, and fight to save it.
  • Sukitte Ii Na Yo - (Say "I love you")
    Airing from October 6

    A girl who's never had friends or a boyfriend suddenly gains the interest of the most popular boy in the school.

  • Teekyu! (Tennis!)
    Airing from October 7th

    Gag comedy about a girls' tennis team.
  • To Love Ru Darkness
    Airing from October 5 for 12 episodes

    More sci-fi ecchi hijinks.

  • Wooser no Sono Higurashi - (Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life)
    Airing from October 2

    A series of 3D comedy shorts about a cute mascot that lives on the internet and has a corrupt heart.
  • Zetsuen no Tempest - (Isolated Tempest)
    Airing from October 4

    The main character is looking for his friend, who has gone missing after making a deal with a witch to hunt down his family's killers.