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Janemba, The God With A Verbal Weakness
  • Quasideity (Saike Demon), Borderline Overdeity (first form), full-blown Overdeity (second form)
  • Symbol: His Dimension Sword
  • Theme Song: This
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Saike Demon), Chaotic Neutral (fat form), Chaotic Evil (demon form)
  • Portfolio: Made of Evil, Breaking The Laws Of The Afterlife By Existing, Demons, Thinking Up Portals, Kind Of Like Majin Buu, Bishōnen Line, Rubber Man, Funny, Silent Villains, Reality Warper, Absurdly Sharp Blade, Words Can Break My Bones, Only Says "Janemba", Unskilled, but Strong, Psychopathic Manchild
  • Domains: Evil, Hell, Chaos, Life and Death(abused)
  • Allies (As Saike Demon): King Yenma (his boss), Goku and Vegeta
  • Allies (As Janemba): Majin Buu (also friendly with Fat Buu), Frieza (really, any DBZ villain), Melkor, Nyarlathotep, Aku...and oddly enough Vito Corleone
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Discord
  • Enemies: Goku and Vegeta (also worthy opponents), King Kai, Dhuum, Decim, Seymour Guado, Father Kerras and Father Merrin, Osiris, Samurai Jack, Killia, Marona, Gabriel Belmont
  • Opposed by: The House of Life and Death
  • Fears: Trolls
  • In the afterlife of the Dragonball universe, souls sent to Hell go through a soul cleansing machine. The process of purification leaves canisters full of evil, and one slacker Saike Demon managed to be accidentally coated with the stuff. The result was Janemba, a demonic entity who warped the afterlife and allowed the souls of both Heaven and Hell to return to Earth. Though believed destroyed by Gogeta, the GUAE worked to recreate him for a powerful ally. Their experiments succeeded, and Janemba has become a god in his own right. Many deities are trying to turn Janemba back into the Saike Demon, thus they try their best to not kill him, since he's not entirely responsible for his own actions.
  • Remarkably similar to Majin Buu. Upon meeting the two became good friends, and you can see them causing chaos together. When in his first form he prefers to play with the fat Majin Buu, and the second form likes to hang out with Kid Buu. Melkor is keeping a close eye on Janemba, believing his ability to break the boundaries of life and death is a valuable asset to his cause.
    • Some deites have also reported that Janemba occasionally fuses with Kid Buu in his second form. The resulting Fusion, Janembu, is very dangerous and it often takes multiple gods to stop them.
  • Janemba's power is not to be underestimated; it took the full force of Goku and Vegeta using the Fusion Dance in order to stop him. Having become Super Saiyan Blues, they thought they could easily deal with the reborn Janemba individually. Unfortunately Melkor has used the evil of several Hells to recreate Janemba stronger than before. He can't wait to duel with the Saiyans once more.
  • In addition to his Reality Warper powers, Janemba has a Dimension Sword; it's so goddamn sharp it cuts things from the draft swinging it. It can even cut through dimensions and create portals. Add to his natural teleportation, and it makes it hard to control him. Asides from the House of Life and Death spending their time trying to pacify him, he'll be more well behaved if he's promised a good fight. Some believe he plans to fight Beerus one day, though since he never talks this may just be gossip.
  • Freeza and the other Z villains owe him some gratitude, as by breaking down the boundaries of Earth and Hell they were free to run amok. Unfortunately it didn't get that far the first time since they had no time to train and Gohan kicked Freeza's ass. The next time was more successful since Janemba empowered them. Now that he's trained, Freeza can't wait for another break as an undead body means stamina may not be as much an issue as before.
  • The living definition of evil, born from the purged evil of those reincarnated through Hell. Being Made of Evil, Janemba finds companionship with Aku and Nyarlathotep; the latter of which is almost certainly planning to use him in order to dick around with life and death. However while his nature as evil incarnate makes him a powerful force, it also means he's extremely vulnerable against literal forces of good. Despite the power difference, Killia and Samurai Jack can one-shot him if they manage to land a hit, particularly Killia's power to destroy enemy withouts. As soul stuff he's at the absolute mercy of Marona and Gabriel Belmont.
  • Janemba requires a host of sorts, which makes him vulnerable to exorcisms. Despite their vast power differences, he's shown concern towards Father Kerras and Father Merrin.
  • Janemba is on the watch list of the House of Life and Death, and for a good reason; his mere existence causes the barriers between the living and dead to break down, making life and death seem meaningless. Granted Death Is Cheap in the pantheon, but warping the afterlives simply by being is really worrying. Dhuum in particular hates Janemba for letting the dead return from the afterlife. Seymour Guado sees him as a blight on his plans to end suffering through omnicide due to breaking the afterlives.
  • Janemba and Discord get along, as they both love a good World of Chaos. Of course since Discord is somewhat reformed, they don't hang out nearly as much as they used to.
  • Apparently the main soul of Janemba was actually a former living being. Namely, a crime boss from the Demon World. Because of this, he has a strange and surprising attachment to Vito Corleone.
  • For all his power, Janemba is ultimately a child. In his first form he's incredibly playful and almost innocent in a way, which wouldn't be too bad if he weren't a chaotic Reality Warper. Even in his more serious second form he reflects this by being hurt by harsh words or insults. For this reason he's scared of any and all trolls. Yuuki Terumi finds this hilarious that such a Physical God is weak to cursing at him, but luckily for Janemba Terumi's plans don't involve him.
  • Many deities feel sorry for the Saike Demon and have been trying to free him from Janemba's possession. However, it's not an easy task, especially because of how powerful Janemba is.

Greater Gods

Alduin, Nordic God of Words of Power (Destroyer Devour Master, The World-Eater, The Time-Eater, Firstborn of Akatosh, Harbinger of the Apocalypse, Bane of Kings, Satakal)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A stone carving of his head, inscribed under which are runes in the Dragon Language reading, "AL DU IN".
    • Alternatively, the golden dragon priest mask Konahrik.
  • Theme Song: Watch the Skies
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Notable Dragon Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Resurrection Shout, Soul-Snare Mist, Dragon Storm Call
  • Portfolio: The World-Eater, Destroyer Deity, The Dreaded, Very Strange Dragons, Godly Dragons, Resurrecting Other Dragons, Devouring Souls, User of the Thu'um, Evil Overlord, The Most Powerful Dragon and Their Leader, A Malignant Aspect of Akatosh, Unable to Comprehend Mortality, Bizarre Standards of Morality, Hubris, Cowardice, Fearing the Dovahkiin, Evil Sounds Deep, Black and Evil, Sinister Spiky Scales
  • Domains: Words and Voices, Prophecy, Time, Immortality, Destruction, Dragons, Slavery
  • Followers: The Dragon Cult, The Knights Who Say "Ni!", Bel-Shamharoth
    • Former Followers: Paarthurnax (ascended), Odahviing
  • Allies: Maegor I Targaryen, Tiamat, Smaug, Dr. Weil, Darkseid, Vilgax, Teridax, Lord Voldemort, Ganondorf Dragmire, Apocalypse
  • Rivals: Grima, Ungoliant, Deathwing, Lavos, Tuska, Mordremoth, Unicron, Oryx, Zhaitan, Lord English, Hades, Nicol Bolas
  • Enemies: The Dovahkiin, Paarthurnax, Miraak, Hermaeus Mora, Arokh and Rynn, Donkey, Bahamut, Caim and Angelus, Daenerys Targaryen, Spyro, Malygos, Zinnia, Acnologia, The Nameless King, Ignitus, Nico Minoru, Zatanna, Maxwell, Nozdormu, Gwyn, Aegon, Visenya and Rhaenys Targaryen, Dialga
  • Opposes: Io, Death of the Endless, Melkor
  • Opposed by: Eru Ilúvatar, Guthix, Sheev Palpatine
  • Feared by: The Adoring Fan
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nekron
  • Herald: Nahkriin (formerly Miraak)
  • While the dragons of Tamriel in general are widely feared, none inspire more terror than their leader Alduin, the World-Eater. Present in the Nordic pantheon as the God of Destruction, Alduin built the dragons’ civilisation and is prophesied to reawaken after a long absence with an intent to destroy all life as he had periodically done before once the following events have occurred: when misrule takes its place at the eight corners of the world; when the Brass Tower walks and Time is reshaped; when the thrice-blessed fail and the Red Tower trembles; when the Dragonborn Ruler loses his throne, and the White Tower falls; when the Snow Tower lies sundered, kingless, bleeding.
    • However, it is also said that he will be defeated by a hero known as the Last Dragonborn, a mortal with the soul of a dragon and gifted with the ability to wield the Thu'um with unusually little effort and absorb the souls of other dragons. Yet it is possible that Alduin will be allowed to return once again at the end of time, when the world is finally ready to be consumed. This is supported by the Dovahkiin being unable to absorb Alduin's soul when he finally was slain.
  • Alduin grew in arrogance due to his status as a god among dragons. Eventually, in the primeval Merethic Era, he shirked his fated role and instead cruelly enslaved the mortal races of Tamriel and Atmora, granting power to the dragon priests who ruled as kings. A rebellion soon erupted against the tyranny of the Dragon Cult, and eventually the dragons themselves. Alduin himself was overthrown when a trio of Nordic heroes subdued him with the Dragonrend shout, before casting him forward in time to the year 4E 201 using an Elder Scroll. What few of his kin remained unslain scattered and hid themselves abroad the world of Nirn.
  • The most notable distinction of the dragons of the Mundus universe from other dragons is the fundamental connection of their souls to a magical force known as the Thu'um, which causes words spoken in their language to affect the environment around them, and so a dragon that appears to be breathing fire is in reality saying "fire" in their own tongue. So integral are the Words of Power to these dragons that each of them has a name consisting of three of these words, which can be used by other wielders of the Voice to summon them. It is thus fitting that Alduin, the leader of these dragons, would become god of the Words of Power upon his ascension.
    • While each Word of Power can be learned almost instantaneously by a dragon (or a Dragonborn, provided that they absorb a dragon's soul or "absorb the knowledge" from another), a regular mortal can learn the words and put to use their effects through rigorous training and meditation. This fact allows the Thu'um to be turned against the dragons, as a group of humans invented the Dragonrend shout which forces them to experience mortality, a concept completely alien to them, and land to leave themselves vulnerable.
  • One of the main reasons why the World-Eater is so dreaded is because not only can he kill most other beings with ease, but he can consume their souls afterwards to replenish himself, thus destroying them both physically and metaphysically.
  • There is much debate about the precise connection between Alduin and Akatosh, the Dragon God of Time and chief deity of the widely revered Nine Divines. It is thought by many outsiders of Skyrim, such as scholar and High Priest Alexandre Simon that the former is an aspect of the latter, marking the Great Dragon as both the creator and destroyer of time, and Alduin himself boasts that he is the Firstborn of Akatosh. The Nords themselves, however, generally see the World-Eater as a similar but entirely separate deity, making such arguments as that it is illogical seeing as Akatosh is seen as a benevolent being while Alduin makes himself known through destruction and tyranny.
  • One legend has it that he was responsible for the corruption of a being then known as the Leaper Demon King as punishment for hiding parts of the world from him that he was "entitled" to consume. The Leaper was cast into Oblivion and could only make infrequent returns to Mundus through great effort, but would never be truly free until he found and destroyed what he had shielded from the World-Eater. The denizens of Tamriel recognise this being today as the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon. If indeed this legend is true, this means that Alduin is indirectly responsible for the Oblivion Crisis which became the catalyst for the collapse of the Tamrielic Empire.
  • As they are both feared enemies of Tamriel, there initially was worry among the gods that Alduin would form a duumvirate with Hermaeus Mora. This did not happen, however, as Alduin hates Mora almost as much as the Dragonborn and Paarthurnax for turning a portion of the Dragon Cult against him, including their leader Miraak.
  • The Adoring Fan is terrified of him, even more so than he is of other hostile creatures. It is speculated that this is because if Alduin were to eat his soul then it would permanently stop the Fan from respawning. For some reason, not many gods seem very upset about this possibility.
  • In his quest to destroy most of the Pantheon and enslave what remains of it, he has allied himself with Darkseid. He is currently wondering if he can unlock a Dragon Language translation of the Anti-Life Equation in order to control the gods.
  • Is surprisingly amiable with Voldemort, since he approves of his contempt for apparently lesser and weaker beings, his garnering of respect through fear and power, and is impressed with how he put a taboo on his own name in order to seek out insolent enemies who try to use it freely, although he still considers spells to be inferior to dragon words. Voldy is also currently safe from having his soul eaten by Alduin, as there is so little of it left inside him that it would do nothing to sate the dragon.
  • Has rivalries with many other Destroyer Deities, Planet Eaters and Omnicidal Maniacs, as he desires as much for himself to destroy as possible.
    • His fiercest antagonism is towards Deathwing- while he has uncharacteristically praised the Destroyer for the magnitude of the destruction that he has wrought, and still fondly remembers the days when they slaughtered terrified villagers and smoked pipe-weed with Smaug, Alduin asserts that if there is going to be a dragon deity who will bring forth the end, then the right belongs to himself and himself alone.
    • Finds himself competing with Oryx since both feed their everlasting hunger through ruin and carnage. The Taken King has an advantage in that, while both of them are very difficult to kill, he can only die permanently in his throne world. He is, however, hindered by the constant threat of being consumed himself should he fail to keep himself satiated.
    • Became miffed when he came across Hades munching on a bowl of souls that could have been his. The Lord of the Underworld remained undeterred.
      Hades: Now, now. I know how tasty these are, but there’s no need to be greedy. There’s plenty to go around, and even more are being formed with each grisly, senseless death. Ha, why don’t we two go for dinner sometime and order the most exotic souls painstakingly prepared by the most esteemed cooks in the Underworld? You would like that, wouldn’t you? Of course, you would! Here, have one now to appetise yourself. *gulp* Whoops! Oh pity, it would appear that I’ve already eaten the las- OOAAAARRRRGHHHH!
      • To make a long story short, the collateral damage took quite a while for the gods to clean up.
  • Naturally, he receives little approval from other magic users who wield the power of words in their spellcasting.
  • Detested by Malygos due to reminding him far too much of Deathwing and due to his presence in the House of Magic.
  • Perceiving his own kin as the supreme race and seeing other life as slaves who are obligated to pay tribute to them (or more specifically, to him), he harbours disgust for any dragon who willingly forms bonds or alliances with lesser beings.
    • Considers Arokh a disgrace for going so far as to bond his soul with his rider. He is looking forward to making a meal out of their shared soul.
    • Was utterly repulsed upon hearing of the relationship between Angelus and her rider. She and Caim do not consider Alduin particularly pleasant either, and note that he does not help with their preternatural prejudice for black dragons.
    • For the same reasons as Caim and Angelus, he has no love for Donkey. The presence of the Dronkeys baffles him almost as much as the concept of mortality.
  • Upon hearing of Alduin's rampages, Daenerys Targaryen rode out on Drogon, accompanied by Rhaegal and Viserion, to confront him in the skies of the Pantheon. While remaining cautious, after enduring a blast of fire from Alduin and remaining unburnt, she became quite confident that by telling him that she was blood of the dragon, she could bring him over to her side as she had done with Smaug. She was wrong.
    Alduin: Kos nahlot, bein jul! You would abase yourself by likening your filthy mortal body to the flesh of a dovah?! You may have braved my fire, but can you truly assert your claim? Kod hi fin Thu'um? You will have the chance to prove yourself... after your insolence has been punished.
    • Alduin then blasted Dany off of Drogon. Immediately, the three Essosi dragons attacked the World-Eater in a frenzied panic. He simply subdued them with Frost Breath and said with a chuckle, "Your false master is dead. Now you will serve me." He then noticed a shadow pass over him, and looked up to find that the sun had been eclipsed by Balerion, carrying King Aegon I. This was the last thing he saw before he was rammed by both Vhagar and Meraxes, ridden by Aegon's sister-wives. After Daenerys was caught in mid-air and deposited back onto Drogon, the four Targaryens and their six steeds proceeded to charge Alduin who, while outmatching the other dragons in his intelligence and range of abilities, could only put up only so much of a fight against so many opponents at once and was eventually forced to flee, albeit with the belief that the six exhausted dragons would make useful servants once he had devoured their masters. The Targaryens then looked around and saw that the surrounding area was in ruins. In awkward silence, they flew away in search of deities who could fix the place up again.
  • Despite being an enemy of most of the ascended Targaryens, he has respect for Maegor the Cruel. Praising his oppression of his subjects and brutal treatment of his enemies, he has gone so far as to say that Maegor is "almost worthy" of being a true dovah and has considered inducting him as a dragon priest. He would never dare, however, to allow Maegor to use him as a mount.
  • While Gwyn and his knights are generally indiscriminate about the dragons they kill, they have taken special notice of Alduin due to him being uncontrollably destructive and knowingly malicious. Even the Nameless King, who opposes Gwyn in his crusade against dragons, agrees with him that he needs to be put down.
  • Is intensely disliked by fellow temporal dragons Nozdormu and Dialga. The possibility that he is an evil aspect of Akatosh reminds them too much of their own evil selves (Murozond and Primal Dialga, respectively).
  • While they do have a commonality connection in being deities who went against their duty for selfish and egotistical reasons, he is annoyed by Melkor's claim that he created dragons (as evidenced by the fact that he was known to breed them in his own world of Arda), claiming that nobody, not even a god, could make such great beings if they were not a dragon themselves.
  • In spite of his insatiable desire for destruction and dominance, he occasionally takes some time off from being the World-Eater, but not before hiring a carefully-selected substitute. Thomas adamantly denied any association with Alduin when he was accused of being a very naughty engine.
  • Also present in the House of Magic and in the Main House.

    Gai Kurenai/Ultraman Orb 
Gai Kurenai, God of Heroic Creeds (Ultraman Orb, The Galaxy's Shining Star, The Shooting Star Flying Through the Galaxy, Hero of Light, The Sunset's Wanderer)
Click here  to see Ultraman Orb's Origin Form


Intermediate Gods

    Hilda Berg 
Hilda Berg, Goddess of Written Sound Effects
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Clouds, Stars and Moons.
  • Theme Song: Threatenin' Zeppelin
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blow You Away, Constellations, Faceship, Flunky Boss, The Hyena, One-Wheeled Wonder, Painful Transformation, Sinister Schnoz, Warm-Up Boss, Words Can Break My Bones
  • Domains: Weather, Space, Costellations, Blimps, Clouds, Planes
  • Allies: Betty Boop, Popeye, The King of All Cosmos, Roboking, Lunatone, Galaxy Man
  • Enemies: The Devil, King Dice
  • On Good Terms with: Cuphead and Mugman, Pearl
  • Respects: Moon Deities
  • Hilda Berg could be described as a Blimp/Zeppelin hybrid and one of the many runaway contractors that Cuphead and Mugman had to find and defeat in order to protect their souls from the Devil. She fought them in the sky, where her weather manipulation as well as being aided by small planes were though obstacles for the cupbros but they eventually defeated her. One of the special characteristics about Hilda is that she can literally use words to attack others, such as when she laughs launching HA HA! to her enemies.
  • Surprised to see Cuphead and Mugman in the pantheon as deities no less. She is very grateful that they defeated the devil, cancelled her soul contract and they all remain on good terms. On the other hand, not too happy that the Devil and his lackey King Dice are also around, and they will certainly go after her when they get their revenge on the mugs first.
  • Her temple is an observatory, often Hilda can be found napping above the clouds (which is pretty noticeable given her loud snoring) and she usually prefers to be by herself. Though she doesn't mind if other deities want to challenge her, she would gladly show them that she is no pushover.
  • Some people have noticed that she kinda resembles Pearl from the Crystal Gems, at first the latter thought Hilda was another Pearl just like her but it turns out she was an entirely unrelated being who happened to look alike and they remain on good terms.
  • Her attire and look reminds a lot of people of Betty Boop if she were a Zeppelin woman. Betty at first didn't think highly of Hilda but eventually warmed up to her and on occassion they like to talk.
    • Her slim build also made Popeye confuse her with his beloved Olive but was bummed out when he found Hilda was another person entirely. Though after a while, he also became friends with Hilda but prefers to not spend too much time with her in case Olive thinks he is cheating on her with a shoddy replacement.
  • Given that she comes from a pretty zany world, it was a matter of time before she met the King of All Cosmos given he created all the costellations of his universe. Hilda seems to respect him even though he can be a bit overbearing at times but after a while he met his robotic counterpart Roboking, who she is much more fond of, given she is also mechanical in nature.
  • If the situation is dire, she can transform into a moon, although the process is painful for her. There she can summon all assortment of things ranging from stars, meteors and even UFOs. Lunatone reminds her a lot of that form and so he considers it as if it were her pet and the other hand Galaxy Man found interest in the different flying saucers she can summon and wanted to investigate her abilities in more depth.
  • She may be a Zeppelin woman, but she claims she has nothing to do with the Hindenburg Airship. Her name just happens to reference it. On a different note, some people believe she is antropomorphic distant cousin from the Kirov Airship but she has denied any links to it.
  • Some people believe she is some kind of witch that has magic that controls the skies, given her elderly-sounding voice, being able to transform into constellations and a pointy nose associated with witches being the biggest point in favour of these theories. Other believe she is just an old prototype created by Dr. Khal that escaped from him and decided to live in the woods.
  • She somestimes can be seen mumbling the name Coleman. Turns out she could have been able to summon a creature by said name but in the end it never came to fruition.
  • "Fitting, isn't it? I'm a blimp — you're a wimp."

Lesser Gods

Napstablook, deity of small letters (Dapperblook, Blooky, NAPSTABLOOK22, Spooky DJ)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A pair of Headphones
  • Theme Song: Ghost Fight (their boss theme), Pathetic House
  • Alingment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: being very softspoken, no given gender, very apologetic ghost, the eeyore, mini-boss, posses a real nice hat, actually dangerous if they are upset, multi-purpose tears, warm-up boss, a ghost in the form of a bedsheet
  • Domains: Ghosts, Music, Hats, Spooky stuff
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Dark Danny, Freddy Krueger
  • Odd Friendship: The Mann Co's mercenaries
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Ghostbusters, Luigi
  • Scares: Ragna the Bloodedge, Mako Reizei, Nao Midorikawa/Cure March, Alice
  • Employed by: Spooky
  • There was one time where people reported there was a ghost pretending to be asleep on the main floor in the Pantheon. The Ghostbusters were ready to deal with said ghost until The Child stepped in to stop them. It turned out that it was Napstablook, a ghost that they befriended back in the underground.
    • After that, the Child asked the Court of Gods asked if their ghost friend could stay in the Pantheon. After a long session, they decided to let them stay thanks to their softspoken ways. Napstablook reaction was quite special:
    "oh no...i'm a god now....that's nice...bye..."
  • They hail from a family of Ghosts that anytime they want, they can go corporeal. They were the only one that still didn't find a suitable body when they have other cousins that already found theirs. One of them became a Training Dummy while the other one became a famous star under the name of Mettaton. This is pretty much the reason why they are always seen alone.
    • However, they have come to accept the company of other more friendly ghosts they befriended in the pantheon and they are always seen hanging out in the Ghosts sub-house.
  • They like to spend their time sharing their music on the internet. People are sometimes afraid of coming to their temple because they find their music very spooky.
    • The only human that approached their temple was Koume Shirasaka, who was in complete awe with the Ghost's tunes. Napstablook was glad they were able to find a singer and they both are preparing to release a new collaboration album for Koume's career.
    • Other fellow DJs that also approached them were Vinnyl Scratch and Sona Buvelle. After they are done with Koume's album, Napstablook is also planning another collab between the three.
  • They have forged an unlikely friendship with Isaac, especially because they both can use their tears offensively. Plus, Isaac really likes the Ghost "Dapperblook" look.
    • Also helped that Isaac met him on a trip of a accidental trip to the Underground. While his trip was cut short by Sans realizing that Frisk must of been in Isaac's basement by accident and going out of his way to save them, he still got to meet and befriend Isaac as he made his way through the Ruins. He, along with the other Undertale characters, actually go with Isaac from time to time to help him out on his basement quests.
      • Their friendship also helped Isaac as Napstablook decided to help Isaac cut his trip in Spooky's mansion short by spraying the door he came from with acid tears, unlocking and opening it. When scolded by Spooky for letting Isaac leave, he apologized softly, commenting on how he thought Isaac wouldn't like it here, vanishing as he softly called out "oh no...............................". Despite this, Spooky still keeps him and his CDs in her house, but is also going through background checks to see if any other ghosts she has befriended anyone on the outside.
    • The Mercenaries also got interested in the "Dapperblook", since it reminds them of the Ghostly Gibus. They have been trying to trade their other hats for the Dapperblook but the Ghost hasn't given a final answer yet.
  • In their free time, they actually like to spend it doing a family tradition they call "Feeling Like Garbage". Rumors say that anyone that has also "felt like garbage" state that it is a "enlightening experience" and it opened their minds into a great future.
  • Even for a ghost, Napstablook tries to be as nice as possible with everyone they meet. They indeed were upset when they scared a few people they tried to befriend.
    "umm... you do know you cant kill ghosts, right? we're sorta incorporeal and all. i was just lowering my hp because i didn't want to be rude. sorry... i just made this more awkward... pretend you beat me... oooooooo"
    • Even then, there are few people they personally dislike. For example, they aren't very fond of Dark Danny or Freddy Krueger for giving ghosts a bad name.
  • After accidentally bumping into her once, Napstablook now is employed by Spooky in her mansion as a Specimen 1 (They just lay down on the floor and block the path). They say she isn't that bad compared to what other people say, and she actually has bought all of their tunes they made in order too "smoothen the atmosphere" as she says.
  • They also transferred their snail farm to the house of Sports since it didn't make sense to leave their cousin's farm without a caretaker. Many people enjoy participating in the Thundersnail race and has slowly become a popular activity. One of the most frequent attendant is Spongebob, who later became friends with Napstablook.

    Noriko Takaya 
Noriko Takaya, Goddess Of Attack Calling
  • Lesser Goddess/Greater Goddess When piloting Gun Buster
  • Symbol: A blue headband or a picture of herself and her father. Alternatively, Gun Buster with it's arms folded.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Calling Your Attacks ( Because she's a fangirl), Hard Work That Pays Off, Stopped Crying, Adorkable, Hot-Blooded, Older Than They Look, Person of Mass Destruction, Gainax Pose, Determinator.
  • Domains: War, Words
  • Allies:
  • Followers: Pretty much every Studio Gainax and Studio Trigger character.
  • Enemies: Arael, Gendo Ikari, Ragyo Kiryuin, The Flood, The Anti-Spiral, the Incubators
  • Ascended to the Pantheon by constantly calling out her attacks, matching the average Shonen in under six episodes.
  • Upon ascending, she was greeted with a tearful hug by her old mentor/surrogate sister, Kazumi. The reunion between the two caused many a tear to be shed.
  • She is beloved by almost every Gainax and Trigger deity since she is not only the main character from the former's Breakthrough Hit which allowed for the latter's existence but also being the basis of quite a few of them, including Shinji (and by extent Naota) who inherited her initial weakness and tendency to run away as well as Simon who inherited her levels of Badass.
  • Despises Both Gendo and Ragyo for their treatment of their children, stating if they ever go near Shinji and Satsuki plus Ryuko, She'll give them a firsthand demonstration of Gun Buster's power.
    • Similarly, She is not fond of the Anti-Spiral, whose goal would ultimately negate her and Kazumi's sacrifice. Likewise, The Anti-Spiral takes her presence in the Pantheon as a sigh that The Spiral Nemesis is fast apporaching.
  • She gets along very well with Asuka, whom reminds Noriko of another red haired mecha pilot. Upon hearing of her Mind Rape, she has vowed to protect the German girl from the glowing angel. Because of this, Arael stays away as it does not want to face a woman who blew up 250,000 aliens without any reinforcements.
  • She has also taken it upon herself to help Shinji overcome his crippling low self-esteem, working alongside Simon to boost his spirits. They have noticed some improvement but has since returned to his previous state. Though this hasn't stopped them from trying.
  • She's also quite fond of Kamina, who both share a Hot-Blooded passion used to hide their inner fear as well as a certain cockiness Because of this, he sometimes invites her to join him in making speeches at his gatherings. Upon saying yes, attendance skyrocketed again.
  • Outside of her studio's characters, she's likes to hang out with Steve Rogers under the mutual banner of being displaced in time. Steve has said that being displaced for forty years is rather different than being displaced for twelve thousand.
    • She has a mutual alliance with Master Chief against the Flood. Both acknowledge each other as capable warriors and people who have sacrificed a lot for those they care about.
  • Upon seeing Ryoma Nagare, she immediately squeed and struck up a conversation with him. This, along with a request from her good friend Ruuysel, caused her to joining the GUAG's Super Robot division, which, due to her Gunbuster being one of the most powerful mechs among super robots and the fact that it's the precursor to the Gurren Lagann itself, her skills as a pilot and her natural charisma make her a very dangerous opponent. Not to mention what will happen if she is attacked in front of Ryoma.
  • She's rather amicable with the Puella Magi, partially because she was part of a crew of young women like them and partially because their creators respect one another. upon hearing about Kyubey and his lack of respect for human life being reminiscent of the aliens that once threatened her home, Noriko has promised a swift blast from her Gun Buster should he harm another Magical Girl. Naturally, Kyubey doesn't care.
    • She has been seen around Mami's temple in an attempt to learn more about the man who inspired her to fight, Smith Toren. Unfortunately, Mami has not heard of him but has promised to inform her should she come across his story.

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