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  • 3:10 to Yuma (2007): Ben Wade, the leader of a gang of outlaws who is captured and is being transported to the town of Contention so he can be imprisoned at Yuma.
  • 12 Monkeys: Dr. Peters, who is plotting to unleash a virus that will destroy humanity.
  • 48 Hrs.: Albert Ganz, an escaped prisoner killing anybody between him and his hidden loot.

  • The Afflicted: Maggie, a religious fanatic tormenting her children.
  • Alexander Nevsky: Hermann von Balk, Grand Master of the Teutonic Knights invading Russia.
  • Alice in Murderland: Kat Glass, who has donned a Jabberwock disguise and started killing her sorority sisters.
  • Alice, Sweet Alice: Mrs. Tredoni, who kills anybody she feels is a sinner.
  • The Alien franchise has the titular creatures, or Xenomorphs, with each movie featuring several different beasts though there are few human antagonists with Weyland-Yutani and the Engineers serving as Greater-Scope Villain:
    • Alien: The Xenomorph killing the crew.
    • Aliens: The Queen Xenomorph, the leader of the Xenomorph hive menacing the Colonial Marines on LV-426. On a human level there is Carter Burke as he wants to use the Xenomorphs for Weyland-Yutani and screw lots of people over for a percentage.
    • Alien³: The Canine Xenomorph killing people in the Penal Colony, and Bishop II, who comes to retrieve for the Company at the cost of human life.
    • Alien: Resurrection: Dr. Mason Wren, whose experiments unleash a new generation of Xenomorphs, and the Humanoid Xenomorph, which is inadvertently created by said experiments.
    • Prometheus: The Engineer, last surviving member of its kind's outpost, which intends to wipe out all human life as a failed experiment.
    • Alien: Covenant: David, whose experiments with the Engineer's technology has created the Xenomorphs, which he intends to unleash on the universe.
  • Alien Outlaw: The unnamed leader of a trio of aliens who came to Earth for some recreational murder.
  • American Assassin: Ghost, a former Orion operative turned terrorist who plans to start a nuclear war.
  • American Beauty: Colonel Frank Fitts, who spends the entire film abusing everybody around him and eventually commits murder to hide his repressed sexuality.
  • American Justice: Sheriff Payden, who makes his police department into a protection racket.
  • American Nightmare: Jane Toppan, a madwoman who kills people with their worst fears.
  • Most of the Amityville films have the haunted house or an object from it acting as the main villain, The Amityville Curse has a human villain: Frank, who murdered his illegitimate father in the past, memories of which are driving him to kill again.
  • Army of Frankensteins: Captain Robert E. Walton, a Confederate officer seeking to use the Frankensteins to win the Civil War.
  • Audition: Asami Yamazaki, a Yandere willing to torture those who play with her feelings.
  • Axeman: The Axeman of Cutter's Creek, a large man who kills people for fun.

  • The Babadook: The Babadook, who possesses mothers and psychologically torments them into killing their children.
  • The Babysitter: Bee, a Satanist plotting to sacrifice a boy she's babysitting.
  • Babysitter Massacre: Mr. Walker, a Stalker with a Crush picking off his target's friends.
  • Back to the Future:
    • Back to the Future Part II: Biff Tannen. An elderly Biff from 2015 steals the Delorean time machine and gives an almanac of sporting events from 1950-2000 to his younger self from 1955. Biff in this new timeline uses the information to make himself rich and famous, turns Hill Valley (and possibly the state of California and other places) into a Crapsack World, and murders George McFly in 1973, forcing Marty’s mother Lorraine to marry him. After Doc and Marty go back to 1955 to retrieve and destroy the almanac, the Biff from that time period serves as a Climax Boss.
    • Back to the Future Part III: Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, an outlaw ancestor of Biff’s. He kills Doc in a timeline of 1885, and Marty’s plot line is preventing “Mad Dog” from killing Doc.
  • The Bagman: Randy Joyner, a scumbag who beat a disfigured teen to death and will do anything to cover it up when a sack-masked slasher comes to avenge him.
  • Banshee!!!: The banshee, which got released from its watery prison and immediately went on a rampage.
  • The Barbarians: Kadar, an Evil Overlord who enslaved a peaceful tribe.
  • Barbarella: Durand Durand is threatening the universe with an innovative weapon he created; he fled Earth and Barbarella's mission is to find him and bring him back. Later it turns out he wants to use his weapon to conquer the universe.
  • Bedeviled: Mr. Bedevil, a demon haunting people through a phone app.
  • Belzebuth: Belzebuth, AKA Satan himself, who is committing mass murders of children to try and prevent the Second Coming.
  • The Black Room: Baron Gregor de Berghman, who killed his brother and immediately became a tyrant.
  • The Black Six: Thor, a biker gang leader who kills black men over interracial relationships.
  • Black Sunday: Princess Asa Vajda, a wicked sorceress brought Back from the Dead as a vampire to avenge her execution.
  • Blade Runner: Roy Batty, the leader of a group of Replicants who want to extend their lifespan.
    • Blade Runner 2049: Niander Wallace, wanting to figure out the secret that allows Replicants to give birth, which would make for more "authentic" Replicants, but the main threat is Luv, assigned by Wallace to hunt down anyone who could stop him.
  • Blade: Deacon Frost, an upstart vampire who wants to resurrect the Blood God so bloodsuckers can rule the Earth.
    • Blade II: Jared Nomak, the leader of a mutated strain of vampires who intends to usurp the main breed.
    • Blade: Trinity: Drake, who plans to eliminate Blade and lead the vampires in finalizing their dominance over humanity.
  • The Blob (1958): The Blob, who falls to the Earth and immediately starts absorbing people.
    • The Blob (1988): Dr. Christopher Meddows, who created the Blob and is willing to sacrifice an entire town to test it.
  • Blood and Black Lace: Massimo Morlacchi, a masked killer seeking a diary with incriminating evidence.
  • Blood & Donuts: The unnamed crime boss harassing Earl.
  • Blood Cult: Dr. White, leader of a cult that is trying to resurrect its dog god.
  • Blood Feast: Fuad Ramses, a madman who butchers women to awaken the goddess he worships.
  • Blood Harvest: Gary Dickinson, a lovesick madman stalking the object of his affection.
  • Blood Junkie: Andy, a young boy who decides to murder his sister and her friends during a camping trip.
  • Blood Monkey: Professor Conrad Hamilton, an anthropologist willing to do anything to study the apes.
  • Blood of Beasts: Sven, a viking warrior plotting a coup against his chieftain.
  • The Brain (1988): The Brain, an alien that intends to consume the independent thoughts of all of humanity.
  • Braindead Vera Cosgrove, Lionel's abusive mother who ends up being Patient Zero of a zombie plague.
  • Bram Stoker's Dracula: Count Vlad Dracula, a vampire lord relentlessly pursuing the reincarnation of his lost love.
  • Brotherhood of Blades: Zhou Jhingzhong, who masterminded a coup attempt in order to take over the Imperial Assassins.
  • Brotherhood of Death: Harold Turner, The Klan's local Grand Cyclops, who uses his position as County Attorney to suppress the black population's vote.
  • Bubba Ho Tep: King Amen Ho-Tep, a Mummy eating souls in a nursing home.
  • Bubba the Redneck Werewolf: The Devil, real name Bladderick Rasputinstein the Third, Jr., who caused Bubba's lycanthropy curse and seeks to cause chaos in Cracker County.
  • The Burning: Cropsy, a disfigured madman out to kill everybody to avenge his injuries.

  • Cannibal! The Musical: Shannon Bell, who is driven mad by hunger and a brain infection and starts killing his traveling party.
  • Carnage Road: An unnamted old man who manipulated his war buddy to become a killer as revenge for America's treatment of Vietnam veterans.
  • Carnival of Souls: The Man, a being that's been haunting Mary since her car crash so he can claim her soul.
  • Casablanca: Major Heinrich Strasser, Nazi governor of occupied Casablanca.
  • Cast a Deadly Spell: Amos Hackshaw, a warlock willing to sacrifice his own daughter to the Old Ones to start the apocalypse.
  • Castle Freak (1995): Giorgio D'Orsino, a deformed madman terrorizing a castle's residents.
  • Cave of the Living Dead: Professor von Aldersberg, a vampire stalking a village.
  • Cemetery Man: Death, who has been resurrecting the dead to torment Francisco.
  • Charade: The real Carson Dyle revealed to be Hamilton Bartholomew, who seeks to regain stolen money and revenge himself on his ex-comrades for leaving him to die.
  • The Conjuring:
    • In the first film, Bathsheba Sherman, a Satanist who sacrificed her baby and hanged herself after being discovered who wants to possess living mothers to sacrifice their children too.
  • Conquest: Ocron, a mad queen who rules a wasteland with an iron fist.
  • Contagion: The titular contagion itself, which causes a global pandemic, is the ultimate source of all the conflict in the movie (the conflict that exists between humans, as opposed to between humans and the disease, is still indirectly caused by the disease).
  • Criminally Insane: Ethel Janowski, a madwoman who kills anybody who gets between her and food.
  • Cronos: Dieter de la Guarda, a dying man pursuing the Cronos Device for its power.
  • The Crow: Top Dollar, who is not only responsible for ordering the attack that led to the deaths of Eric Draven and Shelly Webster, but came up with the debauched chaos of Devil's Night in the first place.
  • C.S.A.: The Confederate States of America: Each John Ambrose Fauntroy, as they head a family dynasty that's considered "American royalty" and are responsible for all the political and cultural direction undertaken by the Confederacy. For instance, it was the influence of the first John Ambrose Fauntroy that resulted in the North embracing slavery.
  • Cure: Kunihiko Mamiya, a hypnotist who makes other people commit incredibly brutal murders.

  • Dead Before Dawn: The Ash Demon, a dark force turning a small town into zombie demons.
  • Dead Heat: Arthur P. Laudermilk, a wealthy man having zombies commit robberies in order to perfect a resurrection machine.
  • Death on Demand: Sean McIntyre, an insane mountaineer who killed his family and then himself, then was summoned Back from the Dead in the middle of a livestream decades later.
  • Death Race 2000: Mr. President, the dictator who organized the bloodsport race.
  • Death Screams: Casey, who kills teenagers who have sex under a misguided sense of morality.
  • Death Wish series:
  • Death Wish (2018): Knox is the leader of the thugs who murdered Paul Kersey's wife in a home invasion.
  • Deathdream: Andy Brooks, a resurrected soldier draining people's blood.
  • Deathgasm: Aeloth the Blind, a demon king set upon a small town by a mysterious hymn.
  • Deep Red: Martha, who killed a psychic for noticing her madness, and is stalking the protagonist for witnessing it.
  • The Demolitionist: "Mad Dog" Burn, a psychopathic criminal plotting to assassinate the mayor.
  • Demolition Man: Simon Phoenix, an anarchistic terrorist let loose on a pacifist future.
  • Demon Hunter (2005): Asmodeus, the Demon of Lust, who wants to father an army of half-demons to conquer the world.
  • Demon Hunter (2016): Escharin Falstaff, the Evil Sorceror who set Barker on her path of vengeance and now plots to claim her soul.

  • Dogma: Azrael, a Fallen Angel who manipulated Bartleby and Loki into attempting reentry into Heaven, which would overrule the word of God and unmake existence.
  • Don't Go in the Woods: The unnamed maniac killing anybody entering his woods.
  • Don't Kill It: An unnamed demon on a body-jumping killing spree.
  • Don't Open Till Christmas: Giles Harrison, who kills men dressed as Santa to give his brother an interesting case.
  • Don't Torture a Duckling: Don Alberto Avallone, a religious fanatic killing boys so they never develop sexuality.
  • Doom: Dr. Carnack, who is responsible for the experiments that caused the outbreak in the first place.
  • Dragonheart: King Einon, a tyrant who uses his seeming immortality to commit whatever atrocities he pleases.
  • Dread: Quaid, a madman willing to torture people to understand the nature of fear.
  • Dredd: Madeline "Ma-Ma" Madrigal, a drug baroness who controls a giant skyscraper apartment.

  • Edward Scissorhands: Jim, Kim's scummy boyfriend who grows increasingly violent in his jealousy.
  • Enemy Mine: Stubbs, an illegal mine owner who enslaves aliens.
  • Enola Holmes: The Dowager of Tewkesbury is an Evil Reactionary who orders the death of her grandson the Viscount before he can vote on a reform bill in the House of Lords.
  • Escape from New York: The Duke, who has taken control of the New York City prison and inholding the President hostage.
  • The Evil: Satan, the evil force trapped in the house.
  • Evil Dead: The Evil Force controlling the Deadites.
  • Evil Laugh: Sadie Burns, who is killing everybody to prevent the orphanage where he son committed mass murder-suicide from reopening.

  • Fist of Legend: General Fujita, the Imperial Japanese officer who had Chen Zhen's master killed.
  • Frankenhooker: Jeffrey Franken, a Mad Scientist butchering prostitutes to make a new body for his dead wife.
  • Frankenstein's Army: Dr. Viktor Frankenstein, grandson of the more famous doctor, who has been experimenting to make automatons for the Nazis but secretly has his own agenda.
  • Freaked: Dick Brian, secret funder of the mutation experiments.
  • Freeway: Bob Wolverton, a Serial Killer who picks Vanessa up early in the film and tries to ruin her life when she injures him in self-defense.
  • Free Guy: Antwan, the head of Soonami Games who wants to make his Free City franchise a success and will do anything to make it a success even through illegal means.

  • The Galaxy Invader: Joe Montague, who is trying to kill an innocent alien for profit and horribly abuses his family.
  • Galaxy Quest: General Roth'h'ar Sarris, the leader of a campaign to hunt the Thermians to extinction.
  • Gangster Squad: Mickey Cohen, a psychopathic gangster imposing a stranglehold on Los Angeles through illegal business and prostitution. The titular squad is formed to counter him.
  • Get Out (2017): Roman Armitage, founder of a body-stealing racism cult.
  • The Godfather: Don Emilio Barzini, the man who ostensibly keeps the Five Families together, but is secretly plotting to topple them all.
    • Hyman Roth in Part II is the man trying to destroy the Corleones as revenge for the assassination of Hyman's protege Moe Greene at the end of Part I. In the past story, Don Francisco Ciccio is the main villain of Vito's story as the man who had Vito's family murdered because of his ego, forcing him to flee to America.
  • Goth (2003): Goth, a madwoman who believes that true goth culture is indulging in as much hedonistic rape and murder as possible.
  • Graduation Day: Kevin Badger, who is slowly picking off the track team he blames for his girlfriend's death.
  • Grabbers: The male grabber leads the alien colony invading a small Irish village.
  • Grave of the Vampire: Charles Croydon, the vampire who raped the hero's mom and is responsible for his half-undead curse.
  • Gutterballs: Steve, leader of the gang rape that started the killings.

  • Hack-O-Lantern: Grandpa Drindle, a Satanic cult leader manipulating his son into becoming his successor.
  • Hatchet: Victor Crowley, an Ax-Crazy spirit terrorizing the New Orleans swamps.
  • HauntedWeen: Eddie Burber, a psycho killing frat bros in his childhood home.
  • Havenhurst: Eleanore Mudgett is the landlord of an apartment building where people with various addictions and vices can stay to recover. If they fall back into their problems, however, Eleanore has them dropped into the basement, where they're sadistically tortured to death by her sons.
  • Hawk the Slayer: Voltan, Hawk's brother, who killed their father for the Mindstone and is now holding a bunch of nuns hostage to do the same.
  • High and Low: Ginjiro Takeuchi, a kidnapper of children.
  • High Noon: Frank Miller, a gang leader who has been released from prison and is out for Marshal Will Kane's blood.
  • The House tetralogy:
    • The first film has Big Ben, the ghost of protagonist Roger's former military buddy in the Vietnam conflict, who wants revenge for being left behind by him.
    • House II: The Second Story has Slim Reeser, the former friend of te protagonist's grandfather, who betrayed him in the past and was shot for it. He is now a vengeful ghost who is after the crystal skull in main character's possession.
    • The Horror Show (aka House III) has Max Jenke, a ghost of a Serial Killer who returns to torment the police detective who caught him and send him to the electric chair.
    • Burke in House IV, the sole human main villain of the series, who wants to drive the Cobb family from the house that's rightfully theirs, so that he can sell it and the land around it.
  • House of 1000 Corpses: Dr. Satan, patriarch of the homicidal Firefly family.
  • House of Usher: Roderick Usher, who is willing to do anything to end his family's evil legacy.

  • I Come in Peace: Talec, an alien drug dealer who sells human spinal fluid.
  • I Sell the Dead: Samuel Murphy, the patriarch of a family of ruthless grave robbers.
  • Idiocracy: The unnamed CEO of Brawndo, an energy drink company that is causing the collapse of the ecosystem by feeding the plants their product instead of water. However, unlike many Big bads, he isn't malicious, as like the rest of humanity in this setting, he's really, really stupid.
  • Idle Hands: The unnamed evil force, which possesses lazy men's hands to kill for it.
  • I'm Gonna Git You Sucka: Mr. Big is in charge of all crime in the city and he doesn't like people asking questions about him. When they do, he sends his thugs around to shut them up.
  • The Innkeepers Madeline O'Malley, the ghost haunting the hotel.
  • Innocent Blood: Sal "the Shark" Marcelli, a Mafia don who's been turned into a vampire.
  • The Invitation: Dr. Joseph, a cult leader who believes the best solution to grief is murder-suicide.
  • Ip Man: General Miura, the leader of the Japanese forces occupying Ip Man's village and the one who challenges him to a martial arts match.
  • Ironclad: King John, who seeks to bring England back under his rule after reluctantly signing the Magna Carta.

  • Jaws: The shark terrorizing the beaches of Amity.
  • Josie: Josie herself is a Serial Killer murdering everyone who framed and executed her father. Specifically, she came to the town of Baymont so she could murder ex-cop Hank.
  • Judge Dredd: Rico Dredd, Dredd's brother who is plotting to destroy the Judge system.
  • The Jurassic Park films:
    • Jurassic Park: A Big Bad Ensemble with the Velociraptor named the "Big One", whose killing of a park worker at the start of the film sets the plot in motion, and the treacherous park employee Dennis Nedry, who hacks several park systems in order to distract the heroes while he smuggles dinosaur embryos from InGen to rival corporation BioSyn, leading to the escape of the Tyrannosaurus rex, among other dinosaurs, to attack the inspection crew and his employer John Hammond's grandchildren. Because he was the only one who could undo his own work (but wound up a casualty of his own sabotage when a Dilophosaurus kills him) and he left the Velociraptor exhibit untouched, the heroes' attempts to fix what he did lead to shutting the entire park down, which enables the pack under the "Big One" to become the final obstacle in the heroes' escape from Isla Nublar.
    • The Lost World: Jurassic Park: Peter Ludlow, the Evil Nephew of John Hammond, who is desperate to save InGen following the failure of Jurassic Park and responsible for their operations on Isla Sorna to ferry dinosaurs to an abandoned earlier Jurassic Park in San Diego. His actions there, in addition to him discrediting Ian Malcolm, reducing the chaos theorist to a pariah, are what drive the story in motion.
    • Jurassic Park III: While this film has no human antagonist, instead relying on encounters with other extinct animals, the Spinosaurus is the first predator that the main characters meet on Isla Sorna, and the most dangerous of the predators they have to escape from on that island.
    • Jurassic World: Another Big Bad Ensemble, this time involving the Indominus rex, a super-hybrid dinosaur made on the base genome of Tyrannosaurus rex who engineers its escape and causes havoc throughout Isla Nublar, and Vic Hoskins, the overseer to Owen Grady's Velociraptor training program who seeks to have the Velociraptor weaponized for the military, and whose secret partnership with Henry Wu leads to the creation of the aforementioned Indominus rex as a means to get InGen to agree to use the Velociraptor. Hoskins winds up killed by a Velociraptor near the end of the film, so the conflict only ends with the defeat of the Indominus rex.
    • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom: Eli Mills, the treacherous assistant to John Hammond's ex-partner Benjamin Lockwood, who opens a laboratory under Lockwood's basement right under his nose and tricks Owen Grady and Claire Dearing into helping him find the remaining Isla Nublar dinosaurs threatened by the cataclysmic eruption of Mt. Sibo under the guise of rescuing them, which is technically correct, just not for benevolent reasons, rather instead to start providing new genetic material and sell the dinosaurs in an auction. Another Big Bad Ensemble forms when an earlier operation on Isla Nublar recovered a bone from the Indominus rex, used to make its savage successor the Indoraptor, who the heroes have to defeat and prevent from being sold. Eli drives the plot in motion, and it only wraps up when he is defeated at the end.

  • Kick-Ass: Frank D'Amico, who is responsible for much of the crime in the city as well as being the one who framed Big Daddy and sent him to jail.
  • King Kong (1933): King Kong, a giant gorilla who terrorizes a native tribe and later New York City.
  • Kung Fury: Adolf Hitler, the Kung Fuhrer, who has come forward in time to battle Kung Fury for his power.

  • Legend (1985): The Lord of Darkness, who wants to kill all the unicorns and consume the world in ice.
  • Legend of the Red Reaper: Ganesh, a depraved demon king hunting down his daughter.
  • Little Evil: Satan, who plots to ascend to the Earth by having his son sacrificed.
  • The Lizzie McGuire Movie: Paolo Valisari, a young and charming pop star who uses Lizzie's resemblance to his ex girlfriend/singing partner to ruin her reputation.
  • Lord of Illusions: Nix the Puritan, an Evil Sorcerer plotting to destroy the world.
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Dark Lord Sauron is the primary driver of the plot. As the trilogy begins, he is poised to conquer all of Middle-earth, and his victory will become assured if he captures the One Ring. He kick-starts the plot by sending the Ring-Wraiths to take the Ring from Frodo, he corrupts Saruman into attacking Rohan and kidnapping two of the heroes in the second film, and he musters a massive force to attack Gondor (and is mentioned in dialogue to be attacking all other good-aligned nations) in the third film. The plot isn't resolved until the Ring is destroyed, killing Sauron and leaving his forces leaderless and easily routed. In addition to him, Gollum, the previous bearer of the Ring before Bilbo, acts as a more direct threat to Frodo. Though while Gollum is able to be in an Enemy Mine with Frodo and Sam throughout the second film and guide them to Mordor in the third, his possessive desire to reclaim the Ring begins to take a hold as they get closer, and he betrays them when they are there, actually succeeding in grabbing the ring via biting Frodo's finger off, if only to fall into Mount Doom with it.
    • The Hobbit, as a prequel to The Lord of the Rings, has two major enemies that Bilbo, Gandalf, and the Thirteen Dwarves must face. The main driving force of the conflict is Smaug, the dragon that took over Erebor and drove out the dwarves to claim their gold and jewels. However, as Smaug doesn't directly encounter the dwarves yet, the first film in the series, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey sees Azog the Defiler, whom killed Thorin's grandfather Thror, and whose orcs took over Moria, Spared by the Adaptation with a severed arm courtesy of Thorin, and as the most direct threat faced in the film, pursuing the main characters throughout the film and nearly succeeding in catching them. In the second film, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, Azog remains in pursuit early in the film, before being revealed to answer to The Necromancer, and therefore stays at Dol Goldur while his son Bolg continues the pursuit of the heroes. The Necromancer is actually Sauron, planning a war long before the one that took place in The Lord of the Rings. The dwarves and Bilbo eventually arrive at Erebor, and they finally confront Smaug for the first time, though they are unable to kill him and prevent his attack on Lake-town. Smaug winds up a Disc-One Final Boss in the final film of the trilogy, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, killed by Bard, and Sauron is promptly exiled to Mordor by the combined forces of Galadriel, pre-Face–Heel Turn Saruman, and Elrond, leaving Azog to lead the invasion over Erebor and confront the heroes one last time.
  • The Lost Boys: Max, a vampire pack leader trying to corrupt a family into joining him.

  • Mars Attacks!: The Martian Emperor, who has ordered his planet's armies to destroy the Earth.
  • Martyrs: The Mademoiselle, head of a cult of torturers seeking the answers to the afterlife.
  • Mean Girls: Regina George, the Alpha Bitch of the school, who controls the social scene with an iron fist.
  • Men in Black: An unnamed bug alien seeking a powerful energy source to win an intergalactic war.
  • Miami Connection: Yashiro the White Ninja, who is trying to take over the Miami drug trade.
  • Monsieur Verdoux: Henri Verdoux, who marries and murders women to care for his family.
  • Mortal Engines: In a change from the novels, Thaddeus Valentine is the sole example here. He plans to recover MEDUSA and use it on the rest of the world to make London pre-eminent, murders Pandora and Crome when they try to stand against him and is ultimately responsible for the devastating attack on Shan Guo.
  • Mutant Girls Squad: The Prime Minister of Japan, who has started a campaign of genocide against a bunch of mutants.


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