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The House of Technology has a rather drab, beige, boring, boxy exterior, the only departure being the ReCAPTCHAs that act as the doors. Inside, everything is scaled so that Humongous Mecha can have full access to the entire house, a courtesy that Transformers are rather appreciative of. This does have the side effect of making the place seem really huge to human-sized gods, and sometimes makes it difficult for them to navigate (Elevators, for instance, have buttons twenty-one feet off the floor). Some or all of the House itself is sentient, and not just because of the AIs within it.


Computer towers line the walls, humming purposefully as they maintain virtual intelligence. Hologram emitters and monitors are literally everywhere, and in places blinking lights and switches adorn the walls. It's extremely futuristic. There are several maintenance bays which also serve as good workshops not unlike those of the House of Craft.

There are two sides to this House - the mechanical side and the virtual side. Gamer gods link the two sides together - they have little power in the mechanical side and the rest of the Pantheon, and much more in Pantheonic cyberspace. The virtual realm is new territory, only very recently opened. It's not disassociated from nonvirtual reality, but it's not the same, either.

With the inauguration of the House of Gaming, this house is now located side-to-side with each other.


Harry Dresden has been banned from this house after crashing it and attaining godhood.

Clu, Javik, and Penelope Mouse are also banned from this house: the first was caught trying to rectify some of the robots; the second tried to blast them with his particle rifle; while the third is only for the time being due to a three-strike rule. The Spy is also banned in this house due to his excessive sapping of inventions, and is currently being watched by The Engineer. Recently, Tenjuro Banno and Ryoma Sengoku have been banned from the house due to their actions back from their own worlds. In an ironic turn of events, Ex has also been banned for fear of him hacking the house itself and gaining control, but can still be found here for ease of access.

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The Wizard Triad of Technology

Chronos, God of Clock Punk (Keeper of Time, Khronos, Chronus, Clockwork God, Zen)
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  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A complex formation of gears behind a clock. Alternatively, a giant clock tower with a large mechanical spider on top of it.
  • Theme Music: The Infinite
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Time Master (And The Primordial Deity of It), Master of Western Zodiac, Clock Punk, Winged Humanoid, Status Buff, Staff of Authority, Fast, Yet Fragile
  • Domains: Time, Gears, Zodiacs, Gods
  • Allies: The Doctor, Tatsuya Suou
  • Enemies: Gods who try to mess with time (like Caius Ballad), Nyarlathotep, The Vex
  • Mixed on: Both the members of S.E.E.S. and the Investigation Team.
  • Some gods wonder why such an old deity, being the god of time and the one who helped create the universe, would make himself to be known by other younger deities. Some say that it started in the Battlefield of the Gods, where he started fighting against other gods, most likely for the fact that their conflict started to mess with the concept of time.
    • Upon seeing other gods from the Battlefield of the Gods ascend into the Trope Pantheon, he started noticing gods related to time: most notably, those who would abuse, erase and even destroy time itself, which he wouldn't accept. However, due to rules of the Pantheon, he wouldn't ascend as the God of Time, but decided to ascend under a different moniker.
  • Some old beliefs have stated that Chronos is actually a serpent with heads of a human, a bull and a lion. Where Chronos has not said anything on this, he might have chosen this form so that he wouldn't scare every one.
  • Besides being the God of Time, Chronos has nothing against The Doctor. He, for one, can say that time really is a wibbly wobbly Timey-Wimey Ball.
  • For whatever reason, he feels really uncomfortable around Nyarlathotep, thinking that some one has used his powers to fight him in the past. He believes that the boy Tatsuya Suou knows the answer.
  • In another universe, Chronos is the god who covens over both time and death who guides the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. After part of him separated himself from him to become the boy named Zen and sealed him away, Chronos used SEES and Investigation Team as pawns to free him so that he can become whole. Where the two teams defeated him and the fragment of him went to the afterlife, he doesn't feel that strong of hatred for them.
  • For such an old deity, he is surprisingly fragile. However, he makes this up by the fact that he can rewind his own time, putting him back in shape as nothing had happened.
  • Would like to remind everyone that the "H" in his name is important. There have been many who have confused him for the Titan Cronus.
  • As a primordial, he's one of the few beings that most of the other god-killers in the Pantheon try to avoid, even though he can be temporarily killed, he is time.
  • Some people say that he was once kidnapped to serve the Hellbourne in the Forests of Caldavar, emulating the style of Darkterror, the Faceless Void. Chronos remarks that this "Chronos" does have interesting abilities, but they are not the same. Otherwise, he'd be using the experience he had in Caldavar and be goddamn OP in the Battlefield of the Gods... And he already has, given enough time.

    Lain Iwakura 
Lain Iwakura, Ruler of the Internet (Lady of the Wired)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Navi OS logon screen
  • Theme Song: Duvet
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Creepy Child, Cyberpunk, Not knowing what she is/was, The Internet, Mind Screw, Reality Warper,Obtuse Metaphors, Present Day, Split Personalities, Deletion of Existence
  • Domains: Computers, Dreams, Knowledge, Mysticism, Introverts
  • Followers: Yui Kasuga (Corrector Yui; also follows Sakura of the Magic Wand seat), Hana Gitelman (Heroes), The Virtual Adepts (Mage: The Ascension) and a small sect of the Free Council (Mage: The Awakening )
  • Allies: Lan Hikari and MegaMan.exe, The Lyoko Warriors, Naoki Kashima, Shinji Ikari, Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan (As their mother), Quackity
  • Enemies: Arfoire, Millenniumon and Diaboromon, The Seer, Agent Smith, Dr. Weil, SKYNET, YHVH, Zamasu, The Anti-Monitor, Big Brother
  • Scares: XANA, several Robotic deities
  • Mostly Indifferent to: The GUAM
  • Professional Relationship with: The House of Faith
  • Keeping an eye on: Homura Akemi, Madoka Kaname
  • In the Present Day, a series of experiments with technological concepts resulted in the crafting of The Wired, an addictive and strange counterpart to the modern-day Cyberspace. This all went unnoticed to one Lain Iwakura, a quiet and demure girl who seemed to live an ordinary, if rather isolated, life. But one day, when a classmate of hers known as Chisa Yomoda committed suicide, Lain was the only one to reply to a strange text message about her abandoning of her body. What followed was a rather strange experience, very difficult to put into few words, but it all ended with Lain becoming the "Goddess of the Wired" and resetting her world to a more... normal place.
  • Given her nebulous existence, it's hard to say when Lain ascended exactly...but the occasional appearance of a 14-year old girl in everyone's computers quickly drew attention to her. Given how the Pantheon is situated in the internet, its likely that Lain has been here from the start.
  • Despite her position, Lain is still very much the same introvert as she was before. Not out of shyness, she's more self-confident than you might think, but because she allows her world to run on its own (And isn't much of a people person anyways). She's kept this policy since arriving into the Pantheon, and stays out of the various wars and conflicts. One hopes that the day never, EVER comes when she decides to become active and potentially reset the Pantheon entirely.
  • A bit miffed over how much more ubiquitous and widespread the internet has become since 1998. She's not overly annoyed or disgusted...but she does feel that computers have lost their sense of mystery and wants an interface that's more unusual instead of the polished modern-day touchscreens.
  • Has had the occasional encounter with Lan Hikari and MegaMan.exe, and has given them thanks over how they've helped saved the network from total destruction, and sees some similarities in their fusion with each other and her own Split-Personality Merge. They all have an amiable relationship.
    • Like everyone else, she's disgusted by Dr. Weil, finding him to be FAR worse than Masami Eri ever was. Eri was ultimately just a disgruntled computer programmer whose ambitions were meant to bring in The Singularity, while Weil just wants to destroy and rule like a despot.
  • Gained allies with the Lyoko Warriors after it was learned that their world was heavily inspired by her's, especially when their original pilot was slated for development. She feels a bit of kinship with Aelita as a result, given how the pinkette also once struggled with her own humanity, to the point where she tried to kill herself. Aelita in turn, feels the same kinship, and has found some amusement talking with Lain over her computer much as Jeremie used to converse with her.
    • XANA, for his part, is scared out of his bytes with Lain, and has sworn to never do anything to cross her. It's why he's been trying to convince the GUAM to not piss her off, Lain's version of the RTTP resets both the real and virtual worlds, and XANA has zero desire to get deleted or rebooted.
  • Speaking of the GUAM, Lain has no intention to support or oppose them. Their desire for machine supremacy is, in her eyes, a rather short-sighted desire no better than Masami Eri's megalomania. She does understand the points of their more sympathetic members however, and encourages them to stop plans that conflict with their own morality.
    • That being said, the presence of a universe where Lain planned to create robotic duplicates of her friends and family has put the robotic deities on edge...mainly because that version of Lain gave up on the physical world and destroyed the only robot she'd actually gotten around to building.
  • Utterly disgusted by sentient programs who desire to destroy everything, even the network that gives them life in the first place. Millenniumon and Diaboromon, Agent Smith, and The Seer are at the top of her list of programs that she's tempted to actually delete or help defeat because of their intentions. By extension, she is against the GUAD and has sent discrete communications out to those deities who oppose them the most.
  • Given her experiences with madness, Lain has expressed sympathy to those deities who have had long and drawn-out experiences with the sensation. Therapists and psychologists are encouraged not to go near her however, as in another universe (Or prequel, as some have suggested, it isn't really clear), Lain managed to drive her psychiatrist, Yonera Touko to insanity and then killed her. Granted, that was a different Lain, but the point still stands.
  • Has had quite a few discussions with Naoki Kashima on the nature of human society. Being that he's one of the few people who doesn't bug her for connections to the best the 'Tubes have to offer (at least...not as much as most), she tends to hang out with him a goodly amount of the time.
  • Arfoire considers Lain to be an annoying adversary in the Pantheon, desiring the power Lain possesses and the fact that Lain has helped derail some of Arfoire's schemes. Lain sees Arfoire to be no different from her own voyeuristic side from way back when, and does not intend to let Arfoire obtain more power due to her Omnicidal Maniac tendencies.
  • Despite claims that her series copied a certain other show involving machines and insanity, Lain's conception had never once drawn influence from that world. That being said, she's quite sympathetic to the Eva Pilots, particularly Shinji, whose mental issues are rather close to hers...though Lain has long since managed to get over them for the most part (Unless something unleashes her video game persona from who-knows-where), while Shinji still has at least one more movie of suffering left to go.
  • Her method of resetting the world was noted to be VERY similar to the ones done by Madoka and Homura. Lain has long known about said similarities, and knows fully well of what happened during the... influenced event. All of it. She's keeping an eye on them both to see how things ultimately play out in the end.
  • Given how she's had to deal with the responsibilities of essentially being god in her world, she's had more than one discussion with other such beings in the Pantheon. For the most part, it's a relatively professional relationship.
    • Of course, Lain has nothing nice to say about YHVH or Zamasu. The former abuses his power like it's going out of style, and Lain was quite pleased to learn of him being locked up after the Pantheon had had enough of his madness. As for the latter, he completely missed the point of what it was like to take on a mortal form, not to mention his hatred of mortals being astoundingly horrific.
  • She might not look the part, but as the Goddess of the Internet, Lain is technically the mother to Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan, along with their non-ascended counterparts (i.e. the other 'tan's that represent the websites of the internet). She mainly lets them do as they please, as they manage relatively well enough on their own. As for their personal enemies...
    • Lain really doesn't see Big Brother as much of a threat. Oh sure, the concept is horrific, but reality came a knocking and revealed that the party isn't exactly effective. That being said, she still finds him abhorrent.
    • Arfoire has already been discussed, but SKYNET did make it onto her enemies list as well, being disgusted by how Lain learned about humanity's own emotions before returning to the Wired. Lain, in turn, is disgusted by SKYNET's desire for total destruction, no matter the cost.
    • As for the Anti-Monitor, Lain's more esoteric storytelling had him befuddled for a brief while...but it doesn't change his plans to destroy her as well. Much like the GUAD's A.I.s, Lain is honestly tempted to personally deal with the Anti-Monitor if he should ever get out of hand.
  • Much to Lain's consternation, the loss of more unusual computer designs in the modern internet age is small potatoes compared to a larger threat: mass censorship. As such, she's preparing to make allies with Quackity in case their threat arrives to the Pantheon.
  • Everything is Connected

    Optimus Prime 
Optimus Prime, God of Transforming Mecha and Martial Pacifists (Convoy, Fire Convoy, Armada Convoy, Grand Convoy, Galaxy Convoy, Orion Pax, Prime, The Last of the Primes, 10-22, Optimus Maximus, Optimus Primal, Optronix)
G1 Optimus
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  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Autobot insignia (Either the original, or Generatio Two model.)
  • Theme Song: "Transformers" ("The Touch" when things get serious.)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Lawful Evil in his Shattered Glass form.)
  • Portfolio: Leader of the Autobots, Humongous Mecha, Fought against the Decepticons for four million years, Wields an Energon axe, Transforms into a tractor trailer, The Ace, A really gentle giant robot, Nice Guy, Beware the Nice Ones, Martial Pacifist, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Hurting on the inside, A Father to His Men
  • Domains: Motor Vehicles, Robots, Transformations, Courage, Leadership, Death
  • Herald: Ultra Magnus
  • High Priest: Optimus Primal, Raideen
  • Followers: The Machine Robos, Leader-1 & Cy-Kill
  • Allies:
  • Respects: The Council of Liberty
  • Friendly Rival: Amuro Ray
  • Enemies:
  • Opposes: Zechs Merquise
  • Complicated Relationship: Michael Bay, Misato Katsuragi, Godzilla
  • Millions of years ago, on a distant planet called Cybertron, a brutal civil war was waged between two factions of sentient robotic lifeforms; the Autobots and the Decepticons. Their conflict lasted for countless eons, with many of the planet's population becoming involved, including an Autobot by the name of Orion Pax. Whether he started out as a lowly dock worker, or a clerk in Iacon's Hall of Records, or a rogue cop, one thing was for certain; his fate became entangled with that of a former gladiator turned revolutionary named Megatron. Thus, either by injury or rite, Orion was christened Optimus Prime and became the supreme commander of the Autobots, leading them in the battle to destroy the evil forces of the Decepticons.
    • This war eventually led to the Pantheon, where after a brief firefight, Cosmos and Melkor approached Optimus and Megatron respectively and offered them a place in the Grand United Alliance of Good/Evil. As per tradition, Optimus sided with Cosmos. He has come to respect the Goddess of Good, and has worked closely with her to achieve peace and prosperity for not just the Pantheon, but for all the worlds. After all, freedom is the right of all sentient beings.
  • For a time, the only Autobots stationed in the Pantheon besides Optimus were Bumblebee, Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots. While they managed to hold their own for a time against Megatron, Prime knew they would be quickly overwhelmed, so he sent a distress signal to Cybertron, requesting back up as soon as possible. Help soon came in the form of Ultra Magnus, who brought with him a small strike force of Autobots and Maximals with him to drive off the Decepticon forces that had previously outnumbered them. Once the battle ended, Jazz, Blaster, Dinobot, Rattrap, Hot Rod, Kup, Drift, Nightscream, and Magnus himself, were appointed as Gods and Heralds in the Pantheon, with Magnus becoming Primes' own Herald. The pair often discuss matters of keeping the peace, and treat each other as brothers.
  • Prime's descendant, the Maximal commander Optimus Primal serves as one of his two High Priests, alongside the Super Robot known as Raideen. While both have aided the Autobots in their ongoing struggles, Prime was a little disappointed with Primal's descent into religious extremism when fighting the Vehicons, as opposed to the more fair-minded and reasonable leader he was during the Beast Wars. Still, he was thankful for having his life saved by Primal when his version of Megatron attempted to rewrite history and kill Prime.
    • Things got particularly weird when the House of Time and Space discovered an alternate Beast Wars timeline where Optimus Primal - now transforming into a bat - was in fact, the original Optimus Prime in a new body. The pair treat it as a fascinating experiment but both agreed that Prime will remain a truck and Primal a primate.
  • As a Transformer, and a well-known one at that, Optimus has taken on many different forms, which he can freely change into in the Pantheon to take advantage of their perks. Sometimes he's a fire truck that can combine with Ultra Magnus or Jetfire, other times, he can use the Minicons, become a Megazord-esque Powerlinx combiner, wield the cyber planet keys, occasionally uses Magnus's war hammer, or Star Saber. All these bodies can transform into trucks still but all of them have proven to be incredibly useful on the battlefield.
    • While a patient individual, if Optimus is pushed too far, he'll take on the appearance of his alternate universe self; a corrupt and sadistic tyrant who rules over Cybertron with his army of evil Autobots. He may appear to be a calm and collective individual but one must be extremely careful. Taking on the Shattered Glass Optimus is akin to dancing with the devil.
  • Prime quickly became allies with Mata Nui and the Toa, to aid them against the threat of the Makuta. It was through this alliance that he was introduced to Saint Jeanne d'Arc and Sieg, who viewed him as a paragon for the inherent goodness of all of life and the values they must uphold. Despite Jeanne being part of the Council of Liberty, Prime knows she has the best interests for everyone in mind. Jeanne in turn then introduced Artoria Pendragon and Shirou Emiya to Optimus and they ended up liking him as well, often joining him on council meetings. Optimus though was saddened that Saber had great regrets for not being there so much for her kingdom to the point of wanting to undo her rule and Shirou is desperate to help and save everyone due to his severe Survivor's Guilt weighing him down his entire life. Optimus though assured them respectively that Artoria does not need to be burdened by her kingly duties and start being human again and Shirou has saved enough people that he needs to leave it to others and focus on protecting his loved ones instead.
  • Not even Optimus is immune to death. He's met his maker - both literally and figuratively - on numerous ocassions. Some of these deaths, like being gunned down by Megatron, were certainly more dignified than committing suicide after "cheating" in a video game world. In fact, it's gotten to the point where he's actually become immune to permanent death, with some of his comrades treating it as a minor inconvenience.
  • Before anyone asks, yes. He's got both the touch ''and'' the power. Yeah! And when all hell is breaking loose, he shall be riding the eye of the storm. The song only plays in dire situations, and when it does, pray you're on Optimus's good side. He will wipe out anyone who dares cross his path.
  • One day, Optimus Stopped Megatron from killing Tony Stark and Heero Yuy, but in doing so further escalated things into an event that threatened to divide all gods associated with the House of Technology into one of two sides. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and the House keeps a relative peace.
  • Optimus Prime's greatest weakness is his sense of nobility and honour. If an adversary claims to have had a change of heart and discovered inner goodness, Prime will fall for it almost every single time. The GUAE has taken advantage of this, and often try to dupe him into letting down his guard. But that isn't to say he's stupid. Far from it. Optimus is a quick learner, and with so many enemies in the Pantheon, he's well on his guard.
  • Despite his appreciation for humans, there are several in the Pantheon whom Optimus has become enemies with. In particular, he distrusts Dr. Albert Wily, Ivo 'Eggman' Robotnik, Professor Hojo not only for their inhumane experiments, but also for reminding him of the Decepticon-aligned scientist Dr. Arkeville. Doesn't help that Hojo has attempted to send some of his neighbours, the android Cell and Indominus rex after the Autobot leader. Optimus held them off, but afterwards, he allied himself to both Mega Man and X to aid them against Wily's Robot Masters.
  • Optimus was amazed by the multitude of human-piloted mechas found throughout the Multiverse, ranging from the Mobile Suits, Zords and Evangelions. He quickly aligned himself and the Autobots with the ascended Sentai, Power Rangers, Gundam and Eva pilots, along with the Kamen Riders, due to all sharing a similar sense of justice and duty. It has however led to him opposing the Lightning Count, Zech Merquise, due to butting heads with the Sixth Ranger Tommy Oliver, and Misato Katsuragi, due to her recent treatment to Eva pilot Shinji Ikari, who Optimus has begun treating like a son.
    • Despite being a giant humanoid-looking lifeform, Optimus and the other Cybertronians are not titans. They had to get that cleared up when Eren Yeager attacked them. After a very humiliating defeat on Eren's part, the Autobots declared partnership with the remnants of humanity, vowing to aid them in the fight against the Titans. Progress has been going well, though Annie Leonhart and Bertolt Hoover have considered ascending their comrade Reiner Braun, the Armoured Titan to deal with the Transformers.
  • As their philosophies and colour schemes are not dissimilar, he gets along well with both Captain America and Superman, with the former having met the Autobot leader on previous engagements. They get together frequently, discussing matters of spreading peace throughout the Pantheon and how to best defeat the GUAE.
  • Regrets not being able to join Madoka at the regular "Savior's Tea Parties" due to the fact that as a robot, well, he can't drink tea even if he wanted to.
    • When he got word of YHVH's monstrous plot against Madoka, he prepped his upgrades from Revenge of the Fallen, and went forth to take part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion". "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
  • Though perfectly content as a Greater God, Optimus's reputation recently went up after it was revealed that he is the 13th Prime, who took mortal form to guide and inspire the children of Primus. But even with this in mind, Prime remains humble about it, and tries his best to not let it get to his head.
  • Optimus is a pacifist at heart. He hates bloodshed, but even he understands that sometimes, war is the only path to achieving peace. Every death on his watch weights heavily on him, but this just makes him fight with more fervour. Unfortunately, his desire to protect every living being has caused him to but heads with the leaders of the other alliances, who view his methods to be too detrimental to their own ideals. That said, he has a healthy respect for the Council of Liberty and occasionally helps them against the corrupt individuals in the Grand United Alliance of Law.
  • Optimus is considered by many to be the god most protective of those weaker than him in the entire Pantheon. In his multi-million year war against the Decepticons, he's seen countless sentient species extinguished, and he's sworn to never let that happen again on his watch. Hurting someone under his protection, especially a human, is to incur his wrath. To anyone who dares to do such a thing, well... Sucks to be you. Megatron learned this the hard way and, needless to say, he was lucky to survive it.
  • Has a strong friendship with Jean-Luc Picard. They practically share the same philosophy, and both are leaders who put their subordinates' lives first and foremost, so their relationship is based on deep mutual respect and admiration. One can often see Optimus and Jean-Luc having a nice cup of Energon and Earl-Grey tea together, respectively, and when danger threatens the pantheon, they both unite in giving tear-inducing speeches of supreme inspirational capability. Rumors has it, when no one is looking, Jean-Luc likes to ride Optimus into space.
  • While the Autobots and Maximal forces stationed in the Pantheon have proven to be quite resilient, Optimus has found himself approached by additional allies, some of whom being organic in origin. Gunvolt and The Guardians became fast allies with the Autobots, both supporting Prime's ideals considering how much conflict they've dealt with in both their home universes.
    • In Gunvolt's case, his war revolved around the hatred between humanity and the dangerously powerful Adepts. While still a hitman - at the age of fourteen, no less - Jazz has described Gunvolt to be a good person, and noted the similarities between his dream of an ideal world and Prime's own virtues. Prime has offered to help in whatever way he can, to which the young hitman accepted.
    • As for The Guardians, Optimus reached out to them to aid in their fight to protect the last of humanity against time travelling killing machines, space pirates and omnicidal undead cults. They appreciate the assistance, but the alliance displeased the Hex, Oryx and the Eliksni, who quickly designated the Autobots as their enemies.
  • He has a mixed relationship with Michael Bay over his film adaptations of the Cybertronian war. While he appreciates the fact that these stories are being enjoyed by a new generation, there are certain practices Optimus objects to, such as the objectification of human females and the overuse of explosions. He is also a bit of embarrassed of people telling him to aim for the head of his opponents whenever he goes into combat.
  • Optimus was shocked to learn that Prowl, one of his most trusted lieutenants, defected from the Autobots in at least one universe. An extra punch to the gut is that in in another universe, Prowl sacrificed himself to save his leader. It only made it worse when Cosmos learned that Prowl forced Prime, Sunstreaker, Mirage and Ironhide into becoming the Combiner Optimus Maximus, whose battles with Devastator helped cement a negative reputation for all Cybertronians. While he can't combine in the Pantheon, Prime doesn't even want to bring it up, especially since a piece of his former Lieutenant's mind lingers in him.
  • Having dealt with Planet Destroyers such as Unicron and Galactus, Optimus came to despise Gendo Ikari and Kamen Rider Evol as both could potentially destroy Cybertron as well as the Pantheon in general. He also sees Regime Superman as a reminder to never, ever be his Shattered Glass incarnation. For their part, Evolto might not have much of an opinion on Cybertronians, but he would like to have a chance at destroying Cybertron himself while Regime Superman sees Prime as naive to keep believing in heroics.
  • Optimus once fought against Amuro Ray in a battle simulation set up by Wiz and Boomstick. While he dislikes the idea of fighting a fellow hero and peacekeeper, he fought the White Devil to the best of his ability out of respect for his opponent. The fight ended with Amuro being killed by a point-blank blasted from the Matrix. Optimus did compliment the pilot for forcing him to use said Matrix, however, and this was with an outdated mech, the RX-78-2 Gundam. The two have given Wiz and Boomstick crap about the simulation, though it did allow them the chance to upgrade their weapons, armour and skills.
  • He's wary around Godzilla, not just because of the Kaiju's devastating power, but also for taking a bite out of him like Scruff McGruff takes a bite out of crime. Still, he's proven to be a valuable ally, especially against threats like Ghidorah, Biollante and Gigan.
  • Also present in the House of Military Technology.
  • "Till all are one."

Ambiguous Ranks

    Church Of The Broken God And Sarkicism 
The Church of the Broken God and Sarkicism, Divine Orders Of Conflict Between Machinery And Organics (The Church Of The Broken God: the Mekhanites (alternate, more accurate name). Sarkicism: The Sarkic Cults, the Flesh (alternate description), "Nälkä" (preferred description))
  • Rank: Varies from Quasideity to borderline Greater God for followers, Overdeities for their deities(at least when complete)
  • Symbol: Their respective religious symbols
  • Gods:
    • Mekhane: The Broken God, The Fragmented One, WAN, The Eternal Network, Fuxi, The Maker Of Machines, Hakhama, The Great Voice, Sophia, (hopefully) not SCP-001(Twisted Gears-Katus' Proposal) (The Church Of The Broken God)
    • Yaldabaoth: The Demiurge, The God Of Flesh, Važjuma, Saklas, Samael, God-Eater, Devourer, His Undulating Vastness, The Great Winnower, The God Of Flesh, Nüwa, The Dragon In The Great Brass Cage (Sarkicism)
  • Factions: The Broken Church, Cogworth Orthodoxy, Church of Maxwellism (The Church of the Broken God)
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality as a whole, usually either Neutral or Evil to outsiders(and Sarkicism is the more chaotic of the two), though personal alignment varies
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Anomalies, Faith (both), Technology, Cybernetics, Division (Church Of The Broken God), Flesh, Freedom, Mutation (Sarkicism)
  • Interested in: Primus (The Church of the Broken God), Lucifer (Sarkicism)
  • Alliesnote :
  • Complicated relationship with: The Eliksni (The Church of the Broken God)
  • Enemies: Each other (more on the Church Of The Broken God's side), The SCP Foundation (not always with the Church of the Broken God), YHVH, The Imperium Of Mankind
  • On poor terms with: Zenyatta
  • The world of the SCP Foundation has many organizations surrounding the anomalous, and there are many gods and faiths found in this world. Two of the most noticable are the Church of the Broken God (or Mekhanites as they'd prefer) and the various Sarkic cults. They venerate technology and flesh respectively, hoping to see the world change for that. They do not like each other, though it's more one-sided with the Church.
  • Applies to both:
    • When it comes these faiths, none of the Grand Alliances appeal to them besides the obvious GUAM to the Church of the Broken God. While both can be mistaken as evil by some, they have Blue and Orange Morality as a whole. Cosmos wishes to regulate their behavior and encourage the more moral side of them, Melkor wants to encourage their negative attributes and Lucifer is curious about their ambitions.
    • YHVH had a unanimous opposition to both faiths. He detests either's plans for ascension using other anomalous objects and gods instead of using His own path. The Imperium of Mankind also fiercely opposes both faiths, believing Sarkicism is equal to Chaos and a perversion of Mars' machine worship.
  • Applies to the Church of the Broken God:
    • The Church of the Broken God has three important denominations. The Broken Church uses Clock Punk and believes Mekhane must be restored piece by piece. In the pantheon, they have a fascination with other clockwork creatures and believe Chronos is an important piece of Mekhane. The Cogwork Orthodoxy focuses on Steam Punk late Industrial Revolution technologies and ritualizes industrial mass-production, which intrigues some in the House of Commerce. The Church of Maxwellism is of the Cyber Punk variety and believes their deity will be reconstructed through connecting all minds into a computer network.
    • The Church of the Broken God is of the general belief that flesh is evil and "broken", and want to enlighten humanity, involving restoring their deity Mekhane. They believe a number of SCPs are pieces of this deity. Given this belief, followers are often seen rummaging in the Treasury, which the Court of the Gods has had to scold them multiple times for. They have asked Gate for help in deciphering technology.
    • As mentioned, they are staunch allies to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. They're the closest any group in the pantheon comes to their faith, though the different churches have different views on the GUAM. However they do not take kindly to the likes of SKYNET or Sigma, as while flesh is broken in their eyes humans should ascend rather than be completely destroyed and supplanted.
    • They hate AM for how he uses technology to warp and torture humanity. Zenyatta is wary towards some of their morally ambiguous or morally alien attitudes towards worshiping technology, as does Primus, but would rather leave the Church alone. The Church of the Broken God seems to venerate Primus to an extent, believing he has a close connection to Mekhane and might help them in restoring their deity.
    • In spite of their own resentment towards humanity the Eliksni, or rather most of them, would get along with the Church of the Broken God given their own fanaticism with technology. They especially get along with the Devil Splicers given their goals of transcending flesh to machine isn't all that different to their own. On the other side, Eliksni allied with the Scorn see them as disgusting for sharing beliefs not unlike the old ways with the Eliksni. For that, the Scorn believe they should be wiped out too in order to be 'reborn'.
  • Applies to Sarkicism:
    • Sarkicism is usually divided into two factions. Proto-Sarkicism is known for its acute technophobia and eschew modernity, so they stay away from the House of Technology and values both humility and self-sacrifice. Neo-Sarkicism is cosmopolitan and unified compared to the fractured Proto-Sarkicism, and embrace modernity. They also support hedonism and the right to achieve your pleasures and desires, so they naturally seem fond of Slaanesh. Both seem to have their eye on Nurgle and Shub-Niggurath for the flesh manipulation and association.
    • Sarkicism believe that God and possibly all gods are uncaring Blind Idiots who only exist to feed off reality(ironic, given the Imperium's stance on them) and they're parasites who will feed off and get strength from them. For this reason, Lucifer's cause actually appeals to them somewhat though he is yet to make a final decision on them or not. Yaldabaoth was upset by this as he thought being the namesake of their god, he could use this to manipulate them. Not that he has anything in common with their Yaldabaoth anyway.
    • Sarkic cults are often considered a Religion of Evil, given their common practices of manipulating flesh and hopes of conquering the world. However they believe these things to be good things, and some like SCP-2815 are peaceful communities, so it depends on the group and individual like any religion. All put a strong emphasis on the importance of family, so they don't like the Child Abuse Supporters. The Heroic Protectors Of Family doesn't look too favorably at them, though knows they aren't inherently evil and like that family is one of their virtues.

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