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    Despair of the Endless 
Despair of the Endless, Goddess of Despair (Aponia)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A hooked ring she wears on her right hand. Alternatively, her many mirrors
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cosmic Entity, Failure Is the Only Option, Anthropomorphic Personification of Despair, Destroying Hope, Gonk, Full-Frontal Assault, Being A Positive Entity Of Ennui, Cutting Herself, Magic Mirror, Surveillance as the Plot Demands
  • Domains: Despair, Mutilation, Tragedy, Failure, Mourning, Memory
  • Special Relationship with: The rest of the Endless (her siblings)
  • Allies: Destruction of the Endless (her brother), Nurgle, Sadness, Junko Enoshima, The Dementors
  • Tolerates: Most Hope Crushers in spite of their morality like AM, Big Brother, the Anti-Spiral and the Flood
  • On speaking terms with: Joshua Norton
  • Opposed by: Yuuki Terumi and Darkseid oddly enough, along with Tzeentch, Madoka Kaname, Team Dai-Gurren and Keel Lorenz (mostly one-sided), the White, the Auditors of Reality, Cyrus
  • Complicated Relationship with: Hope Bringers like Saint Walker and Auriel
  • Respects: Emperor Norton
  • There are entities that are not gods, yet stronger than them. A family that represents the most basic patterns in the cosmos, they are the Endless. Out of them is Despair, said to be created from an aspect of another Endless (likely Desire). She is true to her name, embodying despair, dread, along with longing, mourning, grief and memory.
  • As the personification of despair, it is her purpose to spread and maintain such emotions for all it entails. That doesn't make her evil though, just having a different code. While she represents ennui and hopelessness, she also represents memory and mourning, and deeply cares for her siblings (especially Destruction). Because of her overwhelming presence, power and neutral stance, she was accepted by the House of Sadness, though few deities there like her.
  • Usually withdrawn, but has some straight-up allies. Because they represent the positive aspects of sadness and despair, she gets along with the emotion Sadness. Some say she is an aspect of herself. She also gets along with Nurgle, much to the discomfort of many, due to Nurgle's kind side and value of other people. This has further angered Tzeentch, who as the embodiment of hope and change hates Despair.
  • It is believed that she directly created the Dementors, given they are the living embodiments of depression. While the Dementors would feed on just about anyone, she is the only entity they show complete and absolute respect and have Undying Loyalty to her. Voldemort doesn't really care so long as they still work for him, and given how his attempts to escape Death went he's best not bothering with Despair.
  • Takes the form of a hideous fat woman, not wearing clothes. She takes this form with the explicit purpose to inspire utter dread in the heart of women, showing them exactly the appearance that would utterly smash them to smithereens if they ever were to look like her. She still doesn't bother wearing any, much to the discomfort of many. She is associated with rats and is known to inflict injuries on herself with her hooked ring. It is unknown what Twitch thinks of her.
  • Her domain is full of mirrors, which allow her to peer out into any mirror in the universe. She uses them as a tool to inflict dread, and it seems this includes mirrors in the Trope Pantheon. People are understandably paranoid, but she doesn't really interfere with much of the pantheon's business. Bloody Marie once made the mistake of intercepting Despair's usage of the mirrors, coming out utterly traumatized. She won't speak about what happened.
  • She has a complicated relationship with hope bringers. Most dislike her due to what she represents, though some recognize she has an important purpose. However, it's all one-sided due to the importance of her job, and as all Endless, she also defines her opposite-hope. There are those that actively want to get rid of her without understanding/caring about her purpose like Cyrus. The White has accused her of being the source of the hopeless, inescapable cycle the SMT multiverse is trapped in and the fact there's a Cosmic Entity of despair is further validation in their eyes to destroy all creation. And yet, the White's despair over the state of creation is under her domain as well.
  • Has a hand in many a Hope Crusher. She's one of the few non-evil hope crushers, but given how vile many of them are, it gives her a bad reputation. AM is rather close due to being incredibly skilled at both inflicting and being consumed by despair-it hates humanity and tries to make sure its victims can NEVER escape, yet is dominated by self-loathing and despair over its Creative Sterility and inability to be anything more than a destroyer. Big Brother, the Flood and the Anti-Spiral have made grand usage of despair as well.
  • While loving to crush hope, Yuuki Terumi has zero fondness for Despair of the Endless. He considers her "a shitty, terrible despair deity who's too soft for her own good". Also, he wants to inflict his own brand of despair and hers is not up to his tastes. Darkseid has similar reservations about the Cosmic Entity. His desire to break the spirit of the universe and replace meaning with "worship Darkseid" means he's not interested with what she's selling. That being said, he was at least courteous enough to tend to her brother's funeral. Junko Enoshima was much more positive, practically lusting at her despair and enjoying being given it. The latter fact confuses Despair somewhat.
  • She's the second Despair. The first Despair was responsible for Krypton developing life only to be doomed because of its unstable nature, resulting in a single survivor to mourn in utter despair. This failed miserably since the(more or less) sole survivor Kal-el was but an infant at the time, and has become one of the greatest sources of hope out there. How the first Despair died is unknown, however the culprit is doomed to suffer until the end of time. Many believe this is how the Despair came to be.
  • Was surprised to hear of Emperor Norton being in the Pantheon, having tried to give him visions of despair to break him down again and again only for him to cling onto that dream of being an Emperor and avoiding not only her but also Desire and Delirium. She doesn't show that much respect to humans, but she did say this to him:
    "I hoped that you would come back to me, Joshua. But no. I would seem to have failed. You're a pitiful madman, a Tom O'Bedlam, dying in the gutter, in the rain. But you never despaired."

Greater Gods

    Alma Wade 
Alma Wade, Goddess of Monsters Made from Tragic Pasts (Mother)
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity on the Almaverse
  • Symbol: Her face and hair
  • Theme Song: Alma's Music Box
  • Alignment: REALLY Chaotic Evil, though can cross into Chaotic Neutral where Erma is concerned
  • Portfolio: The Inhumane Definition of Rage, Reality Warper, Mind Raper, Humanoid Abomination, Determined to Kill Everything on Sight, Yandere, Similar to a certain Sadako, Her Name is "Soul", A Seemingly Different Type of Ghost, Tragic Child, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Has 3 Different Forms
  • Domains: Death, Revenge, Destruction
  • Allies: Her Expies such as Hisako and Sadako, and MAYBE Dark Danny. Also, she lets Samantha Maxis and Naughty Bear approach her sometimes
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Deathwing, Atrocitus, The Old Gods
  • Rivals: Broly, Lucy, Ermac, Arael, Alex Mercer
  • Enemies: Are you kidding us? She hates EVERYONE.
  • Opposes: People who have a happy life to this day. On a more specific note, the Houses of Friendship and Happiness, including George Bailey
  • Opposed by: Every single Hope Bringer in the Pantheon and anyone who got induced to Mind Rape, especially Asuka Langley and Alex Mason
  • Fears: Slenderman
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Khorne
  • Applauded by: Most of the House of Hatred
  • Special Relations: Point Man (Her son), Erma Williams (Alma's Morality Pet/Genuine ally)
  • On Good (or at least speaking terms) with: Frisk, Wander
  • The child that was destroyed for the rest of her entire life, Alma Wade had a terrible childhood, from forced tests inside a vault, to being sunken down into amniotic fluid in her death and pulled out from her life support. All while being a child without reaching adulthood at all. The result from those tragic memories: A spirit entity hellbent on one goal: destruction of everything around her regardless of anything.
    • It may sound like how a Generic Doomsday Villain might work, but that's not the case. She had her psychic powers from as early as 8 years old, and her father (who was a high official of Armacham Technology Corporation's Project Origin) wanted to test her, through tasks inside the vault for the rest of her life. That wasn't the case though, as she was forced to stay in Project Origin, using DNA implants and the impregnation of her "children" through scientific ways. And when things got too much, they shut her down with her body still in the vault. This, along with her indomitable will made her able to survive death and became the monster who brought down the Apocalypse.
  • Her ascension is one the most brutal ascensions to date. After being killed by either one of her children, she ended up in an angry state, prompting the Court of the Gods to weaken her without ending her life again. A joint operation on the House of Magic, led by Jaina and Mithra assisted in weakening her influence. While it was a success, there were heavy casualties, including Mithra's powers, half of the Court of the Gods, and even Asura himself. And worse, many scouts have reported that Alma already created a Temple inside the Pantheon.
    • The worst part out of all the events that happened is that The Old Gods have started communicating with her, prompting her to be a "maiden" to their deeds. No one knows what they are planning, but it obviously isn't pretty at any level.
    • The title also used to be the title of Frankenstein's Monster. But not until Alma yanked that title from him and a battle ensured. This has finally placed a permanent position for Alma.
  • With her presence, a certain Edward Richtofen has been stalking her day after day, curious of her potential powers. However, this has ended up mostly badly for Alma herself, as she cannot control a super crazy psychopath in terms of mind control, but on the other hand, she still can kill him with ease, particularly by placing him in the Almaverse. Richtofen had noticed she works like a certain "Samantha Maxis".
    • Ermac, on the other hand, has been proven immune to Alma's mind raping abilities, thanks to having many souls in one mind. That doesn't make him immune to being physically mauled to death. The same can be said about Arael.
    • This got the ire of Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami and Alex Mason, as they know Alma is much, much worse than the ones they dealt with. However, Alma has no agenda for them, meaning they don't get into fights.
  • As the spiritual personification of Anger, this has placed a somewhat "good" deal with Red Lantern Atrocitus, as he wields a ring made up of anger itself. Unfortunately, he can't give one to her because of two reasons. One, she has REALLY unstable powers and an attitude so complex, he can't handle her anger very well. And second, the aforementioned problem, added with a Red Lantern Ring will cause chaos, that even Atros himself cannot control.
    • This is the reason why she is feared by both the GUAG and GUAE, she has no intention of joining any side and is willing to kill when she pleases (or do anything she wants because she does it harshly). The GUAD did try to recruit her, but with horrible results.
    • Even the happiest people can't calm her down, and she even hates people of that personality. George Bailey has been harassed by her as a show of her hate against them.
    • Also, as a note: Do NOT force her into sides, as what Johan Liebert and Raul Menendez can attest to, since they felt her wrath when they tried to recruit her in the Liebertarian Movement.
  • As a ghost (or a spirit entity), this has gotten her into sights of the Ghostbusters and Luigi. Problem is that she is almost way too hard to deal with. Let alone even used with the Ghostbuster's gear while she warps herself back into the Almaverse.
    • Dark Danny, however, has seen some "great" potential with Alma as a "ghost-in-chief" for his destructive plans. Seeing her powers, he decided to make a contract in terms to connect with each other. It somehow worked, but on one condition: He must bring the Point Man, Paxton Fettel and Michael Becket into the Pantheon or she will eradicate his entire ghostly presence. He reluctantly agreed, although he may have plans to avoid such fate.
    • Both Danny and Clockwork weren't impressed when they heard that Dark Danny was able to make a deal with Alma. Clockwork, on the other hand, pities her due to him seeing her backstory. Though he has no intentions of changing her fate, as he would rather watch time than manipulate or change its course.
  • Her presence has made a majority of the GUAG's Hope Bringers try their best to contain her, only to be almost killed in the process. This event was considered a huge failure on the GUAG that they made it proof on why they shouldn't interfere with her:
    • Makoto Naegi was one of the first who tried to talk to her in order to calm her down. It didn't work, instead it made her pissed and she decided to rip his head off to half. This called for a second plan.
    • Akane Tsunemori did the second try on her, and talked to her in a calmly matter, which was a disaster, including Mind Raping her and controlling a pistol point-blank into her head. The reason why she didn't shoot was that she immediately went crazy and went off to a rampage on the GUAG HQ.
    • As a last resort, Gordon Freeman was tasked to take down this abomination for good. While Alma's Replica Soldiers failed to kill him, she instead teleported him into the Almaverse, where thousands of Replica Soldiers are already prepared to kill the One Freeman. And they did, because when the GUAG retrieved his body, he was already filled with bullets.
      • Despite the project being aborted by the GUAG, the instant Wander heard about Alam, he became determined himself to help her out, given his track record with other villains he helped out over to the side of good. Despite her constant assaults on him, he still refuses to let her suffer and keeps returning to try and pacify her, earning her wrath she has for him.
      • Frisk also joined Wander with helping Alma's spirit finally rest. So far, they made SOME progress with Alma (as they not only promise to not force her to a side, but also can No-Sell her attacks with high enough determination), but time will tell if they get any further. So far, Alma's thoughts on Frisk are... curious, at best, and is actually interested to see how far Frisk will go to help her out.
  • Ghetsis' life was made worse after her ascension, as her memories (which still has the mindset if her father torturing her life) are still filled with rage from the pains she received from her father, Harlan Wade, who is one his followers. It didn't help when he heard of the aforementioned follower's fate, and is calling help from the GUAE to suppress her, which is close to impossible.
    • Even Relius isn't spared from Alma's wrath, as his position makes him a perfect target for her rage, making Clover's future plans worthless while he has to defend himself from her.
  • Khorne has gotten very interested with the spirit thanks to her motive of destruction and bloodshed to her enemies. Unfortunately, she even doesn't like the Chaos God and that her powers almost rival his. He senses that this could be Magnus' doing.
    • But even Magnus has a hard time dealing with her, and even suffered a tie when both of them clashed, with thousands of Replica Soldiers and even a "visit" to the Almaverse almost losing his mind. He's pretty much pissed still about the result he had to put up against her. And he even still thinks that she was ordered by Lucy as a revenge gift.
    Magnus: "If anything I have to say about that psyker, is that I am both impressed AND distressed about her. And worse, she is none other than that Lucy's follower"
    • And it only got worse on Lucy's part, because it seems like that Alma wants to usurp her position. Many of her followers have heard one of Alma's screams to her:
  • Surprisingly, she became one of the few people who got into the eyes of Deathwing, who saw her destructive potential and apocalyptic nature. It would have ended good for them, if Alma wasn't hostile to everyone (and yes Deathwing, that includes YOU).
    • There is however, a weakness on her sanity: Alma's tendencies to reproduce caused her downfall, which happened to an unascended Michael Becket, and with the birth of The Creep lost her powers, up to the point where her child, either Paxton Fettel consumed her or Point Man killed her. The only similarity that her and Deathwing share about their weaknesses is that, their respective weaknesses is hard to replicate.
      • For Alma herself, because both Michael, Point Man and Paxton aren't even ascended and the result after that weakness will leave the Pantheon into a wretched state. Therefore, its best to keep Alma in a weakened state, for a while.
    • There is one exception though, with some research, it has been confirmed that Alma fears the Slender Man as it is a grave sign of The Creep, a.k.a her father. With this, they can use "it" as a warding symbol against her will.
    • And somehow, Valvatorez is able to keep up against Alma in terms of both power and ferocity. Though, her encounter with him only happened once. And she is smart enough to not engage him all alone. Another thing that puzzles many other deities is if he can punch a ghost.
    • Uther the Lightbringer, Marona and Killia have been considered the other antitheses against Alma's powers. Uther's Exorcism works greatly against her, Marona is able to use her "Chartreuse Miracle" powers to halt her, and Killia's Macrocosm is a definite killswitch for her. As a result, Alma is now plotting to end their existence first, by extending the Almaverse into the Pantheon and putting them in as the first victims of her wrath.
  • Worrisome enough, she has let a select few people approach her without harm, namely Samantha Maxis and Naughty Bear. While it's been speculated that the former had the more tragic backstory while mirroring Alma's own backstory a bit, the latter sympathizes with her for their terrible life that makes his own look nicer by comparison, while she was actually impressed the fact that he has done his own crusade against those that did him wrong all by himself. As a result, they are some of the very few people she doesn't plan on harming, and would even protect them should they get into too much trouble. It also helps that they also help her out with her own revenge plans from time to time, which just puts the Pantheon on an even greater level of high alert.
    Alma: "You are safe now.
  • For all of the worrying and panic Alma spreaded throughout the Pantheon, there was a tsunami of sighs of relief when they found something that actually puts her in a "semi-tranquil" state (read: when she'll still kill enemies on sights, but not bother with those who don't want to bother her); Erma. Her visit to Alma's temple led to many a deity strapping down and bracing themselves for a deadly, catastrophic fight. However, there was actually a noticeable lack of anger or disgust from Alma's part; in fact, after receiving a teddy bear from Erma (it wasn't the same one that she lost, but it was the thought it counts) and seeing Erma as someone whom was just like her in terms of powers, and even downright to her own name, (and also like Point Man in terms of both them having ghostly mothers) she decided to not only spare Erma, but to befriend her as well, willing to actually spend time with her. While some deities are shocked and awestruck to see Erma and Alma not only hang out with each other outside the temple, but also with Frisk and even Wander, whom tried to help her be happy even when she full on attacked them (though they have been warned by her to not annoy her in any way, and they seem to understand so far), they are learning to adapt quickly lest face her wrath for staring at her weirdly. Something Sachiko from [[Pantheon/Establishments Heavenly Host Elementary School]] didn't seem to understand when she was playing video games alongside them.
  • She once had a fight with Alex Mercer...wich surprisingly ended in a stalemate. Everyone expected Alma to win, but she couldn't kill Alex or cause any permanent physical damage to him because no matter how many times she destroyed him, he just kept regenerating himself back together. She then tried to use her powers to drive him insane via mind rape. She succeeded...sort of. Alex was already insane before, but because of that, he got even more pissed off at her. Alex, on the other hand, couldn't even touch Alma(duh, she's a ghost) and he didn't have anything that could truly damage her or any ghost deities. After a while, they both got bored and decided to stop fighting to go back to their respective temples.
  • Also has a spot in House of Monsters and Legendary Figures.
  • "Kill them. Kill them all."

    Illyana Rasputin/Magik 
Illyana Rasputin, Goddess of Corrupted Cuties (Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, Magik, Archimage, Darkchylde, True Sorceress Supreme of Limbo, The Ruler of Limbo)
Illyana as Darkchylde 

Avatar Korra, Goddess of Harsh Personal Growth (Water Tribe Stallion)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The Silhouette of Raava
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Naïve Newcomer, Cute Bruiser, Instant Expert, Good With Kids, All-Loving Hero, Being a Tomboy, Elemental Powers, revealed to be bisexual, Amazonian Beauty, Big Sister Instinct, Heroic Blue, Boobs of Steel, Broken Ace to actual Ace, Becoming Kinder and More Cheerful
  • Domain: Nature, Combat, Balance
  • High Priest: Calvin's Dad (former holder, willingly stepped aside for her when she changed her position)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Amon, Zaheer, King Ghidorah, Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH, Gigan, Mecha-Godzilla, Number 96: Black Mist, Cho'gall, Megatron, SpaceGodzilla
  • Pities: Hansel and Gretel (Black Lagoon)
  • She was originally ascended alongside Touta Konoe due to being a practically polar opposite of her predecessor at first glance. They've since split as she was offered a seat of her own to acknowledge the growth of her person and legend through overcoming many brutal hardships in a short time span. Despite no longer being in the same house, Korra still gets along well with Touta and considers him a good friend.
  • Despite the reason she was called up initially, Aang was rather happy to hear of Korra's ascension since her connection with Raava was severed, leaving him stuck in the Pantheon and unable to reach her. Korra was surprised to see Aang in the Pantheon in his younger form, but adjusted quickly enough and shared how her story went after the link to Raava was severed. Upon hearing of her achievements in the mortal plane that exceeded even his, Aang couldn't be more proud of her. For this reason, he thinks her new placement in the Pantheon suits her much better than her old one.
  • Korra and Aang have been known to race one another on their Air Scooters.
  • Has been seen training with a much younger Toph to improve her metalbending. Toph remarks how her fighting has improved since that last time she whooped her butt. But only a little. She also has been battling with a much younger Katara just using their waterbending. She was amazed by how agile Katara was at her prime and has enjoyed their training.
  • Aside from her precedessors, Korra has furthered her training with other members of the Pantheon to better improve her fighting style. In particular, she has found great use of Jotaro Kujo's technique.
  • Was once mistaken by both Kamina and Simon to posses Spiral Energy after seeing her fight against Unalaq/Vaatu. Korra corrected them but did mention doing their signature ''Giga Drill Break'' once.
  • Korra has shown interest in the sport of Blitzball. Tidus was more than happy to teach her about the game. Of course, old habits die hard as Korra still showed her competitive streak and used her Waterbending in training, though she avoided using her bending in actual matches.
  • Even though Godzilla is a well known Chaotic being, Korra has befriended the Kaiju King and they have been seen relaxing with one another in the Spirit World.
  • Since allying herself with the King of Kaijus, she too opposes King Ghidorah, seeing the three-headed dragon as a destructive force just like Vaatu. It became personal when the Terror King and the ogre Cho'gall entered the Spirit World and Ghidorah proceeded to suck the souls out of some of its inhabitants. While she, Aang, Godzilla, and Mothra Leo were able to stop the two monsters from entering her world, she found out that they were used as a distraction while members of GUAE harvested Spirit Vines for their own use. She wasn't happy about this.
    • Megatron has found his way onto Korra's shit list for doing most of the vine cutting while shapeshifted into a drill tank. He still is despite ultimately joining the GUAM instead of GUAE, as neither is much better.
  • Along with Aang, Korra has been attempting to teach Commander Shepard and his/her crew the bending arts after discovering a universe where Shepard was the Avatar. So far, if any progress has been made it's been kept secret.
  • At one point the Court of the Gods had awarded her with a second seat in the House of Nature to honor her contributions to rebuilding the Air Nation and preserving/expanding the Spirit World. That seat was eventually decommissioned after members of the Court called it out as a retitled version of a pre-existing seat in the House of Power that had been filled by someone whose soul manipulation power was far stronger than Korra's own spirit-bending.
    • One day she visited this temple and found a sad maiden with wax-baked eyes and black hair and clothes in the midst of deadwood and leaves. She also happened to be surrounded by a strange assortment of demonic hordes; however she managed to lull every last one of them to sleep with her power. Amazed by this, Korra introduced herself and held a brief chat with the Maiden in Black, who was surprisingly easy to talk with as well. She left the dreary temple strangely at peace.
  • Korra's been hanging around with Ryuko Matoi. The two found common ground with the fact that they went through a bunch of crap before finally finding peace and happiness.
    • She's also been hanging with Ryuko's sister, Satsuki Kiryuin. After hearing about how she conquered every school in her area, it reminded Korra of Kuvira. Though, she realized that the two differed in approach and reason for their actions.
  • While she has long since moved past her bad experiences with both Amon and Zaheer, she still is very uneasy that the two have ascended. Zaheer in particular because even though he did help her reconnect with the Spirit World, she isn't a hundred percent trusting of him.
  • Tends to goof around with many of the younger kid deities, and they like the fact the she shows them respect. Except for Roanapur's Hansel and Gretel; she couldn't help but cry when she learned their tragic backstory after seeing the little monsters they had become.
  • Was absolutely happy when she learned that Asami ascended, welcoming her girlfriend with a big hug. The two still go on their trips to the Spirit World. When questioned about how was their vacation, the two only blush and look away.
    • They were also both among the welcoming parties to greet Chief Beifong and Tenzin when they later separately ascended to the Pantheon.
  • Was weirded out when she was told that there was an alternate version of herself that had the had the voice and personality of Tommy Wiseau.
  • Gets along fairly well with the Elric Brothers, who remind her somewhat of the Fabulous Bending Brothers back home in Republic City as well as herself and Aang. She and Ed will butt heads in the occasional disagreement or bout of competition, but ultimately have a healthy respect for one another; at times she goes back and forth whether she thinks he's more like Mako or herself. As for Al, he's precious and easygoing, which she liked about Bolin, but also a bit more serious and responsible than her earthbending friend, which also causes her to think of child Aang. All in all, she knows they have her back and vice versa if faced with any common enemies.
  • Asami has told her about the man called Greed who approached the heiress offering a connections deal in exchange for a stake in her future profits. Then she heard Lin Beifong talk about how the same man attempted to hit on her while she was working. She's since been anxious to meet the homunculus trying to encroach on her personal inner circle.
    • After training with Jotaro one day, she returned to Republic City only to find out that Raditz attacked the place…but was fended off thanks to the efforts of the police led by Beifong and Greed. Now it's a hat-trick and she knows she wants to see what this guy's all about.
  • Korra immensely sympathizes with Yang Xiao Long after Yang lost her arm and was abandoned by one of her best friends in an attack on her school, having faced a similar and also-depressing experience namely being paralyzed and almost killed by the Red Lotus' mercury poison.
  • As the female successor of her world's greatest hero, Korra naturally gets along well with Supergirl. It certainly helps that her experiences have mellowed her into further adopting many of Kara's traits.
  • Seeing how happy she was about her new seat transfer, Asami decided to throw a party to celebrate. Guests included the good Avatar-verse deities (with the Gaang in their adult prime forms), Touta and his ascended UQ Holder! buddies, Yuu and Haruka, Weiss and Nana, the Elric Brothers and their father, Asami's housemate and Lin's former high priestess Olivier Armstrong, Illya von Einzbern, Hercules, Teddie, and yes, Greed. Several small events occurred during this party:
    • Korra and Asami ended up talking with Kuroumaru about his gender and attraction issues, advising him not to try to force things with Touta but to make the best decision in his heart.
    • She was also one of the unfortunate "victims" of Teddie's lame attempts to "score", and kindly but firmly told him thanks but no thanks.
    • Korra finally met the chief's suitor for the first time. She liked his cool easygoing demeanor but was a bit leery when Greed declared he would be the "future King of the Pantheon" with Lin as "his Queen".
    • Ended up having a conversation with Winry when Ed tried to introduce Winry to Asami, unaware that they'd already met. She cleared up some things about her sexual orientation and relationship with Asami which Winry had been confused about at first. They get along just fine now.
    • When the party deduced that Hercules and Illya's black giant Berserker were one and the same, Korra, as well as Touta, decided they wanted to spar with him in that form in the future.
    • The Krew and Toph conversed with Greed and the Elric brothers after the party in order to learn more about him. In the process, they gained valuable information on his homunculus siblings and father, got a good laugh when Ed revealed that Greed was once fused into a prince with a similar name to Lin's, cooled him down as he got upset about learning that Amon had de-bended Lin and targeted Tenzin's family, and saw him look pleased that Lin had not only recovered from this with Korra's help, but also later reconciled her own family's issues. He even praised Toph as being "pretty cool", and speaking of whom, Toph found no lies in anything he said. Korra came away with enough good spirits to approve of giving Greed a chance.
  • Ling Yao was introduced to her and Aang through Zuko and Greed after he ascended. He's friendly and ambitious like Greed, but more openly dependable like the Elrics. They also really appreciate the concept of alkahestry and the Dragon's Pulse, being able to relate more to it through their Avatar duties and especially their travels in the Spirit World.

Malygos, God of Destructive Woobies (The Spellweaver (or Spell-weaver), Lord of Magic, Steward of Magic, The Blue, Dragon Aspect of Magic, Lord of the Blue Dragonflight, The essence of magic)
His human form 

    The White 
The White, Gods of the Despair Gambit and Final Endings (The White People, the Prophets of the White World)
  • Humanoid Abominations approximate to Greater Gods, pushing Overdeities within their home domain of the Monochrome Forest
  • Symbol: None
  • Theme: The Monochrome Forest
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (see themselves as True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Hatred of Existence, Psychic Dreams, Omnicidal Maniac, Hope Crusher, Returning All to Nothing, Suicidal Cosmic Temper Tantrum
  • Domains: Emptiness, the Void, Nothing, Despair
  • Followers: A disturbing number of Puella Magi.
  • Allies: The Auditors of Reality, Shinado, Allant, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Keel Lorenz
  • Headbutting Villains with: The Anti Monitor, Nekron
  • Enemies: Everyone who doesn't want reality gone. Special mention goes to Madoka Kaname, Albus Dumbledore, Bruno/Johnny and Shulk. Flynn is their sworn enemy. However, from their perspective, the Gravemind and the Flood are their archenemies.
  • The White are Anthropomorphic Personifications of Despair born of Powerlessness - when any sentient mind realizes they are being jerked around by a higher power and that there's nothing they can do to ever free themselves, the White are there. They favor prophetic dreams to erode their enemies' psyche, and often appear as pure white ghosts of lost allies, breathing Breaking Speeches in an effort to gather converts. They are not invincible, but as long as despair exists, they can just come back over and over. If they set their sights on a single individual, they will proceed to deconstruct their outlook on life and the choices they will or could make through experiences in Alternate Timelines, showing Failure Is the Only Option no matter what path is taken, in an attempt to convince him or her to give in.
  • Despite appearing as different forms to anyone who sees them, there seem to be a couple of rules regarding them: they always appear as either friends or former allies, and while it can't be said any one of them is the official leader of the others, the perpetually crying White has been noted to be a step up in terms of power from the others.
  • Despised by just about every single one of the alignment charts, as they view all of them equally reproachable. Instead, they espouse a philosophy of excuses and self-justification that preaches the horrors of existence and calls all to return to dust. That kind of utter defeatism is considered anathema to the Pantheon itself (the very act of ascending requires a certain amount of effort, which the White decry as pointless), and thus the White are considered peerless hypocrites and cowards.
  • They rose to a certain prominence when they announced they had found an exit to the machinations of all Gods: the Great Will, Lucifer, Nyarlathotep, the Chaos Gods, Melkor, it made no difference. They were ready to provide a perfect, eternal solution. This garnered them quite a bit of press until it transpired their grand plan was to wreck the Yamato Perpetual Reactor and tear the multiverse apart into an infinite Nothingness. While most of the listeners proceeded to beat the tar out of the White and wreck their Monochrome Forest, some "fringe citizens" (fellow Omnicidal Maniacs the Auditors of Reality) discreetly agreed to support them, Erebus has been noted to obey their commands, and Shinado's Abyssal Realm has been linked to the Forest. Other notables include Allant of Boletaria, Amatsu-Mikaboshi and former Chaos God Malal.
    • Their first attack was to take advantage of the massive wave of despair generated by the "Great Upheaval" to lead an assault on the Reactor. They thought they had gathered enough followers in the form of the broken, directionless, despairing Puella Magi to kill Flynn and destroy the machine. Gathering a force thirty-four strong, the Puella Magi marched on the Reactor. They, however, were not counting on a tag-team of both Flynn and the Demi-Fiend. It was over in a matter of seconds. Flynn stormed the Monochrome Forest as soon as he learned the truth behind the assault on the Reactor, "killing" The White and destroying their physical forms. Unfortunately for the Pantheon, The White continue to appear in dreams from time to time: as long as despair exists in the hearts of man, they will never truly die.
  • About the only one who hates them as much as Flynn would be Dumbledore. It's bad enough the White represents a perversion of his beliefs: death is an unavoidable truth, to be accepted, but it is NOT an answer to all worldly problems. The breaking point, in this case, was the forms they took to appeal to him: his old friend Grindelwald, his brother Aberforth, his protegé Harry Potter, and his sister Ariana. It was the only time Dumbledore had ever cast the Killing Curse. Even he looked shocked after the fact at how enraged he had gotten.
  • Another god the White have gotten on the bad side of is Shulk, also for perverting his own beliefs. While Shulk does feel empathy for those who suffer under the rules of self-proclaimed gods, he also argues that destroying existence is exactly the wrong way to go about dealing with it, noting that his archenemy, Zanza, once destroyed his universe and got stronger as a result, not weaker. Shulk's concerns were worsened when he once received a vision of an alternate version of Flynn destroying the Yamato Reactor. Since then, he's offered to pinch-hit in the Reactor's defense along with the Pantheon's Flynn and the Demi-Fiend, even resolving to take up the Monado III and reclaim his Overdeity status if things turn for the worse.
  • Attempting to assassinate Madoka Kaname and Makoto Naegi, seeking to generate as much despair as possible. Another target marked for special treatment is Shinji Ikari.
  • The White have noted that ultimately, Madoka Kaname's Law of Cycles was at its core mercy kills for Magical Girls in despair: freeing them from the torment of existence. All they want is to do it on a grand scale. Madoka realized to her horror she had no real rebuttal...
  • Due to how depressing their universe is, no Warhammer god wants them anywhere near-they'd get a lot of support there. Malal is enough of a headache, and he isn't even a real god anymore.
  • Astounded nearly every deity in the Pantheon when they joined the fight against the Flood. The White explained their purpose is to end all pain, not perpetuate it; they hate the aberration for taking away the comfort of death from their victims and cited it as another good reason to just overload the Reactor and end it all.
  • Memos indicate the White's goal is beyond impossible - the act of destroying reality via the Reactor only destroys one plane of existence, while every possible act plays out in innumerable ways in the greater Multiverse, generating new universes and their own parallels with each passing second. Confirming their utter hypocrisy, this has not deterred the White in the slightest.
  • "Freedom and order, destruction and sustenance. Man is a pitiful creature who cannot escape that cycle."

Intermediate Gods

Azula, Goddess of Villainous Breakdowns (Princess Azula)
  • Theme Song: Azula's Theme
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Fire Nation Insignia
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Siblings Who Hate Each Other, Sociopathy, Master Strategist, Extreme Villain Competence, Villains Who Lose Their Cool, The Dragon, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Playing with Fire and Lightning, Dark Action Girl, Evil Teenagers, Sadist, Dragon Lady.
  • Domains: Evil, Fire, Madness, Avarice.
  • Followers: Jasper, Clementine, Joseph Seed, every non-ascended Ace Attorney villain
  • Superiors: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph Beifong, Uncle Iroh, Mai, Ty Lee, Samurai Jack, Ashi, Mandy, Revolver Ocelot, Li-Ming of the Nephalems, Rin Okumura, Queen Elsa, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Asura, and all good siblings (regardless of gender)
  • Rivals: Mele, Larxene
  • Special Relationship: Zuko (her brother), Ozai (her father)
  • Respects: Lady Macbeth
  • Opposed by: Byakuya Kuchiki
  • Opposes: Vergil
  • Fears: Alucard
  • The daughter, youngest child, and "born lucky" Tyke Bomb of Fire Lord Ozai, Princess Azula served as a lieutenant to Ozai's rule over the Fire Nation. Her calculated brilliance and psychotic tenacity produced key victories for her people in the Hundred Year War. First installed in the Pantheon as the Goddess of Villainous Breakdowns following her tragic downfall which culminated at the end of the War, she was last heard sobbing miserably and shrieking incoherent revenge on her brother, her friends, the entire Water Tribe, and Revolver Ocelot.
    • After much therapy and soul-searching, she ascended back into the Pantheon as the Goddess of Evil Sisters. Now that she is back, she will now act on her vengeance, starting with her brother and Katara.
  • When Azula came back for her new position, Blackfire... actually became friends with her. They bonded over their experience with their siblings, and Azula took the position without a fight. Blackfire then settled for High Priestess, a dynamic which lasted a long while until Azula was thrust back into her former seat, forcing Blackfire out of her temple.
  • Even though Mandy and Azula share the same house, they wish not to be allies. Why? Because they sound the same, and both of them think the other is too extreme in her methods.
    • She also harbors extreme dislike towards Li-Ming, as she considered her everything she would have aspired to be, being ambitious, prideful, powerful, but then tainted with silly notions like altruism, and even worse, she mostly succeeded where Azula failed. And having the same voice to boot. Plus she's friends with Zuko. Needless to say, she's VERY envious of Li-Ming.
  • Shishio Makoto believes that despite her occasional bouts of paranoia, her ruthlessness and use of strength and fear have interested him in the idea that she should join him, possibly for The Ten Swords.
  • Was challenged to a game of Go by Cao Cao, and impressed him with the fact that in most of the games she wins nearly half of the time. He has decided to try and have her under the banner of The Wei Forces.
  • Apparently Frieza has aligned with Azula in the interest of some version of Earth having a "proper ruler". Whatever purpose is behind this, most agree that it can't be good.
  • In Azula's eyes, Rin Okumura, son of Satan, fellow wielder and God of the Blue Flame, really should've followed his father's will and taken over the Earth together, and his refusal to do so is "a sign of pathetic weakness on his part". Azula made sure to let him know that when they met. Predictably, they don't get along too well.
  • Much overlooked in Azula's story is the fact that she does genuinely love her family and friends at least to some extent... but The Social Darwinist philosophy taught to her by her father and his military system has contorted that love into all kinds of twisted knots. For example, the revelation that her gameplan for "revenge" against Zuko has nothing to do with destroying him or causing his downfall, but rather corrupting him into becoming the same type of leader as herself and Ozai, one who leads by strength through fear, so as to make herself the power behind his throne, came as a shock to many deities in the Pantheon despite making total sense as something she would do. It also caused some concern, given Zuko's attempts to rehabilitate his sister and get her to join the side of the altruists; now, many see it as not a matter of if the fire siblings will overcome their differences, but when and for what side.
    • Subhousemate Byakuya Kuchiki, among others, hopes Zuko wins the Fire siblings' moral tug-of-war. She is not happy about this.
  • Found herself confronted by Führer King Bradley of Amestris, who engaged her in combat, testing her blue flame and lightning against his Ultimate Eye and superhuman reflexes. He was able to dodge just about everything she threw at him, while she used her firebending to protect herself from his onslaught. Impressed, Bradley inquired as to her plans for Zuko, and offered to give her allies to help her fulfill said plans…in the form of his siblings, the Homunculi, and a new High Command team he was setting up to aid his Father. While tentative about trusting Bradley and company, she agreed to be a part of said team. The team's other lead commander, Esdeath, took something of a shine to her.
    • Vergil, a power-seeking half-demon who she found somewhat intriguing, was initially member to this team but turned traitor after an incident. Azula still hopes to have a fascinating conversation with the blue devil... even if she has to shoot him with lightning to say hello or goodbye.
  • The entire House of Beast fears and hates her, due to hearing what she enjoys doing to animals. Because of this extra security, supervision and defenses have been placed around it. Fortunately, several of its members like Arceus and Godzilla are too much even for Azula. She doesn't care, since in her own words she 'has other fish to fry instead'.
  • Gets along surprisingly well with Draco Malfoy, possibly due to how their fans treat both of them. However, Draco feels uneasy around Azula since she has done things even he personally finds disgusting. There are many who suspect her 'friendship' is actually a ploy to get her more power. Only time will tell if this is true, but one thing is certain- whatever happens, it won't be good.
  • Because of Mai and Ty Lee's betrayal as well as being overthrown by Revolver Ocelot, Nerissa, David Xanatos and Bugs Bunny, one of Azula's first goals when she re-ascended was to acquire some followers... er, 'allies'. While she had amassed the help of Frieza, Esdeath, Cinder Fall, Shego, the New High Command and Homunculi, she also had succeeded in gaining some enemies:
    • Samurai Jack and Ashi both detest Azula due to her having the same personality and voice of Ashi's mother. While neither an encounter nor a fight has happened between them yet, it is safe to assume the feelings are mutual.
    • Queen Elsa despite her kindness and nice disposition also isn't too fond of Azula, due to using her elemental powers to hurt others and being an evil sister. Azula being, well Azula hates Elsa with a burning passion due to her being a Queen (while Azula is still a Princess), having a nice family and (adding insult to injury) befriending her brother Zuko. Because of this Azula has vowed to melt or zap the Ice Queen one day. For now, though, all of the other Gods and Goddesses have managed to make sure this hasn't happened.
    • Had the misfortune of making an enemy of Alucard as well. When she met the No Life King, in her typical arrogance she declared herself superior and that killing Alucard would be easy for her fire- and lightningbending, while calling him a 'dog' as an insult. Since she reminded him of the Millenium Nazis (or he was just feeling bored), Alucard gladly accepted a battle. Obviously, things didn't go well for her... It's unknown how exactly the "battle" between them went, but according to rumors the words "dog food", "dog shit" and something about a "hug" were heard. For weeks after this event, Alucard was searching for Azula itching for amusement and a rematch, while she was nowhere to be seen. After she eventually came out, the Fire Nation Princess refused to remember this event and ever speak about it (as well as burning off the tongue of everyone who asks her about it). Ever since, Azula has learned that not all gods can be killed even with her fire and lightning, so she is avoiding the Nosferatu like the plague. Needless to say, Alucard is one of the few beings that makes Azula absolutely terrified.
    • She decided to hurt Mithra, due to her annoying the Fire Princess with her silly preachings about good, love, peace and altruism. Bad idea. As soon as Asura caught wind of this, he put Azula on his shit list and promised that if she ever so much as made his daughter cry, he would squash her like a puny bug. It also didn't help that he had made friends with Avatar Aang. When Azula found out that Asura is a much more powerful foe (not to mention he has killed far more powerful beings than she has ever faced), she decided to avoid him and Durga as well. Like Mandy, she may be evil and cunning, but even she knows when she is outclassed.
    • Once decided it would be fun to try and burn some plants when she was in a particular mood. Unfortunately, those plants were in Poison Ivy's gardens. Poison Ivy, who is immensely protective of the plants in her garden. Also in Poison Ivy's gardens are a set of mutated man-eating plants. Luckily for the Princess, Batman, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn were on hand to slowly try to (A) talk Ivy's rage down, and (B) pry Azula out of the plant. Even so, she narrowly escaped with her life. Predictably, she is not grateful.
  • "Well what choice do I have? Trust is for fools! Fear is the only reliable way. Even you [mother] fear me."
  • Also present in Villainous Attitude.

    The Black Cube Of Darkness 
“I’m just a little black cube, of darkness...a little black cube, of cube, of darkness...little black cube...”

Black Cube Of Darkness, God of the Monster Sob Story (The Black Cube Of Darkness, A Little Black Cube Of Darkness, Black Cube Of Sunshine)

    Gasper Vladi 
Gasper Vladi, God of Sensitivity (Gaspy, Good-for-nothing Vampire, Vampire-in-a-Box, Danball Vampire God, GARsper)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God after drinking some of Issei's blood)
  • Symbol: A Crimson bishop chess piece
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Chaotic Neutral when angered
  • Portfolio: Time Stop Powers, Looking Feminine, Wholesome Crossdresser, Cute Little Fangs, Badass Adorable, Picked On For Being Half-Vampire, Friendly Vampire, Too Sexy For His Own Good, Tender Tears, Nice Guys Who You Shouldn't Anger, Future Badass
  • Domain: Time, Crossdressing, Shyness, Emotion
  • Mentor: Nozdormu 
  • Followers: Little Miss Shy, Kaoruko Moeta, Josie Rizal, Jadesprite
  • Allies: The Ascended Occult Research Club Members, Seras Victoria, Abel Nightroad, Rachel Alucard, Arcueid Brunestud, The Other Alucard, Luka, Astolfo, Bridget, Shimakaze, Hasta, Hime Shirayuki, the Joestar family's ascended members, Archer, Dialga, Nana, Vampirella
  • Enemies: Yuuki Terumi, Mard Geer Tartaros, Dracula, Rassilon, Ornstein, Shinnok, Quan Chi, Zobek, Gul'dan, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vali Lucifer
  • Good Counterpart to: Dio Brando
  • Scared of: Alucard (Hellsing), Alexander Anderson
  • Looked down by his vampire kind for being half-human, hated and feared by other humans for being a vampire. All this combined with his Sacred Gear, Forbidden Balor View, which has the ability to stop time, has made Gasper fearful of the world and hating his ability. His predicament became worse after he was resurrected with a mutated bishop chess that made his time stop ability even more powerful and sometimes uncontrollable. However, thanks to Issei and the other ORC Members, Gasper is working to overcome his fear. It seems to work so far: he's the third-strongest ORC member behind Issei and Kiba thanks to his powers.
  • The entire Occult Club were happy when Gasper ascended to the pantheon. Gasper was just as happy to be reunited with his family, especially Issei.
    • Got scared when he thought most of the pantheon didn't want him in, especially the males. Turns out, it was more disappointment since they fell for the trap.
  • Turns out, n the future, Issei's children are afraid of him. Also, his personality has changed. Gasper has also mastered his time powers.
  • Like many of Issei's family, friends, and lovers, it's a really bad idea to really harm Issei. Gasper once snapped when he heard of Issei being "killed" and his time powers went haywire.
  • As a vampire deity, he has many different relationships with the other bloodsuckers. He is very close to Seras Victoria as the two are both shy, cute vampires who can be very dangerous when they reach the breaking point. However, Gasper is really afraid of Seras' Master, Alucard. Seems the Hellsing hound is very interested in seeing Vladi's "true form" and letting loose. He thinks it'd be fun.
    • Has often been considered the Good Counterpart to Dio Brando. Not just because the two are blond vampires with time-stopping powers, but because they do attract the attention of some of the males. They even joked that he might be the fifth Dio child. His blond hair came from Dio, but his gentleness is all Jonathan Joestar.
  • When Gasper really gets frightened or upset, he would hide in a small cardboard box. Even Solid Snake, who's well known in hiding in boxes, was surprised he could fit his entire body in that.
    • Also, when he was scared to go outside, he wore a brown paper bag which he liked. Many agreed he looked like a pervert.
  • After seeing his future, the bronze dragon Nozdormu showed interest in the young vampire-devil's time control powers and even offered himself to teach him how to control them. Gasper is really glad that a time master wants to help him and does whatever he can to follow the Dragon's advice.
    • They even bonded on how the two are very reclusive to other people, even with their close ones. Gasper is usually found spending more time in the House of Prophecy than his own temple.
  • Became very close friend with Pretty Cure's Hime Shirayuki since she too was a shy person who was able to come out of her shell. Humorously enough, Hime didn't know Gasper was a boy. So when she dragged a protesting Gasper into a dressing room, she was in for a big surprise.
  • Notice that he sounds a bit like Shimakaze. Despite what others might think, he isn't willing to dress up like Shimakaze. That'd be too embarrassing.

Lesser Gods

    John Rambo 
John James Rambo, God of The Perils of Being the Best

    Karen Minazuki/Cure Aqua 
Karen Minazuki, Goddess of Wealth-Induced Loneliness (Cure Aqua, Babaa)
Cure Aqua (GoGo!) 
  • Lesser Goddess (as of GoGo!, she is an Intermediate Goddess)
  • Symbols: A miniature version of her Big Fancy House with the Aqua Pinky Catch at the center
  • Theme Songs: Karen's Theme, Heavenly Blue(Lyrics here)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Water Magic, Student Council President, Ridiculously Rich Girls (With Hugeass House To Boot) That Are Lonely, Literal Blue Hair, Intelligence, Defrosted Ice Queen, Early Adventure Rebuff, Precure Sapphire Arrow, Graceful Magical Girl Warrior, Medical Studies
  • Domains: Emotion, Healing, Magic, Combat
  • Allies: All the Pretty Cures (preferably the Yes! ones), Mami Tomoe, Aquaman, Percy Jackson, Unohana Retsu, Litchi Faye-Ling, Mordin Solus, Charlotte LaBouff, Shiro Kazami/Kamen Rider V3, Jay Gatsby
  • Respects: Kyoichiro Kuroi/Kamen Rider 3 (formerly being Opposed by Karen)
  • Enemies: Bernkastel, Yuuki Terumi, Handsome Jack, Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Looten Plunder
  • Conflicting Opinion: Chosokabe Motochika (is actually close friends with the shamisen-player Koei version)
  • Although she was personally not very lonely at all, Karen's past experience as a lonely soul enabled her to be elevated in the ranks of the Pantheon on the recommendation of Nagisa and Honoka (ontop of helping defeat the Nightmare and Eternal group). Karen's job is to soothe the loneliness of those who are rich and hopefully make them get past it by getting friends. She'll offer as the first friend too.
    • Her entrance was a little rocky as well. She thought she received the invitation to the Pantheon itself. When she approached the gates of the Pantheon, she was instead refused and booted out, as it was said that the invitation was fake, sending Karen into depression. The Yes! Cures still in mortal realm encouraged her to keep trying, and the Pantheon found out that the fake invitation was the machination of Terumi to Troll her with lines like "Forever Alone" after learning what she would achieve. After difficulties were taken care of, Karen was finally permitted.
  • She knew one day this would come to an end, but Karen is the first Yes! Cure to ever embrace the proper Pantheon. She eagerly waits that she won't be the only one (Considering that Rin Natsuki and Komachi Akimoto have been spotted in the Academy). Before that, she would content herself with the new friends she made in the Pantheon.
  • She excels in medical studies. She learned a lot from various Gods that knew the arts of healing and respected them all, but Karen mostly favored and hung around with Litchi Faye-Ling a lot, as not only she was the one who helped solve the difficulty of her entrance at first (along with Mami Tomoe), Karen considered her like a substitute mother figure considering her mortal mother (that she still loved and respected) rarely visit her.
    • During spare times, she tends to lock herself inside a room and held on her hand a spare Miracle Light she found, occasionally waving at it with hope. A lot thought it was because she's getting lonely herself, but in truth she's praying for a miracle, secretly sharing the item with other Precures that share her sentiments, so that everything will go well with Litchi's questionable status. Karen is unsure if this will surely fix things, but she felt that she has to try regardless.
  • Whenever she enters the Food Pantheon and leaves it, you can be assured that they will lose at least one bottle of grape juice.
  • Although it wasn't uttered often, calling Karen 'Babaa' is not recommended, she's not too pleased with it.
  • Has a personal horse named Charlie, who may not be as great as Koku-Oh, but Karen deeply cared for the horse, and the horse often came to her as her stead in battle. Naturally, she didn't take it well when Handsome Jack called the name 'lame' and offers to rename it as 'Butt Stallion II', causing Karen to flood him away.
  • Her house is amongst the biggest and fanciest in the Pantheon.
  • Contrary to her portfolio, Karen understood that the House of Commerce aren't always problematic. But she does understand that it tends to make several lonely people because of their immense wealth, that's where she comes in. In a way, it makes her similar to Yuri Tsukikage, fixing the problems her portfolio represents.
    • Though she does keep an eye against Looten Plunder, as his selfish motivations for richness are really promoting things Karen stood against. Not to mention, she along with her friends have fought not just one, but two evil world-destroying corporates.
    • She ran into Charlotte Labouf during one of her trips and the two got along splendidly over gumbo, beignets and fairy tales. Charlotte truly supports Karen's goals in helping lonely girls to obtain friends and is wiling to work with alongside her.
  • She also discovered Litchi's secret of getting drunk when no one's looking. Although she got her to agree not to drink, Karen got roped into playing 'dress ups'. While she agreed, she's secretly thinking of how to come up with a cute dress that fit Litchi's size without flaunting her wealth... something that she's contacting Charlotte for help.
  • She had a nightmare of Litchi leaving her and going back to her old obsessed self, leaving her in complete depression like she did when she was stuck in a Nightmare Mask. Fortunately, the nightmare was broken when Litchi woke her up and told her that she managed to redeem herself and is welcomed back amongst the proper Pantheon. Karen has nothing to say but a congratulations.
    • Is... less than fond of the ascension of Arakune due to the fact that she remembers from her nightmares that he was the reason why Ms. Litchi left her and had to work for the bad guys. Despite that, she respect Litchi's decisions regarding him and will help her cure him if possible, thus she wouldn't exactly 'oppose' him, but merely drive him away without killing him when he wreaks havoc.
    • Eventually, these feelings would thrust her head on into the Morality Civil War, with her being one of Litchi's most steadfast friend and defender, to the point that she harbored intense dislike to Kokonoe Mercury for brushing off Litchi without even caring about her conditions and claiming that her idea is the best idea to deal with Litchi. This is to the point that Karen started getting creeped out that she found herself edging with the slippery slope against Kokonoe…
    • By the end of it, the War ended and the Pantheon has given official statement that Litchi was to be forgiven. Karen was one of the first beings to wait at Litchi's house and gave her a hug, along with others.
  • Freed Jay Gatsby from Pantheon/The Fallen by accepting his money. She even managed to bring him to the same house as her.
  • Akin to another Pretty Cure member, it seems nowadays Karen has befriended another historical figure: Chousokabe Motochika (the shamisen-player, mind you). When they've first met, Motochika was strumming his shamisen in peace, and Karen was attracted to his music due to being well-aware of fine talent in that field. He then talked with her for a while about their water motifs, and played her a song of some sort regarding his stance in life. It touched her, especially with their possible ways to relate to each other somewhat.
    • When Karen was shocked to find out that he was the Chousokabe Motochika, ruler of Shikoku, she was at a loss for words. But in the end, they ended up as close friends.
  • Can also be found in Poverty & Riches.

Klonoa, God of Bittersweet Endings (Klo-oa, Dream Traveller)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A large gold ring with a single emerald clasped at the top. Moon inscribed within ring optional.
  • Theme Song: Stepping Wind.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Can't catch a break, Dream Traveller, Ear Wings, Fluent in Phantomilian, Constantly changes clothes, but has a distinct style, Adorable but mentally scarred, A bit young for the job, Still wins fights he has no business winning, Wahoo!
  • Domains: Dreams, Forced Goodbyes, Cute Exteriors
  • Followers: Vayne Aurelius, Maximillian
  • Allies: NiGHTS, Haruto Tsukishiro, Dream of the Endless, Ysera, Kirby, Sonic, Pac-Man, Reiji and Xiamou, Princess Luna, Prismo, Presea Combatir, Cream
  • Enemies: Freddy Kruger, Nightmare, Barbatos, Pitch Black
  • Rivals: Nack
  • Conflicted Opinions On: Vaermina, Madotsuki, Bedman
  • Pities: Darkrai
  • High Priests: Huepow, Lolo, Popka, Guntz
  • Herald: The King of Sorrow
  • Klonoa is tasked with sorting out issues as they occur in dream worlds, being sent in directly to figure out what's going wrong and how to restore balance. Of course, he doesn't have any say in the matter, but he still does his best. Due to his remarkably upbeat nature, Klonoa easily makes friends in whichever dream world he is currently saving, but because he isn't tied to the worlds he protects, he always has to leave them behind. Even worse, Klonoa's powers are tied to his wind ring, which travels with him into the dream worlds he visits and often requires the assistance of another being from the dream world for Klonoa to use its powers. This means that he has little choice but to bond with those who he meets in his travels, forcing sad goodbyes when his job is done.
  • At some point in his travelling, Klonoa entered the Pantheon, though he is not entirely sure how it happened. After accomplishing what he had been sent to do, however, he found he was unable to leave. At first, Klonoa was confused, but then realized he finally had a waking world to stay in and less eternal goodbyes to make. People would need his help again and again, people could follow him now that he was a god, and people could keep crossing paths with him in his duties. At last, Klonoa had found a proper home. His ascension was finalized when he was given the trope Bittersweet Ending due to the endings of his previous adventures.
  • Klonoa's role in the pantheon (when not up to his usual duties) revolves around consoling those who are experiencing separation from friends and loved ones, as he's experienced more than enough cases himself. Though, nobody ever asks if he could use some support. Overall, he's surprisingly upbeat about his past and his fate, and can often be found talking with other deities in the house of sadness in attempts to cheer them up.
  • The fact that NiGHTS is also a deity working to protect dreams is good news for Klonoa, and he was quick to join the jester as an ally. However, learning about deities like Freddy Krueger, Barbatos, Pitch Black, and Nightmare, who cause bad dreams, was enough to make Klonoa vow to fight them.
    • The same partnership also applies to Kirby, who also protects dreams from frightful monsters.
    • Both Haruto and Luna are also dream travellers like him, and he often encounters them while consoling people.
    • When Klonoa met the Dream of the Endless, it approved of his ideals and job, so much so that Klonoa often tries to protect him from fights.
    • However, he feels genuinely sorry for Darkrai and the fact that he unwillingly turns dreams into nightmares by existing. He knows Darkrai means no harm, but can't help but pity him none the less.
  • Klonoa was one of the heroes Reiji and Xiamou encountered during their first recorded adventure, and naturally the two were pleased to see Klonoa again. For his part, Klonoa thinks the two are just as good at combat as he is.
  • Vaermina baffles Klonoa as a being. Klonoa understands that she represents both dreams and nightmares, and is aware that she has done some bad things- but at the same time she has also done some good things, so Klonoa is currently unable to decide if she’s a friend or a foe.
    • He’s also confused about Madotsuki, who spends her time wandering around disturbing dream worlds. He’s tried to help her out a few times, only for her to loudly tell him to go away.
  • When Klonoa learned about Prismo, he became interested in protecting him, considering how people have been trying to kill him by waking his host up.
  • Precia Combatir owns a costume of Klonoa and was delighted to meet him in person. Klonoa was amazed at how realistic the costume looks.
  • Klonoa is very, very confused by Bedman. He is aware Bedman is caught in a coma, which Klonoa views as an endless dream, but is having trouble trying to figure out if Bedman is truly evil or not. For his part, he understands Bedman is not trying to cause nightmares and thus avoids conflict with him for the most part.
  • Sonic views Klonoa as an ally, due to the fact that he’s also an anthropomorphic animal- although Sonic is still having trouble trying to figure out what animal Klonoa is supposed to be.
    • On the same level, Klonoa found common-ground with Cream due to her mannerisms being similar to Lolo, one of his high priests, as well as another of his high priests, Huepow, looking similar to a Chao. Not to mention both of them can hover in the air with their ears.
    • On the other hand, Klonoa thinks of Nack as a sort of rival. He looks like his third high priest, Guntz, but has none of Guntz; redeeming qualities nor his honor. Nack just thinks Klonoa is a pest and doesn’t care much for him.
  • Pac-Man recognizes Klonoa as another character from his flagship company and was pleased to hear of his ascension. When Klonoa saw Pac-Man, the first thing he noticed was that he was the same person as the symbol on his hat.

    Ood Sigma 
Ood Sigma, Divine Representative of Naturally Pacifistic and Tragic Races

    Rick Grimes 
Rick Grimes, God of Sorrow-Grown Beards (Rick, Sheriff, Officer Friendly)
Television Rick Grimes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The badge of his police officer uniform
  • Leitmotif: Lead Me Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Anti-Hero, I Did What I Had to Do, He Who Fights Monsters, Papa Wolf, Be Ware The Nice Ones, Pay Evilunto Evil, The Gunslinger
  • Domains: Love, Protection, Survival
  • Allies: Lee Everett and Clementine, Edward Newgate/Whitebeard, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, The Survivor Crew, Jill Valentine, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Bryan Mills, Saeko Busujima, The Green Flu survivors, Joel and Ellie, Ikoma and Mumei
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, William Birkin, Alexia Ashford, Quan Chi, Walter White, Edward Richtofen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Negan.
  • Additional Character Relationships: Carl Grimes ( his son ), Daryl Dixon ( his "brother" )
  • Being a survivor became first nature to Rick Grimes. So when he had been ascended into the pantheon he quickly drew out his Colt Python prepared to kill the first walker he saw. He didn't trust anyone he didn't know so during his first days in the pantheon. It turned out he was the only person from his group to ascend in the pantheon. The reason being was through Lee and Clementine who felt he was long overdue being free out of the hell Rick had been through.
  • Many deities notice his certain visits to the other houses. When people ask about his actions he simply gives this reply. "I'm doin' stuff and thiiiiinnnnnnnngs."
  • It took Edward Newgate from the Pantheon of Fathers to calm Rick down, and explain there was no danger from walkers in this place. Unlike Lee, however, he didn't have Carl around, which made him very agitated. Edward knew his fatherly love outweighed his role as a god. He promised Rick he would be reunited with his son one day in the pantheon. In a way, the former cop saw a bit of herself in the veteran pirate.
  • He was able to come across Lee and Clementine, the both of them knowing some of the horrors Rick had gone through. Since they had been through the dangers of walkers they got along very well with each other. Like Rick, Lee is very protective of the young and Clementine hoped he would get to meet Rick's son.
    • Like Clementine before him, Rick worried about his infection spreading to the entire Pantheon, since like her he didn't ascend upon death. Thankfully, he has been told that was not the case.
  • Despite Saeko Busujima coming from a different culture, Rick respected her abilities with her sword the Murata-tou. She also reminds him of Michonne another swordsman whom he misses along with Carl. Saeko would love to meet her and see her blade in action.
  • While Rick was trying to relax and come to grips with his new life here some of the best men in fighting bioterrorism came to visit Rick. Chris, Leon, and Claire met Rick first and wanted him to know they were sympathetic to his pain and suffering. They also suggested he speak with others like them who wanted to put an end to virus that would create the zombies or as Rick knew them The Walkers.
    • Taking their advice he visited the House of Health and Diseases where he met Jake and Sherry. They both also were happy to find someone who could survive the undead. Sherry, in particular, was very happy to learn about how much he cared for his son. She was grateful he would be there for him unlike her father who seemed to care more about his work than her.
    • It's through speaking with the various survivor of Umbrella's schemes he's come to despise the kind of people who knowingly make viruses to infect the world. He's made it his personal mission to kill any of these people he comes across for their actions. This includes necromancers who take advantage of the dead for their own gain.
  • Many consider Walter White and Rick Grimes to have a few similar traits to them. They both also came from shows made on a similar network. Rick is quick to point out he needed to survive in a different world. Walter chose to act through criminal means, and if he was still a cop he would want him arrested by his own hands if he got the chance.
  • He gets along with most of The Survival Crew, except for Edward, who he's come to hate.
  • One day Rick came across a note left on the ground. He didn't know who it was from, but the note said the following message. The Pantheon is gonna need Rick Grimes.
  • After the Savior War, the mere sight of the grinning man known as Negan was enough to make Rick point his trademark gun in his face. They were still at odds with each other despite all that's happened before their ascension.
  • Ever since a certain video, Rick was sent over to the House of Health and Diseases to get his ears treated; deafness can be very deadly in the world with a Zombie Apocalypse. Lee Everett and Clementine have been advised to take the same treatment.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The God Who Was Shunned By Others (Blinkey, Fire Snout, Rainbow Puss, Red Schnoz, Old Neon Nose)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His glowing red nose
  • Theme Songs: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Couple Of Misfits
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, saved Christmas with his glowing nose, was once forced to hide his nose by his father, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Christmas, Heroes, Reindeer
  • Allies: Santa Claus, Nicolas Saint North, Naruto Uzumaki, Braum, Haruka Kotoura, Toy Story Crew, Olaf, Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, Xerneas, Bambi, Equestrian Deities, Lucina, Tony Tony Chopper
  • Enemies: Lissandra, the Wendigo, Robot Santa, Spooky, Winterbolt
  • Opposes/Pities: Ice King, Lucy
  • Rudolph was shunned by the other reindeers just because of his shining red nose. They called him names and wouldn't let them play in their reindeer games. Even his dad and Santa were jerky to him. However, their attitudes change once Rudolph had a run-in with the Bumble and he used his shining red nose to lead Santa's sleigh on a foggy Christmas, saving it.
  • What were Lucina's thoughts on Rudolph, and his response?
    Cute! Cute! She thinks I'm cute!
  • Many have sworn they saw Rudolph shooting laser beams out of his shining red nose. Others think they drank too much eggnog and just imagined it.
  • Since he knows first hand about being ostracized for being different, he has made friends with others like him. He is closest towards Naruto Uzumaki since the two did start earning the respect of others after saving them. The more cynical deities do tell them that's the only reason why and that their friends don't really care for them. The two don't really believe that, though.
    • Rudolph also became close to Haruka Kotoura and was heartbroken when he heard how she couldn't control her telepathy and that it caused major problems in her life. Haruka was surprised to find out that she could read Rudolph's mind despite being an animal. She's actually ok with it because most of the time, his mind is filled with sugar plums and fairies.
    • Rudolph does have limits. He once heard of the dealings of the Diclonius, Lucy. While he did feel sorry for her at first, once he heard about the end result of her bullying, he felt sick to his stomach.
  • Rudolph has become very close to the Toy Story crew because he, along with Santa Claus, helps find homes for many of the misfit toys.
  • Because of a run-in he and his friend Frosty the Snowman had with an evil ice-like warlock called Winter Bolt, he is very cautious around similar types. So far, he is keeping an eye on Lissandra, who wants to cause a deadly winter.
    • He actually feels sorry for Ice King, however. He can't really imagine what it's like to be that insane.
  • Rudolph became close friends with both Queen Elsa and Olaf. The former because he sympathized with her having to hide her talent by her parents like he had to. For the latter, it's because he reminds him of his good friend Frosty the Snowman.
  • He once had a nasty run-in with the Wendigo. Luckily for the reindeer, he was saved by Braum, who reminded Rudolph of his friend Yukon Cornelius. However, after hearing that the Wendigo was actually a girl who was forced to eat her dead sister's body, Rudolph was both sadden and disgusted.
  • Rudolph's appearance tends to fluctuate. Sometimes he looks like an adult and other times he looks like a young buck. He shares the same odd infliction with Bambi.
  • Not surprisingly, Rudolph has made friends with other four-legged hooved beasts. Pinkie Pie even threw him a party when he ascended. He hangs out with other deer such as Xerneas and Bambi. He is also happy to see another reindeer in Tony Chopper.
  • Was overjoyed when he saw that Santa Claus was in the pantheon. However, he was confused by how different he looked. He actually apologized for being a jerk to him. Rudolph accepted his apology.
  • Rudolph is very disturbed by Robot Santa, who attacks people on Christmas regardless of if they were naughty or nice.
  • Can also be found in Contempt.

    Sam and Dean Winchester 
Samuel William Winchester and Dean Winchester, Co-Gods of Perpetual Angst (Both: The Hardy Boys, Team Free Will (alongside Castiel) Dean: El Deano, Dashing El Deano, Ducky Lips, Li'l Stumpy, Not Moose, Michael Sword, Squirrel, Dean-O, Dee-Dawg, Sam: Sasquatch, Moose, Gigantor, Sam the Ginormotron, Puppy, Darling Sammy, Boy With The Demon Blood)
Sam (left), Dean (right)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: An amulet that burns hot in the presence of God and "arsey hair"
  • Theme Song: Carry On, Wayward Son
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolios: Woobies, Martyrs Without A Cause, Death Seekers, Tragic Heroes, "Bro Yay", Broken Cuties, Sad Clowns, Unlikely Badasses, Failed Suicide Attempts, Love Martyrs, Badass Normals of a Badass Family, Both came back from the dead, Bash Brothers, Sam's Brain paring with Dean's Brawn, Can't Stay Normal, Demon Slayers, Heterosexual Life-Partners, Mr. Fanservice, Hurting Heroes, Sociopathic Heroes, Sour Outside, Sad Inside
  • Domains: Madness, Emotion, Suffering, Loss, Bravery, Love
  • Followers: Rick Grimes, Jeremy Butler, Hitori Uzune, Benjamin Martin, Shion
  • Allies: Castiel, Bobby Singer, Chuck Shurley, Buffy Summers, the Ghostbusters, Willow Rosenburg, Xander Harris, Jack and Maddie Fenton, The Mystery Gang, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich, Aila Jyrkiäinen, Casca
  • Odd Relationship: Crowley, Amara, Gabriel (mixed with Conflicting Opinion)
  • Enemies: Lucifer, The Princes Of Hell, YHVH, Lucifer, all evil deities in the House of Otherness, the GUAE in general, Negan, Estarossa
  • Opposes: Charlie Harper
  • Uneasy Relationship: God (God, the Devil and Bob)
  • Have Trouble Trusting: Most non-human deities in general, especially vampires, actual deities, werewolves, demons and angels. But as proven with Castiel, rocky as their relations were with him at the start, they can make allies with them.
  • Pitied by: The House of Happiness
  • Two of the Pantheon's most renowned hunters of the supernatural, one would expect the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester to be one of bliss. Yet their story leaves behind broken bodies, constant sadness and countless lives lost (including their own). One has to wonder if the brothers are nothing but CosmicPlaythings of a high being showing them with Angst.
    • Dean looked like he would get some reprieve staying in the House of Lust, but that role was taken from him by Charlie Harper. He still holds a grudge over it.
  • Some relief came by when they learned that Castiel successfully ascended. The angel seems to be the only ally that's capable of lasting through the show. Of course, they now have to deal with their followers asking them to make out. They all imply that they're not gay, but their creators continue to lay out hints. Nevertheless, it may well be the biggest reason the show has lasted as long as it has.
    • They often visit the Tennysons for refuge as a result of this. They also get advice on how to deal with persistent fans.
  • Needless to say, they have plenty of allies to choose from. The Scoobies are the group they team up the most often when they need some extra muscle. Xander is especially a big fan of the two and has tried (often too hard) to imitate their antics... with little success. Buffy herself likes to talk to them about the crazy ships their fanbases try to pair them with.
    • Ghost hunting has become much easier with the help of the Ghostbusters. Dean and Peter often discuss their love lives while Sam wanted to discuss with Egon about the technology. The ghostbusters were intrigued that the brothers found a way to safely destroy ghosts for good, though finding the bodies can prove difficult. The Fenton couple has also expressed interest in the solution.
    • To the shock of everyone, the brothers plan to team up with Scooby-Doo and the meddling gang of kids in a future episode. The two were skeptical at first as many of Mystery Inc.'s villains turn out to be fake. But closer inspection shows that they have had their fair share of real supernatural enemies. With that said, no one knows what to expect with this crossover.
  • They were disgusted that two of the top gods in the Pantheon is more of the same conflict that they got sucked into in their world. The brothers stated that anyone from either Lucifer or YHVH that tries to get them into their cause will receive a middle finger followed by a Colt shot to the most painful part of their body. Neither the GUAL nor the GUAC has done so yet, knowing that the two have suffered enough.
    • Gabriel, on the other hand, wanted to give it a go. When the brothers threatened to carry through their threat, Gabriel made sure to see that she wasn't evil. She also agreed that the Gabriel in their world overstepped his bounds. The two were confused with her hospitality but still refused to join YHVH. With that said, they wonder if they have a chance to convince her to ditch her superior.
    • They also declined from officially joining the GUAG. The brothers figured they can be much more effective working on their own or with limited help. They are understandably suspicious that joining them would only add to their suffering.
    • To their disdain, they also found out that a version of God himself has arrived at the Pantheon. Thankfully, this one is far more laid-back, but they have refrained from meeting him just in case.
  • WALL•E tried to take this position once, but the universe conspired against him. The duo confronted the robot, reminding WALL•E it should be glad to make it into the House of Love
  • The GUAE has taken great delight in messing with them, successfully killing them and even getting them to join their ranks. One can attest to their determination that prevents them from permanently breaking.
    • The Winchesters have responded in kind. They spend most of the time in the House of Otherness. It happens to be the place where many of their enemies reside. They have proven to be effective hunters of their kind, mowing down monstrous beings with ease with wisecracks.
  • Some people such as Dante and Danny Phantom can find teaming up with them irritating. The brothers have been historically wary with teaming up with monstrous heroes. Dean is especially adamant against working with them. There is some merit in their paranoia; many supposed allies have betrayed them at the worst possible time.
  • The deities in the House of Happiness have tried countless times to cure them of their suffering. This has proved to be difficult as nothing seems to work, either in their world or in the Pantheon.
  • With the constant amount of suffering the brothers have witnessed, the Investigation Team wanted to at least give them something to smile about. They took the two to take on their shadow versions. It proved to be the team's most challenging task yet, and not what they expected. Shadow Dean berated Dean for faking his macho behavior, hiding behind a meek pathetic version of him that would never please his father. Shadow Sam, on the other hand, was a violent psychopath, who wanted to convince Sam that this is who he truly is. Both revelations terrified the brothers, but were willing to take them on. After a brutal fight, it appeared that the brothers may be successful...
  • Both of them were surprised to find someone who resembled their father only dressed in black leather, carrying a barb-wire baseball bat, and cussing up a storm while trying to kill the right people.

SCP-191, Goddess of the Troubled Fetal Position (Cyborg Child)
SCP-191 in containment
  • Rank: Safe by SCP Standards, Lesser Goddess by Pantheon standards
  • Symbol: Her bionic eye
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cyborg Flawed Prototype, Lacking Vocal Cords, Pained By Her Conversion, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul, Body Horror, Malformed But Tagic, Can Manipulate Technology, Technopath, Troubled Fetal Position, Electronic Left Eye, Last Experimented Child, Adult Fear, Shrinking Violet, Utterly Pitiable
  • Domains: Anomalies, Transformation, Tragedy, Cybernetics, Children, Technology
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Allies: Android 17 and 18, Laura Kinney/X-23, Sonic the Hedgehog, Samus Aran, The Doctor, John Connor, the T2 T-800, Yotsuba Koiwai, BMO, Cyrax, Victor Stone, Freddy Fazbear, Painwheel
  • Enemies: Dr Gero, the Cybermen, Dr Eggman, Ultron, Sigma, SKYNET, XANA
  • Pitied by: Alma Wade, any victim of Unwilling Roboticisation
  • SCP-191, known as the Cyborg Child, is one of the anomalous individuals secured under the SCP Foundation. A cyborg girl under 10 years of age, she was experimented on by Doctor [REDACTED] for surgical experiments, believed to be a prototype for something. Though many SCP items and/or people are there because of how they defy scientific understanding, are a threat or both, she is a tragic case of child experimentation and treated relatively well.
  • She is co-operative and docile to the Foundation, though understandably rather melancholy. She prefers to be in the Troubled Fetal Position, both out of the trauma she went through and because of how her cybernetics and positioned, other positions would be uncomfortable. Most gods feel pity towards her condition, particularly those who went through Unwilling Roboticisation like her. Appears to identify more as a machine than a human.
  • Heavily associated with the House of Technology, given her condition. There she has made friends with Freddy Fazbear as like her he is a human turned mechanical-just through Haunted Technology in his case rather than cybernetic conversion. Victor Stone feels pretty bad towards her as a fellow cyborg, and Cyrax due to also going through Unwilling Roboticisation.
  • Capable of having her bodily systems re-started in case of death, due to her heart, lungs and major arteries being replaced. She's unable to talk since her mouth and larynx have been removed, and her jaw, half her face and half her skull have been replaced. She also has a red electronic eye that glows green in "data reading" mode. However she's still a child, so is comfortable in Children and tries to reach out to kids. Yotsuba is trying to cheer her up.
  • She is capable of manipulating various technologies. The SCP Foundation has been testing this, and tests continue in the House of Technology. She also is capable of manipulating certain video games, and as such can be found in Gaming. Part of these experiments involved BMO, who ended up becoming a friend of hers when she played with them. Samus Aran, who already related to 191 due to her enhancements (particularly after being infected with X Parasites), was honored to learn the Cyborg Child played Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in captivity, and has ensured Nintendo games are available in her temple.
  • Because of her Techno Wizard abilities, some more viral deities are interested in her. Ultron, SKYNET and Sigma all wish to bodyjack her to enhance their own technopathic abilities, but to the pantheon's relief the SCP Foundation has made sure they can't reach her. The Cybermen are interested in fully converting them, however the Doctor has stopped that. Seeing her caused him to say "I'm so sorry".
  • She has yet to reveal who experimented on her and why. Doctor Gero was fascinated with the tech in her and hopes to experiment, making her into "Android 22". Given his own fondness for roboticisation, Dr Eggman is interested in her as well. Thankfully Sonic stopped them before they could touch her.
  • Android 17 and 18 are very sympathetic towards SCP-191 as they were abducted by a Mad Scientist and transformed into cyborgs just like her. Laura Kinney especially pities her due to being experimented on as a young girl as a weapon, except under arguably crueler conditions. John Connor often comforts her with the T-800, and hopes to help her use her technopathy to help herself and others out. Painwheel might be the most sympathetic to her as she was horribly experimented on, becoming deformed in a similar manner. She is trying to teach her to be more aggressive against those who did this to her.

    Setsuko Ohara 
Setsuko Ohara, Goddess of Shining Tears (Sexsuko)

    Yayoi Kise/Cure Peace 
Yayoi Kise, Goddess of Tender Tears (Cure Peace, Lily, Glitter Peace)


    Dr. Zalost 
Dr. Zalost, God of Sad and Haunting Scores
Zalost after his change of heart 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The letter "Z" framed in gold
  • Theme Song: The Tower of Dr. Zalost
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Neutral Evil. True Neutral leaning towards Neutral Good after his change of heart
  • Portfolio: Tragic Villain, Initially Green-Skinned, Evil Sounds Deep, Gloomy and Depressed which makes him want to make everyone feel as he does, Lean and Mean, Mad Scientist, Meaningful Name, Sore Loser, Becomes a better person after eating Muriel's Happy Plums
  • Domains: Science, Sadness, Tragedy, Villainy, Happiness, Music
  • Herald: Rat, his assistant.
  • Allies: Courage, Muriel Bagge, Eustace Bagge, Sadness, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Simon Henriksson, Eeyore, Hikari, Rapunzel, Pinky and the Brain
  • Rivals: Dr. Evil
  • Enemies: Dementors, Ratigan, Nerose Satanael, Dr. Screwball Jones
  • Depression is often a condition that can plague basically anyone in the world and such fate fell upon the tragic figure of Dr. Zalost. A brilliant scientist who one day came to Nowhere and demanded huge amounts of money to fund his unhappy cannonballs project. He attacked the town after being negated his money and being mocked, causing everyone to be as unhappy and as miserable as he was, but even if he got what he wanted he was still not happy. That's when he came accross Courage and the Bagges, who Zalost decided to target after realizing there were people that he missed. After hitting Muriel, Courage embarked in a quest to save her and in doing so brought down Zalost's Tower and the Doctor was not happy with that. However, after eating Muriel's Happy Plums, Zalost became a more cheerier person and realized the errors of his way. That's why much later he ended up atoning for what he did and later awarded godhood thanks to a recommendation by his new friend Courage.
  • The reason for his arrival? The forebonding and sad music that encompasses his present, hinting at Zalost truly sad existance. His title isn't really representative of what he became after losing his tower to Courage and would rather not be near a place as dreary as the side of the House of Emotion he was put in and so prefers to stay in the House of Music instead.
  • As stated before, Zalost is a reformed person and a good friend of Courage, often visiting him and Muriel to have himself a doze of those happy plums. He also brought along Rat, who was turned into a baby after eating a happy plum and Zalost has tried his best to raise him right after mistreating him a lot, often giving Rat lots and lost of hugs.
  • Zalost means sorrow in slavic languages and the good doctor has tried his best to combat his constant sadness and depression even if he was misguided in his attempts. He also ended up making friends with several people who too suffered with depression one way or another although they wouldn't go as far as to harm others because of that like Zalost did. He is often seen with unlikely people you would find someone of his archetype, like that one time he joined the Doki Doki Literature Club because he thought doing poetry would be fun and he find a lot of common ground with Sayori and believe it or not, relating a lot to Monika for their shared roles as Tragic Villains who regret their actions.
    • Related a lot to Simon Henriksson in the sense of how they wanted to take their rage upon others because of their depression. Simon was initially hesitant to approach Zalost not because of his appearance but because he has had his share of bad experiences with Mad Scientists but after noticing that Zalost was too a struggling person just like him, he decided to give him a chance.
    • Hikari was another one who overcame her own depression thanks to help from other parties and as a future cinema director she though making a documentary on Dr. Zalost tale would be a good starting point. She approached him with the idea and he instantly fell in love with it, but he is not too happy to relieve those sad memories but if he at least gets to do something fun and make more friends then he is up to it.
  • Dr. Evil was a bit jealous that Zalost was succesful in his attempts of ransoming money out of the Nowhere Mayor unlike Evil's plan to get 1 billion dollars. He is also a bit dissapointed that he stop being evil and is dedicated to finding ways to be a heroic figure but he is not overly antagonistic towards him and more of a rival.
  • Given that Courage accidentally found a way to turn his Unhappy Bombs into Happy Bombs, Dr. Zalost has been studying Muriel's happy plums in order to find a way to make incredibly sad people like he used to be feel fine again. His first test subject was Eeyore, notorious for how gloomy he is and shoot a ball to see if he felt better. It worked for the most part, as Eeyore felt a little more upbeat than usual but later returned to his usual self. Zalost is hopeful he could repicate the result that undid his attack in Nowhere.
    • However, he received some backlash by some deities for trying to force people into being happy, something he couldn't quite understand why would people dislike what he is doing. He later learned that some people trying to force happiness into people regardless of their feelings like Nerose Satanael and Dr. Screwball Jones. In a Heel Realization, Zalost discovered that he maybe shouldn't try to push his attempts at making Happy Bombs but he still believes it could help some people feel better.
  • He still lives in his tower but has taken a great effort to make it less ominous. It's officially labelled as his temple and he can take his tower whenever he wants to, making it a few of temples that can move from their established location, but for the sake of being simple he is officially listed in a single place to avoid any confusion. Rapunzel got a few nasty memories after a chance encounter with the tower but thought Dr. Zalost himself was a nice individual overall and even became friends with him.
  • Often seen visiting the House of Rabbits & Rodents since that's where usually he takes Rat to make friends. Rat has grown up a little ever since he was shrunk down to a baby and he is not as grumpy as before (although he is bound to let an annoyed grunt out whenever Zalost makes a bad joke). Outside of that house the duo tend to be seen with both Pinky and the Brain, mostly because the latter respects Zalost inventions and wouldn't mind using those for World Domination but knows that Dr. Zalost wouldn't allow him to use them.
    • However, neither Zalost nor Rat are big fans of Ratigan, who tried to coerce Rat to join him in his criminal activities, with Rat just groaning at his insistance and not bothering to respond to his proposal. Ratigan since then wants to get back at them but knows that the Doctor is more dangerous than he looks.
  • If there is one thing he would rather avoid is succumbing to his sadness again and that's why he both fears and hates the Dementors for feeding on emotions, not helping that the creatures took an interest on Zalost Unhappy Bombs. He was also initially a bit wary of Sadness, the Anthropomorphic Personification of said emotion, but seeing as she was just an emotion from another person who too suffered with similar complicated feelings he felt more comfortable becoming her friend (She is a bit horrified at the prospect of Unhappy Bombs but she doesn't hold it against the doctor).
  • Loves hugs and can be often seen hugging Rat whenever he has nothing better to do. He will often go looking for cozy people to share hugs with and he even is trying to open a program where sad people will get free hugs in order to feel better.
  • Can also be found at Musical Composititions.

    Elliot Alderson/Mr. Robot 
Elliot Alderson, The Broken Heroic God (Mr. Robot, The Mastermind)
Mr. Robot 
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The fsociety logo
  • Theme: Mr. Robot Main Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Mr. Robot alternates between that and Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Depressed and flawed Hacker with Massive Emotional Baggage, Crusade Hacker in the Night, Founder of ''fsociety'', Wants to benefit and save the World, Often talks to the Viewer, Able to effectively understand People with his Words, Master Hacker, Excellent Liar (Can fail at times), Keeps Himself Socially Isolated, Not Good at Socializing but will Do the Right Thing Regardless, Puppy-Dog Eyes, Cynical but Well-Intentioned, Went through numerous critical and endangering situations, Surprisingly Cute
  • Domains: Hackers, Rebellion, Depression, Anxiety, Identity Crisis
  • Herald: Darlene Alderson (His sister)
  • Allies: Hackerman, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi, Otacon, Neo, Morpheus, TRON, Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Robert E.O. Speedwagon, Pollyanna Whittier, Lisbeth Salander, Radical Ed, Frank Pritchard (All of them have trouble dealing with Mr. Robot)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Aiden Pearce, San Francisco DedSec (Both are allies under the Mr. Robot persona), Tony Stark/Iron Man, Norman Jayden, Neal Caffrey, Peter Burke, Will Graham and Clarice Starling
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Lex Luthor, Eliza and Neil Reagan, The Corpus, The Sundowner, The Slavers, Handsome Jack, Patrick Bateman, Walter White, Gustavo Fring, Norman Osborne/Green Goblin, Penelope Mouse
  • Additional Relationship: Freddie Mercury
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Sombra
  • Visitor of: House of Canines
  • An unsocial security worker in day and a hacker at night, Elliot Alderson lived a life confined in struggling to communicate with others and battling severe depression and anxiety. Then one day, he encountered an enigmatic anarchist, Mr. Robot, who offered him a chance to join an organization called fsociety for a grand ambition; to Save the World from top global conglomerates, particularly E Corp. Elliot, a naturally gifted and skilled hacker, managed to commit 5/9, a hack that plunged much of the world into a Class-5 Societal Disruption, resulting in a grand economical depression around the world. Unfortunately, while E Corp was affected by the damage, what was to come later was far worse and drastic than Elliot hoped to be...
  • Mr. Robot; the enigmatic and caustic leader of fsociety is in truth, a darker, more extreme-driven persona of Elliot taking the guise of his deceased father, Edward Alderson. Whereas Elliot was restrained by his morality regarding his actions, Mr. Robot is far more willing to commit dangerous and life-ruining acts if it meant achieving his goals. They would often battle against each other for supremacy, neither of them fully triumphing over the other. Elliot sees Mr. Robot as insane, whereas the latter sees the former as too weak and frail to really push onto achieving their goal. Not helping matters is the fact that Elliot was once thrown out of his house window by his father when he announced Edward's leukemia diagnosis to their family. And with Mr. Robot being supposed an idealized version of his father, their situation gets even worse.
    • Ultimately, Elliot found out he flung himself out of the window after undergoing a psychotic breakdown, and Mr. Robot found out that his efforts regarding 5/9 Stage 2 would only benefit his opponents and that there was nothing he could do. Elliot came to terms with his Split Personality, with Mr. Robot reciprocating the feeling and deciding to work with Elliot in taking down the Dark Army.
  • No one is sure how Elliot managed to ascend into the Pantheon. There are rumours that Elliot hacked his way into it, whereas others have stated maybe Mr. Robot's influence had something to do with it. As of now, Elliot has remained quiet about this. His first signs in the Pantheon was simply him prodding around with his hoodie on before entering a building and working on his computer desk, presumably ready for a hack.
  • Elliot is really good at deducting and revealing a person's personality and feelings by the use of his own words. Unfortunately, because his beliefs in people tend to be pessimistic, he mainly talks about the negatives and causes himself to isolate. However, he is a good person in heart and likes the company of genuine and morally upstanding individuals.
  • Met up with Pollyanna Whittier, and immediately became friends due to Pollyanna's sweet nature and Elliot seeing her as a good soul, something which he expressed towards his late employer Gideon. Whenever Elliot seeks company, Pollyanna is among the first he visits, seeing her occupation as serene and optimistic. It also helps in that Pollyanna serves as a subversion to Elliot's views on people.
  • Is on good terms with the House of Canines. He blackmailed his therapist's ex-boyfriend, "Michael Hansen" (real name Lenny Shannon) who uses a fake profile to meet underage women to have sex with and abused his dog, Flipper. Elliot did this because "Hansen" was cheating behind behind his therapist's back and the idea of his having sex with underage prostitutes was disgusting on Elliot's mind. Alongside incriminating him, he also took Flipper from him, after which Elliot treated her a lot better than "Hansen" ever could. He occasionally takes visits to the House of Canines for Flipper to visit.
  • Hackerman was greatly intrigued by the amount of energy and skill Elliot has in hacking. Elliot sees Hackerman as a good soul and gets along with him pretty well, although his Mr. Robot persona would much rather prefer Hackerman to be more militant in his work. Elliot also found company under Bentley Turtle, Sheina Kenmochi and Otacon as all of them are skilled in hacking and technology. They would all want Elliot in the GUAG White Hats, although Mr. Robot seems to be making things difficult. Only time will tell if Elliot will be able to convince Mr. Robot to join the White Hats. Elliot also found friends with fellow hackers Radical Ed and Frank Pritchard, the two of them being keen on supporting Elliot out.
    • Managed to make friends out of Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix and Vanellope Von Schweetz. Not much is known about how they got along, though rumor has it that Vanellope thinks Elliot is cute. Bentley's experience with Penelope Mouse is not different to when Elliot himself was blackmailed and used by his closest friends for their own goals. Alongside opposing Penelope for an understandable reason, Elliot took pity towards Bentley and has the biggest relation with him in regards to the hackers.
    • He made contact Lisbeth Salander during a hacking session. Agreeing to meet in person under the plans of hacking their enemies, the two were surprised to learn they were pretty similar to one another. Despite working together, Elliot and Lisbeth tend to keep each other anonymous in an effort to keep up with their unpredictability in their work. Mr. Robot sees potential in her, thinking about bringing her into fsociety.
  • Sees Bruce Wayne as one of the more accepting rich people in his views. Hacking into his information was tough, though he hacked enough to uncover his identity as Batman. Seeing this, Bruce paid a visit as himself, sympathising with Elliot and offering him therapy and guidance. He was surprised to see Elliot's ambition in saving the world to be larger in scale compared to his goal in defending Gotham, although Bruce reprimanded that Elliot seeks company and allies should he proceed. He also became fast friends with Barbara Gordon as both of them are master hackers, although the two of them differ in their personalities. Barbara is willing to help out Elliot whenever possible, although Mr. Robot is a lot more problematic, seeing Bruce as another vigilante, although he does admit that his tech would be useful in regards to their skills.
  • Aiden Pearce took notice of Elliot and offered him an alliance to take down those who exploit people using money and technology. Elliot is respectful of Aiden, but the extremity of his methods and his willingness to sometimes have innocent people involved in his crusade makes Elliot rebound in doubt. Mr. Robot however is more than willing to join Aiden, believing that destruction and damage is inevitable when it comes to revolution. The same sentiments go for the San Francisco DedSec, although they are less morally ambiguous than Aiden for Elliot to only be slightly more comfortable working with.
  • Gets along with Neo, seeing as he was a hacker and ultimately built himself up to be a hero. Elliot also sees Morpheus as a good influence for Neo and has stated that he would like to help regarding the Matrix if possible. He also seems to be rather respectful about Tron, viewing him as benevolent for a program.
  • Elliot has a rather complicated history with the FBI. As a hacker who exploits personal information and scandals, he gets some degree of flak from FBI agents. To further this mess, Elliot's sister Darlene had a relationship with one, Dominique "Dom" DiPierro. Seeing as Elliot has good intentions, some of the agents get to sympathize with him, especially Norman Jayden as both of them undergo a drug issue that they try to overcome. Others, such as Will Graham, Clarice Starling and Peter Burke, while sympathetic are more hesitant to work with him due to Elliot's criminal history. And that's not even getting into his Mr. Robot persona, who can't bring himself up to trust FBI agents in any way. Neal Caffrey is more amicable and has befriended Elliot rather easily, though he himself would get into arguments should Mr. Robot ever show up.
  • Elliot normally tends to oppose giant corporations, seeing as them leeches that feed on other people, draining them off of their money and caring only for themselves. Its no wonder he dislikes Mr. Rogers for that aspect. Elliot also hates Eliza and Neil Reagan for being incredibly entitled and only caring about themselves. And while Elliot doesn't have much to say about Superman, he hates Lex Luthor because he is able to tell that Lex is fixated on a petty grudge against the Man of Steel and for someone with a vast amount of resources, wastes it only for himself. Mr. Robot agrees with Elliot about them, which says a lot.
    • Once met Patrick Bateman in his Mr. Robot persona. Patrick's egotism and pretentiousness were incredibly grating, escalating to the point where Mr. Robot prompted to punch him in the face just to shut him up. The two had a hard brawl, with Patrick driven to kill and Mr. Robot managing to knock him out for a time. Elliot sees Patrick as corporate scum, though doesn't recall the experience with him. Same thing goes for Handsome Jack, whom Elliot would like to hack one day just to drive him nuts, in addition to benefiting the Vault Hunters. Elliot and Mr. Robot also took notice of Norman Osborn and with a hack, figured out his Green Goblin identity. They've agreed on a reluctant alliance with Tony Stark in regards to combating him, with Tony thinking about training Elliot as a hacking protege of sorts, though he isn't interested.
    • Elliot however, does have one commerce-based individual in the Pantheon who he likes; Robert E.O Speedwagon. He is able to deduct that Speedwagon is a humble and caring person who invests his money on topics that matter and Speedwagon has decided to try helping Elliot out about his mental health issues. Its tough, but Speedwagon will try to manage.
  • Above all, Elliot hates massive corporations that benefit in the deaths of people, and it has been a major contributing factor in his views on people. The Corpus and the Sundowner are among those that Elliot despises with a passion, being individuals who seek war for the sole intent of profit, and he is willing to team up with anybody in the House of Justice if it means bringing them down. The Slavers are another group that Elliot loathes, to the point where upon hacking their tracks and their objectives of extorting a group of children, he immediately notified the House of Heroes about it, prompting an a quick and well-deserved beatdown. Also dislikes Walter White and Gustavo Fring for their pride and indulgence in crime, in addition to Elliot's struggles with drugs.
  • Was shocked upon hearing about the Grand United Alliance of Machines and their intentions to robotize the Pantheon for their own needs. He's been trying to convince Mr. Robot to join the GUAG White Hats solely to combat against them, thinking his hacking skills can be used to good use for the general public in this occasion. Mr. Robot, understanding the Machine Council being something way beyond even their minds and skills has agreed to join the GUAG in combating against them.
  • During a hacking session, he came across Sombra, who's hacking skills were beyond what Elliot and Mr. Robot are capable of. Elliot does sympathize with Sombra over their tragic pasts, but he can't bring himself to associate with her due to Sombra's allegiance and harming innocents. Mr. Robot has admitted to stating he needs help in dealing with Sombra, but his extreme methods make him difficult to trust in the wider Pantheon.
  • For all their tension and struggles, Mr. Robot does care for Elliot. Ever since finding out the true circumstances of Elliot's accident, they've been getting along much better, though its a long road before Elliot will begin to treat Mr. Robot like his father.
  • A lot of Pantheon residents think Elliot is adorable. He hasn't made a comment about this yet, though he feels relieved to see there are those who genuinely like him. Its thought Elliot's experiences and nature are what make him so endearing.
  • He is surprised to see he looks a lot like Freddie Mercury. And like everyone else, Elliot enjoys his music a lot. Freddie was initially surprised by his look-alike but accepts Elliot as a fan nonetheless.
This is the world we live in. People relying on each other's mistakes to manipulate one another and use one another, even relate to one another. A warm, messy circle of humanity.

    Jay Gatsby 
Jay Gatsby, God of Empty Wealth (James Gatz, Great Gatsby)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Green Light
  • Theme Song: Gatsby Believed in the Green Light
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Empty Success, Love Martyrs, Failures of The American Dream, Novels Vindicated by History, Tragic Figures, Half-Decent People in Corrupt Worlds, Woobies, Those Who Are Loving an Illusion
  • Domains: Commerce, Passion
  • Allies: Romeo, Ebenezer Scrooge, Karen Minazuki, Charlotte LaBouff, Niko Bellic, Charles Kane
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Jonathan Irons, Calvin J. Candie
  • Odd Friendship: Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne
  • Opposes: Gold Diggers, like Anise Tatlin
  • Gatsby, a man who built his riches to be able to win over a girl he met while on service. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to win her over as she was only a Gold Digger who would rather stay with a cheating husband and be secure. He also found out too late that his wealth had ultimately brought him no fulfillment as he had only one true friend.
    • This sent him to The Fallen for a while as a result, but Karen Minazuki managed to ascend him to the Pantheon proper by accepting his money.
  • Rumored to actually be Jack Dawson who survived his drowning. Some have even gone further and said he is actually slave owner Calvin J. Candies and is really immortal. Jay denies all these rumors.
  • Was a bit perplexed when he saw how Romeo sometimes looks like him. Ignoring that, he became friends with him. Some say they do make good friends as they were both foolish men who ruined their own lives over love.
  • When she heard of the title he was ascended for, Pollyanna tried to lift his spirits. Gatsby did appreciate the effort, even if it only made him a bit happier.
  • Well known for his outrageous parties, although Gatsby vowed never to do something so outlandish ever again since no one from said parties came to his funeral. Pinkie Pie didn't get the notice as she threw him a party—that could rival his own—when he made his proper place in the pantheon. But he did thank her, and the Avatars of Friendship, for cheering him up and helping to share his wealth amongst others.
  • Desperate to be a millionaire just so he could impress his crush, he was able to be one by bootlegging, becoming a criminal. It was all for naught, thus making people feel sympathetic and sorry for hiim.
  • Gain an odd friendship with Peter Parker. Or maybe it's a desperate friendship for Gatsby as he mentioned how much Parker reminds him of his only friend Nick Carraway.
  • Despite Gatsby's criminal past, Bruce Wayne sympathizes for his lonely end as in one reality, Bruce would end mostly alone.
  • Sympathized with Niko Bellic since he found common ground with him like both being soldiers who wanted to get rich but pay dearly for it in the end. For Gatsby, it was his life. Niko? Either his cousin or his girlfriend's life.
  • Doesn't take too kindly to any gold diggers in the Pantheon. Considering he wasted his life to please one, who can blame him?
  • Some have consider Gatsby as being the total opposite in life to George Bailey. While Bailey worked his entire life to make something of himself but didn't, he ended up a much richer man with a wife, kids, friends and family and was a happier man. Compare that to Gatsby, who became a criminal to become rich but ending up alone with few friends and not getting the girl he sought after his entire life. Some believe that Jay might envy George's life.

    Komaru Naegi 
Komaru Naegi, Goddess of Trauma Survivors (The Ordinary Girl with an Ultimate Big Brother, Omaru, Dekomaru, Tonkomaru, Slowpokemaru)

Tailtiu, Goddess of Broken Cheery Girls (Tiltyu, Tailto, Taillte, The Princess of Freege, The Bold Daughter of Thunder, Thunder Noble)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: The crest of the Freege house atop of a line of lightning bolt and the Thoron tome
  • Theme Song: The theme of her daughter Teeny
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Thunder Magician Girl, Mage Fighter, Good Girl On A Family Of Megalomaniacs, Cheery And Upbeat Disposition, Horribly Broken To The Point Of Death, Being Spunky To Hide Insecurity, Very Young Looking Mom, Protecting Daughter From Abuses, The Woobie, Wrath, Rebellious Princess
  • Domains: Sadness, War, Emotion, Combat, Magic
  • Allies: Sigurd & Seliph, Marth, Lyndis, Erinys, Caeda, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Ike, Tharja, The Nohr Siblings, Arthur (not her son), good deities of the Mothers house, Hildegard Schlievogt (Yes, we prefer calling her that in front of Tailto. The name "Hilda" is just something of a 'taboo'), Artina, Fate Testarossa Harlown, Setsuko Ohara, Thor
  • Uneasy Relations: Arvis
  • Enemies: Grima, evil deities of the Family house (Ghetsis seems to take the cake as her most disliked)
  • Lost in the pages of history is a tale of a spunky princess of Freege, living her life without much care about her family politics business, and also combating bad guys that threatens those she loves. She hung around with Sigurd, and when he was branded traitor, her cheery face started to crack, showing insecurity. She tried to get ahold of that, but it shattered completely after the disastrous Battle of Bellhalla, where Sigurd tragically perished. Then she, along with her infant daughter, was separated from her young son, taken back to home by force and withstood abuses from her evil step sister Hilda, some to protect her daughter. In the end, she broke, not a single day she spent without crying, then illness took her, with her dying in depression. That is the tragic tale of Princess Tailtiu. The princess who broke beyond repair in life.
    • It is because of that, a broken cutie that stays like that until the end, yet the tale was considered tragic enough, that she ascended, after years of serving under Setsuko Ohara, because at least Setsuko managed to get over hers. When she ascended, the Pantheon worked their way to cheer her up and making sure that she majorly stayed as the upbeat girl she was early in life. As of now, Tailtiu herself has become a combination of both, someone who does act upbeat and lighthearted, but acknowledges the tragedy that she would meet later in her life.
  • Of course, Sigurd was surprised one of his followers and fellow Granvalians was the first to ascend. Seliph is also surprised to see the mother of his allies Arthur and Tine, and even mistook her as their other sister or something. But once everything is cleared, Seliph went forward and expressed that: "Words cannot express how I feel sorry for all you've been through..."
    • Every other Fire Emblem deities also expressed their sympathies on Tailtiu, but the biggest one has got to be coming from Robin, Chrom and Lucina, who realized that they were just touching the surfaces of the history of Jugdral during Seliph's visit. Even Robin decided to model their robe on Tailtiu's in case they're using the female guise.
    • In return, Tailtiu also learns more about Loptyr and how it ruined everything on her side, as well as its other fellow dragon Grima. To make up for how everyone's being understanding on her, she swore to oppose that dragon too.
    • Though amongst those from Ylisse, Tharja kind of creeped Tailtiu out with her usage of dark magic that is near the levels of Loptyr mages not to mention her creepy stalker personality. However, on learning what Tharja actually did in her own Bad Future, Tailtiu ended up allying with her, it's what she'd do in the same boat after all (minus the abuses on daughter, of course)
  • We have never seen the utterly sad face of Tailtiu that she possessed at the end of her life. Chances are, if anyone sees her, it would attract sadness to see someone so cheery like her break down.
  • Even at her lowest, if there is someone she has to protect, like her daughter, she will gather whatever spunk she still has left to protect her. This act made her something of a famous figure amongst good Mothers out there. In addition, Tailtiu really hates Abusive Parents, regardless of genders.
  • Seems to get along very well with Fate T. Harlown, as she also possesses excellent thunder magic and motherly and nurturing instincts... not to mention having harsh experience with abusive families. Tailtiu has noted that she might end up like her if it wasn't for Nanoha, so she's also thankful on her.
  • She nearly freaked out based on past experience when she noticed that there's a Hilda in the Pantheon. Though now that she mostly recovered, she was just ready to direct her wrath on that bitch... Only that this is a different Hilda, namely a friend of Ange, Hildegard Schlievogt. After sharing their crappy lives together, they decided to become friends.
  • No one can guess who became the husband of Tailtiu where she would bore Arthur and Tine. Most bets that it's one of her childhood friends, the bastard prince of Velthomer, Azelle. Though some thought that it could have been the Silesse Prince Lewyn, seeing her son wielding the deadly Forseti spellbook... until that one rumor was broken by Tailtiu herself that she knew who exactly Lewyn's wife is... the Pegasus Knight Erinys, because it carried over to the events at Thracia Peninsula at Year 776... (And also ascended in the Pantheon)
    • On behalf of that bastard prince (he's still her childhood friend), Tailtiu finally used this chance in the Pantheon to confront his brother Arvis about why would he do that to his own brother. What she got was just 'I'm sorry, it's... a little complicated, let's just leave it at that...', leaving Tailtiu rather furious and cannot completely forgive his actions for that.
  • No, just because of her alternate name spellings, it doesn't mean she's going to tilt you. Even if she actually had her life ended in a complete tilt.
  • Because of her only possessing the minor blood of Tordo, the strongest Thunder tome she could use was just the Thoron, her signature spell. However, luck does smile on Tailtiu, when the Thunder God Thor paid her a visit and declared that of all the people of the Freege house who descended from Tordo, she was actually one of the few worthy of all the benefits for her good heart, when compared to her mostly megalomaniacal family members aside of her children and her niece Ishtar. Because of that, Thor gave her a boon that Tailtiu can temporarily boost her bloodline into Major Tordo, enabling her to use Mjolnir tome for a short moment (and giving a temporary boost to Lesser Goddess when that time, but because it was... an 'unofficial' boon, it's not listed in her main portfolio).
  • Was surprised when she heard there was an 'Arthur' in the realm of Nohr... Though her chances of mother-son reunion was dashed when it turns out it's just not her Arthur, but instead a retainer of Princess Elise. However, Elise's own cheery self also makes her a good friend of Tailtiu and she expressed that maybe one of these days, she'd want to meet this 'justice-fighting' Arthur.
    • She eventually did. At first they were meeting normally, but when Tailtiu slipped into her depressed self, Arthur ended up crying harder than her that it eventually caused a chain reaction that nearly flooded her room. But it was enough to pull her back from her depression (panicking aside), so in a way, Tailtiu was very grateful and her bonds with Arthur strengthened, with her glad she named her son the same.


    George And Lennie 
George Milton and Lennie Small, Gods of Tragic Dreams
From left to right; Lennie and George.
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A small farm with a rabbit sitting in front.
  • Theme: "George and Lennie"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Guy, Little Guy, Heterosexual Life-Partners, forced to travel in search of work, Plan on owning a farm with rabbits but never comes to fruition,
  • Domains: Goals, Agriculture, Tragedy
  • Allies: The Farmer, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, Jimmy Hopkins, Dumbo, Charlie Chaplin
  • Enemies: The Killer Rabbit, The Lepus, Eustace Bagge, Gary Smith, Trollkaiger
  • Annoyed by: The Three Stooges
  • Opposed by: The entire House of Beast
  • Complicated relationship: the ascended Looney Tunes
  • During The Great Depression, migrant worker George Milton and his physically strong, yet mentally-impaired friend Lennie Small arrived in California to work on a farm so that they could earn enough money to set up a rabbit farm. Despite their best efforts to achieve their relatively humble dream, things don't go according to plan, to put it lightly. Both had been going from place to place due to Lennie's dim-wittedness and uncontrollable strength costing them their jobs Things quickly escalated even more-so when Lennie accidentally murdered the wife of the hot-tempered Curley, which lead to him being wanted by Curley himself. It all culminated in George having to shoot Lennie in the head so that the latter didn't have to suffer anymore, rendering the duo's efforts and dream for naught despite their friendship.
  • A train arrived in the Pantheon one day, with George stepping out and finding himself in an unusual place. It was clear that he was looking for a place to go to after what had happened back then, though some claimed to George directly that he can see Lennie again much to Milton's disbelief given that he pulled the trigger on Lennie. George was taken to a place in the Pantheon that is described as where those have died can come back to life. George had never been used to hearing anything about the supernatural, but he would understand what kind of place the Pantheon is after seeing Lennie show up in front of him, and even then it took time for George to process everything that was happening. Lennie then asked George about the rabbit farm and the latter then knew what he was trying to do before tragedy had struck. It was entirely possible for a second chance to have a peaceful life in the Pantheon and to get a rabbit farm set up, though not much has changed in terms of George taking care of Lennie.
  • While the duo were looking to see if there were other farmers interested in helping them out, a young boy referred to simply as The Farmer showed up at their place. George was surprised to see a kid like that would be able to tend to a farm successfully and do so for long periods of time. The Farmer was sympathetic to George and Lennie's plight and offered them plenty of help in having their farm set up. In turn, George and Lennie would check in on how The Farmer is doing on their end and make sure problems don't come up.
  • Eustace Bagge didn't take it well after learning that more farmers were around supposedly threatening his job and has presented himself as an obstacle for George and Lennie. All of Eustace's attempts at obstructing the pair have ended in failure, though George does get really annoyed at him. Not helping Eustace's case is him lacking the skills of a farmer (and various other things) needed to take himself seriously in front of George and Lennie. George has even compared Eustace to Curley as far as his condescending attitude is concerned, with Eustace having a greedy disposition on top of that.
  • Their efforts to have their rabbit farm established in the Pantheon would come with some obstacles and help separate from what they first attempted. It was a given that they would find a multitude of rabbits, but what they (George more-so) didn't expect from those bunnies was them having minds of their own. While looking for rabbits for their farm, Lennie ended up coming across a white bunny that some people nearby were acting scared towards, with George having concerns about it. Lennie hugged that bunny, not fully being aware of what it was trying to do to him. Lennie had a few injuries, but the Killer Rabbit was worse off and was limping away. George and Lennie were told about the Killer Rabbit, alongside a whole group of deadly rabbits known as the Lepus and were advised to have caution in making sure these particular rabbits don't end up in their potential farm.
  • The pair have had a tough time getting along with the Pantheon's ascended Looney Tunes. The reason? Most of them have met or worked with individuals similar to Lennie, with Sylvester having to put with being called "George" by his partner Bennie,note  whilst Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and later Marvin the Martian encountered an abominable snowman named Hugo, who also loved to hug and squeeze bunny rabbits and name them George. For their part, the Tunes hold no ill will towards the real George and Lennie, and have offered to help them in whatever way they can... which lead to George telling Lennie to "hang out" with them, knowing their Toon morphology would be able to handle his strength.
    • On that note, the vast majority of the lagomorphs, rodents, and just about every other animal in the Pantheon, keeps a healthy distance from Lennie, due to his tendency to accidentally kill everything he hugs due to his immense strength. They know Lennie means well, due to his love for rabbits, but they aren't taking any chances.
  • The dynamic between George and Lennie has been noted by other like-minded deities. As such, the pair have formed a friendship with the Ed and Eddy, partially because of their shared similarities. Both pairs are comprised of a big and ridiculously strong oaf with an obsessive love for a specific animal (chickens for Ed and rabbits for Lennie) and a short Jerk with a Heart of Gold (well, sometimes) who makes get rich quick schemes. Just in their case, they're all ultimately balanced out by the addition of Edd (Double D), who acts as the weak and meek brains in the roster. They also found companionship with the Bone cousins, with Fone Bone happily helping out the duo while Phoney Bone trying to get Lennie aid in his money-making plans. It didn't end well for the bone.
  • Despite all five coming from the Great Depression, George finds the Three Stooges to be absolute morons, even more so than Lennie and only because Lennie actually knows more than he lets on. However, that doesn't mean he's opposed to the knuckleheads. Lennie gets along well with the Stooges, and Moe has admitted to have gone on multiple adventures with Larry and Curly all for the sake of finding a job. For that, all five can be seen trying to help pay for the rabbit farm... as long as the Stooges don't screw things up.
    • The pair also get along with Charlie Chaplin, who's sympathetic to their cause and often tries to cheer them up whenever things don't work out.
  • The reason George became friends with Lennie is an interesting one. Turns out George had been picking on Lennie back in their school days, but later stopped after realizing the latter didn't notice he was being bullied in the first place. As such, both have no interest in the Pantheon's resident bullies. Chief among them was Gary Smith, whose sociopathic behaviour rubbed George the wrong way and immediately made him quick friends with one Jimmy Hopkins. Jimmy keeps an eye out for anyone willing to pick on Lennie behind his back, ready to kick their ass in the process.
    • This disdain for bullies was what lead George and Lennie to befriend Dumbo, as they sympathized with the flying elephant's own predicament of being bullied and picked on by his peers in the circus. They help out at Dumbo's circus from time to time, even getting free tickets to the performances, but there was one condition. Lennie must be kept from handling the small animals, especially Dumbo's own mouse friend, Timothy. That said, Lennie is allowed to hang out with the elephants, who are more than capable of dealing with his strength.
  • It should be noted that while Lennie is a Gentle Giant and not one who usually fights back, he can and will end a fight rather quickly if pushed far enough. It was how Curley's hand got crushed into a pulp in the first place. One day, the Trollkaiger decided to take some time to harass Lennie, mostly for the heck of it. When George told his large friend to fight back... well... they all ended up in the House of Health and Diseases for about two weeks afterwards.
  • "Guys like us, that work on ranches, are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family. They don’t belong no place. . . . With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us. We don’t have to sit in no bar room blowin’ in our jack jus’ because we got no place else to go. If them other guys gets in jail they can rot for all anybody gives a damn. But not us."

    Old Yeller and Travis Coates 
Old Yeller and Travis Coates, Representation of Reprehensible Actions For The Greater Good
Left to Right: Travis, Old Yeller
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Old Yeller's face
  • Theme Music: Old Yeller Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolios: A Classic Tale of a Boy and his Dog, ultimately the victims of Young Adult Tragedy Books with a Downer Ending
  • Domains: Good, Community, Animal, Death
  • Allies: Dorothy Gale, Ken Amada, Kiba and Akamaru, Jonathan Joestar,Krypto the Superdog Jack Bauer, Malcolm Reynolds, Lilo and Stitch, Ash Ketchum, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Mystery Gang
  • Opposes: Zinogre, Bashmaster
  • Opposed by: Mr. Burns, Mr. Smithers
  • Annoyed by: Garfield
  • Observed by: John Wick
  • Pitied by: The subhouse of Sadness, especially Korra, George and Lennie, Simba, Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • Conflicting Opinion: The House of Heroes
  • This is a tragic tale of a boy and his dog that ended up becoming one of the saddest endings in the Multiverse. What was merely a stray meeting an adolescent became one of the greatest friendships between a human and his Canine Companion. Sadly, a bout with rabies forced Travis to make the difficult decision of shooting his companion to save his family. Few in the Pantheon do not know of the tale, yet there has been much debate over how to handle the ascension. Two camps emerged: one who wanted Old Yeller to stay dead and the other group wanted both owner and pet to be brought up. It was the House of Sadness that decided to side with the later, citing various other characters who have previously died yet have ascended. Thus, the boy and his dog was reunited in the Pantheon. Needless to say, much tears were shed from Travis.
    • Travis wasn't the only one who had to perform such a tough decision. George Milton was there to comfort the boy shortly after the ascension. He also helped the boy on how to cope with the return of the very thing he had to kill. Meanwhile, Lennie loves to hang out with Old Yeller. After the meet, George suggests to continue any adventures they may have done together. It turns out the Pantheon many places to explore. The two can often be seen having the time of their lives in the Houses of Nature and Beasts.
    • Besides the obvious tragic fate of Old Yeller, Travis also lost his father early in life and probably would have lost his brother if not for Old Yeller. Long story short, his entire life has been a Trauma Conga Line. As such, he's a sympathetic figure in the subhouse of Sadness. Yet the Avatar Korra believes that that life of his was what helped him become a man. Still, she made herself available for him in rough times.
  • His story was met with great pain from various dog owning dieties in the Pantheon. None of them hope to be put in such a situation and were all supportive of Travis upon his ascension:
    • Dorothy attributed much of her success in Oz to her dog Toto. Both kids were at similar age during their adventures and sometimes continue to meet up with their respective dogs.
    • Ken is even younger than Travis yet he seemed to take the ascension more maturely than most. His own dog Koromaru has helped him cope with the death of his own mother at an early age. Travis wants Ken to check his own mind in case it is in need of a checkup.
    • Kiba offered to teach Travis in the ways of the Inuzuka clan. The farm boy simply declined, preferring to rely on his weapon for protection.
    • There is one more diety to discuss. Though he has yet to make his presence known to the boy, he suspects that the man has been keeping watch. Whenever it seems like he has run into danger from thieves, they seem to back off or get hit with a stray bullet. Travis believes that John Wick has been observing him from a distance. While John Wick has his misgivings with the shooting, he understood that the kid had no other choice on the matter. Many believe that John Wick has made it known to the criminal world that the boy is off limits, lest they want to deal with him as well. That threat alone would be enough for most people in the House of Crime not to rob him.
  • It's no surprise that the two still hold grudges against bears and wolves. The former can be somewhat forgiven since his brother was messing with a bear cub. That hasn't stopped Bashmaster to send bears after the two on occasion. Their disdain of wolves is far greater since it led to Old Yeller's death. Zinogre has yet to notice them, but it seems a confrontation between the two is inevitable.
  • Travis was visited by the billionaire Bruce Wayne, who handed him a cash donation. He later conversed with the boy, talking about how he lost both of his parents to a robber. He told Travis to send his mother Bruce's regards before leaving. He was grateful for the money, but figured he was used to this since he housed orphans such as Richard Grayson and Jason Todd.
  • Krypto wanted to give the two a present for making it into the Pantheon: a flight through the area in a wagon. It was harrowing at first, but the screams quickly turned into laughs as they went faster than they have ever gone before.
    • Despite sympathy for the boy among the superhero community, his placement has been highly contended when it comes to killing human lives. One of the biggest examples was when Wonder Woman snapped the neck of Maxwell Lord to break Superman out of his mind-controlled rampage. It was a hotly debated subject that nearly tore the DC Pantheon in two. Travis' ascension brought up old wounds. Superman and Wonder Woman both came to his temple to discuss the subject. While the two still disagree on the decision, they decided not to let that force them to come to blows.
  • The first Jojo made sure to honor one of the few animals on his list of those who went through heroic deaths. He handed a medal to Old Yeller for saving Travis from various animals in its mortal life.
  • While hunting in the House of Beasts, the two were confronted by a large cat with a red mane. Travis pointed his gun at the creature, but Old Yeller stepped forward instead. After a brief stare, the dog allowed the lion to walk up to Travis. To the boy's surprise, the lion nudged against him in support instead. Turns out the lion was Simba, who understood what it was like to lose a father.
  • Was visited by Ash Ketchum who had one question in mind; how long did it take for the two of them to get along? He asked this because his relation with his Pikachu was extremely fraught at first. Turns out Travis had a similar experience. The dog had a habit of stealing meat from their house. He even thought Old Yeller was a pest until the dog saved his little brother. Ash was relieved that even those two had issues getting along at first.
  • As a federal agent, Jack Bauer has come across such circumstances multiple times over his career. He was surprised that such a title would be handed to such a young man, but he was impressed with how Travis handled the situation and the aftermath. As such, Jack sees Travis as worthy of the title.
  • Unlike other protagonists in the Pantheon, Malcolm has no qualms about blasting foes for the safety of his crew. Often times, it happens because Malcolm has simply run out of patients and thought offing the problem would be an easier solution. Malcolm has misgivings with handing the title to a boy who had suffered enough as it is but is glad Travis at least gets to see his dog again.
  • Stitch once pretended to be a pet for Lilo as a cover for escaping his captures yet the two managed to be True Companions. The two paid the boy a visit and had fun afterwards. Stitch did scare Old Yeller at first, but the dog recognized that Stitch meant no harm in the end.
  • Courage has done all he could to protect his owners from all manners of evil. While many would say that his trials were more difficult that Old Yeller's, he commends the Labrador Retriever for performing what was essentially a Heroic Sacrifice. That and Old Yeller is far braver than he ever could be.
  • The same can be said for Scooby-Doo. After Travis and Old Yeller stumbled upon a haunted forest, they bumped into Mystery Incorporated. After some scares from some ghosts, the gang managed to capture them. In typical fashion it turned out to be humans Mr. Burns and Smithers. The two were trying to keep people out of public land so they could mine some gold without anyone noticing it.
  • Garfield is one of the few deities in the Pantheon who finished the story without a single tear shed. In fact, he claimed that getting rid of that 'mangy dog' made it a happy ending. Many in the Pantheon was shocked by the claim, though it isn't that surprising given his disdain towards dogs. Needless to say, Old Yeller's displeasure of Garfield is mutual.

    Tomoya Okazaki 
Tomoya Okazaki, God of Tear-Jerking Games (Kid)

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