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  • Potential House:
  • Rank:
  • Symbol:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains:
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • [[Pantheon/


Wave I (An attempt)

    Chris and Swagmaster69 
Chris and Swagmaster69, Divine Duo of Synthetic Voices (Chris: Christopher Gordman; Swagmaster: SwagMaster696969696969, Swag)

    Nitros Oxide 
Nitros Oxide, God of Jumping the Gun (N. Oxide, Nitrous Oxide)
Oxide in his hover car
  • Potential House: Pantheon/ ?
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Song: Oxide Station
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Driver, Aliens are Bastards, Smug Snake, Punny Name, Flying Saucer
  • Domains: Racing, Conquest, Cheating, Aliens
  • Heralds: Zem and Zam
  • Allies: Black Shadow
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Uka Uka
  • Nitros Oxide is an alien from planet Gasmoxia who boasts about being the fastest racer in the galaxy. He has set his sights on Earth and has threatened to turn the planet into a barren wasteland and enslave its inhabitants. This not only got him involved against Crash Bandicoot and his friends, but also his adversaries. N. Oxide is determined to do whatever it takes to uphold his self-proclaimed title of "fastest racer in the galaxy" and that includes speeding off before the green light even flashes.
  • He managed to find the Pantheon after hearing supposed stories about a place where different kinds of vehicles exist and a wide variety of racers at that. Hoping to find another planet to take under his control, N. Oxide traveled there and discovered a planet similar to the one he failed to take over. N. Oxide issued a challenge to the Pantheon, and after seeing Crash and his associates there, he made it a point to defeat them for good this time around and engaged in a rematch with the Bandicoot. Despite N. Oxide's skills, Crash was able to best him once again, much to the alien's fury. And then he found out that something happened behind the scenes that would result in him getting a spot in what is known as the Pantheon. N. Oxide only saw this as an opportunity to take some time, refine his skills and then claim the Pantheon as his own, though he's definitely not without a lot of competition.
  • Some wonder what was he doing after his defeat on Earth. Supposedly he returned to his home planet and laid low for a while. Then, when he was about to return, he suffered an accident so gruesome it would have raised the rating of his game if it were described and marked a definite end to his racing career. However, he seems to have gotten better after he showed up to challenge both Aku Aku and Uka Uka's team to a game of Ballistix.

    Lei Shen 
Lei Shen, God of Former Nobodies Turned Threats (The Thunder King, Emperor of the Mogu, Slayer of Kings and Gods, The Shaman)
  • Potential House: Villainous Archetypes
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Crest of the Mogu and the Thunder Throne
  • Theme Song: The Thunder King
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Abusive Precursors, The Strongest Mogu and their leader, Back from the Dead, Chrome Champion, The Dreaded, The Emperor, Empowered Badass Normal, Evil Sounds Deep, Looks down on all non-Mogu races, Gained his power from defeated Keeper Ra-Den, Knight Templar, Person of Mass Destruction, The Thunder King
  • Domains: Gods, Thunder, Kings, Power, Order, Conquer, Legacy
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Zamasu
  • Enemies:
  • Lei Shen, the Thunder King, had his humble beginning as the son of a Mogu warlord, whose death at the hands of some betrayers led Lei Shen and a handful others to exile themselves. In the years he spent wandering the world, he sought to awaken the gods so the Mogu could be unified into a strong race and when he found the gods of the Mogu, Highkeeper Ra, he was initially furious that the Titan Watcher simply ignored him and laid motionless. Then he after weeks of interrogation, the Watcher decided to unveil the Awful Truth to Lei Shen, the Titans were dead. But instead of succumbing to despair, Lei Shen opted to continue the work of the Titans if their creations would refuse to do so, resulting in him defeating Highkeeper Ra and taking his powers and the ones from the Titan Aman'Thul. That's when the legend of the Thunder King and Emperor of the Mogu was born, Lei Shen would go conquering all the other races and subjugating under his rule, while unifying his own race into a powerful army just like he always desired. And said tale is what brought him into the pantheon.
  • Not many know how he perished, most believing he just died of old age and went undefeated throught all his reign. In reality, he was vaporized by an ancient titan weapon in Uldum after he tried to conquer, the Tol'Vir of the area knowing they couldn't hope to stand against him and his army, activated the machine and achieved the first and greatest defeat the Thunder King suffered but at the cost of all life in Uldum being wiped out. He did come back from the dead but thanks to the Zandalari Trolls but his comeback was thwarted by adventurers and heroes. Now in the pantheon he was resurrected at full power thanks to his followers infiltrating the pantheonic halls and summoning here after consulting with the Court of Gods.
  • "I am the slayer of kings and gods!"

Geras, God of Self-Reconstruction (Terminas)

    The Strange Men Series Protagonists 
David Hoover, Sophie Grundler, Keith Baring and William Morton, Divine Quartet of Achieving Multiple Endings (William: Will)

Gul'dan, God of Cursed Artifacts (Darkness Incarnate, Destroyer of Dreams, Betrayer of the Orcs, The Warlock, Bloodreaver Gul'dan, Son of No Orc and of No Clan)
Bloodreaver Gul'dan 

What to add later

  • Thrall was not happy that the Warlock responsible for the mistakes his kind suffered was in the pantheon. To the Shaman surprise, Gul'dan is much more powerful than how he was in the past, thanks to his cursed Skull who still retains its powers. He is preparing for the worst the Warlock is planing to do in the Pantheon.
    • Gul'dan is such a negative figure that even Garrosh Hellscream, already notorious with his brutality, can't stand him. Likewise, Gul'dan still remembered how he shoved him off and humiliated him during the rise of the Iron Horde, and he thought getting him killed by Thrall was not enough to sate his revenge.
  • Being a Warlock, He has enough power to summon any demon he would like, even those who are ascended gods, and command them with ease. He has garnered a bit of fame for being the most Disliked Black sorcerer by his own minions, given his tendencies to punish those who don't meet his quota has earned a lot of demon enemies. There are few demons who do indeed like working for him, but those are usually the ones that like to get hurt.
  • For all his evil intentions, He is actually pretty good at playing the sax. He actually has won many sax battles in his time and He is planning to challenge Malfurion to an one-on-one sax battle. Many gods are eagerly waiting for this two behemoths to cross paths.
  • Because most of his powers Come from the cursed Skull of Gul'dan, Illidan is under control of the warlock. Nobody knows what Gul'dan is planning to do with the Betrayer but one thing for sure is that it won't be pretty. But even Gul'dan is savvy enough to know that Illidan is not 'The Betrayer' for nothing, and so has been looking for backup plans.
    • If anything, his main goal is to make sure he doesn't suffer another fatal burn from Sargeras before. You can say that all he wanted for that is to avoid being not prepared. Alas, he was not prepared. But he still had the last laugh that all Illidan crushed was just one of his alternate selves, there's still more and his core self is never going to die anyway.
  • Not in very good terms with The beast given that the demon overlord remind him to much of Sargeras. It became worse when the Orc discovered that indeed, The titan was one of his High priests.
  • Ocasionally argues with Sauron if The Skull or the ring is more cursed than the other. They have suggested in fusing the two in case they don't find a definitive answer.
  • Shinnok has taken the time to form an alliance with the Orc, seeing him as one potential ally in ataining the power he needs to rule the pantheon (plus they both have pretty similar voices). Many are worried of the disaster that might befall if the powers of Shinnok's Amulet and Gul'dan Skull are combined to form something horrible.
    • Still, Gul'dan is wary of the fallen god intentions and is prepared in case he wants to take the powers of his Skull all for himself. It won't be easy to outwit the orc who manipulated the entire horde to do his bidding.
  • Zeref has taken interest in researching the Orc's Skull powers, trying figure out the true nature of his magic and if this Artifact is the key to end the Black sorcerer's torment.
  • Weirdly enough, many compare the powers of the Orc Warlock to those of the Skull Hearth. The current holder, Bloody Marie, denied that the Orc Powers were related to those of the Skull heart and adds that she isn't a Depraved monster Like Gul'dan is.
    • On the other Hand, Double has offered his service to Gul'dan in order to get a hold of his powers and merge it with the skull hearth. The Orc doesn't trust her but nevertheless accepted the offer.
  • Ocasionally, the Black dragon Nefarian taunts him about his boring magic and how he is a better warlock that he is. Gul'dan is really geting tired of Blackwing's shenanigans and is forming an army of demons just to shut him up.
  • There seems to be an alternate version of Gul'dan where he was Overthrown of his past position and formed a new horde. That Gul'dan is plotting his next move when the time is right. Nozdormu is considering stepping in if something out of control happens with the Timeline.
    • And when this Gul'dan learned about this alternate's version of him, he just chuckled.
    Gul'dan: You're saying there is an alternate timeline version of me loose upon the cosmos? *Evil Laugh* You are all so very doomed! They don't even know what to do with just one of me!
  • Gul'dan powers managed to catch the attention of many powerful gods and all the leaders of the Great alliances. While Cosmos is really worried about the Cursed Skull and its consecuences, The other leaders offered The Orc the Chance of joining their organization and try to get a hold of the Warlock's Powers. Gul'dan only accepted the offer of Melkor, because he is planning to use the GUAE in hopes of gaining more powers for himself.
    • He is still paranoid that there still many gods that want his powers and are not willing to wait for his approval. Gul'dan is preparing a legion of demons in case he is attacked.
  • He has gained the trust of Warboss Ghazghkull due to being, in the words of the Warboss, "A propah Weirdboy dat shows dem Chaoz Gits were it's at!". Though annoyed by the stupidity of Ghazghkull and his Waaagh, Gul'dan finds their numbers and power to be usefull in the same way as Warchief Blackhand was back in Draenor, manipulating them to their fullest. Though he's a little annoyed that Ghazghkull was eventually responsible in bringing back Garrosh.
  • While a lot hasn't touched on this, Gul'dan used to have an apprentice named Demnok Lannik in the arts of dark Warlock magic. When he heard of the battle of the Ancients, surprisingly Gul'dan felt like he couldn't be bothered with that and thus sent said apprentice to represent the might of dark magic, on both occasions. He is aware that at one point, Demnok has stopped looking like him, but it does not matter, the essence remains.
    • He eventually helped out a friend of Demnok, the Demon Witch known as Lion, to ascend. Of course, that came with a cost of some of the demons he summoned getting ripped apart and their arms grafted on Lion's limb. He didn't seem to mind.
  • He'll have you know that Death Knights were his idea first! Not Ner'zhul's! And for the record, most of those Death Knight are not even dead....or evil!
  • After he heard of Medivh opening a portal to the Nexus and joining the fight to battle an "Unknown and powerful evil", Gul'dan decided to follow the Guardian to the mysterious battlefield. However, he didn't come on behalf of the legion, but because he plans to take over the nexus and get all the power for himself. Medivh sadly foresaw that the orc would follow him and Gul'dan has not hesitated in taunting the magus.
    Gul'dan: I hope you will bring more than words to this battle, Guardian...
  • While he might be a spellcaster, it has been documented that he can fight like the best of Orcs as well.
  • He has eventually shot up to further notoriety when he (at least his alternate universe self) delivered a mortal blow towards Varian Wrynn in the mortal world with the help of some Burning Legion demons. While things escalate further, it was nothing new to Gul'dan, seeing that he already made everyone want a piece of him, what's more hatred gonna do?
  • May have another alternate version where he became a servant of the Lich King and drinks blood as a hobby. He may have taken interest in vampiric deities, possibly to drain their life essence.
  • Recently he and Xehanort helped Father Homunculus revive and ascend Father's best warrior Führer King Bradley, as well as turn a set of barracks into the Magical Eye temple for Bradley's ascension complete with golem clone candidates to mow down. This was not supposed to be known, but somehow was leaked to the public some time after a set of world warriors' failed attempt to investigate. He is currently trying to discover who managed to out the truth.

    Chaos Insurgency 
Chaos Insurgency, Divine Group of Varying Characterization (The Insurgency)
The Chaos Insurgency Logo
  • Potential House:
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Their Logo (Pictured above)
  • Alignment: Unknown, but tethers between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Nebulous Evil Organization that is Shrouded in Myth, Villain with Good Publicity, Evil Foil to the Foundation, Multiple-Choice Past
  • Domains: Secrecy, Variance, Backstory, Evil, Investigation
  • Allies: Lucifer and The Grand United Alliance of Chaos, HYDRA
  • Enemies: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: All ascended SCPs
  • Originally deviced as a splinter group of the SCP Foundation by the O5 Council to handle the ethically questionable elements and other black op related operations, the Chaos Insurgency went A.W.O.L. in 1924 and managed to retrieve several elements from the Foundation, including many SCP, and set up as a separate group. Widely considered the more evil Foil of the SCP Foundation, the Chaos Insurgency is shrouded in mystery, since their goals are not clear to both the Foundation and even their own members, constantly changing on the go. They've been lurking in the shadows ever since the Pantheon was created, but their presence has been since outed by The Question, who managed to catch on to their activities, forcing them to officially reveal themselves to the Pantheon and gain a spot.

    Colonel Mael Radec 
Colonel Mael Radec, God of Big Bad Enforcers (The Vicious Leader of The Helghast Forces, The Hound of Visari)

What to add later

  • He often becomes an advisor to most evil leaders in the Pantheon. That said, most overlords have gotten into the liking of Radec, and as a result placed him in many special operations.
    • Speaking of advisors, Radec often shifts his role with many overlords, from Arcturus Mengsk to Emperor Palpetine and many other ones. They appreciate his multitasking skills, a lot.
  • He will never forgive Cole McGrath, Sackboy, Nathan Drake and Kratos for what they did to him in their crossover battles. As such, he still finding a way on how to get revenge, slowly.
  • Like Selvaria Bles who is trying to ascend Maximillion, Radec is finding a way to ascend Scholar Visari.
  • Harpuia has become his arch enemy as they are mirrors of each other.
    • Has also gained an extreme hate to Parasoul as they have the similar motifs, execpt Parasoul is more, peaceful. He calls her a disgrace to the military in general.
    • Often targeted by many good-aligned military deitites in the Pantheon, as he is a reminder to them of their enemies in their worlds. However, the only deity he will keep an eye at is Gordon Freeman, as his damage to the Combine is just staggering. He fears on what will happen should Gordon do it, but this time, on the Helghast.
  • He frequently visits the House of Defense in hopes of improving the 501st in terms of... Just about everything. Vader approves of him trying to help the 501st, but he is annoyed about him executing those who do not follow his rules to the exact point.
  • He has an enemy in the form of a undead knight by the name of Sir Daniel and was delighted to find him in the House of Life and Death, preparing to fight him once more. That being said, he views Sir Dan as a foe worthy of his talents because of their shared views on honor.
  • Despite appearances, Radec believes in a fair battle, and wishes that he and his opponents face each other as soldiers on the battlefield. He also never tolerates cheaters, period.
    • His characteristic has gotten him a lot of Worthy Opponents, from Paladins such as Uther and Arturia, to military deities like Commander Shepard and Mr. "Jane" Doe/The Soldier. Even Isaac Clarke appreciates Radec's fair play. Because of this, many of the aformentioned gods have gotten into a liking with him.
    • However, he sees Colonel Roy Mustang as the best opponent he has fought for centuries. Even Roy sees fairness in Radec and as a result, wish that when the time comes, both will have a final fight to the death.
  • "The essence of combat: kill or be killed."

    Jean-Baptiste Augustin 
Jean-Baptiste Augustin, Divine Carrier of the Immortality Field (Baptiste, Lt. Augustin, The Demoman)
  • Potential House: Forms of Immortality
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Biotic Launcher and the Immortality Field Device
  • Theme Song: Baptiste's theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: The Atoner, Defected from Talon after witnessing their evil ways, Badass Baritone, Combat Medic, Gadgeteer Genius, Good Is Not Soft, Being wanted by Talon since He Knows Too Much, Tricked-Out Shoes
  • Domains: Soldiers, Healing, War, Orphans, Choices
  • Allies:
    • From the world of Overwatch: Sombra (Unbeknownst to her Talon collegues)
  • Enemies: All the Ascended Talon agents
  • Jean-Baptiste Augustin was one of millions who were caught in the omnic crisis, orphaned at a very young age. Those conditions made him adopt the Social Darwinist philosophy of taking care of your friends and killing everyone who got in his way. After the war was over, he struggled to find a normal occupation and so joined Talon, believing they would provide him, and indeed they did. But the increasing brutality and shady work he had to deal with on a regular basis took a toll and ultimately he decided to defect, realizing that his philosophy was just a poor excuse he made that only caused an endless cycle of violence and went against his desire to help people. But Talon would not let him go and so Baptiste had to take care of Talon's agents sent after him. Once they were dealt with, he decided that he would atone for his actions and help those in need.
  • The position of a deity is something he never expected to get, especially concerning his equipment. For a while the GUAG has been looking for a Combat Medic that could aid the warriors on good in combat and Baptiste was handpicked for it. To justify his ascension, it was brought up about the Immortality Field device, a gadget that allows anyone within a radius to survive fatal damage
  • "No dying on my watch".

On Hold

Skarlet, Goddess of Power From Blood

What to add later

  • Cassie Cage and Jacqui Briggs were less than pleased upon hearing of Skarlet's ascension, as they remember all too well of the role she played in corrupting them with the Blood Code. Their respective parents and Mileena, even less so.
  • What makes Skarlet so dangerous is the blood of her opponents. Should she comes into contact with the red stuff, she gets stronger. But it's also her weakness when D'Vorah is involved, as Kytinn blood is extremely toxic.
  • She is on friendly terms with Jedah Dohma, due to their use of blood for attacks. The same can't be said for Q-Bee, as D'Vorah serves as her High Priestess, or Carmine Prime, who thinks that she is too crazy even for him.
  • The Blood Code had gained the attention of Doctor Strange's rival, Dormammu. He is intrigued by its power and us working with Skarlet in purging out its weaknesses.
  • As she and Sadira are assassins there is a degree of mutual respect between the pair. So much so that Sadira extended to Skarlet an invitation to join the Red Eyes of Rylai. Skarlet politely refused, as her loyalties lie with Shao Kahn.
  • As Skarlet is a construct created from blood, she gets the attention of the House of Vampires (sans Rachel, Abel, and Arcueid). It also doesn't help matters that it had been both Cassie and Jacqui who told the Vampires of this fact as payback for her torturing the both of them and corrupting them with the Blood Code. How does Skarlet know that Cassie and Jacqui were responsible? When Gabriel Belmont (who is leading the charge) told her that "Cassandra Cage and Jacqueline Briggs send their regards." Skarlet now avoids the ascended vampires at all costs.
  • It's even worse with the parents of the Pantheon, particulary the good ones. This time, it had been Johnny, Sonya (as they themselves were corrupted by the Blood Code thanks to a corrupted Cassie and Jacqui respectively) and Jax who exposed Skarlet's role in the Blood Code incident and of how she corrupted both Cassie and Jacqui with the Blood Code. She has also earned the ire of several sorcerers, particularly Doctor Strange, Raven and Zatarra Zatana due to her use of blood magik (even they realize that using it is a bad idea). The Gaang have also had enough bad encounters with bloodbenders to know that a crazed user of others' blood is a terrible idea.
  • Skarlet also has Wolverine in her sights, due to his blood, or rather, his Healing Factor. She thinks that if she comes into contact with Logan's blood, then she would acquire her own type of healing; or at the very least that his healing means she can use him as an endless source of blood. Wolverine is one of several intended targets for Skarlet in regards to their blood.
    • Though considering how Raiden has beaten Wolverine with the Murasama, she's wary of said cyborg.
  • Made the near-fatal mistake of triggering Iori and Leona's Blood Riot, thinking that it was the same as the Blood Code. She barely escaped with her life. It took Rose and Chizuru Kagura to calm them down.
  • On her opinion of the recent unwanted renovations, she finds out that it also brought some Yharnamites inside as well. She has mixed feelings on the Old Blood though.

D'Vorah, Goddess of Insect Noises (This One, The Hive)

    Shang Tsung 
Shang Tsung, God of Shapeshifting and Soul Absorptions (The Sorcerous Vanguard of Doom)

What to add later

  • Back in the original timeline, he and Quan Chi formed the Deadly Alliance long ago... but this doesn't mean that there's some enmity each other. He's baffled that Quan Chi got more attention in the retelling than him.
  • Together with Starscream, Shang Tsung now plots to backstab every Gods in the Pantheons and then absorb them, giving him the power to Shapeshift to anyone with ease.
    • With the arrival of Shao Kahn, however, he might need to put those plans on hold. Kahn's not happy with Tsung's battle with Akuma.
  • He once tried to steal Akuma's soul in a battle for his immense power but failed.
  • Recent reports indicate that he may have regained his physical form after the 25 Year Prophecy. In particular, the rumor that he separated himself from Ermac's soul collective and devoured the rest of the souls doesn't bode well for those who live there.
  • Also present in the House of Shape.

    Kintaro and Motaro 
Kintaro and Motaro, Dual Deities of Mini Bosses

    Hakkar the Soulflayer 
Hakkar the Soulflayer, Unholy God of Sacrificial Rituals (The Soulflayer, The Blood God, The Faceless One, The Loa of Blood)
  • Potential House: Methods of Killing
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: An altar in his form and his blood.
  • Theme Song: Rise of the Zandalari and Zul'gurub
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Blood Magic, Deal with the Devil, Feathered Serpent, Lords over Blood, Blood Lust, No clear origin, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Blood, Sacrifice, Gods, Violence, Empires, Trolls, Serpents
  • Heralds: The Hakkari Trolls and the Atal'ai Tribe
  • Allies: Skarlet
  • Enemies: Vol'jin, Zul'jin, Quetzalcoatl
  • On good terms with: Harth Stonebrew
  • Hakkar the Soulflayer is the Loa of Blood and Patron god of the Gurubashi Empire. A malevolent deity with a thirst for blood and sacrifice, he offered his aid and powers to the Gurubashi trolls so they would avoid both the Corrupted Blood plague and the terrible famine the Gurubashi have been enduring for a while. While they remained fearsome and powerful, the Gurubashi had to make daily sacrifices to appease the Loa of Blood and Hakkar dreamed of gaining a physical form so he could devour the blood of all mortals, which made most of the Gurubashi realize what kind of god they were worshipping and a civil war ensued, where the most loyal followers of the Soulflayer were vanished. Hakkar has made many attempts to manifest in Azeroth, some were almost succesful, other times he was just a puppet for other causes but one thing is clear, his infamy among the Troll mythoes is undeniable.
  • How he ascended into the Pantheon is a mystery, which compliments his even more unknown origins. Some say that during an event in the Tavern, some members of the Atal'ai tribe sneaked into the pantheon and tried to summon his god into this place. The ritual was similar to the time he was almost summoned in Zul'Gurub, but this time they were successful and Hakkar was ready to unleash his wrath on the Pantheon. Unfortunately, GUAG was able to defeat the Loa of Blood and vanish his followers to a secluded temple. Having erected an altar for him and even restoring Hakkar to his physical form once more, the Blood God continous with his daily sacrificial rituals and bloodlust, biding time and acquiring power to one day unleash the end of the world and become the top deity.

    The Scourge 
The Scourge, The Unholy Army of Fearless Undead (Undead Scourge, Scourge Army)
The Scourge Army
  • Potential House: Unliving Beings
  • Greater Deities by sheer numbers.
  • Symbol: The Crest of the Scourge
  • Theme Song: Undead Theme (Warcraft III)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Dem Bones, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Hive Mind, The Necrocracy, The Plague, Religion of Evil, The Undead, Zombie Apocalypse
  • Domains: Undeath, Corruption, Infestation, Evil, Fear, Decay
  • Leaders: Arthas Menethil (The Lich King), Bolvar Fordragon (The other and current Lich King)
  • Notable Members: Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak, Sindragosa, Stitches
  • Allies: Zhaitan, Undying, The Night's King
  • Enemies: All ascended deities from Azeroth (with special mention to Sylvanas Windrunner and Sargeras), The House of Demons, Every single Zombie Apocalypse Survivor, Artix Von Krieger, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Goliath
  • The fearless and chaotic Scourge was created by the Burning Legion in order to take control over Azeroth but eventually they broke free from their demonic masters. Perhaps considered one of the biggest threats in the world of azeroth, the ascension of the Scourge army was a catastrophic event in the pantheon were many pantheon residents were assaulted by the relentless undead, the GUAG had to use their best men to handle the bigger threats and the pantheon was thrown into a world of chaos for the ensuing days. It was all planned by Arthas, who now having his armies in the pantheon made him a lot more menacing and dangerous than before and though that he could finally take over the pantheon, until Bolvar stepped in and assumed control of half of the undead forces, who later started fighting each other until they were finally relocated to a temple. Arthas didn't expect that Bolvar would still have the Lich King influence and caused a huge unforeseen problem for him.
  • The temple they resides is a recreation of Northrend, complete with an Icecrown Citadel like castle in the middle. Because of the presence of two different Lich Kings, there has been some inner civil war between the undead, who are torn between following Arthas or Bolvar. The pantheon denizens are relieved that for now, the Scourge won't cause another problem as big as their initial ascension and a few theorize that Bolvar is causing the infighting to protect the rest of the pantheon from the wrath of the Scourge.
  • The Scourge has a wide array of creatures at their disposal. Ranging from reanimated corpses, Ghouls, Liches and Spirits to bigger and more dangerous creatures like reanimated Nerubians, Darkfallen, Abominations, Obsidian Destroyers and Frost Wyrms. The Scourge's influence even extended way before the whole faction was given a stronghold, as certain key figures like Kel'thuzad, Anub'arak and Sindragosa were all raised by Arthas.
  • Many of the resident of the House of Undead have mixed opinions on the Scourge. On one side, some welcome them with open arms, willing to join their ranks and bolster their strength. Others, mostly the good-aligned ones, want nothing to do with them and their everpresence in said house has become a recurring problem, since they tend to overrun the House. The one that took the most issue witht them was Sylvanas Windrunner, since she no longer is under the Lich King influence, she and the rest of the Forsaken have made an effort to vanquish all traces of scourge they find.
  • Sargeras was less than thrilled to see Kil'jaeden's puppet army ascend. The Scourge and the Burning Legion have been notoriously in conflict ever since Ner'zhul decided to betray the Deceiver after Archimonde suffered a defeat at Mount Hyjal and the undead's hatred for the Burning Legion also extends to demons, good or bad.

Outside of that, The Guardians have fought their fair share of undead beings. The Hive in general in fact has a strong, necrotic, theme to them while individuals like their Hive Gods could be considered liches under the definition. SIVA, with its versitility, has brought back to life Servitors and once living beings too. Then there's the Scorn with much of their Mooks being resurrected, frothing and crazed Eliksni. Plus, Guardians could be considered liches as well.

As of now there are exactly two times Gunvolt has encountered undead. The first time was from an Adept who, in her rampage, murdered all the scientist experimenting on her and brought them back to life as zombies apparently on a mission to create a Zombie Apocalypse. The second time around it he was facing Gibril, who kidnapped people to drain them of their blood to fuel her powers. As a consequence, they're turned into zombie footsoldiers.

On an unrelated note (which you don't have to mention) but when the first game referenced Resident Evil they implied the games exist in that universe, and are retro at that. I probably could of mentioned GV's escapades with zombies in his profile but I got lazy and it was last minute.


Looking for Baal?

Duriel, God of Powerful Melee Attack Radius (Lord of Pain, Maggot King)
  • Potential House: ?
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His claws
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: An Ice Person, Big Creepy-Crawlies, The Brute, Combat Sadomasochist, "Twin Brother" of Andariel, Having no explanation of his presence in the game, Lightning Bruiser, Loves the Sound of Screaming, To the Pain, That One Boss
  • Domains: Pain, Anguish, Demons, Bosses, Difficulty
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Azmodan, Belial
  • Enemies:
  • Duriel, Lord of Pain, is one of the Seven Demon Lords spawned from the heads of Tathamet and a Lesser Evil. Duriel once helped the other Lesser Evils vanish the Prime Evils to the World of Sanctuary, but once Diablo brought free of his imprisoment, he and his Twin-sister Andariel decided to help the newly released Prime Evils conquer Sanctuary to avoid their wrath. That landed Duriel as the guardian of the Tomb of Tal-Rasha, preventing anyone from entering and slaughtering the opposition. Ultimately Duriel met his match after a group of mortals challenged and succesfully defeated him, not without the Demon Lord fighting back.
  • Duriel is notoriously a very difficult foe to take down, mostly thanks to his "Instant Death" Radius that will easily tear down any unprepared foes that decides to handle him up close. It seems that the one that convinced the Court of Gods of bringing up the Lord of Pain was Mephisto, having seen some use in the Lesser Evil for his and his brothers schemes concerning the Pantheon.
  • Unlike his Lesser Evil brethen, Duriel is ok with serving the Prime Evils, something that both Azmodan and Belial are very upset about, considering him a traitor for deserting them. Duriel couldn't care less, as long as he gets to hurt and kill people, he is very content with serving the Prime Evils.

    Ethan and Mia Winters 
Ethan and Mia Winters, Divine Couple of Being Alone with Psychopaths
Ethan Winters
Mia Winters

    Q (Street Fighter
Q, God of Conspicuous Trenchcoats (The Unknown Quantity)
  • Potential House: Style
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Song: Q's theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Badass Longcoat, Beating A Dead Player, Bizarre Alien Biology, Coat, Hat, Mask, Appearance in Ken's stage years before his debut, Large and in Charge, Cool Mask, Megaton Punch, Monochromatic Eyes, Mysterious Stranger, Parts Unknown, The Spook, Implied Serial Killer, Tragic Monster, The Unintelligible, Voice Grunting
  • Domains: Trenchcoats, Mystery, Fighting, Identity
  • Allies: The T-00 Tyrant/Mr. X
  • Rivals: Akuma
  • Enemies: The Question
  • Who or what is Q exactly? No one knows. He has the benefit of being the most mysterious entity in all of the Street Fighter saga and even the CIA is investigating what he is all about. He then decided to show up in the Pantheon and claimed a title without too much fuss being causes, but whenever he is spotted there are bound to be people running away from him.
  • There are rumors that he always has been in the pantheon but few knew about his presence. He officially became a god after he was defeated in a fight against Akuma and so the Court of Gods decided to locate Q to a temple in order to track his movement, with his trenchcoat being the most significant part of his looks. He rarely stays in one place and reports have stated that Q has been spotted virtually everywhere in the pantheon, possibly in the Main House too.
  • Q has been the prime target for investigators and detectives all around the pantheon, each with their own theories and speculation. Jacket believes Q is another masked hitman like he was, considering that everywhere Q has been spotted a body has been found. Similarly, Manny Pardo doesn't have his own theories, but assured everyone he would get to the bottom of this mystery surrounding Q. Given his history of incompetence and impotence, many find it unlikely and believe Amateur Sleuths like Naoto Shirogane, Kyoko Kirigiri, the Mystery Gang, Dipper and Mable Pines have a much better chance at cracking the case (incredibly slim as it is). Even CIA agents and secretive orders know nothing about Q, making him a walking enigma.
  • While he rarely is one to make allies, he did fiend a sort of Aloof Ally of sorts, that being the infamous Tyrant Mr. X. From a simple look, one would think that Q could easily be another of the same Tyrant Series as Mr. X with a different colored Conspicuous Trenchcoat, both being really tall humanoids with a tendency to murder others with force but while the Tyrants motives are well known, Q's is a complete mystery. The first time the two met they engaged in a brawl but stopped once they found each other to be evenly matched and the Tyrant decided to ignore him ever since, some say Mr. X took some inspiration from Q and decided to don a Nice Hat alongside his trenchcoat.

    Brian Irons 
Chief Brian Irons, God of Taking Advantage of the Apocalypse

    The Zone Guardians 
Dedan, Japhet and Enoch, Divine Guardians of Jumping Off the Slippery Slope (The Guardians; Dedan: Guardian of Zone 1, The Tall Mister; Japhet: Guardian of Zone 2, The Bird; Enoch: Guardian of Zone 3, The Big Mister)

    The Lumas 
The Lumas, Divine Sentient Stars (Chiko)
Left to Right: Yelow Luma, Polari, Apricot Luma, Co-Star Luma and Green Luma

    The GTA V Trio 
Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, Trio of Multiple Playable Characters
Michael, Franklin and Trevor

Anyone ordered a one-man wrecking crew?!

Gazlowe, God of Merchant Races (Gazzy, Garrison Architect, Boss of Ratchet)
  • Potential House: Commercial Archetypes
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Steamwheedle Logo
  • Alignment: True Neutral, sometimes Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Benevolent Boss, The Engineer, Mini-Mecha, Mad Bomber, Goblin, Awesome Backpack,
  • Domains: Goblins, Business, Money, Engineering, Explosions, Neutrality
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Dr. Boom, Riki
  • Enemies: Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • On good terms with: Members of the Alliance (Although he favours the Horde)
  • Gazlowe is a Goblin engineer, merchant and leader of the City of Ratchet, a neutral territory in the continent of Kalimdor where both members of the Horde and Alliance are free to make business with the resident merchants, Gazlowe included. The Goblins from Azeroth have always been notoriously money hungry and that's one of the prime motivations of why they are neutral and that desire to get rich is what got Gazlowe become the a deity. Gazlowe is proud of the title but would just prefer being allowed to establish himself in the pantheon in order to expand his horizons.
  • While he is surprisingly pleasant for a Goblin, he is still a Goblin. Any area that he controls is likely to have something blow up or malfunction and some of his lackeys do tend to pickpocket money from unaware visitors. He is also a bit biased, if he doesn't like you, he may charge you double and he has a preference for members of the Horde given that Goblins used to be aligned with them in the past, not to mention he is good friends with Thrall and Baine.

    Mr. X (Streets of Rage
Mr. X, God of Attempted City Takeover (Mr. Big)
  • Potential House: Organized Crime
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Tommy Gun.
  • Theme Song: Final Boss and Final Boss 2
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Authority Equals Asskicking, Badass in a Nice Suit, Bad Boss, Big Bad, Bottomless Magazines, Combat Pragmatist, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Large and in Charge
  • Domains: Crime, Syndicates, Corruption, Guns, Fighting
  • Allies: TBD
  • Enemies: Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding
  • Mr. X is the leader of a powerful secret crime syndicate that seeked to take over a peaceful city. Their corruption and crime spree was such that it even affected the local police forces, forcing three young police officers to turn in their badges and deal with the problem themselves. That's how Axel Stone, Adam Hunter and Blaze Fielding ultimately tracked down and beated Mr. X in his own hideout, seemingly dismantling his organization but the man didn't go down without a fight and in fact, he wasn't ready to give up. Now as a pantheonic deity, his goal is the same, to take over the city and make it his own. But he also plans to spread his influence in the pantheon however he can.
  • Axel, Adam and Blaze weren't happy when they heard the news about their Arch-Enemy joining the ranks of the pantheon, but unlike in their home universe, they have the support of the GUAG this time. Still, they are impressed about how he refuses to die and keeps coming back.

Not to be confused with the T-103 Tyrant who also goes by Mr. X. Also enemies with Cody Travers, Mike Haggar and Guy, the to his attempts to bring the Syndicate to Metro City. And Geese Howard isn't too keen on the Tommy gun-wielding god trying to muscle in on South Town. Mr. X also opposes all honest/cowboy cops/law enforcement officials.

I have returned!

Fenix, God of Plasma Cannons (Praetor Fenix, Steward of the Templar)
Fenix as a Dragoon
Fenix as a Zealot 
Fenix inside the Dragoon 
  • Potential House: Energy Weaponry
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Dragoon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Back from the Dead, The Big Guy, Blood Knight, Man in the Machine, Number Two, Proud Warrior Race Guy, Number Two, Repurposed as a Dragoon
  • Domains: Fighting, Courage, Death, Resurrection, Machines, Weapons
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Ascended Zerg, Amon, Alarak
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Sarah Kerrigan
  • Fenix was a courageous protoss templar that relished on battle and honor and worked as then Executor Artanis' Number Two. Fenix was killed following an attack by Zerg hydralish and his Psy-blades malfunctioning but thankfully he was brought back as a dragoon, where he continued to fight the Zerg invasion of Aiur while meeting allies who would become his closest friends like Jim Raynor, a terran so valorous that Fenix considers him an honorary member of the templar. Unfortunately, he met his end after being betrayed by Kerrigan and Raynor swore to avenge his death ever since...until he was later found as an Purifier who held all of his memories, but it turned out to be someone else.
  • Fenix was confused at first by his ascension, since he found the pantheon to be a place unlike any other he has ever been but his worries turned to joy when he saw his old protoss comrades as well as his good friend Raynor welcoming to the pantheon after becoming the god of Plasma Cannons. He was a little bothered by the fact that for him to represent the title he had to be brought as a Dragoon, greatly preferring to return to his original body but he understands that it's a necessity and doesn't hold any hard feelings for the people in charge who brought him over like this.
  • However, thanks to some help from the deities in the House of Technology and Life and Death, Fenix was able to regain his original Protoss body and can access his Dragoon Form if he requires it. He has been grateful for that and swears that he would return the favour to those kind deities however he can. That said, if he happens to be slain in combat, he always returns as a Dragoon, he has been trying to change that part of the Pantheon resurrection system but he seems unable to do it for the moment.
  • "I fear no enemy, for the Khala is my strength!"

    John "Scatman" Larkin 
John Paul Larkin, God of Scatting (Scatman John)

    Grand Dad 
New profile? Let's check it out...

Grand Dad, God of Unlicensed Games (GRAND DAD, FLEENTSTONES?!)


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