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This is arguably the most unorthodox subhouse in the House of Weapons. Not only does it house deities that can use ordinary objects as weapons, but just about everything here (including the floorboards) can be used as a weapon. That said, there is a limit on how many times a body can be used as a weapon per week. After all, someone's going to get tired of being used as an object eventually.

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Greater Gods

    Simon (Gurren Lagann
Simon the Digger, God of Drills (Captain Garlock/Starlock, Domon Kasshu Jr.)

Intermediate Gods

    Caesar A. Zeppeli 
Caesar Antonio Zeppeli, God of Bubbles (The Second Zeppeli, Shiza-chan)

    Donkey Kong 
Donkey Kong, God Of Strange Ammo And Barrel Throwing (DK, King of the Jungle, Defender of the World's Largest Banana Hoard)


"You think you know me..."

Edge, God of Tables, Ladders and Chairs (The Rated R-Superstar, The Ultimate Opportunist, Adam Joseph Copeland, Damon Striker, Sexton Hardcastle, Dwight Hendrickson, The Sick Piranha)
  • Theme Song: "Metalingus" preceded with the words "You think you know me". Alternatively "You Think You Know Me".
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A MPAA R-rating logo inside a Star.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Chaotic Good during his E and C days.
  • Portfolio: Professional Wrestling, Gimmick Matches, Side Changers, Cheating, Kicking Them While They Are Down, Waiting for the Right Moment to Strike, Bad Boys Who Get All The Girls, actually a cool guy when not wrestling.
  • Domains: Competition, Glory, Trickery, Sex, Metal.
  • Herald: Beth Phoenix (his wife)
  • Allies: Christian, Randy Orton (when teamed up as Rated RKO), Gangrel and Luna Vachon (sort of unwillingly)
  • Rivals: John Cena (a friendly one), Rey Mysterio (same), The Undertaker, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy (both of them friendly) Kane, CM Punk, Beowulf
  • Enemies: Seth Rollins, Michael Cole's Laptop.
  • Fan of: Kermit the Frog and the other Muppets in the Pantheon.
  • Was sent to Hell by The Undertaker but somehow cheated him into sending him here. Rest assured, the Deadman will find him.
  • Ascended by using Money in the Bank against John Bradshaw Layfield, making him a mere mortal while securing his own spot in the pantheon.
  • He ascended from Demigod to Lesser God after his performance during the 8-Man Hell In A Cell Elimination match that determined the God of Pro Wrestling. He didn't win the match, but his accomplishments were enough to grant him enough appreciation from the Pantheon.
    • He's now an Intermediate God since joining the WWE Hall of Fame and hosts a show with Christian known as "The Edge and Christian Show that Reeks of Awesomeness".
  • The House of Love keeps a close eye on Edge. To say that they are annoyed by the fact that he has slept with many of the female members of the Pantheon who were already in a relation would be an understatement. However, with the ascension of his wife as his herald, things have calmed down.
  • Edge has mastered the art of opportunism to perfection. He has been able to spear many deities in a great variety of moments, such as during deep kisses, funerals, bathroom breaks, meetings, concerts, rousing speeches, recently earned victories, during the Jump Scare of a screamer, birthdays etc etc. He has even given advice to ninjas of the Pantheon.
  • Was relieved to find out that Christian made it to the Pantheon at long last...but not when Gangrel got into the Pantheon. When asked why Gangrel's ascension was a bad thing, Edge immediately shut up. Gangrel just smirked, knowing that Edge would do anything to keep that dirty little secret buried and mocked him by using Edge's famous, "For the benefit of those with flash photography..." line, asking the Gods to see them do a "Five-Second Pose". Edge was then seen screaming and tossing chairs everywhere.
    • Upon learning that Gangrel has grown fond of a trio of goddesses called "The Cutie Mark Crusaders", he really has no comment on how Gangrel has become fond of ponies. Then again, he has no idea what to think of John Cena's "This is whining" tactics either.
    • The reality of his history with Gangrel is that neither man has any clue what that deal was about. His reactions to Gangrel acting like a creeper are simply reflex, and he actually does appreciate the Vampire Warrior's role in helping facilitate his career.
  • Has an Odd Friendship with Rey Mysterio, having teamed up with him a few times and all. That said, the last time they teamed together, he speared Mysterio after the match was over and Rey retaliated with the 619. The next day they greeted each other as if the fight didn't happen.
  • At first, there was some animosity upon him learning that both Matt and Jeff Hardy atoned for their crimes and made it back to the Pantheon. He personally asked them to meet within the Pantheon Square Garden. The two thought it was an ambush...he just hugged them and said it was nice to see them back proper and that it was time to bury the hatchet over their antagonism over each other. Upon hearing of the "Broken" Hardys, he admits that they're both hilarious and awesome (a complete contrast to Gangrel who hasn't forgiven the two for what they did to the Cutie Mark Crusaders in the "Tarot Crusaders" incident).
  • Has an avatar that goes by Dwight Hendrickson who tends to stay away from this particular House. Why? Well, Dwight has this special "blessing" that has it that bullets, no matter where they're fired and whoever their target was, are always going to be directed at him. Thus, Dwight has to go to the House of Craft for some powerful bullet-proof armor if he ever wants to even take two steps into the House.
  • Is actually a fan of the Muppets, actually bursting out laughing when he learned from Christian that his joke about Sheamus (where he mocked the Irish wrestler to looking similar to Beaker) actually was related to Beaker. Sometimes likes to heckle other gods with Statler and Waldorf.
  • Really despises Seth Rollins for the almost-Curb Stomp that would've paralyzed the Rated-R Superstar. Even after Seth turned face, he's still not forgiving him.

    Gordon Freeman 
Gordon Freeman, God of Being the Right Man in the Wrong Place and Crowbars (Mr. Freeman, The Freeman, The One Free Man, Anticitizen One, Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes, Gertrude "Gertie" Fremont)

    Gyro Zeppeli 
Gyro Zeppeli, God of Spinning Balls (The Third Zeppeli, Iulius Caesar)

    Haruko Haruhara 
Haruko Haruhara, Goddess of Weaponized Instruments (Haruha Raharu, Vespa Girl, Housekeeper Wannabe)

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi 
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, God of Using Human Bodies As Weapons (Gorilla, the Supreme King)
  • Theme Song: This is a Fight to Change the World
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Symbol: The Toyotomi Clan crest... with his Power Fist clenched upwards.
  • Portfolio: Large and in Charge, Bad Guys With Honor, Power Fist, Grabbing Allies And Smacking Enemies With Them, Grapplers, Not-So-Good Light, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: War, Weapons, 'Friendship'
  • Allies: Ishida Mitsunari, Dian Wei, Otani Yoshitsugu.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oda Nobunaga
  • Enemies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Maeda Keiji, Fortinbras
  • Friendly Enemies With: Raoh, Adell
  • Worthy Opponent: Mori Motonari
  • Rose from the grave due to the efforts of his trusted vassal Ishida Mitsunari. Hideyoshi plans to resume his conquest... as well as vengeance on Ieyasu who killed him. Things went on a boost when Hideyoshi's strategist, Otani Yoshitsugu, ascended.
  • Has a friendly rivalry with Raoh. Due to their stances within the GUAE and GUAG, they often come to blows... and respect each others' strength.
  • Recently he has been working towards finding a seat of power to ensure Hanbe's ascension next. Once all of his top retainers have reached godhood, he can begin to move forward. However, as of recent, he seemed to be delaying the project, waiting for one more top retainer... Shima Sakon.
  • Considers Mori Motonari as a worthy opponent.
  • Dian Wei despite being a bit close with Hideyoshi, tends to upset him when he feels he needs to change for the better. Hideyoshi retorts by saying his rule is much more guaranteed than Cao Cao's of all people.
  • Surprisingly enough, he gets confused with either Piccolo or Vegeta, due to having them a same voice.
  • Hideyoshi has learned somewhere from his 'origin' that had he succeeded unifying the Land of the Rising Sun, he would've continued to expand the borders into the land called 'Korea' through a bloody campaign... although it ended with the 'origin' failing. Hideyoshi claims that if he would have his current army, he would've succeeded in his 'origin''s stead.
  • He also learned how in another timeline he was kind of a weasel that submitted to the power of Genma. Hideyoshi is not amused and swore that he will bury that image with his fist and strength. And so, when Fortinbras came to offer him strength again, Hideyoshi had a violent battle and ended up throwing Fortinbras out of his house and gave a law that all who fights under the Toyotomi banner must NEVER succumb to Genma influence, or else they get splattered with his fist.
  • Lately Hideyoshi has been having a certain fit of headaches that required him to rest, which would result him dreaming on fighting a certain man who claimed to be himself, wielding a sansetsukon while looking more monkey-like, and claims that he's nothing but a tyrant, and a ruler should strive to make a land where the people can be happy. Hideyoshi usually rebuked that he'd rather have his people strong than happy, and the fact that this alternate Hideyoshi still had his Nene makes him a weakling unworthy of the throne (he killed his Nene to prove his commitment to power). But the battle never concluded because Hideyoshi always woke up mid-battle.
    • However, after seeing what kind of work he's done to Mitsunari's personality, the staff-wielding Hideyoshi is more determined than ever to bring down the gorilla man. He also fears while he's already launched his historical-self's "infamous Korean Campaign" again with the same ill success as with his historical counterpart, he may try it again; now that he's returned from his death by Ieyasu's hands, staff-wielding-Hideyoshi is having none of that.
      • Due to more recent visions, he deems the 'fat-gentleman Ieyasu', 'ambiguously-evil Nobunaga' and several others who'd outright oppose his power as even more threats on his plate, as they are the same ones who'd go against him only double due to being alternate incarnations. He is also more jealous than ever of the "monkey-man's" friendship with Saika Magoichi, a famous name of certain individuals of a clan he never got along with.
      • Recently, gorilla-Hideyoshi seems to be winning an argument against monkey-Hideyoshi in that since they are the same person, then what they do is no different; there appears to be another timeline of monkey-Hideyoshi ending up just as cold-and-cruel just to enforce peace, only to break down in despair of what he's done when faced at a weak moment. While the gorilla taunts away, the monkey admits this and is not afraid to say that both of them can change for the better.
      • Gorilla-Hideyoshi is also amused at the shamisen-version-Motochika's voice. It sounds JUST like his own, as mentioned before; but in Hideyoshi's case he's often the most baffled since the Motochika he remembers is a lot more rowdy and clearly is a pirate that needs to be subjugated in his eyes. However, both the anchor-pirate and the shamisen wielder have stated to him that they would defy the fate he would forcefully place upon them to the very end.
      • He's also recently met Nene (the ninja one), and he seems to feel a hint of wavering in front of her. Nene tried to convince him to change, but the gorilla man tried to kill her the same he did with his Nene after overpowering her in battle; Basara-Keiji and Koei-Hideyoshi came in on time, with the latter swearing to bring him to death, even if he'd risk his own life in the process due to their lifelink.

Ratchet, God of Wrenches as Weapons ("This Guy", "Sarge", "Subject 209", "Dread Pirate Ratchet")
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The RYNO or the Omniwrench
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (originally Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: BFGs, One Man Armies, Massive Firepower, Stuff Blowing Up, Killer Rabbit, Former Would-Be Villain, Kid Hero, Heartwarming Orphan, Last of His Kind
  • Domains: Destruction, Good, Protection, Arsenal
  • Followers: Dieci Nakajima
  • Allies: Clank, Captain Qwark, Tidus, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Mickey Mouse, Sora, Riku, Yuna, Aqua, Laguna Loire, Oerba Dia Vanille, Aurora, Cinderella, the Engineer, Melody, Amigo
  • Enemies: Chairman Drek, Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Gleeman Vox, Ace Hardlight, Emperor Tachyon, Polygon Man, Lady Tremaine, Maleficent
  • Ratchet has a friendly rivalry with Link over who has claim to the most diverse arsenal. Vash admires Ratchet's efforts to save the galaxy, but frowns upon the destruction that frequently follows in his wake.
    • Also has a friendly rivalry with Jak, as seen when they fought each other over Polygon Man's All-Star Power. They're currently in the race to see who can beat Maleficent in a battle first. Jak has the advantage, given he is one of only three deities who defeated Master Xehanort (the others being Terra and Riku).
      • Most recently, he fought Jak and Daxter in a Death Battle. Ratchet and Clank won due to a greater variety in their arsenal, better healing items, and Clank being able to negate Light Jak's time freeze ability. It is said that Ratchet was imminently regretful for the battle, recounting Polygon Man's attempts to force their respective predecessors (Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon) into a clash.
    • He and Clank also share a minor rival with Sora, Donald, and Goofy over their respective impacts in various worlds. The trio have constellations in one world, and African paintings in another, while the duo have statues of them with a chief to commemorate a famous battle.
  • Oftentimes confronts Max Jenius, God of Rocket Swarms, over whose Macross Missile Massacres are more spectacular.
  • Ratchet once teamed up with Aqua to help her deal with Lady Tremaine and her daughters, while she in return helps him deal with Courtney Gears after they team up to attack Blackwater City and murder its mayor.
  • Yuna once mistook Ratchet for Tidus when he responded to her whistling, due to their voices being very similar. After the confusion was settled, they decided to become friends, with Ratchet sometimes giving Yuna tips on shooting.
    • Speaking of familiar voices, Ratchet has taken quite a shine to Melody, since her voice reminds him of his Love Interest, Talwyn Apogee.
  • Due to being a lombax, Ratchet has taken on inventing as a hobby, and has invented a rocket sled, an anti-matter bathroom buddy, and "stunderwear", which was said to be huge on Umbris. He even built his first ship at the young age of fourteen... only for it to crash into Novalis during the maiden voyage.
  • Bringing up Ratchet's past, where he's a teenage lowlife obsessed with getting payback with Captain Qwark, and being a Jerkass to Clank, to the point where he was wildly hated by everyone, is a major Berserk Button, as Ratchet hates being reminded of his abusive self.
  • Whatever you do, make sure to leave Veldin, Ratchet's home planet, alone; threaten to destroy it, and Ratchet will blow you up with his countless weapons, climaxing with the RYNO V. Chairman Drek and Dr. Nefarious learned this lesson the hard way.
  • Ratchet was drawn in to the events of the Friendship Asylum after Sora was corrupted. Currently, he and Clank are ready to storm the asylum and rescue their allies, but little do they know is that Riku was corrupted, too... and has his sights on the two.
  • Is actually quite amused that Amigo has an all-star move which forces enemies to dance, similar to his Groovitron. The two have come to a agreement that they will use their respective moves to help their allies and distract their enemies.
  • Ratchet is, by accident, Gardevoir's original trainer, having caught her as a Ralts in a Great Ball during a major conflict.

    Shovel Knight 
Shovel Knight, God of the Shovel Strike (The Ghost of Shovels, A Shining Example of the Code of Shovelry, Butt Butt)
  • Theme Song: The theme from the trailer for his game., Main Theme
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: His trusty Shovel Blade
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Shovel Strike, Improbable Weapon User, The Faceless, Knight in Shining Armor, Determinator, Hyperspace Arsenal, Hurting Hero, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Weapons, Justice, Knights
  • Allies: Shield Knight (his lover), King Arthur, Sir Arthur, Artoria Pendragon, The Soldier, Mega Man, Link, Shantae, Toejam and Earl, Sash Lilac, Specter Knight, Travis Touchdown, Isaac
  • Rivals: Scrooge McDuck
  • Opposes: Plague Knight actually complicated relationships with him and Mona
  • Enemies:
    • Non-ascended: The rest of the Order of No Quarter
    • Ascended: No specific examples yet. In general, any forces of evil.
  • Made his way into the Pantheon after some Gods took notice of him. They found his short stature, unusual (main) weapon, and his idealistic valor endearing.
  • Had requested the help of many to provide him supplies and resources for his quest to save his beloved from the Enchantress. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the Shovel Knight is preparing for his journey as we speak.
    • After his journey, he found his place in the Pantheon, and was very pleased to learn that the title of God of Shields seems to be vacant. He attempted to get his beloved partner Shield Knight ascended to the position. But Zhang Xingcai decided to come in and take most of the tropes relating to shield uses into her position, though Shovel Knight hasn't stopped trying.
      • He finally manages to accomplish this when she ascended as Zhang's High Priestess.
  • He is well liked by Matt, Pat and Woolie who praised his adventures and now hang out together from time to time.
  • Most of the pantheon says he's what Mega Man and Link would be should the two ever fuse. Although he is happy to have them as his allies, Shovel Knight is rather annoyed at the statement.
  • During his travels of his land, crossed paths with the God of War, Kratos. After a fierce battle that required the use of many of his Relics, Kratos deemed him a worthy opponent, helping him to rise to Intermediate status.
  • Shovel Knight once accidentally made fun of Sven, not realizing that he's more than just a Lesser God, which caused the Rogue Knight to get pumped up with God's Strength and smacked him silly. To make up for that blunder, Shovel Knight then issued a challenge to Chaos Knight... but that kinda failed too.
  • After the Plague of Shadows DLC, a little doubt has been cast over Shovel Knight's hero-ness, given that he attacks Plague Knight from behind after being defeated by him (twice, no less) and he doesn't pull the Order of No Quarter back up from dangling after defeating them (when a caring player could and would). Shovel Knight so far has not commented on this, even as the testifier himself made that accusation. Still, if the people in his world regard Plague Knight as a hero… well, he'd rather not get involved with the Plague Doctor at least.
    • At least, until he was told of WHY Plague Knight went on his quest; to try and become powerful enough for Mona to love when, when in fact she already did love him. Because of this new information, he has decided to lay off being suspicious of him, but still warned him to not cause trouble, to while Plague Knight agreed while rolling his eyes underneath his mask.
  • On one of his adventures, he somehow ended up in a strange world where there were three dimensions. Unused to the feeling of being able to move in so many directions, he found the whole experience extremely disorienting and unpleasant and reacted with horror when he was told that many other such worlds exist. Unwilling to let any obstacle, no matter how daunting, come between him and the possibility of treasure, he sought out worlds that were somewhere in between two and three dimensions, hoping to build up a tolerance to the third dimension that way.
  • Recently, the Blue Burrower located such a world, and returned from an adventure there with a brand new story to tell.
  • Found himself in an unexpected brawl after following a trail of gems to the temple of one Scrooge McDuck. The battle was set to be in his favor thanks to the fact that Scrooge's cane couldn't penetrate his armor until Scrooge turned the tide, using a pair of rayguns to neutralize his inertia and friction—but not gravity—and used Shovel Knight's own Shovel Blade to decapitate the knight himself. After things settled down, they have become interested in one another, and Shovel Knight is thinking of giving Scrooge a Shovel Blade of his own.
  • Has been invited to a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's. And fellow Indie Game deities like Sash Lilac, Captain Viridian, Octodad, and Dust have been invited as well.
    • He was also invited to another tournament, and was surprised to see that Isaac got this same invitation, fighting with much more than just his tears this time. Despite the initial shock, Shovel Knight has deemed Isaac a respectable opponent and can be seen training with him.
    • And just recently, he was invited as an Assist Trophy to the Master Hand's tournament, Super Smash Bros., albeit just as an Assist Trophy. Even though he's not a full-fledged fighter, Shovel Knight considers this a great honor.
  • One day while resting in his temple, he woke up to see Shield Knight laying down and resting in his lap. When confused and asked her about why she wasn't with Zhang, the goddess she was the high priestess of, Shield Knight showed him her official papers that made her a diety. While overjoyed at this news, his joy turned to surprise as he saw it was Plague Knight and Mona whom helped her ascend. Despite this shock, he was more than happy to thank them, even offering to help Plague Knight as long as it doesn't involve destruction. To his surprise, Plague Knight simply asked if he could give him good romance advice with his relationship with Mona, to which the blue knight accepted.
    • Upon hearing Shield Knight was planning to set out on a trip to the TV World to conquer her Shadow, he insisted to the Investigation Team that he was coming along to help her. Despite the risks of running into Shovel Knight's own Shadow if he does, and that he would be unable to help Shield Knight should they beat it and grant him his Persona, he decided that it was worth it and the Team relented. The mission was a success, and Shield Knight managed to obtain her Persona as a result.

Temari, Goddess of Giant Deadly Fans (The Ninja Lumberjack, Temari Nara)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her open Tessen
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Weapon of Choice: Tessen
  • Portfolio: Ninjas, Razor Wind, Paper Fans of Doom, Defrosting Ice Queen, Summoning Kamaitachi, Long-Range Fighter, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domain: Air, Family, Sand, Ninjutsu
  • Allies: Shikamaru Nara (her husband), Gaara, Batman, Masaki Andoh, Captain Planet, Anji Mito, Kitana
  • Often visits the House of Love to convene with Mai Shiranui (fellow ninja) and at the Academy to spend tea time with Shizuru (they both love the color purple).
  • Normally has to work with Batman to get Shikamaru to do anything (that is, he tells her what needs to be done, and she gets the lazy bum to do it).
    • Any insinuations that she and Shikamaru are an item will result in outrage... and possibly violence. Saying "I told you so." After they inevitably hooked up ends with more violence.
  • Doesn't take kindly to those who point out that "that hairstyle looks so much better on Yotsuba..."
  • Expected Masaki Andoh to be her follower, considering his friends already followed the Gods of their respective elements. But he didn't show up... until the day of his ascension alongside with his fellow partners.

Lesser Gods

    Beowulf (Skullgirls

"It's time! It's time! It's BEOWULF TIME!!"

Beowulf, God of Chair Bashing (Kamrad Volk)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His foldable chair, "The Hurting", with his wolf pelt laying on it
  • Theme Music: The Crowd Goes Wild
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Weapon of Choice: The Hurting
  • Portfolio: Bashing People With a Chair Called "The Hurting", Pro Wrestling Is Real, Large Ham, Using a Gigan's Arm To Attack, Underestimated Badass Normal, Retired Badass (Returned), Idiot Hero, Determinator
  • Domains: Wrestling, Chairs, Wolves
  • High Priest: Rob Van Dam
  • Allies: King II, Zangief, John Cena, Kanji Tatsumi, Captain Qwark, Yamcha, Parasoul, Filia, Cerebella
  • Rivals: Edge
  • Enemies: Double, Bloody Marie, Eliza (even if he never met her)
  • A formerly retired professional wrestler from the Canopy Kingdom, he was hailed as a hero for defeating (and killing) a Gigan called Grendel in a wrestling match. Where he eventually fell into obscurity, he returned back to the ring to defeat the current Skullgirl with his trusty chair "The Hurting", Grendel's severed arm and his wrestling skills.
  • He managed to ascend partly because of how much the crowd wanted him to return back to the ring. In the first exhibition match in the Pantheon, the crowd went wild when he stepped onto the ring. The Wulfamania is running wild and he ain't stopping!
  • Where he might be a mere Lesser God, do not underestimate him. Sure, Grendel was drugged so that Beowulf could beat him, and then he killed his rather frail mother, but he can possibly beat Double, Marie and Grendel in his full strength more or less alone. He also doesn't simply throw people way heavier than him, he picks them up, carries them around and then throws them.
  • He tends to avoid any gods with necromancy powers in the fear that they might use Grendel's arm against him.
  • Note that he is NOT based on Kanji Tatsumi. Beowulf himself admits that where Kanji has the potential of becoming a good wrestler after having a match with him, he thinks that he is bit too rough on the edges. That, and he really should stop breaking his chairs.
    • He sees Edge as a rival though, especially when it comes to the Rated-R Superstar performing his famous Con-Chair-Tos on them.
  • His title is meant to read as bashing people with chair, not bashing the chair itself.
  • For whatever reason, anytime he does his grand finisher, Canis Major Press, Mr. Champloo comes up to count the pins. He says that he sounds like his usual referee.
  • Is buddies with Captain Qwark due the fact that he himself was a fake hero, even if he only found out about it way later, and trying to make up for it later.
  • Sympathises with Yamcha as Beowulf knows what it's like to be considered a loser. Beowulf has even taken to wearing Yamcha's colours sometimes during matches to honour him.

Clinkz, God of Bone Projectiles (Bone Fletcher, Brooklyn Kurtz, Clinkz Eastwood)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bone arrow on fire
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Skeleton Marksman, Good Guy Among the Dire Heroes, Immortality Gone Horribly Wrong, Fragile Archer, Searing Arrows, Skeleton Walk, Strafe, Wreathed in Hell-Fire
  • Domains: Hellfire, Bones, Archery, Combat
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Traxex, The Champions of Runeterra, Link
  • Teethclenched Teamwork: Lucifer the Doom, Pudge
  • Odd Friendship: Artix Von Krieger
  • Clinkz was once a normal knight, until the day where he slew a demon and unwittingly activated an immortality spell while getting his body burned by the demon's death throes. From that day on, Clinkz became the Bone Fletcher, the skeletal archer perpetually on fire.
    • Clinkz and Traxex are often considered to be counterparts to each other. Fire vs ice, burning arrows vs frosty arrows, fiery and furious vs cold and quiet, and equally fragile. Clinkz himself seem to have some degree of respect for Traxex.
  • For some reason, chinese gods perceive Clinkz not as a skeleton, but as an imp-like creature.
  • It is not known why Clinkz apparently prefer the Dire Heroes to the Radiant Heroes. Some speculate that it is possible that because of Clinkz' current state, the Radiants might be distrustful and uncomfortable about Clinkz. At least the Dires (with their own undeads, demons, monsters and the like) wouldn't discriminate him based on his appearance.
  • Clinkz is pretty okay with fellow skeletal gods (who Clinkz tend to refer to as "bony brethren"), such as Spinal. When gods asks Clinkz why he'd hang out with someone like Spinal, he explains that he also hangs out with Pugna, so Spinal isn't that bad by comparison.
    • He has especially gotten along with Sir Daniel Fortesque, since they're both skeleton knights.
  • Admires Hawkeye's and Green Arrow's archery skills, and has expressed a desire to take them on in an archery contest. If nothing else, it would be good practice.
  • Was opposed at first by the Belmonts, because of the bone tossing skeletons they had encounters with. When they realized that Clinkz is actually not that bad for a skeleton, however, the hostility ceased.
  • Despite Clinkz being undead and Artix Von Krieger frequently having the urge to go on undead slaying rampages, they're somehow friends. Artix feels sorry about Clinkz' condition however.
  • Even though they're often on opposite sides, Lina actually likes Clinkz to the point that some of her lines toward him has been interpreted as flirting. However, it's a bad idea to ask Lina if she's especially interested in Clinkz.
  • As they're both users of burning arrows, Clinkz and Sailor Mars had an encounter. Though she was uncomfortable that Clinkz uses hellfire for his arrows and is a burning skeleton, the fact that Clinkz is a decent guy beneath all of that meant that she could see past that.
  • Has shown respect for Link for his skills with a bow, and stated that he would like to challenge the hero of time to a friendly spar someday.
  • He let Madoka, at some point, take his place in the battle of the ancients. She imitated his style and soon the two became allies with Clinkz promising to protect her if harm should come her way.
  • "The Bone Fletcher burns again."

    Diddy Kong 
Diddy Kong, God of Edible Ammunition (The Acrobat)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Nintendo Cap next to a Peanut Popgun
  • Theme Music: Stickerbush Symphony; The Map Page/Bonus Level
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gadgets Made out of Barrels, Firing Guns That Shoot Peanuts, Red Caps, Wearing Clothes (But No Pants), Banana Peels
  • Domains: Monkeys, Guns, Friendship
  • Allies: Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. (also a Friendly Rival), Mario, Luigi, JonTron, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Conker the Squirrel, Banjo & Kazooie, AiAi, Amigo, King Kong
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Mojo Jojo, Bowser, Tabuu, Galeem & Dharkon, Frieza, Koba
  • Disliked by: Dr. Zaius
  • Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's most frequent ally for whenever trouble is afoot. Given his small stature, he is more agile than DK is, but can't run into stronger enemies without getting bumped away from them. In addition to his speed he can use a Rocketbarrel pack to move farther and a Peanut Popgun to shoot enemies. The peanuts that are fired can be eaten without issue. If Diddy really wants to be serious, he can fire his Peanut Popguns while taking it to the skies via Rocketbarrel Pack.
  • A barrel showed up one day in the Pantheon bearing the words "DK" in bright red. Some deities figured that Donkey Kong would be able to determine what was in the barrel after hearing some noises come from it. Sure enough, Donkey Kong arrived onto the scene, picked up the barrel, and after throwing it, a chimpanzee with a red shirt and red cap emerged from the barrel. Donkey Kong was relieved to know that his buddy Diddy made it to the Pantheon without serious issues, even if being stuck in a barrel for a long time was rough.
  • He has been a participant of the Smash tournament since the third iteration, bringing his Peanut Popguns with him alongside some banana peels to trip up opponents. Plenty has happened during these times, such as striking up an alliance with Fox (their first meeting together had them fighting Rayquaza) and Falco in order to save Donkey Kong before eventually joining with other Nintendo characters to fight Tabuu. Diddy also got involved in the war against Galeem & Dharkon, learning that not only was his Rocketbarrel Pack not fast enough to outrun Galeem's ultimate attack, but that Galeem turned Diddy & DK's Kong friends (and some of their Animals Buddies) into Spirits as well.
  • Kidnappings are something that he's very familar with, especially since he got stuck inside a barrel to start with. When DK got kidnapped by K. Rool, Diddy and Dixie worked together to save DK. In addition to DK getting kidnapped again sometime later, Diddy got kidnapped by K. Rool, prompting Dixie and her friend Kiddy Kong to save the two. With kidnappings in the Pantheon being a relatively frequent occurance, he works together alongside the other Kongs to thwart them, provided that he or his allies don't get kidnapped first.
  • He and DK visit the House of Music as among the recreational activities in their down time to perform alongside monkey musician Amigo. However, he did notice that Amigo wasn't all that eager to be performing with a heavy metal instrument, so he decided to do something else instead; sing. Amigo was quite pleasantly surprised at this and is eager to perform with them again, maybe serving as a background instrument with a duet between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
  • AiAi came across Diddy one day eating some bananas and decided to join him. During a chat between them, Diddy learned of the various "Monkey Ball" activities that AiAi does and was curious about them. After partaking in some of these activities alongside AiAi, Diddy found the activities to be interesting, though some of them were a bit too much for him to handle (with how both Monkey Golf and Monkey Baseball work being a bit ridiculous not just for Diddy, but a few others as well). It hasn't really impacted Diddy and AiAi's friendship in any way and they still do some Monkey Ball competitions with each other (with a couple other Kongs such as Dixie joining in sometimes).
  • Diddy learned that before he joined DK, there was another monkey that hanged around with DK; that monkey being Donkey Kong Jr. At first, Diddy and DK Jr. weren't quite friendly with each other, but warmed up to each other as they got to know each other better. If the two aren't fighting against the Kongs' primary arch-enemies, then Diddy and DK Jr. engage in a bit of friendly competition to determine who gets to partake in adventure or recreational activities with DK. There have been some instances of DK Jr. getting in tennis matches with Diddy as a result.
  • Before taking part in recreational activities with DK, Diddy had his own racing adventure. Conker and Banjo without Kazooie were among those who joined Diddy in the races. Banjo decided to get Diddy to meet up with Conker against as it's been a while and the chimp was surprised to learn that the Conker he was seeing was completely different from the Conker that joined him in beating Wizpig. Banjo explained that Conker became changed drastically and that he's trying to at least, not make him crazy behind the wheel. Conkey was surprised to see Diddy as well and even with the change in the squirrel's attitude, still saw him as a friend. Diddy is still on good terms with Conker and is thankful that Banjo is keeping an eye on the squirrel since Diddy is very busy with other matters for him to hang out with his racing buddies more often.
    • In addition to his own kart-racing endeavor with Banjo and Conker, Diddy is generally familiar with racing as a result of kart-racing with Mario and his friends. There was another racing competition that the Kong Krew partook in that involved using drums to rocket across different tracks. Deities outside of the Kong Krew and K. Rool who have attempted it found it to be very unorthodox even if comparison to other strange racing competitions.
  • While there are a few other primates for Diddy to hang around with, there are a small number of such that Diddy has to be careful around. Mojo Jojo, being an insane monkey with aspirations of taking over the world, is someone whom Diddy is very wary of, especially since Mojo Jojo is more than capable of being manipulative in order to achieve his goals. Koba's homicidal behavior is even worse in that regard and Diddy is more than frightened of him and seeing him in get into a fight with someone.
    • Dr. Zaius is a monkey that dislikes the Kong Krew quite a bit. Zaius is aware of the Kong Krew having capabilities better than that of normal primates (especially with Diddy's agility and weaponry), but feels their potential is being wasted on frivolous free-time activities instead of proving their superiority towards humans. Diddy and the other Kongs really don't share Zaius' opinion of humans, likely because of said free-time activities.
  • When he first heard about King Kong, Diddy thought that the giant gorilla was a long-lost member of the Kong Krew. Upon seeing King Kong, Diddy was amazed at how large it was and quickly learned afterwards that King Kong tends to himself and isn't really related to the Kongs in any way. Not that it prevents Diddy and the other Kongs from maintaining a good-enough friendship with King Kong.
  • There are a few who aren't amused in the slightest about Diddy using peanuts as ammo, especially coming from those who are allergic to peanuts. Pit has apparently claimed that getting pelted with peanuts isn't that bad, but then again, this is the same guy who has claimed that "Floor Ice Cream gives you health" previously.

Isaac, God of Multi-Purpose Tears (Cain, Maggie, Eve, Judas, Samson, ???, Blue Baby, Azazel, Lazarus, Eden, The Lost, Lilith, Keeper, The Forgotten, Apollyon)

    Junpei Iori 
Junpei Iori, God of Baseball Combat (Da Man, Stupei, The Mighty Strike-Out Slugger, Ace Defective/Disgraced Detective)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A baseball cap, a wooden bat, and the wings of Trismigestus on the ground.
  • Theme Music: Mr. Easy-Going Man
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Baseball-based Fighting, Occasional Great Sword Wielding, Summoning Personas, Trying To Be Da Man, Hilarious Misfortune, Not Getting Enough Respect, Desire Of Specialty, Being In Someone Else's Shadow (But Is OK With That), Mighty Glacier, Heartbroken Badass, Relationship With Enemy, Bromantic Foil
  • Domains: Combat, Baseball, Magic.
  • High Priest: Casey Jones
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep
  • In spite of being able to combat Shadows with his Persona, Junpei actually chose to serve as a follower of Babe Ruth for his baseball skills rather than just jumping right on the Pantheon. After it was noted that he actually fights well with baseball theme, Ruth arranged his ascension, saying that he could serve as someone to protect innocent baseball players from harrassment. Junpei has a big "WOO-HOO" on both that and the prospect of reuniting with his partners.
  • Many of his followers usually uses this as a chant of praise for him: "Who's da man?? He(Junpei)'s da man!!". It is also necessary to point your finger upwards with your hands stretched up when doing so. Additional chanting of "Tadadada!" is optional.
  • Junpei also makes frequent passes to the Pantheon Academy to also coach the baseball team at times.
  • For some reason, he's kind of always often getting the butt end of jokes at his expense. He seems pretty okay with this, and bonds over with fellow Persona user Yosuke Hanamura for this. Though when he decided to get serious, you better watch out.
  • Once, he used to host a show named 'Junpei Believe It Or Don't', where he tells scary stories based on rumors. Sadly, he had to cease activities of that after hearing the tales of Nyarlathotep and how he can make rumors, especially bad ones, turn into reality. Even Junpei is appalled at him, citing, "Whoa... That Kagutsuchi dude would look like a saint compared to this bastard!"
    • On subject of Nyarlathotep, it seems that Junpei alone felt a rising tension from his Persona whenever Nyarly becomes the subject of talk. He finally recognized that his pre-evolution Persona (Hermes) also used to fight against Nyarlathotep, this information brought by Chronos.
  • Really doesn't like the prosect of a potential apocalypse, because in his words: "If the world ends there won't be any more hot chicks!"
  • Is trying to improve his nickname of 'Ace Defective/Disgraced Detective' by contacting Ryotaro Dojima (via Narukami) so one day, he will be one true AceDETECTIVE
  • He was the one who first reacted to Kotone's ascension under the "Minako Arisato" nickname by saying "Let's go with it as a rib on the Court of the Gods!" While Yukari and Akihiko openly groaned at the idea, Mitsuru had the S.E.E.S. crew go with it seriously for different reasons.
  • With the ascension of his follower, The Scout, both of them often join in the House of Love for the ladies. However, they also accompanied by none other than Babe Ruth.
    • Dokuro was also invited for their nights out, but after a fight between the three broke out to the point the bar shut down the next day to clean the mess, they decided to leave her behind when they went out to hit on girls.
      • All said; they highly respect Dokuro's fighting abilities, even inviting her to spar with them when they want a challenge.

Kitana, Goddess of Battle Fans (The Empress of Netherrealm, Kitana Kahn)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Symbol of Edenia.
  • Theme Song: Royal Storm.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good; Chaotic Evil as a revenant.
  • Portfolio: Bladed Fans, Action Girls, Everything's Better with Princesses, Battle Couple with Liu Kang, Kiss of Death, Rapunzel Hair, True Blue Femininity, Combat Stilettos, Rebellious Princesses, Ladies of War, Decapitation, Having Three Variations in MKX (Assassin, Royal Storm, Mournful)
  • Domains: Weapons, War, Combat, Royalty
  • Herald: Jade (her best friend)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: AJ Lee
  • Kitana is the princess of Edenia, daughter of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel and for the longest time one of Shao Kahn's personal and best assassins. She grew up believing he was his biological father, until the Mortal Kombat universe in Outworld made her realize he wasn't her real father but a conqueror who merged Outworld with her home realm of Edenia. Since then, Kitana has joined the Earthrealm warriors battled against the forces of whoever wanted to take over their realm, even gaining back control over Edenia. Given her being one of the signature fighters that use Combat Hand Fans, Kitana was later granted godhood after being recommended by Liu Kang.
  • While the Kitana here is a force of good, a different timeline had the same events play out differently. Her mother was revived and strenghtened with the soul of Shang Tsung, which caused the deaths of not only her but several other Earthrealm warriors. Said fighters also ended up becoming revenants thanks to Quan Chi, all of them serving both Quan Chi and Shinnok it their attempt at taking over Earthrealm and developing a hatred for Raiden. This version of Kitana even managed to become the Empress of the Netherrealm after Shinnok's with Liu Kang as Emperor while also being the default holder of the title. Some timeline rifts resulted in the heroic Kitana appearing in the pantheon and defeating her revenant self to seek control of the temple and the title, earning her the right to be the representative of the trope.
    • Speaking of her revenant self, she is not exactly proud of becoming the Empress of the Netherrealm after Shinnok's defeat and set to right the wrongs she committed in the pantheon, first by defeating Shao Kahn and becoming the new Kahn of Outworld, an action that caused the new Kitana to be showered by praise. She also kickstarted an attempt by the past versions of some of her friends to seize control of the temples of the pantheon from their revenants counterparts, especially Liu Kang and Kung Lao.
  • It's no secret that she and Liu Kang have had eyes for each other for a very long time but several circumstances have kept them from making it official. That all changed after Kronika was defeated. With his newfound powers, Fire God Liu Kang chose Kitana as his partner in being the new Time Keepers and Kitana accepted being at his side. No one knows what they plan to do after that but she and Liu Kang have stated that they will let things play out naturally.
  • Like many who became revenants, she had a falling out with Raiden, which later made her meet new mentors in the form of Thrall and Rachel Alucard. Things took a dark turn when her pantheon self became a revenant once more but the events of the time merging caused Kitana to change for the better, as stated above. She and Raiden became allies once more and she still keeps in touch with both Thrall and Rachel as a form of gratitude for taking care of her. She is a bit closer to the latter given her vocal resemblance to her best friend and confidant Jade, acting as a sort of replacement until she eventually finds her place in the pantheon.
  • The fact that her revenant self received visions where she would have saved Edenia if Raiden hadn't tampered with the timeline was a huge reason Kitana stayed a revenant unlike her other comrades. However, she later discovered that these visions where just a possible timeline of many and that Raiden is hardly to blame, but the Lich King Arthas Menethil is partly responsible for feeding this thoughts to Kitana, making her relation to others start to fall apart. After becoming Kahn of Outworld and finding out that she herself will never grew accustomed to Edenian culture after being raised for years in Outworld, she decided to forego this vision and swore to take down Arthas. This in turn brought her a new ally in the form of Bolvar Fordragon, the other Lich King, since he too wanted to dethrone Arthas' position as the leader of the Scourge and Kitana believing he was the Lesser of Two Evils, she agreed on Bolvar's terms.
  • Doesn't like AJ Lee, despite the fact she once dressed as her in a Halloween match. This enmity originated for the fact that AJ Lee joined forces with Mileena. However, after a wonderful performance in WrestleMania with Paige to take out the Bella Twins, Kitana changed her perception of the Geek Goddess.
  • There used to be a time where Kitana could turn into a rabbit and then proceeded to devour her opponents. She hasn't displayed that ability for a long time but those who have witnessed her do that have compared it to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Kitana being surprised that such a creature even existed but she isn't exactly flattered by the comparison.
  • While being of Royal Blood, Kitana doesn't feel like one herself, mostly thanks to the years she's been raised as a trained assassin under Shao Kahn. She did however end up meeting a few princesses in the House of Royalty that were curious about her position as Outworld's Kahn and wondering if it had anything to do with being a Queen. She first met Princesses Peach and Zelda, who welcomed Kitana and showed her the ins and outs of the Royalty house while sharing their respective histories with Bowser and Ganondorf, which Kitana found no different from Shao Kahn.
    • She also came accross someone who at first she thought was another clone of her thanks to a similar sounding voice (To give her credit, she grew a bit paranoid after Mileena was created) but it turned out to be King Artoria Pendragon. Both shared the same desire for justice and a just rule for their people, while bonding over their shared affection over another person. While Artoria thinks she wasn't the best ruler of Camelot, Kitana believes she has done her best.
  • Naturally hates and despises conquerors and Evil Overlords, Shao Kahn being chief among them. Her "father" tried to give her a warm welcome by trying to bash her skull the moment she stepped a foot in the pantheon but thankfully he was stopped before doing so. He is still sore about being defeated by Sindel's ungrateful daughter and is plotting to take the throne of Kahn back, whatever means necessary.
    • Emperor Palpatine is another one on Kitana's kill list, as his rule on The Empire has been comparable or arguably worse that Shao Kahn's rule on Outworld. To that end she tried to form an alliance with his opposition, finding common ground with Leia Organa and establishing an alliance between the rebels and Kitana's Outworld army.
  • Kitana was one of several who found themselves involved in a merging of realms, meeting several heroes and villains of the DC Universe along the way. During said time she ended up meeting Superman and Wonder Woman, who she came to admire given their dedication towards justice. On that note, Darkseid is another Evil Overlord she seeks to take down, not only for what he represents but also because he fused with her father during said events and tried to take over the combined realms.
    • Then she ended up hearing about the alternate universe where Superman became a tyrant and she was distraught to learn that one of her allies could fall so low, reminding Kitana of her revenant self but nonetheless she has no pity for Regime Superman . From that universe she also heard about Starfire, a tamaran princess who lost her home planet and sounded a lot like her and befriended her after bonding over their similar backgrounds.
  • She is a bit apprehensive of clones, considering her relationship with Mileena. Even if she is just an Evil Knockoff of her with a less than gracious face, deep down she does care a bit about Mileena, in some timelines even willing to forgive her and offer her sister to join her. Following Mileena's death at the hands of D'Vorah, Kitana keeps one of her sais as a memento, possibly as a Tragic Keepsake. That said, Mileena still wants to outdo her sister in any way she can.
  • As the divine holder of the Combat Hand Fan, she does like to train those who want to use them for kombat. However, given her Lady of War fighting style, she favours more graceful warriors and that's why she likes to spar with Mai Shiranui and Yukiko Amagi.
  • "You will learn respect!"

    Kung Lao 
Kung Lao, God of Bladed Hats

Lester, God of Weaponized Pens (Bullseye, Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter, Lester Jangles, Leonard McClain, Daredevil, Hawkeye.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Crosshair plus a Playing Card
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Weaponized Pens, Improvised Projectiles, Psychos For Hire, Uber-bastardry, For the Evulz, Batshit Crazy People, Self Made Orphans, Squick.
  • Domains: Chaos, Domination, Guns, Madness, Money, Evil, Murder.
  • Herald: Lady Bullseye
  • Allies: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Red Skull, Loki, Nu-13, Kotonoha Katsura, Tsukuyomi, Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Barra cuda, Kano, Gauron (to an extent)
  • Rivals: Jackie Chan
  • Enemies: Elektra, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Batman, Natasha Romanov/Black Widow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Opposes: Adam Savage and Jamie Hydeman
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Deadpool
  • Admires: Barbatos Goetia
  • Many are known for using all sorts of weapons, especially in the House of Weapons. Only one can make such deadly use out of mundane weaponry. That distinction belongs to Bulleye. The assassin ascended after winning a sharpshooting contest in the House of School, by using nothing but pens and playing cards. The GUAE sees him as a highly prized asset to eliminate targets.
    • No one else has suffered from him as much as Daredevil. It all started from the beginning when he offed Elektra and went on a rampage from there, killing Karen Page and even impersonating as the Man Without Fear for a while. Matt managed to deal sweet revenge when he impersonated Bulleye, leading to a battle of the ages.
    • He's not happy at seeing Elektra in the Pantheon. When the two first met in Weapons, it destroyed the much of the House. Daredevil later came by to break up the fight. Things are more or less at an impasse right now. Elektra has gotten stronger, but is hesitant to fight a guy like him with so many weapons at his disposal.
  • Also enjoys tormenting Daredevil allie Black Widow and almost killed her a number of times. She may have advanced tech at her side, but Bulleye's unpredictability has proven too much to overcome.
  • Was part of Norman Osborn's band of supervillains posing as heroes during Dark Reign. To him, it was a joyous occasion where he got to kill anyone with impunity.
  • His foray into the Dark Avengers pissed off Clint to no end. Angered at Lester for taking the Hawkeye gimmick from him, he made his own costume called Ronin to challenge him. It didn't end well for Clint, especially without his arrows. The two share an animosity ever since.
  • Was also hired by Mysterio for a time. While it seems to be no big deal, that job was the one that got him to kill Karen Page, Daredevil's long-time love interest. To that he is eternally grateful to Mysterio for giving him the opportunity.
  • Had a memorable showdown against Deadpool during his Dark Avengers gig. He thought that the Merc with a Mouth had no chance now that he has actual weapons, but Wade stymied his efforts to kill him every time. Deadpool makes sure to tell the story on how he avoided death that day, to Bullseye's chagrin. With that said, he admits enjoying the hunt and the fact that Deadpool can come back wanting for more. He even attended the merc's funeral.
  • Has awaited a showdown with the Batman, a man he believes he can defeat. While the superhero is notorious for his prep time, Bullseye thinks he could ambush Batman in an advantageous position with lots of deadly toys.
  • Is at an eternal battle with Jackie Chan over the use of weapons. Jackie may well be the only other person in the Pantheon who knows how to use any weapon at his disposal as well as Lester. Bullseye saw an even match when the two fought. The battle used every weapon available in the House of Weapons. Just when it looked like Bullseye would win, Jackie brought out the dreaded ladder. The match ended under a minute after that. Reeling from the loss, Bullseye seeks revenge, first by mastering the use of the ladder.
  • His ability of killing Love Interests have gained favor of the likes of Tsukuyomi and Kotonoha. He is welcome at both their temples at any time.
  • His greatest foe may not be Daredevil at all... but the credibility of his kills. Lester's rage for the Mythbusters is only rivals by that of Daredevil. He laments at every potential kill weapon that was deemed unrealistic, neutering his effectiveness. Even when the show has ended, he swore to give the two and their heralds gruesome deaths. With that said, the Mythbusters have planted many traps around their temple to keep the assassin at bay.
  • Sees Barbatos Goetia's word as the gospel as Bullseye hopes to have the same dreaded reputation as a Hero Killer. While he has killed a number of D-tier heroes and villains and amassed a frightening reputation, he has yet to claim the coveted status.
  • Wishes he could stick around with Gauron long enough for them to become friends. But Gauron has proven to be too psychotic even for him for extended periods of times. His best chance of a teamup is when they are both after the same target. Once the job is done or if they fail, the two part ways.

May, Goddess of Anchors

Messala, God of Spiked Wheels (Tribune)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Four black horses
  • Theme Song: "Marcia Romana"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Lawful Neutral in other continuities)
  • Portfolio: Spiked Wheels, Childhood Friends with Ben-Hur, betraying his friend to get back at him and to make himself feared, dying much sooner than his original self
  • Domains: Racing, Betrayal, Pettiness, War, Ancient Rome
  • Allies: Julius Caesar, Mars, Penelope Mouse, Hera, Bowser, Tywin Lannister
  • Enemies: YHVH, Asterix, Obelix, House of Friendship, House of Travel, House of Sports
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Judah Ben-Hur
  • Messala is a Roman militaryman who is childhood friends with the Judean prince Ben-Hur. Feeling slighted after Ben-Hur refused to cooperate with the empire, Messala let him be accused of attempted murder in order to get back at him. He also held his mother and sister captive. Years later, Ben-Hur came back to enact his revenge, and they had a showdown in the form of a chariot race. Messala used a chariot with spikes on its wheels to weed out the competition (yep, totally legal), but against Ben-Hur it backfired, resulting in Messala getting thrown off and trampled, dying shortly after. Since he's considered to have codified the usage of Spiked Wheels, he was awarded a place in the Pantheon under that trope at around the same time that Ben-Hur ascended for Chariot Race.
  • When Ben-Hur walked into his temple, told him he forgave him and that he should repent for his actions and see the Roman Empire for the evil it was, Messala hesitated a little before scoffing and replying that what he still means what he told him the last time they'd spoken: "The race is not over." Ben-Hur doesn't want to give up on him, though he's accepted that chariot racing is the only language the two can speak right now.
  • The Messala in the Pantheon is primarily the '59 version, but he's been made aware of his other selves' fates; one survived the chariot race to become crippled for life and impoverished (he's actually rather happy that this didn't happen to him or it might have impacted his position in the Pantheon), another managed to mend his bond with Ben-Hur. Interestingly, his original self never used the Spiked Wheels he's known for, nor did he cheat in any way. It was Ben-Hur himself who cheated to win. This has served as ammo for Messala to taunt Ben-Hur about getting whitewashed.
    • As for the claims that he is actually in love with Ben-Hur, all he has to say is that, whether it's true or not, it's no one's business. Although if these rumors are true, it would mean that his actions were at least in part those of a scorned lover, which gets him Hera's sympathy.
  • Messala betrayed Ben-Hur, his childhood friend, out of pettiness from Ben-Hur not following his wishes, as well as a desire for power that he believed he'd get if everyone could see how willing he was to send his friend to prison. This blatant dismissal of the value of friendship means that most of the House of Friendship holds him in contempt, except of course for Penelope Mouse, who understands why ambition would be more important than mere friendship.
  • The purpose of Spiked Wheels is precisely to wreck the opponent's vehicles and possibly the opponents themselves, so Messala is much accursed by the House of Travel for being the trope's god, especially the deities of wheeled vehicles and who participate in races. The House of Sports also dislikes him for the blatant cheating and Unnecessary Roughness that never would've been allowed in a real chariot race. Messala argued back that it wasn't considered cheating in his universe, chariot racing is a bloody, high-risk sport by definition and those who fell to his wheels only had their own weakness and lack of preparation to blame. At least the more unscrupulous deities dig his style, like Bowser, who's wondering why he's never thought of putting spikes on the wheels of his kart.
    • Whenever there's a race on the Pantheon's designated racing course where anything goes, the Rainbow Road, Messala will be there, and so will Ben-Hur. On top of his Spiked Wheels, Messala has taken a liking to using Blue Shells, which makes him even more hated.
  • Upon hearing that the father of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, was in the Pantheon, he quickly put himself at his service. Caesar is rather in doubt of the integrity of a man who betrayed his friend for the sake of power, though Messala insists it was all for the glory of empire and emperor. Plus, after hearing Messala say things like "the emperor is god on Earth", he has to admit he must be enthusiastically loyal at least to him specifically, so he's accepted him into his ranks. He's just not one of his favorites.
    • His loyalty also extends to Caligula and Nero, but in their case it's more because he feels he has to rather than genuine feeling. Messala doesn't like the notion of being ordered around by a female emperor and he can tell that Caligula is completely off his gourd and unreasonable. But, well, they're still Roman emperors, real gods on Earth, and he has to do his duty as a Tribune. And he can always turn to Caesar for the last word in case the other two are too outrageous.
  • Given that he's aligned with the Roman Empire, Asterix and Obelix don't like him much at all, but they're willing not to not make sport of punching him into the air out of respect for Ben-Hur. Just as long as Messala doesn't act like a conquering Roman general.
  • Like all ancient Romans, he is pretty chummy with Ares when he's in Mars mode and routinely invokes his name for luck. He still scoffs at the power of the Abrahamic god that Ben-Hur's people worship even after he was told He was very much present in the Pantheon, claimng no god was greater than the emperor. YHVH wasn't amused one bit at this blasphemy.
  • He and Tywin Lannister have mutual admiration for each other because of their military prowess, ruthlessness and sense of opportunity.

    Roman Torchwick 
Roman Torchwick, God of Canes
  • Theme: (a collection of short songs)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His symbol, an orange, grinning face.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Crime, Class
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Breakout Villain, working with his enemies for the greater evil, combat snark, doing villainy for the hidden villains, Cigar Chomper.
  • Allies: Neopolitan, Sundowner, Gray Mann Steven Armstrong, Master Xehanort, Alex DeLarge, Nui Harime, Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Reaper, Adam Taurus.
  • Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Ripper Roo
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cinder Fall, Raven Branwen
  • Evil Counterpart of: Sly Cooper
  • Odd Friendship: The Shredder
  • It was believed that Roman Torchwick was supplying weaponry from the mortal plane to the GUAE through Sundowner. Shawn Spencer was asked if he could use his (fake) psychic powers to lend a hand in an investigation. Turned out Roman was involved, and was put on trial before the Court of Gods. A testimony from Team RWBY (particularly Ruby Rose and Blake Belladonna) acted as the final nail and put Roman under the watch of the GUAG.
    • However, Sundowner saw fit to pull some strings with Senator Armstrong's political influence and get Roman put into the House of Weapons and made an official part of the GUAE. Of course, this clearly upset Team RWBY and they are making sure to keep an eye out for whatever Torchwick is up to.
  • Roman generally doesn't like a lot of other criminals, but will work with them when it suits his interest, hence enabling Sundowner's war profiteering. He also has made a deal with various War criminals and terrorists and sells them the stolen dust that his gang got from Remnant and is currently held in his temple.
    • He also partnered himself with fellow arms dealer Gray Mann. The old man got instantly hooked in the value of Remnant dust and the potential weapons that could be created out of it and instantly hired Torchwick for the job. Roman isn't very thrilled about all of this but he was promised a good check if he complied.
    • Another Arms Dealer worth mentioning would be Marcus Kincaid, who stands as Roman's biggest business rival in the pantheon. The two don't really mind each other's activities, but when it comes to Weapon trafficking, things get serious.
  • He's tried to buy some Platinum Mechs off Varrick, though the latter grew a conscience and elected not to do business with Roman. The two have formed a resentment of each other as a result.
  • Some gods mistake him for Alex Delarge from a distance and Roman actually likes the spirit of the guy, saying he would make the perfect right hand for him. He even handed him a customized cane.
  • Once was challenged for his title by none other than Sly Cooper, with the Racoon believing that Torchwick was no match for his fighting prowess. He actually understimated Torchwick's fighting capabilities and was forced to retreat. Despite being criminals, both Torchwick and Cooper can't stand seeing each other.
    • Speaking of other cane fighters, he was surprised by the ability of Ripper Roo's cane to create explosives and believes it could be the perfect weapon for him. He's planning to steal it from the kangaroo.
  • Roman has seen Princess Peach using a parasol in combat, and was reminded of the weapon of his henchwoman, Neo. Although he thinks that Peach lacks the style and finesse of Neo.
    • But later came across Nui Harime, who would easily pass as her creepy twin sister who can actually speak. He likes to hang out with Nui and considers working with her but her Boss doesn't really trust a goon like him and he isn't interested in the whole Life fibers bussiness.
  • He gets along surprisingly well with The Shredder, given that after their initial appearance, they became popular enough to reappear again.
  • Felicia recently employed his services into increasing the power of her gang. Roman noticed how similar her criminal actions were to his own boss not to mention the outfits they wear.
  • Rumors say that he actually died, eaten alive by a Grimm who caught him by surprise, according to what Ruby witnessed. Others say he actually is hiding somewhere else and is plotting his return. And a third group say that he was captured and sent to prison again, forever.
    • Even then, he is actually is glad that his death means he no longer holds loyalty towards Cinder and he is free to do whatever he wants. Although he really missed Remnant.
    • Though he was surprised that another deity from Remnant also perished the same day he did, Pyrrha Nikos. While they really don't like each other, at least they joke about their being cursed because of their hair color.
  • For reasons relating to his mortal demise, he gets bursts of irrational hatred when he sees a griffon in his sights. The representative Goddess, Gilda, isn't at all amused with this animosity.
    • For another similar reason, he also despises the hell out of Monstro, being Swallowed Whole is not fun at all.
    • The fact that the trigger of Roman's death was extreme negativity in the form of anger and grief that attracted the Grimm caused Aqua to compare him to Lady Tremaine, who also suffered a Karmic Death from a monster attracted to negative emotions (in her case, hatred).
  • Has, to the surprise of many, joined his enemies in a time of mourning for their creator's passing. When asked why, he just goes, "What, I'm not allowed to grieve? I have feelings too, you know." Roman has since paid his respects at his shrine as well.
  • Locus came to his attention due to his "professional" attitudes and having a somewhat similar voice to Roman, leading him to consider hiring the space pirate for a job. Given Locus has since left his immoral ways, a disappointed Roman was forced to abandon the idea.
  • Along with his herald Neo, Roman is attempting some shady endeavours in his off time, such as ice cream that is most definitely not poison, energy drinks that might be biochemical hazards, badly made motorcycles and attorneys specialized in faulty businesses.
  • Once he heard news of the ascension of Adam Taurus, the two formed an alliance. However, despite their shared hatred of team RWBY, Roman is wary of Adam's true intention, remembering Adam's extremist views towards humans like himself. But for now, they have a common enemy.
  • "As for me, I'll do what I do best. Lie. Steal. Cheat. And survive!"

    Twisted Fate 
Twisted Fate, God of Deadly Cards (The Card Master, Tobias Fate, TF)

Yagyuu, Goddess of Combat Umbrellas (The Semi-Obsessive But Sensible Assailant of Shinobi, Yaggie, BunnyGirlsBodyguard)

    Yomiko Readman 
Yomiko Readman, Goddess Paper Manipulation (The Paper)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A book...any book
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (True Neutral if it involves books and not people she cares about.)
  • Portfolio: Badass Bookworms, Moe Characters, Sexy Nerds, Extreme Bibliophiles, Hot Middle-Aged Women Who Wear Glasses, Paper Masters, Mixed Heritage
  • Domain: Creation, Inquisition, Knowledge
  • Followers: Miyuki Takara, Wan Shi Tong, Second Assistant Librarian Lirael of the Clayr, the Cat Formerly Known As Cheshire, Lucien, Sheska
  • Allies: Yue Ayase, Harriet Vane, David Sirlin, Patchouli Knowledge, the Librarian, Yuuno Scrya
  • Official keeper of records for every house in the Pantheon. Her temple more or less is the Library. Rarely leaves it due to her total immersion in her work, both mentally and physically. Yuuno Scrya became her chief priest after he entered her Temple, the Infinite Library. Naturally The Librarian falls into her portfolio as well.
    • Yuuno later ascended as God of Asskicking Scholars, though he still helps Yomiko from time to time.
  • Can no longer leave the House of Knowledge due to plotting by the Evil Gods, but she doesn't really want to. Her herald The Librarian does all her errands for her, as he is the master of L-Space travel and truly loyal to his Head Librarian. Worshippers of Evil-oriented gods have at least once tried to get to Yomiko through her herald, but they made the mistake of saying the word 'monkey' during the caper, and... Orangutans are very strong.
  • Some of the more diplomatic Evil Gods realize that Yomiko has somewhat of a blind spot in ascertaining motives. As long as they're polite about it (and don't mention the 'monkey' word) her Library and related book distribution centers can be used to transport Death Notes and other tomes of eldritch lore. Yomiko will want to read them first, of course, but her attunement and enjoyment of reading cancels out any Brown Note effect they would have on her otherwise. She won't even realize there is one. This can only go for so long, however, until the less-patient "Chaos"-aligned gods screw it up somehow, often involving blowing up readers and libraries. It takes months to get into her good graces with bribes of classical first editions; until then, it's tough to get copies of The Necronomicon.


    The Bladebreakers 
The Bladebreakersmembers , Godly Team of Battle Tops (BBA Revolution, G-Revolutions, Takao: Tyson Granger, Max: Max Tate, Rei: Raymond "Ray" Kon)
Left to right: Kai, Takao/Tyson, Rei/Ray, Max

Bridget, God of the Surprise Gender Reveal, and Patron Saint of Yo-Yos (Buri-chan, Nun Boy)

    Mahiro Yasaka 
Mahiro Yasaka, God of Love from Cosmic Beings and Forks ("Boy", Hiro-kun, A Normal High Schooler)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A three-pronged fork
  • Theme Music: Gimme a fork × ooo Yameta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attraction from Cosmic Beings, Using Forks to Defend Himself, Nice Guy With Surprising Skills, Only Sane Man, Unfazed Everyman, Brutal Honesty, Tsundere, Inability to Confess His Love Due of Nyarko's Behaviour
  • Domains: Love, Weapons, Niceness, Tsundere
  • Allies: Nyarko, Hasta, Cuuko Yoriko Yasaka (his mother), Shantak-kun, Luhy Distone, Ato-ko Shirogane, Keima Katsuragi (?), Tenchi Masaki, Almaz, Hyodo Issei (so and so), Gray Fullbuster
  • Enemies: The OTHER Nyarlathotep, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, any one who malign Cthulhu Mythos, Fuminori Sakisaka
  • Former Enemies: Mitsuzane Kureshima (for bringing out Nyarko's dark side)
  • Ascended with Nyarko, who practically dragged him in. There was no way she would ascend without her sweetheart. She even endured his forks for it, though Mahiro might have not minded it ultimately.
  • Aside of Nyarko (a.k.a. Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos), he also has Hasta (a.k.a. Hastur, The Unspeakable One) and eventually Cuuko (a.k.a. Cthugha, The Burning One) after his love in different ways. Oh, and there are other aliens who want him. They find him attractive for whatever reason.
  • Do not underestimate his fork. The fork is the strongest weapon in the universe (or so he claims). After all, he can keep three Lovecraftian deities in check with one.
    • Aside of stabbing people with it, he also has a good aim with them. He was once able to a triple 300 on a dartboard using forks, which even made Bullseye slightly impressed.
  • He has gotten some help from people from House of Love, mainly Keima Katsuragi, to help him overcome his inability to confess his feelings. He really doesn't like the help, especially if it involves Dating Sims. He had enough of them after being stuck in one.
  • Malign Cthulhu Mythos around him at your own risk. He is a huge fan of those works and will stab the person who malign them with a fork. However, he hasn't gathered enough courage to talk to the man behind the writings himself, even though he has the chance to do so.
  • He might seem normal, but he actually has one supernatural ability on him: the ability to not be affected by shifts on time-space continuum. GUAG wishes to have him use this ability to assist them, due of him being rather low profile, but Mahiro himself doesn't like to be dragged into things like this. He can also resist the effects of seeing creature's true form more easily, though whenever or not this is an actual ability or he has simply gotten used to it is in question.
  • Heard about this thing called "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and is most concern about Nyarko, who wishes to get revenge on the guy behind it, Mitsuzane Kureshima. The only think what he can hope is that her desire for revenge doesn't overcome her completely, even if it means he has to knock sense into her.
    • Unfortunately, his worst fear came true, as not only would had Nyarko willingly bludgeon Micchy to death out of revenge, but after being turned into Chaos!Nyarko due of All-Star Power, she almost killed him before Mahiro stepped in, and then Chaos!Nyarko almost killed Mahiro if he hadn't delivered a Armor-Piercing Question at her.
    • After Micchy did his Heel–Face Turn, not only did Micchy thank Mahiro for saving him, Mahiro also forgave Micchy, even if he still remembers what his actions.
  • After the destruction of "Friendship Asylum", he and Nyarko did their best to get Hasta and Cuuko into the Pantheon so that they can be together and for Mahiro's safety. Where Mahiro has stated that the three of them can get on his nerves, they are too important to him.
  • Really only friends with Issei due the fact that he needed to be the voice of reason for Cuuko regarding the accident between the two of them. He doesn't hate him, but he doesn't talk to him that much.
  • Sort of the de facto leader for Special Lovers Squad's "Love Interest" portion, but due the fact that its not even a proper group, it is just a silly title. Though it did make him befriend Almaz due of feeling like they aren't that different regarding their adventures and Gray due the fact that Nyarko and Juvia are rather similar.
  • He is sort of confused on how many goddesses sound like her mother, Yoriko, like Belldandy.
  • Officially dropped the "Unwanted Love" part of his title after he himself kissed Nyarko in the lips after she said she loves him. And then he did it again. And then was sort of fine Nyarko kissing him the next day. The House of Love went "FINALLY!" in unison. Their only concern now is the fact that this development was due of Ato-ko so that she can break their relationship one day...
    • As it turns out, Mahiro did end up marrying Nyarko... and more or less losing his SAN Points right after the wedding. Fortunately for Mahiro, the two of them aren't married in the Pantheon due of some adaption problems and only he remembers it, though he is considering that if he did decide on that, maybe he should make it official... while making sure he doesn't regret his decision this time.
  • Also present in House of Romance.

    Ran Hibiki 
Ran Hibiki, Goddess of Weaponized Cameras
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her camera
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Weaponized Cameras, Camera Fiend, Going for the Big Scoop, Improbable Weapon User, Paper Fan of Doom, Throw the Book at Them, School Newspaper News Hound, Skirt over Slacks, Youthful Freckles
  • Domains: Students, Cameras
  • High Priest: Tatsumi Saiga
  • Followers: Miku Hanasaki, Wolfgangina Lalla Getto, Edgar Roni Figaro, Snapshot, Mr. Camera
  • Allies: Batsu Ichimonji, Roy Bromwell, Daigo Kazama, Natsu Ayuhara, Ryu, Ken Masters, Sakura Kasugano, The Saber Marionettes, Van, Fiona, the Blitz Team (except for Leena), Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Kanzaki, Haohmaru, Athena Asamiya, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ibuki, Uzu Sanageyama, Terra Branford
  • Rivals: Frank West, Peter Parker
  • Enemies: Most evil-aligned deities from the House of School.
  • Opposed by: Gods who hates paparazzis, Leena Toros, Homer Simpson
  • Annoyed by: Dan Hibiki
  • A student from Taiyo High which is working toward a career in journalism, she ascended in the Pantheon after getting a big scoop about the mysterious kidnapping of the students, and helping the Chainperson and Pacific High School students to find Kurow and his cronies.
    • She was happy to see her classmate Batsu, as well as his rival Roy (which also helped her in one of her investigations) once again. Now it's just a matter of time for the other Taiyo High students (Hinata, Kyosuke and Chairperson), as well as her teacher Hayato ascend.
    • Ran also met up with another students from her universe: Natsu from Gorin High, Daigo from Gedo High, as well as fellow students Yurika Kirishima and Momo Karuizawa, her former enemies.
  • Ran's skills with her camera are formidable, even though she still have to reload it a lot of times. She also fights with paper fans and books. Yeah, her combat style is that weird.
  • One of her hobbies is to take photos of the Pantheon members and their domains. Which also includes evil ones, unsurprisingly. Unfortunately, there's some places that she can't go, given that even that she is now a goddess, she is still a human.
    • Ran's amazing photography skills make her rivals with fellow photographers Frank West (she was a follower of him previously) and Peter Parker. It's unknown if she knowns the latter's secret identity.
    • She called the attention of Terra because one of her followers is her friend Edgar. And much like Ran, he fights with a lot of gadgets (Albeit not books or paper fans like she expected).
  • During one of her big scoops, she met up with The Saber Marionettes. One of them, Bloodberry, also happens to sounds like her. In retribuition, Ran take some photos of Bloodberry as well as the other marionettes.
    • In another of her scoops, she interviews the Blitz Team. During the interviews, Leena noticed that Ran sounded similar to Harry's sister Mary Champ. Doesn't help that Ran also liked the Liger Zero, going so far as to calling the Liger Zero "my cute little snowflake" and taking some photos of him. Leena was not amused and tried to shoo her a lot of times.
    • She also meet Van and Fiona, thanks for the rumors that Bit could or could not be their descendant. During the interview, she also noticed his Blade Liger, calling him "my cute little skyflake". Unlike Leena, Fiona seems to like Ran.
  • When she was in a scoop in the House of War (don't ask why), she found Ryoma, thinking that he was her PE teacher Hayato Nekketsu. It doesn't help that he and Hayato look similar. Ran also have a similar problem with Haohmaru.
    • Went to the House of Weapons after discovering about a swordsman named Hayato, which she thinks that he is her PE teacher. Unfortunately for her, he was a different Hayato. On the other hand, Hayato's skill with his plasma sword is just as good as the Taiyo High PE Teacher's kendo skills. Also met up with his girlfriend June, and take some photos of the her gymnastic skills.
    • Going to the House of Sports, she interviewed Uzu Sanageyama about his kendo skills. During the interviews, Ran noticed that Sanageyama sounded similar to her classmate Batsu. Well, speaking of him, he once had a fight with Ryuko, motivating Ran to interview the rebellious female student.
  • Ran has a great admiration for Athena Asamiya, given that she remind her of the Chainperson, likely in appearance. In fact, she wishes one day take some photos of Athena in an official concert.
  • Plans to create a group of jornalism in a distant future.
  • Homer Simpson is not found of her, given that every time that he does something funny or weird, she always take some photos of him, not helped by the fact that some of the photos are also titled "Local Man Ruins Everything". It's a Running Gag in the Pantheon.
  • No relation to Dan Hibiki, although there's rumors and speculations that Ran is his sister. Ran also recognizes Dan's fighting style, the Saikyo-ryu, which is the same style of the Chainperson of Taiyo High.
    • While Ran is most annoyed by Dan, she at least have a good view of his friend Sakura. That's because Ran recognized her as one of the students of Tamagawa Minami High School.
    • Confused Ibuki with one of her classmates given that Ibuki's school outfit is similar of a Taiyo High student one. She didn't care, but liked the remark.
    • Of course, Ran also noticed that Ryu and Ken's fighting style is reminiscent of Hideo Shimazu, a teacher in Justice High. She didn't lose time and interviewed those two.

    Tiffany Aching 
Tiffany Aching, Goddess of Frying Pans (Land Under Wave, Kelda)


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