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Your worst nightmare is coming... soon, to a theater near you.

Coming Soon is a 2008 horror film from Thailand, produced by the companies GMM Tai Hub and Joy Luck Club, and directed by Sophon Sakdapisit. This was Sakdapisit's debut as a director; before this film, he was co-writer for the films Shutter and Alone.

The main character of this movie is Chen, who works as a projectionist in a theater and has promised to make a bootleg of a heavily-hyped upcoming film called "Evil Spirit", which is about a village woman named Shomba who was hung to death after she was discovered to have been kidnapping children. Chen's friend, Peoll, inexplicably disappears after trying to pirate the movie himself, and when Chen tries to investigate this, he eventually learns the dark truth about "Evil Spirit" being a cursed film, and has to get help from his ex-girlfriend Som to stop Shomba from taking any more lives... not in "Evil Spirit", but in the real world.


Coming Soon provides examples of:

  • Abandoned Area: The house used to film "Evil Spirit".
  • An Aesop: Because what better way to warn people against pirating movies than to scare them away from doing it?
  • Ankle Drag: Shomba does this to the child she captures at the beginning of the film.
  • Anyone Can Die: By the end of the film, every main character apart from Som is dead.
  • Big Bad: Shomba, both in the "Evil Spirit" universe and out.
  • Brown Note: Anyone who watches the hanging scene in "Evil Spirit" dies.
  • Dead All Along: Chen and Som are informed that Shomba's actress is alive and well, but this is proven otherwise when Chen finds a behind-the-scene featurette showing that during the filming of the hanging scene in "Evil Spirit", the safety rope used to hold Shomba's actress broke.
  • Eye Scream: We get an on-screen shot of Shomba gouging Shen's eyes out near the end of the movie!
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  • Show Within a Show: "Evil Spirit", the film serving as one of the main plot points in this movie.


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