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African Terrorists

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African Terrorists are terrorists from sub-Saharan Africa who primarily operate out of their home continent, carrying out guerrilla operations against domestic and foreign governments, and frequently being involved in the drug trade. They will often be Mooks to a wealthier, lighter-skinned criminal organization, typically Western or Slavic. Similar to their Middle Eastern counterparts, they are usually equipped with surplus Warsaw Pact firearms, supplied by the USSR in the Cold War (usually to the Communist revolutionaries in Angola and Mozambique) or bought from other warlords.

For terrorism-related sister tropes, see Western Terrorists, Far East Asian Terrorists and Middle Eastern Terrorists. It also has a Sister Trope to in Amoral Afrikaner, who is almost always white and a member of generally better-equipped Private Military Contractors, but still African in origin (generally, they are white South Africansnote ) and just as nasty.


While Truth in Television, this subject is very volatile in nature, so No Real Life Examples, Please!


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    Anime & Manga 

    Comic Strips 
  • Since the strip is set in a fictional African nation, it's natural enough that The Phantom has faced some African terrorists. A few groups have been shown forcefully recruiting Child Soldiers.

    Films — Live-Action 

    Live-Action TV 
  • The rebel army who forces Mr. Eko to become a child soldier in Lost.
  • Flashforward: Protagonists came to Somalia to investigate mysterious towers and ran into those guys.
  • In the JAG episode "Embassy", when Harm & Mac are at a reception at the Sudanese embassy in Washington, it's seemingly taken over by a rebel faction supporting an opposition leader. It actually is an elaborate setup by the asshole ambassador to make him look like a hero and discredit the opposition.
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Hell" dealt with an LRA warlord from Uganda known as the "Devil of Gulu" responsible for burning down a church with women and children inside, and also has found refuge in the United States. He was brought down after assaulting and trying to kill his former sex slave to keep his identity secret.

    Video Games 
  • Far Cry 2 involves two guerrilla armies whose actions make them look startling like this trope. They are ostensible fighting for the people while wearing massive irony blinders. In order to get around the game revolving around shooting black people in the face, large numbers of non-black foreigners and mercenaries are included, almost to the point where finding black enemies is a challenge. These allies are PMCs and not terrorists, considering they're only doing it for money.
  • In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which is partially set in Angola during its real-life civil war in the 1980s, there's a minor subplot regarding an unnamed rebel militia that would definitely qualify as "terrorists". This group, which is involved in a tribal conflict, had abducted numerous young boys from their families, forcing them to kill their own parents and fight for them as child soldiers.
  • The terrorists in SimTower who occasionally plant a bomb in your building are represented by a Cool Shades wearing, trench coat-clad Scary Black Man who looks like he just came from Nigeria.
  • Project Reality introduced the "African Resistance Fighters" faction in v1.0.
  • Beyond: Two Souls: Subverted. During her time with the CIA, Jodie goes on a mission into Somalia to assassinate a local warlord to stop the latest insurgency. Only after she completes the mission does she discover that she actually killed the democratically-elected President of the country, and her superiors lied to her.


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