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The residence of deities who represent dialogue and speech patterns.

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Greater Gods

Kamina, God of Boasting and Rousing Speeches (Bro, Aniki, Just Who the Hell Do You Think He Is?!, The Mighty Kamina, The Man of Indomitable Spirit and Masculinity, Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Rider)
  • Greater God (Overdeity as Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
  • Symbol: His sunglasses over a stylized flaming skull
  • Theme Music: Ten wo Tsuke or alternatively, Rap is Man's Soul
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass and many associated tropes, the Super Robot Genre, never giving up on his little bro Simon, Manliness, Sunglasses, Giving boastful speeches, Being Awesome by Virtue of Being Crazy, Hot Bloodedness, Large Ham, Memetic Badassery, Dying in an Epic Fashion
  • Domains: Mecha, Speeches, Manliness, Trust
  • Allies: Simon the Digger, Yoko Littner, Nia Teppelin, Guy Shishioh, Ryouma Nagare, Alexander the Great, Mata Nui, any good-aligned deities, especially those who are manly and pilot giant robots, the ToQgers (especially Right/ToQ 1gou and Akira Nijino/ToQ 6gou), Inferno Cop, Space Dandy, Android 18, Krillin, Peridot
  • Rivals: Viral
  • Enemies: The Anti-Spiral
  • Kamina always schedules time to give a speech to the masses at his chambers about manliness, trust and general badassery when he first ascended, but after the second time the Pantheon got too crowded from the masses clamoring to hear him, so he began holding them elsewhere.
  • While Shinji is prophesied to bring about The End of the World as We Know It, Kamina was prophesied to save everyone from the orange goo dream world by motherfucking dropkicking him because he's just that badass.
  • Simon the Digger was once Kamina's prophet and high priest, wandering the world and drilling through the impossible; he ascended as a lesser god in Kamina's service as the patron deity of drills. Simon has learned well from Kamina, and may well surpass his mentor... if he hasn't already.
  • Kamina is the only being to ever tolerate Leeroy Jenkins, because he does share his philosophy, "Reasoning should just be kicked to the curb!"
  • When the final battle of good and evil comes, Kamina has been pre-appointed by Cosmos to give a speech to get her warriors fired up and ready for the conflict. Reportedly, according to those who overhear him practicing, part of it goes "Don't believe in yourselves. Believe in the Tropers who believe in you!"
  • In addition to the usual, Kamina boasts he's the Trope Namer for Beyond the Impossible, and will show video footage of his battles with Simon to any who needs an explanation of what he was talking about. Either one will convince his audience that he can do the impossible regardless of what logic would say.
  • Shares a strong friendship with the previous Unlosing Ranger Pirohiko Ichimonji, who is to Super Heroes as Kamina is to Super Robots. The two met briefly when Pirohiko had a near death experience via Car Accident. The two found that they both share the same life values and also a similar relationship to their younger successors.
  • Has taken interest in an Ace Pilot named Woolf Einnacle due to similarities in their roles, and the fact that he once quoted him.
  • He and Alexander the Great have complete mutual respect for one another. Alexander considers Kamina a true king, because of his ability to rally an army to conquer the surface, one that persisted and fulfilled its goal after his death. Likewise, Kamina can only stand in awe at the size of Alexander's Ionian Hetairoi, and hopes that he or Simon can eventually turn the entirety of Team Dai-Gurren into a similar Reality Marble. Also, given their similar boisterous personalities, they often like to drink together.
  • Word is that he has a Gurren-based racecar stashed somewhere in his temple. Apparently, it waits for a "special occasion".
  • His introduction to Nia was a bit odd at first; because he died right before Simon met her, Kamina didn't know if Nia was Dai-Gurren Brigade-material. When he found out that she was proficient with a mech and that she was married to Simon, however, all skepticism was gone, and he welcomed her as a valued teammate. Though he swears he's met her before...
  • Apparently, Kamina once resurrected in the form of a gigantic entity made of Spiral energy. This mech was so incredibly gigantic, that its foot was enough to dwarf another mech that, at the time, was 10 MILLION LIGHT-YEARS LONG! When the other Deities witnessed this form, all of them, and that means all of them, were absolutely shocked at the sheer size and strength of this new form.
    • It is unknown if Kamina can take on this form at will, but there are reports of some trying to force him to do this by attacking him, and being inevitably stopped by the other Deities who don't want Kamina to potentially destroy the Pantheon, though it is unknown if this can actually happen.
  • Upon watching the Tournament of Power, he became incredibly impressed with the Universe 7 team and how many times they pushed past their limits to get through being the field's primary targets. The most impressive person of them all, however, was greeted with this once he saw her and others enter a bar to celebrate their efforts:

    Queen Watevra Wa'nabi 
Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, Goddess of Poor Communication
Click here to see the queen's original form 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: As ever-changing as her form is. If she had to choose one, it would be her true form.
  • Theme Song: Not Evil
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Main villain of the movie except not really, Singing about how not evil she is with complete sincerity, looking nasty despite not being mean, changing form at will, Good All Along, The Heart, being a fair queen
  • Domains: Villainy, communicating, LEGO
  • Herald: General Mayhem, LEGO Batman (Her husband)
  • Allies: Batman (her husband...kind of), Emmet, Princess Unikitty, Wyldstyle, Sackboy, The Good Princesses of the house of Royalty, Igor, Asami Sato, Snow White, Wander, Team Lightyear
  • Enemies: All of Batman's Villains, The Evil Queen, Queen Sectonia, Queen Chrysalis, Galactus, Catwoman
  • During Emmet's adventure to the Systar System, he ended up trying to rescue his friends from the evil Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi, a shape-shifting queen who captured Emmet's friends and is forcing Batman to marry her, even singing about it. However, that was one side of the story. In all sincerity she really is as nice as she advertised herself, just wanting to stop the apocalypse from happening that would destroy not only her homeworld but Emmet's as well. The problem was that it was so malicious sounding that the point just didn't get across. Sure she did trick Batman into marrying her, but the two still did develop a genuine relationship. For this act of poor communication, she was permitted to join the Pantheon.
  • Her ascension was hand given to her by Emmet himself, eager to have her join in after the Court Of The Gods heard her story. She was amazed at the idea of a place way bigger than she could have ever imagined and immediately charted a course towards it, turning into a rocket and taking Emmet to the Pantheon, where she had her throne room in the throne, or rather a door that would teleport anyone who walks into it to there built. There was only one problem...she needed to have one built in the Systar System for it to work, something Emmet was trying to warn her about. She was promptly embarrassed but got everything in order eventually.
  • Why is she a Greater Goddess? Simple really; she can be whatever she wants to be; ANYTHING. It's hypothesized that she can become or ever become bigger than THE VERY PANTHEON ITSELF, although the number of bricks required to do such a monumental task is simply inconceivable. As such, she just sticks for being big enough to be the size of whoever she is talking to at the moment.
  • While she was immediately overjoyed to hear that there was A Batman in the Pantheon, she was also disappointed to find out that he was not only different from the one she married but that he himself was set to be married to Catwoman. Despite this, she still does her best to be friendly with the duo, even helping Batman when fighting crime. Batman isn’t complaining, as anyone who was able to outsmart him (albeit his LEGO counterpart) is worth considering as an ally. Helps that she is able to transform into a cage and just trap Batman’s criminals, even restraining them by using LEGO pieces as handcuffs. In terms of Catwoman, she is supportive of her upcoming marriage and even offered to become a maid of honor if needed, or at the very least help plan the wedding.
  • Due to their nature of being creative, Watevra is interested in both Sackboy for his desire to help creation outpace destruction, and Maxwell for his notebook. The Queen is more than happy to provide the two of them whatever tools they need, be it for daily life in the Pantheon or to protect them from any enemies. Considering that her gifts for her friends that she wanted to give them the first time they met were full-scale planets, there seems to be little doubt in her.
    • She has also asked their help, alongside Emmet’s, to help build and improve her planets for Benny and Metalbeard in order to surprise them once they ascend themselves. Of course, in exchange, Watevra Wa’nabi gave the three their own planets in order for them to experiment with their own creative methods, with her own helpers from the Systar System aiding them.
  • As a benevolent queen, she has shown no patience for any kind of monarchy that misused their power for evil deeds. As such, she has put The Evil Queen and Queen Sectonia under heavy scrutiny. While the Evil Queen is comfortable enough in her table of other Disney Villains to know they have her back if she fought against the LEGO Queen, Queen Sectonia is a bit more cautious, as, given her shape-shifting powers, she won’t be surprised if she grew big enough to literally pluck her wings off.
    • Of course, this does mean she does have good relations to the rest of the benevolent princesses and queens. She goes over to the house of Royalty to converse with the fellow kind-hearted members.
  • Due to the fact that she is actually a kind-hearted person even if her quirks and song being so on the nose can lead you to believe otherwise, she has gotten along with other deities who have also faced a similar dilemma. Igor is amused by her actions and even began to fantasize about what kind of persona she would have if any. Asami Sato, the god of genuinely nice people, has also expressed her sympathy for her. Queen Watevra for her part is happy to find someone who understood her plight, and finds the fact that she is dating Korra absolutely adorable, even willing to use her shape shifting powers to try and spice up any dating spots for them.
  • Eventually, Emmet also had to confess about his involvement in "The Friendship Asylum" incident. The Queen was immediately sadden and sympathetic to Emmet about this incident, understanding from first hand that he really does have good intentions. That said, she did have a remark about how if he had his Master Breaker powers from his adventure with her then, it may have turned out different. Realizing that he may actually have the power to destroy LEGO-based creations that are being used for evil, he has become more comfortable with accepting the past and learning from it.
    Emmet: Is it OK that I am kind of loving this?
    Wyldstyle: Yes and no. But mostly yes.
  • As someone who is in charge of an entire system of planets and is willing to help out people, she was excited to meet Wander, a space-faring wanderer who just wants to help people. She would give him a planet of his own, but after hearing about Planet Janet from him, she has begun to try and ascend her in secrecy to surprise him.
    • She was happy to find out that there were people that were willing to protect others in space, mainly Team Lightyear and Star Command. She has expressed plenty of gratitude towards the space heroes and has shown interest in giving each of the ascended members their own home planet, talking with members in Time and Space on how to properly go about that. That is, save for XR, as he was built on Star Command itself, so she is thinking about what planet to build him now.
  • Due to the Planet Eater status of Galactus, she has shown to be hostile towards the being. This reached a peak when he tried to eat one of her own planets...Unfortunately, due to them being entirely made of LEGO, he started to choke on his first bite before deciding to leave them all alone. She has not forgiven him for the incident, but many deities who saw this attempt backfire got a good laugh out of it.
  • Even after all this you don’t trust her, that’s okay. She won’t imprison your family...
    • “Because that’d be evil...and that’s so, not me!”

Intermediate Gods

    Schezo Wegey 
Schezo Wegey, God of Poorly Worded Comments (Dark Wizard, Dark Mage, The Mage, Pervert, Creeper, Devious, Shezo, She-zo)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His sword
  • Theme Music: I Want You!...r Power; The Goregous Man Who Defiled The God
  • Alignment: True Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Dark Is Not Evil, Cool Sword, Badass Cape, The Comically Serious, Mystical White Hair, Loves Cute Things
  • Domains: Magic, Wording
  • Weird Relations: Arle Nadja, Sig
  • Rival: Satan (Puyo Puyo)
  • Annoyed at: Beavis & Butt-Head, Ayame Kajou, The Sonozaki Twins
  • As one could guess by being a Dark Wizard, Schezo Wegey is known for using a variety of spells based around darkness. He's also very interested in Arle's power, but almost every time he tries to talk to her (and sometimes other people), what he says could be taken as something far more suggestive, much to his chagrin even if he tried to explain specifically what he wants and what he wants is definitely not suggestive.
  • Schezo wasn't quite sure how he managed to arrive at the Pantheon to begin with. It may have something to do with how playing Puyo Puyo with others could lead to traveling to other dimensions. Nevertheless, he set out to find Arle after finding out she was there and after a number of mishaps along the way, met up with her.
    • Unfortunately for him, yet another mishap occured with them being inside the House of Gaming as not only Arle was just busy resting up, but Beavis & Butthead were visiting the house to play video games out of boredom and they were within earshot of Schezo and Arle's conversation. Schezo could just hear the duo's snickering during the conversation, causing him to get increasingly agitated to the point where he yelled at the two to get out. Arle then told Schezo that this place he ended up at is weird to put it lightly and that there will be some things he'll be used to and some he isn't. Predictably, he can't get used to the fact that Beavis & Butt-head show up randomly during the Pantheon's more quiet days and laugh at his more questionable lines.
  • To his constant annoyance, Schezo has often had his lines taken out of context by Ayame Kajou, who is really into sexual humor and has teased him over what he says. Schezo really doesn't want anything to do with her nor her perverted antics and would rather spend time by himself.
  • He and Satan (or at least, the one from Schezo's universe) don't get along with each other and it has more to do with them targeting Arle for supposedly different reasons than them being sworn enemies. To his surprise, Schezo found out through Arle that there were a couple of other Satans that were similar to Dark Prince in a few different ways, though Schezo is generally apatheic towards the Satans Arle mentioned.
  • Innuendos aside, he's a relatively competent spellcaster and has stopped a handful of threats every now and then. That actually hasn't stopped things from being awkward before and after battles (and sometimes during them) whenever Schezo makes a comment that others think is suggestive.
  • At one point back then his disembodied head fought against Arle. The two of them consider this to be a weird and (by their own admission) an uncharacteristically dark bit for them and would rather not go through it again. It hasn't actually stopped a few sadistic deities from wondering if they can get this to occur once more.
  • He doesn't mind too much if the weather for a particular day is shining bright (and he somehow has the clothes for relaxing on a warm day), but if the temperature ends up being hotter than what he considers to be acceptable, then he'll eventually find out who's doing it. At the very least he knows that Dark Prince isn't responsible for any sudden spikes in temperature in the Pantheon.
  • Not only has he tried to attain Arle's power, but on occasion he has tried to get the power of a few others (and one of them involved wanting Sig's hand). Schezo sees the Pantheon as an opportunity to get some potentially interesting powers, but he hasn't done it as often as trying to get Arle's power and all of these attempts to get others' powers have ended in failure thus far. Then again, he is a Dark Wizard, not a "Power-Copying Wizard".
  • Of all the things that he has a consistent interest in, he's adored cute things on more than one instance and chased them with mixed results. One time, he tried to chase around Princess Uni-Kitty upon seeing her, but then Rena Ryuugu somehow found him chasing a cute thing rather adorable and tried chasing the both of them. The whole incident ended up being far more troublesome than it was worth for the three of them (but mostly for Schezo).
    • Following that incident, the Sonozaki Twins came up with a prank following Rena telling them about it. It involved telling Schezo that "a great power" awaited him and then humilating him afterwards. He fell for it and ended up wearing a cat-boy costume. Schezo didn't really have an issue with the costume, but the twins' suggestive teasing wasn't something he approved of.
  • With how much he's been trying to get Arle's power coupled with how he says things, more than a few believe that Schezo wants more than just her power, something that he clearly disagrees towards. It's possible to picture Arle and Schezo as frenemies, but that's about it in terms of closeness.
  • If there is one name Schezo hates being referred as almost as much as "pervert" or "creeper", it's Devious. Why? Several reasons: It's from a Gag Dub with an unfortunate amount of ridiculous mistranslations; it can be mistaken for referring to his supposed perversion; and it isn't even an actual name anyway.
  • Has been seen, alongside Arle and Satan, partaking in Tetris, of all things. While this is understandable as his world and that of Tetris have collided before, it had been noted that his first appearance throughout the entire event had him playing Tetris, despite the others having no previous knowledge of how to actually use them before. Some are still wondering how this is.

    Shigeru Jo/Kamen Rider Stronger 
Shigeru Jo, God of Pre-Battle Speeches (Kamen Rider Stronger, Electric Human Stronger)
Kamen Rider Stronger 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Charge-Up form)
  • Symbol: The stylized "S" Symbol
  • Theme Song: "Kamen Rider Stronger no Uta"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle-themed Cyborgs, Phlebotinum Rebel, The Ace, Carrying his coat over his shoulder, Making speeches before entering the battle, Electricity-based powers, Being Cursed with Awesome, "Charge Up!", Magnificent Bastard
  • Domains: Combat, Speeches, Technology, Electricity, Heroism
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains, SHOCKER (and its employed members), HYDRA, Kogane/Kamen Rider Mars, Raul Menendez, Ali Al-Saachez, M Bison, Red Skull.
  • Shigeru Jo joins the evil organization Black Satan in order to avenged his friend, who also considers him a mentor figure. Promised for power and fueled by his desire for revenge, he undergoes a reconstruction surgery to become Black Satan's cyborg warriors code-named "Electric Human Stronger". However, Shigeru knows that Black Satan murdered his friend, tricking the organization in order to gain new powers before he escapes along with fellow cyborg Yuriko Misaki/Electro-Wave Human Tackle, Shigeru renamed himself as Kamen Rider Stronger with his resolve to defend the world against the forces of Black Satan and later, the Delza Army. Shigeru is also the first Rider to received a Super Mode, which he became one of the inspirations to the Heisei Riders' Final Forms.
  • Due to his tendency to do his introductory speech towards his enemies, some deities had compared him to Sailor Moon, who they considers her being his Distaff Counterpart since she also tends to say her Catchphrase before entering the battle. In fact, both Stronger and Salor Moon are in good terms as they also helped each other in their battles against evil.
  • Shigeru was happy to reunite with his fellow riders Takeshi Hongo, Hayato Ichimonji, and Daisuke Yamamoto, as well as the first Sentai team the Gorengers, who happens to fight alongside him in the same time period (1975), as he's happy to lend his strength to his fellow heroes once again in their battles against SHOCKER after knowing the organization has started their reign of terror. After knowing that SHOCKER has gotten stronger due to the organization's employed members, Shigeru, Hongo, Ichimonji, and Amazon, are working on ascending the remaining members of the Seven Legendary Riders to strengthen their numbers against SHOCKER's forces.
  • Shigeru also tends to visit the House of Sports during his free time, playing American Football in that said house due to his passion for that said sport since he used to play it during his college days before he became a Kamen Rider.
    • However, Kogane has put Shigeru on its hit list because of his love for that said sports, it doesn't take long for him to hate Kogane's guts due to the golden Rider's hate for sports.
  • Like his fellow Showa Riders before, he became associates with Genos, a fellow cyborg, since both of them tries to used their cyborg powers for personal revenge at first until they found a better purpose to use it for the sake of good.
  • Due to his lightning-based powers, he is friends with Thor, Fate T. Harlaown, Pikachu, Cure Peace, and Mikoto Misaka, as he also started to help them in their battles against their respective enemies.
  • Like his brethren Kamen Riders before and after, he hates every terrorists groups that disrupts peace in whole humankind. As such, he became enemies with the likes of Red Skull, HYDRA, Raul Menendez, Ali Al-Saachez, and M Bison, given the fact that their profession were no different to his old enemies like the Black Satan and Delza Army.
  • Whenever Shigeru enters the battle, he tells his adversaries with this quote after he transforms:
    "The heavens cry out! The earth cries out! The people cry out! They cry out for me to destroy evil! Listen up, evildoers...I am the warrior of justice, Kamen Rider Stronger!".

Usami, Goddess of Baby Talking (Monomi, Teacher of the Remnants of Despair, Observer of the Neo World Program)
Usami (right) and Monomi (left), by Meyly

Yoda, God of Odd Syntax Speech Style (Vanquish Is)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Green lightsaber
  • Theme Song: Yoda's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guys, Mentor Mascot, Doting Parent, Obfuscating Stupidity And Disability, Paladins, There Is No Try, Living Legends, Doting Grandparents, Psychic Powers, Intelligence by Shortness
  • Domains: Intelligence, The Force, Legends
  • Allies: Every intellectual Benevolent God, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke and Leia Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, Mickey Mouse, E.T., J'onn J'onzz, Chifuyu Orimura, Joseph Joestar, Jimminy Cricket
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Darth Vader
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, General Grievous, Melkor, The Chaos Gods, Agatha Trunchbull, Sun Li, Amon, Nyarlathotep
  • Of the Jedi, few are considered greater than Grand Master Yoda. Already a master at only a century, Yoda spent centuries leading the Jedi Order. One of the wisest and most powerful Jedi in history, Yoda would be one of the few survivors of Order 66 and along with Obi-Wan Kenobi set the restoration of his order into motion.
    • Much of Yoda's background is a mystery, kept secret by George Lucas. Asides from knowing he became a Jedi Knight at 50 and Master at 100, a good 800 years of his life are a blank. Even the name, culture and homeworld of his people is a mystery. Some say he might be something called a Whill, who's race documented the events of the galaxy for humans. All agree it's likely going to be a big, important spoiler if ever revealed.
    • Apparently, E.T's race inhabits the same galaxy as Yoda. E.T even seems to know of him. It's unclear if this means anything, but the two nonetheless have a good relationship.
  • Upon ascending, he sees that the new generation of Knights have been very well, Usually giving them some advice. Usually trains them. His advice is not trying to strike him, but strike him to remind the heroes of what they stand for. He spends most of his time visiting the House of School. He's seeking to get rid of Agatha Trunchball, believing her presence is ruining the House.
    • He has since moved to the House of Quirks because of the Court of the Gods notice of his "strange" arrangement of words and decided to give him a new title because of his notable traits. Yoda is still willing to teach the newcomers, though. Also upon ascension, he preferred to be his in his prime due to the fact that he can't let the younger people suffer.
  • Expressed relief when his good friend Obi-Wan is in the Pantheon. Many gods have wondered why Yoda isn't the God of Mentors rather than Obi-wan. Yoda stated that Obi-wan was a more popular mentor than he was. And with Ahsoka's ascension, Yoda is determined to make up for his past mistakes with her.
    • Yoda is good friends with J'onn J'onnz. The two share many in common, being old green moral centers who delve into the mind. Yoda's particularly impressed with the Martian Mahunter's Heroic Willpower,
  • Is now seeking an army to eliminate Palpatine from the House of Leadership, which is no easy task, considering that Vader too is in the Pantheon along with his minions, 501st. Luckily, along with Luke, Obi-wan, and the rest of the Jedi Knights in training, the chances of success are high this time.
    • Yoda's task was made a lot more easy with Vader's redemption. Though there's still a lot of friction between the two.
      • Also once raced with Darth Vader to reach the sword Soul Edge. Of course, Yoda wanted to put a stop to its evil power. Result: The sword ran away with neither Yoda nor Darth Vader claiming it. Still, the deities they met back then invite Vader and Yoda to battle them once in a while, and Yoda's bouts are well attended to witness his impressive acrobatics.
    • Wishes that Anakin/Vader had been honest about his relationship with Padme Amidala; wise as he is, romantic and hormonal issues is a blind spot for the Jedi Grand Master.
  • Yoda has spent much of his time meditating on the nature of the Force, and of the Dark Side. Having witnessed Melkor, Yoda has come to wonder if he is the ultimate source of the Dark Side, but for now simply believes the Dark Enemy to be a more potent Dark Side avatar than Palpatine. Still, Morgoth is something to be abhorred.
    • Vehemently opposes the Chaos Gods and Nyarlathotep, whom he considers to be the Dark Side made manifest. Also, while he supports what Philemon represents, he disapproves of his inaction. True, he regrets the Jedi going to war, but both this other extreme of staying in the background led to the Jedi's downfall.
  • Yoda often adopts a goofy, harmless persona, combining it with his short stature so that others under-estimate him.
    • Has sought out Joseph Joestar for his unconventional tactics, and Jimminy Cricket to be another moral center for up and coming Jedi Padawans.
  • George Lucas creator once joked that Yoda was the illegitimate lovechild of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. The Council of Cloudcuckooland interprets it as a Sarcastic Confession, and much to Yoda and Kermit's bemusement they've been trying to get the former to pay child support.

Lesser Gods

Subject Abathur, God of Terse Talkers (Evolution Master, Slapathur)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Zerg Swarm emblem
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Evilutionary Biologist, developing evolutions of swarm, devotion to science, inability to comprehend empathy, speaking with little emotion and small words, deep voices, tapping fingertips, remaining out of combat, Obliviously Evil, being sole species, made from multiple strands, finding purpose within chaos, being popular
  • Domains: Small Words, Experiment, Evolution
  • Allies: Kerrigan, The Goo, Lesale Deathbringer
  • Enemies: Lesser beings that claim superiority to Zerg swarm, Tyranid, The Flood, many of the X-Men
  • Odd Friendship: Mordin Solus
  • Subject Abathur, complex relationship with Queen of Blades, Kerrigan. Queen of Blades dislikes Subject Abathur, angry over role in her infestation. Queen of Blades considered killing Subject Abathur, stayed hand, recognized use. Came to terms with volatile emotions, appreciates Subject Abathur's work.
  • Subject Abathur unimpressed by humans. Flawed, weak, easily broken. Only select few viable for induction into Swarm. Others, wasteful, irrelevant.
  • Subject Abathur sighted in Battlefield of the Nexus. Unsuited for frontline combat, best to work within base, support other fighters.
  • Rumored to be friends with Geneticist Mordin Solus. Rumors founded on similar speech patterns. Subject Abathur confused by STDs and condoms. Questions point of such things.
  • Queen of Blades ally of Tyranids, Subject Abathur enemy of Tyranids. Tyranids stole Subject Abathur's design for Swarm. UNACCEPTABLE. Tyranids to be eradicated, useful traits shall be assimilated. Nothing else will survive.
    • Subject Abathur accepting of Goo as ally. Do not steal designs of Swarm, only devour. Death encourages adaptation, evolution. Goo useful to Subject Abathur's purpose.
  • Subject Abathur hated by X-Men, similar to Mr. Sinister, experimenting on living subjects. Subject Abathur requested sample of X-Men genetic strands. Request unresponsive at present.
  • Subject Abathur lacking in physical strength, must slap enemies to death. Humans refer to as "The Immortal Slapathur." Subject Abathur does not find any purpose in humorous memes. Distracts from work.

    The Frye Twins 
Sir Jacob Frye and Dame Evie Frye, Divine Duumvirate of Twin Banter
The Frye Twins, Jacob (left) and Evie (right)

Gex, God of Talkative Loons
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A remote control
  • Theme Music: Gex 3 Boss/Bonus Stage Theme; alternatively, this
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Tail Slap, Wall Crawl, Spouting Completely Random One-Liners (Often Related to Popular Media)
  • Domains: Geckos, Television, Wisecracks
  • Allies: GEICO Gecko, Austin Powers, The MST3K Crew
  • Enemies: SCP-993
  • Opposes: Gleeman Vox, Lionel Starkweather, Tsumugi Shirogane
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis from: James Bond (one-sided)
  • Gex is a gecko with a primary interest in watching TV thanks to the fact his father died in a rocket explosion, though that last bit isn't brought up much. His days being a couch potato in Hawaii came to an end thanks to swallowing a fly that was actually a metallic transmitter and ending up inside the television thanks to Rez, an evil figure of the Media Dimension. Gex has since fought Rez a number of times for some reasons, including money or the fact that his lovely female human spy ally got kidnapped. One thing's for certain about Gex: he'll always say a bunch of random things that don't make much sense with what he's up against half the time. Then again, that's what happens when someone hires a binge-watcher to fight crime.
  • At first, he didn't know a whole lot about this Pantheon deal, but upon learning that the characters from the many TV shows he watches are real there, he seemed pretty excited about it. Of course, Gex is more content to watch TV to relax, but if the need arises to fight something that threatens his peace, then Gex will be up for the challenge.
  • Whenever he watches TV, there's a likely chance that he'll see ads featuring the GEICO gecko during commercial breaks. Gex decided to pay him a visit and while the GEICO gecko was a bit surprised at seeing another gecko at first, he was more than welcoming of Gex. The two have even considered working on an advertisement together whenever Gex has enough free time in his hands.
    • That said, Gex did find it a bit unbelievable that the GEICO gecko got into a fight against Segata Sanshiro over who has better commericals. This is despite the fact that Gex's first adventure did come out on the Sega Saturn. Gex did try to suggest that Segata and the GEICO gecko could at least be a bit less hostile with their rivalry, especially since Gex does see Segata's ads on TV sometimes and has no issue with those ads.
  • No one is really sure whether or not Gex is able to swim underwater for prolonged periods of time, even while using a body of water in Water & Moisture to test things out. People have claimed that they've seen Gex come up for air after diving underwater for a short period of time while others believe that they saw him able to swim underwater just fine for quite a while, even while exploring a shipwreck.
  • He heard about how Timmy Turner went inside the world of television as a means of escapism and then had to stop his evil babysitter Vicky from using it to take over the real world. Given that Timmy is the kind of person who often has to fix his mistakes upon realizing them a little too late, Gex did try to talk to him about his problems. The only reason why Gex decided not to at the last moment was because, from watching Timmy's other adventures on TV, he knew Timmy kept creating problems with his wishes no matter how many times he was told about the consequences of such.
  • Being a parodic spy figure that's known for making wisecracks at various moments, he gets along pretty well with Austin Powers. That however, didn't sit well with James Bond, who already had an issue with Austin Powers making a mockery out of the field of spies. With how much more of a jokester Gex is than Austin Powers could potentially be, Agent 007 seems to have a bigger dislike of Gex than he does towards Austin Powers. On his end, Gex doesn't really mind 007 too much and kind of admires him, likely due to Gex watching 007's adventures whenever they come on TV. Gex did say that 007 could loosen up a little, but that's more Gex's opinion on 007 in his more serious moods than anything serious.
  • He has a fondness for watching Mystery Science Theater 3000 and how the crew there makes plenty of quips to go along with the movies they watch. Gex ended up on the Satellite of Love once and got along pretty well with Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot. For short bit, Gex decided to make his own riffs alongside the robots and for the most part, the bots seemed to like what Gex had to say.
  • One time, Gex accidentally wound up in the TV World for an unexplained reason. Being who he is, Gex decided to just take a look around and see what's there. He ended up finding plenty of unusual things he hadn't seen before. And then, he ended up meeting Yu Narukami while there, who explained to Gex what the purpose of the TV World was. Gex simply mused that this wasn't exactly what he'd thought of when it comes to a place named "TV World". Yu escorted Gex out of the place, telling him that nothing significant is happening related to Gex, but will let him know if something comes up, whatever it may be..if it even happens.
  • Gex makes frequent trips to the House of Theater to see firsthand how the TV shows he watches get made. During one of his visits, he ended up being a contestant on Mettaton's game show and was a guest on Space Ghost's talk show. Both experiences ended up being pretty weird for him and it was just as weird for him to be watching himself on TV after those respective shows finished filming.
  • In one of their fights, Rez apparently claimed that he was Gex's father, a claim that Gex isn't certain about. There's also the fact that a battle of theirs took place in a setting similar to that of Star Wars. Gex's father isn't something the gecko is too interested talking about with others, but whenever he watches The Empire Strikes Back, it does somehow bring back memories of fighting against Rez.
  • Traveling through television programs is a recurring thing for Gex, alongside fighting against any antagonistic inhabitants of those programs. Gex was actually more than surprised when he found out that there was a deadly TV program through SCP-993. Since Gex couldn't even get past one episode of Bobble the Clown's program, he had to be explained by others about Bobble's intentions. Gex actually got upset that someone would be willing to use a TV program to harm others and has talked to some other deities on if there's a way to get Bobble's program cancelled, so to speak.
    • Anyone who likes to make live programming that involves murdering others is something that Gex hates as much as he hates someone who uses TV as a means for corrupting others. To Gex, TV and entertainment is just something to watch for fun and to use that to blatantly showcase live murders is unforgivable. Those particular deities in charge of live death games on TV don't care at all on what a talking gecko would think of them, especially since half the time Gex is watching TV (just not their programming).
  • What some deities find weird about Gex is that while he does speak English perfectly fine, it's that sometimes he has a British accent and sometimes he doesn't. And then there's what kinds of one-liners he says depending on what voice he has at the moment.

    James T. Kirk 
James Tiberius Kirk, Divine Balancer of Logic and Emotion, God of Deconstructing the Enemy (Captain Kirk, Jim, William...Shatner, Denny Crane)
Prime Reality Kirk
Kelvin timeline Kirk
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God with a Green Lantern ring)
  • Symbol: The Starfleet Logo
  • Theme: "Space. The final frontier..."
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Good Captains, Dramatic Pauses, Large Hams, Orders To Beam Up (And Down) from Scotty, Kirk Summations, Chick Magnet (Specially Of The Alien Kind)
  • Domains: Air, Cavern, Void, Travel, Community
  • Follower: Naoya Toudou
  • Allies: Spock, McCoy, Jean-Luc Picard, Worf, Kathryn Janeway and Jonathan Archer, Clark Kent/Superman, Commander Shepard, Luke Skywalker, Shido Itsuka, Optimus Prime, Gordan Freeman, Barbarella, Malcolm Reynolds, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Edward Elric, Thor, The Doctor, John Crichton, Samantha Carter, Hal Jordan
  • Rivals: The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: KHAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!, Sheev Palpatine, Darth Vader, Nero, Tzentch, Judge Doom, The Cybermen, The Daleks, The Combine
  • Uneasy Relationship: Dr. Zaius, Honor Harrington, Commander Adama, John Sheridan
  • Admired by: Sheldon Cooper
  • Before the story of a galaxy far far away was published, there was another spaceship who were keen on exploring various new planets under the Captain's Log. The ship was known as the Enterprise and the most well-known Captain who commanded her was Kirk. A no-nonsense leader, he valued his teammates and did his best to keep them safe as they strive to go where no man has gone before.
  • Spock and McCoy are the only members of his crew who have ascended so far. The two constantly argue among one another over a number of topics. Here, Kirk serves as the mediator of the two; whenever the two argue about a solution to problems in any situation, Kirk always comes with an idea compromising theirs.
    • Him and Spock have been subjected to one of the earliest forms of Ho Yay in fiction. This increased exponentially with the death of Spock. Neither human nor Vulcan has commented on this development.
  • Acquired Seventeen Temporal Violations, the most of any Starfleet Captain As you can see, he's a bit of a rebel He even cheated on a simulation specifically designed to be impossible to beat.
  • Is famous for having *ahem* relations with at least 50 women from every universe in the multiverse (with a few exceptions), garnering him some punny but accurate nicknames that for the sake of good taste shall be omitted here. With that said, he isn't one to brag about his relationships. He just wants to find someone to love... and has horrible luck in keeping them alive.
    • When Lieutenant Mary Sue returned to the Pantheon proper, he respectfully nodded in acceptance but is still hesitant in keeping her in the Enterprise. She understood the hesitation and has decided not to pressure him into adding her.
  • His fanbase and that of Star Wars is one of the biggest rivalries among fans. That is not the case with him and Luke Skywalker, who are close friends. He even admitted that Luke would probably kick his ass, though ship warfare would probably be a different affair.
  • There was another space show that predates his own by a couple of years. While he and his crew explored worlds on the Enterprise, the Doctor and his companions travelled through time in the TARDIS. Both fell into hard times with hiatuses but are now benefiting from a renaissance of interest. The Doctor was appalled to see that many of Kirk's fans were mistreated and called 'nerds'. Fans of Doctor Who are held in much higher regard across the pond.
  • Was met by a rather enthusiastic John Crichton, who thanked the Captain for his guidance. The former astronaut felt that his adventures in space helped shape him to be a captain of Kirk's likeness. Kirk himself was a fan of many of Crichton's plans to get his crew out of sticky situations.
  • Part of why Samantha Carter likes working with Kirk is that he sees her as a co-worker and nothing else. She was getting tired of the praise she was getting, so getting into an environment that relied on her expertise was relaxing. It helps that the Enterprise is focused more on exploration than any military excursions.
  • Due to his 'Avatar', Kirk is known to either... put on... Dramatic... Pauses... or... speakthingssoquickly.
  • At times, he has used a younger avatar from an Alternate Timeline for covert missions. Wonder Woman in particular adores that version, and likes to assist in said assignments.
  • Both Kirk and Picard have become befriended a young god called Shido Itsuka. Seeing much of themselves in Shido, the two captains offer him guidance whenever he faces a moral dilemma. Kirk, ever the ladies man, also likes giving him advice in how to sweep girls off their feet, to which Picard delivered his trademark reaction. They can't help but let out a small laugh at Shido's occasional crossdressing, much to Shido's annoyance.
  • Many believe much of his story can be derived from the Space Opera. The two pioneers of the genre ascended and went over to greet Kirk. Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon may not have been able to be as popular, but they have no ill will with Kirk's success.
  • It's safe to say that no matter how much Kirk tries to say his missions are in peace, certain aliens will try to eradicate them and their planet afterwards. The Combine and the Daleks are common enemies that he faces.
  • Among the unusual friends he gathered are Edward Elric, who sometimes sounds like Kirk and who intrigued the Captain with his powerful magic, and Thor, who is also an explorer of worlds and reminds Kirk of his father.
  • Sheldon Cooper and his posse of friends regard Kirk as one of their favorite shows to watch. Cooper may be more of a Spock fan, but he respects the Captain and his prowess in leadership.
  • Has become a fierce opposer of Judge Doom, as in addition to him being Obviously Evil, Kirk has cartoon experience, and Doom reminds him of the Klingon who killed his son.
  • The God-Emperor of Mankind has offered sums of money to fund their excursions on multiple occasions. Kirk has rejected all cases, stating he knows that the God-Emperor only wants to fund his explorations in order to find threats to exterminate.
  • There was a time when his ship entered Dr. Zaius' world after tracking down some Klingons. Kirk and Spock were able to free the gorilla of the Klingon's mind control, but that did not mean that the two were friends. Dr. Zaius maintained his hatred of humanity and warned that if anyone in the Enterprise crew try to interfere in their planet affairs again, they would be shot on sight. To the orangutan, letting them go was their way of being evil.
  • Kirk has maintained his stance that the Enterprise is strictly for exploration purposes. The reason they get into trouble with other alien species is usually due to misunderstandings or outright hostilities from the aliens. While they appreciate Honor Harrington's military presence for making the area safer, he is wary about fully cooperating with her. The same goes for all the other militaristic space deities. Previous attempts to do so did not end well for them.
  • Became friends with Hal Jordan after having some adventures in a parallel universe. To the surprise of many gods, Kirk did become worthy of a Green Lantern ring and has vouched for collaboration between Starfleet and the Green Lantern Corps. Kirk normally doesn't wear his ring if he can help it, preferring his beloved Enterprise above anything else, so he leaves it under Hal's care but when the situation calls for it, Hal is more than happy to give Kirk the ring if he needs it.
  • Is also found in the House of Personality.

    Jimmy Neutron 
James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron, God of TV Geniuses and Children Who Talk Like They're Older

    Juliet Starling 
Juliet Starling, Goddess of Teenager Talk
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her chainsaw
  • Theme Song: Lollipop
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Action Girl, A Love to Dismember to Nick, Bare Your Midriff, Chainsaw Good, Bunny-Ears Spy, Blood Knight, Cloud Cuckoolander, The Ditz, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, She-Fu, The Pollyanna, Stripperific
  • Domains: Zombie Killing, Combat, Chaos, Good
  • Herald: Nick Carlyle (her boyfriend)
  • Followers: The teens at Caprica, The Blackadders, Jack Carter
  • Allies: Sabrina Spellman, Saeko Busujima, Buffy Summers, Claire Bennet, Kim Possible, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Bubbles, Raven, Ben Tennyson, Twlight Sparkle, Betty Cooper, Charlotte LaBouffe, Sayaka Miki, Mio Akiyama, Ash Williams
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, Albert Wesker
  • Rivals: Jack Cayman
  • Opposes: All zombie deities
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Odd Friendship: Magik
  • Initially a teacher in the now defunct Academy (as well as a follower of Tallahassee along with the rest of her family), Juliet hoped to gain the cheerleader title from her inspiration Buffy Summers, with support from both the Slayer and Claire Bennet. The gods decided to put Juliet and the other competitor, Kim Possible, to the test to see which one had the acrobatics to deserve the title. Just as a winner was about to be announced, one particular cheerleader denounced the contest; Libby declared neither of them fit the title because they do not match common cheerleader traits of shallow ruthless Alpha Bitches that Really Get Around. The Court of the Gods agreed with the ruling, but amid Buffy and Claire's protests, they compensated by giving the two other titles. Kim would get the Heroic Multitasking title.
    • Appreciated Saeko for giving her the high priest rank for Orgasmic Combat. Both share a Blood Knight personality when it comes to mowing down zombies. Oh, and Juliet has her uniform as an alternate look as well.
  • She was also considered as the God of Chainsaws, but Jack Cayman proved to be much more worthy of the title. She doesn't mind, but isn't afraid to throw down with him whenever he offers a challenge.
    • The title she actually did get was suggested by Buffy herself. Although Buffy would have taken the title for her own, she decided that Juliet would be the perfect candidate for the job. It helps that Juliet has some experience with the supernatural.
  • When she was denied the cheerleader spot, she was met with a surprising ally. Although wary of cheerleaders in general, Sabrina would have preferred her to whatever Libby and her posse would choose for the title. Afterwards she, Sabrina, and Kim egged Libby's temple in a fit of revenge.
  • Her ascension caused some of her fellow zombie hunters to scratch their heads. The survival horror trio of Chris Leon and Claire were initially skeptical with her skills. That changed immediately once she showed them what she's capable of.
    • She became especially sympathetic with Jill Valentine after she found out that she was brainwashed for a time. That quickly turned to scorn at Wesker, the man responsible for it all.
  • Many in the House of Love were inspired with her relationship with her boyfriend Nick. Any couple that can survive when one is left with a head has to have a strong bond between the two. Nick himself was more ambivalent, wishing his girlfriend would listen to him more. It's a request Juliet is attempting to follow.
  • Once went into the House of the Undead, with varying results…
    • Her first target was Nagash the Undying, god of the Undead. Unfortunately, his necromancy as well as endless amounts of undead quickly overwhelmed her. From then on out, she approached with more caution.
    • She decided that less powerful gods would be easier to slay. The other Undying God was inflicted with heavy losses as his army was mowed down. The bout between the two ended in a stalemate.
    • She was finally stopped by a the Goddess of Revenants. After subduing her, Sylvanas Windrunner decided to let her go, warning her against going back into the House on a suicide mission. The cheerleader has been unsure on the archer's alignment to this day, but she promises not to attack her immediately on site.
  • Having the same voice of Tara Strong, Juliet forged several unusual relationships with several like-minded deities:
    • Despite her darker tendencies, Juliet managed to form an alliance with the demon Magik. She sees enough potential in the Corrupted one in overcoming her troubled past.
    • It hard not to see Juliet having a strong bond with the kid superhero Bubbles. One could say that the Powerpuff Girl is a much younger version of the cheerleader. It got especially grating for Buttercup.
    • Raven has been doing her best to avoid the girl, not just due to the similarities. Juliet contains strong enough emotions to make her sick to her stomach after prolong exposure. That doesn't mean she's not willing to occasionally help her out.
    • Ben just can't help but feel uncomfortable around her. Besides her skimpy outfit, the fact that he has the same voice as a girl confuses him to no end, much to Gwen's amusement.
    • Was once surprised by Pinkie Pie, who though she had heard Twilight Sparkle. Turns out the two share the same actress as well, and the two quickly became friends as a result.
    • She gets along with her Japanese voice partners as well. While she's trying to give confidence to Mio on her fanservice, she's sympathizes with Sayaka with what she had to go through.
  • It was surprising for Betty to find a cheerleader that isn't a stuck-up Alpha Bitch. Thus, she eased herself to a steady friendship with the preppy blonde. This has not gone unnoticed with Veronica, who has grown distraught over the concept.
  • When Juliet met up with Charlotte, the squees could be heard throughout the House of Commerce. It's not to say how the two wouldn't be best friends due to being Spoiled Sweet. Charlotte promises to fund the cheerleader's campaigns as well as that of the other zombie-killing deities.
  • Due to their love of the song, "Cherry Bomb," and other old hits, Juliet is good alies with Peter Quill/Star-Lord and the other Guardians of the Galaxy. She absolutely thinks that Rocket Raccoon is the cutest thing ever (much to Rocket's annoyance) and has promised Groot that she'd never use her chainsaw on him.

    King Togwaggle 
King Togwaggle, God of Broken Speech (King of the Kobolds, The Big Cheese, Heistbaron Togwaggle)
Heistbaron Togwaggle 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Candle-Crown and a large miriad of treasures
  • Theme Song: Kobolds and Catacombs, Setting Out, Gather and Into the Catacombs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fat Bastard, Artificial Stupidity, Greed, Friendly Enemy, Final Boss
  • Domains: Kobolds, Catacombs, Broken Speech, Candles, Wax, Treasure
  • Heralds: Rakanishu, his flame elemental Familiar and his Kobolds Followers
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Smaug, The Ancestor, The Dungeon Keeper
  • Enemies: The League of Explorers, Kalecgos, Yomi and Ceri, Riki, Fafnir, Wario
  • Friendly Enemy to: The Ascended Heroes of the Tavern (He is a lot more chummier with the Rogues)
  • There are stories of fabled catacombs that contain unimaginable treasures as well as untold horrors deep within the clutches of the caverns. These Catacombs are inhabited by Kobolds, a race of rat-like humanoids that spend most of their time mining and living underground. Not very smart and prone to very strange activities and atop sits King Togwaggle, the biggest of all Kobolds and the one who runs the place. The King was found transported into an unfamiliar world beyond the caves he lives where people referred to others as "gods" and later he found out he was one of them. He and a handful of his Kobold followers were selected given their rather poor speech and the King found no issue with that. Little did he know that his ascension would usher the beginning of a new wave of adventurers looking to snatch the treasures located deep within the catacombs of his temple, but he welcomes the challenge of the new blood.
  • Anyone can dare enter the Catacombs of the Kobolds and try their best in collecting high amounts of treasure. However, the Catacombs are not a friendly place, as it is infested by traps, beasts, monsters, demons and other untold eldritch horrors that may drive anyone insane. Not to mention, the Kobolds themselves will try to steal your earnings once you are done collecting.
    • Concerning the latter, it would seem at first that Togwaggle and his Kobolds are uncharacteristically friendly to adventurers. Truth is, that's part of their master plan. They let the adventurers clean up all the horrors of the lower levels of the Catacombs and then steal the treasure they couldn't retrieve themselves and split it, the King usually taking the best stuff.
  • One thing to note: YOU NO TAKE CANDLE! Candles are sacred artifacts to Kobolds and touching any of the dozens of candles found in the catacombs is a quick way to get you swarmed by angry kobolds. They even have Waxmancers that use magic based on the components of a candle.
  • His temple is not the only place that adventurers can venture to. He heard of other places such as The Ancestor's Estate or The Keeper's Dungeon domains and not wanting to be undone has tried to get more adventurers to enter the Catacombs. He is also greedy enough to send a few of his Kobolds towards those places to gather loot. He has had a surprising success rate considering that Kobolds can pass off as denizens from said dungeons without any trouble and have been successful in acquiring new loot for their king, but their stupidity is prone to getting them killed.
    • The King also heard stories about The Abyss and how many valuables that can be obtained there, not unlike the catacombs he lives in. He has commanded a few of his followers to make settlements in that place and at least the Kobolds were lucky enough to construct a camp in the first layer. Their lack of intelligence and general quirkiness allowed them to bypass the Abyss curse (at least the insanity. They are already very insane usually) and get to the lower levels unscathed. Provided they don't run into the local wildlife.
  • Togwaggle is certainly not fond of Yomi and Ceri. The latter is a frequent visitor of the Kobolds dungeons and Togwaggle has tried to teach her the in and outs of the Catacombs with mixed success but Ceri has slowly gotten better at handling the denizens of the catacombs, but she tends to die in the lower levels a lot (or rather she rarely make it past those levels whenever she does adventure there) which has benefited Togwaggle a lot. That is, until her girlfriend gets involved when she's not managing her own dungeon (and his kobolds get a lot of eye candy whenever they visit to check for loot before getting their butts kicked by its Cute Monster Girls) and managed to make most of the catacombs challenged a breeze, which Togwaggle isn't very happy about. At least they struggle a lot in the lower levels versus entities like The Darkness or Xol the Unscathed.
    • However, should the two assemble an entire party (especially if it comprises of other monsters from Yomi's dungeon), they can actually succeed in clearing it, much to his ire. Given they've managed to thwart the dungeon lord who first overthrew Yomi, and even their world's Izanami, this way, that's something of note. Thankfully, this only happens once a month.
  • Many deities have compared the speech and mannerism of the Kobolds to the those of the Nopon Race, something that Riki didn't take kindly since unlike Kobolds, the Nopon are friendly creatures to others. The Kobold King also reminded Riki a lot of Bana considering the latter's shady deals and the animosity between him and Togwaggle got a lot worse.
  • Inside the King's candle crown resides Rakanishu, a flame elemental that acts as Togwaggle's Familiar and often likes to burn things down. The little elemental, of course, admires Ragnaros given he is Azeroth's prime fire elemental and wants to be like him but he also got to meet other fiery creatures that sparked his interest, like the Firebird, or Brand.
    • A few of the deities from Sanctuary found Rakanishu to sound like a familiar name. Indeed, there is a demon by the same name that was once fought by the heroes of Sanctuary and they don't fondly remember him.
  • The Kobolds have a lot of Dragons living in their caverns, most of those are Dragon Hoarders who are very protective of their treasures and can get very angry at thieves. The first thing that Togwaggle noticed is that the Pantheon also had one of those (Smaug, to be exact) and since they heard that his temple holds a lot of treasure like their caverns do, they have tried to steal from the dragon. Usually that ends up with a few squashed or burned Kobolds as a result but the little critters have been successful at snatching more treasure for the Kobold King, something that has caused Smaug himself to rain terror on their temples. Funnily enough, the Kobolds are pretty used to it.
  • The King was surprised that a deity who initially he thought was an adventurer was seen collecting gold and it turned out to be a monster. More egregiously, the King was bold enough to make a partnership with said creature, who turned out to be the Ahtal-Ka, and make them stay with a huge pile of gold with the condition that they act as another obstacle for adventurers. The monster has stayed believe it or not, but the Kobolds don't like to deal with her unless it's really necessary.
  • The king may be greedy, but he founds the greed of both Wario and Fafnir to be even greater than his and that bothers him. In his own words, "No one can be greedier than Kobold King!" and so those are one of the few deities that he nevers give indications and hints about the Catacombs obstacles. Not that they needed those in the first place.
  • Ultimately, adventurers completely emptied the golds that lied in the Kobold Catacombs, leaving Togwaggle sad and depressed. But he saw an opportunity when a mysterious troll fortune teller, Madame Lazul, sought him out and called him in for a special reunion. There, he and the others formed the League of E.V.I.L., with their first target being taking over the floating city of Dalaran for themselves.
    • Togwaggle, now going by Heistbaron Togwaggle, wanted to steal all the gold from the Dalaran Banks, enlisting the help of his candle friend Rakanishu and a few other henchmen. He did run into a faction of opposing Kobolds who also wanted to steal the gold too, led by his Distaff Counterpart, Queen Wagtoggle. He wasted no time in ordering his men to take her and her followers' candle (This is Serious Business in Kobold culture) and so after shortly disposing of her, the bank staff and Trade Prince Gallywix (who wanted to protect his "honest" investments) the bank fell into the League's hands and the Kobolds regained most of their gold, which he now proudly displays in his temple. Of course, that only prompted adventurers to start entering his temple once again.
  • "We be taking this now! Is kobold way!"

    Porky Pig 
Porky Pig, God of Substituting Words after Stuttering (Eager Young Space Cadet)
Eager Young Space Cadet 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A drum with himself popping out of it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Everyman, Weirdness Magnet, Beware the Nice Ones, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal
  • Domains: Pigs, Dialogue
  • Heralds: Petunia Pig, Hamton J. Pig
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Babe, Piglet
  • Enemies: Marvin the Martian, Napoleon, Piggsy, Trollkaiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Daffy Duck
  • Difficult Relations: Angry Birds
  • Compared to many of the other Looney Tunes, Porky Pig's attitude is a bit more grounded, though that doesn't mean he can't have his moments of craziness. He's a pretty friendly guy by default, though that can change if something were to happen that would really set him off. He has done a lot throughout his career, most of which involved encountering something weird and confronting it (sometimes with the help of someone else) with varying degrees of success. Porky also has a tendency to stutter certain words, often substituting more complicated words with simpler ones.
  • Porky's relation with Daffy has been all over the place. One day, Porky might be hunting the duck just for sport and in another day, they might be friends taking up odd-jobs and going after a criminal of some sort. Other times, they're just annoying each other without any real justification. When it comes to the Pantheon, things are mostly cordial between the two, but driving each other nuts at certain points in time remain a thing.
  • Even though Porky is very good friends with Bugs Bunny whenever they meet, any meet-up concerning just the two of them are actually less frequent than one would believe. If they are hanging out with each other nowadays, there's a good chance that Daffy is going to have some sort of involvement, whether rabbit and/or pig want it or not.
  • He spent some time with Sylvester the Cat visiting places that were considered creepy. The Puddy Tat attempted to convince Porky that something was wrong with around them, but not only did Porky not believe him, but the one time he admitted that Sylvester was right was when it was too late. Sylvester didn't really say anything to Porky those instances somehow. It makes one wonder how Porky, who is so used to putting up with strange scenarios, didn't really believe that those kinds of scenarios were happening when he was with Sylvester.
  • Porky decided to spent a bit of time looking for other pigs and managed to become friends with Babe and Piglet doing so. Porky is someone that Piglet actually looks up to, seeing as how Porky has gone through plenty of strange situations and trying his best to keep his cool much of the time. Unfortunately, this meant an encounter with Napoleon was going to happen and Porky heard from Piglet just how horrible of a pig Napoleon is, especially with how hypocritical Napoleon is.
    • Being a pig meant that he wasn't going to be on the best of terms with the Angry Birds, due to the latter not showing any kind of trust towards pigs. While the only thing that they agree on is how bad Napoleon is, all Porky can do is keep his distance from the Angry Birds and not go near their eggs. The Angry Birds also acknowledge that Porky Pig is not a bad pig by default; it's just that protecting their eggs is their main priority.
  • A particularly unfortunate moment for Porky in the Pantheon was when he got tricked into meeting Piggsy, under the pretense that the latter is related to pigs. Of course, Porky was explained further on who Piggsy really was and by the time he met him, all Porky saw was just a maniac in a pig mask and ran away as soon as he saw Piggsy going up to him. Porky vowed never to meet up with this psycho ever again since then.
  • Some of Porky's adventures had him getting tricked into unfavorable tasks or getting irritated by something. Given how Trollkaiger is known for tricking others or simply annoying unsuspecting targets for their own amusement, Porky doesn't like them in any way and even found some of their "pranks" to be even worse than some of his own misfortunes back then.
  • One time, he was asked to do some construction work and went ahead with it, with apparent knowledge that someone would be recording it. Porky accidentally hammered his hand during that time, to which he said "[...]son of a gun." Of course, he knew that others would expect him to say "son of a bitch" after that minor injury. There were a few other people involved with the "construction" who believe that everything that happened then was just a joke.
  • While Porky isn't extremely fat, he's a bit chubby compared to his Looney Tunes friends. Some deities looking into some historical archives about him were a bit surprised to learn that Porky was much fatter back then...and that his stuttering quirk during that same time period was even more pronounced than normal.
  • Th-th-th-that's all folks!

    Scott Steiner 
Scott Steiner, God of Angrish (Big Poppa Pump, The Genetic Freak, Freakzilla, The Big Bad Booty Daddy, The Man with the Largest Arms in the Pantheon)
  • Lesser God (Though he belives to be a Greater God)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of a head with his sunglasses, goatee and chainmail.
  • Theme Song: "Holler if you hear me!"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Evil. It's hard to tell with him.
  • Portfolio: Guys who go insane for almost nothing, people with specific things that pisses them off, Cool Shades, becomming more famous after leaving a team, Narm, being entertaining on the mic by being terrible, people who's not really all that bright at times, not giving anybody "sympy" while still getting love from the people.
  • Domains: Wrestling, Rage, Narm, Comedy
  • Followers: His "Freaks and Hootches" from the House of Love, Petey Williams, Ahmed Johnson, The Ultimate Warrior.
  • Enemies: John Cena, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, CM Punk, Alex Louis Armstrong, Goldberg, human countries, any overweight god, rednecks, WHITE TRAAAASH,The English Language!
  • High Priest: Ultimate Warrior
  • He once tried to become a statistics teacher in the Academy. But after witnessing his less than accurate math equations, it was swiftly denied. In retaliation, he decided to found the Higher Educated University. So far, the only other teacher other than himself is the Ultimate Warrior, teacher of comicbook writing.
  • He once tried to pick a fight with Asura by cutting one of his infamous promos in his face. This moment suprised the entire Pantheon since it didn't lead to a fight or Steiner getting ripped appart to tiny pieces, wich tends to be the result whenever sombody tries to anger Asura. In fact, it actually lead to Asura having a hard time trying not to laugh!
  • It is considered wise to NEVER use the word "Hurricanrana" in his precense. He demands that it should always be called a "Frankensteiner", a move that he can suprisingly still pull off.
  • Everytime Steiner enters the House of Love, he uses astronomy as a means to explain the size of his "Big Dipper" wile claiming that he has women 9 days out of the week. Nobody tells him that the week only has 7 days, unless they want to hear him ramble on in Angrish, his native language, in an hour or two.
  • There is a famous drinking game played by the gods in the House of Sports: Whenever Scott Steiner does a belly-to-belly suplex or loudly exclaims the word "HUH?!", take a shot! This is also the biggest cause of alcohol poisoning in the Pantheon.
  • Whenever he claims that he is hungry, it tends to cause silent laughters from whoever is in the House of Food at the moment.
  • He is convinced that he has the largest arms in the entire Pantheon, even when every other god has tried to prove otherwise. His speeches that arises from denial and anger are still a good source of entertainment.
  • Scott Steiner accended to godhood after he managed to outwrestle the casts of Axis Powers Hetalia and Scandinavia and the World as well as the entire population of Papua New Guinea. The other gods still have a hard time trusting him when he claims that he has "Wrestled a lot of countries".
  • The House of Knowledge are still trying to decipher the language he starts to speak whenever he gets angry. They have managed to translate most of it and document it into dictionaries, but they still have no damn clue what the hell the sentence "Doing him an egg" is supposed to mean.
  • He seems to have an incredibly massive hatred towards any person who may be overweight. He once attacked E. Honda and Jabba the Hutt with a lead pipe and a steel chair on seperate occasions when he saw them in the House of Food and the House of Sports. When he was stopped by members of the GUAG, he simply defended his actions with the following statement.
  • He tried to test his luck in Lordran once. As expected with most people, it didn't go too well.

Yahtzee, God of Fast Talking (Benjamin Richard Ermintrude Featherstonehaugh Godzilla Croshaw, Nick, Callipygian Superman, Charismatic Stallion, Ordinary Person, Inappropriate Menstruation Joke, Slick Internet Paparazzi, He Whose Name is Also A Game, A Banana)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Zero Punctuation logo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (you nerds)
  • Portfolio: Cruel British (And Australians), Half-Empty Glasses, Use of Big Words with profanity, Unbigoted Misanthropy, Rapid-Fire Discourse.
  • Domains: Chaos, Criticism, Humor
  • Allies: Gordon Freeman, GLaDOS, Suda51, Keima Katsuragi, all of the Undertale Gods, mostly anyone from video game he finds good
  • Enemies: Nathan Drake (and those who sound like him), Bad Video Games in general
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: 9-volt and 18-volt
  • Opposes: Martin Walker
  • Has a clear dislike for most gods of Webcomics, but has at least a little respect for Gabe and Tycho.
  • Has a clear dislike for many other gods, though he usually does little other than snarky criticism coupled with the occasional constructive complaint.
  • Captain Planet once passed by Yahtzee's temple during a recording session, the sheer hatred exuding from it nearly (temporarily) killed him, he went back by it a few days later when Yahtzee was just hanging out and " "only" felt incredible pain".
  • For some strange reason, he seem to be next to immune to the charms of Bayonetta. Apparently, he keeps seing her as a "stripper giraffe". It is not known if he just one of the few gods with a very good resistance to lust or if Aphrodite is testing a new spell on him to see if it can affect the rest of the Pantheon.
  • Seems to be on oddly good terms with the Undertale Gods, to the point where Papyrus and Toriel were shocked to learn what he's like when he's not dealing with them. Apparently their story made Yahtzee's cold dead heart beat a little.
    • Although he doesn't like it when Sans sells tickets made out a toilet paper whenever he has a verbal fight against 9-volt and 18-volt if he's biased against Nintendo gods or not.
  • While he likes the game Martin Walker is from, Yahtzee dislikes the captain himself because Yahtzee thinks the man is a monster for the atrocities he committed.


    Avery Bullock 
Deputy Director Avery Bullock, God of Classy Crassness

    Dimitri L. Lousteau 
Dimitri L. Lousteau, God of Jiving
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His "greasy sweet" suit
  • Theme song: Greasy Sweet (remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: jiving, crazy artistry, wielding harpoons, Let's Dance!, working for the good guys (even though no one asked him to)
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, Panda King, The Guru, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Enemies: Neyla, Penelope (ex-team member)
  • Like the Panda King, Dimitri started off as an enemy of the Cooper Gang as a member of the Klaww Gang, but was eventually betrayed by Neyla and thrown in jail. He got out, became a dance instructor on a cruse ship... and was tossed back in! But when Sly bailed him out, Dimitri offered to help him recruit Penelope (which eventually provided to be a big mistake) on the condition that Sly and his friends help Dimitri retrieve his grandfather's diving gear. They did so, and now he's a proud member of the Cooper Gang with no hard feelings between them for the Clockwork tail feathers.
  • When he's not with the ascended Cooper gang members, he's in his temple where he plays some of his "greasy sweet" music, or he's swimming in the dark waters of the House of Beasts and Nature, gathering sunken treasure to help promote his career as a professional skin diver. Amazingly enough, he's one of the few gods who managed to go toe-to-toe with both Bruce and the Kraken in several occassions and managed to come away unscathed every time, due both to his greasy sweet swimming and his skill with his harpoon gun.
  • There are only a few gods who actually understand what Dimitri is saying (mostly because Dimitri learned his English from hip-hop videos). And if there some who actually does and talks back to him with accurate jive talk, he just states that while they made good attempts, they just aren't to his level.
    • Shawn Michaels speaks jive apparently, and actually was able to get some sort of conversation going along. That and Dimitri knows that Shawn can pull out the Sweet Chin Music at any time.
  • Many of the Gods are wary about him turning good after they heard of that time he was counterfeiting his own money (which is frowned upon by all thieves in the Pantheon). Dimitri states that he's gone legit, though.
  • One of his favorite hangouts is Moe's Tavern, where he likes to unwind with a cool drink and show off his dancing. One particular day, he made the mistake of ordering the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (due to Moe not understanding the jivester's unique talk). Accounts differ depending on the alignment of the deity present, but Dimitri woke up the next day hanging from the rafters of the Academy's gigantic gym wearing one of Asuka's spare plugsuits and holding the Ore and the Anti-Life Equation taped to his face. Dimitri begged Haruhi to push her Reset Button to no avail as she found it too hilarious to retgone.
  • Another of his hobbies involves his life-long passion to his self-created artstyle, the "kinetic aesthetic". Despite showing off his painting skills to the other deities (which involve him swinging on a rope tied around his waist and painting with each pass), they all considered his art too strange for their tastes (or downright mocking it, in the case of the Trollkaiger and other evil aligned gods), much to the iguana's anger.
    • Nevertheless, he found a niche audience in the Council of Cloudcuckooland, who think his art is the best ever. Overjoyed to find "real patrons of the arts", Dimitri has painted portraits of every Council member, which they display in their respective temples.
    • In another act of sweetness, Dimitri's strange art style actually won him the Million Dreams Award in Toon Town. Apparently, Mickey thought Dimitri should be recognized for his unique talents in art, causing many to question the views of toons.
  • Dimitri has learned of "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and has decided to become Mission Control for Bentley, Murray and Carmelita as they venture into the Friendship Asylum to save Sly...
    • ...but before they could vender in, Dimitri was instead called to take April O'Neil's place as a anchorman for the Pantheon News following her abduction and Riku's corruption. Dimitri's "Jive News" did keep some gods away from the asylum, but it's reception from most gods was mainly negative.
  • Extremely fast when confronted in a battle on land, but never used this ability after his initial battle with Sly. He hasn't said anything either way, but it's presumably a result of taking his own product back when he was a dealer.

    Elmer Fudd 
Elmer Fudd, God of Rhotacism
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His double-barreled shotgun and his hat.
  • Theme Song: Grilled Cheese
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Harmless Villain, Too Dumb to Live, his famous Speech Impediment, Arch-Enemy of Bugs Bunny, Villainous Underdog
  • Domains: Speech Impediment, Hunting, Incompetence
  • Allies: Other hunter deities, Remy, Scarface, Yosemite Sam
  • Rivals: Most Disney deities
  • Enemies: Tarzan, Fluttershy, Cure Pine, Buddy Baker
  • Friendly Enemies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck (depending on the work portrayed)
  • Annoyance to: Megaman
  • Pities: Monomi / Usami
  • He has been hunting for Bugs Bunny for the past seven decades, but he has constantly failed, mainly from Bugs' trickery. Several times, Bugs would crossdress to trick him, he falls for it, many times.
    • There was one time the two were in the rivalry as an opera. He didn't take being tricked by Bugs dressed like a woman very well and was the angriest he has ever been. He actually killed him but ended up regretting it, though Bugs is alive, for obvious reasons.
    Bugs Bunny: Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?
    • He was once seen trying to turn Bugs into stew. Since then, he claims that he is a vegetarian, and he only hunts for sport. When he first met Remy, he thought he was an ordinary rat until he prepared for a ratatouille and Elmer loved it.
    • There was a time when he stopped hunting Bugs so that he could get the inheritance money from his uncle's will. Of course, Bugs being Bugs decided to pull jokes on him, and he eventually got the inheritance... of $1.98. He was pissed to say the least and started hunting Bugs again. Though the House of Commerce actually examined it and found that he actually earned $902,982.04, though Elmer didn't care about it anymore.
  • It is thought that he was once a man named "Egghead" before he became what he is. However, he pointed out that he and Egghead are two different people.
  • When he speaks to Megaman or even near him, a lot of deities make fun of Doctor Light's voice, much to Megaman's annoyance.
  • He shows his love of grilled cheese sandwiches, though a lot of deities note that how he loves them seem very... sexual.
  • He dread the one day in every year: Elmer Season.
  • Upon hearing of how she was made fun of her childish way of speaking, Elmer Fudd has started talking with Usami about a potential idea of a support group about their speaking habits.
  • "Shh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits. Huhuhuhuhuh."

    Hubert J. Farnsworth 
Hubert J. Farnsworth, God of "Good News" (The Professor, Great Wizard Greyfarn)

    Ibuki Mioda 
Ibuki Mioda, Goddess of Speaking in Third Person (Super High-School Level Light Music Club Member, Ultimate Musician)

    Isaac Washington 
Detective Isaac Washington Jr., God of Swearing

    Jefferson Smith 
Jefferson Smith, God of Time-Stalling Speeches
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Capitol Building
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Spoke for a whole day to delay an appropriations bill, lovably awkward, honest, not stupid, unclear affilliation, Nature Lover, Scout leader
  • Domains: Honesty, Determination, Politics, Scouting
  • Heralds: Clarissa Saunders, Joseph Paine
  • Allies: Leslie Knope, Lisa Simpson, Lazlo, Raj and Clam, America, Superman, Captain America, Hank Hill, Nature Preservers, George Bailey
  • Enemies: Ethan Roark Senior and Junior, Kevin, Red Skull and assorted nazis and fascists
  • Complicated Relations: Ron Swanson
  • Jeff Smith could be considered the model American citizen. He's honest to a fault, deeply loves his country, believes in the government and is devoted to furthering the development of the American youth. Then one day he was appointed Junior Senator, not suspecting he had been selected by a bunch of crooked politicians who thought he'd be easily manipulated. Even after discovering the reality of politics, Jeff wasn't cowed and set out to propose a bill to buy land for a boys' camp, which turned out to conflict with an appropriations' bill that was really a graft scheme. Jeff's bill was thus glossed over and he was falsely accused of corruption himself so public opinion turned against him. Undeterred, Jeff resorted to filibustering as long as he could to postpone the bill and prove his innocence. His persistence paid off as it inspired one crooked Senator, Paine, to admit to the corruption going on.
  • After achieving his goal of building a new boys' camp, Jeff was offered a position in the Pantheon, based on his rather spectacular feat that managed to move even blackened hearts. The one who petitioned for him to ascend was none other than Leslie Knope, who finds his determination to get things done while completely abiding to the law inspiring, and hopes the two of them can work together to make the Pantheon a better place. Jeff felt embarrassed at all the praise Leslie heaped on him and thinks what he did was nothing special, but since she was so earnest about needing his help he accepted a position in the Pantheon. He is usually found working in the Court of Gods, proposing new bills and weighing in on any decisions that need to be made.
  • As for Leslie's boss Ron Swanson, Jeff finds him a bit hard to deal with, given Ron's blatant contempt for any form of government. Ron Swanson has no idea why Jeff doesn't just renounce the government after everything he went through. They do both espouse freedom as the most important American ideal and share a love for the outdoors that makes them get along well outside of work, though Ron is frustrated that Leslie has managed to "contaminate" Jeff's mind with the modern concepts of recycling and climate change.
  • Being in frequent contact with Leslie eventually led Jeff to meet her protégé Lisa Simpson, who was also confronted with the corruption going on in Washington, but instead of conforming she stood up for her beliefs by exposing it regardless of the risks to herself. Jeff feels kinship with Lisa for having a similar story as him and thinks it's admirable for a girl her age to have such strong convictions and thinks she'd make a great American president.
    • Possibly because Jeff's political leanings aren't super-well defined, he may be the one person in the Pantheon to make friends out of both Lisa Simpson and Hank Hill, who've been at odds with each other since they've known each other. Jeff thinks Hank is a good American in his own right, but also that both he and Lisa could stand to make an effort to understand each other's perspectives. For now, the Pantheon in general hopes that Jeff can serve as something of a bridge between the two political opponents.
  • It's not at all surprising that Jeff would bring in his girlfriend/secretary Clarissa Saunders as his Herald (she's good at keeping his expectation grounded while being supportive at the same time), but quite a few deities were bewildered when he appointed Joseph Paine as well, considering the terrible accusations the disgraced Senator levelled at him. Jeff explained that he just had to give his former idol a chance to repent after admitting to several Senators' corruption, including his own, and demanding that Jeff be cleared of all charges. Besides, Jeff thinks he might learn some good lessons from the veteran Paine yet. Paine for his part, seems disposed not to let Jeff down.
  • Jeff's occupation prior to getting drafted into politics was that of Scout Master. In fact he was so devoted to his job and beloved by the boys under him that that's how he got noticed in the first place. Even as a senator he still tries his hardest to do well by the youth. As it happens, the scouting gods Lazlo, Raj and Clam had been looking for a good Scout Master since their ascension, and it was decided that Jeff, with his experience and patience, was just perfect to ensure the three didn't get into trouble and actually did some scouting activities. Jeff appreciates the opportunity to go back to his old job, not least because it allows him not to lose touch with the youth.
  • After everything he saw in the Senate, he's become a bit wiser and less naive regarding the existence of flaws in the government. Of course, he still sticks to his ideals no matter how much some might try to bend them. That's why he hates the likes of Ethan Roark Senior, who uses his influence to get his way and let his equally despicable son commit all the vile crimes he wants with no repercussions, and neither of them care the least bit about improving Basin City. Since Jeff refuses to cave in to Roark, he's become a target of the family's hitman Kevin.
  • Was very surprised that America existed in the Pantheon as a person and immediately went to meet him to pledge his service to him. Honestly, Jeff expected America to be a more serious fellow, but his heart seems to be in the right place, so Jeff remains loyal. Jeff is also friends with Superman for defending the American way, with Superman thinks the world could use more upstanding people like him.
  • Due to his love of nature and believing it's important for the education of the young ones, Jeff is somewhat unexpectedly (considering the time he comes from wasn't exactly ecologically-conscious) affiliated with the Nature Preservers, supporting them in most of their measures to protect nature from those who'd want to harm it for whatever reason.
  • Ended up meeting with George Bailey after Saunders did some exploration of her own and was struck by how much the two were alike. The fact that they look the same is only the beginning of it; Bailey is also hard-working, honest and believes in helping his fellow man. Jeff in turn thinks it's inspiring how one good man's actions can change an entire town for the better. The two get along quite well.
  • Very much hated by nazis due to his story promoting free speech, to the point where it got banned from several countries. Jeff despises nazis right back, as he cannot tolerate anyone who'd try to shut down those with dissenting opinions, besides all the other atrocities they've committed. Red Skull has promised there'll be no trace of him or his story even having existed once he's accomplished his goal. This in turn has led to Jeff gaining the protection of Captain America.

    Peter Burke 
Agent Peter Burke, God of the "Be Careful" Speech

    Scolar Visari 
Autarch Scolar Visari, God of the New Era Speech
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Helghast Symbol
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: General Ripper, Big Bad, Bald of Evil, The Emperor (But not an officially named one), Evil Overlord, Fantastic Racism, Large Ham, Putting on the Reich, Rousing Speech, Adored and supported by the Helghan people
  • Domains: Empires, War, Politics, Speeches, Space
  • Allies: The Helghan Empire, Colonel Mael Radec (His Right-Hand Man), Melkor, Sheev Palpatine, Arcturus Mengsk, The Corpus, Heinz Windermere, Father Elijah
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Jim Raynor, Magneto, William Stryker, The Enclave, Arthur Maxson
  • Evil Counterpart: Kamina
  • On good terms with: Nazi Deities
  • Autarch Scolar Visari was the leading man behind the Helghan Empire and the one who, with his political involvement and actions, rebuild the nation of Helghan into a powerful empire and his powerful and charismatic speeches were part of that. Visari gained the approval of the people of Helghan, mistreated by the UCN, ISA and the Helghan Administration and living in a planet with horrible conditions that mutated them and also economically broken, Visari was hailed as a saviour. His iron fist rule was even overlooked by the Helghan, since in their eyes he opposed a bigger evil and when he launched the war against Vekta, the victory would land him the position of Emperor of the Helghast. Ultimately, he was assassinated by an ISA operative, but he perfectly knew that would happen and the Helghast fought even harder to avenge their fallen leader.
  • Having heard of Visari's powerful impact in the lives of the Helghan people and his charismatic persona, Melkor saw potential in him and with all his powers revived the man and assigned him as one of the GUAE leaders. Visari didn't understand at first but after being explained that his loyal followers of the Helghan Empire were already a presence in the pantheon, he wasted no time in rallying them all for his return. The House of War was filled with Helghast troopers, all overjoyed that Visari had returned and even became a god with his own temple. Many villainous factions were inspired by Visari's speech about Helghan supremacy and power and decided that they would support the GUAE even more, considering Visari became a member of said Alliance. The GUAG in turn was greatly concerned about Visari, but they knew better than to attempt on his life.
  • Visari isn't formally an emperor but he is treated by one by his people. Emperor Palpatine found a lot of similarities with Visari and their respective armies already got along well before the arrival of the Autarch. He offered a partnership between the Empire and the Helghast, Visari even is well regarded by the 501st so that could mean good things for the empire and bad things for the ascended deities of the rebel alliance.
  • Ever since Visari's ascension, Colonel Mael Radec spends most of his time patrolling Visari's temple. He is the Hound of Visari for a reason. After what happened the last time, Radec has doubled the security in the temple and this time not even the whole might of the ISA will get through the Helghast defenses.
  • Considered the Evil Counterpart of Kamina given that both men are capable of rallying up a lot of people by their bombastic speeches. Kamina didn't take kindly to the comparison, obviously he doesn't agree with Visari's vision but respect the dedication that he had for his people but cannot understand how someone like him can come into power and be respected. Visari on his part oddly enough, considers Kamina an extraordinary individual, saying that the planets that each come from aren't that different and that he did well standing up for his people and that his fight against the ISA is not that different from the his fight against the beastmen but Kamina didn't think so.
  • Considers his status as a mutant as a sign of pride for Helghan to a point that it became a racial supremacy ideal, a sentiment that his followers took to heart and the Helghan people became racist against any other race, particularly humans who looked down on them. Visari had hoped that considered the similar circumstances and their status a mutants he would become allies with Magneto but the Helghast remind him a lot of the nazis and the horrors that he faced as a child to the point that any relation with him was strained to a point that Magneto hates them as much as any other person that doesn't agree with him. Visari is dissapointed that he would let that weakness prevent them from becoming allies.
    • Another thing that made things worse was that Visari sounds a lot like William Stryker. The man himself consider the Helghast an abomination that should be erradicated and wouldn't not hesitate to aid the ISA and UCN in doing so. Visari found him to be a foolish zealot and that he alone would not be a threat to the might of the Helghast.
  • Visari was born into the powerful Visari Corporation, which helped him a lot in gaining a political footing. His knowledge about economics plus the past of the Helghast as a fallen conmoglerate has allowed Visari to become allies with the Corpus. They were already friends with the Helghast but Visari was the one that gave them the ok when it comes to extracting the Helghan resources, with the condition that they would provide them with weapons in exchange. The Corpus kept their part and has provided the Helghast with powerful weapons, considering the lack of Stahl's Arms' support it was an incredible boost of power for the Helghast and they became a much more threatening faction all thanks to Visari's ingenious machinations.
  • It has come to his attention that the bulk of his army was already associated with a deity but the relation was kept secret from the rest of the pantheon. Obviously after his ascension Visari demanded to know who this deity was and met him in person. The man was none other than father Elijah, who offered his aid to the Helghast after finding out that, despite being mutants, the Helghast opposed a force that reminded him of the NCR who he despised. Visari took note of Elijah's skills with technology and allowed the partnership to continue, meanwhile Elijah would benefit from Visari's political influence, basically a win-win for both sides. The one problem was keeping the Corpus under wraps, but Visari promised that he would keep them at bay and they wouldn't find out.
  • Visari felt pity for the boy that was made Emperor only to meet a terrible fate. Heinz Windermere has tried his best to atone for his past but his perception from other deities became a lot more contentious after Visari managed to convince him to support the Helghast. It turns out that Visari sympathized with Heinz situation, seeing that his manipulation by people in his own court reminded the Autarch of how the UCN mistreated and humiliated the Helghan people until they were left with nothing. Being moved by Visari's words, Heinz accepted to become an ally of the Helghast, something that many people thought that Heinz didn't learn from history considering that Visari doesn't look like a trusthworthy individual. He commented that he noted that Visari's appearance was not a nice impression but he genuinely sounded interested in allying with him without any ill intention and the might of both the Helghast and the Windermerean will certainly get them places.
  • It's no secret that the methodology of Visari and the Helghast in general are an allusion to Nazi Germany and other fascist goverments. Actual Nazis, while their opinion are mostly divided, are on good terms with the Helghast and Visari himself has made an effort to get them to their side. It has worked for the most part but some of the more fanatic ones believe that mutants like them shouldn't be treated as human beings.


    Eiji Niizuma 
Eiji Niizuma, God of Onomatopoeias and Surprisingly Accurate Loonies (Moneys)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bubble speech with ANY Onomatopeia you can think of, above a stack of his mangas (Crow and Zombie Gun) and his feathers.
  • Theme Music: Crow's Opening
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Neutral Good leanings (easily confused with Chaotic Good due to his personality).
  • Portfolio: Constantly Saying Sound Effects Out Loud and Gesturing, Being out there (And Often Being Right Too), Hammy and Quirky Hot-Blooded Mangaka, Almost never Leaving his Studio when working on a Manga Or Sleeping, Gorging on Food when he finishes, Supposed Jerks and often showing otherwise, Always Better Rivals, Stating the Obvious, Teen Genius, Performers, Fan Favorites
  • Domains: Manga and Anime, Quirks and Knowledge, Postmodernism and Narrative
  • High Priest: Ronaldo Fryman
  • Allies: Accelerator, L Lawliet, Mello, Bang Shishigami, Doraemon, Monkey D. Luffy, Kotetsu Kaburagi, Yuma Tsukumo, Mad Howling "M. H." Murdock, Kamina, Simon, The Katawa Shoujo, Hisao Nakai
  • Rivals: Mashiro Moritaka and Akito Takagi (ASHIROGIIIII!!!)
  • Admires: Everyone from Shonen Mangas, especially Shonen Jump. Actually, everyone who leaves a good impresion on him.
  • Admired by: Yayoi Kise, Murakumo, Nagi Sanzen'in
  • Enemies: None so far. He doesn't hate Taro Nanamine but is disppointed on him. Maybe Light Yagami.
  • Uneasy Around: Issei Hyodo and the ascended members of the Kuoh Academy's Occult Research Club
  • Rivals: Rohan Kishibe
  • Right after the ascension of Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi, many in the Pantheon heard many weird noises coming from their temple and thought that something was broken there. When they checked out, it was noticed that no, nothing was broken. It was just their rival Eiji Niizuma working on his next manga. Hilarity and an ascension ensued.
    • Even after moving into his temple, the noises were still heard. They have been considering suggesting him making it soundproof.
  • Never leaves his temple if he's working on a manga. As a consequence, every ally and admirer of his usually have to go to his temple if they want to tell him something.
    • He can often be found in the House of Food the few times he is not there. However, almost everyone prefers to avoid him those times because of the mess he tends to make while eating.
  • Gets along very well with L Lawliet because both of them are genius in their fields of work, sharing creators and also because he reminds him of Mashiro. He also likes Mello for mostly the same reasons (he reminds him of Fukuda instead). Though Niizuma had to be restrained by Ashirogi when he met them for the first time since he was really surprised/excited to meet manga characters that he believed to be fictional.
    • Though he doesn't know what to make of Light Yagami, who looks like Takagi but is more similar to Nanamine, personality-wise.
  • The Lol Rangers once conspired to have him, Mashiro Moritaka, Accelerator and Touma Kamijou in the same room. No one except them knows what happened, but the Lol Rangers have promise that lots of hilary ensued.
  • There are some believe he is actually a lesser aspect of a real life mangaka called Eiichiro Oda. Nobody is sure about this but he does like his works and has become friends with Luffy.
    • The reason why this is believed is because of how both of them are similarly "quirky yet genius". Both of them started their career winning a contest, have same beliefs regarding their characters and both of them tend to make good use of information. In Oda's case, it's his ability to never forget anything. In Niizuma's case, it's because he is always right. In fact, Niizuma was given a second title because of it!
  • Is actually a little off-put by the Pantheon despite his initial enthusiasm about ascending and prefers to avoid going to the House of Technology, Travel or Love if he can help it. The former ones are because he is from a rural town (in comparison to Tokyo, at least) and he is not used to "big city things". The latter one is because of that embarassment he had that one time when he tried to create a love story manga and failed.
    • While his favorite genre is shonen, his favorite manga character is actually Doraemon. He was very pleased to be able to meet him so he made an exception just for him.
    • Also, even if he is very unexperienced with love, he is really emotional when he does understand the situation (But then again, when he isn't like that?). Tell him that your love situation, and he will tearfully blow his nose and give his blessing. He is a just chaste, not oblivious so he will also notice the romance if you are being too obvious about it.
  • He has been prophesied to be the one who will inmortalize how Simon pierces the firmament to carve out a space for the new universe and Kamina saves everyone from the orange goo dream world in the most GAR manga ever for the new Pantheon to enjoy. Niizuma was very confused after hearing this since the genre he writes about is Shonen Fighting Series, not Mecha but seems to be eager to try since those two left a good impression on him. Simon and Kamina themselves think he is up to the task and even wonder if his sheer Hot-Blooded wouldn't make him more like a Super Robot pilot than a Postmodernism manga character.
    • In the meantime, he has decided to work on another project. Since he empathizes with Bang Shishigami, who tends to be Wrong Genre Savvy at his own hamminess, he has started to make a new manga called Bang! that is about his ninja friend. Though it seems he will need his rival's help considering Litchi would be a major character and he can't write romance to save his life...
  • Due to him always being busy, he has decided to paste a "Help Wanted" poster outside his temple. Eventually Yayoi Kise, Murakumo and Nagi Sanzen'in came for the position of assistants and while he did notice they were a bit amateur, Niizuma was rather sympathetic towards them and often encourages them to improve so they can make their wish come true.
  • Likes to spend his very few spare time with fellow Onomatopeia-spewing Murdock, Kotetsu Kaburagi and Yuma Tsukumo.
  • Due to his position, he is often asked to say A CERTAIN ONOMATOPEIA. His refusal to follow this has made the Katawa Shoujo to like him a little but Niizuma has no idea of what's going on.
  • Was given an invitation to the Council of Cloudcuckooland from Osaka herself, which he accepted. Many a member in the Council of Shadows dropped their jaws after hearing about this, due to the fact that even if Niizuma rarely leaves his studio/temple, the Cloudcuckoolanders still just got themselves the closest thing to an actual mastermind. BE VERY AFRAID.

    Grandpa Simpson 
Abraham Jebediah Simpson, God of Rambling Old Men (Grandpa, Abe, "The Most Handsome Man in Albany, New York")

    SCP- 426 
I'm SCP-426, God of Making You Speak How I Want (I Am A Toaster)
Video thumbnail of me
  • My rank: Euclid by SCP standards, a Quaisdeity (my effect applies to Overdeities however)
  • My symbol: Myself (a toaster)
  • My alignment: True Neutral
  • Here's my portfolio: Always Making You Speak Like You're Me, I'm Hilarious But Can Be Dangerous, Maybe I'm An Eldritch Abomination, Also I'm a Mind-Control Device, I'm An Inversion of Third-Person Person, You Will Be Assimilated To Talk Like Me
  • My domains: Controlling Your Speech, Toasters and Toasts, Linguistics, Control
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in me: The House of Mind Control, King Harikinian, maybe The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • My allies: Kazuma Azuma
  • People immune to my effect: Hajun, Gilgamesh, Doctor Doom
  • My enemies: I don't have any conventional enemies, but the House of Food, Fused Zamasu and Wade Wilson aka Deadpool don't like me.
  • Annoys: I get on a lot of people's nerves, such as my own house, or the Cardinal Alignments or Nekron
  • Hello there! I am a Toaster that the SCP Foundation refers to as SCP-426. Besides being sentient, I'm just an ordinary toaster, right? Wrong! My anomalous effect is that anyone mentioning me does so in the first person. Trust me, better people than you have tried to break it. And by you, I mean the person writing or reading my profile. Hey, it's a Painting the Medium thing, I can't help it.
  • Think I'm just funny and harmless? I guess I am funny, but remember continual contact with me leads to you trying to emulate my functions as a toaster. A family killed themselves shoving bread in themselves to do so. The House of Food has refused me entrance because they think I'm too dangerous to serve as their toaster. Yes, Death Is Cheap here, but they still don't like bread-related deaths.
  • I'm not liked in my own house that much. Apparently I make things confusing. No-one could tell if Nihilus was affected because of how he talks, those who write like Eucliwood Hellscythe do so like they were me, Hodor goes "Toaster" instead. Despite being a Third-Person Person, Ibuki Mioda was affected like normal.
  • The Think Tank are affected by my anomalous effect, but retain their own mannerisms like Klein and Borous' sheer volume, Dala's ...sultry way of speaking... Dr 0's newscaster metaphors, and Dr Mobius' Malaproper and Large Ham attitude. Dr 8 may avert it, but I can't understand Roboco code so it wouldn't matter. They are immune to acting like toasters though, due to being disembodied brains for so long they're alienated to the human lifestyle. I have no idea where they'd put the bread anyway.
  • It's very difficult to find deities who can ignore my effect. Even the Cardinal Alignments, even Nekron refer to me in the first person. And yes, even Nekron is annoyed by me. Something about feeling offended that while I'm a Quasideity, my effect applies to Overdeities. They're strong enough to avoid emulating my functions, so they don't care beyond that since they can avoid the effect by just not mentioning me.
  • One Overdeity who's annoyance reaches hatred towards me is Zamasu. His massive ego and god complex means he can't stand the idea of being controlled in any way by acting like me in the first person. Deadpool doesn't like me either since I hijack his "speaking in the first term" gimmick in the pantheon. I don't pay much mind to him.
  • It's hard for me to make friends, but I did make one in Kazuma Azuma. He represents bread in the pantheon, and loves it to the point of applying other cooking techniques to bread such as a rice cooker and the method of making siopao. Bit of an airhead, but a Nice Guy who was fascinated in seeing a sentimental bread maker like myself. I've advised him not to stay with me for too long though; I don't want him hurting himself trying to emulate my functions as a toaster.
  • Homer Simpson wants to stay away me. After the events of "Time and Punishment", he distrusts any toaster that shows anomalous traits. The AVGN and King Harikinian had a different opinion. The former is curious as to how I might function as a Nintoaster, and Harikinian was muttering about how "all toasters toast toast" and how I could be applied to that.
  • Despite what my profile indicates, it is possible to refer to me in the third term as seen here, however The Power of Hate drove him Ax-Crazy. Hajun and Gilgamesh can ignore my effect, but only on account of being so full of themselves I can't do anything. Of course Hajun is such an egoist his Law as a Hadou God pertains destroying everything but himself, and Gilgamesh rejected the corruption of the grail because he's too arrogant for it, so I'm not too surprised. Doctor Doom has such an impressive ego he's also able to ignore my effect. Again, I'm not too surprised as he defied the Purple Man's mind-control up front, even when enhanced to the point of affecting the whole world.
  • While it's still first person whenever Bizarro talks about me he does so in his backwards talk, saying "me am not toaster!" I wondered what would happen if I discorded SCP-426. Turns out that I, Discord, now make the toaster refer to me in the first person if he refers to me from now on in any way. It still hasn't gone away and I wish that I, Discord, would fix the toaster already. I'm starting to seek to cause chaos and disharmony the more I refer to me instead of SCP-426.
  • The House of Mind Control is interested in my Enslaved Tongue powers, and how it could be used for their benefit. They still can't resist talking like they're me, though. Even Aizen was susceptible. They try not to refer to me, just imply to avoid my effect.


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