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Renka, Goddess of Thunder Drums

Naraku, Goddess of the Tribe-Centric Servitude (Guardian of the Reincarnation Orb)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her two leg flails
  • Theme Music: To Awaken My Friend
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Sworn to Protect Kagura As Her Duty From Her Clan, Will Do Anything For Her, Has Two Iron Balls As Weapons, Can Manipulate Their Size, Scarf of Asskicking, Lightning Bruiser, Conflict Between Duty and Friendship
  • Domains: Protection, Family, Flails
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Orochi, Dougen, The Witch-King of Angmar
  • Deep within mountains, there exists an isolated clan called the Goshin Clan, who have served the being called Kagura for centuries. Their mission is clear; protect the Reincarnation Orb before Kagura is reawakened, protect Kagura until she is fully awakened and retrieve the Reincarnation Orb once Kagura's body crumbles and turns back to the orb. The person chosen to be Kagura's guardian is called Naraku, and the person before you is the current one.
    • Being the guardian of Kagura is not something simple, though. The "Naraku" is the first-born child during the Year of the Goshin, what would ensure that the priest is an adult when Kagura is awakened. After which the child is meant to stand by the Reincarnation Orb's side for their entire youth note  to ensure that Kagura can awaken. Naraku had to life her entire live in near isolation. However, Naraku was not sad. Not only is being the priest for Kagura was the greatest honour Goshin Clan member would have, but Naraku wanted to see Kagura, and help her reach her destiny. Kagura isn't just a person Naraku wants to protect: she is her first and true friend. Fortunately for her, once Hanzo Academy's students and Homura's Crimson Squad were able to turn Kagura's mission around, she was able to be with her friend without her needing to sacrifice herself. Currently Naruka basically acts as Kagura's babysitter as she defaults to be in her child form.
  • While probably not having a lot of time to train in combat, Naraku is still a strong opponent. Mainly due of two metal balls tied around her feet, as she can manipulate their size up tot he point they are bigger than she is.
    • In fact, her showcase of her weapons is so impressive, she could have competed on overthrowing the Witch-King. Whenever or not she could have done it is a mystery.
  • She gets along decently well with gods such as Setsuna, Alfred and Impa, of their loyalties are deeply connected to their families, though there is definitely more to their loyalty than pure duty.
  • Even though she is Lawful Neutral (only being concern about Kagura's well-being), she has implied that she will do a lot of things for her sake, like sacrificing people fighting yoma to help Kagura grow. She has promised to not go that extreme.
    • However, she seems to mock people who would go to some extremes just because they were told to do that, as she sees them as pawns ready to be disposed off. Only those who show their own judgement on matters really get to go free.
  • One time, Nazuna came up to her and asked help on how to become a perfect retainer for Kamui. However, knowing about her rivalry with Konoha, she explained to bluntly that if she keeps up her rivalry with her, she will cause more problems than she will do any helping. While she understands the honour of being Kamui's guardian, fighting over it is no a bright idea. She even wonders why Kamui would want two rivalling tribes to try to give her guardians unless she needs pawns so badly.

Kafuru, Goddess of Water-Based Toy Weaponry
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Luka, her dolphin
  • Theme Music: Are You an Idiot?
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dual-Using Water Guns, Summoning A Dolphin to Battle, Water User, Projectiles What Turn on a Dime, Girlish Pigtails, Constantly Insulting Everyone Who Are Below Her, Jerkass, Perfectly Mature Woman, The Smart Gal, Shinobi
  • Domains: Water, Dolphins, Shinobi
  • Allies: Kagura, Ryouki, Ecco the Dolphin, Yuna, Angelia Avallone (Vitriolic Best Buds), May
  • Enemies:
  • Commonality Connection With: Akatsuki
  • Kafuru is the youngest child of the current Mikagura Sisters, and the smartest of the three sisters. While her pair of dolphin-shaped water guns might look pitiful, she is able to fire multiple water jets out of them in rapid succession, which can change direction to hit where Kafuru is aiming at. She also carries around a super soaker, but that is for special occasions. And that's not taking account the events of Peach Beach Splash tournament, where all of the contestants were made to fight with water-based weaponry. She prefers her regular set of weapons, but she also loans the other water weapons to others.
  • While she is a skilful shinobi, her skills are nothing compared to how sharp her tongue is. She is incredibly condescending forwards anyone who she sees being inferior to her mentally, and loves to argue with anyone she can get a grip on, deliberately talking down on them to rile them up.
  • Because she finds herself being really intellectually mature, she hates being called a child and treated as such. Which in results actually makes her seem even less mature as she seems like due of how persistent she can be denying that.
  • Due of he Guardian Animal being a dolphin (named Luka), she has a bond with Ecco. Though note that Luka isn't really a nice and playful dolphin, at least by looking at him from the outside.
  • After hearing about rumours that there is someone who might sound like her, her investigation eventually lead her meeting Mugen Yogoruma. At first Kafuru tried to place her dominance over her in her usual fashion... until Mugen started to throw dirt at her hard, speaking in really complicated manner and with concepts what Kafuru had hard time wrapping her head around. Eventually Kafuru actually started to cry, saying that she will become obsolete at this rate. However, Mugen actually tried to comfort her, saying that her mind isn't half bad for a human, just not good as someone in equal terms with an Outer God. All she needs to do is not get other people's trash talk get to her and she might be set for anything. Kafuru took the compliment well.
  • Her relation with her and Angelia is an odd one. Both of them spend a lot of time mocking each other. However, they find the fact that they are rather equal in that terms quite interesting, and it has generally turned into playful banter than anything serious.
  • Besides their shared sense of weaponry, the Inklings have banned her from taking place in Turf War due of the fear that her actual water guns would end up being overpowered and non-beneficial to her teammates.
  • She, begrudgingly, has some sort of connection with Akatsuki due of both of them being treated as kids even though both of them insist of being treated mature women. Begrudging as it means she has to admit the problem.
  • One time The Sole Survivor came up to her and said they want to upgrade her water guns. She didn't really understand how they would upgrade them, but she went with it. When she got them back, she didn't understand why they are upgraded to fire soda at people... until she tested them out and found out that the projectiles are explosive. She got mad at the Sole Survivor for providing something this dangerous without informing her and told them to return the guns back to normal.
  • Is MLG as heck.
  • There. Case closed.

Hanabi, Goddess of Weaponized Fireworks (Hanababy, Shipmate Kaboom)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A large firework bomb
  • Theme Music: Hanabi Goes Kaboom!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Weaponized Fireworks, Firework-Powered Hammer, Dumb Muscle, Will Explode If She Thinks Too Much, Kindhearted Simpleton, Book Dumb, Mighty Glacier, Genki Girl
  • Domains: Fireworks, Hammers, Fire, Dumbness, Shinobi
  • Allies: Kagura, Ryouki, Katsuragi, Minori, Vita, Blanc
  • Mentor: The Panda King
  • Enemies: Lord Shen, Shan-Yu
  • Hanabi is one of three Mikagura Sisters, and the middle child of the bunch. Even though she is "bit" dumb, she is still a trained shinobi, who uses her love for fireworks to fight in battle, was it to throw fireworks at people of use them to help her swing her massive hammer.
  • While she possesses great powers, she has one fatal flaw in her, and that is that she is a horrible thinker. And by horrible we mean that if she tries to focus on one thing too long and too hard, she looses control of her firework ninja arts and explode in a sea of flame. She can come out relatively fine, but the explosion can cause damage around her. Of course it's not like she wants to explode all the time, but even when she wants to leave the critical thinking to others, she tends to get stuff in her head what just makes her go DOKAN!
  • She idolizes Panda King, and really wants to follow in his footsteps. Or at least, learn everything he can teach to her. While Panda King appreciates that he has fans, he does fear that she might not get everything he could teach her and thus caused her to think too much.
    • However, she really hates Lord Shen for using the thing she loves the most for his twisted schemes. She honestly wants to blow him up with her fireworks, even once. She is also enemies with Shan-Yu, but in his case he simply hates her due of how he got killed off.
  • Has been, unfortunately, called out as being a potential terrorist.
  • DOKAN!!

Malzahar, God Of Accepting The Foretold Future (The Prophet of The Void)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: One of his Voidlings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Abomination, Becoming Aware After Gazing Into The Void, Carrying Out The Void's Will, Prophet of the Cult of The Void, The Minion Master, Power Floats, Gaining His Powers from The Void
  • Domains: Seers, Madness, Fate, Minions
  • Enemies: The Ancestor
  • Wary About: Exdeath
  • Malzahar was originally a seer born in Shurima, being granted the power of prophecy. He originally used his gift to help people to help himself, but years of visions caused him to become aware on how humans were usually stuck in a cycle of pain to the point that he wanted to distance himself from everyone, which caused him to become even more aware of the miseries of the world. Eventually his visions lead him to discover the Void, where he finally received a vision of what he needed: for him to bring forth oblivion to end all pain. Thus he became a herald of the Void, trying to bring forth the calling of nothingness.
  • Since he has submitted his will to The Void, it has granted him the power to manipulate the energy from it. One of his notable abilities is the ability to call upon small creatures called Voidlings to assist him in battle. While just one Voidling isn't that powerful and they will die after a while, he can call upon multiple of them at once.
    • Another of his abilities allows him to transfer the visions he has to another to mentally assault them, which can transfer to anyone near them if they were to die. However, to an outsider's respective the effect is bit strange, so most people opt to call it space AIDS.
  • Even in the mortal realm, his quest as the Prophet of the Void has been with some success. He has many followers who would sacrifice themselves for the sake of his word, and even those who don't believe in him are afraid of the Void and would bring him sacrifices ust to be safe.
  • Is sort of wary about Exdeath and the nature of his Void. Mainly because he is not sure if his prophecies and the true nature of The Void are wrong, or if Exdeath is the one in the wrong. He does say that trying to control The Void is not a good idea.
  • One day when looking around the Pantheon, he encountered a temple with a particular marking which resembles the mark of The Void. On it he saw a prophecy that it would be connected to The Void and started preparing for the day something would happen. In truth, he merely stumbled upon the temple of Hastur, who sort of wants to see what he will do with his assumptions.
  • He does admit that not all prophecies can be true, as he has been wrong in the past regarding his prophecies (his dagger is a proof of that). He is just very certain this one vision is what he has upmost trust on.
  • The Ancestor is rather annoyed by him, as he had his fair share of encounters with a prophet who eventually went insane due of Ancestor's plans.
  • Is trying to convert Kyurem into believing his visions, believing that they would realize what he was talking about. Currently the Boundary Pokémon isn't that impressed, but might be thinking about it depending on how things turn out.
  • "The land may melt, the sea may swell, the sky may fall... but they will come."


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Veronica, Goddess of Bitterness Hiding Sadness (Emblian Princess)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Insignia of Embla and her personal tome, Élivágar
  • Theme Music: Veronica, Battle Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Magical Princess of Embla, Dark Magical Girl, Little Miss Badass, Wants to Have People To Be With, Voices Telling Her To Kill, Arc Villain, Adored by Her People
  • Domains: Emotions, Princesses, Magic
  • Allies: Xander
  • Enemies: Majority of the cast of Fire Emblem
  • Jealous of: Asuka
  • Veronica is the princess of Emblian Empire, one of kingdoms in Zenith what connects many world together. While the kingdom was in peace under her stepmother's rule, she decided one day to try to follow her father's legacy and to wage war in other worlds and take them over. However, her motives are harder to pin down...
  • Those who are defeated by her and her army can be bound by a "contract", which will force them to do whatever Veronica commands them to do. While it might seem like brainwashing, the subjects have otherwise free will to act on, just that if she tells them to do something, they have to do it even against their own will. The only way to break out of it is for someone else to beat them.
  • As part of the Emblian bloodline, she has the power to close portals to other dimensions. It is not a particularly useful ability on her own, as it was meant to be used alongside Askr bloodline's power to open up portals, but it can have its uses if needed.
  • However, her harsh behaviour forwards others seems to hide that of a lonely girl. A girl who is jealous of others who are more fortunate than her. A girl who is all alone in the world with hardly no one to call a friend or family. A girl who might not want to fight but is compelled by a voice in her head to "Kill Askr". A voice belonging to a wicked dragon god which her bloodline descended from.
  • Even though her actions seem tyrannical, she is adored by her people. Which helps her to bolster her wide army composed of anything between warriors, knights, cavaliers, mages, healers, thieves, archers, pegasus knights and recently with wyvern knights and manaketes. And just to show how powerful her can be, she has been consistently conquering Fire Emblem worlds and taking down even main lords, no matter how strong they are (though sometimes she might have other methods).
  • Is jealous of Asuka. The idea that she can just make friends with people if she can fight them while she has to outright force people to be on her side annoys her to no end. She wants to personally kill her to let out her anger.
  • While Xander wouldn't say he approves of her actions, he does stand by her side, saying that she understands her in some ways and hopes that she can obtain true happiness.
  • Has a personal tome called Élivágar, which casts some kind of green magic thing what can inflict the Panic status, which reverts stats boosts into penalties.
  • Wants to make it clear that outside of "killing Askr", she wants to conquer, not destroy. A ruler's duty is to the people, something which she had to think about for a while. As such, she would preferably not work for those who would just want to destroy if all possible.
  • Is honestly confused how popular she seems in the outer realms. As in one of most popular FE females. She can't quite grasp what she has done to gain so much positive attention.
    • As a note, "Brave" Veronica is mutually exclusive to regular Veronica, as she comes from a separate timeline. They have similar background, but she is hardly concerned what the other Veronica does as it's not her problem.
  • Please do not talk about the time she dressed up as a bunny. She only did it because her brother also did it.
  • Gets headaches around Loki. She already has to deal with one Loki's antics, she doesn't want to bother with another one.
  • Wants to say that she has a deep relation with her brother, Bruno, who is her one true Only Friend. Of course the truth is that he is constantly missing without being outright out of the picture entirely and waits for the day that the two of them can be together forever.
  • During one of her battles against the Askr, she was transferred to another world out of her own volition. During her time with Prince Euden's forces, she shows that she can break out of her haughty behaviour to the point that she can muster the will to have a temporal truce with Alfonse. Unfortunately, the Pantheon doesn't present her with a fish out of water situation where she can socialize with other people like she did back then.

Chaosmon, God of Failed Fusions
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The heads of BantyoLeomon and Darkdramon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Failed Creation of a DNA Digivolution, Humanoid Abomination, Game-Breaking Bug, BAN-TYO Blade, Gigastick Cannon
  • Domains: Fusion, Bugs, Blades, Cannons
  • Allies: Missingno.
  • Rivals: Omegamon
  • "Chaosmon" is a codename for Digimon what "should not exist". More specifically, it is a kind of Digimon what has gone through DNA Digivolution but instead of emerging as a new being with one Digicore, the two Digicores are left separate, thus giving birth to an incomplete creature. As such, they are essentially treated as bugs by the Digital World. The most common type of Chaosmon is a fusion between BantyoLeomon and Darkdramon.
    • Speaking of the two, no one knows why the two decided to fuse together in the first place, especially since Darkdramon most likely exists after BantyoLeomon shot down a Tankdramon. The two halves of Chaosmon seemed to be fused together for good, so trying to separate the two seems unlikely.
  • As of now, there does exist a different variant of Chaosmon called Chaosmon: Valdur Arm what is a DNA Digivolution of Darkdramon and Valdurmon. However, there isn't that much further information about the fusion.
  • Finally, there exists a thing called UltimateChaosmon, which is a fusion of BantyoLeomon, Darkdramon, Valdurmon and Sleipmon. At this point it has reached the pont of being a Eldritch Abomination with so much power it is leaking out of itself.
  • Can be considered to be the twisted counterpart of Omegamon. Oddly enough, the two of them have never canonically fought each other. Though Chaosmon definitely itches to fight him.
  • Lan Hikari and MegaMan.EXE sort of feel sorry for it as Chaosmon reminds them of Zero.EXE.
  • Has a kindred spirit in Missingno., who is a living glitch. Though no one is sure if the two can really communicate with each other, or it is just general mutual understanding.

Ueno, Goddess of Expressive Hair
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Te Rocker-kun
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Gadgeteer Genius, That Move With Expressions, Inability to Confess Her Love, Tries Ridiculous Ways to Get Tanaka's Attention And Always Failing, Butt-Monkey (Emphasis on Butt), Very Rarely Utilizes Her Inventions to the Fullest Extend
  • Domains: Inventions, Scientists, Hair, Love
  • Heralds: Tanaka, Yamashita (Fellow Club Members), Tamon (Pet), U-E No. 13 (Robot Me)
  • Allies: Dexter, Mei Hatsume
  • Rivals: Kira Daidouji
  • Ueno is the genius head of her school's Science Club. Almost daily she is inventing new an amazing creations said to improve people's day-to-day lives. However, all of her inventions are fuelled by her desire to get the loving affection of her clubmate Tanaka as she is too shy to outright say anything and Tanaka is ultra-dense, leading her think of various wacky ways to either get him notice him or her to get romantically closer to him. Alas, no matter what she tries to invent, everything seems to end in some kind of failure.
  • Ueno is rather expressive girl, especially when she's either angry or flustered. Which becomes really apparent due of her twintails also reacting to her emotions. This has impressed Souji Mitsuka and wonders how she does it but Ueno wants nothing to do with his fetishes.
  • She is an... interesting Horny Scientist. Almost all of her inventions seem to have some kind of sexual connotation for existing, either by her own perversion or assuming Tanaka would be the pervert in the situation. For example, her first known invention is a filtering device what could turn even the most putrid water into clear, drinkable water. Which she tried to use to make Tanaka to drink her own filtered piss for "testing purposes". Even stuff she creates for others seem to center around counteracting perversion.
  • Even though her inventions are reality-defining (as in, she has a narrator who explains most of the technobabble), she really rarely uses them after her plans with them fail. Really, the few things that really stuck around were U-E No. 13 (a robot version of herself) for when she needs more people for her plans and Tamon (a dog-like artificial creature created from her stockings) who only stuck around since Tanaka didn't want her to turn it back to normal.
  • There are some deities who are interested in her previous inventions, and would like to find an use for them. Examples include:
    • I-19 is interested in SQ-Water swimsuit, as it would allow her to swim in air. Of course there is the problem of it really only working in confined spaces.
    • The House of Combat is interested in the E-Q Booster (which is totally not a Rider Belt), as it could allow just about any deity to match the strength of their opponent. If it really did do what she claimed it would do (adjust the wearer's strength to match the opponent) rather than it actually does (add the opponent's strength to the wearer's own power).
    • She once create a handheld device called P-Specter what she claimed would pick up and visualize paranormal activity. However, when the Ghostbusters asked about the device, she admitted that there is no proof that the device works, and only created it to act scared around Tanaka around situations she set up.
    • She also once created a fishing rod called Unreel Rod, which can catch and reel objects through solid matter like walls. When she heard of a certain assassin who has a very similar power to that, she decided to destroy the whole thing as she suddenly feared how it could be used for evil.
  • If something bad would happen to her physically, it seems to center around her butt or crotch area.
  • Seemingly the one thing preventing her for trying to apply magic to her inventions is Kira Daidouji. She is not sure what is her problem, though Catherine speculates that she is concerned that she might even exceed at Celestial science.
  • Probably would try to compete with Dexter for the "greatest school inventor", but she realizes that his inventions can reach scales which she cannot reach on her own. So for now, she just wants to co-operate with him rather than try to compete with him.
  • Ikagura has been asking her a lot of things due of "upholding public morals". While some of the things are reasonable, she thinks that she might be going bit too far with some things. She is also surprised that she or any of her ninja friends haven't asked her about her nanobot-woven clothes.
  • Mei has taken interest in her, and the two of them have periodically worked on same projects. Mei is surprised that Ueno doesn't try advertise her products even though she knows what to use them for, with Ueno claiming that The World Is Not Ready for her to truly unveil her inventions (even if her inventions are for very specifics plans in reality).


    The Time Goddess 
The Time Goddess, Goddess of Forced Level-Grinding and Level Reset (Sage, Professor Kenja, The Capricious Goddess, She Who Controls Time, She Who Guides Them)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A statue of herself holding an hourglass
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Level Grinding, Turning Back the Clock, The Love of Money Above All Things, Observation of RPG Tropes, Gold and White Are Divine, Money Fetish
  • Domains: Time, Money, Deities
  • Allies: Inconsequentia, Sonic the Hedgehog, The Flash, Red Mage, Chronos, Palutena, The Absolute Victory Unlosing Ranger, Bell Cranel, any hero with lots of money
  • Enemies: Evil Overlords (though there are exceptions), those who try to blow up everything (especially the Grand United Alliance of Destruction)
  • The Time Goddess has the power to control time. As in, she can basically do anything with time, albeit in close present. Her main purpose is to accelerate any given hero's levelling progress and rewind time, albeit she can only wind it back 30 seconds (even if 30 seconds can be almost an entire day).
  • None of her services are done for free. The mounting pile of gold in her chamber suggests that the Time Goddess has a lot of customers, most likely frustrated MMORPG players who just want to max out their levels so that they can play the endgame content and start exploring raid dungeons.
  • Another aspect of her powers is that after her magic ends, the person's level is reset to the level they started at. So even if someone can go from level 1 to a high level in no time, it is a temporal solution. She is willing to let the person keep their equipment they earned, but she will take away most of their money.
  • It's unknown if she's the very same Time Goddess who assisted Link during his "three-day" quest in Termina.
  • She seems to enjoy the company of Palutena, as both of them have a similar sense of fashion and do like to mess with their selected ones, but they will help out in extreme occasions.
  • After she ascended, she has been trying to place Goddess Statues as a way to get other god's money help them out in need. She is considering re-creating the portable Goddess Statues, this time having them actually work.
  • Her ability to control time is tied to a thing called Timestream, which is sort of life essence what flows through all living things and the world itself. Because of this, she can actually bring people back to life by manipulating the Timestream.
  • Red Mage has repeatedly tried to use her services to get the right stat spread he wants with minimal success. She has also stopped trying to give him advice how to progress with anything since she knows that he will just think of some crazy plan regardless of her advice.

Viki, Goddess of Unstable Teleportation
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Blinking Rune
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Incompetent Use of Teleportation (usually by sneezing), Teleporting Others to Other Locations (Including Naval Fleets), The Cutie, Cute Clumsy Girl, The Ditz, Wide-Eyed Idealist, Appearing in Almost Every Game in the Franchise
  • Domains: Teleportation, Mages, Women
  • Allies: Jeane, Lazlo, Liberation Army, Fuuka Yamagishi
  • Enemies: Luca Blight, Schrodinger
  • Viki didn't really ascend into the Pantheon initially. Instead, she accidentally teleported there. No one is sure where or when she came from, but she started to stick around the place once she actually ascended.
  • There are some gods who have tried to help her master the Blinking Rune, as it can potentially be really powerful if one would remove the accidents what can happen with it, especially since Viki is actually a good rune magic user. So far, no success has been made regarding it.
  • She understands that there are many goddesses in the Pantheon who sound like her. However, she seems to be most comfortable around Fuuka. Especially since she can help her train her teleport techniques with the help of Juno.
  • Avoids going into the House of Food. The reason being that her accidental teleportations tend to kick in before she can eat anything. One time she accidentally transported away food from so many gods, the place almost fell into chaos. She tends to carry around boxed lunch because of that.
  • No one is sure where she came from, especially since Blinking Rune allows for one to time travel. There was a kid version of Viki at one point in time, but no one is sure if even she is from that point in timeline.
  • Where she is not banned from House of Theater, she is absolutely forbidden to take a role in any play. The cringe from her acting is too much for people to handle.
  • Has a mirror in her possession what allows anyone to teleport around the world without needing to have her around.
  • While the Blinking Rune hasn't quite proven to be able to outright teleport to other dimensions, hearing about different dimensions does make her hope that she does NOT end up discovering that ability since she fears where exactly she might end up in. For example, the first thing what made her dread the possibility was the Warp.

    Rinnosuke Morichika 
Rinnosuke Morichika, God of Name Recognition (Kourin, Store Owner of Kourindou)

Yukikaze, Goddess of Luck Even During The Worst Of Situations (Snowy Wind, Unsinkable Ship, Miracle Destroyer, Yukikaze of Kure, Reaper, Shinigami, Beaver, Hamster, ROCS Dan Yang, Flagship of the Republic of China Navy, Pirate of the Taiwanese Sea)
Dan Yang 
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A model of the Japanese Destroyer Yukikaze.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born Lucky Surrounded by A Lot of Misfortune, one of Sole Survivors of the Imperial Japanese Navy ships, Glass Cannon, Genki Girl, Boisterous Bruiser, Moe Anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Luck, Survivors, Cheeriness, Destroyers
  • Allies: Admiral/"Shiree", the rest of the ascended Fleet Girls (though bit complicated with Atlanta, Nathan Drake
  • Enemies: Liberty Prime
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Fleet Admiral Nimitz
  • Historically speaking, the Japanese destroyer Yukikaze was one of the luckiest ships there was. It was a ship that managed to survive through the entirety of World War II with very minor damages, even after taking part of some rather important battles, including Operation Ten-Go. At the same time, the ship was also seen as being cursed by others due to surviving so many battles which others didn't and many of the ships she escorted ended up sinking such as Shinano, Hiei and Yamato. She might have been the "Miracle Destroyer", but it came at the cost of those around her.
  • There is one touchy subject about her history that she doesn't talk too much about, and that is what happened to her after the war, where she was given to China and renamed to Dan Yang. The main reason for it is because of the Chinese Civil War between Republic of China and Communist Party of China, with the latter being driven off to Taiwan, taking Dan Yang with them. The main problem she experiences is that she has no one to really talk to due to the events of the civil war.
    • The situation that Yukikaze is in does lead to a Logic Bomb when it comes to Liberty Prime, as because she is technically Taiwanese under Republic of China, she is not a Communist. Though all what this does is give her time to run away before he can sort his circuits out and attack her anyway.
  • Doesn't really like being compared to HUNK when it comes to surviving events where others have died because she outwardly cares about her teammates.
  • Is commonly compare to rodents due to her rather prominent front teeth.
  • Should not to be confused with a certain warplane. She is a destroyer, after all.
  • Yukikaze will not sink!

    Divine Celestial Weapon "Ragnarok" (move?) 
Divine Celestial Weapon, "Ragnarok" (Divine Elemental Weapon, Grand Artificial Celestial Entity)
  • Theme Music: "Divine Elemental Weapon", "Ragnarok"
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Humongous Mecha, Bullet and Beam Hell, Attack Drones, Norse Mythology, Eight-Legged Centaurs, Time-Limit Boss, Utter Bullcrap To Fight, Artificial Arcana
  • Domains: Mechas, Bullets, Spears, Bosses
  • Class Level: 2
  • A trump card for GUAE (though not exclusively for Mecha Cohort), the Divine Celestial Weapon "Ragnarok" is a eight-legged centaur robot (actually it is an artificial Arcana like Gottfried and Baldur what is too large to be used by any Maiden) created by the Drexler Institute, possessing enough power to wipe away Japan with a single blow from "Gungnir" (a magically charged spear warhead), with only source of power being five Celestial Stones (crystals charged with ether) and 60 seconds of charging. It also runs with an AI program, so it can be fired and forgotten.
  • Where not impossible to destroy with a single individual on foot, it doesn't mean it isn't easy. Its defence mechanisms makes it fire bullets like crazy, has Attack Drones what can harass you easily, and where the cores are visible (stomach, left chest, right eye and both of its wings), destroying just some of the cores isn't enough to deactivate it. Just one active core is enough.
  • Ragnarok is kept in high security in the Vault, with the main security using Mana Drain technology to prevent any kind of ether surging into it. It cannot be even fought against like with Take-Mikazuchi.
    • However, the one in the Vault is actually a replica of Ragnarok. The remains of the real one reside beneath Scharlachrot's temple. Where the one under Scharlachrot's possession is still broken and cannot be used of now, there are many scientists working on making the Ragnarok stronger than it was ever before.
      • It was eventually rebuilt, but before it could do anything, it was stopped and thrown into the Vault to replace the replica.

    The Striker Units 
The Striker Units
Variants of Air and Land Striker Units (Type 0 Model 22 A6M3a and Matilda II)
Jet Striker 
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Magitek, Amplifies The User's Magic and Physical Stats, Equivalent to Cool Planes/Cool Tanks
  • Domains: Travel, Technology, Magic
  • Notable Users: Members of 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches", Members of 502nd Joint fighter Squadron, Members of other Joint fighter Winges,31st Joint Fighter Squadron,Cecilia Glinda Miles Britannian Royal Army 4th Armoured Brigade C Squadron, The Patton Girls.
  • In order to fight of the invasion of the mechanical aliens known as Neuroi, humanity created the Striker Units, leg armaments what allow the user to either fly or increased land movement while also amplifying the Witch's attributes to even the odds against the Neuroi.
  • Striker Units can be divided into two categories: Air Strikers, what is like strapping airplane copters into your legs, allowing the wearer to fly while increasing the wearer's magic powers greatly and boosts other attributes somewhat and Land Striker, what is like putting tank threads into a pair of mechanical boots, what allows better ground movement and greatly increases the user's physical attributes as they don't need as much magic to operate. Both types have different modes based on where they were created and what purpose they serve. As for weaponry, Mechanized Air Infantry Witches use various types of infantry small arms as they see fit, where as Mechanized Armored Infantry Witches use weapons what come with the given Striker Unit.
  • Alongside both types of Striker Units, there are what can be called the "super" versions of the given Striker Unit:
    • First is the Etherjet Strikers (or simply Jet Striker) to Air Strikers, what are equipped with jet engines to allow much faster flight speed, topping at 950km/h, can fly at much higher altitudes (normal Striker tops at 12,000 meters) and the user can carry much more with them (recommended weapons for a Jet Striker user are MK108 cannons and BK5 cannon). However, the huge drawback to the Jet Striker is that it consumes a lot more magic from the user, and requires external magic channelling so that the user doesn't get exhausted. Though while the magic channelling problem has been ironed out, it still isn't good for any old Witch to use.
    • Second is the Mark VI Extra Heavy Tracked Fighting Legs, a.k.a. Tiger to Land Strikers, what is more like a Mini-Mecha than anything, is a giant hulking pair of legs with a 8.8cm cannon on it (and a MG34 for defense), it possesses defensive and offensive powers way beyond any other Striker Unit. While it has production problems, constant need for maintenance, and consumes a lot more magic than other Land Strikers, it is basically a Hope Bringer on its own, reaching a legendary status due to how powerful it is.
  • The Striker Units in the Vault are more war memorials of the history of Striker Units, possessing the many versions of each Striker Units what have existed, even some of earlier versions like when they needed to be powered by external backpacks. While the security isn't that high for them for the most part, Jet Strikers and the Tiger have higher security just to be safe.
  • It should be noted that all of the ascended Witches do have their own pair of Striker Units to be used so that they don't need to bust out the ones in the display. That being said, Striker Units aren't really available to other gods, as no one has bothered to test how other gods would survive the flight with Air Strikers and none of the ascended Witches are Land Witches, meaning that proper comparison is harder to do.

    Merge Project: Hanzo National Academy and Homura's Crimson Squad 
Hanzo National AcademyMembers  And Homura's Crimson SquadMembers , Goddesses of Settings With Very Well-Endowed Women (Asuka , Ikaruga , Katsuragi , Yagyuu , Hibari , Homura , Yomi , Hikage , Mirai , Haruka )
First row: Yagyuu, Hibari, Haruka
Second row: Katsuragi, Ikaruga, Hikage, Yomi
Third row: Asuka, Homura, Mirai
Deep Shadow Asuka 
Crimson Homura 
  • Lesser Goddesses (Asuka and Homura can be Intermediate Goddesses with Deep Shadow Asuka and Crimson Homura)
  • Symbols: Respective team's and insignias
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Hanzo girls), Chaotic Neutral, used to be Neutral Evil (Crimson Squad)
  • Portfolio: Shinobi, Initial Conflict Between Good and Morally Grey
  • Domains: Shinobi, Schools, Boobs, Morality
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Dougen, Orochi
  • Hanzo National Academy is a small but really noteworthy school for good shinobi with the main class being composed of five students. Meanwhile Homura's Crimson Squad is a renegade group of former evil shinobi who came from Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy. Originally their positions as good shinobi and evil shinobi caused them to be in conflict with each other, but they were eventually able to realize how trivial the "good shinobi" and "evil shinobi" labels are, and are now vast friends.
  • Originally they all were scattered around the Pantheon under separate domains. However, one day they decided that it would be nice if they could be united under a single domain. Do the Court of the Gods arranged some things, and the Hanzo girls and Crimson Squad got to unite under just how busty they are (besides Mirai). They were rather shocked about it.
  • The Crimson Squad are officially part of GUAC... sort of. They are part of Chaos Brigade because they do not support chaos faction as a whole, but they are mainly there to pick up some actual jobs to get money. Though Homura has made it clear that they still have dignity as shinobi, meaning that they'd rather work minimal wage part-time jobs than do something super underhanded.
  • Exclusive to Asuka:
    • The granddaughter of the legendary shinobi Hanzo, Asuka trains hard to become as great of a shinobi as him. She wishes to become the sword and the shield, someone who will protect those she holds dear. She is also a kind of person who believes that people can understand each other through battle. In fact, some of her greatest friends (and best rivals) were once her enemies but eventually became her friends after couple of battles with her.
      • Due of her friendship mentality, she has mad allies with other deities who have bonded through combat. Though whenever or not they actually fought to earn it is another question.
    • Has made a patch with Greninja to be her summon animal if the situation requires. Though some gods from the Pokémon universe wonder if she would be better off with Seismitoad due of her element.
    • Sometimes confused with the other Asuka(s). Asuka also doesn't have a surname she wants to give out due of her being a shinobi, making things harder to really differentiate the two. They both even know a person named Katsuragi.
      • And then there was this problem of her sounding like Menoly. Made even more ridiculous when Neptune said that she sounds like Marvy... a.k.a. the personification of the company who created her. Got more confusing then Marvy herself ascended.
      • Her attempts at speaking English almost landed her a one-way beating from Hyodo Issei, due to her voice sounding like his ex-girlfriend, Raynare, who killed him in his first date. Fortunately, Asuka dodged Issei's initial attack on her and was able to unintentionally cool him down with her figure to solve the misunderstanding. He now gets along well with her, as with the rest of the Hanzou Academy students.
      • And on that note, she had an encounter with Issei's ex herself and was quick to see why Issei was so pissed off because of her smug attitude. Just as Raynare was about to skewer her with a lance of light, Homura came running in and chased the Fallen Angel away. Homura has since vowed to utterly kill Raynare, not only because she almost defeated Asuka but also because she reminds Homura of the one person who doomed her from becoming a Good Shinobi in the first place.
  • Exclusive to Ikaruga:
    • A third-student of the Hanzo girls, not only is she older than almost every one else in the team, she is more mature than most of them, especially Katsuragi, who came to the school at the same time as she did. While she seemed to have a come from a rich family, it wasn't always the case. She originally lived in a poor, unnamed shinobi family, who was adopted to a richer family in order to fill up their son's place to become the next shinobi in line. Notably, she has gone through some trouble because of Yomi, who used to absolutely loathe rich people, not knowing about Ikaruga's background, so she wishes no one to get an image that she is some spoiled royalty.
    • She has an… interesting taste in food, with her known eating hornet larvae boiled in soy sauce and being fine eating other weird food. Earthworms are off the menu, though.
    • She doesn't get that well with Jin Kisaragi. Where some have compared her with their hair (long, black hair vs. short blonde hair), fighting style (Iaijutsu Practitioner with fire vs. ice), or the fact that Jin is called "the Hero of Ikaruga". Ikaruga is indifferent on Jin, but Jin is ticked off due of her sounding like Tsubaki.
      • Similarly, she doesn't like Azrael because of his voice, making her think of his brother, Murasame, if he was Drunk with Power. She also feels awkward around Hyodo Issei as well due of him sounding like Murasame if he was talking English, and she doesn't really want to think of her brother being a pervert.
    • Gets along with Erza, mainly because Erza is reminded of a friend of hers, Kagura, when looking at Ikaruga.
    • Would enjoy nothing more than to strike down Orochi, for the sake of making sure that the events what happened with her own world's Orochi (who managed to be placed in Pantheon anyway) from happening.
    • Has a second identity known as BC Mask. Where she sometimes uses as a cover-up name during missions, she mainly uses it as a stage name during her one-man performances.
  • Exclusive to Katsuragi:
    • A student from the Hanzou Academy of shinobi, she takes Skinship Groping and runs it to the ground, to the point that her groping her teammates is considered a daily occurrence. She is the master of sexual kick-her-assment, after all.
    • Where she might show no shame on what she does, her teammates don't really mind that she tries to grope them outside of resistance on when it happens. She also hates when people actually try to molest people, or if someone else tries to grope her.
      • Note that she likes to socialize with this: if you cannot open up your heart socially, then she will do it through a duel.
    • is in good relation with Naruto, due of having a lot in common. One of them being that they are both orphans, though Katsuragi's parent's are still alive, just hiding due of them refusing to finish a mission.
    • Trains a lot with Chie Satonaka, due of both of them being Kick Chicks and have an association with dragons.
    • While making her first rounds around House of Love, she scared Peko Pekoyama with her voice making Peko think that Mahiru Koizumi had come back from the dead to get revenge on her. After it came clear that it was just a mistake, the two of them made up.
      • She also startled The CPU's when she tried to sneak up to them, this time because of her sounding like Rei Ryghts. She really needs to stop sneaking up on people.
    • Has made sort of a task to grope the female deities in the Pantheon at least once. Of course, she has some common sense and standards when it comes to this, like avoiding those who would kill her on the spot and tries to avoid those who would enjoy the groping. And Rias Gremory and Sanya V. Litvyak out of Issei's and Eila's personal request. She abides to the Rias one unless she can defeat Issei, at which point she considers groping Rias as sort of a prize.
    • Gets along very well with Wendy Marvell for their similar powers, motifs and voices, to the point that Wendy actually thinks of her like a Cool Big Sis...though Katsuragi admits that Wendy is even stronger than her in Dragon Force; something she learned pretty quickly when she started groping others in the Dragon Slayer's eyesight.
  • Exclusive to Yagyuu:
    • Yagyuu is a first-year student from the Hanzo National Academy, but has shown herself to be a prodigy of sort, and is one of most accepting of the shinobi world. She usually comes off as being distant, but she tends to open herself to Hibari, to whom she has a sisterly bond of sort (if even more than that).
    • Surprisingly, she was the first one from her world to ascend, originally replacing Kogasa as the Goddess of Combat Umbrellas. That being said, Kogasa had nothing against her from usurping her previous throne, and are still good friends. Kogasa even found a karakasa to help her out for time to time.
    • Has been trying to advance her summoning technique in order to summon The Kraken if all possible. She has been unable to do it so far, but she is getting there.
      • Because of her "relation" with the Kraken, she somehow got involved with Ika Musume. Where she doesn't think she is the best person to hang around (especially due of her "world conquest" plan), she doesn't really hate her and hangs with her sometimes, even if she is making sure that Ika doesn't actually succeed with her plans. Ika also has a little bit of fear forwards her because of her favourite food being dried squid.
    • Whatever you do, do not harm Hibari, her most precious friend! She will rush to protect her if she is threatened and if something ends up happen to her, she will make sure the person will pay. The reason for this is that Hibari is the closest thing she has to her now deceased sister. She protects her because she not only doesn't want to essentially lose her sister again, but because she doesn't want to wind up being alone again.
    • Has grown an interesting relation with Fang because both of them being really protective forwards girls they hold dear, will do anything to keep them save, but not being in "lovers" relation with them. Though some of Yagyuu's behaviour does indicate that she wants to see Hibari as more than a friend.
    • She gets fairly well with Mami Tomoe. Two guesses why.
      • And through Mami's introduction has also started taking lessons from Wong Fei-Hung, specifically to improve her already formidable skill in umbrella combat.
  • Exclusive to Hibari:
    • First-year student of the Hanzo National Academy crew, Hibari is the most cheerful member of the squad. That being said, she seems like the least qualified of the crew to be a shinobi. And for a reason. Even though she is from a long lineage of shinobi, she is only of her siblings who didn't want to become one. However, fate had other plans for her as she ended up being her generation's inheritor of Kagan, a special technique that grants the person ability to use {{Hypnotic Eyes Mystic Eyes]], what manifest as flower-shaped pupils. Even though she didn't want this life, she is doing her best to not let others down.
    • While most don't consider her a threat, she isn't an absolute pushover. She might flail around the battlefield wildly, but her animal spirit Ninto gives her the push she needs to keep up with others with his electric powers and lightning cloud. Also, she can transform into a giant to buttcrush her foes.
    • Has development a surprisingly good relationship with Reisen. This is to the point where Hibari has even summoned her couple of times to help her. Once she told her about Kagan, Reisen decided to try to make her master the art of Mystic Eye. Where Reisen tends to be bit harsh on her, Hibari doesn't mind it: in fact, she feels nice for some one to critique her for her mistakes for once in her life.
    • Doesn't like The Other Mother, thinking that she is like Haruka back then, but much worse.
    • Was once attacked by The Rabbit of Caerbannog, as the latter simply wanted to maul Ninto to death. Ninto shocked him to death and Hibari proceed to kick him out of her house.
  • Exclusive to Homura:
    • The leader of the titular Crimson Squad and former second-year student as Hebijo Academy, Homura was meant to become a good shinobi before she had to defend herself against her tutor, who was send to kill her, locking her from that path. She is hot-heated person who originally only believed in pure power and didn't care for friendship, but eventually started to believe in her teammates in her quest to become the strongest shinobi, especially after she had to desert Hebijo.
    • Not to be confused by Homura Akemi. For one, their motivation started differently (Magical Girl Homura was motivated by her love for Madoka. Shinobi Homura was led to the path of evil when she almost killed a man she trusted and loved out of self-defence when he tried to kill her, locking her from the path of good shinobi, causing her to shun friendship for pure power). Then is the way their path ended (Magical Girl Homura went into the wrong direction because of Madoka. Shinobi Homura eventually realised the Power of Friendship, and established the friendship with Asuka).
      • Because of this, it is generally for the best to refer shinobi Homura as "Homura of the Crimson Squad" to avoid any confusion due of how influential magical girl Homura is.
      • There is also the thing about her and Sayaka sounding the same. However, Homura feels sorry for what happened to her, and wants to be friends with her, and maybe spar with her if she needs to.
    • Frequently clashes her blades with Date Masamune due of the same way they wield their katanas. Still, Masamune critiques her for relying on all of them at once. Even when she wields Engetsuka, as it is the key of her Crimson Homura mode and how she still uses her six katanas.
    • Has a sort of friendship with Artina. Not only do they sound the same, but both of their lives went downhill after a event what was either justified normally or a kind act.
    • She seems to really dislike Belarus. Maybe its her voice reminding of herself or her obsession makes her think that if her not pursuing love would have made things different. Whatever the case is, she just hates her.
      • Though on brighter side, she seems to consider Houki Shinonono a good competition, even with similar-sounding voices.
    • If you somehow defeat Asuka, you can bet that Homura will be after you, since only she can defeat her. She refuses to say that its because she cares for her or anything like that. Ask Raynare, who not only did just that but is also the type of person Homura hates most of all.
      • That somehow changed after her eventful meeting with Norman Osborn a.k.a The Green Goblin. Many gods (even her) thought they could somehow have a Commonality Connection. Except that Homura herself is appalled at him for being too sadistic and more evil than her or her squad. Either way, she'll target him first.
    • Sort of became friends with Chie Satonaka. The reason for it being that when she did ascend, she practically rushed to her temple and beg her to give her meat. She has been starving to get a taste of meat ever since she became a renegade.
    • When not training, she tries to sneak into House of Theater in order to improve her comedy routine. Though most of her acts involve her suddenly trying to imitate some kind of animal (usually a type of crab), which most people are just dumbfounded at.
    • She was pulled into a strange fighting event between Nitro+ characters for whatever reason she doesn't know why. Even so, she did find a new training buddy with Artoria, a new enemy from Saya, who she considers being a creature par with yoma and is still trying to challenge Aino to a rematch.
    • For some strange reason, she gets along well with Setsuna F. Seiei because one, they're both members of covert organizations, and two, because Homura wields seven swords and turns red to power up. Their first meeting even had Setsuna saying "Is that young woman also a Gundam?!"
      • Homura herself was tickled pink when Setsuna gave her directions to Iori Sei's temple to play a round of Gunpla battle. Obviously, she chose to pilot a 00 Gundam Seven Swords/G, painted with her own transformation colors and the Homura Crimson Squad decal on the shoulder.
  • Exclusive to Yomi:
    • Yomi was born and raised in the slums, with her parents literally working themselves to death to ensure that she would have something resembling a future. She gives off an appearance of a proper lady, but her upbringing has given her a bit of a twisted view on things. Oh yeah, she also really likes bean sprouts.
    • Due of her past, she hates rich people. To her, they are heartless bastards who don't deserve their fortune. However, after meeting Ikaruga, she started to mellow down, but still dislikes them unless they can proof to her that they are good people and care about those below them (like Perrine, who's actions to rebuilt her homeland honestly shocked her).
      • Good way to get her trust even if you are from the upper class is to proof that you came from either the lower class or the middle class. Flynn for example, has avoided provoking Yomi even if samurais are part of the upper class of his world due the fact that he was dirt poor back in the days.
      • However, one person she absolutely despises is Lysandre. Not because he is rich, oh no. But because he would only allow the rich to enter his ideal world. Needless to say, she is ready to storm the House of Hatred to get his head.
      • Oddly enough, she doesn't really mind living in poverty that much. She would gladly donate everything she has if it means making sure one less person would starve. In fact, she sometimes goes around Pantheon in order to "advice" people to tone down on their "luxurious" life. Even if she has to use force.
    • Some say that she practically stole Guts' arsenal of weapons. For the most part, she doesn't seem to mind, though some gods wonder if in order to differentiate herself from Guts, she upgraded her sword to have an in-built chainsaw inside it.
    • She once tried going to the Bladed Weapons sub-house of House of Weapons. She was first stopped by Shirabe for sounding like Kirika and then by Shigure Kosaka for sounding like her. She didn't really feel like going back before her previous reassignment.
    • Is surprisingly good chef, even if her cooking can be on the cheap side (like cooking wild grass).
    • She seems to be a fan of Norse Mythology, as noted with her Theme Naming of her Ninja Arts, though no one has asked her to confirm that fact.
    • Became fast friends with Eve Santaclaus after finding out that Eve used to be homeless and makes her money by helping people celebrate Christmas. This only improved when Eve found her bean sprout delicious. Since then, Eve has talked to Yomi about good people rich and poor who she's given gifts to and set up parties for, in hopes of helping Yomi get past her hatred of rich people. Time will tell how well this works.
  • Exclusive to Hikage:
    • Hikage was always an orphan as far as she can remember. Getting tired of living in the orphanage, she started wandering the streets, eventually joining a street gang to better survive, before she ended up enrolling in Hebijo Academy. In her own words, she has no emotions, and initially comes off as a detached person, even if she is just really awkward.
    • Her emotion problem is an odd one. She claims that she never had emotions, and unable to feel much of anything, something she tends to comment on. However, she can be friendly forwards her allies, and has expressed herself multiple times, with her either not noticing it or not knowing why. For example, she used to not care for Katsuragi, but after fighting against her couple of times, she started to enjoy fighting against her.
    • Is known to sometimes train with Sakuya Izayoi, mainly when it comes to knife throwing. And later on with Ivy Valentine once she turned her combat knife into a whip knife.
    • She has crossed paths with Kaede Nagase and might have been involved in same missions with her. The only thing what Hikage can say that she wonders why she sounds like her.
    • Some gods have compared her to Yuuka Kazami due of their green hairs and both of them being psychos (sort of). Neither of them seem to mind the other, even if Hikage almost got to the receiving end of what is dubbed "The Strongest Bitchslap in the Pantheon" after she pondered out loud on why Yuuka cares so much about her flowers.
    • She once encountered Hinata Hyuuga while minding her own business. All what she said was "You are not her." and walked away.
    • Terumi Yuuki tried to mess with her once. First he pretended to be her father and saying that she was abandoned for being such an emotionless bitch. It didn't work. Then Terumi started beating up on Hikage, in which he was mildly successful on, but she didn't care if she was hurt. However, what got Hikage to react was when Terumi claimed that he is going to cut her to ribbons and throw her into a dumpster, just like what happened to Hinata, Hikage's old leader and the most important person in her life. This caused Hikage to cry a bit... before she activated Frenzy with the resulting retaliation causing Terumi to finally back off, thinking that she isn't worth the hassle at this point.
      • Since then, Terumi has had Schrodinger do the trolling antics on her for him, and it's even worse now since both characters sound identical.
    • For whatever reason, Hikage seemed to have been involved in a lot of Noodle Incidents, mostly since several deities sound like her. Hikage for most part doesn't even know what people are talking about.
  • Exclusive to Mirai:
    • Back in normal school, Mirai was mercilessly bullied by practically everyone, with everyone more or less ignoring her most of her life. This lead her to seek the path of evil shinobi to get back at her tormentors, though fortunately her being with the rest of the Crimson Squad caused her to abandon her plans to revenge now that she had grown. She comes off as being bratty and self-absorbed, but this mainly sterns from her inferiority complex and her insecurities about her small size.
    • Originally ascended under the title of Goddess of Token Mini Moes after the judges started to argue about Wendy's position. When she was presenting her arguments, Wendy tried to calm her enthusiasm, which lead to Mirai taking offense to that and started retaliating. After part of House of Personal Appearance was destroyed, Mirai admitted that the reason why she acted like that was because she did not want to be left out when rest of her friends would ascend. After which, Wendy and Mirai patched things out, and the judges would have accepted her anyway.
    • She usually visit House of Weapons anyway, mainly because she rivals Seras on having huge guns compared to her size. She seems to be bit jealous of her bust, but she can see past that.
    • Rapunzel doesn't like her due of the story she is writing, "Rapunzel the Shinobi". More importantly, it is because the way she is writing the titular character, which she takes bit of offense to. For the sake of argument, she started publishing the story to the proper public, albeit a bit of a rewritten version of the story.
    • She once tried speaking English properly, and immediately caught the attention of Satellizer el Bridget, with her explaining that she sounds like her brother when he was younger. Mirai was shocked about when she heard what kind of bastard he was, even if Satellizer doesn't hold anything against Mirai.
    • At first, she thought she could be friendly with Rachel Alucard due of both of them being gothic lolitas with animal theme. However, as soon as Rachel started calling Mirai a little child, things eventually spiralled down to Mirai summoning Landkreuzer and started blasting the Vampire sub-house to oblivion.
    • The League of Flat Chests tried to recruit her as The Sixth Ranger (the Seventh Ranger?). Mirai immediately refused, saying that yes, she wants bigger breasts, but she is completely fine with how they are now (at least that is what she tells herself). She even warned that if they turn out to be as bad as that musket-wielding sadist Ryoubi, she will personally put an end to their operation.
      • As you can guess, the fact that Ryoubi not only managed to ascend, but managed to join the League of Flat Chests did not amuse her at all. However, the two of them have started to bond little more and have more of a mutual respect for each other. Though she has her bad feelings for the rest of the team.
    • Is a huge fangirl forwards those from Sengoku-era, due of a show called "Sengoku Super Wars" (what seems to be Star Wars WITH JIDAI GEKI-ERA CHARACTERS!)
    • While Mirai's skirt contains many weapons, most people (unfortunately) remember her Walküre anti-tank rifle due of its rather interesting implications.
  • Exclusive to Haruka:
    • Haruka originally came from a rich family. However, her father was a malpractice physician and her mother doted her like she was her doll. She was only saved when Suzune taught her art of puppetry to take control of her parents, ultimately leading her to join Hebijo Academy to escape them for good. She is a dominatrix at heart who likes to "play" with people, but is also someone who really does care about people close to her.
    • She seems to be an expert in multiple fields of studies, with the most noticeable being chemistry and doll making. She is a skilful at operating both actual dolls and People Puppets (she was also a Living Doll Collector). As such, she has varying degrees of connections with other people in the field of puppetry:
      • Alice seems to have an on-off relation with her. She doesn't really like her that much, but her being able to make dolls who can think (like fawning over Haruka) does make her want to work with her.
      • Uncle Howee seems to be bit more co-operative with her than Alice, as she helps him turning people into marionettes. She seems more than glad to do this.
      • However, she has calm hatred forwards the Other Mother. A mother using her "child" as a doll (figuratively or literally) hits too close to home with her.
    • Her sadistic tendency makes some gods nervous, and they honestly don't want to know what she wants to do with Hibari. However, she does want to be actual friends with Hibari, meaning that she isn't as bad as she seems at first.
      • Of course, she is more than happy to give her services to masochists, were they male or female. One particular person is Akeno Himejima, who reminds her of a girl called Ryouna, who is a masochist "angel" (actually a "swan"), and after talking with her, she discovered that they do sound a like. Haruka even jokingly stated once that she wonders if all angels are secretly kinky.
    • Maybe it was because of her voice, but Monokuma actually came to her once to request her to work with him and his Mastermind on creating ultimate despair. Monokuma was harmed in countless ways by Haruka and her robot, with her saying that he should send a message to Junko that she does not approve with this mutual killing. She might be a shinobi ready to kill, but the idea of possibly killing her allies and some other loyal people (like her masochist "dogs") is not something she approves of.
    • Ä Eventually, she decided that she needed to teach her a lesson, but like with her parents, she couldn't just do it with brute force. Instead, she decided to overthrow her from House of Personality, using arguments that there is already two other Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant, and that she fails to live up to Too Kinky to Torture due the fact that she loves to torture others. Not only was she successful, but it allowed to ascend her dear Ryouna into the Pantheon.
    • Two other Harukas don't seem to like her that much. The former due of how she acts and the latter due the fact that she wasn't ready of what the sadist shinobi had in her mind (she said that even Manabe is more subtle in his fantasies).
    • She might have been the one who originally gave Alice the idea to make "The Grand Puppeteer Court". However, she didn't want to become second-in-command and simply stick on being the Evil Genius of the group.
    • She has a lot of different potions and such tucked away in her temple, which have varying effects like forcing a person to dance samba, growing giant size and breast expansion/shrinking. For whatever reason, she likes the samba one.

    Merge Project:Gessen Girls School and Hebijo Clandestine Girls' Academy 
Gessen Girls SchoolMembers  and Hebijo Clandestine Girls' AcademyMembers , Goddessess of Graying Morality (Yumi  Murakumo  Yozakura  Shiki , Minori  Miyabi , Murasaki , Imu )
First row: Murakumo, Minori, Ryouna, Ryoubi
Second row: Imu, Yozakura, Shiki
Third row: Murasaki, Miyabi, Yumi
Ice Queen Yumi 
Abyssal Miyabi 
  • Lesser Goddesses (Yumi and Miyabi are Intermediate Goddesses when using Ice Queen and Parasido of The Abyss/Divine Judgement respectively or if Miyabi is using using Blood Riot, Murasaki can be Intermediate Goddess if Root of Calamity is activated and same with Imu)
  • Symbols: Their perspective school symbols
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Gessen girls, started as Lawful Neutral), Lawful Evil (Miyabi and Imu), True Neutral (Murasaki), Chaotic Neutral (Ryoubi and Ryouna)
  • Portfolio: Shinobi
  • Domains: Shinobi, Schools, Morality
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dougen, Orochi
  • Opposes:
  • Exclusive to Yumi:
    • Yumi is the leader of the elite class of the Gessen Girls School. She is the granddaughter of Kurokage, and of all of his five adoptive children she is the one who wanted to carry out his vision the most. She originally was really cold and strict with zero-tolerance to anything evil. However, after seeing both other good shinobi and evil shinobi, she finally started to mellow down, trying to become more of an open-hearted person. She fights with pair of fans and can manipulate ice, which she combines with traditional Japanese dancing.
    • Heihachi looked at her with some interest, as she sounds like her wife Kazumi back then she was younger. Yumi looked at Heihachi, with his rough appearance for his age reminding her of her grandfather... but then felt disgusted when she heard what kind of parent he is. She is holds her judgement on Kazumi.
      • Note that this is not Top Secret information. She feels rather confused by Takane Shijou due of how oblivious she seems to everything.
    • Opposes Miu and Momo and antagonises Airy, Nui and B.B. Hood due of how deceiving their cute appearances are. Because cuteness is righteousness and justice and shouldn't be used for evil. Something she tries to enforce with her by either using Baby Talk or adding "puri" at the end of her sentences.
    • She is sometimes seen assisting Kokoro during her noh performances. Their most popular play is called "Shinovi Versus", telling the events what lead the Gessen School girls realise how wrong they were on things.
    • Is most likely not a yuki-onna, even if she shares many traits with one.
    • Is said to resemble Shiki Ryougi in appearance. She is not sure about the overall comparison, though.
    • Bring up "Oppai rock-paper-scissors" around her at your own risk. Though she is more embarrassed by it than pissed off.
    • Kokoro once wore her outfit, though it might have been a mistake on Yozakura's part. Though Yumi doesn't seem to mind.
  • Exclusive to Murakumo:
    • Murakumo was originally born in the slums before her parents were killed on duty, after which she was adopted by Kurokage. She is extremely shy and is embarrassed to show her "ugly" face in public. Because of this, she wears a mask which greatly alters her personality to be more stoic, bordering on cold-hearted. But as soon as her mask falls off, any confidence she has is gone. She fights using a giant cleaver, a spear and can call upon wolves to fight alongside with.
    • She is pretty determined on wearing that mask of hers. For example, Ika Musume once tried to tell about her plans for her (possibly due of one thing), but Murakumo did not really see her as being evil, so she ignored and maybe ridiculed her. Ika then covered her mask in squid ink, causing Murakumo stumble around with the mask on to try to clean it.
    • Gets really well with Yayoi Kise. Not only do do they share the same voice, they are both aspiring manga artists and have rather bad case of shyness. In fact, she is one of few people she is willing to remove her mask to. Good thing to her, as with the mask on, she wants first-hand reference to draw something like a fighting scene. Or a cooking scene. Or a love scene.
    • She and Yayoi have befriended Nagi Sanzen'in because of their mutual desire to be Mangakas (Though Murakumo had to have her mask on when they first met her).
      • All of them were excited to find out that Ashirogi Muto, actual deities of Mangakas had ascended and they are trying to see if they can form a group to make their own mangas to become as famous as theirs.
    • Just because she is Lawful Good does not mean that she isn't willing to attack. Once Pudge tried to meet with her, she was disgusted of his actions and made him taste his own medicine (with help from her wolves). She seems to advice him to stay as a simple butcher if he wishes to avoid further confrontations.
    • One time, Handsome Jack decided to steal her mask away and insult how "ugly" she was, causing her to run away in fear to find a mask. She end up founding a new hannya mask... which just happened to be Kokoro's Hannya Mask of Anger. What resulted was a cleaver massacre from her to Jack so gruesome, it would make Rena Ryuugu's other side look tame in comparison.
      • She would've continued her massacre after being done with Jack if Kokoro hadn't knocked the mask out of her face and then used Murakumo's hannya mask to make her essentially talk to herself. She calmed down from it and they became friends. For reference, Kokoro calls her mask "The Ogre Mask of Confidence".
    • Ever since the ascension of the San Franciso chapter of DedSec, a trend of masks like that of the Expressive Mask worn by one of its members Wrench began to spread. Her friends have been trying to convince her to give one of these a try to allow for her to express herself without showing her face. That said, she likes her hannya mask, so progress has been slow.
  • Exclusive to Yozakura:
    • Yozakura was originally the oldest of 12 siblings from their shinobi parents. Then their mother died, she had to start looking after them as a surrogate mother until their father died as well, causing them to be split amongst their relatives. She herself ended up being adopted by Kurokage in order to become a shinobi to proof that she can look after her siblings. She is the doting parent of the Gessen girls, trying her best to look after them even if she isn't the leader. She with giant Pile Bunker gauntlets.
    • Close allies with Zenia and Bullet due of their preference on weapons. Though both of them agree that she should drop her mentality that "only men and women with no shame" are allowed to kick, with her saying that a proper lady knows how to use her fists and look good doing it. This is why she opposes most Kick Chicks.
    • She is also good friends with Vi due of her weapons. In fact, she feels good that her Knight Templar tendencies were turned around, otherwise she would have never thought that dark could turn to light like Vi did. Though she admits that Vi has a long way to go before she is in proper light.
    • According to her, it is only fine to grope some one if its some one you love behind closed doors... and unsuspecting guards on a mission. No one is sure if she is serious or not, but probably the former.
    • Is highly respected by parental gods due the fact that she was made to look after her eleven siblings once her mother died, and feel sorry for her due the fact that they were separated after her father died.
      • She is also respected by House of Food since she had to cook for all of her siblings. She is also good at making rather large-sized meals in general.
    • Commonly challenges other weapon-wielding gods into battle in order to understand her weapon even better and how to combat any kind of weapons.
    • Said to sound a lot like Sicily. She finds some disappointment on her, saying that where one of her signature moves is a holy-powered punch, her affinity with fists is piss-poor.
  • Exclusive to Shiki:
    • Shiki is a first-year student of the Gessen girls. Her parents were incredibly rich, allowing her to live a lavish lifestyle until their deaths, after which she got adopted by Kurokage. She is incredibly social and generally easy-going. She fights with a double-ended scythe and can summon swarm of bas to attack.
    • Even though she sounds like your typical valley girl and looks like your typical blondie, she is not what she seems on the surface. Well, she was until her parents died and started training under Kurokage. She is a lot smarter than she looks, being rather IT savvy and where she has her first impressions with people, she understands them if given enough time.
    • She spends some time with Byakuren in order to learn more about Buddhist sutras. She seems to appreciate how a girl like her would follow Buddha's teachings.
    • She has been studying French with Charlotte. When she asked why, she isn't sure what to answer. Kurokage just asked her to study languages and travel the world.
    • She loves to make nicknames to other people, especially for her closest friends. Which she has quite a few in the mortal realm. Even people she doesn't know can get them. That's also exactly why she has become friends with Taokaka.
      • Though in situation where she cannot think of any good nicknames to give, she tends to just go with using "-chin" suffix.
    • When in a bind and you have them, just play oppai rock-paper-scissors. That is something she told, at least.
    • She likes to spend quite bit of time in House of Crafts to buy new outfits. She particularly likes to visit Erika's and Tomoyo's places.
    • One flaw that Shiki has is that she does at times try to increase the traffic on her blog with any means necessary, generally at the expense of her friends. She is afare that it is bad, but she ends up doing it anyway. Mirai generally has to step in to stop her nonsense, even if she has to humiliate Shiki to do so.
  • Exclusive to Minori:
    • Minori is a first-year student of the Gessen girls. Not much is known about her life before her parents' death and her being adopted adopted by Kurokage. She is easily the most cheerful of the Gessen girls and the most childish, loves to play and eat sweets, though she is really concerned about her potential family. She fights with a bucket, which she can summon sweets from.
    • Kyoko Sakura got really mad at her when she originally ascended due to her thinking that she is wasting so much food. While Minori tried to calm her down by offering some food to her, Kyoko didn't listen and attacked. However, before things would get too out of hand, Yozakura dropped by and broke the fight. While she understands where Kyoko is coming from, that doesn't excuse her from attacking Minori, and says that if she attacks her again, she will break her spear and her arms.
    • Enjoys playing "battle" alongside other things with Eko.
    • Is seemingly getting some lessons from Hungary on how to wield her frying pan even better. Though she still prefers her bucket for fighting.
    • She tends to be one of top contestants to any foodfights what the House of Food has (when it involves just food, that is). Some other top survivors are Chase and The Three Stooges.
    • A boy calling himself Sora Shiun'in once tried to approach her due to his feat of beating couple of dudes with a lollipop stick. However, Yumi had warned about Sora beforehand, saying that she shouldn't trust him. As such, she challenged him to a variant game of rock-paper-scissors where the loser has to quickly defend their head from being smacked, and offered to use her bucket and frying pan for it. Sora accepted... only to regret later as Minori started to bash the bucket on Sora's head, causing his ears to ring for the entire day.
  • Exclusive to Miyabi:
    • Leader of the Elite Students of Hebijo Academy, she is the daughter of the principal of the Hebijo Academy. Her mother was killed by a yoma when she was young, motivating her to become a kagura. After she was bedridden due to a mission and recovering years later, she aims to restore Hebijo's honour after it was destroyed.
    • (Mention about her Good Needs Evil views)
    • She feels bit despaired that people still look at her like she was a man. Not helped that she shares her voice with such individuals like Grey and Mao.
      • She has gained sympathy of Makoto Kikuchi due to this. Though she is bit confused why anyone would mistake her for a man. Miyabi responded by saying "Its less 'being confused for a man' and 'Everyone views you as a man'".
      • And for her misery, she has noticed that her "I Heart Miyabi Militia" fan club isn't going away anytime soon. She is going to find a way to be more feminine, dammit!
      • She seems to take some comfort for the fact that the DOA girl who took her costume wasn't a complete tomboy. Or a guy.
      • However, she eventually had a turnaround on the way she views herself and has accepted her "hunkiness". In fact, she seems to want to be the hunkiest girl around. Though she doesn't still like having girls fawning over her.
    • A lot of gods who are known to leave a mess tend to stay away for Miyabi due to her "Blood Riot" technique, what allows her to draw in all the blood splattered in the surrounding to power herself up. However, she is also cautious about using her, because the "Riot" part is rather precise, and the first time she used it left her hospitalised for years.
    • Jurai Andou sort of admires her dark power and wishes to improve himself with her. She herself is indifferent on him, though his naming methods remind her of an event regarding her name theming she doesn't want to discuss about.
    • She finds similarities between herself and Stella, like how their fathers both worked on a school they went, their school got destroyed at one point and they have been trying to recover their school's honour (though not in that order). Miyabi believes that Stella can rebuilt her school and make it even better.
    • Solo tried to approach her, due of feeling like they have thing in common. However, where Miyabi admires his devotion to his past, she still feels like that you still need some people to help you.
  • Exclusive to Murasaki:
    • Murasaki is a second-year student in the Hebijo Academy, though she would prefer not to be. Incredibly shy and meek, she is a shut-in who would prefer to spend her time isolated from the society than to actually be a shinobi. However, she was dragged into the life thanks to the Root of Calamity, the ability to channel special energy within herself. Though she has gotten better as she tries her best to be more active for the sake of her sister and friends.
    • She used to be a follower/high priestess for Patchouli until she transferred to a different house.
    • The blue bear doll she carries around is called Bebeby. He is like a surrogate sister to Murasaki, and she carries him around wherever she goes. She thinks that Bebeby is a real person and she wishes that others treat him like so. It can also talk, and is surprisingly rude. Though it is hard to tell if Murasaki is reflecting a sonality to it, or if Bebeby is really alive.
      • Speaking of which, DO NOT TAKE BEBEBY AWAY FROM HER (or treat Bebeby like it is just a doll or "threaten" it)! Her Root of Calamity powers has her using her spiritual energy to create a large explosion and boosting her powers to match those of yoma and it tends to activate when she gets really pissed off, with Bebeby being like a huge Berserk Button ready to be pressed. The last person who stole him from her commented that the last thing they saw were pair of giant shadow claws before their face was clawed out.
      • Other ways to piss her off is to present yourself as a hacker (she has zero tolerance to them) or threaten to take her sister away from her (she does not want to loose her again).
    • One of few people in the Pantheon not to think that Yoshinon is just a hand puppet of Yoshino.
    • After spending so much time in the dark, she apparently gained the ability to smell what kind of person someone is based by their scent. That makes her able to know who to trust and who not to trust.
    • She once stumbled into the TV World on her own, causing the Investigation Team to go to safe her. However, it turned out that there was no Shadow Self for her, as she had already fought her Shadow in the past. However, it turned out that she accepted her Shadow negatively, accepting her Shadow's words of her being worthless baggage, causing her to almost get rid of herself if it wasn't for Asuka, who made her realise that not only does she have friends, but that they need her. No one is quite sure if she has a Persona or not after the visit. It could be that she does have a Persona, but she doesn't want it to awaken in fear that she might hurt someone.
      • During the journey, she seemed to have befriended Teddie. She thinks that he is genuinely funny.
    • Can be seen at times playing with Banette ever since his ascension. Though he does scare her a little, she felt bad for him after hearing he was abandoned.
    • Despite being highly skilled at hacking, Murasaki gets along well with Himawari due to their preference for staying in their temples. Himawari has assured Murasaki that not only would she never hack the account of one of her friends, but she also never do so with any sort of malicious intent.
  • Exclusive to Imu:
    • Imu is the older sister of Murasaki and Miyabi's childhood friend/avid follower. In contrast of her sister, she is a lot more dutiful even though she did not inherit the Root of Calamity, something that put a huge strain in their relationship in the past. She is fiercely loyal to Miyabi, having known her since the two were young and ben through thick and thin of things.
    • Even though she is classified as Lawful Evil, it is bit more complicated than that. She is simply following her family's steps on the path of evil shinobi. Not only that, but she is less devoted to the Hebijo Academy as much as she is devoted to Miyabi. Where she is far from being pleasant, as long as you don't diss her, Hebijo, Miaybi or Murasaki, she won't pay much attention to you.
      • Where pressing one of her buttons is bad, not to try to press all of them, especially if you want to throw her into despair. Even though she has lamented over the fact that her sister was the one to inherit Root of Calamity instead of her, she actually has that cursed power inside her. Its just that it requires a strong emotional reaction to activate, like seeing her sister take a bullet for her, getting beat up by the culprit and seeing them go after Miyabi next. Cue Roaring Rampage of Revenge.
    • Her weapon is the shaolin staff "Ryui Bang",which she wields with deadly speed and strikes. Interestingly, she can manipulate its length and thickness, was it as small as a riding crop or as large as a pillar. It can apparently conduct electricity. Take that, physics!
      • After hearing this, Sun Wukong himself came to her and asked why did she name her staff after his own. Imu replied that she is simply paying homage to him, like many others have in the past. He sees it as good enough of an excuse.
    • Do not bring up boxer shorts around her. She refuses to go into details, but that is one of her personal buttons not to press.
    • She ended up befriending Litchi due of their similar fighting styles. Litchi even said that she sounds like Taokaka if she was, well, brighter. Imu seems to be bit determent to teach Tao some stuff. She ended up also befriending Raspberyl out of similar reasons.
      • However, after hearing about Homura, she went completely silent. She neither agreed nor disagreed with her actions. She simply stayed silent, not knowing how far she could go for the sake of Miyabi.
    • Is trying to take some lessons from Yu to learn how to be a better big sister to Murasaki.


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    Crusher Trio 
Nikka Edvardine Katajainen, Naoe Kanno and Waltrud Krupinski, Triumvirate of Non-Formal Soldiers (Crusher Trio) (Nikka: Nipa, Jinxed Katajainen, Crasher O'Hare the Second) (Kanno: Nao, Destroyer) (Krupinski: Earl (Fake) Countess)
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbols: A snow weasel carrying a broom, a bulldog wearing an aviation cap and a scarf and a weimaraner in officer's uniform
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Captain Crash, Taking Animal Traits When Using Magic, Military Mages
  • Domains: Witches, Military
  • Allies: The members of 501st Joint Fighter Wing "Strike Witches", Launchpad McQuack
  • Enemies: The Neuroi, The Borg Queen, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Katajainen, Kanno and Krupinski are all part of 502nd Joint Fighter Wing "Brave Witches", a group of Witches designated to defend Orussia from Neuroi attacks. However, the group is sort of infamous alongside other groups due of how many Striker Units they break due of the three of them, was it due of recklessness, discard to personal safety or just being that unlucky. Yet besides all of their faults, they still have the skills to show that they have the skills to be useful.
  • They commonly get lumped together with Launchpad due of their habit of crashing so many Striker Units. They claim they are not that bad, but reports given out by Sasha do not lie.
  • All three of them are fairly adamant to make sure that people don't use seiza as a form of punishment.
  • Master Sergeant Katajainen a.k.a Nipa from Suomus is particularly unlucky Witch, who ends up crashing her Striker Units from even the dumbest of things. That being said, she is still a good ace, and she is able to walk out of any crash thanks to her regeneration powers.
  • Katajainen sympathises with Anna due of how everything seems to go wrong due of how much she herself gets injured. Though she is also more concern about Anna's friend Botan due of how horrible her health seems to be.
  • Lieutenant Kanno used to be well-behaved girl from Fuso before she joined the army, causing her to adapt a fierce personality. This led to her adapting a fighting style which focuses on full-on offense, which regularly gets her in trouble, but she still manages to get through things.
  • Kanno's Super Hard Shield allows her to compress her magic shield to miniature size, increasing its strength in progress. Instead of using her shield defensively, she uses the technique to compress it until it covers her fist with magical energy, thus allowing her to outright punch through things.
  • Kanno likes to visit the House of Knowledge to read, though she wants to keep her visits a secret. She is particularly fan of French literature.
  • Lieutenant Krupinski is a handsome, easygoing ace fighter from Karsland. While she is known to be reckless in battle to get her kills, causing her to crash multiple Striker Units, she is still the humanity's fourth greatest ace.
  • Krupinski is currently visiting the House of Food to improve her cooking skills. While in her mind this is to improve her chances on landing dates with other women, most see it as definite improvement. She is not allowed to cook with anything expensive, though.
  • Krupinski's "adult drinks" are totally grape juice, she swears.

    Waver Velvet/Lord El-Melloi II 
Waver Velvet, God of Magic-Studying Normals (Lord El-Melloi II, Professor Charisma, Great Big Ben London Star, Master V, Caster, Zhuge Liang)
Waver during his youth 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Torn piece of Iskandar's cape and his old Command Seal
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Lacks True Magical Skills Himself But Is Amazing At Analysing Magic, Adopted to Be the Lord of El-Melloi Family, Grew Up A Lot After Fourth Holy Grail War, Stern Teacher, "the number one man female students would like to sleep with", Cigar Chomper, Occult Detective, Looked Really Young at Age of 19 And Really Old Ten Years Later
  • Domains Maguses, Teachers, Detectives, Appearance
  • Heralds: Reines El-Melloi Archisorte (his adoptive sister), Gray (apprentice/assistant), Flat Escardos, Svin Glascheit (two of his closest students)
  • Allies: Iskandar, Rin Tohsaka, Anung Un Rama/Hellboy, John Constantine
  • Enemies: Ryuunosuke Uryuu, Gilles de Rais
  • Fears: Artoria Pendragon and anyone who looks like her such as Violet Evergarden
  • Waver Velvet was a third-generation magus from a working-class family who enrolled into Clock Tower to study magecraft, believing that a mage's power would be improved through hard work and knowledge rather than it be strictly tied to one's heritage. After he was mocked by his ideals, he decided to enter the Fourth Holy Grail War by stealing his teacher Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald's catalyst for the war to summon Iskandar. In the end he did not win the war but he still managed to survive through it, growing to be more mature.
    • After the war, Waver decided to start teaching at Clock Tower to fill in Kayneth's role due to his death while gathering his research notes to reserve them. This caught interest of Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, the proper heir to the elite El-Melloi family if it wasn't for her age and the overall disarray the family went due to Kayneth's death, who decided to make him her step-brother to become the lord of the family until she is of proper age to be the next lord (and to take responsibility on paying off the debts the family is under along other things). And this, Waver became to be known as Lord El-Melloi II.
  • Within Clock Tower, El-Melloi II is the Lord of the Department of Modern Magecraft Theory, which is meant to summarise the centuries of magecraft into more comprehensive form. While most other Lords look down on him, many of his students are known to become excellent mages.
  • He is in no way a great mage. In fact, he is possibly below average in terms of actually using magecraft. What he excels at, however, is analysing magic. He can break down a mage's magecraft with analytics and prior knowledge, which can be really destructive. On the flipside, he is really great at finding hidden potential on others, which is the reason why he is able to teach his students so well.
  • He has a lot of emotional baggage when it comes to the Fourth Holy Grail War. One of the notable ones is that he cannot look at anyone who reminds him of Artoria Pendragon. This extends to people who have nothing to do with her such as Velvet Evergarden. [Add more to this]
  • During the Incineration of Humanity, Chaldea were able to get the help of Zhuge Liang. However, Zhuge Liang decided to "possess" Waver in order to be summoned as a Pseudo-Servant and the two decided that it would be better if he took the reigns of the possession thanks to his knowledge of the modern era, leaving the situation as Waver having all of Zhuge Liang's knowledge and abilities. He is sort of grateful of the arrangement since it allowed him to, for example, go to a Singularity in order to redo the Fourth Holy Grail War, but he is not in need to make another contract with him. He'd rather continue teaching than be overworked to death due to his abilities.
  • Dumbledore once offered him a position to teach in Hogwarts but Waver refused, saying that he still has a position to hold in the Clock Tower and his own set of students to teach for him to accept another job. Though part of it might also be due to him not wanting to deal with another magic society since he has his hands full with Mage's Association.

    Aya Shameimaru 
Aya Shameimaru, Goddess of Questionable News Coverage (Traditional Fantasy Reporter, Aya Syameimaru, SHAMEIMARU, ZUN's girlfriend, Fucking Gossip)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Bunbunmaru Newspaper logo.
  • Theme Music: Wind God Girl
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tengu, Goes Out of Her Way to Make Articles, Will Turn Anything Interesting into an Article, Commonly Fills Her Articles with Rumours, Exaggerations and Lies, Can Capture Bullets with Her Camera, Manipulation of Wind, Fastest Person in Gensokyo, Acts Really Polite During Interviews
  • Domains: Tengus, News, Pictures, Wind, Speed
  • Allies: Charlotte E. Yeager, The Murkrow Flock
  • Pities: Setsuna Sakurazaki, The Crow
  • Within the Youkai Mountain lays the home of the tengu. Tengu are known for many things, but most relevant thing is that they love to gossip and write articles about the goings of the world. One of the most vocal tengu is Aya Shameimaru who in particular likes to scoop out any and all interesting articles around Gensokyo to write onto her newspaper called Bunbunmaru Newspaper.
  • Aya prides herself on only reporting the truth, but what she actually writes is not as honest. First of all, she will report on anything she thinks will make a good article. This might involve actual incidents but most of them are just mildly interesting happenings with different people. Second is that her articles are filled with rumours, exaggerations and some biased opinions, not helped by her admitting that most people only read the headlines and look at the pictures and rarely read the whole article. Due of these reasons, most people don't really read her newspaper that much unless they want to pass the time.
  • She can be incredibly noisy when it comes to getting new stories, but she can change her behaviour to be more polite to fit the situation when it comes to getting interviews. She doesn't really want to pick up fights, but if she wants to she can be a really fearsome opponent. Unless you really don't want her to write articles about you, it is generally preferred to tolerate her presence than to try to drive her away.
  • Has had her high points and low points. One high point is her starting a special print of Bunbunmaru Newspaper focusing on Human Villager which run went fine until Mamizou started making humans not trust newspaper once Aya started smearing tanuki's reputation. A low point in her career was when she tried to turn her paper into a weekly tabloid paper filled with even more falsified stories than the norm, something she admits to. It never actually got to the print as she cancelled whole thing in the fear that she was being used by Lunarians to possibly turn her lies into the truth.
  • Is interested in this tengu world Nyotengu comes from to compare it with the tengu society where she is from. Currently Nyotengu hasn't been interested on giving her any interviews to her dismay.
    • Speaking of tengus, she feels pity forwards Setsuna due of her being an outcast from her clan due of having white wings instead of black ones. Aya totally doesn't feel like she herself is an outcast, no way.
  • Her camera can erase projectiles out of existence by taking pictures of them. Somewhat different from how Ran Hibiki uses her camera. On that note, don't mistake her leaf fan being just a Paper Fan of Doom as it helps her use her wind powers.
  • Is said to be the fastest person in Gensokyo. As in, she is supposedly faster than Remilia who once supposedly circled the Moon. She can keep up with someone with Shirley to get on-the-moment commentary to report on. Shirley enjoys her company, though admits that Aya is sort of a distant goal she wants to surpass.
  • For some time, there were rumours that she was a girlfriend of sort to her creator ZUN, explaining the weird amount of exposure she got.. These rumours have died down, especially since ZUN has an actual wife now. There are also rumours that she takes panty shots and other naughty pictures of gods and sells them for money. No one has really proven them.
  • As a crow tengu, she has a certain attraction towards the Murkrow in the Pantheon. However, she also has a dislike towards The Crow for giving crows a bad name.
  • Tamie Nogi once tried for apprenticeship under her wing in order to get inspiration to look harder for stories, but she was eventually turned off by her insistence to find stories and her general reporting methods.
  • J. Jonah Jameson has a problem with how much she fabricates her stories since he aims to report the truth (when his personal bias against Spider-Man isn't involved), but he does admit that she does take really good photos. Aya heself isn't really interested on selling any of her photos to him, though.

(Puzzarian Ideal was here! I got Aya covered.)

(UPDATE 3/22/23: Aya is now re-ascended! She's in the Halls of Investigative Work & Sources of Information).

On Hold (reasons will be commented out)

Ayano Aishi, Goddess of Rival Elimination (Yandere-chan, Yan-chan)
  • Demigoddess (Lesser Goddess with enough Study Points, Quasideity without motivation) note 
  • Symbol: A blood-stained picture of her Senpai
  • Theme Music: [1]
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, maybe Chaotic Evil if going on a murder spree or if she SNAPS, possible shades of Chaotic Good if she sticks to Matchmaking
  • Portfolio: Yandere, Stalking For Person's Love And For Info, Removal of Love Rivals, Cute and Psycho, Yandere Vision, Villain Protagonist, Dark Action Girl, Determinator, Former Empty Shell, The Sociopath
  • Domains: Murder, Yanderes, Love, Students
  • Allies: Kotonoha Katsura, Sekai Saionji, Belarus, Masato Kusaka, Hiruma Youichi
  • Enemies: Members of Chick Magnet Quartet and Special Lovers Squad for now, practically everyone from the House of School.
  • "Mentor" Figure: Yuno Gasai
  • For as long as she can remember, the high-school girl Ayano couldn't feel anything. However, it all changed when going into her new high school, she came across her precious Senpai. That is the first time she felt love... and hate for anyone who would try to get near him. Determined to get her love, she stops at nothing to secure her Senpai's love, no matter what it takes.
  • Yandere-chan is really dangerous not because how crazy she can be, but because how resourceful she can be, using any method to kill someone. And she knows how to hide evidence. Though she has other methods like blackmailing others until they cannot confess to Senpai or they commit suicide, capture her love rivals and torture them until they are broken or befriend them or even hook up them with other peoplenote . Anything will do.
    • Another trait with her is that she seems almost inhuman, being able to run forever and drag bodies without getting exhausted. Apparently she is so motivated, it boosts her physical traits.
    • However, to counterbalance all of this is that in every other situation, Yandere-chan is practically empty. The only emotions she knows are her love for Senpai and rage forwards anyone who gets to him. So while she might not feel anything forwards anyone, it makes it so that she doesn't do anything unless she has a really good reason for it.
  • Somewhat of a disturbing thing about her feelings towards her Senpai is that she might not necessarily even love him. She just loves the feeling she has with him. She might even have her second crushes somewhere...
  • Yuno, understandably, is a bit creeped out by her, as she is like a mirror image to herself (or rather, the 1st World Yuno). Made worse is that Yandere-chan considers her being a some sort of role model.
  • For some odd reason, she seems to be able to channel, for the most part, appearance of many different characters across the multiverse. For the most part, it only changes her appearance, like that of Agent 47, Punished Snake and Slender Man. She can even get a Stand called Bad Romance. However, sometimes she can even get the character's powers alongside their appearance like Cirno's ice powers, Captain Falcon's and Saitama's punching power and even Sans' everything.
    • Note that she doesn't even need to channel other people like that to get powers. She can also make deals with fiends to get the same effect.
  • Some gods wonder why she is seen taking pantyshots of other goddesses. Turns out that she send them for people to get favours.
  • For the love of everything what is holy, if you want to talk to Yandere-chan, DO NOT start with saying "Yandere-chan! Yandere-chan!" and especially DO NOT ask her something stupid or telling something what she knows and deemed it unworthy. That is almost a guaranteed way for her to SNAP!
  • There are those who believe that Info-chan is the real villain in this story, with Yandere-chan as her Unwitting Pawn. 'Thankfully', Info-chan's influence extends only to Akademi High School, so she's on her own in the Pantheon.
  • Kyu has been considering making a special case to solve this problem: get Yandere-chan's Senpai as a client and direct him to her just to get the whole problem over with and keep her to-be-victims alive for her other clients. Unfortunately, just as she was starting to pull it off, Yandere-chan was somehow onto the love fairy faster than you can say "Notice me, Senpai!", and after a few minutes, Kyu later awoke in the House of Life and Death, terrified of ever trying that scheme again.
  • She once managed to barge in to the Smash Tournament.
  • Upon hearing of Yandere-chan's potential to be…non-murder-y in her rival elimination by being a matchmaker, several deities have made attempts to convince her that doing such would be in her best interest over blackmail, torment, or murder. Progress is difficult if Yandere-chan can easily see those convincing her as rivals to eliminate lethally. The Human Child in particular seems very determined in making a pacifist out of her, and not even her eliminating the Child would stop them.

    Sega Hard Girls 
Saturn, Dreamcast and Mega Drive, Triumvirate Goddesses of Traveling in Fictional Works (Sega Hard Girls)

    502nd Joint Fighter Wing 
502nd Joint Fighter Wing "Brave Witches", Godly Non-Formal Military Faction (Breaker Witches, Crusher Trio (for Krupinski, Naoe and Nikka))
Left to right: Rossmann, Rall, Sasha, Nipa, Kanno, Krupinski, Lemare and Shimohara
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