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For those who have an interest in seeking out various things, this house has many things covered. That said, in order to hunt certain things though, a license is required (obviously).

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It is time for my hunt, and the Pantheon is to take part.

Hircine, Daedric Prince of the Hunter Role Reversal (The Huntsman of the Princes, The Father of Manbeasts, Hungry Cat, Alrabeg the Hunter, Gulibeg the Quick Fox, Hrokkibeg the Mighty Bear, Storihbeg the Manbeast, Uricanbeg the Great Stag)
  • Overdeity (though don’t expect him to fight at full power)
  • Symbol: His emblem of a stag's head, a statue depicting him alongside two wolves, his many artifacts, or Nirn’s second moon Secunda turning red behind a howling werewolf.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Anthropomorphic Personification of the Great Game, War God, The Bloodmoon Prophecy, Egomaniac Hunter, Blood Knight, The Spear of the Hunter and the Spear of Bitter Mercy, Werewolf Hounds, Willfully Weak when confronting worthy prey, Affably Evil, Big Bad and Final Boss of Bloodmoon, Animal Motifs, Defeat Means Respect
  • Domains: The Hunt, Predators, Lycanthropy, Spears, Honor and Glory
  • Followers: Werebeasts (most commonly werewolves), hunters
  • Allies: Fenrir Greyback, The Moon Presence
  • Rivals: Erastil, Artemis, Orion
  • Enemies: Alduin, Mirrak, Remus Lupin, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Eustace Bagge, YHVH, Yaldabaoth, Zelenin, The Hunter, Ludwig the Accursed, Vincent Godfrey, Hagatha the Witch
  • Opposed by: Mordecai and Rigby, Xerneas, The Nature Preservers
  • Opposes: The House of Trickery
  • Respects: The rest of the House of Hunters (such as Rengar and the Monster Hunters)
  • Within the island of Solstheim there lives a tribe of Nords known as the Skaal and in their folklore there exists an event known as the Bloodmoon Prophecy. Once every era when werewolves hunt throughout the lands, when a pillar of flame erupts over a lake of ice, when Horkers are slaughtered along the coastlines, and when the moon turns blood red is when the Daedric Prince Hircine’s Hunt is brought to Mundus. None embodies the sport and glory of the hunt better than Hircine whose very realm, The Hunting Grounds, has this going on forever. But he is not without fairness. Indeed, in his hunts and even in his realm the prey are given the sporting chance to survive or even turn the tables on the hunters (slim as they are) since if they weren’t then it isn’t a true hunt to begin with. For example, to the few mortals who get a chance to face Hircine he does not fight with full power but in a weaker form as it would be virtually impossible to best him otherwise. This is how the Nerevarine was able to defeat him and end the Third Era’s Bloodmoon.
    • This is also true with his werecreature followers: When transformed they are more often than not the predators, tearing apart anyone unlucky enough to cross their paths due to intense bloodlust. But when in their normal forms they are in turn hunted by those they once preyed upon, usually by factions dedicated to hunting them like the Silver Hand.
  • Though polite, doting lord and father over his followers who is respectful to those who prove their worth this does not mean Hircine is benevolent. He's still Daedra, after all, and they don't operate under the morality mortals follow. Once, when a man summoned Hircine the Prince said that to prove his faithfulness he must hunt his children and when the man denied the request Hircine destroyed the cave, turned the family into trolls and decided to hunt them all anyways. Speaking of Daedra, he's not the first Daedric Princes to have claimed some amount of influence in the Pantheon, Hermaeus Mora having been here long before Hircine. They stay out of each other's way seeing as though their spheres aren't in conflict with one another.
  • The creation of lycanthropy and the diseases that cause it is very much attributed to Hircine. While werewolves often come to mind, often glossed over are the werebears, wereboars, werevultures, werecrocodiles, supposedly weresharks, etc. Unlike the Daedric Prince Molag Bal, who simply created vampires as a massive "screw you" to Arkay and only involves himself with them once in a while, Hircine actually looks after his werebeasts whether communicating through dreams or claiming their souls to partake in the Hunting Grounds after they die. To him, it is his gift to mortals and though the other werewolves in the Pantheon aren’t really his, he looks over them regardless. Fenrir Greyback is one such werewolf favored by Hircine, who isn't at all against his monstrous nature. As a result, many other ascended werecreatures don't return the affections if he's willing to let someone as depraved as Fenrir into his fold, not that Hircine minds.
    • Interestingly, he doesn't have any ill will towards vampires and his werewolves don't really have any sort of conflict against them either barring certain individual cases.
    • Not everyone sees the ability to become werebeasts as a 'gift'. Hircine was furious when he heard how Remus Lupin sees his blessing while Remus hates the fact that someone as vile as Fenrir is praised by Hircine for his monstrous nature. While he’s still pondering what to think over the existence of a Hug Wolf being a more affection form of his gift, Hircine was still offended that Finn cured his lycanthropy. Finn meanwhile has it out for the Daedric Prince after he decided to go and order a hunt on his brother Jake and another one on Marceline thinking they'd make great game.
    • Having heard of the Daedric Prince through Hagatha when he keeps sending hunters to go into Witchwood, Vincent Godfrey utterly despises Hircine for creating werewolves and though he can't do much to the Prince himself he's glad that he's already earned the Prince's enmity through his dedication to kill each and every one of them. The Hunter and Ludwig aren't are no allies to the Huntsman either due to their own troubles with werewolves in Yharnam. It doesn't help that Hircine actually affiliated himself with the Moon Presence, wanting to encourage the hunts even further.
  • Has five different forms he can take on when dealing with mortals. First is a humanoid man known as the Hunter; Alrabeg, who not only participates in hunts and represents guile but is also perhaps Hircine's most well known aspect of them all. Second is a speedy canid known as the Quick Fox; Gulibeg, who uses its inherent speed to trick opponents into falling into certain doom. Those who have their own wit may find themselves lent some pointers by the Quick Fox. Third is the Mighty Bear; Hrokkibeg, who simply seeks to rest. Disturb him, and you'll be torn to tiny ribbons with his strength, but if you show respect he'll be nice right back. Fourth is the Manbeast; Storihbeg, who is assumed when Hircine wants to interact with his werewolf progeny. Lastly, the fifth aspect is the Great Stag; Uricanbeg, who appears either to cull the weak within herds or if he is on the hunt for a mate.
    • After Hircine's bold claim of being the Deity of Hunting in the Pantheon (which was mostly directed to Artemis and Erastil), many deities like to point out the similarities between his Hunter aspect and Erastil, mostly due to the deer head thing going on. Still, the difference in alignments was made clear and oppose each other.
    • Hircine once encountered Xerneas while he took the form of the Great Stag. Witnessing the Life Pokémon evade and fight off gods greedy enough for immortality (despite the redundancy of being gods already), they struck a conversation. Having witnessed it pull off Geomancy and a Total Party Kill soon after, Hircine praised the Pokémon for turning the tables on its pursuers. Xerneas, however, was cautious of the Daedric Prince and for good reason as it wouldn't be out of the question for Hircine to suddenly dub Xerneas "the Hare" and hunt it soon for a time. After hearing the encounter, the Nature Preservers quickly took note that while Hircine is strongly affiliated with hunting and nature that doesn't make him any less dangerous.
    • After accidentally stumbling onto a shrine depicting Hircine as the Hunter, Mordecai and Rigby immediately turned the other way since they thought the deer that tried to hunt them while camping with Margaret and Eileen was back, only that he was god this time around. Hircine clarified that no, that deer-man was a different entity and they all would of been slaughtered if it was him. While Eustace was out camping with Muriel and Courage, Eustace saw an outline of Hircine. Thinking it was the deer that both tried to hunt him and embarrassed him on a game show he tried to take the opportunity to finally take revenge. While Courage and Muriel escaped, the old farmer was found riddled with spear wounds. He got better soon after.
  • Like all Princes, Hircine has his own set of artifacts. As the Hunter, he has been known the wield both the Spear of Bitter Mercy and the Spear of the Hunt though the former is more famous despite its mystery. One legend surrounding the Spear of Bitter Mercy is that when a Nord hunter named Thane Icehammer unknowingly used it to kill werebeast Hircine personally stabbed the Nord with it whereupon the tip remained inside and soon drove Icehammer insane. There's also Savior's Hide were in common legend was a gift to the very first and only mortal to have survived and escaped the Hunting Grounds, made from the hide of Hircine himself. Though only the curiass is found nowadays, it grants the wearer resistance to magic (or vulnerability to it but protection against oathbreakers, it depends). Lastly is the Ring of Hircine, which can grant the wearer the ability to control one's werewolf transformations or the ability to become one if they weren't one already. The Dragonborn came (or rather was cursed) into possession of it to help out a remorseful werewolf and depending what they decide to do, Hircine may of rewarded them his ring without the curse or the aforementioned Savior's Hide.
  • Because of the Daedric Prince’s devotion to the hunt and those worthy of his time, Hircine has little care for the grand conflicts in the Pantheon. The times where he does it’s only when his sphere overlaps somehow, such as when he needs to hunt down new query. While fascinated by many of the House of Beast’s wildlife gathered throughout all time and space, he'll hunt sapient life as well if he so chooses. Given the general populace of the Pantheon, it isn't as quite rigged towards the predators as before which pleases Hircine. While generally quite fond of the House of Hunters in general — having given the likes of Rengar, and the Monster Hunters praise for their skills — Hircine took special note of the Yautja's representative god, Scarface. He waits to face them when the Pantheon's Bloodmoon arrives in the Pantheon, win or lose.
    • That being said, the Daedric Prince has shown visible disdain for the YHVH. This is mostly due to being threatened by a Daedric Prince not unlike the Absolute Lawmaker; Jyggalag, Daedric Prince of Order. His power was that much of a threat that all the other Daedric Princes (including those not originally Princes like Malacath) cursed Jyggalag into perhaps the worst punishment possible: He was transformed into his polar opposite, the Daedric Prince of Madness Sheogorath. While Hircine has little to worry about YHVH due to no longer being an active force, that hasn't stopped his hatred for those like Him such as Yaldabaoth and Zelenin. The hatred is returned as Daedra themselves represent change, in other words the chaos to their law.
  • He’s much more cautious around the more tricky deities in the Pantheon thanks to one fateful encounter with Sheogorath. The story goes that the Daedric Prince of Madness challenged Hircine to prepare a champion to do battle with his in three years. When they met again, Hircine came with a Daedroth inflicted with lycanthropy. A were-daedroth, if you will. Sheogorath came with... a songbird. The bird won because Hircine’s champion tore itself to pieces trying to hit the thing. Even though he hasn't tried his hand at making something like the were-daedroth since that defeat apparently he doesn't want another suffer another hit to his pride, which is something people like Loki and Xingo are capable of doing. This thankfully means the Pantheon won't see something as fearsome as a creature like that any time soon.
Take my token, and wear it well. Hereafter, take your prey, and whisper my name.

    Protectors of the Plot Continuum 
The Protectors of the Plot Continuum, Divine Organization of Mary Sue Hunters
Agents Jay and Acacia
  • The organization as a whole are Overdeities, and it's necessary in order to keep Sues under control. Most individual members range from Demideities to Intermediate.
  • Symbol: The PPC Logo
  • Alignment: Lawful Good as a whole, though at their worst they may slip into Chaotic Neutral due to losing their sanity over time during their careers.
  • Portfolio: Mary Sue Hunters, Running The Risk Of Becoming Like What They Are Hunting, Using any means necessary, Preparation Varies, The World as Myth, Massive Multiplayer Crossover, Requiring a bit of knowledge in source materials, Deconstruction of fanworks, Not giving up in their mission, Genre Roulette, Using technology powered by stabilized plot holes, Metafiction
  • Domains: Hunting, Creativity, Continuity, Narrative
  • High Priests: The Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society
  • Allies: The SCP Foundation, The Men In Black, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Terry Pratchett, Cosmos, Lieutenant Mary Sue, Dream of the Endless, Ichigo Momomiya, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Ryotaro Nogami/Kamen Rider Den-O, Rintarou Okabe, Ahiru/Princess Tutu, Rika Furude, Peacock, Pinkie Pie, Meteora Osterreich
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Malal, Cthulhu, Lambdadelta, Popuko & Pipimi, ZONE, Master Hand and Crazy Hand, Deadpool, Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith
  • Enemies: Barbatos, The Anti-Monitor, Lord Fuse, Melkor, Lucifer, YHVH, Nekron, Merged Zamasu, Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, Polygon Man, SCP-173, BEN, Bernkastel, Herr Drosselmeyer, Altair
  • Currently Surveying: Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Okay with: Shiroe, Akatsuki
  • The PPC is a strong organization of multiple Agents, tasked with the capture and extermination of Mary Sues. Their work over the years granted them a position in the Pantheons. At first, they were a little irked considering their Department of Implausible Crossovers dealt with nonsensical crossovers but when they see that a considerable number of characters actually got along perfectly fine, they ultimately gave in.
    • Every agent packs a Mary Sue Litmus Device, which detects whether or not the person is a Sue note note note note note note note .
    • They have decided to kick out the Disgraces from the Pantheons entirely, seeing them more of a trouble than they're worth (and after getting a rude wake-up call from how people on the Isle of the Lost are treated). They're one of the few to remember them. They have also retconned the Fallen (not just the Transformers villain) as well, though not completely since their treatment were not as bad as the Disgraces.
  • Their role in the Court of the Gods are the pursuers of alleged Sues. In essence: They investigate potential Sues, and they prosecute them with the help of the Senior Attorneys. donk-donk.
    • Nowadays, the Sues and the Realm of the Castaways are brought to a near non-existent minimum, which they are grateful for. But since they fear that more will come, the Protectors requested of Gygax and Arneson to be official Perimeter Guards of the Pantheons. The request was accepted and that's where the Protectors have been ever since.
  • The Organization finally ran a Litmus Test on Lieutenant Mary Sue and found that she passed. This let her escape out of their hellish custody and land her own Temple in the sub-house of Protagonists. Mary is forever thankful for them, and aids the PPC in their missions against the bad-fic Sues as a full-fledged member.
  • They have been trying to fend off SCP-173 since it has proven to be a troublesome annoyance for them thanks to 173's powers. Luckily, they are not alone as the SCP Foundation teamed up with them to contain 173 for longer. They also help keep up Masquerades around the Pantheons as not everybody takes being a fictional character too well. The same goes with partnering with the Men in Black; it helps that the MIB loaned neuralyzers to the Protectors to aid them in keeping the stability of the plot continuum.
  • To gain more allies in maintaining the plot continuum, they have made partnerships in Sir Terry Pratchett and Dream of the Endless, who gave them help should the Sues be more of a hassle than usual; it helps that their stories are inspired by Pratchett's which makes him get along with them easier. The Protectors also partnered with Ichigo Momomiya, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson since their followers often made a lot of Wish-Fulfillment stories with them and their friends in it; Harry is grateful that he's allied with them so that he can get away from a certain Ebony Raven Way...
    • They have made a diplomatic alliance with Cosmos, who supports their endeavors in their mission to maintain the continuums and that they'll make it in spite of their dysfunctional work environment. The other GUA leaders are obviously unhappy about this since for Melkor and Lucifer, fewer Sues mean less intervention from the GUAG and less freedom for every being respectively, YHVH is angry that a lawful organization refuses to cooperate with Him and Nekron is pissed that the entire universe is one step farther from destruction just by extermination of Sues.
    • Of course, when there are allies, there are also enemies as well. Enemies that threaten The Multiverse like Barbatos, the Anti-Monitor and Lord Fuse are on their shitlist since they can potentially screw over the plot continuum if left unchecked, and the same goes for crossover villains like Galeem, Dharkon, Tabuu and Polygon Man with Galeem and Dharkon nearly destroying the Pantheons since their arrivals. They have better opinions on Master and Crazy Hand, though their ideas of maintaining order in the place clashed a lot with the Protectors quite often; Crazy Hand finds it a shame that he'll never be friends with some of the PPC's chaotic members because of this.
    • They hate BEN for not only his usual threat but spawning endlessly terrible OCs that serve to fulfill every horror fangirl's wet dream which some are trying to intrude into the Pantheons. Surprisingly, even BEN agrees he doesn't like his Fangirls too much.
    • Rick Sanchez and his grandson, Morty Smith often intervene in their missions. He does more harm than good since he's not there to kill Sues, he's there for getting materials for his experiments. Rick mostly doesn't care for them while Morty tries to at least smoothen their relations... well, emphasis on "tried".
      Rick: Come on, Morty! I don't have time for their 'kill all Sues' bullshit. That's on them! *burps*
    • Because of her potential to disrupt all of space-time and the plot continuum, Haruhi Suzumiya is currently being surveyed by the PPC to prevent that. Kyon almost feels like it's a violation of privacy for him and the others, even though it's still necessary to keep her unaware of the Pantheons' true nature.
  • Malal was tasked to keep the Disgraces from coming back by keeping them in Retconnian. He threatens time and time again that he'll do anything to become canon again, which is why he has a rocky partnership with the PPC. On the topic of the Disgraces, it seems that Ryotaro Nogami and Rintarou Okabe were also aware that the Disgraces once existed due to being a Singularity Point and having Ripple-Effect-Proof Memory respectively; thus they cannot be affected by continuity changes, both space-time and plot-wise. Because of this, the two became liaisons of the PPC to not let word get out of the Disgraces' former existence (not that they want to anyway).
  • Being from a metafictional story, the PPC allied themselves with Rika Furude and Ahiru and made enemies in Bernkastel and D.D. Drosselmeyer; Ahiru knows about story conventions since her previous adventure and Rika joins them just to have a chance against Bernkastel who violated norms of stories to give readers crises about what they love. Drosselmeyer abuses his characters and even his son just to make his story interesting which normally the PPC gloss over but can't this time because he has bent enough fictional laws to do so. Lambdadelta might not be a helpful ally to the PPC, because she would rather see them getting hilariously hurt by Bernkastel instead though she will help if Bernkastel's Trolling did go too far.
    • Meteora Osterreich provides a lot of help to the PPC, giving out exposition to them as per her original purpose. Altair nearly destroyed the real world of her universe in order to avenge her Creator, which makes her as guilty as the other villains they have faced before; even more so that she admitted to not even regret her actions towards the world.
    • Deadpool prioritizes doing whatever he wants over helping the PPC, though how much he's helping them depends on his mood. His other mates in the fourth-wall-breaking biz, Pinkie Pie and Peacock have better chances in providing cooperation; Peacock understands their situation fully since... well, she'll reference anything and Pinkie finds the Sues absolutely no fun since who would wanna like a perfectly perfect person?
  • The Protectors once had a procedure where they feed Mary Sues to Cthulhu in order to dispose of them forever, but the practice stopped once he became too full to eat them. Nowadays, Cthulhu doesn't want to eat anymore Sues not just because he doesn't want to be full, but also because the Sues left a lot of bad tastes in his mouth.
  • There has been numerous reports of gag manga characters being more powerful and bring more destruction than any other character, which led them to Popuko & Pipimi. Despite giving them warnings, the agents sent to do so got smacked hard the moment one of them said "subculture bitch"; they still admit they would give Sues a beating should they cross the girls' paths. The artist ZONE also got warnings from the PPC that her characterizations of other characters will bring in unnecessary OOC duplicates of ascended deities that can potentially swarm the Pantheons and cause endless chaos. She ignores them, forcing the PPC to prepare themselves for this hypothetical situation.
  • Surprisingly, they hold nothing against Shiroe, Akatsuki nor their creator despite said creator approving and implementing OCs into the Log Horizon canon. They reason that since they are rounded enough to be good characters, they are good in the PPC's book.

Intermediate Gods

    The Boys 
The Boysmembers , Gods and Goddess of Combating Superhumans (Billy Butcher: Butcher, The Butcher, Uncle Billy | Hughie Campbell: Wee Hughie, Petit Hughie, Bagpipe, Hamish | Mother's Milk: M.M., Marvin T. Milk | The Frenchman: Frenchie, Serge | The Female: Female of the Species, La Femme, Mon coeur, Petit Lazarus, Feral pixie dream girl, Kimiko Miyashiro)
From left to right:The Frenchman, Mother's Milk, The Female (of the Species), Hughie Campbell and Billy Butcher
Their Live-Action incarnations
  • Lesser Gods (Intermediate Gods when using Compound V) and Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: An upward group shot of them with a cloud covered red sun in the sky
  • Theme Songs: I'm Gonna Do My Thing, Solway Firth by Slipknot
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies (the group in general), Chaotic Evil (Billy Butcher)
  • Portfolio: Fight Against Superhumans, Anti-Hero Team, Badass Longcoats, Empowered Badass Normals, Through the use of Compound V to enhance themselves for physical fights
  • Domain(s): Espionage, Vigilantism, Violence
  • Herald: Terror (Butcher's dog)
  • Allies: Nick Fury, Peggy Carter, Captain America, The Punisher, Red Hood, Night Raid, "Hero Killer" Stain, John Wick, B.J. Blazkowicz, The Basterds
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Amanda Waller
  • Enemies: All evil Superhumans and Nazis, Regime Superman, Plutonian, Red Skull
    • Butcher only: All superheroes (regardless of morality)
    • Mother's Milk only: Sofia Lamb
    • The Frenchman only: The Child Abuse Supporters, Those who mock his French heritage or hurt children
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis:
    • The Frenchman only: Remy
  • Fascinates:
  • Pities:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Genuinely heroic superheroes (especially the Justice League), The Charlotte Cast
  • The Boys were originally led by Greg Mallory, a World War II veteran who had witnessed the first and last use of super heroes in the war, which cost him the lives of every one in his own battalion through incompetence. The team consisted of Billy Butcher, Mother's Milk, The Frenchman and The Female. Backed by the CIA, the team is tasked with not only keeping tabs on the superhumans of the world, but also killing them if required. However, after they blackmailed the Seven by threatening to reveal their disastrous mishandling in trying to stop the 9/11 attacks, the Lamplighter, one of the members of the Seven, retaliated by killing Mallory's granddaughters. After Mallory killed Lamplighter, the Boys were disbanded. Years later, Butcher reassembled the team with himself as their leader and recruited Hughie Campbell as their fifth member, replacing Mallory.
  • Upon their ascension into the Pantheon, the Boys had a bittersweet reunion. On one hand, Hughie was very happy to see Mother's Milk, the Frenchman and the Female, as they had been killed by Butcher. On the other hand, they were all less than thrilled to see Butcher again, with Mother's Milk in particular punching him in the face due to Butcher having killed him. After the fight was broken up, the Boys were informed about the Pantheon and that their ascension was approved in order to ensure that any rogue superheroes and anto-heroes are kept in check. Although hesitant to resume being a team, they ultimately agreed that they could do a lot of good in the Pantheon and that leaving Butcher alone without a team to keep him in line would not be a good idea.
  • The team quickly drew the attention of Nick Fury, Peggy Carter and Captain America, who offered them S.H.I.E.L.D. resources in order to help them efficiently do their job. Although the Boys accepted the offer, they strongly suspect that the offer was at least partially made in order for S.H.I.E.L.D. to keep a close eye on them.
  • The Boys have also allied themselves with vigilante anti-heroes such as the Punisher and Red Hood. Butcher in particular likes the Punisher due to how much they're alike. They also occasionally team up with Night Raid, who've similarly performed morally dubious actions for the sake of the greater good.
  • Their most questionable ally is the "Hero Killer" Stain, whose philosophy aligns with their goals. However, most of the team are reluctant to work with him due to his fanatical extremism and even Butcher tends to butt heads with him whenever they meet. They also found an ally in former hitman John Wick, who managed to bond with Butcher due to their shared love of dogs.
  • Having fought against the Nazi "superhero" Stormfront, the Boys quickly became allies with Nazi Hunters such as B.J. Blazkowicz and the Basterds. They also became enemies with the Red Skull, whom they've frequently targeted as a result.
  • The Boys occasionally work together with Amanda Waller, who similarly believes that superheroes need to be kept in check. However, they don't particularly like her due to her ruthless methods, although Butcher tends to find common ground with her.
  • Unsurprisingly, the team spend most of their time surveilling particularly tyrannical superhumans, with High Councilor Kal-El and the Plutonian being at the top of their list. Their opinions on genuinely heroic superheroes are a bit more mixed, due to the nature of their world. They're especially conflicted about the Justice League, whom the Seven closely resembled, but admittedly make them look like pathetic knockoffs.
  • The Boys sympathize with the Charlotte Cast, who gained powers upon reaching puberty and were pursued by scientists and terrorists because of it. The Boys appreciate their desire to keep the other ability users safe, but also decided to keep an eye on Yuu, as he still has the power to absorb other people's abilities.
  • Exclusive to Billy Butcher:
    • Butcher was born in London, in the East End. He, along with his younger brother Lenny and their mother Carol, was frequently abused by his father Sam, which, on one occasion in which his mother received a particularly harsh beating, resulted in Billy nearly killing him with a kitchen knife, although his brother managed to stop him. After joining the Royal Marines, Butcher participated in the Falklands War and made quite a name for himself as the toughest soldier in his platoon. After returning back home, Butcher became a violent alcoholic, and even got court-martialed for assaulting and disfiguring a fellow soldier for no reason. His self-destructive spiral ended when he met his wife, Becky Saunders, who saw in him a better man than he was, and inspired him to be that man for her. However, one night, Becky died when a fetus with super powers burst out of her belly, nearly killing Butcher as well with its heat vision. After killing the fetus with a lamp, Butcher returned to his violent ways to cope with his grief and loss. Ending up in prison, Butcher was found by Greg Mallory, who revealed that Becky had been raped during their honeymoon by the Homelander. Seeking vengeance, Butcher accepted Mallory's to join his CIA team.
    • Surprisingly, Butcher managed to strike up something of an Odd Friendship with Rorshach, who approves of Butcher's determination and his willingness to go to any lengths to accomplish his goals. The fact that they both dislike costumed heroes also helped.
    • Butcher's willingness to work with/for pretty much anyone who can provide him with the resources, means and opportunity to make life miserable for superheroes has resulted in him occasionally working with the likes of Lex Luthor, much to his team's disapproval.
    • Was a bit surprised that Judge Dredd looks like him. Dredd is willing to overlook Butcher's pechant for breaking laws for the fact that he does stop even worse people.
  • Exclusive to Hughie Campbell:
    • Hughie was born in Scotland and, for much of his life, has been rather unlucky. Abandoned by his mother shortly after birth, he was adopted by Eck and Daphne Campbell and raised in a rural town, Auchterladle. Although his parents were loving and kind, Hughie still suffered several weird traumas, such as when he had the unpleasant experience of a huge tapeworm, or when an airplane pilot had a nervous breakdown in midair right in front of him, raving about how it was unnatural that a steel box that huge was able to fly. In adulthood, Hughie moved to Glasgow and proceeded to live a normal life, having a job, a small apartment for himself, and a girlfriend he loved, Robin. However, while the two were spending the day at a fun fair, a supervillain tossed at super-speed by A-Train, a superhero member of The Seven, hit Robin and smashed her on a brick wall, leaving only a red stain in her place and her arms in Hughie's hands. Shortly afterwards, Hughie was approached by Billy Butcher, who offered him a chance for payback by having him join his team. Having nothing to lose, Hughie accepted the offer and followed Butcher to the United States.
    • Hughie has managed to befriend other heroic figures such as Nightwing, Jonathan Joestar and Genos. However, Hughie was initially reluctant to befriend Nightwing, as he had previously dealt with a similar superhero in his world called Swingwing, who turned out to be incredibly homophobic and had pushed a young gay man who had confessed his love to him off of a roof. Hughie was very much relieved to discover that Nightwing was a legitimately nice guy.
  • Exclusive to Mother's Milk:
    • Mother's Milk was born in Harlem, the second son of a poor couple. His mother worked in a factory that used to be a laboratory owned by Vought-American, the company that genetically engineered supes. Since the place hadn't been treated following its dismantling, many women working in the factory were contaminated with Compound V, the same substance that gave supes their powers, and most of them died of cancer. His mother, instead, passed the mutation to her sons: first Michael, who was born with severe mental deficiencies, and then M.M., who initially appeared to be a normal baby, but was discovered to be completely dependent on his mother's milk for sustenance, with regular food being poisonous to him. M.M. grew to develop a massive grudge against Vought-American, as he had witnessed his brother dying when his super powers manifested, causing his growing head to be crushed inside his helmet, as well as his father's death after his lawsuit against Vought-American took a physical and mental toll on him. After getting married and having a daughter, M.M. joined the US Army to pay for his family’s growing expenses, where he distinguished himself as a terrific warrior after volunteering for the Rangers. M.M. also joined the Army's boxing team. However, he developed super powers right in the middle of a fight, inadvertently punching his opponent's head off. In prison, M.M. was approached by Greg Mallory and Billy Butcher, who offered him a chance to join their team to keep an eye on Vought-American and its so-called "heroes", which he accepted.
    • Mother's Milk is on good terms with Luke Cage, a fellow super powered African-American from Harlem. The two can occasionally be seen hanging out or fighting crime.
    • Due to his love of his mother as well as his ex-wife Monique putting their daughter Janine in a porn film, Mother's Milk quickly developed a strong dislike of Sofia Lamb after hearing about how she treated her daughter Eleanor as her property and nearly killed her.
    • Unsurprisingly, Sigmund Freud was fascinated by M.M.'s origin story and his reliance upon his mother's milk for sustenance. For the most part, M.M. didn't particularly mind to discuss the matter with Freud, but insisted that he's never had an actual Oedipus Complex.
  • Exclusive to The Frenchman:
    • According to himself, Frenchie was born in France, in a rural town named Franglais. He was a young man in love and devoted to his girlfriend, Marie. He later went to war and it changed his view on life, making him realize that life was precious and he swore never to use violence again. Upon returning to Franglais, he discovered that Marie left him for his childhood rival and bitter enemy, Black Pierre. The only way to solve things was a duel, but Frenchie, now a pacifist, simply gave up, falling into a deep depression and jeopardizing his family's honor in the process. His father, not wanting to see him like this, decided to reclaim his honor himself. At that time, the population was celebrating a local festival, that saw the inhabitants facing each other in a weird and unlikely joust, riding a bicycle and fencing with baguettes. Frenchie didn't participate, but his father did, and challenged the champion, Black Pierre. Fearing to lose to a former champion like Frenchie's father, Black Pierre sabotaged his adversary with a stale croissant, causing his bike to crash and killing him. Furious at his enemy, the Frenchman renounced to his newfound pacifism and challenged Pierre, who, acting as the coward he was, fled, robbing him of his vengeance. Afterwards, Frenchie's mother died of despair. Frenchie subsequently hunted down and killed Black Pierre and rejected Marie's pleas to take her back. He chose to leave Franglais forever, regarding himself as irredeemable.
    • Despite his claims about his nationality, Frenchie's frequent use of incorrect French phrases and occasional use of British idioms suggests that he might actually be British instead. Having formerly served in the French Foreign Legion, he was found by Billy Butcher in a bar in Paris. After having engaged in a bar brawl, Frenchie was recruited into the Boys, whom he came to regard as his family.
    • Frenchie was very pleased meet several fellow French people within the Pantheon. He felt honored to meet Jeanne d'Arc herself and appreciated her kindness. He also quickly bonded with Jean-Pierre Polnareff and Madeline, the former similiarly being a silly yet dangerous fighter who's dedicated to doing good, while the latter being a Cheerful Child whom Frenchie is rather protective of. Another notable ally is Gambit, who is similarly an anti-hero, although Frenchie initially mistook him for a fellow Frenchman when they first met.
    • Frenchie is on reasonably amicable terms with the Spy, who approached him after sneaking into the Boys' temple unseen. Frenchie was impressed by the Spy's proficiency with knives and ability to turn invisible. Frenchie has since received some espionage training from the Spy in order to improve his sneaking skills. Additionally, on the advice of his teammates, Frenchie has secured their temple in order to prevent the Spy from sneaking in again.
    • He absolutely despises the Child Abuse Supporters, as he hates child abuse of any kind. As such, he tends to keep a close eye on them.
    • Frenchie does not get along well with Remy, who tends to make fun of him and even accuse him of not being actually French, which on occasion tends to result in the two ending up in a brawl. Nonetheless, the two don't really regard each other as outright enemies and are even able to work together if necessary.
    • He pitied Mistral after hearing about her tragic backstory of how her parents were killed in the civil war in Algeria and she subsequently tracked down and killer her parents' murderers. However, he does not approve of the evil person that she has become and generally opposes her.
  • Exclusive to The Female:
    • Born in Tokyo, Japan, the Female suffered misfortune at an early age. Her mother was a secretary at a Tokyo Corporation and, unwilling to pay for daycare, would hide her daughter underneath her desk at work. One day, she crawled through the halls of the corporation into the laboratory of Dr. Uderzo, who was experimenting with Compound V. After crawling inside a bucket filled with Compound V, she brutally attacked the doctors there and was eventually captured. Growing up in captivity, she was treated like an experimental animal as the company tried to determine how she got her powers. She was only approached by people probing her, cutting her and injecting her with painful substances, traumatizing her to the point that she developed an intense aversion to physical contact and became mute. On occasion, she would escape from the facility, wandering the streets and trying to understand the outside world. However, she would always get tranquilized and brought back to her cage. During her final escape attempt, she was tracked down into the sewers by the company's security division, whom she successfully killed off. However, she was subsequently captured by the Boys when Butcher dropped in a concussion grenade to knock her out, with the intent of using her as a weapon. When she awakened, the Frenchman volunteered to instruct her on integrating her within the world, treating her with compassion and love and attempting to manage her recurring bouts of homicidal rage, which she constantly tried to control.
    • Through encouragment from Frenchie, the Female went looking throughout the Pantheon for potential friends in order to improve her social skills. Eventually, she managed to befriend Gunvolt and Raiden, both of whom have similarly been experimented on in the past but nonetheless chose to fight for justice and the greater good.
    • In order to satiate her compulsion to kill people, she visited the House of Crime in order to see if she could hire her skills out to someone. Not wanting to hurt innocent people, she formed an amicable working relationship with some of the more moral gansters there, such as the 3rd Street Saints and Passione.
    • Has gotten along with Katana, as both are Japanese warriors with difficult upbringings and share an actress. The rest of the group tolerates Tatsu, given she's not a superheroine, just a Badass Normal who happens to be very good with a sword.

    Dante Sparda 
Dante, God of Demon Slaying (The Son of Sparda, Dante Sparda, Tony Redgrave, The Legendary Devil Hunter, The Strongest Demon Slayer, Wacky Woohoo Pizza Man)
Click here  to see Dante in Devil Trigger
Click here  to see Dante in Sin Devil Trigger
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Devil Trigger, Overdeity in Shin Majin/Sin Devil Trigger form)
  • Symbol: Rebellion with Ebony and Ivory crossed over the quillions.
  • Theme Songs: Devils Never Cry (-MvC3-, -HR/HM-, -History of DMC- arranged versions), Blackened Angel, Lock and Load (Teppen remix), Forza del Destino; Subhuman or Armageddon (Entropy Zero Remix) when he's not holding back; Dante's Dance Music when goofing off
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Demihumans, Dual Wielders, Sword Finesse, Cutscene Powers, Silly but Dangerous, Improbable Weapons, Incredibly Cheesy Dialogue, Rule of Cool, Devil Trigger
  • Domains: War, Good, Courage, Destruction, Coolness
  • Herald: J.D. Morrison (his booking agent)
  • High Priest: Reboot Dante (his Alternate Self)
  • Followers: Ryo, Shauna Vayne, Sango, the main cast of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Complicated Relationship with: Vergil (his brother)
  • Allies
  • Respects: Shadow the Hedgehog, Taki, Ryuko Matoi and Senketsu, The Doom Slayer
  • Rivals: Raiden (Metal Gear), Kratos
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Demitri Maximoff, Alucard
  • Worthy Opponent: Torin/Kyoryu Silver, Wade Wilson/Deadpool
  • Enemies: Mundus, Jedah Dohma, Sigma, Ultron, Loptr, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Caius Ballad, Gul'dan, Terrorblade, Sephiroth, Dante of the Deep Forest, Tiamat (SMT), Zeldris and Estarossa (Ten Commandments), Alex Wesker, Mother Harlot and The Fiends, Alice (SMT), Beelzebub, Vega
  • The Anti-Hero Half-Human Hybrid Demon Slaying son of an Ascended Demon named Sparda and a human named Eva who might have been a powerful witch. After losing his mother to demons as a child, Dante grew up to become a demon-hunting mercenary who runs his own devil-hunting business named Devil May Cry. Being half-demon, Dante has Super Strength, Nigh-Invulnerability and a Healing Factor, along with the ability to transform into a demonic Super Mode called Devil Trigger. His weapons of choice are two custom handguns known as Ebony and Ivory, and a memento broadsword of his father's named Rebellion which he later fused with Sparda's own Devil Arm Sparda/Force Edge to finally form his true Devil Sword Dante. While often cocky, deep down he is a compassionate man devoted to fighting for the good of humanity and helping his friends. Still, he does like getting paid for it.
  • Loves to visit the mortal realm to gorge himself on pizza. Has invited many of the "babes" in the various pantheons to come along, but so far has not managed to get a positive response (Some of them — mostly C.C. — might have said yes, had Trish not strenuously objected. With her guns).
  • Has found a good deal of common ground with Naoki Kashima, despite their very different attitudes. The two first met in combat, with "the kid" and his allies managing to fight Dante to a draw. After all that was squared away, Dante invited him out for pizza, his treat.
  • Made another fast friend in the dragonslayer Lina Inverse, who's about as ambitious as Vergil (which is a lot) but carries a chipper and flashy attitude similar to Dante himself. He even got her to be a guest member of a team of hunters that he joined along with Buffy, The Hunter from Yharnam, and Mana. Unfortunately, she got ahead of herself during a treasure hunt of some sort and has been lost for awhile.
  • Used to fight Kratos, but now they're so busy they only have time for the occasional impalement, so they've had to mostly settle for constant one-upsmanship in their adventures. The battles tend to spike up in intermissions between campaigns…
    • Then there's also fellow Stylish Action hero Bayonetta, though Dante seems more fond of her. Maybe because they share similar styles. Or maybe because he likes hot girls that can kick ass like her. The two's natural charms led them to have a quite friendly relationship with one another, friendly enough that it would've made it awkward if they were related like some people thought, but it never got truly serious between the two because of Dante's personal hangups.
  • There's been someone who's taking the name 'Dante' but has black hair, looks emo and likes smoking. Dante was not amused, and the result was that he and his followers would coin this guy 'Donte'. Over time, Dante had since grown a bedgrudging respect for the Nephilim demon killer, because if they take away the things surrounding his big name, this guy was actually a slick combatant on his own with his own style. As a result, whenever Dante was invited to some special contest but was too busy with his godly duties to attend, such as Polygon Man's Battle Royale or that special popular CAW League, he would ask his counterpart to cover for him.
    • VGCW's prerecorded announcer data presented the Nephilim boy with the call name "Don Take", which Dante thought was a decent enough idea that he himself started calling him that, often shortened to Take. The Battle Royale, however, did NOT take the news well. Fans were pissed off at the fact that the Nephilim was there instead of Dante proper. Contestants targeted the poor kid for embarrassment, such as when Heihachi Mishima sent him flying into the sky (even Dante laughed at this one). And Polygon Man himself, well, when he started abducting those who did not compete in his Battle Royale and forcing them to compete in Round 2, starting with Sora and Lightning, Riku warned Dante to keep an eye open for him, and he was right to do so. Polygon Man sent Caius Ballad to capture Dante, burning down his temple in the process, and got Master Xehanort to recreate a corrupted version of Take out of Dante's darkness (in a matter similar to Vanitas' creation). Dante was rescued by Raiden and would get payback on Caius by sending him the repair bill for his temple.
  • More or less replies to Vergil's ascension with "So when's the next reunion party again?"
    • For the record, said "reunion party" could easily involve them either fighting against each other or working together depending on the circumstances. They'd been fighting since childhood until they got separated, with six climactic battles during Dante's demon-hunting career, though they also worked together against Arkham, Lady's evil father who sought to "ascend" from human to demonic god. They're moreso on the same page these days thanks to their Nephilim counterparts' friend Kat, who Dante looks out for, partially out of sympathy and partially as a favor to Take just in case the guy ascends. As for Vergil, well, Dante figures he has his own reasons. Vergil's alternate self, however, is not held in favor by any of them due to his treacherous actions, so they fully embraced the 'Vergin' nickname bestowed upon him. When Vergil got to finally see firsthand how far he himself could fall in his pursuit of power, he wound up calling Vergin "Urizen" to serve as his reminder. While gladly teasing Vergil about this, Dante decided to go with it, in turn for Vergil agreeing to defer Dante's 'Don Take' nickname for his counterpart instead of constantly calling him "the emo one".
  • Contrary to popular rumor, the name of Sparda has never actually been Dante's last name in human legal terms, at least. He and Vergil just allow others to use it as such as a nod to their father and as a way to separate them from the Comedìa poets Sparda named them each after. The demons of their world coined it first out of respect for Sparda's power, before it became commonplace in the Pantheon. Coincidentally, the Legendary Devil Hunter met the poet Dante when he broke up a fight between Alighieri and Vergil shortly after Alighieri's ascension. He admires the fact that Alighieri knows how to go badass when it's time to kill demons and monsters, even if he thinks the guy could be a bit less stuffy and uptight in general about things. It was shortly after that that the name of Sparda darkened the doors of the brothers' temples.
    • A certain alchemist captured the eye of the Son of Sparda, but not so much his respect. While he first saw her as a young lady with a bob-cut hairstyle, she had a certain acidic smell that reeked of old age and death, both literally and figuratively in terms of her personality. Lady did some research on this lady and found out that she shared Dante's name, also informing him that she attained her youthful appearance by using forbidden alchemy to hijack people's bodies. At this point Dante realized why he never could see her in a positive light, claiming that no matter how young and appealing the form she steals she will always give herself away a bitter, ugly, evil old hag.
  • Recently went on an adventure with the other Gods in order to stop the merging of worlds.
  • Gets a bit ticked off when people accidentally mistake him for Ken Masters, Sephiroth, Torin or Date Masamune. It's probably because they sound similar. Otherwise, he's cool with all of them save Sephiroth. This is due to Sephiroth being worse than his brother, while having some similarities. In addition, he's also jealous at Sephiroth getting into Smash.
  • Befriended the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles over their shared love of pizza. However, they are careful to ensure that there is an equal amount of slices for the five of them. One time, there wasn't enough to go around, and the fight for the last slice resulted in the near destruction of the House of Food. It took three weeks to put things back the way they were.
  • Also mentioning that one time he was about to "fill Trish's dark soul with LIIIIIIIGGGGHHHTTT!!!" is going to erect a Face Palm from Dante as he tells the speaker to never mention it again. It was too cheesy even for his standards.
  • Despite his fondness for Bayonetta, he's not exactly a huge fan of her father Balder, given the man's alliances with various demon lords despite being a Lumen Sage. However, he doesn't seem too surprised about this. His reply when he's asked why?
    • And then Jubileus and Queen Sheba were brought to the Pantheon. He's expecting to learn what it's like soon battling the angels too.
  • Sometime after the DEATH BATTLE! between Ragna the Bloodedge vs. Sol Badguy, Dante was sent to an unknown laboratory to investigate something, and dispose of it. It turned out to be some white-coated clone of Ragna and several Hakumen clones of unknown origin, the latter of which were all destroyed by said copy. Dante tried to kill it, but the clone Ragna managed to defeat Dante in precisely one minute, after which no one is sure what happened to the clone Ragna.
  • Was scheduled for a DEATH BATTLE! against Bayonetta. For the first time in Death Battle history, their allies Trish and Jeanne invited themselves in and assisted their partners before eventually splitting off to clash with one another. Ultimately, Dante proved to be the superior one, slaying Madama Butterfly and skewering the Umbra Witch with multiple swords before blowing her up. Despite the good coin he got for his own victory, he found himself groaning at the sight of Trish coming back sore like Bayonetta was after being auto-revived.
    Dante: Really, Trish? You lost?
    Trish: I was expecting her to fight like a witch. She made use of summons, sure, but she fought more like a demon hunter. No doubt muscle memory from being the thrall of a sage.
    Dante: When I beat Bayonetta, she didn't take it too well. She's gonna use her friend's win to come in and try to settle the score someday.
    Trish: I'll let you say 'I told you so' when it happens. Just don't try to fill her dark soul with light.
    [Dante sighs]
    • While it was on a pre-engineered battlefield, the intensity of the fight still registered to him as part of his self-imposed lousy luck with women. It's likely Bayonetta blowing up was the moment he decided they would never be a serious pair, instead leaving the door open for the son of that reporter whose name he used to take as an alias.
  • As of late, Dante has noticed that Sailor Mercury and Lady sound similar. What's strange is that he swears that this wasn't the case before.
  • Has been hired to help Kimihito Kurusu and protect the Monster Girls from potential troubles. While at first he was hesitant and wanted everyone to believe it was only for the payment, Dante eventually warmed up to them and made friends with both Kimihito himself and with all of the girls. Likewise, at first the Monster Girls were scared and untrustful towards the demon slayer, but soon enough befriended him and came to accept his demonic heritage after seeing his good side as he helped them several times (being the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda probably helped). These days he hangs around them, shares a place over dinner and helps out whenever needed, though he refuses to partake in any of the more humiliating tasks.
    • Feels mutually uneasy around Rachnera, Suu and Lala due to them reminding him of some of his past enemies, though eventually, they learned to respect each other and are on good terms. Meroune Lorelei and Centorea Shianus feel sympathy towards Dante due to having a tragic past and for Centorea due to being a fellow Half-Human Hybrid. The latter also challenged Dante to a duel but was quickly defeated effortlessly without being harmed at all. Dante told Cerea his demon blood gives him an unfair advantage, but assures he will never hurt her due to being a friend and making a promise he will protect them. While a bit ashamed and envious, Centorea values Dante as an ally, a fellow non-human and a superior swordsman even to this day.
    • Out of all the girls, Miia seems to be treating him the best (possibly due to being a red-skinned, yellow-eyed reptilian humanoid in his Devil Trigger form), something which has earned her the half-devil's friendship. However, she also acts slightly weird and shy, making everyone think she has feelings of attraction towards Dante. Miia obviously denies this and says she will never cheat on her Darling. Despite this, all the Gods and Goddesses have seen that she is happier when Dante is around her and sadder when he is away on his demon-hunting duties.
  • After recently getting involved with a group of Capcom and Marvel heroes to stop a merging-of-worlds plot involving various villainous sides, Dante encountered Blade while trying to undo any remnant traces of the residue from this plan so that no demon lords could take advantage of any opening. He got a kick out of Blade talking like a black New Yorker despite being from England, asking who the Daywalker picked it up from.
  • Was present when Maya summoned the Hunter Squad to her temple to accept Buffy's offer to join them, proposing that they in turn become the new Night Hand to replace her original order which had been slaughtered. The group agreed to this. When she later suggested to possibly bring in Blade, Dante backed her up fully and even went with her to recruit the black vampire; Blade accepted on a part-time basis just like Lina did before. Trish doesn't seem to like Maya very much, but he's not worried.
  • Two of the rare instances on which Dante and Vergil agree on something relate to Alex Wesker. One, she sounds strangely similar to Nevan. Two? Well... she's batshit crazy.
  • A few years following the job in Fortuna, Dante stepped back into the fray to confront the threat of an evil World Tree as well as an antagonist who stole Nero's devil arm. The antagonist? Vergil himself. Dante was encountered by V, the decaying human half of Vergil, after Vergil had ripped off Nero's arm and then cast his two halves into separate beings in order to heal from an intense state of corrosion, asking him to help stop the demon half, which V called Urizen after the William Blake character. However, once Dante finally did beat Urizen after several attempts by both him and Nero, V plunged the Yamato into Urizen to merge back into Vergil and Dante decided he had to be stopped. Between Dante finally telling both Nero and Vergil that Vergil was, in fact, Nero's father, Nero intervening to stop them both from killing each other, Vergil's new perspective on his humanity, his honor, and his power through the eyes of V, and Dante explaining that Eva got killed looking for Vergil rather than abandoning him to die like he'd believed for decades, the two set aside their differences and entered the demon world to both cut down the demonic Qliphoth tree. Along the way, they proceeded to spar with each other for at least a few weeks... and finally started seeing somewhat eye to eye as true brothers again.
    • Sometime after returning to the Pantheon with Vergil, Dante found himself, Nero, and the newly ascended Nico ambushed and kidnapped by a set of demons known as The Fiends, who wanted to harvest them for the power of their bloodlines. To everyone's surprise, it was Vergil who ambushed The Fiends right back in order to rescue his kin. The ensuing ride in Nico's van was awkwardly silent, as the brothers are still competitive with each other and Nico is the granddaughter of Dante's old gunsmith who Vergil had killed years ago, but Vergil didn't carry any air of malice about him before they dropped him off at the House in which his temple is located.
    • He also discovered the truth about Father Balder being freed from the control of the evil half of Aesir. That job from Morrison was how Lady and Trish kept the lights on when he was gone.
  • Does not care about Nero being compared to Vega's follower Cody Rhodes, nor about Nero rooting for Cody's faction over that of AJ Styles just because he thinks AJ could pass for Dante if he were human and a redneck. The only important part is Vega taking note of Nero's girlfriend Kyrie. Dante has promised to skewer the claw-wielding pervert with his True Majin powers if he dares hurt a member of his family.
  • Dante was in complete shock when he had heard news of his father ascending to the Pantheon. Not just his father, but even his own mother (as a herald). Both him and his brother were completely overjoyed to see their parents alive again. After a heartwarming reunion, Dante and Vergil were quick to inform them with everything that happened after the last time they were all together. Needless to say, they weren't impressed with some of the things they've been told. But his father did inform them that he was proud to see how much they've grown and matured. Both as people and as warriors. Sparda thanks Dante for continuing to defend humanity after his death.
  • Some, including Vergil, have teased Dante about how he missed his chance to be with Bayonetta, given that the events of the Alphaverse incursion led to Bayo finally becoming official with that reporter's son as he joined her in death, not to mention the two sharing a child in another timeline. When he saw Cereza again after that, Luka and Viola were with her as her Heralds, and Viola told him first thing that there would be no more occasional flings between him and her mother. What ensued was Dante genuinely congratulating Cereza on slowing down long enough to accept Luka, as well as him and Bayo correcting the record about their relationship—they never "hooked up" as it were, they just used to flirt a lot—which quickly turned into a roasting session about Dante being bad with women.
    • After that bit of fun, He and Luka actually became fast buddies through Dante's familiarity with his father's texts, and he also found Viola to be an interesting kid, reminding him of both his nephew Nero and his own alternate self in a number of ways. Still, despite his gracious attitude, he seemed to be quite sullen when not interacting with them, something Trish quickly caught onto and questioned him about. In short, the Together in Death aspect of Bayonetta's upgraded relationship made everything sort of hit home about why he never gets serious with a woman, from both his own nature as a white-haired half-demon to the danger of his work as a devil hunter.
  • "Jackpot!"

    The Dovahkiin 
Dovahkiin, God of Dragonslaying (The Last Dragonborn, The One They Fear)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God using Dragon Shout)
  • Symbol: A silver dragon emblem
  • Theme Song: Dragonborn
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Shouting, Action Survivors, Chosen Ones, Inspiring Fear in Dragons, One-Man Armies, Soul Absorption, Dragon Riding
  • Domains: Dragons, Magic, Fighting
  • Followers: Dragonhunters of Tyria
  • Allies: Paarthurnax, Bahamut, Spyro, Lady Amalthea, The Monster Hunters, Ryuga Banjou/Kamen Rider Cross-Z
  • Rivals: Natsu Dragneel, Caim, The New Kid
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Puella Magi, the Elric Brothers
  • Enemies: Nearly any dragon out there, Alduin, Seto Kaiba, Godzilla (He thought it was a dragon), The Ebon Dragon, Ornstein and Smough, the Colossi, Johan Liebert, Ridley
  • While Dovahkiin's appearance (along with alignment and personality) is often different, his/her more frequently seen look is a male Nord with brown hair and a short beard, wearing an Iron Helmet, Studded Armor, Iron Gauntlets, and Iron Boots.
  • Once went to the House of Music and got challanged to do a rap. So he did. These, three, songs are what he sang.
  • Many gods have learned not to make any "arrow to the knee"-jokes in his presence, unless they want to have both of their knees impaled and be blown through a wall. They tend to be one of his biggest Berserk Buttons.
  • Though there are many members of the pantheon who has a history of killing dragons, not many of them actually knows their language (that can be used for powerfull spells) or even knows how to kill them permanently, since some dragons can return from the dead. That is where Dovahkiin comes in. Because of the fact that any dragon that dies in his presence will have their soul drained by him, thus adding to his power, has made him feared amongst nearly any dragon. Even a few dragon gods fear him.
  • He made himself an enemy of Seto Kaiba ever since the day he destroyed his Blue Eyes White Dragon-shaped jet by shouting it apart.
  • He's not sure what to think of Bowser since he can't understand if he is a dragon or an overweight Argonian who happens to be able to breath fire. Nobody has seemed to tell him the answer for some reason.
  • Since he's known for killing Dragons permanently, Daenerys Targaryen has made a point of not fighting with or pissing him off. Viserys, however, lacked such wisdom, or even a dragon to fight with...
  • Is on relatively good terms with Bahamut, Bahamut explaining he isn't evil and the Dovahkiin pointing to his history with Paarthunax in his home universe as proof that he doesn't kill good dragons. Some reports say Bahamut taught him a Thu'um to summon him for aid if the Dovahkiin should be overwhelmed in battle, but considering his levels of power, it is unknown if this will ever be proven.
  • Despite showing prowess on par with a Lesser or even an Intermediate God, he has no wish to ascend beyond demigod status, as being partially mortal is the key to his Dragonrend shout, which cripples any dragon it hits.
  • After finding out that Mehrunes Dagon, perpetrator of the Oblivion Crisis, is apparently a powerful daemon affiliated with Tzeentch, the Dovahkiin has expressed hatred towards the God of Chaos, as Dagon's downfall resulted in the resurgence of the Nazi-like Aldmeri Dominion in the land of Tamriel (a series of events which was most likely planned by Tzeentch). However, the Dovahkiin has been rumored to wield Mehrunes' Razor, Dagon's powerful dagger that has a small chance of killing anything it cuts, so he may not be enemies with Tzeentch after all...
  • He has an intense hatred towards bears, claiming that they are stronger than a good number of the dragons he has slain. And don't even get him started on Giants. He has had some bad experiences with them to say the least.
  • The Puellae Magi are rather uneasy around him, mostly because his Item Crafting involves the destruction of Soul Gems. As such, whenever the Dovahkiin is taking quests from Madoka, he and any Puellae Magi involved have Teeth-Clenched Teamwork at best.
  • Despite being both dragonslayers, Dovahkiin does not exactly get along well with Ornstein and Smough, partly because the fanbases of the games they come from aren't on really good terms. He also dislikes the fact that Ornstein hunts dragons for sport and definitely does not approve of him obsessively hunting down Hyodo Issei.
    • Issei is instinctively afraid of him due to his nature as a dragon slayer, which is understandable given Issei's second death due to Samael's curse. Bahamut does reassure him that he would not attack allies though as long as Issei doesn't make any references to arrows and knees. Humerously, deep down the Dovahkiin is actually wary of Issei: the dragons he fights may be destructive, but still capable of being killed with iron blades and bows and arrows, while Issei at full power is quite a bit above their level. He's not even sure his coveted Dragonrend would work: ultimately, only Issei's body is that of a Dragon, while his soul is demonic or human, making him well capable of comprehending Mortality, Finality, and something being Temporary. Nonetheless, many have positively compared Issei to Dovahkiin as they're both equally badassnote .
  • After a little fiasco involving the first Dragonborn and a deal with Hermaeus Mora, the Dovahkiin gained the power of a Compelling Voice; when used on a dragon, it is forced to become his servant and steed. This has made his lethality on the battlefield increase tenfold; all beings, dragon or not, now have more reason to fear him.
  • Annie Leonhart and Eren Jaeger are amongst the few deities who he fears to fight without the aid of a dragon. The reason for this is because they are shown to be FAR worse than any of the giants inhabiting Skyrim.
  • Horses and other steeds gain the odd ability to defy physics whenever he seats himself upon one. Some gods have begun to wonder what would happen if he used Derpy Hooves as a mount for one day.
  • May or may not have a mortal avatar in the form of The New Kid.
    • This was debuked when it became clear the the New Kid and Dovahkiin, while both were technically Chosen Ones in their stories, they both have very different backstories and abilities. Neither of them were bothered by this though and have since taken up being rivals in the art of combat.
  • Dovahkiin and Spyro became friends after Hermaeus Mora tricked Dovahkiin into trying to attack Spyro. The two plan to attack Hermaeus Mora in retaliation, but before then Dovahkiin wants Spyro to teach him the Words of Power for the Superflame shout.
  • After spending some time in the House of Sports, he picked up a few wrestling moves.
  • Dovahkiin is also mortal enemies with the man known as Johan Liebert; not because he's a monstrous sociopath (though that doesn't help matters), but his voice hearkens back to a rather obnoxious individual back in the mortal realm.
  • Ran into Ryuga Banjou while the Kamen Rider got lost on his way after meeting up with some friends for coffee. Dovahkiin found himself getting along with the lad when he also showed having a dragon aesthetic without being a actual dragon himself. Is currently teaching Ryuga about craftsmanship (the kind that doesn't require souls).

    Eredin Bréacc Glas 
Eredin Bréacc Glas, Unholy King of The Wild Hunt (King of the Wild Hunt, Sparrowhawk)
  • Intermediate God, Greater God as a group
  • Symbols: His helmet
  • Theme Song: The Hunt Is Coming
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The Dreaded Arc Villain of the Witcher, Arch-Enemy of Geralt, Black Knight, Greater-Scope Villain, Psychotic Smirk, Deep Sounding Evil, The Man Behind the Man, the True Final Boss of the series.
  • Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Elves, War
  • Followers: Void, The Black Hunter, The Tanu, Gwyn the Hunter
  • Heralds: Imlerith and Caranthir Ar-Feiniel (his Co-Dragons)
  • Allies: Darkseid, Sauron
  • Rivals: Altria Pendragon Alter
  • Enemies: Geralt of Rivia, Triss Merigold, Yennefer, Anna Henrietta, Hawke, Commander Shepard, Frollo and Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, Raistlin Majere, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Rand Al'Thor, Thor
  • Opposes: The God-Emperor of Mankind, The Wild Hunt (Akame ga Kill)
  • Opposed by: Every human in the Pantheon, good or evil, Merrill, Lor'themar Theron, Varsuuvius, Orion, Lady Amalthea, Princesses Celestia and Luna
  • Fears: Harry Dresden
  • In Pursuit of: Ciri
  • Comflicting Opinion: The Warden and the Inquisitor
  • It was a day Geralt had feared ever since he and Ciri set foot in the Pantheon, even though he knew it would happen eventually. The signs were happening all the same; first sightings of spectral emanations were forming throughout the Pantheon. Then there were the random killings of followers. All of that accumulated into that faithful day when the temperature dropped rapidly. The day when he heard the rumbling of horses signalling the arrival of undead wraiths. That was the day Eredin Bréacc Glas had returned, ready to enact his revenge upon Geralt.
    • The Witcher immediately amassed a great number of his allies shortly afterwards to confront the threat. What followed was a brutal brawl between his forces and that of The Wild Hunt. The fighting was fierce and ferocious. Just when Geralt was about to be slain, reinforcements from the GUAG as well as that of the Emperor of Mankind were able to contain the threat. Not used to such a powerful army, Eredin retreated to a new location. Fortunately for him, he gained a large enough following to stay within the Pantheon.
    • Ciri was understandably furious as well as a little shaken about the return of her persistent foe. This is a group that has pursued her through countless worlds, killing everyone she had loved before finding Geralt. She does not want the same thing to happen to any of her friends she has met in the Pantheon. The thought that she was even in love with the conqueror at some point in her life disgusts her even more. At least now she has Geralt, Yennefer and Triss at her side as well.
  • The Wild Hunt is merely a nickname of their group. As a matter of fact, Eredin leads an elven kingdom called Aen Elle. At the height of their power, they were capable of capturing large swaths of the multiverse, killing an enslaving those who came against them. The group heard that Ciri was the key to stop the White Frost, the one thing that could put a halt to their plans. As a result, they hunted her down through countless universes. Nowadays, they aren't quite up to full strength. Still, Eredin has a formidable arm that can give many deities trouble.
    • The group is among the most frightening armies in the Pantheon... but they are neither wraiths nor undead. They merely wear bone-like armor to install fear into their victims. It helps that up to Geralt's last stand they seemed to be an invincible army.
    • The reveal that the Wild Hunt were elves was one of the biggest black eyes that the God of High Elves endured during his time. The fact that he was their patron during their reign of destruction did not sit well with him. He revoked their membership, but by then the damage was done. Now that the Wild Hunt has ascended, Lor'themar swears to put an end to their march. Other elven deities have supported him in their opposition.
  • Impressed with the dark elf's tenacity against the Norse Gods, Eredin applied the high priest status to Malekith. While he only invoked the Wild Hunt a couple of times, he remains a constant threat to the ten realms. Predictably, this has caused the ire of Thor as well as the other Norse Gods. They too are familiar with the Wild Hunt in their mythology, but the inclusion of Malekith to their ranks was an insult to injury.
  • One of their main targets has been human enclaves, a fact that enrages the God Emperor of Mankind. Eredin confirms this is intentional; the mere fact that humans are the majority of high beings they face is an affront to the group. As such, the Wild Hunt tends to deliver the most suffering to humans. It's little wonder that no sane human want anything to do with them.
  • Humans aren't the only species concerned with his ascension. The unicorn deities are well aware of the stories of the vast number of their kin who were either slaughtered or enslaved in their name. The two unicorn deities set out to save any of their followers from the invading army. However, the unicorn deities consolidated their forces with Geralt's in direct battles.
  • This is not to say he is below making any alliances. When Darkseid entered via Boom Tube, Eredin decided to hear what he had to say. The subsequent conversation was positive for both sides. Darkseid did not care what race delivered the dystopia, only that one carries it out and he was impressed with all the worlds the Wild Hunt has conquered. Eredin was fully capable of transportation through dimensions, but Darkseid's technology certainly makes things easier for him.
  • One of the few fantasy figures to embrace their conquest, Sauron delighted on the Wild Hunt. The Evil Overlord always makes himself elven in appearance in order to appease the Aen Elle. It's a tiny tradeoff for the chance to finally rid of Gandalf of his Fellowship.
  • Was not pleased that some humans have started to take up the form for themselves, even if they were every bit as tyrannical as he was. Altria Pendragon Alter Lancer has taken several elements of The Wild Hunt into her own ruthless reign. Eredin tried to confront her, but was defeated in single combat. His army was forced to concede that the two would have to coexist for the time being.
    • It turns out the Aen Belle were not even the first beings in the Pantheon to call themselves the Wild Hunt. That group is Syura's band of psychopathic mercenaries. Enraged at that prospect, Eredin invaded their temple in order to bring them low. Syura's crew may be Chaotic Evil, but they showed a great deal of teamwork to drive off the captures. The two groups have fought on many occasions afterwards, mostly because few people care who would come out victorious as long as one group bites it for good.
  • Rivals in any other sense, the deities from Thedas were willing to set their difference aside to take on this new threat. Eredin holds Hawke to great disdain as well as that world's treatment of elves, but was intrigued that the Warden and Inquisitor could be an elf themselves. With the right attitude, the elf might even be persuaded to join his side. That hasn't happened thus far with the two siding with Geralt for the time being.
    • Merrill was displeased with the Wild Hunt's wanton destruction and has thoroughly rejected the group as well. Instead of convincing her, the Wild Hunt seeks to capture her and manipulate her to use the full extent of her blood magic.
  • Much of the fantasy world was on high alert with his ascension. Long-heald rivalries between the factions are set aside when dealing with the Wild Hunt. Even Raislin, a wizard who usually scoffs at working with the likes of Gandalf, felt pressured to pitch in to mobilize a defense to make sure the Wild Hunt are contained to their temple and nothing more.
  • There is another name besides Ciri and Geralt that gives him pause. The magician Harry Dresden encountered a version of the Wild Hunt and the results shocked him; Not only Dresden defeat the leaders, he also took over the Wild Hunt as his own. Whenever Harry shows up, Eredin is forced to retreat to safer ground. The Sparrowhawk will have to do more research to see if his group can taken on the magician.

    The Hunter (Bloodborne
The Hunter, He Who Hunts Monsters (The Good Hunter, You)
  • Intermediate God (Greater bordering on Overdeity as a Great One)
  • Symbol: The main one is the Hunter's Mark. However, the Caryll Runes Corruption, Beast's Embrace, Impurity, Hunter, Milkweed and Radiance have also been used.
  • Theme Song: The Night Unfurls
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A once normal human who took blood transfusion to being bathed in blood and powered in all its assets, a survivor of the hunt around Yharnam, a person of varied pasts, has the ability to see the unusual through insight without going insane, can wield both a melee weapon and a gun, can wield weapons of varying forms, rarely speaks, can kill a Great One, transforms into a Great One should they kill the Moon Presence
  • Domains: Blood, Death, Hunters, Insight, Unusual Weapons
  • Additional Relationships: Insert Name Here
  • Allies: The Maiden in Black, The Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One, Solaire of Astora, Isaac Clarke, the Monster Hunters, Nyarko, Guts, Dante Alighieri, William Adams, the Belmonts, Knight Artorias
  • Master of: The Plain Doll
  • Source of Interest to: H.P Lovecraft, the Ancestor
  • Complicated Relations with: Gehrman, Ludwig the Accursed, Lord Gwyn
  • Rivals and/or Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Abyss Watchers, the Flagellant
  • Enemies:
  • Distrusts: The halls of Dreams and Nightmares and Vampires
  • Unaffected by: Most beings from the Cthulhu Mythos.
  • Very few cities have captured the same awe and beauty of the Victorian-esque city known as Yharnam. The large architecture, sprawling with various designs is something to marvel at. At the heart of the city, lies the religion the citizens follow and come the creation of a new form of blood transfusion, one that can heal various diseases and so much more. Then the Scourge of Beasts happened and those who took the blood were transformed to beasts. Various people dubbed Hunters would go on a hunt to slay these beasts but one by one, the Hunters themselves would become the same being they were against, thus repeating an endless cycle of hunts. One lone outsider would visit Yharnam to partake in the transfusion, and signed a contract to bring a bit of Yharnam blood in him. What entailed further would be a nightmare for the ages as said person witnessed the Scourge of Beasts, unraveled the shrouded past of the city and its surroundings but most importantly witness the truth of the Dream he/she is in, Thus begins the Hunter's journey to find "Paleblood".
  • It has been said that the Hunter had discovered one of the roads to the Pantheon's main gates while out on the Hunt following them entering the Forbidden Woods. Normally these paths are Invisible to Normals unless they have been selected for ascension, perhaps it might have been an instance of illusion or another dream. Still, The Hunter claims to have found this invisible path (among many other things), connecting Yharnam and surrounding areas to the Pantheon. One can argue that this alone led to other various deities originating from the same universe to be handpicked by the Pantheon's higher ups. With this in mind, the Hunter earned his Godhood through unexpected means.
    • In simple conversation, trying to narrow down a consistent history of this new god has been a fruitless endeavor. The same story is never said twice, the Hunter could have been anything from a military soldier to a complete waste of skin. The Hunter's story has even been that of a woman at times, though many deities use male pronouns just to keep it simple. Those who have straight out asked them if they're a man or a woman have only ever recieved the answer "I am a Hunter." Some others are sure, given the definite memories the Hunter has, that he no longer is sure of his own perceptions, even his own memories.
  • Just as the Hunter has finished exploring the depths of the Pantheon, a beckoned call was heard and a lamp appeared in front of him. This lamp would lead him to a familiar place, the Hunter's Dream where he saw the Plain Doll, waiting for him and Gehrman inside the House. While memories and stories varies with the Hunter, Gehrman has not forgotten him and neither has the Doll. Should the Hunt end, Gehrman would give the Hunter a chance to accept his offer and return to the waking world, or fight him and free his life from the dream entailing a fight. Now that they arrived after his discovery of the Pantheons, the Hunt may go on but should be approached with caution. Some have also blamed him for the introduction of Insight via the Great Ones, of which he wish not to delve into.
    • They would not be the only ones of the same universe to enter as various calls from neighboring deities called the Hunter's assistance. Three of which were places he revisited back in his hunt. This included the dreaded Nightmare of Mensis where Micolash, the Host of the Nightmare appeared. Chanting back his discoveries and bringing others into his realm, he would fight him again but his efforts were for naught as he has a permanent place within Pantheon grounds. Another call was made regarding the presence of various eldritch-deities, of which the Hunter expected following Micolash's arrival. The Great Ones, although neutral in some instances (and at the same time, dead like Kos or ascended like Oedon), perceive the Hunter with threat should he draw his weapon to engage. That would not be the last of them as another location would open itself to the Hunter once more.
      • While few have seen it, the Hunter's Nightmare is far more eldritch and hard to comprehend moreso than the other realms within it. An unholy mesh of what seems to be the twisted visions of Yharnam, created by Kos as punishment for those who damned the Fishing Hamlet, thanks to Byrgenwerth. Those who have become affected were the legendary hero known as Ludwig, transformed into an Accursed being, and Lady Maria, the Old Hunter who Gehrman secretly has a connection to as well as being the main inspiration of the Doll's creation. The Hunter went inside and freed the curse and with it, the secrets of the past, but not without the realization that they too have ascended. As for the latter, Maria has watched for any intruder to enter the Clocktower but has taken caution with the Hunter of all she encountered, while Ludwig has gained some sympathy thanks to regaining his conscience before his death.
  • Very few mortals would dare themselves into fighting against bizarre creatures for their own safety or lack of combat expertise, yet the Hunter is not alone. While death will surely follow him, others have followed, if not already experienced the same conditions as he has. The Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One all have partaken such and their adventures has some similarities despite the differences in setting, armor/clothing and weapons. Of course, their deaths is repeated throughout but they can be revived back to the nearest bonfire/lamp and do the job done. The Chosen Undead's most prominent member, Solaire of Astora sees the Hunter as another addition for jolly-cooperation while the Hunter has identified similarities between him and Alfred.
    • Another similar icon he is somewhat familiar with is the Maiden in Black as close inspection between her and the Plain Doll made guesses as to whether or not the Doll had a few influences. At one point, he came to check if he could be powered by her as well but as she encountered him, she could not power him with souls and sensed a great deal of power in him. Maybe it is the "Paleblood" thanks to his possible ascension as a Great One that is denying him service from the Maiden. Still, with the four of them using her as a substitute, he does not mind company.
  • The Hunter possesses a wide range of weapons and firearms if one peeks into the temple. This includes many serrated weapons, weapons that can turn to whips, weapons enhanced with blood, gunblades, spears with rifles, greatswords of even magic variety, and so much more. However the Hunter's shown a preference to the Saw Cleaver and Blunderbuss, and is often seen carrying the two about. He will gladly change weapons should the situation calls for it, and because of the nature of these weapons being trick weapons, allows varied ways to tackle their prey, as any hunter would, though some have joked about one of the weapons being a broccoli and a glorified pizza cutter.
    • His stance on shields before was that they were useless and would much rather move with fast speed over relying on massive defense as shields do give the burden of weight, making dodging or side-stepping useless. At one point, that changed once he acquired a shield of arcane origin, which is able to help him block damage from magic-based attacks. This has helped him in various cases so it seems he is okay with shields but would still prefer using weapons on his other hand.
  • In the Pantheon, there are various reactions from some of the deities to the Hunter, either of wary, calmness, disgust or cooperation. Some have considered the Hunter to be one of those among many mortal beings to be the ones in the first line of defense, alongside the aforementioned four. Much like the profession he chose, he is often called to situations about beasts, entities or anything resembling a beast, after all a Hunter must Hunt. This makes him a great substitute against beasts, even better if said beast has any form of blood. Said expertise in his profession garnered him some fame and traction, that he was invited by Dante Sparda to join a few willing hunters. Thanks to that he was introduced to other hunters such as Blade, Dante, Lina Inverse, dragon and treasure hunter, Gene, the demon hunter with a God-Hand, and Geralt of Rivia, one of the last in a unique line of Witchers. The Belmonts have also seen him as a worthy ally thanks to his experience in monsters of various kinds, including vampires. Compared to the bunch however, he is the most silent and rarely talks, and displays his emotions through action, like at one point where the Hunter fired off a bone ash-empowered cannon in order to kill a common spider. When asked about such Disproportionate Retribution, the Hunter was heard muttering about cliffs.
    • Combat-wise, he can be considered something of a wild card in larger fights. Hunters do work in packs but the Hunter often hunts alone and only considers allies should the situation grow out of control. His fighting style, while devastatingly effective, has one major flaw: it literally runs on blood. He uses blood to heal and blood to make some of his weapons function. Any one who can't bleed has a fighting chance against him, but considering his allies and the bells/spells/guns he carries with him, it's a very small fighting chance. He admits that amidst the number of violent combatants, there are a plethora of means for the Hunter to be covered in blood, and thus made the stronger for it.
  • Despite a very mortal origin in a world of death, the Hunter has stood in the presence of Cthulhu. To the eldritch being's surprise, the Hunter showed no signs of madness and seemed to even comprehend his true form. The two parted without a word, though Cthulhu wishes to know just what sort of things the Hunter has seen. And this does not limit to just Cthulhu but to every being chronicled by H.P Lovecraft, so much so that it attracted the chronicler himself with piqued interest to the Hunter (and by extension, Yharnam's nature). Lovecraft attempted to get information through Micolash but that went nowhere so he ventured to the Hunter's temple instead and have begun studying the histories of Yharnam. His delight would be satiated, and has visited the Hunter on varying occasions, intent on knowing more about the nature of "Insight".
    • His presence does not share the same sentiments on other beings of similar kind such as the Old Gods immediately gaining hostile intent on him, with N'Zoth being the most notorious, plunging the Hunter in various dimensions resembling Yharnam, yet surviving in all attempts. Double also has hatred for his presence, repeatedly killing him but him returning back all prepared to fight her again. He comments that Double should not remain alive or else her influence will grow to uncontrollable levels, hence why he took the responsibility of killing her to prevent such from happening.
  • Even when clean, the Hunter reeks of blood, and has been asked to give the House of Vampirism a wide berth. Many of the gods get a craving after catching a wiff of such a powerful scent as he is almost always splattered in blood for some reason, even Kin Blood, and those that give in to their hunger often end up in a battered state. His reponse on his first encounters with the House of Vampires does strike some similar cases with the Cainhurst Vilebloods, a group of nobles with a vampire-like lifestyle and Hunters of which fights with grace and style. As for the deities inside, he has shown that the people there are not like the Vilebloods, as Blade who assisted him can prove as well.
    • When the Vampires found out about Yharnam, the city which deals with blood that's more intoxicating than alcohol, they have attempted many visits with less than desirable results. Some even desire the blood out of sheer intoxication that both Blade and the Hunter have dealt with various kinds. Many trips to Yharnam has been attempted, and while most left the Hunter alone afterwards, others have persisted, of which are not vampires within said House but vampires from the other corners of the Pantheon, such as the mosquito-infested forces of the Crimson Court, to even Marlowe Roderick, who has come to hate the Hunter equally to Blade and Buffy.
  • The Hunter's high amount of Insight allows him to see past the thin veil some gods and goddesses use to disguise themselves. This trait has made many deities scared and some, like the cases with Saya and Tomie Kawakami, angry for his attempts at killing them as he is able to see from their human disguises, even Fuminori Sakisaka started stalking him after nearly killing Saya multiple times. This also led a few awkward moments; at one point, he nearly attacked Nyarko out of instinct. The Hunter had been going along his way when he saw an unspeakable, faceless abomination trying to wrap itself around a young boy. The Hunter leapt into action, and after a short scuffle (in which the Hunter took a fork to the head unscathed), they all calmed down enough to explain with context. The Hunter sheepishly apologized, shook one of Nyarko's tentacles, and went on his way while she also said a small request.
    Nyarko: Say hi to great grand-aunt for me!
  • There is a reason why the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares have been on his watchlist because if the texts have said otherwise, Yharnam may as well be a dream. If that is the case, then the Hunter is a Dream Walker in his own right. Even taking that part away, he still qualifies if the Hunter's Dream, Hunter's Nightmare and other dream-like worlds he visited is of any indication. Insight also helps as it allows him to see even the tiniest details hidden in these worlds.
  • Besides your usual beasts, the Hunter can be called to face unknown abominations, even the non-animalistic kind, meaning mythological creatures do count. The Monster Hunters have called him for assistance on numerous occasions as while the Monster Hunters do have the number, they lack the massive power of each hunter on their ranks, in contrast to the Hunter who can use various spells, weapons and items with great efficiency. He has declined on getting other weapons as his selection can fit on many cases. Even William Adams has gained some friendship mainly for hunting Onis in Japan while also seeing that the Hunter has far more powerful capabilities than he has. His spirit Saiorse also sensed his power, seeing how that Yharnam blood (Old Blood) is able to power him to such heights.
    • Untapped potential is one of the things Guts has described the Hunter, as his skills, powers and strengths has given him the impression of a strong person but with potential that has yet to be touched in him, perhaps it is a way of telling him the possibility of him becoming a Great One. Dante Alighieri also feels the same way, but is impressed at the Hunter's resistance to beasthood despite the odds going against him even at the beginning of his hunt, although that can be attributed to the Hunter being "Paleblood" himself, as evidenced by the messengers who were able to seek him at the last minute.
    • Unknown space abominations have also been common outside of your usual Lovecraftian kin, a notice that Isaac Clarke made to ask assistance to those willing to help stave off the Necromorphs' advance. The Hunter's weapons may be efficient but getting used to cutting off the tentacled limb of each necromorph in the vicinity is taxing especially if they come in groups. Though he does have something advantageous: Flamespraying them to death.
  • The Darkest Estate hires heroes of various kinds who are paid to deal with eldritch horrors and transcendent threats. The Hunter is among those the Ancestor has kept his eye on mainly because he himself is another cosmic being as the Heart of Darkness. He has taken breaks in the Hamlet but to say he has an eerie feeling about it is putting it lightly. The other heroes who have also resided in the Hamlet have mixed feelings towards him as while the Highwayman is okay hanging out with him (not to mention the various aspects of which makes them similar), the Flagellant harbors intense hate from him, mainly because of his love for blood and the fact that the Hunter is almost always splattered in blood himself.
    • The Hamlet's threats have also been on the Hunter's list of things to hunt simply because of their horrific presence. It may not be the same level as that of Yharnam's horrors but they are close, the Hag being a witch akin to those within Hemwick Charnel Lane, the aformentioned Crimson Court and finally the Sleeper, a being that the Hunter was called at some point to dispose of but with impervious difficulty. Now the Hunter's profession has gotten harder to track but he can manage.
  • In the very same universe the Chosen Undead resides, the Hunter made an alliance with Gwyn under the idea that he is protecting humanity (though some can also question if that is another way of adding more things to hunt in the Hunter's list). All was well until the Ashen One came in with epiphany of Gwyn's past, thus putting the alliance into question following a discovery made within the fabled Ringed City, knowledge that not only put the Hunter's alliance in question, but everyone linked with Gwyn's goodwill.
    • That "seal of fire" otherwise known as the Darksign was made by him out of fear that humanity would overtake the gods and the First Flame would die out. This resulted to the removal of their humanity or more specifically, the Abyss which went out of control despite showing that humans were capable of controlling it. To compensate, he gave the pygmies a city on the edge of the world, without the knowledge that it was to isolate them from everyone as well as gifting his youngest daughter, who was stuck in an endless slumber, to them. Why is this important? Well because if history within Yharnam has shown, this reminded him of one place, the Hunter's Nightmare which was made by Kos to punish those who defiled the Fishing Hamlet, thanks to Byrgenwerth and their mad desire for knowledge. This led to discussion made between him and the trio, contemplating if Gwyn's alliance should be kept or removed for good.
    • More discoveries came upon the Hunter's visit, which included the fabled knight Artorias, the Abysswalker, who reminded him of the First Healing Church Hunter Ludwig and thanks to Pantheon changes, the Abysswalker has no harm against him, unless he starts rampaging again due to being infected with the Abyss. The same feeling was felt in his "successors" the Abyss Watchers, who have seen the Hunter as a rival of sorts as they sense something eldritch within him as well as the myriad of similarities, though if another beast comes, the two will put aside their issues and face it, but most importantly if whether or not the Abyss Watcher civil war will happen again, as the Abyss has proven itself to be ever-reaching to anyone, including those against it.
    • The alliance he made with Gwyn also attracted his enemies against him, such as the case with King Allant and his remaining demonic forces from Boletaria. Following Boletaria's rise from obscurity and the rise of the Fog, many deities have been caught off-guard against Allant's attacks and the Hunter was dispatched to handle it. While the attacks have dwindled, Allant himself remains to be at large as well as the Fog that might engulf the entire plane.
  • Since the Hunter has no specific name and qualifies for a character of which can be of multiple designs, pasts and playstyles, some have argued that he is an avatar of Insert Name Here, allowing the unknown entity to take part in the hunts. This is also added to the same trio such as the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One as they too share similar aspects. Whatever the case, it is clear that the Hunter has no control on his character and can vary from time to time.

    Koyuki Himekawa/Snow White 
Koyuki Himekawa, the Divine Hunter of Her Own Kind (Snow White, White Magical Girl, Snow, Snowy, The Magical Girl Hunter, The Ideal Magical Girl)
Human form 

    William J. Blazkowicz 
"This war is a disease. Passed through blood, spilled by warriors. I feel the winds from the gathering storm."

Captain William J. Blazkowicz, The God Who Specializes In Hunting Down Nazis (B.J. Blazkowicz, Captain Blazkowicz, Blazko, Terror Billy, The American, Big Bad Wolf)
Blazkowicz as he appeared during the Second American Revolution in August 1961.
Blazkowicz operating in Nazi-Occupied Europe in 1960 
Blazkowicz during the raid on Castle Wolfenstein in March 1946 
Blazkowicz during the raid on Deathshead's Compound in July 1946 
Blazkowicz in the 1980s 
"You take freedom away from the American people, you're playing with fire, and I intend to pour some gasoline! People gotta know they don't have to take this shit no more, and if nothing else, that's what I'm gonna do. Before I go."

Lesser Gods

    Boba Fett 
Boba Fett, God of Bounty Hunters (Alpha, Daimyo of Mos Espa)
Click here to see his face 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His helmet; alternatively, the Mythosaur skull on his armor
  • Theme: Departure of Boba Fett, The Book of Boba Fett
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Lawful Neutral with shades of Neutral Good ever since officially taking over Jabba's rule of Mos Espa)
  • Domains: Murder, War, Travel, Bounty Hunters, Popularity
  • Portfolio: Breakout Character, Anti-Villain, Badass Normal, Is pretty human for a clone, Consummate Professional, Cool Helmet, Enigmatic Minion, Guns Akimbo, Hired Guns, Only in It for the Money, Pragmatic Villainy, Punch-Clock Villain, The Stoic, Took a Level in Kindness
  • Followers: Mostly Mandalorians, Train Heartnet, Jonah Hex, Marquis Warren and John Ruth, Stephanie Plum, All Freelancers
  • Heralds: Jango Fett (his father), Fennec Shand (his Number Two).
  • Employers: Count Dooku, Jabba the Hutt, Aku, Jigsaw
  • Allies: Lobo, Sheev Palpatine, Samaritan, Deathstroke, Lockdown
  • Rivals: Samus Aran, Captain Falcon, The Man With No Name, Deadpool, Deadshot, Spike Spiegel, Scarface
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa/Skywalker, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Beatrix Kiddo/The Bride, Malcolm Reynolds
  • Opposes: The Sarlacc, Mace Windu, Vile
  • Respects: John Wick
  • Complicated Relationship: Rau Le Creuset
  • Lobo's departure from the subhouse of Hunters left a huge hole in command for bounty hunters. Without a patron to watch over them, their ranks devolved into chaos as they fought over the leadership. It took the actions of a son of a clone to discipline the clan. The legendary exploits of Boba Fett was enough for his followers to fall in line. The helmeted one has claimed the throne as the premier Bounty Hunter of the Pantheon.
    • Of course his ascension wasn't completely without drama. A few mumbled about his lackluster performance in his debut film. Fett usually responds with his accolades in his later stories, though it's not always enough to stop dissent.
    • A few more sadistic gods would also point out the nature of his first appearance, which wasn't in the movies… but the holiday special. Not one of his followers would mention that incident for fear of backlash.
  • There are only two deities in the Pantheon who can shake him out of his cold, calculating exterior. Mace Windu is thought to be responsible for the death of his herald and father Jango Fett. The bounty for the Jedi is far higher than that of any other bounty in the Pantheon. Meanwhile, he was appalled that the very beast that nearly ended his life resides in the House of Beasts. That is one being he refuses to deal with, mostly out of fear.
    • There are numerous stories that have tried to explain how he managed to escape the pit monster. Boba Fett would rather not dwell too much into those details other than being glad that he managed to come out alive.
  • Gaining the approval of Lobo, the former holder of the title, certainly helped his reputation. The Main Man eagerly handed him all the paperwork required before heading off on his bike. At least someone else will handle the responsibility now.
  • Jabba the Hutt was pleased to have his most reliable clients in the Pantheon. It would certainly make running his empire in the Pantheon much easier. Palpatine is also glad to have the Bounty Hunter division more devoted to defeating the rebels. As such, he has renewed hostilities with Luke Skywalker and his allies. All Han would say about the bounty hunter was they should have made sure he was dead.
  • Most other ascended bounty hunters see him as a rival more than anything else. Captain Falcon, Spike Spiegel and Samus were not too pleased with some of the bounties the human has handled. His rivalry with Samus resulted in a brief battle between the two. It didn't end well for him.
    • Went in a rap battle with a certain merc with a mouth. The two have been battling for hired help ever since.
    • Is wary with making any sort of deals with the Man With No Name. The cowboy may not care too much about his targets, but he has a habit of getting the better end of a deal, no matter how careful he is.
    • Both he and Deadshot have merely agreed not to get in each others' ways in regards to their business.
    • Fett does enjoy a more professional relationship with Deathstroke. Both know better than to get into petty squabbles. They are even comfortable enough to work together in bigger jobs.
  • Fett holds great pride in the professional way his followers go about their business. Which is why he has no time to deal with sociopaths who would rather cause destruction than actually carrying out their duties. All of those defectors head over to Vile's domain. The similarities to their helmets only further unnerves the two.
  • While he wouldn't say why Vader was keen to make sure Boba Fett didn't disintegrate his bounties, the bounty hunter did acknowledge he has taken that advice at heart. It's why he was initially a follower of Lockdown before his ascension.
    • There were also two occasions where he has squared off against the Sith in a lightsaber duel. Neither is giving out any details about those.
  • Aku is a frequent client of his, hiring many of his bodyguards to go after the dreaded Samurai Jack. Boba Fett was impressed with how well the samurai has handled many of his challengers, sometimes all at once. He's mulling whether he has to take up this job himself.
  • Many of his services are now done online. This is due to the increased usage from Samaritan. He doesn't care either way; as long as the machine can find the cash, he will send mercenaries for it.
  • Has told his followers never to go after John Wick. Boba Fett realized early on that the best way to handle a man like that is not to piss him off.
  • Some of his followers have tried to coerce the Bride back into the fold… which usually results with the Bride walking out with bodies of slain assassins behind her. Fett himself doesn't care much about her defection.
  • As his father served as the basis of Stormtroopers, Boba Fett does feel awkward around them. While he understands the anguish Rau has for being a clone, it's not enough to say Humans Are Bastards.
  • He was once hired by Felix the Cat to track down his stolen Magic Bag of Tricks, which had once again fallen into the hands of The Professor, got scammed off of him by Count Dooku, and got stolen back by Professor with the help of Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily. Fett got wind of them retrieving the bag and trailed them, but Felix had warned him on no uncertain terms to not deal with the thieves violently, so Boba was forced to bide his time. Eventually, the trio were caught up in an argument over who got to keep the Magic Bag, and Boba took advantage of this to steal the bag from right under their noses, and he returned it to Felix for an undisclosed fee.

    Buffy Summers 
Buffy Anne Summers, Goddess of Vampire Hunters (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The First Goddess of the Trope Pantheons)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A simple wooden stake
  • Theme: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Vampire Hunter, The Chosen One, Bad Liar, Unusual Speech, Avoids Killing Humans, Problematic Powers, Natural Abilities from Her Portrayer, Pragmatic Combat, Cool Loser, Deadpan Snark, Escalating Douchebaggery, Broken Cutie.
  • Domains: Strength, Good, Feminism, War, Glory
  • Followers: Zero Kiryu, Baron Vordenburg, Abraham van Helsing, Gabriel van Helsing, Abraham Lincoln (the vampire hunting one)
  • Heralds: The non-ascended Scoobies and other Slayers
  • Superior: Joss Whedon
  • Allies
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Every good and neutral aligned vampire within the Pantheon, including Spike, Angel, and Blade
  • Enemies: Every evil aligned vampire within the Pantheon, The Mayor, Satan, Slender Man, among other evil monsters, Libby Chessler, The Ashleys, Sakuya Izayoi
  • Odd Friendship: The Survivor Crew
  • Pities: Hope Summers
  • "Into every generation a Slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a Chosen One. She alone will wield the strength and skill to fight the vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness; to stop the spread of their evil and the swell of their numbers. She is the Slayer." And among the greatest of them all is a short blonde cheerleader, who's legendary fights against evil landed her a spot in the Pantheon.
    • Another vampire hunter did try to lay claim to the title. Ultimately, Blade did not have the lasting power of Buffy. He is content with the high priest title for now…lest he gets an opportunity to ascend himself.
    • He received said opportunity much later on thanks to Adrian Tepes being able to cast aside the God of Dhampyrs seat to gain another ally against Dracula.
  • Because the dimension that the Pantheon exists in used her world as a base, she was initially bumped straight up to Overdeity. However, Buffy herself has insisted that she be judged by the same criteria of power and influence as everyone else. Her credentials got her to Lesser Goddess.
  • The vampire slayer has recently been hard at work, ascending her fellow Scoobies into the Pantheon. So far, she has successfully found temples for Willow and Xander. She hopes to add more to the tally.
  • One being from her world she was not glad to see again here? Mayor Richard Wilkins. She was quick to convince the GUAG not to fall for his good-mannered nature: he's a villain all the same, intent on taking over the world.
  • Among vampire hunters, she works best with Simon Belmont, God of Whips. Together, they hope to permanently destroy Dracula, who oddly appears in different forms depending on who he faces.
  • Although she does know that there are more friendly vampires in the Pantheon and even had one serve as her High Priest, she's still wary with working alongside them. Receiving aid is the best those allies can expect from her and vice versa. She seems to have an easier time accepting non-vampire demons and cursed humans, as Dante Sparda and the Good Hunter can attest to ever since she founded the Hunter Squad alongside them.
  • Often gets confused with Daphne Blake, who tends to look like her at times. She does respect Daphne and the rest of the Scooby Doo Gang in regards to their trek to stop monsters, applauding at how they stopped the Nibiru Entity without having any known powers or combat skills. Her group is named in their honor.
    • That wasn't her first encounter due to her avatar. A group of zombie hunters also came by to give thanks. Turns out her avatar was involved with killing nazi zombies, helping the group to survive. She managed to stay friends with them despite the confusion.
  • Buffy may not be in contention for the Woobie award, but most of her group have suffered immensely to the point that Sam and Dean became one of their biggest donors. Expect followers of the two to work hand in hand in fighting monsters.
  • Was glad to see Xena enter the Pantheon as the two were among the most popular female protagonists at the time. Their followers have long requested a match to determine the better fighter, a request both women declined (although neither would back down from the challenge when the time comes).
  • Is seen as an inspiration for teens Kim Possible and Juliet Starling who started off in the same ways…just in different fields. Buffy, along with fellow cheerleading heroine and longtime friend Claire Bennet, initially hoped to ascend one of them as the Goddess of Cheerleading. Those efforts were thwarted by Libby, who pointed out that while the two may be cheerleaders, they don't represent their personalities. In the end, she and Claire managed to find spots for both women in different fields, but the four still hold a grudge towards Libby.
  • Although the Scoobies no longer reside in high school, she still despises posse girls such as Libby and the Ashleys who are very much like those that have harassed them in the past.
  • Rumor has it that Sakuya Izayoi was once a follower of Buffy…that is until her defeat at the hands of Remilia Scarlet. Whether this is true or not is speculation, but it would explain why she gives Sakuya a disdained look on her face whenever they fight. The maid's time-stopping powers have proven to be more than a match for Buffy's powers.
  • To her surprise, there were two more deities with Summers as their last name. Although she had a lukewarm reception with Scott Summers, she bonded more easily with Hope Summers. Much of the reason has to do with how similar Hope's situation was with her younger sister Dawn; both hunted down for their mass potential.
  • Struck up an unexpected friendship with Supergirl when they found out that, being blonde action girls with super-human abilities who started out their careers fighting eldritch monsters in their teen years, they had plenty stories to share. To her surprise, both girls also found an alternate reality where they teamed up every so often.
  • Scouted out Maya Fallegeros as a prospect to join her Hunter Squad. Maya sat on the offer for awhile, before ultimately accepting as more evil threats surfaced in the Pantheon. In turn, the squad has now become the Night Hand, with Maya's temple, the City of Dawn, serving as their base of operations. Furthermore, Maya, with Dante's backing, was able to convince both Buffy and Blade to have the latter join the team part-time. While Buffy is still the primary leader of the team due to being the most experienced at that, she has no issue making use of good resources offered by a partner.
  • When Dante went missing in the Underworld cleaning up his brother's mess, Buffy determined they needed someone to fill the void and so invited the drifter called Gene to join the group. It didn't take long for him to accept, and though he is a bit gung-ho about fighting and killing demons and other monsters, the power of the God Hand gives him plenty of reason for it.

    Jimmy Hopkins 
James "Jimmy" Hopkins, God of Bully Hunting
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Bullworth Academy Emblem.
  • Theme Songs: Bully Main Theme and Walk Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with some shades of Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Bully Hunters (Codifier of the Trope), Casanovas, The Only Sane Kid in a School of Oddballs, Redhead Wearing a Signature Blue Colored Uniform, Jerks with Soft Spots, Smart, Fast and Short Powerhouses, Suffering Genre Blindness Because Gary Smith Used Him, Being a Proud Momma's Boy.
  • Domains: School, Pranks.
  • Heralds: Pete Kowalski, Russell Northrop, Zoe Taylor
  • High Priest: BB
  • Allies:
  • Friendly Enemies: The Ashleys, Sae Kasiwagi, Seymour Skinner
  • Enemies: Gary Smith, Agatha Trunchbull, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Biff Tannen, Libby Chessler
  • Odd Friendship: Aran Ryan
  • Jimmy was always a rebellious student, a huge reason he was expelled from a lot of different schools for the crimes of vandalism, violence, vulgarity, insubordination and arson. After entering Bullworth Academy, he met Gary Smith and he showed Jimmy how to get around Bullworth, but as it turned out Gary was not only a bully but a sociopath as well and double-crossed Jimmy the moment he saw an opportunity. This took Jimmy on a quest to put take control and dominate every clique in the school, whatever the means and defend those that take advantage of weaker students. After taking down Gary, Jimmy was later invited to the Elysium Academy as one of its chief students, becoming an honorary Hall Monitor (A title he isn't very confortable with, given his relationship with the Prefects at Bullworth) and even getting the title of Bully Hunter.
  • Jimmy is usually fairly easy-going and likes to stick up for the weaker students. He may be a shortie but he is not any less dangerous because of it and his fighting skills, while not very perfect, are good enough that he has no trouble keeping up with foes double his size.
  • Despite his anti-heroic stance on bullying, Jimmy is actually a good friend of the Kamen Rider Club. This is mostly because Gentaro Kisaragi found a kindred spirit in getting people to get along with each other, and Jimmy Hopkins respects Gentaro as a friendly delinquent that doesn't bully others. The two sealed their friendship with Gentaro's Secret Handshake and have now become the "Academy Hunters", preparing to capture any and all bullies to administer justice. Jimmy also holds lots of respect for Shun, Miu and JK for many different reasons: Shun for being a Lovable Jock who fights for the side of good because it feels good to do so, Miu because she works hard in order to get to where she is, and JK for his knowledge intel. It's also because all three of them have their own mechas (The King, Queen, and JK Dizer respectively) and is itching to build one of his own mechas to help administer justice.
  • Jimmy decided to be a lot more proactive in fighting bullying, making many friends and plenty of foes along the way. Some people started to praise and even help Jimmy in his attempts at taking down bullies. Some like Kyo Kusanagi, Asuka Kazama and Chie Satonaka respect his combat prowess, with Jimmy often tagging along whenever they run into a problem (running errands and fixing stuff what he usually does).
    • Then there was Makoto Itou, at first Jimmy didn't have a good opinion about him, considering his womanizing nature, but hearing that bullies is the one thing that sets him off, he ended warming up to him. Makoto has even attempted to convince Jimmy to help him deal with both Kotonoha and Sekai, but Jimmy being savvy enough to know that those are bad news, he decided to abstain and only get involved if things get messy.
  • Jimmy is no stranger to meeting eccentric or borderline insane people (He used to think Gary was a friend to him) but becoming friends with Irish boxer Aran Ryan, notoriously for being insane and a cheat, is something he never ever expected. The reason Aran respects him is because in the past he was bullied because of his name pronunciation and so he likes to join him in some bully beatdown if available. While Jimmy appreciates the help, he is a bit wary of the irishman.
  • His days as the Pantheon's Bully Hunter got a lot more difficult once Gary Smith entered the picture. Having learned that his old nemesis manipulated and stole a temple from a deity, Jimmy quickly confronted Gary and kicked him out before anything bad happened. Unfortunately, Gary was here to stay and so Jimmy swore that he would take down Gary whatever the cost. Thankfully, Jimmy made enough friends that Gary had to sneak his way into the House of Villainy to avoid getting ganged up by all of Jimmy's pals, and this time these people aren't as gullible or stupid as the ones at Bullworth were.
  • Speaking of bullying victims, many of those adore Jimmy for standing up for them, even if many would prefer a less violent approach to calming things down. Gary was a huge reason why he ended up befriending both Chihiro and Misao, since they were targetted by Gary and given their history with bullying, he didn't want them to suffer more than they already did. That and in a way both remind him of Pete Kowalski, his one true friend.
  • He is respectful towards teachers that treat him well, even if his general delinquent appearance may say otherwise. While at first he thought Skinner was another useless principal like Crabblesnitch, Jimmy's opinion changed the moment he discovered that, even with his flaws, Skinner wants the best for his students.
    • That said, he hates Agatha Trunchbull for embodying the worst traits of both Mr. Burton and Mr. Hattrick while looking like Edna, Bullworth's cook. The moment Trunchbull caught sight of Jimmy, she wanted nothing but to punish the young man but thankfully, Matilda was there to help Jimmy handle her. After that, both Jimmy and Matilda became friends, usually being her best partner when it comes to keeping the halls of School safe.
  • Besides Gary, he's been keeping tabs in a few notable awful people. He constantly is on the watch of Biff Tannen since at least he is dangerous enough to know how to time travel but when it comes to a fist fight, Jimmy thinks he is just a wuss. He is also not fond of rich assholes like Princess Morbucks or the Reagans, having dealt with the Preppies hasn't left Jimmy with a nice impression of rich people in the first place. He personally has beaten the crap out of Neil a few times after he kept pestering some of his associates and other times because he is one of Gary's confidants.
  • When it comes to female bullies or Alpha Bitches, Jimmy likes to take a less direct approach since he doesn't like hitting women. Libby Chessler and the aforementioned Eliza Reagan have been two of the most frequent female bullies he has encountered and usually to combat this he has enlisted the aid of his female Bully Hunter friends to deal with them if things get physical. Other time though he prefers to just egg them or hit them with a slingshot.
    • That's when he ended up meeting Pippi. Her unassuming looks tricked all bullies into thinking she was just a weird girl, only to get plummeted. Jimmy saw potential in her and since then recruited her as another Bully Hunter friend, usually having her patrol the younger members since they are more likely to be safe with her.
  • Believe or not, he is a very good artist even if Jimmy sells himself short. He tends to visit the House of Craft on ocassion, often because he likes to gather items.
  • Niko Bellic believes to have spotted him once on Liberty City, wandering around the park. Jimmy has never really been to that city and he can't quite confirm Niko's suspicion, especially since apparently this was a more grown up Jimmy. Even then, the similarities of both men made them bond and Jimmy fears that his rebellious nature may land him in a similar life as Niko.
  • Can also be found in School Activities.

    Miles Quaritch 
Colonel Miles Quaritch, God of Villainous Colonists

    Scarface (Predator
Scarface, God of Hunting Humans and Other Dangerous Creatures (The New Way Devil, El Diablo Invisible, El Diablo que hace trofeos de los hombres, Jerry [only Matt, Pat, Woolie and Liam call him this, and they're the only ones allowed to do so in any case], The Predator)


    The Monster Hunters 
The Monster Hunters, Deities of Monster-Hunting Orders

    Mr. Fox 
Mr. Fox, God of Roguish Poachers (F.F. Fox, Foxy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His tail
  • Theme Music: Let Her Dance
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Cunning Like a Fox, Roguish Poacher, Civilized Animal, Lovable Rogue, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Foxes, Family
  • Heralds: Mrs. Fox, Ash Fox, Kristofferson Silverfox, Kylie Sven Opossum, Clive Badger
  • High Priest: William Smith
  • Allies: Nick Wilde, Fox McCloud, Tails
  • Rival: Foghorn Leghorn
  • Enemies: Eustace Bagge, Ratigan, Cuccos
  • Opposes: Dr. Zomboss, Twitch
  • Disliked by: The Farmer
  • A fox that's every bit as wily as one would think, Mr. Fox also has a family he tends to, even if that family isn't quite normal. His main job is to try and steal food from three cruel farmers, but he has a fairly good reason for doing so: to feed his family. Those farmers wouldn't go down without a fight, but Fox and his companions were able to outwit them and give his family the food they need regardless of the circumstances.
  • His temple on the surface looks like a fairly scenic landscape, but his home is actually underground. While this meant that it would be easier for anyone trying to stop him to know where he's at, he does have a couple of backup locations underground. He does have these locations far from the paths of deities who have expertise in tunneling.
  • Even though he is aware that there is a House of Food along with the fact that he could just visit that place legally with to get his family meals, he seems to prefer stealing food from amoral people, especially if said people are farmers. It may also have to do with Mr. Fox being wary of ending up with some weird and highly questionable food if he does attempt to steal stuff from that place.
  • It didn't take that long for him to find some poultry in the Pantheon, but trying to get close to them proved to be more challenging than he thought. Foghorn Leghorn was far more crafty than any kind of chicken Mr. Fox had stolen. That and Foghorn is greatly offended by Mr. Fox's primary occupation, regardless of the fox's reasons. If Foghorn is tasked with guarding chickens then chances are he'll be in conflict with Mr. Fox whenever the latter sets foot.
    • Of course, that is nothing compared to what happened when Mr. Fox got his paws on some Cuccos. At first, it didn't seem too difficult to reach them, but by the time he stole six of the Cuccos, they retaliated and Mr. Fox was forced to retreat from a bunch chickens pecking away at him. To add insult to injury, Foghorn was watching the whole debacle from afar and made jokes at the fox's expense. Mr. Fox really wasn't happy with what unfolded.
  • He doesn't like Ratigan all that much due to encountering a rat that worked for the farmers that Mr. Fox was trying to steal. Given that Ratigan has quite a bit of brains, the fox is worried about what would happen if Ratigan targeted him and his family, though Ratigan doesn't care a whole lot to even notice him.
    • Although he doesn't have the same level of animosity towards Twitch as the Plague Rat isn't really malicious, it's clear that Mr. Fox not only distrusts him, but he can't help but feel that things would be very different if Twitch were really a bad guy. Other issues include just how rancid of a lifestyle Twitch has and why anyone would even like moldy cheese.
  • Dr. Zomboss heard about Mr. Fox's exploits in stealing livestock and figured that it would be of use to him to try and steal some edible plants since they are a thorn on Zomboss' side. Mr. Fox wasn't interested in the offer since he would rather steal things on his own accord rather than do so for someone else. Zomboss' goals are also something that bothers Mr. Fox, if only slightly.
  • No attempts came out of him thus far to try and break in to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. At the very least he might be aware of blueprints of the place, but considering how much more advanced the chocolate factory is compared to a simple farm, he hasn't tried to break in for the time being.
  • There were a few farmers present that it led to Mr. Fox deciding to pay them a visit. He found Eustace Bagge to be very mean-spirited, though not on the same level as Boggis, Bunce, and Bean. While Mr. Fox doesn't really hold a grudge against The Farmer, it was clear that the latter isn't happy about having his hard work taken away from him by some crafty animals. Lucky for The Farmer that Mr. Fox doesn't visit him that much since the initial encounter and that Eustace tends to get in some trouble with the Fox on occasion.
  • While he was able to meet a few other foxes, most of them obviously weren't the same as him in terms of their specialty. It didn't stop him from being friendly towards them and respecting how they care about their friends. He is very friendly with Nick Wilde given that they are both wily foxes and used their wits to help them get past problems. Nick's partner Judy is a bit more mixed on Mr. Fox as while she understands that he has a family to support and that Mr. Fox's adversaries are not very kind, she believes that are ways to support family's without getting into trouble.
  • It's not something that comes up frequently, but he did have a job as a newspaper columnist before he returned to being a thief. When it comes to Pantheon life, Mr. Fox is more of a guest columnist for some newspaper and seems to prefer being a thief whenever he isn't asked to write a column.
  • Telling him to stop swiping is not going to get him to stop swiping. At the very least, he'll probably just stop his planned heist at the moment, but he'll likely have a Plan B to try and get that heist completed for good when he gets back to it. Earplugs may or may not be a part of Plan B, but Mr. Fox does have a hunch that his desired items are going to be better protected next time he tries.
  • As compelling as it sounds, he has no plans to steal anything with a high material value such as jewels. That's better left to more skilled thieves. Not that Mr. Fox isn't skilled, but trying to do such a thing is very much beyond what he can do normally. That and food & drink are more necessary to keep him and his family sustained.

    Pokémon Hunter J 
Pokémon Hunter J, Goddess of Evil Poachers