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Welcome to the Pantheon, where EVERYONE IS HERE, and if they aren't then they will be coming eventually.

Welcome to my sandbox!

Here is where I put my ideas for the Trope Pantheon.

Please feel free to look and edit, but don't vandalize, that's rude.

Feel free to send suggestions to me via PM.

If you want to adopt any of my ideas, PM me first.

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Trope Pantheons Rework

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Trope Pantheon Ideas

    Ascended Deities 

    Reworked Deities 

    Created Houses 

  • Profiles (20 is the limit for me)

[Character], God/dess of [Trope] (Alternate names, nicknames, fan nicknames)
  • An image of them should be official art or a screenshot
  • Rank (based on power, ranges from Quasideity to Overdeity)
  • Theme Song/Leitmotif (if they have one, link to Youtube)
  • Symbol (something relevant or iconic to them like a clothing item, a macguffin, their in-universe symbol, etc)
  • Alignment (we're using DND alignment)
  • Portfolio (tropes associated with the character)
  • Domains
  • High Priest/Followers (non-ascended characters who also represent the trope)
  • Allies (deities they're friendly with)
  • Enemies (deities they have mutual dislike with)
  • (Write a basic summary of the characters. Who are they? What are their role in the story? What's their personality? How do they represent their trope? This is really helpful for people who are unfamiliar with the character.)
  • (This isn't really necessary, but it's nice to write about how they managed to get into the Pantheon. Were they noticed by the Court of the Gods and dragged there? Did they visit and end up becoming a god? Did they just spontaneously appear in the area? Did they crash in to wreak havoc?)
  • (The Pantheon isn't a void, so you can write about what they do in this new environment. Do they have a job? where do they frequently visit?)
  • (This is the fun part; writing interactions with other characters. Interactions provide the meat of the profile. To think about any interactions, think of the character's likes, dislikes, quirks, any friends and enemies they have, and events that happened to them, and find out if there are others who share something similar to them. Be creative! write a few sentences about them interacting with others. Don't be too laconic, but don't be too long either.)
  • (Write the character as close to their canon self as possible. That means no shilling or demonizing any characters. Also, keeps things as platonic as possible with others, no shipping here.)
  • (Write at least 10 bullet points for each profile to be meaty enough. Each bullet point should be as long as one paragraph at the minimum)
You can add a quote at the end, but this isn't required.

    Deirdre and Julia 
Deirdre and Julia, Goddesses of Evil-Vanquishing Objects
  • House: Narrative Objects
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Theme Song: Deirdre's, Julia's
  • Symbol: The Book of Naga
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Mysterious Waif, The Blood of Naga To Eventually Use Book of Naga and Beat Loptyr, Heroic Lineage, Mystical White (Or Occasionally Light Purplish) Hair, Light Magic, Dealings With Incest
  • Domain: Light, Magic, Lineage, Combat
  • Allies: Sigurd & Seliph Baldur Chalpy, Arvis, Ayra, Marth, Erinys, Tailtiu, Caeda, Eliwood & Ninian, Tiki
  • Enemies: Gharnef, Grima
  • The dragon Loptyr was almost unstoppable in the realm of Jugdral, a realm that was ravaged with little dragon interference, only human politics. Not even the might of its eventual savior, Seliph was enough to completely stop it, but he did anyway, all because he had his half-sister Julia, who had enough Blood of Naga to allow her to use the one artifact that could destroy Loptyr: The Book of Naga. Before obtaining such item, she was not even allowed to die, such fateful insistence caused her to ascend to the Pantheon...
    • And she is not alone. Accompanying her was her MOTHER, Deirdre, who was constantly kept alive by fate in order to eventually pass her own Naga blood onto Julia. And after a few trips in Askr, she was seen with her own copy of Book of Naga (just plastered 'Divine' between the second and third letter). For a heartwarming family reunion, even the Pantheon agreed to let her ascend too, it's not just the book... they ARE the villain-beating artifact.
  • The heartwarming reunion eventually evolved from mother-daughter to the whole family when they met Sigurd and Seliph. Unlike how other people expected, they got along very fine with Arvis, as he was a loving father to Julia. In fact, both Deirdre and Julia tend to be a calming presence whenever awkward tensions might rise between Sigurd/Seliph and Arvis.
    • (other fire emblem deities)
  • Some has claimed that ever since ascending or perhaps taking a trip in Askr, Julia has been rather... spacey-headed. She used to suffer amnesia, but Seliph didn't recall her being this spacey when saying "What~?"
  • Deirdre is 17 years old. No, don't even say "Oi, oi", because that's her recorded age!

    Edelgard von Hresvelg, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, and Claude von Riegan 
Edelgard von Hresvelg, Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd, and Claude von Riegan, Holy Trinity of Faction-Specific Endings (Edelgard: The Flame Emperor, The Future, Lady Edelgard, El, Edie, Eddy, Princess, Hegemon Edelgard, Edgelord | Dimitri: Savior King, The Protector, Boar King, Your Princeliness, Your Royalness, Didi, Dimi, Dima, Mitya | Claude: King of Unification, The Schemer, Boy, Leader Man, Master Tactician, Claudester, Khalid)

  • House: Gaming Narratives
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbols: Together, the banners for the Black Eagles, Blue Lions and Golden Deer
    • Edelgard: The Crest of Seiros and Aymr
    • Dimitri: The Crest of Blaiddyd and Areadbhar
    • Claude: The Crest of Reigan and Failnaught
  • Theme Songs: Indomitable Will
  • Alignment:
    • Edelgard:
    • Dimitri:
    • Claude:
  • Portfolio:
    • Edelgard:
    • Dimitri:
    • Claude:
  • Domains:
  • Heralds: The Black Eaglesnote , Blue Lionsnote , and Golden Deernote  students
  • Allies: BYLETH
  • On Good Terms with: S.E.E.S (Dimitri)
  • Respects: Yamato Hotsuin (Edelgard)
  • Enemies: Ghaleem and Dharkon
  • Complicated Relationship with: Each other (All), The Phantom Thieves of Hearts (Edelgard), Lotor, Promestein (Claude)
  • Interested in: Hermaeus Mora, Wan Shi Tong (Claude)
  • Commonality Connection with: Mana Takamiya (Edelgard), Senua (Dimitri)
  • (summary)
  • The three students-turned-lords awoke in seperate dark rooms alongside their retainers Hubert, Dedue, and Hilda. They quickly noticed that they don't have any weapons on hand, and there is a magic suppressing field in the rooms. The six proceeded down the hallways and ended up meeting each other in a circular room with four doors. The six were very surprised and confused to see each other, but Claude noticed something was up when Dimitri wasn't charging at Edelgard or ranting about her, instead looking saddened and lost. They soon realized that they originated from different timelines where they ended up winning the continent-wide war, with the other two leaders either perishing or fleeing the scene. Then, the fourth door opened, and Byleth stepped out of it, which made the six overcome with joy at seeing their beloved professor. They were confused about Byleth sporting black hair and gray eyes, but they said they had it changed for a reason they'll explain later. They all decided to tell each other their stories, with Byleth informing them of a fourth path.
    • Edelgard told her story first about how she won. Dimitri was completely shocked that Rhea went completely mad in her timeline, swearing to slaughter Edelgard and Byleth and willing to burn Fhirdiad to the ground, plus being a shapeshifting dragon wasn't something he'd suspected (Claude less so, since he witnessed that in his timeline later). The revelation that Dedue willingly turned himself into a Demonic Beast certainly unnerved both Dimitri and Dedue to the core. Ironically, Dimitri in that timeline was much more sane and stable than he was in his timeline.
    • Next up was Dimitri, where he told them about how he and Edelgard were half-siblings who knew each other in childhood, reawakening some memories within Edelgard, plus she ended up transforming into her grotesque Hegemon form, something that Claude was surprised by since the Edelgard in his timeline didn't so such a drastic thing. He ended by telling of Edelgard's final act, and that he was unsure if it was a final act of defiance or a plea to be killed.
    • Following that was Claude, in which Dimitri dies during the Battle at Gronder Field and him receiving a letter from Hubert about the location of "those who slither in the dark", something that Edelgard didn't think that Hubert would plan and Dimitri wondered why he didn't get a letter from himnote . The biggest doozies from him however are the secrets of Fodlan's true history he got from Rhea, where he detailed the Nabatean people, the Agarthans, the latter's downfall for their hubris, Nemesis being a bandit hired to slaughter the Nabateans, Seiros (now Rhea) and the Four Saints (of which included Cichol a.k.a. Seteth and Cethleann a.k.a. Flayn) being the only survivors, the Heroes Relics being made out of the bones of the Nabateans, Seiros waging war against Nemesis for revenge, and eventually slaying him, with her ruling so that there would never be another Red Canyon tragedy ever again while trying to revive her mother Sothis. Dimitri and Edelgard were incredibly shocked by this information, especially since the latter realized that her info of the war happened to be wrong in some places and that her true enemy was something else, but still holds the Church and Rhea accountable for many things like preserving the corrupt status quo and lacking sympathy for her enemies. Plus, he revealed that he's the heir to the Almyran throne.
    • Finally, Byleth told them of the path where they joined the Black Eagles but sided with Rhea during the Holy Tomb incident. Things went similarly to Claude's path with a few differences like being absent at Gronder Field where Dimitri perished and Claude disappeared (given new context, he probably returned to Almyra) and Rhea going mad after taking too much damage from the "javelins of light".
    • After such massive revelations, the former students had only one question remaining; what timeline did Byleth hail from? Byleth informed them that they remember all paths that they took, which explained their relative lack of emotion to the shocking reveals. Then suddenly, the room lit up, and the seven found themselves in the Court of the Gods with Byleth's hair and eyes returning to their turquoise and violet colors. The Court and Byleth explained that they collaborated when they decided to ascend the Three Leaders due to the branching paths, with them agreeing to ascend the ones from the paths where they won as they'd be the most stable that way, with Byleth informing them of the other paths they didn't experience and had their hair and eye colored changed so they wouldn't know exactly which timeline they hailed from. Also, Byleth informed the trio about their new ability to shift hair and eye colors and gender, and told them that they can shift ages from teens to adults and vice versa. With the trio ascended as the Holy Trinity of Faction-Specific Endings, they have been given a chance to reconnect with each other without any impending wars looming over them. Plus the retainers and the other students of the houses have been assigned as their Heralds and can visit the Pantheon anytime. The three hugged their teacher, ready to use this second chance to the best of their ability.
  • (relationship with each other)
  • (fire emblem)
    • (edelgard)
    • (dimitri)
    • (claude)
  • (school)
  • (code geass)
  • (persona)
  • (smash bros)
  • Exclusive to Edelgard:
    • (revolution)
    • (Daenerys)
    • (distrust of church)
      • (evil gods)
    • (well intended extremist)
    • (two crests)
  • Exclusive to Dimitri:
    • (stepford smiler)
    • (survivor guilt)
      • (hallucinations (Senua, Cole and Malcolm, Norman and Agatha))
    • (strength)
    • (revenge)
    • (tasteless, cheese)
  • Exclusive to Claude:
    • (schemes)
    • (end racism)
    • (unveiling secrets)
      • (hidden knowledge)
    • (mixed heritage)
    • (trust issues)
    • (upside down)

    The Eternals 
  • On hold until 6*, but feel free to read through their lore, events they were in, the Fate episodes of other characters that any members of the Eternals have taken part in, and the entirety of Seeds of Redemption. (also wait until Anre is released for GB Versus)
The Eternals, Gods & Goddesses of Aggravating Fetch Quests (The Ten Gods), (Anre: Water Zoi, Uno) Translation , (Tweyen: Parabot, Song) Translation , (Threo: Cake, Thalatha) Translation , (Feower: Quatre) Translation , (Fif: Funf) Translation , (Seox: Xing, Masked Wonder, Kamen manto no nii-chan, Six) Translation , (Seofon: Smugman, Smugbro, Smugmiya, Smugface, Archer, Siete) Translation , (Eahta: Gramps, Zanba, Okto) Translation , (Niyon: Harp Girl, Koto nee-chan, Nio) Translation , (Tien: TH Bot (Treasure Hunter Bot), Gun Girl, Esser) Translation
The Strongest Crew in the Skiesnote 
Seox Unmasked 

    The Four Heavenly Knights (Monster Girl Quest
Shamelessly stolen abandoned project from Prometheus 117

Alma Elma, Tamamo, Erubetie, and Granberia, The Divine Bodyguard Babes (Four Heavenly Knights | Tamamo-no-Mae (Tamamo) | Kyuba (Alma Elma) | Granberry (Granberia))
Clockwise from top: Tamamo, Granberia, Erubetie, Alma Elma
Tamamo at full power 

Jonas, Holy Protector of Lost Common Knowledge (Receiver of Memory, The Leader)
Jonas holding Gabriel as depicted in The Giver's movie adaptation
  • House: Analysis & Records
  • Quasideity
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Symbol: His blue eyes
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Memories, Revelations, Rebellion
  • Herald: Gabriel (his baby brother), the Giver of Memory
  • Allies:
  • Respects: The Houses of Colours, Beast, Emotion, Love, Music
  • Enemies:
  • Jonas is a young pre-teen boy living in an isolated town known as the Community, a place where everyone's lifelong job is decided by a commitee of elders, and trangressions are dealt with the rule-breaker being "Released to Elsewhere". He is anxious to know what role he will be assigned, as he will attend the Ceremony of Twelve, where all children who turn twelve will receive their lifelong jobs. During the ceremony, he is singled out as he is to receive a very important job; the Receiver of Memory. He meets the Giver of Memories, who was once a Receiver like him, and begins his special training which he must keep a secret from his friends and family. It turns out that his role is to hold all the memories that the people of the Community discarded to create their perfect utopia, such as colour, animals, war, emotion, free will, love, and music. As Jonas furthers his training, he grows increasingly deteched from his family and peers, as he knows what they don't. He learnd of the Givers previous apprentice and daughter Rosemary, who let herself be released as she couldn't handle the memories she has been given. Eventually, his family is given an infant boy named Gabriel to take care of. However, due to Gabriel's weak constitution, they are considering release for him. Jonas is horrified to learn what being "Released to Elsewhere" actually means; government execution by lethal injection. Jonas and the Giver agree to a plan to have Jonas flee the Community, letting the memories flood back to the people and the Giver will stay behind to help them cope. However, the plan goes a bit off the rails due to Jonas learning that Gabriel will be released the following morning, prompting him to escape with Gabriel in tow. Their escape is frought with danger, and their ultimate fates are left unknown.
  • A blizzard was raging within the subhouse of Ice & Cold, and Mei-Ling Zhou was trekking across the frozen landscape for her research. Suddenly, she spotted a collapsed person in the distance, and quickly ran to approach them. To her horror, she saw that the figure was an unconscious pre-teen boy clutching an infant in his arms, both nearby a turned over sled and suffering from hypothermia. She quickly called an emergency helicopter to carry them to the House of Health and Diseases. It was thanks to Mei's quick thinking that the two managed to recover back to full health. When Jonas woke up in an unfamiliar hospital and that Gabriel was missing, he panicked, at which the nurses and doctors assigned to him explained that he's currently in a place called the Trope Pantheons, and Gabriel is being taken care of in another room and is recovering smoothly. When asked about what happened before his discovery, he told them about what he experienced in the Community and that he tried to escape with Gabriel in two to prevent him from being "released". When Jonas and Gabriel were discharged from the hospital, Jonas was given the title of Holy Protector of Lost Common Knowledge as a way to give him and Gabriel a new place to stay, as well as allowing Jonas to become Gabriel's legal guardian. Jonas, though unsure of his new surroundings, nonetheless will start a new life within the Pantheon.
  • Living in the Pantheon was quite overwhelming for Jonas initially, for it contains many aspects that the Coomunity lacks. Colour, animals, war, emotion, free will, love, and music... all of these aspects permeate every corner of the Pantheon, and the people who live in the Pantheon are very unique individuals rather than the uniform, emotionally suppressed people of the Community. In the end, he appreciates that he is able to truly experience these once foreign things in the flesh instead of relying on his memories, and has made sure to let Gabriel experience them too. He deeply respects the Houses that represent those aspects, though it's more of a begrudging sort for the House of War due to the horrors those conflicts bring, but he knows that the memories of war can help people remember their mistakes and try to better themselves in the future. He tends to make visits to these Houses to learn more about the things that the Community derived itself of. Even so, he is concerned with the state of the Community; how are they faring, now that he has vanished from the place entirely? He doesn't know how they potentially handled the memories if they came back to them at all, and the uncertainty frightens him.
  • (sameness(YHVH, IT, Nerose, Starlight Glimmer))
    • (no emotions (Cyrus, Nobodies, Flowey, Ainz Ooal Gown))
  • (dystopia)
  • (isolation)
  • (memories (Szilard Quates, SCP-073))
  • (Loss Of Innocence)
  • (being given a special role)
  • (Passing the Torch)
  • (escape)
  • (Rey)
  • (sequels)


    Ludger & Elle 
Ludger Will Kresnik and Elle Mel Marta, God and Goddess of Money Grinding (Ludger: Luds, The Lance of Kresnik, Wielder of the Dark Spear, Victor Elle: Ojou-chan, The Key of Kresnik)
Left: Ludger, Right: Elle

    Miki Kaoru 
Miki Kaoru, God of Nostalgic Piano Scores (Blue Rose Duelist, Mickey)
  • House: Musical Compositions in the House of Music
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Stopwatch
  • Theme Song: The Sunlit Garden
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with some shades of Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: You Gotta Have Blue Hair, Teen Genius, Brilliant, but Lazy, Nice Guy, Loving a Shadow, Heel–Face Turn, Token Good Teammate, Even the Guys Want Him, Timing his stopwatch during dramatic events, Possessing unhealthy standards for women, Having confusing feelings for his sister
  • Domains: Twins, Pianos, Fencing, Estrangement
  • Allies: Utena Tenjou, Nanako Dojima, Yu Narukami, Ryotaro Dojima, Kaworu Nagisa, Rei Ayanami, Eirika & Ephraim, Yurika Kirishima, Ami Mizuno, Tohru Honda, Parasoul Renoir, Weiss Schnee, Quasimodo, Esmerelda, Kousei Arima, Kaori Miyazono, Kaede Akamatsu
  • Avoids: The Mad Piano
  • Enemies: End of the World (Akio Ohtori), Ragyo Kiryuin, Lady Tremaine, Judge Claude Frollo
  • (summary)
  • (ascension)
  • Utena was one of the first non-Music gods to greet him - and she gave him an earful. He was also aware that End of the World had ascended, but after being filled in on his misdeeds including his sexual abuse of Anthy, Miki was finally in a position where he could defy End of the World, and promoted his relationship with Utena from Friendly Enemies to full-fledged allies.
  • Unsurprisingly, Miki spends a lot of his time in the House of Music, playing on the piano. It was there that he met Kousei Arima, another teenage pianist, who took interest in hearing his piano pieces. The two then showcased their piano virtuoso against eachother, and both were quite impressed with eachother's skills. After the competitive duet, Kousei introduced Kaori to Miki, who also managed to become close with eachother. (Kaede)
  • One of Miki's more notable quirks is his fiddling with his stopwatch, often activating and pausing it for seemingly no reason. Some perceptive deities have noted that he usually uses his timer whenever someone else is speaking, stopping at the same time they stop. However, there are times when he uses the stopwatch when no one is speaking, which make some deities theorize even more. Some even believe Miki to have some degree of clairvoyance, given that his stopwatch timing tends to sync up to meaningful events. He sometimes spends time in the Houses of Prophecy, Quirks, and Time and Space, fiddling away at his stopwatch.
  • Accidentally stumbled upon The Mad Piano while exploring the House of Music shortly after ascension. After almost losing an arm to the piano, he initially went to other members of the pantheon to ask about why the piano was there and how. In the end he couldn't bring himself to be an enemy of the piano - he was aware that the piano could easily snap his sword in half - and instead makes an effort to just avoid the thing and out it out of his mind.
  • Prior to meeting Ami, Miki often found himself being confused for her - everything from his looks, mannerisms, and even voice seemed to get him confused for her. When the two finally met, they hit it off immediately. The two meet often, even if their meeting amounts to no more than quietly reading books in each other's company. Whether his feelings are strictly platonic or otherwise aren't yet known.
  • While heading to his favorite practice room in the Music pantheon - a secluded area in a garden, reminiscent of that he based 'The Sunlit Garden' on - he discovered his seat at the piano was already taken by one Nanako Dojima. Unsure of who she was at first, he kept his distance and listened to her practice for some time before stepping up and complimenting her on her abilities. Rather than send her home and take his spot back, he sat with her for some time and helped her with her piano skills. Nanako would return to this spot to practice several times afterward, and eventually came to see Miki as her new piano teacher.
    • Following one of her lessons, Nanako introduced Miki to her cousin Yu. Miki began to idolize Yu somewhat, seeing how protective he was of his cousin, and wished he had been the same with his sister throughout the years. In the meantime, he tries to make up for it by treating Nanako as he thinks Yu would.
    • His meeting with Nanako's father later was a bit tense at first - Miki began to see both himself and a young Kozue in Nanako, and knowing that Dojima had been something of a disappeared dad brought back painful memories of his life earlier. After seeing that Dojima was legitimately making time to be with his daughter, tensions cooled and Miki has begun to see him as one of the few trustworthy adults in his life.
  • Meeting Yurika Kirishima was cathartic for him. He was made aware of Juri's position as one of her followers and immediately sought her out. He doesn't see Yurika as a replacement for his old friend, but he is relieved to have found someone like her that he can relate to. Yurika's musical talent is only a pleasant side-effect.
  • Tohru Honda sought him out after hearing of him through the grapevine, believing he was a close friend from her universe. Admittedly, the two were somewhat similar - they even sounded the same. Although he wasn't the one Tohru was looking for, she remained friendly with him, spawning a very mellow friendship between the two.
  • (Eirika and Ephraim)
  • (Parasoul and Weiss)
  • (Quasimodo, Esmerelda and Frollo)
  • (Ragyo and Tremaine)

    The Nichijou Main Cast 
Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, Mai Minakami, Professor Shinonome, Nano Shinonome, and Sakamoto, Patron Saints of Joke-Heavy Stories (Yuuko: Yukko | Mio: Daisuke Naganohara | Professor: Hakase | Sakamoto: Taisho)
L to R: Mai, Yuuko, Mio
L to R: Nano, Sakomoto, Hakase
  • House: Jokes & Comedy
  • Demideities (are capable of up to Greater-level feats on certain occasions)
  • Symbol: The kanji for "Nichijou" (日常)
  • Theme Song: Hyadain no Kakakata Kataomoi-C
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Yuuko, Nano, Sakamoto), Chaotic Good (Mio, Mai, Hakase)
  • Portfolio: Joke-Heavy Stories, Ordinary Day-to-Day Life, Mundane Made Awesome, Bizarre Japanese Works
  • Domains: School, Slice of Life, Absurdity, Comedy
  • Heralds: The Inhabitants of Tokisadame
  • Allies: The Azumanga Daioh girls, Yui Ichii, Yuzuko Nonohara and Yukari Hinata, Houkago Tea Time, Konata Izumi, Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi, the Teekyuu Club, Sakamoto
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Garfield (Sakamoto)
  • Friendly Rivals : Pinkie Pie, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, George and Fred Wesley, Bart Simpson (Mai)
  • Admires: Bruce, Tim Shepard (Hakase)
  • Enemies: Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, Kira Daidouji, Stewie Griffin (Hakase)
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Joe (Help! I'm a Fish) (Nano)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Popuko and Pipimi (All), Brian Griffin (Sakamoto)
  • Fears: The Subhouse of Canines (Hakase), Rusty (Sakamoto)
  • Annoys: Papyrus, Ghiaccio (Yuuko)
  • Avoids: Laetitia (Mai)
  • In the Japanese town of Tokisadame, life goes on as normally as it does in every other town. Adults go to work, students go to school, young children play games, a robot tries to hide her Wind-Up Key... wait, what? While life seems normal in this town, it is apparent that the denizens living there are the definition of quirky. From a teen girl who wrestles anyone who sees her yaoi doujinshi, a young girl who's an absolute prodigy in robotics, a high school principal who wrestles deer, to a Tsundere teen girl who whips out an entire arsenal of weapons when she sees her crush, life in the town seems exciting and bizarre. And even when things look relatively normal, even the most mundane even are treated as the most important, extreme event in their lives. These extraordinary events permeate the lives of schoolgirls Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara and Mai Minakami, as well as child prodigy Professor Shinonome aka "Hakase", Robot Girl Nano Shinonome, and talking cat Sakamoto as they go through their everyday lives.
  • It was a relatively calm day in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, as the Deities there were on a break from their theatric work. Suddenly, a portal materialized atop of an empty stage, prompting many deities to pause and look at the odd occurence. Then, four teen girls (one with a Wind-Up Key on her back), a young child, and a cat fell out of the portal and onto the ground. The group was sent into a panic once they rose up and realized their unfamiliar location, which quickly caused a hysteric ruckus within the room. It took the hard work and effort of the House's security to calm down the situation, which was tough considering that Mio was wrestling those who tried to apprehend her, Nano was going haywire, and Yuuko was inexplicably tripping and flipping around while screaming. When they told the girls of the Trope Pantheon, they then explained how they got into the Pantheon; Hakase was demonstrating her newest invention, a portal to other worlds to Nano and Sakamoto, which Yuuko, Mio and Mai noticed and wanted to look closer. However, Yuuko tripped and crashed into the others, sending them tumbling into the portal. The group was given the title of Patron Saints of Joke-Heavy Stories due to the quirky, insane events that transpire in their world, all the while the group were still dumbfounded by the events that erupted.
  • (school girls, slice of life)
  • (weirdness)
  • (Yukko's bad luck/butt monkey) At first glance, there's not much to talk about Yuuko Aioi. What there is to talk about her is her incredibly bad luck. From items falling on her head, to missing the train, to being late for events, to tripping and being harmed by anything, it seems that she always get the short end of the stick regarding things.
    • (Yuuko's bad jokes)
    • (Yuuko is book dumb)
    • Yuuko has a habit of falling asleep in class and daydreaming about her friends. The scenarios she comes up can be utterly ridiculous, with farfetched tales unfolding in her mind as she hypothesizes on the mysteries of her friends. The topics of her daydreams have expanded greatly ever since her arrival to the Pantheon, as know she speculates on the mysteries of the bizarre inhabitants of the realm. Her daydream often bled into the House of Dreams, where some deities can potentially observe how she sees them, of which the most common reaction is "bafflement".
  • (Mio's strength/anger) Don't be fooled by Mio Naganohara's small figure; while she may be relatively well-mannered most of the time, she can get angered pretty easily, and it is NOT pretty when she gets mad. Anyone one who is unlucky to provoke her will most likely be on the receiving end of a beatdown, as she is very skilled in wrestling people and can bring them down in one move.
    • (Mio is bad at sports)
    • One of Mio's hobbies is drawing manga, which she is incredibly good at. She sometimes publishes her manga under the pseudonym "Daisuke Naganohara". Her hobby led her to meet up with other professional magaka like Osamu Tezuka, Rohan Kishibe, and Muto Ashirogi (dual pseudonym of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi), and sometimes uses their manga as drawing references, with them supporting her to advance her hobby into a career. However, there is one type of manga that she'd prefer that no one knows; her yaoi manga. One of her pieces involved her crush Koujirou Sasahara in salacious events, and she has already drew doujins of actual gay couples in the Pantheon like Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar and Tooru and Long Long Man as well as other male Deities being intimite with each other, and god forbid if anyone discovers her yaoi papers, lest they'll be quickly be taken down by Mio and receive a few broken bones in the process.
    • Mio's most notable physical characteristic is the brown cubes that keep her pigtails in place. They would be utterly mundane if it were not for the mystery of how exactly they tie her hair, as there doesn't seem to be any tie attached, prompting much speculation among the Pantheon's gossip circles. While there is knowledge of where she got the cubes (she got them from her sister Yoshino), the backstory unfortunately kept the method of application vague, disappointing many who were curious. Plus, Mio ignores those who egg her on how those cubes keep her hair up, continuing the spread of absurd, farfetched rumors. One of the most popular rumors are those detailing that they are powerful artifacts from a land known as the Fey Kingdom that are the key to unlocking an ancient weapon and becoming king of the kingdom as well as gifting those who hold them great power. While these rumors have yet to be confirmed, some have noted that Mio has accomplished destructive feats on rare occasions like forming holes in steel walls and blowing people away by flicking at them, which may be an indication of that story holding some water.
  • Mai Minakami may look like a stoic, serious individual, but that's a beguiling facade to her more mischievous side. She loves to toy around with her friends and other people, whether by following the Exact Words of an instruction, to doing seemingly random, yet frustrating actions, to telling absurd nonsense, all without changing her expression and tone of voice. She has entered a sort-of friendly competition with other pranksters of the Pantheon like Pinkie Pie, the Sonozaki sisters, the Weasley twins, and Bart Simpson, often trying to one-up each other in increasingly baffling pranks and tricks. The stunts and lengths they go to to be the winner can be absolutely shocking, especially since they aren't above dragging others to their pranks, usually as victims. However, when she tried to have a pranking competition with Laetitia, it ended with one of Laetitia's spider friends bursting out of some poor sap, making her wary of the doll-like girl ever since. Laetitia's just happy to meet a new friend in the Pantheon's, and is planning to make her a gift so grand that'll break her stoic expression.
    • (Mai's books) When not pranking people, Mai is often seen reading books.
    • (Mai's dogs) Mai owns and cares for two dogs named Pyon and Oguri, who she often takes for walks outside. Sometimes, she lets them off their leashes, and they tend to cause some trouble like blocking pathways and biting people who approach them.
  • Professor Shinonome, "Hakase" for short, is an ordinary little girl in all but one aspect; she's an utter genius inventor, being able to create fully functional and sapient robots as well as create gadgets for everyday use, like a scarf that allows Sakamoto to speak human languages. Of course, she's not the only child inventor in the Pantheons; Dexter, Jimmy Neutron, Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher are also young geniuses who spend much of their time inventing all sorts of gadgets for a variety of purposes. It didn't take long for them to meet up and become good friends, and they sometimes collaborate on projects, leading to some outstanding and outlandish inventions that have made them the center of a few incidents. While not an inventor by any stretch, Mary Adler is a genius when it comes to numbers and mathemathical equations, a fact that Hakase sometimes takes advantage of as she enlists her help with some projects as Mary looks in awe at her creations. On the other hand, she does not get along with Kira Daidouji and Stewie Griffin, who have managed to ruin some of her inventions on seperate occasions while mocking her. Hakase has been crafting new inventions made specifically to counter them should they try to sabotage her again.
    • (Hakase expert inventor) As stated, Hakase is an absolute genius in the art of robotics, being able to create fully functioning robots capable of sapience, as well as tools ranging from incredibly useful to more overly specialized to just impractical.
    • If there's any animal that Hakase loves, it's sharks. She likes to draw sharks when not inventing and likes eating "Shark Chocolate", and always becomes happy when presented with anything shark-related. Her eyes lit up when she heard of a shark named Bruce residing in the Pantheon, and quickly became his biggest fan. She really wants to see him in action with her own eyes, baffling those who have been attacked by him. She was amazed to hear of the Sharknado, a tornado filled with sharks inside the twister, and eggs Tim Shepard to take her so she can see the bizarre phenomenon, to which he's confused and baffled by; why'd he take a small child to see a dangerous disaster that killed many? On the other hand, she's absolutely afraid of dogs, fearing that they'll bite her, and will freeze if she sees any blocking her path. Needless to say, she avoids the House of Canines like the plague, especially since it's home to many genuinely dangerous dogs which would make her faint if she ever got near them.
  • (Nano is a robot girl) Nano Shinonome is a Robot Girl created by Hakase and is responsible for the chores within their household. The most obvious indicator of her robotic nature is the mostly useless Wind-Up Key on her back, which rotates when she feels strong emotions. She tries to go to great lengths to hide her robot nature from everybody else as she wants to be treated as a human, but her anxiety has lessened in the Pantheon as androids are far from the strangest thing that inhabit the realm, and indeed there are more androids like her who coexist with humans.
    • Being a robot, it was inevitable that she would hear about the Grand United Alliance of Machines, an entire organization dedicated to machine supremacy. Unsurprisingly, she is heavily opposed to such a group, as she prefers to live out her own regular life with her friends and family, with the fact they're willing to exterminate all organic beings for their goals horrifying her. On their side, they find Hakase's skills to be a potentially useful asset and desire to reprogram Nano into a more compliant, combat-ready robot with new functions designed for combat and espionage. All of their attempts to abduct her end in failure though, as she keeps tripping and triggering an explosion whenever their agents get near her.
    • Nano's greatest desire is to live a normal life as a human, and resents her robotic nature on some level. She feared that others will scorn her if they learn about her true nature, and goes to great lengths to hide any signs of being a robot, the hardest being hiding the obvious wind-up key on her back. She eentually becomes comfortable with her robotic nature as her newfound friends reassure her that they like her no matter who she is. This angst is something that Pinocchio can relate to, as he was born a puppet who yearned to become a real boy, which he can only achieve by being a virtuous and noble good boy, and he eventually achievied his goal after much suffering and hardship. Both are relieved to hear that the other has managed to achieve what they wanted in different ways, with Nano admiring him for not being completely consumed by his vices and Pinocchio being happy that Nano became comfortable with herself. She is not so approving towards Joe, who aimed to uplift himself and other fishes to overthrow humanity.
    • Nano has many different functions built into her by Hakase, which she only discovers by chance. Functions include a literal wristwatch, rollcake, toast, fish cake and sweetbun dispensers, removeable toes, a rocket punch, a machine gun in her right arm, and an explosion that triggers when she trips. This isn't the full extent of her capabilities, as she keeps encountering new and strange functions built into her every so often, prompting some deities to try anything to her to see how she'd react. Nano's just annoyed by Hakase modifying her without her knowing over and over, not that she's stopping anytime soon.
    • (Nano's fear of lightning)
  • (Sakamoto the cat) Sakamoto is a black cat that was found and taken in by Hakase and Nano and kept as a pet. He used to be owned by high school teacher Kana Nakamura and was named "Taisho", but ran away due to her bad pet ownership skills. He wears a red scarf made by Hakase that allows him to speak in human languages.
    • (Sakamoto's speech scarf)
    • Sakamoto acts like a typical middle-aged man, and is quite haughty, expecting youngsters to give him his due respects. While Nano does try to behave respectfully around him, the same couldn't be said for Hakase, who make him a victim of her childish booby traps and often blames him whenever something goes wrong. This easily makes him break composure and flail around helplessly, begging for mercy. Cranky Kong can relate to his struggles, as he too is often ignored and/or disrespected by the younger Kongs despite him constantly magging them about giving him respect. Together, the two grumble about the terrible attitude of modern day youth and struggle as said youth ignore their attempts to get them to behave. Hakase in particular turned out to be quite the annoyance for Cranky, as her inventions often end up making a fool of him.
    • The kind of people that Sakamoto opposes the most are those who don't take care of their pets well. He knows this from experience, as his original owner, Kana Nakamura was a pretty terrible pet owner, so he fled away from her, leading to Hakase and Nano discovering and adopting him. As such, he feels antsy over deities with bad pet caretaking skills, especially Rusty, whose ineptitude at Pokemon caretaking scares the hairballs out of Sakamoto. He dreads the day Rusty takes an interest in him.

    Red and White Blood Cell 
Red Blood Cell AE3803 and White Blood Cell U-1146, Divine Duo of Anthropomorphized Anatomy (Red Blood Cell: Erythrocyte, Sekkekkyū, RBC | White Blood Cell: Neutrophil, Kōchūkyū, Hakkekkyū, WBC)
Red Blood Cell
White Blood Cell

Shulk, God of Combat Clairvoyance (Heir to the Monado, Monado Boy, The Visionary)

    The Sohmas 

    Tohru Honda 
(wait until season 3 is finished)Tohru Honda, Herald of Shoujo Heroines (Maiden of the Sohma Clan)

    Zero (Drakengard 3
Okay, who's next-


You... murderous savage...

Savage? I think you mean Intoner.

Zero, Goddess of Being Drenched in Blood (Traitor Intoner, Z, Rose)
  • House: Blood & Gore
  • Intermediate Goddess, Greater Goddess when in Intoner Mode and as the Flower.
  • Theme Music: Zero's Memories, Zero's Home, and This Silence Is Mine, The Final Song ~ Black Song, White Scales as the Flower
  • Symbol: The Flower in her eye over her Mark
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil In reality Chaotic Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Prefering Swords, Fast but not losing strength, Riding a Dragon, Protective of Mikhail, Anti-Hero, The Dreaded, Apocalypse Maiden, Having a replacement arm, Being incredibly foul mouthed, Extremely short tempered, Wanting to kill all her sisters, Slaughtering anyone in her way, Hating Puzzles, Rage that can't be stopped, Actually a Grotesquerie Queen
  • Domains: War, Bloodshed, Ambiguity, Emotions
  • Herald: Mikhail (her dragon)
  • Allies: Caim and Angelus, Asura, Katarina Du Couteau, Esdeath, to a lesser extant Velvet Crowe.
  • Enemies: Ghetsis, Ragyo Kiryuin, Deathwing, Acnologia.
  • Unsure About: Homura Akemi
  • Opposes: All Deities hailing from platform games, but especially Mario and Bubsy
  • Secretly Watched by: Lucifer
  • Once upon a time, five Goddesses, or rather the Intoners, descended upon the land of Midgard, blessing the land with their powerful song magic and became its rulers. However, there happened to be a sixth sister unknown to many. She is the eldest one named Zero, a foul-mouthed, violent woman who aims to kill her five sisters for unknown reasons. With her dragon Michael, she set off to slay them, butchering whoever stood in her way, but was defeated by the five. Reawakening one year later with a flower in her eye, she and the newly reincarnated Mikhail set off to resume her mission to slay her sisters and take their Disciples.
    • In truth, Zero was born to an abusive mother who sold her when she was a child to prostitution, in which she killed everyone in the brothel after being betrayed by her partner when they stole gold from the brothel. She then met a man who she met at the brothel and settled down, but those days ended when she contracted an illness, which resulted in her killing the man tried to sell her off and abandon her. She then wandered the land, killing out of impulse until she was caught and placed in a cell with five other girls. The five girls died of the horrific tortures placed on them, and Zero was the last to go, passing from her own illness. However, the Flower took hold of her body, ressurecting her and granting her power to further its goals of destroying humanity. Zero tried to end the Flower by committing suicide, but it only resulted in the birth of the five other Intoners. Knowing the Flower's plan as well as the five's obliviousness to their true purpose, she set out to slay them and then herself to rid the world of the Flower.
    • Her path spans multiple timelines, one in which she slays all five of her sisters only to be slain by One's Brother, one where after killing Two in a forest she sacrifices herself to revive Mikhail, transferring the Flower over to him, one where Mikhail dies during her fight with One with her failing to find another dragon, one where she transforms into the Flower after killing her sisters, forcing Mikhail to kill her and the Flower once and for all, and one where she and Mikhail make a pact only to be killed by Brother One.
  • Her ascension was commissioned by Lucifer himself as he was impressed with her journey, with her killing all of her sisters one way or the other in all timelines, plus she might be a valuable asset to the GUAC. She ascended by emerging from a massive flower covered in blood. At first, she was confused, as she last remembered Mikhail killing her as she transformed into the Grotesquerie Queen. When Lucifer explained the details to her, she agrred on the condition that her dragon Mikhail can visit her any time he wanted. Her exact words were, "little dumbass will probably fly into a tree if I leave him alone too long". After comparing the problems a barely house-broken dragon could cause with the problems that Zero could cause if she got pissed off, the Pantheon agreed. Lucifer then asked her to join his Chaos Brigade, as he senses much potential in her and would be a powerful mercenary. Zero agreed to join, but did remind him that she's still operating independantly from him and would turn against him if she wanted, which didn't surprise Lucifer much. He still secretly watches her moves, partly out of interest and caution.
    • She used to hold the title of The One Woman Army, sharing it with the Doom Slayer. However, the Court of the Gods decided that she should receive a more unique title that they believed would fit her more, which happened to be Being Drenched in Blood, as her violent behaviour often coats her white garb in the blood of the slain, plus when covered in enough blood she can reach Intoner Mode. Zero personally doesn't mind her new title, although her new living space is a tad too repugnant to live in all the time.
  • Zero is often accompanied by her dragon Mikhail, who she rides on when she needs to travel faster or to fight in the skies. He's quite cheerful and childish on account of reincarnating rather recently, but he's still rather strong and loyal to Zero, even if she keeps ragging on and yelling at him. Sometimes he takes the form of a young boy, which he unlocked ever since he and Zero wound up in a mysterious world known as the Library. Zero still doesn't know how he managed to turn human, but she figures that's she's better off not questioning it.
  • (Drakengard)
  • (other dragon users)
  • (The Flower)
  • (Magic Music)
  • (Velvet Crowe)
  • (The Blood Team, Hunter)
  • (the other Zeroes)
  • (platforms)

  • Ascended at Lucifer's behest, since he took notice of her adventure, which ended by Zero managing to slaughter all of her sisters.
    • After her ascension, she immediately joined the GUAC.
  • She's also the spear counterpart to the Doomguy. She's aware that their temples are in the same house, but she rarely sees him.
  • Surprisingly, she can be seen in the House of Food, due to her tendencies to eat a lot.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with the Noxian champion Katarina. They occasionally train against one another and on the rare occasions they work together there are few, even among the Demacians, who would dare face them. Maybe it's the voice...
  • Terumi actually tried to troll her by telling her that she was a shitty parent to Mikhail. The end result was Terumi in burnt chunks while his blood was splashed all over Zero.
  • She refuses to go to the House of Gaming because she hates platform jumping. She’s sworn to kill Mario because of this.
  • Some wanted her in the House of Emotion, namely Rage, but Zero was too apathetic to care about where she was placed. So they picked War because it seemed fitting for her. She does go by the house of Emotions sometimes though, usually leaving before she gets bothered by other people.
  • She completely despises Ghetsis, mainly for abusing N. The moment they met, Mikhail was attacked by his Hydreigon. It didn't take long for Zero to come out victorious, with Ghetsis suffering multiple stab wounds in the head.
    • She does agree with Ghetsis when it comes to Ragyo Kiryuin. Despite being promiscuous by nature, she is disgusted by Ragyo molesting her own daughter, as Zero takes great care of Mikhail, even though it may not look like it.
  • She doesn't get along with many goddesses that sound like her sisters.
    • Homura has it the worst. She looks like Three, and she sounds like Two and Four. They also serve the same person. Time will tell if either of them will lash out at the other.
  • Her Intoner Mode is powered by the blood of the enemies she has slain, and its activation starts off by her singing to the background music, which is the exact time to run away. Not just because of how dangerous she is, but also because her singing has the unfortunate side effect of driving mortals insane, especially if they cannot hear it.
  • Not to be confused with anyone else named Zero.
  • She agreed to ascend on the condition that Mikhail could visit her any time he wanted. Her exact words were, "little dumbass will probably fly into a tree if I leave him alone too long". After comparing the problems a barely house-broken dragon could cause with the problems that Zero could cause if she got pissed off, the Pantheon agreed.
  • Both she and Mikhail are interested in the Pernese situation.
    • Mikhail is glad that the dragons there understand his urge to take to the sky and destroy his genetic enemy. He is currently trying to obtain a sample of unburned Thread, to see if it tastes as good as Grotesquerie Flower.
    • Zero does not appreciate Pern's growth towards becoming a more egalitarian society. She reasons that "sex is just a need, like sleeping. Who cares who you do it with or whether they agree?" However, she did accept the warning of Pantheon authorities that rape outside her world of origin will not be tolerated.
  • Zero has only met Caim once, on the day she ascended. They assessed each other for a few minutes, and then Caim gave her an approving nod and walked off. Onlookers were amazed by this heretofore-unseen level of positive emotion from him.

    The Zone Guardians 
Dedan, Japhet and Enoch, Divine Guardians of Jumping Off the Slippery Slope (The Guardians; Dedan: Guardian of Zone 1, The Tall Mister; Japhet: Guardian of Zone 2, The Bird; Enoch: Guardian of Zone 3, The Big Mister)
  • Potential House: ?
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: Signs with the name "ZONE 1, 2 and 3" for each
  • Theme Song: Fake Orchestra (Dedan), Minuit à Fond La Caisse (Japhet) and O Rosto De Um Assassino (Enoch)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Dedan) and Chaotic Evil (Japhet and Enoch)
  • Portfolio: Drunk with Power, Evil Versus Oblivion, Face–Heel Turn, Load-Bearing Boss, Madden Into Misanthropy
  • Domains: Administration, Control, Evil, Insanity, Spectres
  • Heralds: The Elsens (Their subjects)
  • Allies: Lord Vyce
  • Enemies: The Batter
  • Opposes: ungrateful people (Japhet)
  • In a world of nothingness, there exists a group of zones each administrated by a Guardian. Dedan of Zone 1, Japhet of Zone 2 and Enoch of Zone 3, the three are arguably the strongest beings in the world only behind the Queen and the Creator, the latter being the one person that they promised to build an Utopia where everyone would live happily ever after. Except that was never meant to be and they each went mad with power that only brought grief and suffering to the residents, until a being named the Batter stepped up to combat the looming spectre threat, the Guardians being a prime target for the Batter's goal and every single one was defeated by him, with their respective Zone devoid of life as well. The three resurfaced again after their motivations were analyzed and it was discovered that all three lose sight of their original motivation, and were promptly brought to the Pantheon.
  • The three guardians differ in how they handle their Zones and their personality are widely different, in the past they used to be friends but duties and personal struggles prevented them from seeing each other often, but that sense of companionship still lingers, even if their mindset has been warped after years of administration.
    • Dedan is the first guardian, a tall man with plenty of sharp teeth and a very explosive temper. He is foul-mouthed and treats his subjects like crap but of the three he is the most competent in managing his zone and actively trying to combat the spectre threat. Surprisingly he was very nice in the past, but that changed.
    • Second is Japhet, the Fire Bird. Originally a very caring master he eventually went insane after his efforts were not appreciated by the Elsen, who aren't even aware of his existance and seeks nothing but to get them killed. This also applies to the lesser deities of the pantheon, who deserve punishment for their selfishness.
    • Last but not least, is Enoch. Arguably the most evil of three and very sadistic. Enoch is a cold hearted administrator that runs a factory in his realm, offering sugar to his subject which makes them addicted to it. The truth is that the sugar is made of the corpses of Elsen and that he basically has been turning his people into cannibals.
  • Applies to all:
    • (Batter) The three Guardians woke up in the halls of the Pantheon, confused on how they survived. After all, they died and their Zones faded away with them, so waking up in an unfmailiar location utterly baffled them.
    • (corrupt/insane rulers)
    • (rulers whose domain is dependant on their survival (Qin Shi Huang))
    • (Dimentio)
    • (people with noble intentions who descended to evil)
  • Exclusive to Dedan:
    • Dedan is the Guardian of Zone 1, an easily angered, belligerent man who treats his subjects like crap, and bullies them regularly. His bad treatment of his subjects lead to some comparisions with Etna, who is similarly cruel to her Prinny minions, to the point of using them as expendable punching bags. Of course, Dedan tends to punt the Prinnies around whenever he's in a bad mood (which is often) and ends up in tussled with Etna thanks to their irritable natures.
    • (Dedede, Bowser, Gru)
    • (Hair-Trigger Temper (Shizuo, Namor))
  • Exclusive to Japhet:
    • Japhet is the Guardian of Zone 2, where he built a massive city for his subjects to live in. He used to be a kind generous ruler, but turned into a corrupt and mad leader as his subjects kept being ungrateful for his sacrifices. His attitudes continue in the Pantheon, as he holds grudges against any deity who fails to show proper gratitude towards the people who sacrificed much for them. The Goddess he hates the most is Trakeena, whose streak of being ungrateful towards anyone, even if they saved her life, pisses him off greatly. Trakeena is really annoyed by his complaints, and they would end up fighting whenever one of them struck the other's nerve.
    • (cats)
  • Exclusive to Enoch:
    • Enoch is the Guardian of Zone 3, where he runs a massive sugar factory. While that may sound appetizing to many a Sweet Tooth, there are unfortunate parts that greatly sour the sweet exterior; the workers in the factory are gravely addicted to consuming sugar, and the suger is actually made up of other workers. Needless to say, many of the Pantheon's sweet lovers like Stocking Anarchy, Lemres, Pinkie Pie, L Lawliet, Kokonoe A. Mercury, Gretel of the Blood Team, and AA-12 are disgusted by such a disturbing fact. AA-12 in particular thinks that his sugar would reinforce her image of being a "crack addict" which she heavily dislikes, plus suger made of people is quite disgusting to her.
    • (Corrupt executives, Haru Okumura)

    Misc Stuff 
Intro Paragraphs
  • Phantom Thieves of Hearts
  • Kirby
  • Yuuki Terumi
  • Mario
  • Homura Akemi
  • Frisk
  • Flowey
  • Luka
  • Alice the 16th
  • SOS Brigade
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