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This is arguably the most unorthodox subhouse in the House of Weapons. Not only does it house deities that can use ordinary objects as weapons, but just about everything here (including the floorboards) can be used as a weapon. That said, there is a limit on how many times a body can be used as a weapon per week. After all, someone's going to get tired of being used as an object eventually.


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Greater Gods

    Team Dai-Gurren 

Team Dai-Gurrennote  The Collective Patron of Weaponized Drills (Simon the Digger, Simon Giha, Captain Garlock/Starlock, Domon Kasshu Jr., Easter Lantern, Rider | Kamina: Kamina Giha, Bro, Aniki, Just Who The Hell Do You Think He Is?!, The Mighty Kamina, The Man of Indomitable Spirit and Masculinity, Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, The TRUE Hype, Rider | Yoko: Yomako, Doombitch, Ms. Fanservice, Titty McSniperrifle | Nia: Princess Nia, Anti-Spiral Messenger, Messenger Nia | Rossiu: Forehead Boy | Leeron: Ron)
Clockwise from Top-Left: Kamina, Leeron, Kittan, Dayakka (not listed), Rossiu, Yoko, Simon, Nia, Lordgenome (not listed), Viral, and Boota (not listed).
Pre-Time Skip Simon 
Kamina (clearer image) 
Kamina as the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 
Pre-Timeskip Yoko 
"Super Galaxy Yoko" 
Pre-Timeskip Nia 
Messenger Nia 
  • Collectively Greater Gods (Overdeities when Piloting the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
    • Individually: Greater God (Simon), Intermediate Gods (Kamina, Nia, Kittan, and Viral), Lesser Gods (Yoko and Rossiu), Demigod (Leeron)
  • Symbol: The Team Dai-Gurren Symbol
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good overall
  • Portfolio: Humongous Mecha, Super Robot Genre, Shouting Attack Names, Cool Ships, Weaponized Drills, Touching the Untouchable and Breaking the Unbreakable, Never Giving Up, Source of Hope
  • Domains: Drills, Courage, Spirit, Determination, Mechas, Badassery
  • Heralds: The Remaining Members of Team Dai-Gurren (Boota, Dayakka Littner, Kiyoh, Kinon, and Kiyal Bachika (Kittan's sisters), Attenborough Cortitch, Gimmy and Darry Adai, Balinbow and Jougan Bakusa, Makken Jokin, Layte Jokin)
  • Followers: Team Monkie Kid
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thaal Sinestro, Atrocitus, The Dinobots
  • Enemies: The Anti-Spiral, Darkseid, Unicron, Emperor Palpatine, The Sith Emperor, Nyarlathotep, Celebro, The Anti-Monitor, Big Brother, Yog-Sothothnote , Makuta Teridax, The Batman Who Laughs, The Zabi Familynote , Muruta Azrael, Rau Le Creuset, Khazrak and Gorthor, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Shockwave, Arael
  • On Good Terms With: Lordgenome (Nia's father)
  • Opposes: Char Aznable, Galactus, Lucifer
  • Pities: Homura Akemi, Shinn Asuka, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader
  • Respected By: Houses of Childhood and Adolescence and Family and Relatives (Kittan)
  • In a future where humanity was put on the brink of extreme isolation and depopulation, a young boy named Simon used to live in an underground village harvesting ancient artifacts to make a living alongside his surrogate older brother, Kamina. Initially a dull life, they are, one day after excavating the remains of a pair of mecha known as the Gurren and the Lagann, interrupted by a mechanical being from above who attacked their village, and coming under attack from a girl named Yoko Littner. Simon and Kamina quickly took their opportunity to pilot Gurren and Lagann and defeat the being, alongside discovering a source of power known as the Spiral Energy. Together with Yoko, the three left the village on good terms and officially established Team Dai-Gurren, with the intent to explore the surface and embark on an epic journey to discover more about the Spiral Energy as well as fight against more of what the being came from, which was revealed to be part of a mutant race known as the Beastmen. Along their adventure, Simon, Kamina, and Yoko met and befriended several figures, such as Leeron, Kittan Bachika, and Rossiu Adai, who were eager to join along and fight with them, though Kamina was later killed in battle against the Beastman, Thymilph. Initially despondent and unsure of what to do, Simon stumbled across a lost princess, Nia Teppelin, who provided him the motivation to regain his confidence and continue the fight. Developing a rivalry with a Beastman, Viral, who has continuously fought back against them, Team Dai-Gurren would battle against the Beastmen, eventually coming across their leader, and Nia's father, Lordgenome, who engaged in a tough battle against Simon against the fate of Mankind on Earth. In the end, Simon prevailed in the grueling fight and defeated Lordgenome, finally allowing Mankind to step out of their shadows and thrive on the surface of the world for years to come...
    • Years later, with Simon having established a bustling community and being hailed as a hero, the world was suddenly under attack again when, with the birth of the millionth human, Kittan's niece via his oldest younger sister, Kiyoh, a hive of mechas controlled by the mysterious Anti-Spiral decided to lay siege upon Earth, intending to enforce severe population control in a deluded attempt to halt the increase of Spiral Energy and keeping the Spiral Nemesis at bay. His arrival also caused Nia to be subjugated to its control, forcing Simon into a dire situation, especially when Rossiu decides to enact on his own suggestions, even taking advice from Lordgenome to make heavy sacrifices and, when his burdens are too much to bear, contemplates suicide. However, Simon snapped Rossiu out of his grief and rallies up his friends to make a valiant stand against the Anti-Spiral, bringing back Nia and even allying with Lordgenome to combat the Anti-Spiral itself. The battle was won by Simon and his comrades with the Anti-Spiral entrusting the victor to keep in check of the Spiral Energy and be prepared for the Spiral Nemesis, though, at the cost of many of his trusted ones, including Kittan, and with her own life tethered to the Anti-Spiral's being, Nia dies shortly after marrying Simon. After years of hardships, Team Dai-Gurren were able to earn themselves a well-established community and a belief of hope for years to come, with Simon giving up his Core Drill to a fellow fighter and friend, Gimmy.
  • With Simon having and his remaining friends having made their story, they were content in looking after the next generation and settling down to either relax or to inspire others into taking arms for what they believe in. That is until an unexpected visitation came in the form of Kamina himself when he confronted the older Simon. Initially confused, Simon asked what was going on, with his older brother explaining that sometime after defeating the Anti-Spiral, Kamina got to experience a whole new world known as the Trope Pantheons and gushed about just how awesome and cool it was to meet with beings who were just as stylish and badass as they could be. It later went on into a conversation regarding the overall coolness of the Pantheon until Kamina revealed that despite it all, there's a series of great threats looming over the new world and, if left unchecked, could potentially start invading and destroying theirs. Simon expressed worry and concern, but what really motivated him was learning about the Anti-Spiral's presence in the Pantheon, which gave him all the motivation he needed to consider entering the Pantheon. Getting into contact with his friends, Simon and Team Dai-Gurren quickly banded back together to make their grand entrance in the Pantheon.
    • To the group's delight, Kamina wasn't the sole individual among the deceased who made his way into the Pantheon. They were quickly able to reunite with Kittan, who has proud to see that he made some kind of difference to his group as well as seeing that his sisters were leading a happy life. He took this as a sign that he was better than before and that the Pantheon has been allowing him to not just motivate him to be a more capable warrior like Simon and Kamina are, but to also make sure that his loved ones are safe and inspired by him. And lastly, Simon was nearly unresponsive to discovering Nia alive again after so long and his friends have had to push him into having a heartfelt reunion with one another. With this said and done, Simon and Nia were quick to profess their love and affection for one another and declare themselves husband and wife again, this time with the added effect of getting a lot of individuals in the Pantheon, Kamina included, to be attending and congratulating him. With the band wholly united for once, Team Dai-Gurren were eager to establish their reputation and camaraderie in the Pantheon, something that the Anti-Spiral has since noticed and has kept himself prepared for the occasion they were to battle again.
  • What makes Team Dai-Gurren famous in the Pantheon is simply two things; badassery, which the group has consistently demonstrated by escalating their determination and action to a point where their scale becomes simply incomprehensible to take account into, and making several of the perceived most badass individuals in the Pantheon either wince in excitement, respect, or glee for multiple reasons. The other is being a beacon of hope, which stems from the fact that the group, at least under Simon's leadership via Kamina's wishes and Nia's encouragement, were able to provide Humanity a sense of relief and positive expectations freely for the first time in a thousand years. These two qualities have been key to making Team Dai-Gurren among the most celebrated groups in the Pantheon, something which Kamina gushes upon with utmost pride, proud to see that Simon not only successfully carried out his legacy, but also surpassed him both as a mentor, as a leader, and as a pilot.
  • Their reputation was such that they were quickly considered for recruitment by the Grand United Alliance of Good via the Robot War Division's Third Battlegroup. While they possess some of the craziest, most powerful assets any mecha is capable of possessing, Simon and Kamina mainly serve as group morale mediators to all of the Robot War Division's Battlegroup and the rest of the Pantheon's heroic community while Rossiu, being the most logical and pragmatic of the group, being opted to serve as a logistics overseer and mecha analyzer for much of the Battlegroup's robotic stockpile. Of course, Team Dai-Gurren accepted the offer as they're well aware that with the Anti-Spiral now willing to increase its own armada and strength per the Pantheon's nature, their own presence and hope is now more necessary for the Pantheon than it is on their own world, which has been quite a burden for the group to bear.
  • Given the Pantheon's nature, Team Dai-Gurren would inevitably come across many figures who have piloted mechas much like them, though it was their tendency to surpass limits and provide optimism where they really distinguished themselves from the others. One notable example came from Ryoma Nagare, who also possessed a streak of impulsiveness and steadfast determination in fighting for what he believed in, though, unlike Simon and Kamina, his hot-bloodedness was more on the lines of rendering him into a raging berserker on the battlefield. He was amused to discover just how much he paralleled with Team Dai-Gurren regarding their quirks, similarities, and differences, though now that they're in a realm where greater threats mean alliances, he's had to be quick in forging a partnership with Team Dai-Gurren. He appreciates their optimistic enthusiasm, though is nature as a berserker can make some members like Leeron wince at just how much destruction he creates on the battlefield. As his partner, Hayato Jin explains...
    Hayato Jin: "Looks like the only ones who can pilot Getter Robo are either superior pilots… or insane!"
    • On a lighter note, other mecha pilots like Kouji Kabuto, Tetsuya Tsurugi, Sayaka Yumi, and Jun Hono, were a lot more level-headed than Ryoma is, whilst still possessing a hot-blooded streak, much like most members of Team Dai-Gurren. Given their nature of wanting to protect the world from grand threats, they had a mutual goal and they got along very easily, with Kouji and Tetsuya expressing admiration and even a light bit of inspiration from Team Dai-Gurren's exploits, hoping that they could learn from those experiences and make an effort to better their own mechas. Sayaka and Jun also quickly got along with Simon and Nia, given their similar story of finding a love interest and getting married throughout the whole event of giant robot battles, though they expressed condolences towards Nia for passing away shortly after getting married as well as Yoko for having to lose both of her love interests only shortly after those were confessed.
    • The Gundams were a more complex matter, in that whilst most of the mechas from other realms were mainly centered around battles and attempts to save one's own world's, those in the Gundam, universe, in addition to the above, also had to deal with personal and political matters that made challenges for them more difficult. Of all the members in Team Dai-Gurren, Rossiu was the only one who could communicate well enough in a logistical and political fashion to make arrangements and negotiations regarding how Gundams can be managed as well as looked after in some way or another. While they were able to get along with Amuro Ray, Heero Yui, and Kira Yamato due to their fair share of heroic actions and reputation, the likes of Muruta Azrael and the Zabi Family were very quickly assumed to be enemies due to their militant and self-superiority-driven acts of destruction and control they sought to perpetuate. Simon instantly disliked Muruta for being the worst kind of petty regarding his motivations and has stated that he won't live another day if he ever gets to touch Nia, and even Kamina drops any pretense of being over-the-top from confronting them. As for the Zabi family, much of Team Dai-Gurren's animosity is directed towards Gihren as he was more than willing to commit mass destruction by deploying colonies on populated settlements as a way to inspire terror, whilst taking compliments from being compared to Nazism. Mineva, on the other hand, has been an exception, and she ended up generally liking and working with Team Dai-Gurren on several occasions when it comes to political efforts and mecha fights.
  • Simon and his group weren't the only figures who were large aspirations of hope. A little into their time in the Pantheon, Simon had met Madoka Kaname after hearing about her tales in her mortal life and well as her reputation of being the most beloved goddess in the Pantheon no thanks to her sense of compassion and desire to grant happiness towards everyone and not just those she saw as friends and family. The two, much to their surprise, managed to strike a very close friendship with each other as they recognized that they had to deal with a lot of burden and self-esteem issues before becoming grand symbols of hope and combating against a grave threat to the cosmos. It endeared the two to learn that they could learn from each other in some ways, given that Simon was inspired by Madoka's selfless desire to save all magical girls from their fate of becoming witches. That said, Madoka's status as a literal hope goddess meant that she and Simon couldn't spend much time together, which he understood as he himself had a lot of responsibilities to hold up on as well.
    • Then came a drastic turn of events, which were perpetrated by Lucifer via enticing and promising Madoka's dear friend, Homura Akemi of a way to save Madoka from further despair, which played a huge role in sapping away much of Madoka's power and influence and rendering her back into a normal human. This came as a massive shock to Team Dai-Gurren as they didn't expect a large alignment schism to occur too soon, and with Madoka's depowerment, much of the Pantheon became pessimistic and distrustful with the GUAG due to their poor performance and communication, which also saw it's Magical Girl Sisterhood Division split off to form its own organization Since then, Simon took it upon himself to visit Madoka and keep her spirits up, learning that she suffers from self-esteem despite doing the best she could to remain optimistic. And regarding Homura, Simon does understand her situation and why she did what she had to do, but that doesn't mean he would condone her actions as it meant putting the Pantheon at risk. Their reactions to Madoka regaining part of her powers also had a contrasting reaction as Homura was not happy and felt that this would put Madoka in danger while Simon was happy and proud to see that his friend was able to fight back and potentially help to inspire others again.
  • Having dealt with extreme oppression due to the acts of Lordgenome and The Anti-Spiral, Team Dai-Gurren has made further enemies with similar beings who promoted that theme above all else. One of those was the government of Big Brother, seeing as they have outlawed any sense of strong emotions, feelings, and attachments and wanted to ensure that everything was under authoritative control, regardless if it meant that others had to mentally and emotionally suffer for it. Naturally, Team Dai-Gurren, Nia included, was infuriated to learn of Big Brother's system and have vowed to dismantle it by any means necessary. However, they were in for a rude awakening, for Big Brother had anticipated Team Dai-Gurren's opposition and had made preparations in opposing them back via finding ways to neutralize and disable the gathering of Spiral Energy. They intend to dismantle their mechas as a means to eliminate further threats and, upon defeating and killing them, also erase records of Team Dai-Gurren's existence, ensuring that no one will know of their existence, much less looking up to them for aspiration.
  • After The Anti-Spiral himself, Team Dai-Gurren found their biggest Pantheonic enemy in the New God, Darkseid. Seeing as the group's main power source and motivation stemmed from the belief in hope and never giving up, the Lord of Apokolips envisioned his ultimate goal in enslaving all of existence into a hellish domain full of death, misery, and hopelessness, and in a sense, Darkseid was the absolute antithesis of the Spiral Energy. On top of that, the fact that The Anti-Spiral was actually willing to align himself with the Lord of Tyranny and be a key leading figure in his Harbingers of Repression meant that Team Dai-Gurren couldn't ignore him one bit, and have since dedicated himself to stopping Darkseid at all costs. Strangely, Darkseid himself not only registers Team Dai-Gurren as a notable threat but also sees Simon and Kamina as worthy adversaries and would much rather want to corrupt and enslave them into his services, feeling that their Gurren Lagann mecha would prove a useful asset in his quest to dominate all of the Pantheon. Darkseid, however, takes Nia more seriously than most of her enemies, noting her nature as a team mediator and seeks to silence and enslave her first in an effort to make things easier for him. It doesn't matter if he angers Simon, Darkseid is willing to take the challenge of fighting against some of the most badass beings in the Pantheon if it means he can further assert his dominance and nature as the God of Tyranny.
  • Their reputation attracted the attention of the Lantern Corps, intergalactic organizations that were powered by special rings via specific emotions and using one's imagination to create constructs, replicas, and matters of energy for various uses. Of course, the two that immediately gained Team Dai-Gurren's respect were the Green and Blue Lanterns. The Green Lanterns represented Willpower and each and every member has displayed the capability to display a great deal of that via their determination and the enormous amount of Spiral Energy they amass in their fights. Hal Jordan and John Stewart were glad and willing to lend the group spare Green Lantern rings in case they have their me has missing or destroyed, a sentiment which the team agreed on, with Kamina, in particular, gushing about the capabilities of being a Green Lantern and Kittan finding a common ground with Guy Gardner for being overly boisterous Leader Wannabes who could still prove their valor by a ton. As for the Blue Lanterns, Saint Bro'dee Walker commends Team Dai-Gurren for their nature to inspire and advocate for Hope, which is what energizes a Blue Lantern Ring. He personally selected Nia as a potential candidate for wielding a Blue Lantern Ring in the future, stating that she will be among the many needed for a selection of new recruits during s time when a great evil will emerge to threaten the Pantheon's existence. Nia accepted Saint Walker's terms and has since possessed a Blue Lantern Ring since, though she's kept herself from using it unless either a dire situation occurs, or the events of what Saint Walker stated have occurred. Either way, she's seen as a paragon for the Blue Lanterns and Nia remains on great terms with them.
    • Among the other Lantern Corps, Team Dai-Gurren was at unease when encountered by the Red Lantern and Sinestro Corps, who were noted to have been far more ruthless and uncompromising than others of their kind. Thaal Sinestro commended Simon for his efforts in stopping The Anti-Spiral and he even admitted his own opposition against them as The Anti-Spiral was eerily reminiscent of the Manhunters that hounded the galaxy destroying planets and civilizations out of a deliberate malfunction that made them desire order in lethal fashion, whereas Atrocitus, in addition to being allies with Lordgenome, felt that with the loss that they've endured, some of the members, particularly Simon, would be capable of wielding a Red Lantern Ring, though it turned out the Blue and Green Lanterns were ultimately more suitable for them, as well as comparing The Anti-Spiral to the actions committed by Krona. The three of them came to form a difficult partnership, as Team Dai-Gurren can't fully bring it upon themselves to trust either Sinestro and Atrocitus de to their fair share of unsavory actions committed in their goals of a peaceful order and righteous vengeance respectively. That said, the two Lantern Corps leaders maintain some degree of respect for the team and are aware that they would be necessary for an alliance when it comes to dealing with threats that can potentially destroy the Pantheon.
  • Their stories can be seen as a more hopeful and optimistic parallel compared to the EVA Children, consisting of Shinji Ikari, Rei Ayanami, Asuka Langley-Soryu, and Kaworu Nagisa, as all four of them were teens that were forcefully drafted into piloting giant mechas known as Evangelions to fight against a collective of abstract monsters known as Angels to defend civilization, which later led to a series of events regarding psychological breakdowns and unnerving revelations that drove the four teens into melancholy and despair as their fight to save Humanity only became more intense. Their tale saddened Team Dai-Gurren, but it didn't stop them from approaching and befriending them and telling them that what they did was brave and admirable, considering the circumstances they went through. They, in turn, thanked Team Dai-Gurren for their hospitality and came to see them as good friends, in spite of their differentiating mindsets. Oddly enough, they spend more time trying to hang out, with Team Dai-Gurren aiming to help the teens out emotionally and mentally, though times, where the two have fought against mutual threats together, have occurred from time to time.
  • Their knack of using mechas caught the interest of the Transformers, and Team Dai-Gurren's pursuit of hope and determination won them a great deal of appreciation from the Autobot leader, Optimus Prime, as well as fellow ascended Autobots, Bumblebee, Ironhide, and Arcee. Given that they themselves have defended Earth and the cosmos for a very long time, their relationship has been neutral and Kamina often squees about Optimus and his organization, wishing that the Gurren Lagann itself was sentient. The Dinobots, on the other hand, were a lot more complicated, given that they were more motivated by who was the strongest, and generally don't care about hope. They did, however, respect Simon, Kamina, and their friends for their strength and fighting against Lordgenome and The Anti-Spiral, whom they see as bullies, though their violent tendencies make working with them difficult. Of course, Megatron and his ascended Decepticon followers were quick to learn and register Team Dai-Gurren as potential threats the moment they and the Autobots became friends. While Megatron has consistently proven himself to be a powerful foe for Team Dai-Gurren and has fought several times, the biggest threat to Simon and his group regarding Transformers is the Omnicidal Planet Eater, Unicron, who only desires to devour planets until there is none left, and Unicron himself is hellbent on destroying Team Dai-Gurren as he knows that the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann would be a considerable threat to his existence and that he feels a need to snuff out whatever hope and Spiral Energy he can come across.
  • Nia was initially a guardian representative in the House of Friendship and Camaraderie, serving as one-third of The Friendship Trio. While she's since lost her position due to deciding to fully commit herself to helping out her husband and their fellow friends, she still maintains a great deal of authority and respect in her former house. Being a sweet, compassionate, and understanding girl helped Nia's popularity greatly and she's made a concentrated effort in not just keeping up with that reputation, but also making the most out of helping and inspiring others, much like Simon did. She made fellow friends with the pony, Fluttershy, given their very similar characteristics and the two serve as the moral center of their companies. Speaking of, Nia also got to learn about and become well-acquainted with the Mane Six, who champion and represent friendship via their Cutie Marks, and see Nia as a fellow relatable figure whom they could always count on. Given her own position as a princess, Nia also found common ground with Starfire, an extraterrestrial humanoid who was also the princess of Tamara, but circumstances regarding her rivalry with her sister, Blackfire, and being seen as an exile forced Starfire to come to Earth and become a hero in her own right. Given their similar events of being castaways, Nia and Starfire can understand each other better than many and they've come to try helping each other out on a lot of occasions, alongside them seeing each other as a good friends in need.
  • Upon meeting each other again, Kamina was amused to discover that Kittan had a romantic affection for Yoko later on in his mortal life, and the two decided to squabble in a friendly rivalry over it, though they've made it a point to always look out for and fight alongside Yoko, no matter what. On a professional note, Yoko acts as a teacher and sometimes visits the House of School to provide as a substitute, though her headstrong and caring nature has led her to become quite popular in her own right. That's not to say some see Yoko as quite attractive there as well, but knowing that Kamina and Kittan have an affection for her, chances are that no one's going to try to hit on her, not to mention Yoko herself is a skilled user of sniper rifles, though she declines to have to use her combat skills in jobs like paid assassination for understandable reasons. On a similar note, Kittan, for all of his abrasive attitude, has a fondness for kids and sometimes stops by the House of Childhood and Adolescence so that he can provide the residents there with some kind of aspiration and glee upon seeing a giant robot that they could see as cool. The fact that kids like Kittan back has helped, alongside him trying his best to be of good company with his niece from his sister, Kiyoh.
  • Being part-man and part-shark, Viral's nature as a Beastman makes him naturally inclined to pay a visit to the Hall of Anthropomorphic Animals, though whenever he's actually there, he tends to have various sorts of mixed feelings. He can generally find himself comfortable there and even help out its residents from time to time, but he also feels angsty in the sense that above all, his biggest desire is to start a family, but his Beastman physiology means that he can never really reach those desires and even if he managed to accomplish it, his immortality means that he would eventually outlast his family. He doesn't like to be pitied by the House of Family and Relatives either and usually tends to keep this information to himself. Speaking of, Viral feels rather nervous about visiting that particular House as well, for obvious reasons, though that doesn't mean he means any ill intent, if anything, Viral will defend the House of Family and Relatives if he feels it's in danger. On a more personal note, while his type of Beastmen were villainous and were focused on subjugation, the likes of Khazrak and Gorthor crept him out, mainly because all they desired was destruction and carnage out of an intense misanthropic hate towards mankind. Viral quickly came to battle against those two Beastmen and was appalled to see just how much damage they were willing to cause, deciding that it's best that they are killed off quickly. Gorthor simply sees Viral as another pest to destroy, whereas Khazrak sees him as a Worthy Opponent worth matching wits against, sentiments which Viral did not reciprocate.
Don't underestimate us. We don't care about time, or space or... multi-dimensional whatevers! We don't give a damn about that. Force your way down a path YOU choose to take, and do it all yourself! That's the way Team Dai-Gurren rolls! Even when trapped by karma's cycle...
The dreams we left behind will open the door!
Even if the universe stands against us...
Our burning blood will cut through fate!
We'll break through heavens and the dimensions!
And defy all who would stop us to grab hold of our path!
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann!


Intermediate Gods

    Caesar A. Zeppeli 
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli, God of Bubbles (The Second Zeppeli, Caesarino, Shiza-chan)

    Donkey Kong 
Donkey Kong, God of Barrel Throwing (DK, King of the Jungle, Number 2, Defender of the World's Largest Banana Hoard, First Member of the DK Crew)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A Barrel with the letters DK on it
  • Theme Songs: Island Swing (also called Jungle Groove) (Returns remix); Thunder Blast and Banana Blast during sporting events
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (except when opposing Mario; then he's is more on the Evil side, or at least Neutral, and even then...let's just say Mario wasn't always the paragon of virtue he's now)
  • Portfolio: Bamboo Technology, Funny Animals, Theme Tune Rap, Power Of Music, Rhythm Games
  • Domains: Strength, Primates, Bananas, Barrels
  • Allies: Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Cranky Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pauline, Mario and Luigi, Yoshi, Princess Peach and Daisy, King Kong, Chuggaaconroy, AiAi, JonTron, Amigo, Tracer
  • Rivals: Knuckles The Echidna, Little Mac
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Bowser, Frieza, Mordremoth, Risky Boots
  • A number of Gods doubted the effectiveness of using fruits as weapons. Donkey Kong personally taught them one thing about coconuts: they hurt like crap.
  • Gets harassed from time to time by another Kong who claims to be a King. DK's response can be roughly summarized as "barrel to the face".
  • His temple is rather empty since Cranky Kong spends most of his time there, ranting about how he could have fulfilled DK's godly duties a thousand times better than him back in his prime.
    • This has finally been fixed since Cranky has been given his own shrine within the House of Emotion.
  • Often gets into fights with Mario for a variety of reasons. It's all in good fun though.
  • Had a bit of a laugh with Gordon Ramsay calling him a "Donkey". The chef had to take the insult back when he realized who he was speaking to (that and Donkey Kong had a barrel ready to throw at his face).
  • When spoken with by gods that can understand him, DK comes off as well-meaning, if a little on the dim side. A translator was finally able to tell others what his ape howl meant when he jumped into a fight. "Banana Slamma!"
  • Donkey Kong actually regularly visits the House of Music, and is a better singer, in his own tongue, than one might suspect. He is also a lover of bongo drums, though it's advised to keep a safe distance when he really starts playing.
  • Finally giving up after the latest theft, Donkey Kong has asked that his personal banana hoard is moved into the Pantheon Treasury so he might finally be able to eat his bananas in peace.
  • Some people have said that Donkey Kong likes to "expand his dong and shower people in coconut cream pies while allowing them to spank him once". We would rather not discuss that.
  • Donkey Kong is scheduled for a fight to the "death" with Knuckles the Echidna. Donkey Kong is very confident in his victory, since gorillas are way bigger than echidnas. It turns out his confidence was justified: DK came out on top because of his power, durability, and horrific rage at Knuckles eating one of his bananas... though he lost most of his hoard in the process.
  • Has turned to be a champion in the World Video Boxing Association, and is thus invited for the tournaments of the Punch-Out!! deities.
    • He also uses one of his boxing gloves to play baseball. Many others cried foul at this (Lakitu included), but the results he brings with it is something those who called foul eventually relented on, but are glad that he doesn't punch them in the field. Good at pitching too, but he uses a regular mitt while on the field. Not bad at fielding either, with him being able to climb the walls coming in handy to prevent home runs. Spongebob learned it the hard way in a match against the DK Kongs.
    • Shows up in other sports as well, but he uses regular implements instead (kind of hard to play golf, tennis, soccer, and drive a kart with boxing gloves).
  • Sometimes teams up with Amigo and Diddy Kong and plays music with them in the House of Music. He is also willing to share a banana with him on his spare time.
  • Is more than excited to find out that Pauline is in the Pantheon properly. He is more than willing to either spend time with her legally or to kidnap her, albeit at her request as part of a plan or to just take a break from her hectic work life. Ironically, he did have to save her from King Kong himself after he mistook her for someone else he was familiar with.
  • For those who don't know, he is the third of his name, with the original being Cranky Kong (his grandfather and paternal figure) and the second being Junior (presumably his father).

    Gordon Freeman 
Gordon Freeman, God of Being the Right Man in the Wrong Place and Crowbars (Mr. Freeman, The Freeman, The One Free Man, Anticitizen One, Captain Gordon Freeman of the Intergalactic House of Pancakes, Gertrude "Gertie" Fremont)

    Gyro Zeppeli 
Gyro Zeppeli, God of Spinning Balls (The Third Zeppeli, Iulius Caesar)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Stand "Scan"/"Ball Breaker" and his Horse "Valkyrie"
  • Theme Songs: GO! GO! ZEPPELI! and his theme from Eyes of Heaven
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Stand(s): “Scan”/ Ball Breaker
  • Portfolio: Spinning Balls, Big Brother Mentor, Deuteragonists, Spectacular Spinning, Embarrassing First Name
  • Domain: Spinning, Balls, Mentorship
  • Allies: Johnny Joestar, William A. Zeppeli, Caesar A. Zeppeli, Bruno Buccellati, Roy Mustang, Lockon Stratos, Aikuro Mikisugi
  • Rivals: Diego Brando
  • Enemies: Funny Valentine (for killing him), Dio Brando
  • Gyro was the mentor of Johnny Joestar, guiding him until the latter mastered the Spin, while also participating in the nation wide horse race "Steel Ball Run". He has ascended by request of Johnny Joestar and the two friends reunited.
  • His Stand Scan allows him to see through people's bodies, enhance his vision, and enhances his aptitude for the Spin.
  • After losing Scan, he later gained the Stand Ball Breaker, which through the application of energy, allows him to accelerate the target's age. Through the use of the Super Spin, it can afford its effectiveness across dimensions.
  • Nyohoho!
  • Many of the gods find his jokes to be indecipherable even to some of the Cloudcuckoolanders, though they do try.
    Pizza mozzarella pizza mozzarella rella rella rella
  • Dislikes Dio Brando, finding him as a even worse version of Diego Brando, though he is surpised that Dio doesn't turn into a dinosaur like Diego. Johnny had also informed him of how he faced an alternate version of Diego summoned by Funny Valentine, who behaved more like Dio and also had The World as his Stand.
  • Gyro has allied with Roy Mustang due to having similar voices. Ditto for Lockon Stratos and Aikuro Mikisugi.

    Haruko Haruhara 
Haruko Haruhara, Goddess of Weaponized Instruments (Haruha Raharu, Vespa Girl, Housekeeper Wannabe)

Ratchet, God of Wrenches as Weapons ("This Guy", "Sarge", "Subject 209", "Dread Pirate Ratchet")
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The RYNO or the Omniwrench
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (originally True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: BFGs, One Man Armies, Massive Firepower, Stuff Blowing Up, Killer Rabbit, Former Would-Be Villain, Kid Hero, Heartwarming Orphan, Last of His Kind
  • Domains: Destruction, Good, Protection, Arsenal
  • Followers: Dieci Nakajima, Pey'j, Frank Darbo/The Crimson Bolt
  • Allies: Clank, Captain Qwark, Tidus, Jak, Daxter, Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Mickey Mouse, Sora, Riku, Yuna, Aqua, Laguna Loire, Oerba Dia Vanille, Aurora, Cinderella, the Engineer, Melody, Amigo
  • Enemies: Chairman Drek, Dr. Nefarious, Courtney Gears, Gleeman Vox, Ace Hardlight, Emperor Tachyon, Polygon Man, Lady Tremaine, Maleficent
  • Ratchet has a friendly rivalry with Link over who has claim to the most diverse arsenal. Vash admires Ratchet's efforts to save the galaxy, but frowns upon the destruction that frequently follows in his wake.
    • Also has a friendly rivalry with Jak, as seen when they fought each other over Polygon Man's All-Star Power. They're currently in the race to see who can beat Maleficent in a battle first. Jak has the advantage, given he is one of only three deities who defeated Master Xehanort (the others being Terra and Riku).
      • Most recently, he fought Jak and Daxter in a DEATH BATTLE!. Ratchet and Clank won due to a greater variety in their arsenal, better healing items, and Clank being able to negate Light Jak's time freeze ability. It is said that Ratchet was imminently regretful for the battle, recounting Polygon Man's attempts to force their respective predecessors (Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon) into a clash.
    • He and Clank also share a minor rival with Sora, Donald, and Goofy over their respective impacts in various worlds. The trio have constellations in one world, and African paintings in another, while the duo have statues of them with a chief to commemorate a famous battle.
  • Oftentimes confronts Max Jenius, God of Rocket Swarms, over whose Macross Missile Massacres are more spectacular.
  • Ratchet once teamed up with Aqua to help her deal with Lady Tremaine and her daughters, while she in return helps him deal with Courtney Gears after they team up to attack Blackwater City and murder its mayor.
  • Yuna once mistook Ratchet for Tidus when he responded to her whistling, due to their voices being very similar. After the confusion was settled, they decided to become friends, with Ratchet sometimes giving Yuna tips on shooting.
    • Speaking of familiar voices, Ratchet has taken quite a shine to Melody, since her voice reminds him of his Love Interest, Talwyn Apogee.
  • Due to being a lombax, Ratchet has taken on inventing as a hobby, and has invented a rocket sled, an anti-matter bathroom buddy, and "stunderwear", which was said to be huge on Umbris. He even built his first ship at the young age of fourteen... only for it to crash into Novalis during the maiden voyage.
  • Bringing up Ratchet's past, where he's a teenage lowlife obsessed with getting payback with Captain Qwark, and being a Jerkass to Clank, to the point where he was wildly hated by everyone, is a major Berserk Button, as Ratchet hates being reminded of his abusive self.
  • Whatever you do, make sure to leave Veldin, Ratchet's home planet, alone; threaten to destroy it, and Ratchet will blow you up with his countless weapons, climaxing with the RYNO V. Chairman Drek and Dr. Nefarious learned this lesson the hard way.
  • Is actually quite amused that Amigo has an all-star move which forces enemies to dance, similar to his Groovitron. The two have come to a agreement that they will use their respective moves to help their allies and distract their enemies.
  • Ratchet is, by accident, Gardevoir's original trainer, having caught her as a Ralts in a Great Ball during a major conflict.

    Shovel Knight 
Shovel Knight, God of the Shovel Strike (The Ghost of Shovels, A Shining Example of the Code of Shovelry, The Blue Burrower, Butt Butt)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: His trusty Shovel Blade
  • Theme Song: Shovel of Hope (Kickstarter Trailer, SHOVEL KNIGTH)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Shovel Strike, Improbable Weapon User, The Faceless, Knight in Shining Armor, Determinator, Hyperspace Arsenal, Hurting Hero, Nice Guy
  • Domains: Weapons, Justice, Knights
  • Allies: Shield Knight (his lover), King Arthur, Sir Arthur, Artoria Pendragon, The Soldier, Mega Man, Link, Shantae, Toejam and Earl, Sash Lilac, Specter Knight, Travis Touchdown, Isaac
  • Rivals: Scrooge McDuck
  • Opposes: Plague Knight actually complicated relationships with him and Mona
  • Enemies: In general, any forces of evil.
  • Made his way into the Pantheon after some Gods took notice of him. They found his short stature, unusual (main) weapon, and his idealistic valor endearing.
  • Had requested the help of many to provide him supplies and resources for his quest to save his beloved from the Enchantress. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and the Shovel Knight is preparing for his journey as we speak.
    • After his journey, he found his place in the Pantheon, and was very pleased to learn that the title of God of Shields seems to be vacant. He attempted to get his beloved partner Shield Knight ascended to the position. But Zhang Xingcai decided to come in and take most of the tropes relating to shield uses into her position, though Shovel Knight hasn't stopped trying.
      • He finally manages to accomplish this when she ascended as Zhang's High Priestess.
  • He is well liked by Matt, Pat and Woolie who praised his adventures and now hang out together from time to time.
  • Most of the pantheon says he's what Mega Man and Link would be should the two ever fuse. Although he is happy to have them as his allies, Shovel Knight is rather annoyed at the statement.
  • While travelling his land, he crossed paths with the God of War, Kratos. After a fierce battle that required the use of many of his Relics, Kratos deemed him a worthy opponent, allowing Shovel Knight to rise to Intermediate status. He now occasionally teams up with Kratos in battle.
  • Shovel Knight once accidentally made fun of Sven, not realizing that he's more than just a Lesser God, which caused the Rogue Knight to get pumped up with God's Strength and smacked him silly. To make up for that blunder, Shovel Knight then issued a challenge to Chaos Knight... but that kinda failed too.
  • After the Plague of Shadows DLC, a little doubt has been cast over Shovel Knight's hero-ness, given that he attacks Plague Knight from behind after being defeated by him (twice, no less) and he doesn't pull the Order of No Quarter back up from dangling after defeating them (when a caring player could and would). Shovel Knight so far has not commented on this, even as the testifier himself made that accusation. Still, if the people in his world regard Plague Knight as a hero… well, he'd rather not get involved with the Plague Doctor at least.
    • At least, until he was told of WHY Plague Knight went on his quest; to try and become powerful enough for Mona to love when, when in fact she already did love him. Because of this new information, he has decided to lay off being suspicious of him, but still warned him to not cause trouble, to while Plague Knight agreed while rolling his eyes underneath his mask.
  • On one of his adventures, he somehow ended up in a strange world where there were three dimensions. Unused to the feeling of being able to move in so many directions, he found the whole experience extremely disorienting and unpleasant and reacted with horror when he was told that many other such worlds exist. Unwilling to let any obstacle, no matter how daunting, come between him and the possibility of treasure, he sought out worlds that were somewhere in between two and three dimensions, hoping to build up a tolerance to the third dimension that way.
  • Recently, the Blue Burrower located such a world, and returned from an adventure there with a brand new story to tell.
  • Found himself in an unexpected brawl after following a trail of gems to the temple of one Scrooge McDuck. The battle was set to be in his favor thanks to the fact that Scrooge's cane couldn't penetrate his armor until Scrooge turned the tide, using a pair of rayguns to neutralize his inertia and friction—but not gravity—and used Shovel Knight's own Shovel Blade to decapitate the knight himself. After things settled down, they have become interested in one another, and Shovel Knight is thinking of giving Scrooge a Shovel Blade of his own.
  • Has been invited to a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's. And fellow Indie Game deities like Sash Lilac, Captain Viridian, Octodad, and Dust have been invited as well.
    • He was also invited to another tournament, and was surprised to see that Isaac got this same invitation, fighting with much more than just his tears this time. Despite the initial shock, Shovel Knight has deemed Isaac a respectable opponent and can be seen training with him.
    • And just recently, he was invited as an Assist Trophy to the Master Hand's tournament, Super Smash Bros., albeit just as an Assist Trophy. Even though he's not a full-fledged fighter, Shovel Knight considers this a great honor.
  • One day while resting in his temple, he woke up to see Shield Knight laying down and resting in his lap. When confused and asked her about why she wasn't with Zhang, the goddess she was the high priestess of, Shield Knight showed him her official papers that made her a diety. While overjoyed at this news, his joy turned to surprise as he saw it was Plague Knight and Mona whom helped her ascend. Despite this shock, he was more than happy to thank them, even offering to help Plague Knight as long as it doesn't involve destruction. To his surprise, Plague Knight simply asked if he could give him good romance advice with his relationship with Mona, to which the blue knight accepted.
    • Upon hearing Shield Knight was planning to set out on a trip to the TV World to conquer her Shadow, he insisted to the Investigation Team that he was coming along to help her. Despite the risks of running into Shovel Knight's own Shadow if he does, and that he would be unable to help Shield Knight should they beat it and grant him his Persona, he decided that it was worth it and the Team relented. The mission was a success, and Shield Knight managed to obtain her Persona as a result.
  • He was deeply impressed by the many honorable knights in the Pantheon such as Artix von Krieger, Artoria Pendragon, Ky Kiske, Sir Arthur, and Uther the Lightbringer. Shovel Knight was even more thrilled to learn about the Order of the Sacred Knights and joined it without hesitation along with Shield Knight. He sees Cosmos as a worthy liege and would fight in her name should she call upon him. Cosmos simply told Shovel Knight to continue fighting for what he believed in.
  • Shovel Knight! His spade shall smite! And he won't take anybody's shite! Not he!

    Toyotomi Hideyoshi 
Toyotomi Hideyoshi, God of Using Human Bodies as Weapons (Gorilla, the Supreme King)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Toyotomi Clan crest... with his Power Fist clenched upwards.
  • Theme Song: This is a Fight to Change the World, Comrade's Gauntlet
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Large and in Charge, Bad Guys With Honor, Power Fist, Grabbing Allies And Smacking Enemies With Them, Grapplers, Not-So-Good Light, Well-Intentioned Extremist
  • Domains: War, Weapons, 'Friendship'
  • Allies: Ishida Mitsunari, Dian Wei, Otani Yoshitsugu.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Oda Nobunaga
  • Enemies: Tokugawa Ieyasu, Maeda Keiji, Fortinbras
  • Friendly Enemies With: Raoh, Adell
  • Worthy Opponent: Mori Motonari
  • Rose from the grave due to the efforts of his trusted vassal Ishida Mitsunari. Hideyoshi plans to resume his conquest... as well as vengeance on Ieyasu who killed him. Things went on a boost when Hideyoshi's strategist, Otani Yoshitsugu, ascended.
  • Has a friendly rivalry with Raoh. Due to their stances within the GUAE and GUAG, they often come to blows... and respect each others' strength.
  • Recently he has been working towards finding a seat of power to ensure Hanbei Takenaka's ascension next. Once all of his top retainers have reached godhood, he can begin to move forward. However, as of recent, he seemed to be delaying the project, waiting for one more top retainer... Sakon Shima.
  • Considers Mori Motonari as a worthy opponent.
  • Dian Wei despite being a bit close with Hideyoshi, tends to upset him when he feels he needs to change for the better. Hideyoshi retorts by saying his rule is much more guaranteed than Cao Cao's of all people.
  • Surprisingly enough, he gets confused with either Piccolo or Vegeta, due to having them a same voice.
  • Hideyoshi has learned somewhere from his 'origin' that had he succeeded unifying the Land of the Rising Sun, he would've continued to expand the borders into the land called 'Korea' through a bloody campaign... although it ended with the 'origin' failing. Hideyoshi claims that if he would have his current army, he would've succeeded in his 'origin''s stead.
  • He also learned how in another timeline he was kind of a weasel that submitted to the power of Genma. Hideyoshi is not amused and swore that he will bury that image with his fist, and the Genma along with it. And so, when Fortinbras came to offer him strength again, Hideyoshi had a violent battle and ended up throwing Fortinbras out of his house and gave a law that all who fights under the Toyotomi banner must NEVER succumb to Genma influence, or else they get splattered with his fist.
  • Lately Hideyoshi has been having a certain fit of headaches that required him to rest, which would result him dreaming on fighting a certain man who claimed to be himself, wielding a sansetsukon while looking more monkey-like, and claims that he's nothing but a tyrant, and a ruler should strive to make a land where the people can be happy. Hideyoshi usually rebuked that he'd rather have his people strong than happy, and the fact that this alternate Hideyoshi still had his Nene makes him a weakling unworthy of the throne (he killed his Nene to prove his commitment to power). But the battle never concluded because Hideyoshi always woke up mid-battle.
    • However, after seeing what kind of work he's done to Mitsunari's personality, the staff-wielding Hideyoshi is more determined than ever to bring down the gorilla man. He also fears while he's already launched his historical-self's "infamous Korean Campaign" again with the same ill success as with his historical counterpart, he may try it again; now that he's returned from his death by Ieyasu's hands, staff-wielding-Hideyoshi is having none of that.
      • Due to more recent visions, he deems the 'fat-gentleman Ieyasu', 'ambiguously-evil Nobunaga' and several others who'd outright oppose his power as even more threats on his plate, as they are the same ones who'd go against him only double due to being alternate incarnations...a rivalry he hopes will come to blows sooner rather then later. He is also more jealous than ever of the "monkey-man's" friendship with Saika Magoichi, a famous name of certain individuals of a clan he never got along with.
      • Recently, gorilla-Hideyoshi seems to be winning an argument against monkey-Hideyoshi in that since they are the same person, then what they do is no different; there appears to be another timeline of monkey-Hideyoshi ending up just as cold-and-cruel just to enforce peace, only to break down in despair of what he's done when faced at a weak moment. While the gorilla taunts away, the monkey admits this and is not afraid to say that both of them can change for the better.
      • Gorilla-Hideyoshi is also amused at the shamisen-version-Motochika's voice. It sounds JUST like his own, as mentioned before; but in Hideyoshi's case he's often the most baffled since the Motochika he remembers is a lot more rowdy and clearly is a pirate that needs to be subjugated in his eyes. However, both the anchor-pirate and the shamisen wielder have stated to him that they would defy the fate he would forcefully place upon them to the very end.
      • He's also recently met Nene (the ninja one), and he seems to feel a hint of wavering in front of her. Nene tried to convince him to change, but the gorilla man tried to kill her the same he did with his Nene after overpowering her in battle; Basara-Keiji and Koei-Hideyoshi came in on time, with the latter swearing to bring him to death, even if he'd risk his own life in the process due to their lifelink.

    Tricky the Clown 


Tricky the Clown, God of Weaponized Unusual Objects (The Clown, That Damned Clown, The Unstoppable Nevadean Champion, Tiky, Doctor Hoffnarr)
Before death 
As a giant demon 
After stealing the Auditor's power 
Tricky's skeleton inside Hell 
Doctor Hoffnarr 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as a giant demon, Overdeity after stealing the Auditor's power)
  • Symbol: His stopsign, or alternatively, a bloodied steel mask with a hole in its mouth.
  • Theme Song:The Chicken Dance, Calliope, Clown Song of Death, Fucking Crazy
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: normally uses a sign with an exclamation mark, Ax-Crazy, utilizes an Improbability Drive, NEVER stays dead, from Joke Character to Monster Clown, Bouncing Battler, Cool Mask, can turn into a giant flaming demon if he has to, managed to steal the Auditor's power to gain control over the afterlife
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Slaughter, Weaponry, Reality Manipulation
  • Allies: Pennywise the Clown, Dr. Zomboss, The Violator, Needles Kane, The Joker, The Klowns, AM
  • Rivals: Vex, Marx
  • Enemies: Hank J. Wimbleton, Jebus, The Auditor, Spawn, Ronald McDonald, Billy, Aslan, The Scarlet Witch, Dhuum, Meridia, Columbus, Shizuo Heiwajima, Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Complicated Relationship: The House of Death and Postmortem and Luck and Fortune
  • One of the most dangerous people that come from Nevada, Tricky started as just another of the many grunts that defended the Sheriff from Hank Wimbleton's wrath and he was taken down as easily as any other foe. Though in Hank's second attempt at trying to kill the sheriff, Tricky was killed (again) and zombified only to be killed yet again. But then Tricky became Hank's primary Arch-Enemy, returning with a portable improbability device that allows him to manipulate reality however he wants, and he did so by torturing Hank and constantly reviving and killing him just for his own amusement. One of his many weapons is a stop sign with a "!" that he totes as his Weapon of Choice and allowed him to achieve a place in the Pantheon.
  • Tricky at first just came to the Pantheon for one simple reason: to kill Hank again. And once he found him...let's just say the entire House of Slaughter was destroyed in the process. Eventually both Tricky and Hank came back to life, but before they could resume the fight the Pantheon authorities stepped in and stop both of them before things got out of hand. Tricky has been a constant nuisance for Hank and now that he is in the Pantheon he intends to make his stay a living nightmare.
  • Tricky is a special case regarding death since he tends to die a lot, even resurrecting minutes after being killed and rarely respawning like most deities who happen to get killed in the Pantheon. That's because of the Portable Improbability Drive stuck inside his head which also gives him access to all sorts of reality altering powers, and even in the off-chance the device is destroyed, he will come back via normal resurrections or the rare intervention of his universe's Higher Powers. And not many people (Save for Hank) have actually tried to kill Tricky. Why? BECAUSE YOU DO NOT KILL CLOWN! CLOWN KILLS YOU!!!!!
  • Tricky is not always actively trying to kill everybody he comes accross, he's been trying to make some friends cause he knows he's bound to make plenty of enemies. Surprisingly, he and Pennywise became good friends even if the two have widely different methods when it comes to disposing of their enemies. Similarly, the Violator, Needles Kane and The Joker all consider him a kindred spirit and whenever they need a bit of an assistance in their chaotic schemes, they are sure to bring Tricky along for the ride. And the Klowns think of him as some sort of god or chosen one given his powers.
  • But not all of the clowns were as welcoming to Tricky, especially considering how much of a loose cannon he can be. As usual, another evil insane clown certainly didn't amuse Ronald McDonald, but he wasn't the only one. Other notably chaotic deities like Vex found Tricky to be exceptionally hard to get along with, though they know better than to provoke him. And there is Marx, who is probably one of the few that is willing to engage Tricky on his brand of madness just to see how far he can go in a fight.
  • Tricky's origins actually predate his time in Nevada, apparently he has been seen in other places before, even maskerading as Orange Princess one time but that Tricky could possibly be unrelated to the zombified monstosity that terrorizes the Pantheon on a daily basis. In fact, he once decided to pull that trick by disguising himself as Daisy to see how many people he could fool. After he was outed, half of the house was left in shambles.
  • He is well aware that several deities are afraid of clowns and he uses that fear to pull a few pranks on them. Billy is one of his favourite targets simply because he becomes a sobbing mess, to the point that Tricky spends more time tormenting Billy than actively trying to kill Hank. Once he gets bored, he tends to mess with Columbus from the Zombieland group (who has dealt with zombie clowns in the past) and he knows it's hopeless to fight the clown and tries to appease him in any way he can, but that ultimately gets Columbus killed anyway.
  • Tricky is probably one of the strongest zombies in the Pantheon that isn't a god of death already but considering what he can do, he might as well be. His status as a zombie is due to being resurrected by the Higher Powers, the true Gods of Nevada, after Hank's second attempt at killing the Sheriff. Several deities that come from a Zombie Apocalypse are utterly terrified of the clown. His sheer brutality actual caught the attention of Khorne, who suggested Tricky to join his forces but the clown seems to not be interested in serving the chaos god, but Khorne is just content with seeing the clown go to town with his enemies.
  • His status as an undead force definitely caught the ire of Meridia, and the daedric prince is not someone to be messed with. She personally came to his temple to smite him into oblivion but Tricky, like usual, put a hell of a fight and almost managed to subdue the daedric prince but before they could cause more damage, the authorities managed to resolve the situation and momentarily destroy Tricky so Meridia would back down and she did eventually. Tricky later came back like usual and occasionally takes a shot or two at Meridia's temple because he is still pretty salty about losing that one battle.
  • The Improbability Drive has been compared to the powers of the Scarlet Witch and Wanda certainly is not a huge fan of Tricky, considering him a menace to the Pantheon as a whole that hasn't gotten out of hand because of his petty grudge against Hank Wimbleton. Tricky has claimed he can beat her in a fight but find her a boring opponent, a claim that Wanda finds preposterous.
  • Sometimes when he is in a good mood, he likes to go to the House of Music and act as a dj, and some have stated he is pretty good at it. Whenever he is around the house he tends to be pretty relaxed but can be provoked into a fight if you piss him off enough (or if Hank wanders in, he's been known to start fights for a boombox after all).
    • He also had a short-lived bit as a train conductor, obviously another his many attempts at messing with Hank after he ripped his head off. He attempted to continue his job as a conductor by hijacking Thomas the Tank Engine but grew bored after he realized that Thomas was just a simple train with no extra abilities and decided to roll with his own train instead. Thomas is still traumatized about the experience and would rather not talk about it.
  • Tricky is also known to antagonize Shizuo Heiwajima because he dislikes him also using a stop sign as a Weapon of Choice and Shizuo in turn dislikes him for embodying everything he hates about a person, makin Izaya seem tame in comparison. Shizuo surprisingly is hard to put down for Tricky and even all the reality manipulation that the improbability drive allows has done little to stop Shizuo's seemingly unending determination.
  • Not fond of those that resemble Jesus Christ, given his own history with the man. He often likes to attack Aslan unprovoked with his signature stop sign, something that the Lion finds incredibly annoying and a constant nuisance like Tricky has certainly made his stay in the Pantheon quite difficult.
  • Not many know of Tricky's former life as Dr. Hoffnarr, one of the members of Project Nexus that years later became the clown we all know after going severely insane. He is also one of Dr. Christoff's old colleagues, who would later become Jebus Christ.
  • "Just do what comes natural."


Lesser Gods

    Beowulf (Skullgirls

"It's time! It's time! It's BEOWULF TIME!!"

Beowulf, God of Chair Bashing (Kamrad Volk)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His foldable chair, "The Hurting", with his wolf pelt laying on it
  • Theme Music: The Crowd Goes Wild
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Weapon of Choice: The Hurting
  • Portfolio: Bashing People With a Chair Called "The Hurting", Pro Wrestling Is Real, Large Ham, Using a Gigan's Arm To Attack, Underestimated Badass Normal, Retired Badass (Returned), Idiot Hero, Determinator
  • Domains: Wrestling, Chairs, Wolves
  • High Priest: Rob Van Dam
  • Allies: King II, Zangief, John Cena, Kanji Tatsumi, Captain Qwark, Yamcha, Parasoul, Filia, Cerebella
  • Rivals: Edge
  • Enemies: Double, Bloody Marie, Eliza (even if he never met her)
  • A formerly retired professional wrestler from the Canopy Kingdom, he was hailed as a hero for defeating (and killing) a Gigan called Grendel in a wrestling match. Where he eventually fell into obscurity, he returned back to the ring to defeat the current Skullgirl with his trusty chair "The Hurting", Grendel's severed arm and his wrestling skills.
  • He managed to ascend partly because of how much the crowd wanted him to return back to the ring. In the first exhibition match in the Pantheon, the crowd went wild when he stepped onto the ring. The Wulfamania is running wild and he ain't stopping!
  • Where he might be a mere Lesser God, do not underestimate him. Sure, Grendel was drugged so that Beowulf could beat him, and then he killed his rather frail mother, but he can possibly beat Double, Marie and Grendel in his full strength more or less alone. He also doesn't simply throw people way heavier than him, he picks them up, carries them around and then throws them.
  • He tends to avoid any gods with necromancy powers in the fear that they might use Grendel's arm against him.
  • Note that he is NOT based on Kanji Tatsumi. Beowulf himself admits that where Kanji has the potential of becoming a good wrestler after having a match with him, he thinks that he is bit too rough on the edges. That, and he really should stop breaking his chairs.
    • He sees Edge as a rival though, especially when it comes to the Rated-R Superstar performing his famous Con-Chair-Tos on them.
  • His title is meant to read as bashing people with chair, not bashing the chair itself.
  • For whatever reason, anytime he does his grand finisher, Canis Major Press, Mr. Champloo comes up to count the pins. He says that he sounds like his usual referee.
  • Is buddies with Captain Qwark due the fact that he himself was a fake hero, even if he only found out about it way later, and trying to make up for it later.
  • Sympathises with Yamcha as Beowulf knows what it's like to be considered a loser. Beowulf has even taken to wearing Yamcha's colours sometimes during matches to honour him.

    Diddy Kong 
Diddy Kong, God of Edible Ammunition (The Acrobat, Number 36)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Nintendo Cap next to a Peanut Popgun
  • Theme Music: Stickerbush Symphony, The Map Page/Bonus Level (Smash Bros. medley), Title Theme (Diddy Kong Racing) (when kart racing), Solar Aura during other sporting events
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gadgets Made out of Barrels, Firing Guns That Shoot Peanuts, Wearing Clothes (But No Pants), Banana Peels
  • Domains: Monkeys, Guns, Friendship
  • Allies: Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Dixie Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. (also a Friendly Rival), Mario, Luigi, JonTron, Fox McCloud, Falco Lombardi, Conker the Squirrel, Banjo & Kazooie, AiAi, Amigo, King Kong
  • Enemies: King K. Rool, Lord Fredrik, Bashmaster, Mojo Jojo, Bowser, Tabuu, Galeem & Dharkon, Frieza, Koba
  • Disliked by: Dr. Zaius
  • Diddy Kong is Donkey Kong's most frequent ally for whenever trouble is afoot. Given his small stature, he is more agile than DK is, but can't run into stronger enemies without getting bumped away from them. In addition to his speed he can use a Rocketbarrel pack to move farther and a Peanut Popgun to shoot enemies. The peanuts that are fired can be eaten without issue. If Diddy really wants to be serious, he can fire his Peanut Popguns while taking it to the skies via Rocketbarrel Pack.
  • A barrel showed up one day in the Pantheon bearing the words "DK" in bright red. Some deities figured that Donkey Kong would be able to determine what was in the barrel after hearing some noises come from it. Sure enough, Donkey Kong arrived onto the scene, picked up the barrel, and after throwing it, a chimpanzee with a red shirt and red cap emerged from the barrel. Donkey Kong was relieved to know that his buddy Diddy made it to the Pantheon without serious issues, even if being stuck in a barrel for a long time was rough.
  • He has been a participant of the Smash tournament since the third iteration, bringing his Peanut Popguns with him alongside some banana peels to trip up opponents. Plenty has happened during these times, such as striking up an alliance with Fox (their first meeting together had them fighting Rayquaza) and Falco in order to save Donkey Kong before eventually joining with other Nintendo characters to fight Tabuu. Diddy also got involved in the war against Galeem & Dharkon, learning that not only was his Rocketbarrel Pack not fast enough to outrun Galeem's ultimate attack, but that Galeem turned Diddy & DK's Kong friends (and some of their Animals Buddies) into Spirits as well.
  • Kidnappings are something that he's very familar with, especially since he got stuck inside a barrel to start with. When DK got kidnapped by K. Rool, Diddy and Dixie worked together to save DK. In addition to DK getting kidnapped again sometime later, Diddy got kidnapped by K. Rool, prompting Dixie and her friend Kiddy Kong to save the two. With kidnappings in the Pantheon being a relatively frequent occurance, he works together alongside the other Kongs to thwart them, provided that he or his allies don't get kidnapped first.
  • He and DK visit the House of Music as among the recreational activities in their down time to perform alongside monkey musician Amigo. However, he did notice that Amigo wasn't all that eager to be performing with a heavy metal instrument, so he decided to do something else instead; sing. Amigo was quite pleasantly surprised at this and is eager to perform with them again, maybe serving as a background instrument with a duet between Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.
  • AiAi came across Diddy one day eating some bananas and decided to join him. During a chat between them, Diddy learned of the various "Monkey Ball" activities that AiAi does and was curious about them. After partaking in some of these activities alongside AiAi, Diddy found the activities to be interesting, though some of them were a bit too much for him to handle (with how both Monkey Golf and Monkey Baseball work being a bit ridiculous not just for Diddy, but a few others as well). It hasn't really impacted Diddy and AiAi's friendship in any way and they still do some Monkey Ball competitions with each other (with a couple other Kongs such as Dixie joining in sometimes).
  • Diddy learned that before he joined DK, there was another monkey that hanged around with DK; that monkey being Donkey Kong Jr. At first, Diddy and DK Jr. weren't quite friendly with each other, but warmed up to each other as they got to know each other better. If the two aren't fighting against the Kongs' primary arch-enemies, then Diddy and DK Jr. engage in a bit of friendly competition to determine who gets to partake in adventure or recreational activities with DK. There have been some instances of DK Jr. getting in tennis matches with Diddy as a result.
  • Before taking part in recreational activities with DK, Diddy had his own racing adventure. Conker and Banjo without Kazooie were among those who joined Diddy in the races. Banjo decided to get Diddy to meet up with Conker against as it's been a while and the chimp was surprised to learn that the Conker he was seeing was completely different from the Conker that joined him in beating Wizpig. Banjo explained that Conker became changed drastically and that he's trying to at least, not make him crazy behind the wheel. Conkey was surprised to see Diddy as well and even with the change in the squirrel's attitude, still saw him as a friend. Diddy is still on good terms with Conker and is thankful that Banjo is keeping an eye on the squirrel since Diddy is very busy with other matters for him to hang out with his racing buddies more often.
    • In addition to his own kart-racing endeavor with Banjo and Conker, Diddy is generally familiar with racing as a result of kart-racing with Mario and his friends. There was another racing competition that the Kong Krew partook in that involved using drums to rocket across different tracks. Deities outside of the Kong Krew and K. Rool who have attempted it found it to be very unorthodox even if comparison to other strange racing competitions.
  • While there are a few other primates for Diddy to hang around with, there are a small number of such that Diddy has to be careful around. Mojo Jojo, being an insane monkey with aspirations of taking over the world, is someone whom Diddy is very wary of, especially since Mojo Jojo is more than capable of being manipulative in order to achieve his goals. Koba's homicidal behavior is even worse in that regard and Diddy is more than frightened of him and seeing him in get into a fight with someone.
    • Dr. Zaius is a monkey that dislikes the Kong Krew quite a bit. Zaius is aware of the Kong Krew having capabilities better than that of normal primates (especially with Diddy's agility and weaponry), but feels their potential is being wasted on frivolous free-time activities instead of proving their superiority towards humans. Diddy and the other Kongs really don't share Zaius' opinion of humans, likely because of said free-time activities.
  • When he first heard about King Kong, Diddy thought that the giant gorilla was a long-lost member of the Kong Krew. Upon seeing King Kong, Diddy was amazed at how large it was and quickly learned afterwards that King Kong tends to himself and isn't really related to the Kongs in any way. Not that it prevents Diddy and the other Kongs from maintaining a good-enough friendship with King Kong.
  • There are a few who aren't amused in the slightest about Diddy using peanuts as ammo, especially coming from those who are allergic to peanuts. Pit has apparently claimed that getting pelted with peanuts isn't that bad, but then again, this is the same guy who has claimed that "Floor Ice Cream gives you health" previously.

Kitana, Goddess of Battle Fans (The Empress of Netherrealm, Kitana Kahn, Lady Kitana, Blueberry, Nancy Ninja)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Symbol of Edenia.
  • Theme Song: Royal Storm, Radius, Kitana Kahn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good; Chaotic Evil as a revenant.
  • Portfolio: Bladed Fans, Action Girls, Battle Couple with Liu Kang, Kiss of Death, True Blue Femininity, Combat Stilettos, Rebellious Princesses, Ladies of War, Decapitation, Having Three Variations in MKX (Assassin, Royal Storm, Mournful)
  • Domains: Weapons, War, Combat, Royalty
  • Herald: Jade (her best friend)
  • High Priestess: Suki
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: AJ Lee
  • Kitana is the princess of Edenia, daughter of King Jerrod and Queen Sindel and for the longest time one of Shao Kahn's personal and best assassins. She grew up believing he was his biological father, until the Mortal Kombat universe in Outworld made her realize he wasn't her real father but a conqueror who merged Outworld with her home realm of Edenia. Since then, Kitana has joined the Earthrealm warriors battled against the forces of whoever wanted to take over their realm, even gaining back control over Edenia. Given her being one of the signature fighters that use Combat Hand Fans, Kitana was later granted godhood after being recommended by Liu Kang.
  • While the Kitana here is a force of good, a different timeline had the same events play out differently. Her mother was revived and strenghtened with the soul of Shang Tsung, which caused the deaths of not only her but several other Earthrealm warriors. Said fighters also ended up becoming revenants thanks to Quan Chi, all of them serving both Quan Chi and Shinnok it their attempt at taking over Earthrealm and developing a hatred for Raiden. This version of Kitana even managed to become the Empress of the Netherrealm after Shinnok's with Liu Kang as Emperor while also being the default holder of the title. Some timeline rifts resulted in the heroic Kitana appearing in the pantheon and defeating her revenant self to seek control of the temple and the title, earning her the right to be the representative of the trope.
    • Speaking of her revenant self, she is not exactly proud of becoming the Empress of the Netherrealm after Shinnok's defeat and set to right the wrongs she committed in the pantheon, first by defeating Shao Kahn and becoming the new Kahn of Outworld, an action that caused the new Kitana to be showered by praise. She also kickstarted an attempt by the past versions of some of her friends to seize control of the temples of the pantheon from their revenants counterparts, especially Liu Kang and Kung Lao.
  • It's no secret that she and Liu Kang have had eyes for each other for a very long time but several circumstances have kept them from making it official. That all changed after Kronika was defeated. With his newfound powers, Fire God Liu Kang chose Kitana as his partner in being the new Time Keepers and Kitana accepted being at his side. No one knows what they plan to do after that but she and Liu Kang have stated that they will let things play out naturally.
  • Like many who became revenants, she had a falling out with Raiden, which later made her meet new mentors in the form of Thrall and Rachel Alucard. Things took a dark turn when her pantheon self became a revenant once more but the events of the time merging caused Kitana to change for the better, as stated above. She and Raiden became allies once more and she still keeps in touch with both Thrall and Rachel as a form of gratitude for taking care of her. She is a bit closer to the latter given her vocal resemblance to her best friend and confidant Jade, acting as a sort of replacement until she eventually finds her place in the pantheon.
  • The fact that her revenant self received visions where she would have saved Edenia if Raiden hadn't tampered with the timeline was a huge reason Kitana stayed a revenant unlike her other comrades. However, she later discovered that these visions where just a possible timeline of many and that Raiden is hardly to blame, but the Lich King Arthas Menethil is partly responsible for feeding this thoughts to Kitana, making her relation to others start to fall apart. After becoming Kahn of Outworld and finding out that she herself will never grew accustomed to Edenian culture after being raised for years in Outworld, she decided to forego this vision and swore to take down Arthas. This in turn brought her a new ally in the form of Bolvar Fordragon, the other Lich King, since he too wanted to dethrone Arthas' position as the leader of the Scourge and Kitana believing he was the Lesser of Two Evils, she agreed on Bolvar's terms.
  • Doesn't like AJ Lee, despite the fact she once dressed as her in a Halloween match. This enmity originated for the fact that AJ Lee joined forces with Mileena. However, after a wonderful performance in WrestleMania with Paige to take out the Bella Twins, Kitana changed her perception of the Geek Goddess.
  • There used to be a time where Kitana could turn into a rabbit and then proceeded to devour her opponents. She hasn't displayed that ability for a long time but those who have witnessed her do that have compared it to the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Kitana being surprised that such a creature even existed but she isn't exactly flattered by the comparison.
  • While being of Royal Blood, Kitana doesn't feel like one herself, mostly thanks to the years she's been raised as a trained assassin under Shao Kahn. She did however end up meeting a few princesses in the House of Royalty that were curious about her position as Outworld's Kahn and wondering if it had anything to do with being a Queen. She first met Princesses Peach and Zelda, who welcomed Kitana and showed her the ins and outs of the Royalty house while sharing their respective histories with Bowser and Ganondorf, which Kitana found no different from Shao Kahn.
    • She also came accross someone who at first she thought was another clone of her thanks to a similar sounding voice (To give her credit, she grew a bit paranoid after Mileena was created) but it turned out to be King Artoria Pendragon. Both shared the same desire for justice and a just rule for their people, while bonding over their shared affection over another person. While Artoria thinks she wasn't the best ruler of Camelot, Kitana believes she has done her best.
  • Naturally hates and despises conquerors and Evil Overlords, Shao Kahn being chief among them. Her "father" tried to give her a warm welcome by trying to bash her skull the moment she stepped a foot in the pantheon but thankfully he was stopped before doing so. He is still sore about being defeated by Sindel's ungrateful daughter and is plotting to take the throne of Kahn back, whatever means necessary.
    • Emperor Palpatine is another one on Kitana's kill list, as his rule on The Empire has been comparable or arguably worse that Shao Kahn's rule on Outworld. To that end she tried to form an alliance with his opposition, finding common ground with Leia Organa and establishing an alliance between the rebels and Kitana's Outworld army.
  • Kitana was one of several who found themselves involved in a merging of realms, meeting several heroes and villains of the DC Universe along the way. During said time she ended up meeting Superman and Wonder Woman, who she came to admire given their dedication towards justice. On that note, Darkseid is another Evil Overlord she seeks to take down, not only for what he represents but also because he fused with her father during said events and tried to take over the combined realms.
    • Then she ended up hearing about the alternate universe where Superman became a tyrant and she was distraught to learn that one of her allies could fall so low, reminding Kitana of her revenant self but nonetheless she has no pity for Regime Superman . From that universe she also heard about Starfire, a tamaran princess who lost her home planet and sounded a lot like her and befriended her after bonding over their similar backgrounds.
  • She is a bit apprehensive of clones, considering her relationship with Mileena. Even if she is just an Evil Knockoff of her with a less than gracious face, deep down she does care a bit about Mileena, in some timelines even willing to forgive her and offer her sister to join her. Following Mileena's death at the hands of D'Vorah, Kitana keeps one of her sais as a memento, possibly as a Tragic Keepsake. That said, Mileena still wants to outdo her sister in any way she can.
  • As the divine holder of the Combat Hand Fan, she does like to train those who want to use them for kombat. However, given her Lady of War fighting style, she favours more graceful warriors and that's why she likes to spar with Mai Shiranui and Yukiko Amagi.
  • "You will learn respect!"

If you must blink, do it now.

Kubo, Child Prodigy of Weaponized Origami (Little boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pile of paper with a shamisen nearby.
  • Theme Song: When My Guitar Gently Weeps by Regina Spektor.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A child of the Moon Goddess and is a demigod, uses an eyepatch to cover his lost eye with magical powers, he is 12 years old, very weak but compensated by his magical abilities, content with most of his life, loves to tell stories in his spare time, a sweet and thoughtful child but will not hesitate to kill and defeat his foes like his Grandfather and his second aunt
  • Domains: Child Heroes, Origami, Music, Family, Acceptance, Godly Relations
  • Heralds: Monkey/Sariatu and Beetle/Hanzo
  • Allies: Link, The Furious Five, Simba, Samurai Jack, the Storyteller, Isabel and Isaac of the Paranatural Activity Club, Yu Narukami, The 2nd Division Symphogears and the Suite Pretty Cures, Tetsuo Tsurugi, Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
  • Friends with: The Orphan Quintet (Pollyanna Whittier, Anne Shirley, Anne-Marie, Heidi, Sara Crewe), Oliver Twist, Madeline, Annie (Little Orphan Annie),
  • Confused with: Hanzo Shimada
  • Source of Interest with: Ludwig the Accursed, Percy Jackson and his friends
  • Commonality Connection with: Django
  • Enemies: Melkor, Aku, Voldemort, Balanar, 456 Ambassador, The Slender Man, Pennywise the Dancing Clown, and all malevolent gods associated with the moon
  • Conflicting Opinion: Chang'e, Kaguya Houraisan, Eirin Yagokoro, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Magnolia Arch, Mirana and other deities related to the moon, Raiden, and Magikarp
  • Pities: Hilda, Leona Heidern, The Baudelaire Siblings, anyone else who has lost an eye or is blind
  • The House of Knowledge has its fair share of stories, both known and unknown. Some are varied with numerous characters and some are with a simple premise. One of the stories was about a kid who would be a local storyteller on his village and a caretaker to his mother. After encountering a mysterious group of Sisters, he would need to find his grandfather's armor to protect himself. On the way, he would meet two guardians, a Beetle and a Monkey, who he has bonded throughout his journey and on the way saw his true origins, the reason for him being hunted down and his one missing eye. He would find the true cause of it, his late grandfather and his aunts, which are the Sisters and their Moon Kingdom, wanting to bring him to their newfound godly life. Ultimately, he would find peace through The Power of Love but as he says it, his ending could have been far better than what he got.
    • After the story was shared, a young man with an eyepatch and a shamisen wandered into part of the Narrative House and told a story for anyone to hear. Sometimes, he talked about his father Hanzo's exploits against the Moon King. Other times, he spoke of his own perilous quest to defeat the same guy with three relics. Regardless, many people regardless of age take a great liking to his brand of storytelling, accompanied by music from his shamisen and a collection of origami figurines that come to life when he plays. When the guardians found the young man, they realized it was the person from the story they have told, the kid hero Kubo as they call him. This welcoming storyteller was humble on him joining to the Pantheon ranks.
  • The prospect of a unified dimension where different characters of varying places is an interesting idea for him. At first he thought it would be like the Moon Kingdom and their mindset against humans, but the first step he took into the Pantheon was greeted with kindness. Sure there are still evil deities here and there but for the most part, almost everyone he has met are either a hero of their own story or a good guy similar to him. This made him much happier as his story is now well known and wishes to share it to the other children of the Pantheon, as a way to make their lives better like his. It also allowed him to discover new houses such as the House of Narrative, his most visited place, the House of Life and Death and so much more, with the exception of the House of Villains and Vengeance.
    • There is one problem when it comes to having a large universe of different characters: it can bring confusion especially when it comes to similar names. It is a normal thing to deal with for experienced deities but for Kubo it took some time to get used to this situation, such as when he heard someone call Monkey's name, thinking she came back from the dead. Though he would be somewhat disappointed that there was another character named Monkey who was very different from the Monkey he knew, from his voice to even his knowledge from Kung Fu. Though seeing a friendly opportunity, this Monkey introduced the Furious Five to him and was astounded on their achievements, especially when there was a mention of the Spirit World. This also happened when it came to his father Hanzo, or so it would be until he saw the archer Hanzo but it was not his father, instead it was Hanzo Shimada. He apologized but the two realized their cultures, especially with the sight of the shamisen and welcomed him.
  • Storytelling isn't easy as while making up plots can sound simple, may take time to fully make sense, especially on endings, where he has problems making a decent ending on his stories told to his mother. This is further reflected on his name, "Kubo" refers to a dent, or an empty space, that while supposedly full, is actually lacking for some reason. As a result, many of his stories have missing endings and admits making one is difficult. And while his journey did end somewhat well, he still wanted it to be much more happier, such as with the case of his grandfather. That won't stop him from being a welcoming storyteller and a kind child hero to everyone.
    • He is often the center of attention when it comes to numerous tales and visits the House of Narrative almost everyday. Some say that the House of Narrative has fondness for him and gave him a spot as one of the few storytellers, others would say it was his own decision to tell a story every once in a while. Its for this reason why many children and those interested in what he has to say often enjoy his company, almost like a bard but for those with a knack for tales. The Storyteller loves him for this, as the kid's love for stories is similar to his, and proof that some kids just love a good story in any time. He still has more stories to tell than him but the kid appreciates his lessons.
  • When he isn't telling stories, he comes over to the Death and Postmortem House to give the souls of his parents a visit as well as soothe whoever visits the place with his music. He says it is in honor and respect to greet them whenever he has the chance to, as without them he wouldn't be able to learn the lessons he gained on his journey and wished that they could have lived near the ending. If the need arises, however, they can return to his aid as Monkey and Beetle. One would ask why his parents become Monkey and Beetle but he says it is more complicated than that and has to do with curses which he is willing to share.
  • Being an orphan is not an easy life, especially living with no father to boot. For him though, he remains very happy and content with his life, as his humble attitude earned much of respect for many deities, save for some who do not follow the same life as his. Many wonder how long this will last but considering the journey he has experienced, it is safe to say that he will remain humble and content for the rest of his life knowing his parents may rest and his grandfather's change of heart. Even with such affirmation, he knows the world is more than whatever revolves around him and will do whatever it takes to fight for the good of not only his village but even those in danger.
    • He is very welcome to meet similar orphans, hoping to connect to them in a personal level and convince some to remain humble in life. It is for this reason that being friends with Simba was pretty quick. The latter knows how it is to lose your parents from the most unfortunate scenarios and surprisingly, encounters with them outside of the afterlife. He asked if Kubo was suit to be a king, but the child declined, stating he is fine with where he lives and the village he takes care of. To him, being a king is unnecessary but wishes Simba the best of luck.
    • More orphans heard his story and were glad to meet him, some which were pitied by the child for their unfortunate upbringing. Some however, are able to continue their resolve and continue living despite the issues surrounding their pasts, and such was his reaction upon meeting Tetsuo Tsurugi who, despite his desperation for yearned love for his parents and fear of being alone, is something both he and Kubo have experienced, though most orphans are unable to survive through such and are traumatized in the end. This was the case when he met Hilda, the Leona Heidarn and the Baudelaire Siblings, orphans who had dealt more issues than what they had expected in their parentless lives. Even with his music and sense of good stories, it wasn't enough to ease their pain, especially the latter, though things may change following Beatrice finally contacting the duo which made Kubo delighted to hear about.
    • He did make a surprising discovery of a group of orphans who are admittedly fans of his power, so much that they follow him everywhere he goes all for the beautiful sight of music and art combined. Lead by the Orphan Quintet and other orphans such as Oliver Twist, Madeline, and another Annie, they march around the Pantheon as a sign of happiness to all children and are eager to hear any story Kubo has in mind, not to mention some of them may help him in his desire to create a happy ending in some of his tales.
  • The status of being a lone child, while able to adapt and even be happy about it, also brought with it unimaginable horrors, some that are terrifying to children in general. First contact was with the Slender Man, who Kubo desperately tried to fend off, and was nearly captured until intervention from the other high-ranking gods managed to get him out. The 456 Ambassador however joined in as well attempting to kidnap him, but he was able to fare much better compared to the Slender Man, able to defeat him with ease. The same cannot be said following Balanar's entrance and moreso Pennywise, who barged into his temple, one to haunt him in the night and the other to simply eat him. That was when he decided to call for help so that he does not have to deal with these threats alone.
  • One of the very few "special" kids, in a sense that he has otherworldly powers even for such a young age. For all his fragility is made up for his affinity with magic, especially on origami, via the instrumental shamisen he carries with him. He uses the shamisen as a controller for the origami to be used in a variety of ways, from weaponizing them to even flight and escape. It is a niche skill and one he excels at confidently so. Due to the Pantheon's freedom of choice, he is able to use the shamisen more often, not just for combat purposes but for showcasing the origami at its fullest beauty.
    • The aforementioned skills with music also helps, as it is the source of all his paper powers, making him an adept musician and a bard. This, alongside his intention to fight for good brought attention to both the Symphogears and the Smile Pretty Cures, further helped by the fact that he is of Japanese origin much like all the members. The difference though is the extent of their musical powers, as Kubo's powers focuses on paper, the Symphogears are based on their own techs and the Pretty Cures is pure magic.
  • It sucks to have a missing eye at birth, but it is worsened if the other eye is also the object of search. This was his thought when he encountered the Moon King, who wanted his other eye to give him a spot into the Moon Kingdom, as he has a disdain for humanity in general and Kubo's humanity was the only thing from giving him that opportunity. But with courage and The Power of Love, he saved his own eye and life, at the cost of his parents' own.
    • This lead him to being sympathetic towards others who have been blind or those with eyes even removed like his, regardless of alignment. He believes everyone should at least have good vision in life, both in a literal and a metaphorical mindset and no one should suffer having one or both eyes gone. He believes this will help people clearly see their wrongs, much like the fate of his grandfather.
  • Other warriors from different paths have noticed Kubo's skills on paper combat and his affinity with music, citing him to be an endearing warrior even though he has said he only does this on self-defense. Among those who took a liking to him was Samurai Jack, appreciated the young storyteller's presence as the two's similar upbringing as a samurai's child and his conflicts with godlike beings brought them together. His relationship with Ashi also helps as she is proof that there is something good that can be redeemed in the darkness.
    • Unfortunately this lead to encounters with Jack's archnemesis, Aku, who despises his presence. For being a child, he considers him to be Jack's child equal and considers him foolish for all the same reasons he hates Jack. Then when he heard of how he fiercely opposed the Moon Kingdom and his path to godhood, he despised him even more and has told the rest of the Daughters of Aku to hunt him down, to give the child a lesson when it comes to facing the dangers of evil.
    • Another warrior also caught Kubo's attention and awe, seeing that it was Link, the legendary hero of Hyrule. Considering the numerous incarnations of him, various skills, a large arsenal of weapons, and so much heroic tales about him, he speaks of how he is enthralled at his tales, moreso as his combat style of similar to that of his father. The latter gave him a pat to the head to appreciate his awe on him as well as introduce him to the kingdom of Hyrule.
  • Outside of origami combat, there is an interesting part of Kubo differentiates him from other children. For one, he is of godly descent, a child of the Moon Goddess, meaning he has relations to the moon. This brought itself problems, as while he was a godly descendant, he was a regular mortal, thus resulting to his left eye taken out by his grandfather and the relentless search to remove his humanity to join their 'heaven' as opposed to the 'hell' that is humanity, starting by being hunted by his loyal Sisters. While he may be a demigod by Pantheon standards, he wishes not to be called a god due to these events, and moreso relate to anything to the Moon, especially the evil ones.
    • While not related to the moon at all, he has taken precaution when it comes to Lord Voldemort, he reminds him of his grandfather from his inability to comprehend certain values, to his possession of dark magic. His crimes in Hogwarts has also gone unnoticed and only further solidified his opposition on him. There are hints that he also opposes him in another way.
    • Remember when having similar names can be a problem? Well that also counts for the people named 'Raiden', as his grandfather was also named Raiden, the mastermind behind his hardships. This also meant anyone named such has been taken with alertness. One Raiden in particular brought his attention on him and while he may not be related to the moon in anyway, the rumors of a Dark Raiden and his loss of powers, becoming a mortal once made him even more cautious.
    • At one point, he even took a suspicious gander at Magikarp, wary at its transformation being akin to a dragon that disturbingly looks like the same dragon used by his grandfather during the final battle. This only worsened with the Red Gyarados it shares the same temple with, which looks much bigger and the evolution to Magikarp. This lead to him avoiding their temple, though many people have told him the Pokemon mean no harm compared to his relative.
    • It wasn't the end for all moon-related issues, as his deity links brought him under the eyes of Chang'e, who was also a human but due to unfortunate circumstance, ended up becoming the sole person to the moon, well according to the legends. When he did meet her however, she was mute and couldn't speak, though he was surprised how despite being a goddess of the moon, she is radically different from the gods in the Moon Kingdom. And she wasn't the only moon goddess. In fact, other maidens, Kaguya, Eirin and Reisen all approached Kubo with interest, specifically on how he is a human with the bloodline from the moon goddess of his world. Despite reasoning why his humanity was more important than his potential of being an actual god, the maidens did not care and were simply just interested on his links to the moon, without a single care of his humanity, giving him flashbacks of his grandfather's indifference towards humans in general.
    • The result of such conversation lead him to become cautious to anyone related to the moon, regardless of alignment. Some consider it too much but others are able to understand why he oppose them, as the flashbacks and memories are something he has not grown accustomed to. He is trying but it is little progress. It is also why attempts by Mirana and Magnolia Arc were not so successful in reconsidering his thoughts. Because the last thing Kubo wants is someone who wants to drag him back to the same scenario again.
    • It got worse following Diana's visit to him, who sought to convince him to rejoin the moon, as well as her interest of the Moon Kingdom. For a moon extremist, this did not bode well for him as she reminds him of the Sisters, his aunts convinced about the moon. Coupled with her insanity and ruthlessness, her presence has made his day already worse.
    • Not all events were doom and gloom however, as he found that even all those moon-based deities, some are willing to help him more than others, proven by the magical girl representative of the moon herself, Sailor Moon. The first sight between the two can be described as a change of heart for the little boy, seeing that her presence has convinced him that some people related to the moon aren't morally questionable people nor are they human hating gods. After talking to her on her experience with it, he can safely say that his perspective on the moon has changed for the better.
    • It got much better when Percy Jackson stepped in, which introduced him a new world filled with the children of the gods of Olympus, all who are demigods and are of godly descent just like him. Now there are questions as to what specific Moon Goddess was Kubo's ancestry from but as far as he can remember, he doesn't remember the name and only remembers the parents who raised him. Percy thinks there may be another god responsible for this and some of his friends have theorized the idea of one of the gods of Olympus (specifically that of the Moon) interfered with his birth. He dismissed those thoughts.
    • After meeting with different gods of varying alignments and interests, he found someone who is nearly similar to his life both a mortal and of celestial origin: Django. While he may be related more on the Sun, he does have connections to the moon as well. The difference is their breeds, Django is a half-human/vampire whereas Kubo is related to a goddess. Though he has sympathy for his brother who has spoken about moonlight's two sides.
  • He has declared an opposition to all things evil as well as its perpetrators and is such one of the daring few to oppose Melkor, which is an insult to the dark lord as a child wishes to oppose him. When he saw his relations to godhood and his origami powers, he only laughed that a mere child would go up against him, but Kubo has experience when it comes to vanquishing evil and will continue his steadfast courage even at the worst Melkor has to offer with the power of music, origami and love.
  • "Pay careful attention to everything you see and hear no matter how unusual it may seem. But please be warned: if you fidget; if you look away; if you forget ANY part of what I tell you, even for an instant, then our hero will surely perish."

    Kung Lao 
Kung Lao, God of Bladed Hats (Number Two Shaolin, Shaolin Bunk)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol/Weapon of Choice: His Bladed Hat
  • Theme Song: Wu Shi Academy, Casey Fritz Android, Shaolin Trap Dungeon (Round 2, Final Round), Kung Lao's Theme by Felix Cartal
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Using His Iconic Hat for Attacks and Fatalities, Masquerading as a Guard, Porting the Name of His Ancestor, Heterosexual Life-Partners With Liu Kang, Heroic Neutrals, Martial Pacifists, Spin Attacks, Offscreen Teleportation, Warrior Monks, Being Tall, Dark, and Handsome
  • Domains: Combat, Weapons, Good
  • Allies:
  • Vitriolic Best Buds With: Rachel Alucard, Thrall
  • Rival: Reptile
  • Enemies: Shao Kahn, Goro, Shang Tsung, Kano, Quan Chi, Shinnok, Mileena, Ermac, Kronika, Geras
  • Odd Friendship: The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog
  • Kung Lao is a descendant of the Great Kung Lao, a legendary warrior who originally defeated Shang Tsung and saved Earthrealm only to later die at the hands of Goro. Kung Lao was trained alongside fellow monk and chosen one Liu Kang, which greatly impacted Kung Lao personally as he was a very proud warrior who happens to also want to live up to the name he was given. The main difference he has over his comrade is his ever reliable razor-sharped hat, a rather unorthodox weapon for a monk but an effective one nonetheless. Throwing it has advantages with functions like straight cut, boomerang effect, and even more and that's what personally got him into the pantheon.
  • While he has felt jealousy over Liu Kang, that never really made him doubt his skills and the two have fought together on several occassions, becoming inseperable even if he does resent the idea of being on Liu Kang's shadow. But considering there are dangerous forces out there trying to destroy Earthrealm, he will stop at nothing until they are all dealt with.
  • James Bond is rather impressed with his hat, given the fact that Bond reminds him of Oddjob, a notorious criminal. However, Kung Lao is a good guy, earning Bond's respect.
  • If anything, don't mention to him the way he's portrayed as an overzealous bitter in Shaolin Monks. Value your life if you don't do so.
  • After discovering that Raiden's actions were what caused him alongside with Kitana, Kurtis Stryker, Smoke and Sub-Zero to be enslaved by Quan Chi, he alongside with the aforementioned, severed his ties with him. Unlike the others, he doesn't want to collaborate with Rachel Alucard… and especially Thrall but he gave in after a while and decided to let his ego not get in the way. Once Kronika made her entrance and Raiden finally realized the error of his ways, Kung Lao was happy to work once more with the Thunder God, having seen with his own eyes how far his revenant had fallen. And the prospect of being a god doesn't really bother him but some believe he is bluffing. Liu Kang on the hand actually is considering having Kung Lao be his chosen one after he became the Keeper of Time, starting with his ancestor the Great Kung Lao first. His present counterpart has yet to find out about this development.
  • His hat doesn't only allow Kung Lao to cut down his enemies, he also has the ability to be pseudo-magician and summon rabbits from it. Not all of them are friendly though, he has been able to summon the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog from his hat, which could end badly for his foes. Incidentally, the Killer Rabbit is able to tolerate Kung Lao as long as he provides him with "food" to entertain himself with (and isn't packing Holy Hand Grenades).
  • One time, Kung Lao had his body taken over by Mario and Cappy, who then proceeded to beat the ever living snot out of Sub-Zero. After that incident, all three parties decided to not bring it up outside of Gaming get-togethers.
  • Don't insult his hat.

Lester, God of Weaponized Pens (Bullseye, Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter, Lester Jangles, Leonard McClain, Daredevil, Hawkeye.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Crosshair plus a Playing Card
  • Themes: Dex Plus One and "Top o' the Morning to Ya"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Weaponized Pens, Improvised Projectiles, Psychos For Hire, Uber-bastardry, For the Evulz, Batshit Crazy People, Self Made Orphans, Squick.
  • Domains: Chaos, Domination, Guns, Madness, Money, Evil, Murder.
  • Herald: Lady Bullseye
  • Allies: Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin, Red Skull, Loki, Nu-13, Kotonoha Katsura, Tsukuyomi, Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin, Quentin Beck/Mysterio, Barra cuda, Kano, Gauron (to an extent)
  • Rivals: Jackie Chan
  • Enemies: Elektra, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Batman, Natasha Romanov/Black Widow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Opposes: Adam Savage and Jamie Hydeman
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Deadpool
  • Admires: Barbatos Goetia
  • Many are known for using all sorts of weapons, especially in the House of Weapons. Only one can make such deadly use out of mundane weaponry. That distinction belongs to Bulleye. The assassin ascended after winning a sharpshooting contest in the House of School, by using nothing but pens and playing cards. The GUAE sees him as a highly prized asset to eliminate targets.
    • No one else has suffered from him as much as Daredevil. It all started from the beginning when he offed Elektra and went on a rampage from there, killing Karen Page and even impersonating as the Man Without Fear for a while. Matt managed to deal sweet revenge when he impersonated Bulleye, leading to a battle of the ages.
    • He's not happy at seeing Elektra in the Pantheon. When the two first met in Weapons, it destroyed the much of the House. Daredevil later came by to break up the fight. Things are more or less at an impasse right now. Elektra has gotten stronger, but is hesitant to fight a guy like him with so many weapons at his disposal.
  • Also enjoys tormenting Daredevil allie Black Widow and almost killed her a number of times. She may have advanced tech at her side, but Bulleye's unpredictability has proven too much to overcome.
  • Was part of Norman Osborn's band of supervillains posing as heroes during Dark Reign. To him, it was a joyous occasion where he got to kill anyone with impunity.
  • His foray into the Dark Avengers pissed off Clint to no end. Angered at Lester for taking the Hawkeye gimmick from him, he made his own costume called Ronin to challenge him. It didn't end well for Clint, especially without his arrows. The two share an animosity ever since.
  • Was also hired by Mysterio for a time. While it seems to be no big deal, that job was the one that got him to kill Karen Page, Daredevil's long-time love interest. To that he is eternally grateful to Mysterio for giving him the opportunity.
  • Had a memorable showdown against Deadpool during his Dark Avengers gig. He thought that the Merc with a Mouth had no chance now that he has actual weapons, but Wade stymied his efforts to kill him every time. Deadpool makes sure to tell the story on how he avoided death that day, to Bullseye's chagrin. With that said, he admits enjoying the hunt and the fact that Deadpool can come back wanting for more. He even attended the merc's funeral.
  • Has awaited a showdown with the Batman, a man he believes he can defeat. While the superhero is notorious for his prep time, Bullseye thinks he could ambush Batman in an advantageous position with lots of deadly toys.
  • Is at an eternal battle with Jackie Chan over the use of weapons. Jackie may well be the only other person in the Pantheon who knows how to use any weapon at his disposal as well as Lester. Bullseye saw an even match when the two fought. The battle used every weapon available in the House of Weapons. Just when it looked like Bullseye would win, Jackie brought out the dreaded ladder. The match ended under a minute after that. Reeling from the loss, Bullseye seeks revenge, first by mastering the use of the ladder.
  • His ability of killing Love Interests have gained favor of the likes of Tsukuyomi and Kotonoha. He is welcome at both their temples at any time.
  • His greatest foe may not be Daredevil at all... but the credibility of his kills. Lester's rage for the Mythbusters is only rivals by that of Daredevil. He laments at every potential kill weapon that was deemed unrealistic, neutering his effectiveness. Even when the show has ended, he swore to give the two and their heralds gruesome deaths. With that said, the Mythbusters have planted many traps around their temple to keep the assassin at bay.
  • Sees Barbatos Goetia's word as the gospel as Bullseye hopes to have the same dreaded reputation as a Hero Killer. While he has killed a number of D-tier heroes and villains and amassed a frightening reputation, he has yet to claim the coveted status.
  • Wishes he could stick around with Gauron long enough for them to become friends. But Gauron has proven to be too psychotic even for him for extended periods of times. His best chance of a teamup is when they are both after the same target. Once the job is done or if they fail, the two part ways.

    May (Guilty Gear
May, Goddess of Anchors ( Little Princess, Cute Little Pirate Lady, "Shorty/Kid". )
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The May Ship
  • Theme Songs: "Blue Water Blue Sky", "The Disaster of Passion"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Carrying a Big Freaking Anchor, Token Mini Moes, Plucky Badass Adorables, Cute Bruisers, Pirate Girls, Kawaiiko, Genki Girls, Cutting the Knot, Super Strength, Being Among The Last Surviving Japanese in the GG Universe
  • Domains: Travel, Weapons, Pirates
  • Allies: Dizzy, Baiken, Chosokabe Motochika, Jack Sparrow, Luffy, Edward Newgate/Whitebeard, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, Ecco, Sora.
  • Enemies: I-No, Risky Boots, Edward Teach/Blackbeard, King K. Rool, Captain Hook, Sir Crocodile, any evil pirates in the Pantheon, Kraken, Orca, Luxord.
  • May was once a normal Japanese girl living in her homeland unaware of the horrible fate awaiting her country at the hands of Justice. With the entire country left in ruins after her assault, the remaining Japanese citizens were sent into camps meant to keep them imprisoned under threat of death. Fortunately for May, a Jellyfish Pirate by the name of Johnny found her and rescued the girl raising her as a member of the Jellyfish crew. Now, she enjoys sailing the seas, finding new friends, and enjoying the new life out in the deep oceans of the world with her friends and crewmates.
  • As a fighter in the Pantheon, she wields a big freaking anchor. This, combined with super-strength, she's a force to be reckoned with along with the dolphins she rides on sometimes.
  • Naturally, she quickly made friends with Ecco while also being very afraid of Orca as the two dolphins were on complete opposites of being cute and deadly animals.
  • She dislikes bald people, due to a freak out she had once with Faust Baldhead in her world not that she hates them as Xavier found out from her thoughts.
  • Gets well along very with Dizzy, since she forms part of the May Ship alongside the human-Gear. This is surprising to some considering it was because of the Gear Justice that she lost her entire home and Japanese civilization.
  • Many were afraid of hitting on May considering how she She hasn't aged like a 22-year-old woman usually does, but she doesn't find it strange. She even suggests that she's gained some form of kid-like immortality like Peter Pan.
  • Ash Ketchum got slightly confused with her since she had the same name as a friend of his. May doesn't mind and is willing to let him be an honorary member of the Jellyfish Pirates.
  • Was sad to hear that the leader of the Jellyfish Pirates, and her love interest, Johnny hasn't yet ascended into the Pantheon. She is currently trying to find a spot for him and hopes that if he becomes a playable character in Xrd in the future would boost his chances of ascension.
  • Luffy was amazed by the stories May shared about sailing the waters with her crew, and while they haven't found any real treasure they both enjoyed having mighty crews and having fun with their life as pirates.
    • Jack found the girl to be rather odd considering how she is able to make friends with dolphins so easily while he can't even deal with crabs that well. Still, the normally drunk pirate hoped May would grow into a legendary pirate like himself who took down a royal navy ship by himself and May couldn't help but laugh at Jack's ego while he didn't find anything he said funny.
  • May was irritated by Risky Boots who considered the pirate just as troublesome as the Half-Genie Hero Shantae, and vowed to sink both May and her crew into the bottom of the sea. Not that her Tinkerbots could accomplish such a threat as they were quickly broken into pierces by May and her giant anchor.
  • Kaptain K.Rool also made an enemy out of May for trying to steal her dolphins in order to make them into slaves for his Kremlin Krew to defeat his other enemy Donkey Kong. She knew the pirate persona of King. K Rool was only pretending to be a plunderer of the seas and vowed to keep him away from her fishy friends.
  • Another evil pirate captain took issue with the girl, and like Risky Boots, Captain Hook wasn't amused some "child" wanted to be in the adult world of pirates. He wanted her to walk the plank on the ship until Hook thought he heard the sounds of a loud ticking followed by the only sea creature he fears being a crocodile scaring him off. It was actually Peter Pan messing with him with a clock and a good impression of the beast who took Hook's own hand.

Messala, God of Spiked Wheels (Tribune)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Four black horses
  • Theme Song: "Marcia Romana"
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Lawful Neutral in other continuities)
  • Portfolio: Spiked Wheels, Childhood Friends with Ben-Hur, betraying his friend to get back at him and to make himself feared, dying much sooner than his original self
  • Domains: Racing, Betrayal, Pettiness, War, Ancient Rome
  • Allies: Julius Caesar, Mars, Penelope Mouse, Hera, Bowser, Tywin Lannister
  • Enemies: YHVH, Asterix, Obelix, House of Friendship, House of Travel, House of Sports
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Judah Ben-Hur
  • Messala is a Roman militaryman who is childhood friends with the Judean prince Ben-Hur. Feeling slighted after Ben-Hur refused to cooperate with the empire, Messala let him be accused of attempted murder in order to get back at him. He also held his mother and sister captive. Years later, Ben-Hur came back to enact his revenge, and they had a showdown in the form of a chariot race. Messala used a chariot with spikes on its wheels to weed out the competition (yep, totally legal), but against Ben-Hur it backfired, resulting in Messala getting thrown off and trampled, dying shortly after. Since he's considered to have codified the usage of Spiked Wheels, he was awarded a place in the Pantheon under that trope at around the same time that Ben-Hur ascended for Chariot Race.
  • When Ben-Hur walked into his temple, told him he forgave him and that he should repent for his actions and see the Roman Empire for the evil it was, Messala hesitated a little before scoffing and replying that what he still means what he told him the last time they'd spoken: "The race is not over." Ben-Hur doesn't want to give up on him, though he's accepted that chariot racing is the only language the two can speak right now.
  • The Messala in the Pantheon is primarily the '59 version, but he's been made aware of his other selves' fates; one survived the chariot race to become crippled for life and impoverished (he's actually rather happy that this didn't happen to him or it might have impacted his position in the Pantheon), another managed to mend his bond with Ben-Hur. Interestingly, his original self never used the Spiked Wheels he's known for, nor did he cheat in any way. It was Ben-Hur himself who cheated to win. This has served as ammo for Messala to taunt Ben-Hur about getting whitewashed.
    • As for the claims that he is actually in love with Ben-Hur, all he has to say is that, whether it's true or not, it's no one's business. Although if these rumors are true, it would mean that his actions were at least in part those of a scorned lover, which gets him Hera's sympathy.
  • Messala betrayed Ben-Hur, his childhood friend, out of pettiness from Ben-Hur not following his wishes, as well as a desire for power that he believed he'd get if everyone could see how willing he was to send his friend to prison. This blatant dismissal of the value of friendship means that most of the House of Friendship holds him in contempt, except of course for Penelope Mouse, who understands why ambition would be more important than mere friendship.
  • The purpose of Spiked Wheels is precisely to wreck the opponent's vehicles and possibly the opponents themselves, so Messala is much accursed by the House of Travel for being the trope's god, especially the deities of wheeled vehicles and who participate in races. The House of Sports also dislikes him for the blatant cheating and Unnecessary Roughness that never would've been allowed in a real chariot race. Messala argued back that it wasn't considered cheating in his universe, chariot racing is a bloody, high-risk sport by definition and those who fell to his wheels only had their own weakness and lack of preparation to blame. At least the more unscrupulous deities dig his style, like Bowser, who's wondering why he's never thought of putting spikes on the wheels of his kart.
    • Whenever there's a race on the Pantheon's designated racing course where anything goes, the Rainbow Road, Messala will be there, and so will Ben-Hur. On top of his Spiked Wheels, Messala has taken a liking to using Blue Shells, which makes him even more hated.
  • Upon hearing that the father of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, was in the Pantheon, he quickly put himself at his service. Caesar is rather in doubt of the integrity of a man who betrayed his friend for the sake of power, though Messala insists it was all for the glory of empire and emperor. Plus, after hearing Messala say things like "the emperor is god on Earth", he has to admit he must be enthusiastically loyal at least to him specifically, so he's accepted him into his ranks. He's just not one of his favorites.
    • His loyalty also extends to Caligula and Nero, but in their case it's more because he feels he has to rather than genuine feeling. Messala doesn't like the notion of being ordered around by a female emperor and he can tell that Caligula is completely off his gourd and unreasonable. But, well, they're still Roman emperors, real gods on Earth, and he has to do his duty as a Tribune. And he can always turn to Caesar for the last word in case the other two are too outrageous.
  • Given that he's aligned with the Roman Empire, Asterix and Obelix don't like him much at all, but they're willing not to not make sport of punching him into the air out of respect for Ben-Hur. Just as long as Messala doesn't act like a conquering Roman general.
  • Like all ancient Romans, he is pretty chummy with Ares when he's in Mars mode and routinely invokes his name for luck. He still scoffs at the power of the Abrahamic god that Ben-Hur's people worship even after he was told He was very much present in the Pantheon, claimng no god was greater than the emperor. YHVH wasn't amused one bit at this blasphemy.
  • He and Tywin Lannister have mutual admiration for each other because of their military prowess, ruthlessness and sense of opportunity.

    Roman Torchwick 
Roman Torchwick, God of Canes (Torchy, Torchic, Dum-Dum)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An orange, grinning face.
  • Theme: A collection of short songs
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Domains: Crime, Class
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Breakout Villain, working with his enemies for the greater evil, Combat Snark, doing villainy for the hidden villains, Cigar Chomper
  • Allies: Neopolitan, Sundowner, Gray Mann Steven Armstrong, Master Xehanort, Alex DeLarge, Nui Harime, Zoran Lazarevic, Raul Menendez, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Reaper, Adam Taurus, Hilda, Hazama
  • Rivals: Marcus Kincaid, Ripper Roo
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cinder Fall, Raven Branwen
  • Enemies:
  • Evil Counterpart of: Sly Cooper
  • Odd Friendship: The Shredder
  • It was believed that Roman Torchwick was supplying weaponry from the mortal plane to the GUAE through Sundowner. Shawn Spencer was asked if he could use his (fake) psychic powers to lend a hand in an investigation. Turned out Roman was involved, and was put on trial before the Court of Gods. A testimony from Team RWBY (particularly Ruby Rose and Blake Belladonna) acted as the final nail and put Roman under the watch of the GUAG.
    • However, Sundowner saw fit to pull some strings with Senator Armstrong's political influence and get Roman put into the House of Weapons and made an official part of the GUAE. Of course, this clearly upset Team RWBY and they are making sure to keep an eye out for whatever Torchwick is up to.
  • Roman generally doesn't like a lot of other criminals, but will work with them when it suits his interest, hence enabling Sundowner's war profiteering. He also has made a deal with various War criminals and terrorists and sells them the stolen dust that his gang got from Remnant and is currently held in his temple.
    • He also partnered himself with fellow arms dealer Gray Mann. The old man got instantly hooked in the value of Remnant dust and the potential weapons that could be created out of it and instantly hired Torchwick for the job. Roman isn't very thrilled about all of this but he was promised a good check if he complied.
    • Another Arms Dealer worth mentioning would be Marcus Kincaid, who stands as Roman's biggest business rival in the pantheon. The two don't really mind each other's activities, but when it comes to Weapon trafficking, things get serious.
  • He's tried to buy some Platinum Mechs off Varrick, though the latter grew a conscience and elected not to do business with Roman. The two have formed a resentment of each other as a result.
  • Some gods mistake him for Alex Delarge from a distance and Roman actually likes the spirit of the guy, saying he would make the perfect right hand for him. He even handed him a customized cane.
  • Once was challenged for his title by none other than Sly Cooper, with the Racoon believing that Torchwick was no match for his fighting prowess. He actually understimated Torchwick's fighting capabilities and was forced to retreat. Despite being criminals, both Torchwick and Cooper can't stand seeing each other.
    • Speaking of other cane fighters, he was surprised by the ability of Ripper Roo's cane to create explosives and believes it could be the perfect weapon for him. He's planning to steal it from the kangaroo.
  • Roman has seen Princess Peach using a parasol in combat, and was reminded of the weapon of his henchwoman, Neo. Although he thinks that Peach lacks the style and finesse of Neo.
    • But later came across Nui Harime, who would easily pass as her creepy twin sister who can actually speak. He likes to hang out with Nui and considers working with her but her Boss doesn't really trust a goon like him and he isn't interested in the whole Life fibers bussiness.
  • He gets along surprisingly well with The Shredder, given that after their initial appearance, they became popular enough to reappear again.
  • Felicia recently employed his services into increasing the power of her gang. Roman noticed how similar her criminal actions were to his own boss not to mention the outfits they wear.
  • Rumors say that he actually died, eaten alive by a Grimm who caught him by surprise, according to what Ruby witnessed. Others say he actually is hiding somewhere else and is plotting his return. And a third group say that he was captured and sent to prison again, forever.
    • Even then, he is actually is glad that his death means he no longer holds loyalty towards Cinder and he is free to do whatever he wants. Although he really missed Remnant.
    • Though he was surprised that another deity from Remnant also perished the same day he did, Pyrrha Nikos. While they really don't like each other, at least they joke about their being cursed because of their hair color.
  • For reasons relating to his mortal demise, he gets bursts of irrational hatred when he sees a griffon in his sights. The representative Goddess, Gilda, isn't at all amused with this animosity.
    • For another similar reason, he also despises the hell out of Monstro, being Swallowed Whole is not fun at all.
    • The fact that the trigger of Roman's death was extreme negativity in the form of anger and grief that attracted the Grimm caused Aqua to compare him to Lady Tremaine, who also suffered a Karmic Death from a monster attracted to negative emotions (in her case, hatred).
  • Has, to the surprise of many, joined his enemies in a time of mourning for their creator's passing. When asked why, he just goes, "What, I'm not allowed to grieve? I have feelings too, you know." Roman has since paid his respects at his shrine as well.
  • Locus came to his attention due to his "professional" attitudes and having a somewhat similar voice to Roman, leading him to consider hiring the space pirate for a job. Given Locus has since left his immoral ways, a disappointed Roman was forced to abandon the idea.
  • Along with his herald Neo, Roman is attempting some shady endeavours in his off time, such as ice cream that is most definitely not poison, energy drinks that might be biochemical hazards, badly made motorcycles and attorneys specialized in faulty businesses.
    • He was very pleased to see Neo ascend into Pantheon, further increasing his network of allies. And though her, he would also meet Hazama and Hilda. Both Roman and Hazama feel a sense of kinship between them, leading to two to become fast allies. Hazama even offered to help out expanding his trade. Hilda initially offered to have him join Amnesia, but Roman politely declined. Not one to miss out on a potential ally (both of them), they still do business and aid one another when needed.
  • Once he heard news of the ascension of Adam Taurus, the two formed an alliance. However, despite their shared hatred of team RWBY, Roman is wary of Adam's true intention, remembering Adam's extremist views towards humans like himself. But for now, they have a common enemy.
  • "As for me, I'll do what I do best. Lie. Steal. Cheat. And survive!"

Roombo, God of Deadly Vacuum Cleaners
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Itself.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Killer roombas, Everything Is Online, Ramming Always Works, Protect This House, Ludicrous Gibs and Blood, Dissonant Serenity when cleaning up corpses
  • Domains: Cleaning Robots, Hacking, Defense, Blood
  • High Priest: All-Around Helper
  • Allies: John Rambo, The ASJ Janitor, Susy Hendrix
  • On Good Terms with: G36, WALL-E, Hat Kid
  • Enemies: Intruders, Paul and Peter, The Bonanza Bros., Dr. Zomboss, The Zombies (PvZ)
  • Respects: Kevin McCallister
  • Opposed by: The House of Slaughter
  • Opposes: The House of Thieves
  • Keeping your home tidy and clean is tough work. Dirt, hair, dust, and other contaminants builds up quickly. And as if that wasn't bad enough there's always the looming threat of burglary. Not only are these thugs trying to steal valuables but they're also leaving their dirty footprints all over the house. That's both amateurish and rude. What is a person to do in these trying times? Introducing Roombo, the future of cleanliness and house defense. Armed with a strong vacuum and the ability to hack into all sorts of appliances, Roombo will ensure the safety of the owner's belongings. Not even corpses are a much for him as the little guy can turn the bad guys into red chunks for ease of cleanliness. Order one today!
  • Roombo came into the Pantheon when someone brought him along thinking he was just a regular vacuum robot. Starting out, he was just that. Then a bunch of bad guys happened to bust into the premises and Roombo immediately got to work. The owner, however, came back early due to forgetting something and bore witness to Roombo diligently cleaning up all the ludicrous amounts of blood left behind by what remained of the intruders. For his act of bravery, after he was finished cleaning he was brought to the Court of Gods to be evaluated for a divine title. The discussion was quick as they immediately found the perfect trope of Vicious Vac. And so, the little roomba that could continues his services in the Pantheon.
  • If the name and title of his first game wasn't a dead giveaway he's clearly a spoof of John Rambo, but as a roomba. Despite the ridiculousness of it, the shell-shocked veteran actually befriended the robot rather quickly. In the times that Rambo is forced into a violent situation it is said that Roombo may not be too far behind and there may not even be a speck of dirt left when the dust settles.
  • Usually prefers more high-tech places of residence, mainly so he can work much more effectively. Not that he's completely defenseless without them, but they're the crux of his work. That said, the threshold of the home being "high-tech" is actually quite low: Seemingly regular outlets, doors, windows, ceiling fans, refrigerators, and fireplaces are all effective appliances he can utilize. The Pantheon, however, presents much more for Roombo to utilize making him far more dangerous to any ski masked man or woman treading on the wrong home at the wrong time.
  • While Roombo is more often see cleaning households he sometimes accompanies the Aerospace Sanitation Janitors and their heralds during their work hours. Due to their occupation taking them into places where the dust has already been settled Roombo doesn't much of any action when doing so and is really there for extra manpower. He doesn't mind though, he's just happy to clean. They love cleaning so much that they, unlike the Janitor, doesn't mind doing so even in the House of Slaughter. Roombo actually empowers himself by cleaning blood, in fact. The resident gods there don't appreciate him doing that though the times he comes there is very rare.
  • The existence of a House dedicated to Thieves was enough to make Roombo's circuits burn out in anger. It was the burglars that drew first blood by stepping into his place of residence, after all. This is of course ignoring the fact that very few of the gods there have any reason to cross paths of Roombo, the chance of them doing so being closer to zero, and a bunch of them being more than your typical balaclava-wearing thug in black, but Roombo doesn't care. Dirt is dirt and must be cleaned all the same.
  • As someone willing to defend the house he has a lot of respect for Kevin McCallister and Susy Hendrix for having done the same. Roombo has gone on to assist the latter in any other instances of coming face-to-face with other home invaders while the he sees the former as a source of inspiration in setting up traps. Might be because of the lack of hands thing. He can hack into things, has a vacuum, and can apparently hold things, but that's not quite the same.
    • When it comes to home invaders, Roombo finds Paul and Peter to be among the worst of their lot. Mainly for their time-rewinding remote, a trump card of theirs in case if their victims somehow got the upper hand against them. The brothers disregarded Roombo, however, thinking of him as a nuisance and were more preoccupied with tormenting the people he was guarding. Their arrogance would prove costly as he ended up hacking the remote on their person and it ended up on his possession. They eventually got the remote back but circumstances forced them to retreat for now.
  • While they're capers of more fancier establishments than just everyday homes Roombo isn't any less of a fan of the Bonanza Bros. The sentiment is shared when they unexpectedly encountered the killer roomba during one of their heists. Taking place in a rather lavish manse full of armed guards, Roombo was allow to roam the place as he pleased once again. When he saw one of the brothers, Robo, use a door to knock out a guard he hid underneath a cabinet he hacked into that same door and used it against him, knocking him out cold. Roombo then rammed into Mobo and ended up the same. The guards were quick to apprehend the two brothers and send them off to the big house, though not before quickly preventing Roombo from finishing the job. Thanks to a contact they ended up breaking out the next day and will be more careful of seemingly normal appliances the next time around.
  • He crossed paths with some of the Tactical Dolls while they happened to stay at an apartment that Roombo was working at. In that specific group was Tactical Doll G36 and one of her teammates made a quip about her getting into a fight with a roomba again. While she wasn't one for Roombo trying to stick by her those couple of nights she did sort of warm-up to him. Still, even as a combat android she had to admit its drive to defend its owner's household by any means necessary is disturbing.
  • Vacuums and their use against poltergeists go way back, and Luigi is no stranger to using Professor E. Gadd's Poltergust series of vacuums to suck up ghosts. It doesn't sound like much but many a ghost, and even King Boo himself, have been taken down by the Green Thunder thanks to said equipment. While Roombo isn't lacking as a vacuum, he had to admit he hasn't really tackled ghosts like he has. He has expressed desire to upgrade himself to combat intruders that just so happen to be incorporeal for some reason.
  • Upon entering the Axiom, WALL-E ended up meeting a cleaner bot there named M-O. M-O, obsessed with cleaning, couldn't stand all the foreign contaminants WALL-E left behind and ended up chasing him across the entire ship just to properly clean him come hell or high water. After he finally caught him (incidentally saving him and EVE in the process) they soon become friends thereafter. Having heard of this and what WALL-E did on the Axiom Roombo decided that WALL-E is cool. He, at least, isn't plagued by a Super OCD revolving around being tidy so that probably made it even easier for Roombo to accept him and is willing to help him when in trouble. While appreciating the offer, he managed to communicate to him that he has EVE to help him on his travels (though is really more fearful by what the robot is capable of), which Roombo accepted.
    • Hat Kid owns a cleaner robot of her known named Rumbi, and he lives with her on the spaceship and is a dear pal of hers. Roombo, naturally, is quite touched though he's also peeved that Hat Kid had people break into her ship before and made it clear she can request his services. As usual, Hat Kid declined the offer too.
  • While it's more so literal invasions, Roombo is sympathetic to the Plants' cause in the fight against Dr. Zomboss and his zombie goons. In the times Roombo is available to help out the Plants he's moreso the last line of defense considering they all are able to hold the fort down well on their own though there have been points where what would of been a zombie victory has been snatched from their grasp thanks to said bot.

Sweepers, Divine Collective of Hook Weaponry
Sweepers in Lobotomy Corporation 
Sweepers in Library of Ruina 
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their icon.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: One of many cannibal groups living within The City’s Backstreets, Attacking when night falls, Gas Mask Mooks, Red Eyes, Take Warning, The Dreaded, Hooks and Crooks, Zerg Rush, Death by a Thousand Cuts (especially prominent with Trash Disposal), Heal Thyself, Speaking in strings of numbers, Valuing their family and neighbors, Expanded upon in Library of Ruina
  • Domains: Cannibalism, Cybernetics, Liquid, Hooks
  • Allies: Specimen 11, The Dark Brotherhood
  • Rivals: Hannibal Lector, The House of Flesh Eaters
  • Enemies: August Heart/Godspeed, Gunvolt, The 3rd Street Saints Leader, Bucciarati's Gang, Lt. Randall and Sgt. Bill Taylor, Waffen Storm Leaders and Nazi Storm Elites, Cpl. Boyd Travers, 456 Ambassador, The Coachman, SCP-993
  • Banned from: The House of Childhood and Adolescence
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The rest of the House of Crime
  • The quality of life between a Nest and the Backstreets couldn’t be any more different than night and day. Whereas in a Nest you live under one of the many different Wings and have to work so as to not get booted out your future is, at the very least, secure as befitting the status of someone in the upper echelons of society. The Backstreets, however, is a different matter. These densely spread-out alleyways and shantytowns house all sorts of people looking to make a living. While these parts of the City are ruled by the Hand of the Backstreets alongside lesser Syndicates, Fixers, and local neighborhood watches crime is still rampant as expected of a universe where Hired Guns is as common as common can be.
    • Bad as it is, though, the Backstreets are at their very worst when a “Night in the Backstreets” falls. Running from 3:13 to 4:34 AM in this time period all crimes, no matter how savage or vile, are permitted, and taking evidence and trying to investigate whatever happened there will earn you a one-way ticket to hell courtesy of a Claw. It’s here metallic figures wielding hooks known as Sweepers crawl out of the woodwork to sweep the streets of human trash and any proof that transpired within that time. Like the winds of a hurricane, they’ll tear through anyone unlucky enough to cross their path, and anyone with some sense of self-preservation knows to turn back immediately after seeing their piercing red gaze from the shadows.
  • The Sweepers made their name known in the House of Crime after a family of them crawled up from nowhere and consumed anyone who was out way too late at night for one reason or another. They were quite surprised to find that they were not in the City anymore after having exterminated quite a number of lesser gangs in the House. Due to having disrupted the hierarchy’s intricately connected web it didn’t take long for the House’s authority to try and uproot the threat of them before the problem festered and their combined might allowed them to succeed in doing this... for about two weeks. Then the Sweepers came back with a vengeance after the initial attack by setting up dens in not only that House but also various other Houses as though nothing happened.
  • To the uninitiated, the Sweepers are just a bunch of mindless predators that stalk the night. People who think this way don’t last very long for this kind of ignorance gets you hacked apart by Sweepers. It’s said that their biggest strength is organizational power being able to hunt in packs and coordinate their movement even in the labyrinthine Backstreet’s alleyways. In fact, they even have a proper language consisting of a string of numbers and upon translation (assuming it isn’t amateurish) they’re actually quite talkative, eloquent, and polite. The last point is especially prominent with how Sweepers care for each other, including the Mother that lead their families. In fact, they actually ascended themselves when the first family responsible for the initial attack told their neighbors of the Pantheon leading to them moving in and their Mother finalized the decision. And speaking of, they’re vocal on how truly foreign the Pantheon is to them such as for example being able to hold actual coherent conversations with people or the ubiquity of firearms as from their world they’re, for a number of different reasons, impractical against actually competent opponents.
  • The technology to be turned into a Sweeper is patented by the Heads of the World, who leads the rest of the Wings and serves as the governing body of the City. Between the Head’s general cruelty, the existence of the Night in the Backstreets, and the name “Sweepers”, it doesn’t take very long to realize they exist to further cull the population of human trash. Due to this, some gods have gone on to accuse the many dictators in the Pantheon of having a hand in their ascension although if one by chance asks a Sweeper personally they claim that such points are baseless: While not necessarily the Head’s direct underlings, they answer only to them and them alone.
  • As a result of the aforementioned attack, they’re largely unpopular with many of the House of Crime’s residents and have bolstered their forces in case of future attacks at night, at least when concerning their operations. Apparently, Sweepers have the decency to leave the more residential areas alone for that is a Taboo of the City, something that can’t be broken even with the Night of the Backstreets in play. While some have taken to adapt to it by having the Sweepers serve as an incentive to not continually fail your superiors, there have been those who have pushed back against the Sweepers encroaching on their grounds and giving a reality check on their dominance in the night. The vigilante speedster Godspeed easily executed quite a number of Sweeper dens after one family tried pushing onto the House’s red-light district. Gunvolt, after looking into some disappearances for an ally of his, also cut down on their numbers upon finding out it was their doing. As far as more organized crime goes, they’ve also been hard by the 3rd Street Saints’ Leader as well as Bucciarati’s Gang when their numbers started to grow once more. Giorno and Bucciarati are especially appalled at the fact they literally exist to Kill the Poor and other undesirables.
  • Cybernetics and body augmentation is a common procedure within the City, and the Sweepers fall under the more extreme side of it. Essentially, they’re liquid flesh encased and held together by the dark metal suit. If they run out, they die. To survive, they use their large red hooks to dig into people and liquify them to refuel themselves. This, combined with their persistence to where they can reportedly revive themselves, makes them tough to put down. Luckily, they mainly move at night unless prompted by the Head or other special circumstances.
  • Screwed up as the City is, cannibalism is still seen as repulsive though this hasn’t stopped the practice as evidenced by the existence of multiple cannibal syndicates and other such butchers. In fact, the Backstreets of District 23 is the worst offender compared to everywhere else with groups such as The Eight Chefs seeking to pursue the ultimate flavor by any means necessary. With that said, sharing the same taste doesn’t necessarily make one friends with the Sweepers as shown with the dispute between the ones in Nest L and strange, cannibalistic tailors The Carnival. The former even describes the latter as “despicable filth”. The trend runs true in the Pantheon as they clash with other maneaters like those in Flesh Eaters and are defensive of the territory they control in the House of Slaughter. Even Hannibal Lecter, while noting their manners, knows it is more trouble than it is worth to try and deal with them.
  • While alliances aren’t that common for Sweepers some families have started working with Specimen 11. Sometimes, groups of their own can be seen accompanying the Food Demon, an unfortunate sight to anyone being chased down by it. Whether they’re under the spell of its “beef” or they simply took the advantageous opportunity to dine with their families easier no one can really say but it’s a fearsome sight nonetheless. While still on the topic of alliances there have reports of Dark Brotherhood members conversing with Sweepers after delivering some of their kills to them, most likely to dispose of their trace should it be requested. Consider it as a testament to how far-reaching the Dark Brotherhood’s influence goes behind the scenes to have some sort of agreement with monstrous cannibals like them.
  • Given their rising presence in the Pantheon, some of those in the Allies’ forces had assumed the Sweepers were apart of the Nazis, like some variant of the Nazi Storm Elites. They’re not and are otherwise completely unrelatednote . They only really get to fight them in urban areas, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous despite to come across despite only wielding large hooks. Lt. Randall and Sgt. Bill Taylor, as well as Waffen Storm Leaders and Storm Elites, can attest to this being the first to encounter them. Cpl. Boyd Travers is reminded of the times he faced gas mask-wearing enemies in urban warfare such as the aforementioned Storm Elite. While he’s mainly preoccupied with the Nazi war machine, he doesn’t tolerate the Sweepers trying to feast upon his comrades.
  • Implacable, numerous, decked out in full cybernetic bodies, and very much organized, there’s little wonder as to why they’re universally feared. Children probably have the biggest reason to fear them out of everyone. Either they kill them like they do with everyone else or “accompany” them, which is a nice term for a Sweeper kidnapping them and turning them into another Sweeper where they would be nurtured by their Mother. Due to this, the Sweepers were added to the ever-expanding list of deities barred from the House of Childhood and Adolescence as if it wasn’t big enough already. With all the security and surveillance Sweepers don’t even bother approaching the House to begin with as they’re more comfortable on the outskirts between the different houses. Still, you could never be too careful.
    • Some believe that the Sweepers share some solidarity with other deities who go after children. While a reasonable enough assumption on paper, the truth is that no such unity is a given just because of that. Sweepers do have their own families which would, after all, include children as well dubious context behind their conception aside. They view with 456 Ambassador, the Coachman, and SCP-993 with the same amount of disdain as anyone else and warn the younger members of their depravity. The hatred for the latter is quite strange since him teaching young Sweepers about cannibalism and murder… wouldn’t really change much. Though, perhaps they’re wary of the clown poisoning their values of love and family that is present in all Sweepers.
  • Valerie: "The Backstreets are our main stage of activity at night. When night falls, our world unfolds. At regular intervals, we start marching from the perimeter of a Nest and sweep everything as we move forward."

Yagyuu, Goddess of Combat Umbrellas (The Semi-Obsessive But Sensible Assailant of Shinobi, Yaggie, BunnyGirlsBodyguard)


    The Bladebreakers 
The Bladebreakersmembers , Godly Team of Battle Tops (BBA Revolution, G-Revolutions, Takao: Tyson Granger, Max: Max Tate, Rei: Raymond "Ray" Kon)
Left to right: Kai, Takao/Tyson, Rei/Ray, Max

    Mahiro Yasaka 
Mahiro Yasaka, God of Love from Cosmic Beings and Forks ("Boy", Hiro-kun, A Normal High Schooler)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A three-pronged fork
  • Theme Music: Gimme a fork × ooo Yameta
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Attraction from Cosmic Beings, Using Forks to Defend Himself, Nice Guy With Surprising Skills, Only Sane Man, Unfazed Everyman, Brutal Honesty, Tsundere, Inability to Confess His Love Due of Nyarko's Behaviour
  • Domains: Love, Weapons, Niceness, Tsundere
  • Allies: Nyarko, Hasta, Cuuko Yoriko Yasaka (his mother), Shantak-kun, Luhy Distone, Ato-ko Shirogane, Keima Katsuragi (?)], [[Pantheon/LoveAndAffection Tenchi Masaki, Almaz, Hyodo Issei (so and so), Gray Fullbuster
  • Enemies: The OTHER Nyarlathotep, Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, any one who malign Cthulhu Mythos, Fuminori Sakisaka
  • Former Enemies: Mitsuzane Kureshima (for bringing out Nyarko's dark side)
  • Ascended with Nyarko, who practically dragged him in. There was no way she would ascend without her sweetheart. She even endured his forks for it, though Mahiro might have not minded it ultimately.
  • Aside of Nyarko (a.k.a. Nyarlathotep, The Crawling Chaos), he also has Hasta (a.k.a. Hastur, The Unspeakable One) and eventually Cuuko (a.k.a. Cthugha, The Burning One) after his love in different ways. Oh, and there are other aliens who want him. They find him attractive for whatever reason.
  • Do not underestimate his fork. The fork is the strongest weapon in the universe (or so he claims). After all, he can keep three Lovecraftian deities in check with one.
    • Aside of stabbing people with it, he also has a good aim with them. He was once able to a triple 300 on a dartboard using forks, which even made Bullseye slightly impressed.
  • He has gotten some help from people from House of Love, mainly Keima Katsuragi, to help him overcome his inability to confess his feelings. He really doesn't like the help, especially if it involves Dating Sims. He had enough of them after being stuck in one.
  • Malign Cthulhu Mythos around him at your own risk. He is a huge fan of those works and will stab the person who malign them with a fork. However, he hasn't gathered enough courage to talk to the man behind the writings himself, even though he has the chance to do so.
  • He might seem normal, but he actually has one supernatural ability on him: the ability to not be affected by shifts on time-space continuum. GUAG wishes to have him use this ability to assist them, due of him being rather low profile, but Mahiro himself doesn't like to be dragged into things like this. He can also resist the effects of seeing creature's true form more easily, though whenever or not this is an actual ability or he has simply gotten used to it is in question.
  • Really only friends with Issei due the fact that he needed to be the voice of reason for Cuuko regarding the accident between the two of them. He doesn't hate him, but he doesn't talk to him that much.
  • Sort of the de facto leader for Special Lovers Squad's "Love Interest" portion, but due the fact that its not even a proper group, it is just a silly title. Though it did make him befriend Almaz due of feeling like they aren't that different regarding their adventures and Gray due the fact that Nyarko and Juvia are rather similar.
  • He is sort of confused on how many goddesses sound like her mother, Yoriko, like Belldandy.
  • Officially dropped the "Unwanted Love" part of his title after he himself kissed Nyarko in the lips after she said she loves him. And then he did it again. And then was sort of fine Nyarko kissing him the next day. The House of Love went "FINALLY!" in unison. Their only concern now is the fact that this development was due of Ato-ko so that she can break their relationship one day...
    • As it turns out, Mahiro did end up marrying Nyarko... and more or less losing his SAN Points right after the wedding. Fortunately for Mahiro, the two of them aren't married in the Pantheon due of some adaption problems and only he remembers it, though he is considering that if he did decide on that, maybe he should make it official... while making sure he doesn't regret his decision this time.
  • Also present in House of Romance.

    Ran Hibiki 
Ran Hibiki, Goddess of Weaponized Cameras
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: Her camera
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Weaponized Cameras, Camera Fiend, Going for the Big Scoop, Improbable Weapon User, Paper Fan of Doom, Throw the Book at Them, School Newspaper News Hound, Youthful Freckles
  • Domains: Students, Cameras
  • High Priest: Tatsumi Saiga
  • Followers: Miku Hanasaki, Wolfgangina Lalla Getto, Edgar Roni Figaro, Snapshot, Mr. Camera
  • Allies: Batsu Ichimonji, Roy Bromwell, Daigo Kazama, Natsu Ayuhara, Ryu, Ken Masters, Sakura Kasugano, The Saber Marionettes, Van, Fiona, the Blitz Team (except for Leena), Ryoma Nagare, Hayato Kanzaki, Haohmaru, Athena Asamiya, Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ibuki, Uzu Sanageyama, Terra Branford
  • Rivals: Frank West, Peter Parker
  • Enemies: Most evil-aligned deities from the House of School.
  • Opposed by: Gods who hates paparazzis, Leena Toros, Homer Simpson
  • Annoyed by: Dan Hibiki
  • A student from Taiyo High which is working toward a career in journalism, she ascended in the Pantheon after getting a big scoop about the mysterious kidnapping of the students, and helping the Chainperson and Pacific High School students to find Kurow and his cronies.
    • She was happy to see her classmate Batsu, as well as his rival Roy (which also helped her in one of her investigations) once again. Now it's just a matter of time for the other Taiyo High students (Hinata, Kyosuke and Chairperson), as well as her teacher Hayato ascend.
    • Ran also met up with another students from her universe: Natsu from Gorin High, Daigo from Gedo High, as well as fellow students Yurika Kirishima and Momo Karuizawa, her former enemies.
  • Ran's skills with her camera are formidable, even though she still have to reload it a lot of times. She also fights with paper fans and books. Yeah, her combat style is that weird.
  • One of her hobbies is to take photos of the Pantheon members and their domains. Which also includes evil ones, unsurprisingly. Unfortunately, there's some places that she can't go, given that even that she is now a goddess, she is still a human.
    • Ran's amazing photography skills make her rivals with fellow photographers Frank West (she was a follower of him previously) and Peter Parker. It's unknown if she knowns the latter's secret identity.
    • She called the attention of Terra because one of her followers is her friend Edgar. And much like Ran, he fights with a lot of gadgets (Albeit not books or paper fans like she expected).
  • During one of her big scoops, she met up with The Saber Marionettes. One of them, Bloodberry, also happens to sounds like her. In retribuition, Ran take some photos of Bloodberry as well as the other marionettes.
    • In another of her scoops, she interviews the Blitz Team. During the interviews, Leena noticed that Ran sounded similar to Harry's sister Mary Champ. Doesn't help that Ran also liked the Liger Zero, going so far as to calling the Liger Zero "my cute little snowflake" and taking some photos of him. Leena was not amused and tried to shoo her a lot of times.
    • She also meet Van and Fiona, thanks for the rumors that Bit could or could not be their descendant. During the interview, she also noticed his Blade Liger, calling him "my cute little skyflake". Unlike Leena, Fiona seems to like Ran.
  • When she was in a scoop in the House of War (don't ask why), she found Ryoma, thinking that he was her PE teacher Hayato Nekketsu. It doesn't help that he and Hayato look similar. Ran also have a similar problem with Haohmaru.
    • Went to the House of Weapons after discovering about a swordsman named Hayato, which she thinks that he is her PE teacher. Unfortunately for her, he was a different Hayato. On the other hand, Hayato's skill with his plasma sword is just as good as the Taiyo High PE Teacher's kendo skills. Also met up with his girlfriend June, and take some photos of the her gymnastic skills.
    • Going to the House of Sports, she interviewed Uzu Sanageyama about his kendo skills. During the interviews, Ran noticed that Sanageyama sounded similar to her classmate Batsu. Well, speaking of him, he once had a fight with Ryuko, motivating Ran to interview the rebellious female student.
  • Ran has a great admiration for Athena Asamiya, given that she remind her of the Chainperson, likely in appearance. In fact, she wishes one day take some photos of Athena in an official concert.
  • Plans to create a group of jornalism in a distant future.
  • Homer Simpson is not found of her, given that every time that he does something funny or weird, she always take some photos of him, not helped by the fact that some of the photos are also titled "Local Man Ruins Everything". It's a Running Gag in the Pantheon.
  • No relation to Dan Hibiki, although there's rumors and speculations that Ran is his sister. Ran also recognizes Dan's fighting style, the Saikyo-ryu, which is the same style of the Chainperson of Taiyo High.
    • While Ran is most annoyed by Dan, she at least have a good view of his friend Sakura. That's because Ran recognized her as one of the students of Tamagawa Minami High School.
    • Confused Ibuki with one of her classmates given that Ibuki's school outfit is similar of a Taiyo High student one. She didn't care, but liked the remark.
    • Of course, Ran also noticed that Ryu and Ken's fighting style is reminiscent of Hideo Shimazu, a teacher in Justice High. She didn't lose time and interviewed those two.

    The Thraddash 
The Thraddash, Divine Race of Weaponized Exhaust (Thraddash of Culture Nineteen/Twenty, The Fat Obstreperous Jerks, The Glorious Slave Empire of (Insert Name Here))

  • Demigods collectively
  • Symbol: A Thraddash Torch
  • Theme Song: The Thraddash theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with shades of Chaotic Stupid
  • Portfolio: Believe In Improving Cultures By Force, Bombing Their Own Civilization Repeatedly, Seldom Seen Without A Cigar, Primal And Violent Spacefaring Brutes, Proud Warrior Race, Destroying Enemy Ships With Afterburner Flame Trails, Can Be Oddly Sentimental Brutes, Killing Them Enough Makes Them Join You
  • Domains: Natural Selection, Deadly Exhaust, Aliens, Starships, Brutes, Philosophy
  • Special Relationship with: The Ur-Quan Kzer-Za (The superiors of Culture 19)
  • Allies: Depends who they deem as their ideological superior, and even then such relationships border on Teeth-Clenched Teamwork, but deities that consistently enjoy their company are: Lucifer, Khorne
  • Rivals/Respects (For the Thraddash, same meaning): Bebop and Rocksteady, The AAHW, The Rebel Army, Lobo, Ghazghkull, The Mantis
  • Disappointed by: The Yooks and Zooks
  • Opposes: Deities that advocate peaceful lifestyles, and the Hall of Thieves
  • Opposed by: Kenshiro, The Illusive Man, The God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Enemies: With their overall aggressiveness, practically anyone that isn't an ally, regardless of whether it would make sense or not. At least until said enemies slaughter them enough...
  • The Thraddash are quite the unusual spacefaring Proud Warrior Race, as they'd tell you themselves. They may have had longer than humans to thrive as a civilization, but compared to us, they hardly seem any more advanced than the next race of aliens, if not less. The Thraddash's misfortunes when it comes to development as a species are surprisingly self-inflicted, they may develop technology at a quick rate, but ingenuity is quickly wasted once enough dissent and chaos arises, where their Might Makes Right philosophy leads the Thraddash to prove ideological superiority in the only way they know: Blowing up the other side into the Stone Age, which causes their growth to regress each time they make advancements that enable much destruction in the first place. Their reign among their star system is due to becoming a Battle Thrall of the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, who decided to interfere in their excessively aggressive culture to create a new Culture that was loyal to the Ur-Quan that could fly among the stars in their own starships.
  • The Thraddash were originally part of the Ur-Quan Hierarchy of Battle Thralls brought into the Pantheon by the Kzer-Za, but the Thraddash decided that they wanted to impress their masters by launching an all-out assault on every part of the Pantheon simultaneously. This ambitious decision of the Thraddash led to the skies and cosmos of the Pantheon being lit up by trails of fire and Thraddash Torches zooming about trying to shoot down everything in their way. This overwhelming attack on the Pantheon would finish with zero casualties... ...on the non-Thraddash side. While several structures were damaged or destroyed, and many were harmed or injured, the deities of the Pantheon took action to defend themselves and destroyed their ships and crew over and over again. Instead of surrendering, a majority of the Thraddash decided that the various Grand United Alliances in the Pantheon on top of all the mighty defenders obliterating them repeatedly were to become their new "teachers", and so the attack stopped due to many Thraddash deciding to defect from the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za in order to learn from the other deities that they previously tried to attack. The Kzer-Za were berserk seeing their Thraddash defect, but by the time they retaliated, much of the Thraddash had enlisted themselves within their enemies' ranks, and furthermore, the Thraddash found a separate trope to ascend themselves with: Weaponized Exhaust, one of their starships' signature abilities, creating a trail of deadly fire whenever the Thraddash utilized their Reeunk afterburners.
  • When it came to understanding the works of how their exhaust worked, willing Thraddash lectured initially enthusiastic scientists of how the Reeunk Afterburners came to be. The afterburners were named after its inventor, Reeunk the Thraddash Maintenance Engineer, who unintentionally created the first-ever application of the Reeunk Afterburner when sticking a cigar in the aft fuel valve of his ship. At that moment, the ship was zooming "like a farg out of hell" at record speeds, which encouraged other Thraddash to utilize this feature and improve it to the current Reeunk Afterburners used in all Thraddash Torches. The inventor, Reeunk, would not live to enjoy his incredible achievements due to being incinerated by the reaction's explosion. Former intrigue turned to apathy once it was realized that the Thraddash's famous advancement was from terrible safety standards. The Thraddash simply bragged that their ingenuity could not be comprehended by the feeble minds of the Pantheon.
  • Due to the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, every Grand United Alliance excluding the GUAD, uninterested in teaching the Thraddash, took in many of the Thraddash they repeatedly defeated as disciples to learn from their examples. Every Thraddash aligned with one of said Alliances is designated as a member of a variant of Culture 20, while the Thraddash still loyal (also reinforced by threat of destruction) to the Kzer-Za are known as the Thraddash of Culture 19. While their high aggression to non-allied forces and occasionally allies as well makes them plenty of trouble to manage, the Thraddash find themselves working for deities of various moralities under supervision of a stronger deity, usually as laborers if not fighters, due to their tendency to get into fights with teammates. Occasionally, groups of Thraddash may defect from one side to another, but it's easy to keep in Thraddash by blowing them up over and over again. And no, they don't mind getting killed, and are not hypocritical as to exclude themselves from the idea of killing inferiors repeatedly to keep them in line.
    • The Thraddash that find themselves aligned with the Grand United Alliance of Good are known as Culture 20-G, taught to treat allies with kindness, respect, and tolerance, or if they can't do that, then to valiantly fight against villains and defend those who can't. These Thraddash tend to treat every deity that isn't hostile to them as if they were best friends, and are sometimes fun to hang around with as they exchange stories of their latest mishap with others.
    • Thraddash brought to serve the Grand United Alliance of Evil are referred to as Culture 20-E, taught to engage in despicable acts at the first opportunity and to ruthlessly beat down and torment those who aren't on their side. Doing the best they can prove Melkor how evil they are, they participate in various acts of villainy, from burning settlements, kicking puppies, blowing up vehicles, shooting Superman in the face, or never cleaning up the messes they make after eating.
    • All of the Thraddash that YHVH has indoctrinated into the Grand United Alliance of Law are known as Culture 20-L, that simply go through a strict routine of worshiping their superiors or doing boring chores, assuming they're not sent to break someone's back for performing some form of heresy. Despite what their race's overall alignment would indicate, Thraddash don't really mind doing labor for YHVH since there's hardly much thinking involved in being a follower of Law, though they tend to make screw-ups that lead to them being screamed at often.
    • Every Thraddash individual fighting for Lucifer are classified as part of Culture 20-C, and these Thraddash haven't really changed much from their allegiance to the forces of Chaos. The GUAC's goals align with the Thraddash philosophy of superior cultures destroying the weaker ones and the Thraddash of this sub-culture enjoy fighting under Lucifer and his allies. Lucifer himself seems to be the most passionate in proving the superiority of his Thraddash culture over the others, perhaps due to how the Thraddash's nature as it is deconstructs his values, and wants to improve the Thraddash under him to better represent the ways of Chaos.
    • The Grand United Alliance of Nature decided it would be best to make their culture of Thraddash, Culture 20-N, relegated to handling dangerous plants (usually the ones that could eat up a human whole) or being on guard duty, which they usually find boring. They will jump at any threat that shows up in the GUAN's vicinity, and sometimes cause fires with the exhaust of their ship, making Culture 20-N quite difficult to maintain.
    • For the Thraddash within the Grand United Alliance of Machines, also known as Culture 20-M, are primarily testing subjects for organic-to-machine conversion or as testing dummies. Unfortunately for them, Thraddash that successfully get converted into machines don't retain the conversion on resurrection, and even as machines, their reckless mindset somehow overrides the machinery within them no matter how hard the GUAM tries.
  • Excluding the Alliances, any deity with great power or willingness to dominate those who get their way can find themselves with allied Thraddash after a good massacre. While working with other groups of minions after being defeated by their superiors or a lot of fighting with each other, the Thraddash got along with Bebop and Rocksteady, the latter delighted to have more people that look similar to him working along with him. Some can be found working with the AAHW and the Rebel Army after they got into a huge fight with sufficient slaughtering on both sides. Of course, this also means that the Thraddash will find themselves getting beaten down by their enemies as a result, not they don't really mind at all.
    • The Thraddash were bound to get in conflict with The Mantis, another Proud Warrior Race with similar glory-seeking desires, and their ships would end up in rather violent battles. While the Mantis troops can certainly make quick work out of oblivious Thraddash should they infiltrate the Torch ships, pursuing those ships is troublesome due to their infamous trail of exhaust when using their afterburners. Many Mantis Cruisers in pursuit have became a charred vessel of large fried grubs due to flying into a line of afterburner flames. The Thraddash enjoy battling against The Mantis, considering the likes of them to be a Worthy Opponent in general, and the Mantis do have acknowledge the Thraddash as a threat to be cautious about when attacking them.
  • The Enterprise Crew aren't too sure what to think of the Thraddash, and Worf definitely doesn't want any comparisons between Klingons and Thraddash, considering the latter's tendency to blow up their own civilization repeatedly as an embarrassment. Interestingly, the Star Trek deities found applicable comparisons with the Thraddash to the Kazon people of their own universe (not to be confused with one of the gods of evil that the unascended Ilwrath worship) that were just a bit more chaotic than the Thraddash. Commander Shepard deems them as more comparable to the Krogan of his universe, though thankfully their nature of blowing themselves up limits their own danger toward other races. They have tried to enlist the help of allied Thraddash of Culture 20-G, but their willingness to jump into battle has made diplomatic conflicts more annoying to handle when they're around. The Illusive Man, who isn't fond of aliens in general, dislikes the Thraddash for their barbaric ways, but thinks they're too self-destructive to worry him.
  • Their temple takes the form of their homeworld known as Delta Draconis I, often surrounded by Ur-Quan Dreadnoughts attempting to rein in rogue Thraddash by blasting them down, but they eventually find their way into joining the other powerful alliances in the Pantheon. The temple is also where the Thraddash hold one of their most valuable treasures, known as the Aqua Helix, a Precursor artifact that's normally held in a colony planet, Zeta Draconis I, but the Pantheon wasn't willing to bring back all their colony planets. Deeming the object as holy to them, they don't take well to anyone willing to steal it from them, or to deny its significance to Thraddash culture, as Culture 9 attempted to do only to be decimated by Culture 10 in only two weeks. While stealing the Aqua Helix is not impossible, should they learn of its theft, every Thraddash will go nuts and light everything up in trails of fire in search of the thief, and since such attacks were proving to be more threatening to the Pantheon than their initial attack, the Aqua Helix is not allowed to be touched.
  • Regardless of their alignment, Khorne personally admires the Thraddash due to their penchant for continuous violence and having a warrior code to abide by strictly, though it does get changed with each new Culture that the Thraddash develop. The God-Emperor of Mankind, not a big fan of hostile aliens in general, is upset to see one of the Ur-Quan's Battle Thralls gain a place in the Pantheon. What's more is that they remind him of the Space Orcs that his armies have to deal with, though thankfully not as terrible of a threat as the Orks can be. Liking the idea of being a menace to someone so integral to humanity, the Thraddash decided to meet up with Ghazghkull and his Orks to celebrate their commonalities. Said celebration consisted of blasting each other into oblivion, obviously.
  • If there's a group that the Thraddash consistently loathe, it's pacifists and advocates of peace in general. They all believe that such cultures are bound to be easily destroyed, as what had occurred with Culture 14, which was one of the few cultures to try and stop their constant wars, citing how each Culture reset would set back the race by 500 years each time. And after 10 years of ruling, Culture 14 was uprooted by Culture 15, who disproved their belief by showing that only 200-300 years of progression were lost at most. They also have a lot of beef with the House of Philosophy, with their deities upset about how the Thraddash stubbornly cling on their excessively aggressive ideals.
    • Kenshiro thought it would be a good idea to put an end to their bloodthirsty ways himself, though for him in particular, the Thraddash were tougher to deal with than the usual post-apocalyptic thugs he had to deal with. Not only was their skin tough and resistant to physical damage, but his method of fighting, Hokuto Shinken, wasn't as effective on Thraddash in general. Since the Thraddash are aliens, their biology, and thus their pressure points, were much different than that of humans, if they even had any at all. Kenshiro still had his raw strength and skills to make for it however, and the Thraddash have yet to defeat Kenshiro despite their advantages, some even deciding to join Kenshiro out of his respect for his killing, although he rejected their offer out of disgust.
      Znork the Recently Killed Thraddash: "HARG! HARG! HARG! When the shirtless man kills us, we do not explode into gibs like humans do! This only proves again that we Thraddash are the greater species!"
  • All the Toku heroes in the Pantheon eventually caught the Thraddash's attention, but instead of finding another group of people to fight, they noted a peculiar commonality between many of them. Mainly, it's how their enemies usually explode in a glorious end once they get finished off, astounded by the effects. They don't really care about the general philosophy or morals that said heroes stand for, however, and just care for the action. They have attempted to make their own team of color-coded Thraddash to replicate the success of such heroes, though they end up causing each other to explode in flames more often than their foes.
  • The weaponry that the Yooks and Zooks developed had excited the Thraddash who found an efficient way to blow up their enemies into oblivion, especially the "Bitsy Big-Boy Bomberoo". However, the Pantheon isn't letting them use such weapons to annihilate each other, to their dismay. A common argument that the Thraddash will have with each other is whether the Yooks or the Zooks would last to make a new Culture of their own, and at times try to urge the Yooks and Zooks to use their most devastating explosives available, but the two warring sides simply ignore the Thraddash. However, one day, both the Yooks and Zooks reported instances of being raided by mysterious brutes in weird cult-like robes. Not too soon, many deities at a battle between the GUAL and GUAC suddenly perished all at once, with the battlefield turned into a field of ash. Once all the deities who fell victim to the explosion were revived, YHVH was seen chastising and yelling at Culture 20-L for unwarranted destruction.
  • Learning about how the Saiyans in the Pantheon would grow stronger over time with nigh-infinite potential would get the Thraddash thinking deeply, for once. For the Thraddash, gaining Saiyan traits would benefit their proficiency as a species greatly and perhaps please their teachers in the process, on top of furthering their reputation in the Pantheon. Some Thraddash have attempted to get into biology for the sake of learning how to be like the Saiyans. The Culture 20-C Thraddash have also been part of experiments to be infused with Saiyan DNA to see if the Thraddash could benefit and become elite soldiers of the GUAC. Unfortunately, none of the Thraddash seem to have gained any significant benefits aside from furthered stupidity, recklessness, and a monkey tail. Some observers believe that the Thraddash can't utilize the potential of Saiyan DNA due to how alien the Thraddash are. Others claim that the Thraddash lack the spirit and willpower Saiyans generally have, although the Thraddash think otherwise. Deadpool simply remarked that the Thraddash simply lack the Anime Hair to signify the many, many transformations a Saiyan could have.
  • Even the Thraddash don't really like the House of Slaughter, citing how Culture 3 maimed and brutalized themselves in order to intimidate enemy Thraddash. This went to the point of Culture 3 veterans having to roll around due to lack of limbs, which many Thraddash will admit was a really stupid culture in general, and it being surpassed by Culture 4 proving that further. Similarly, the House of Hatred and Rancor is too much for them, having learned from Culture 12, which was so unnecessarily hostile that it sabotaged itself due to its leaders destroying each other for petty reasons, letting their original enemy, Yajag, dealing with the remnants of their chaos and establishing Culture 13 in their place. Not to mention that the House of Betrayal and Treachery reminds them of the sneaky and deceptive Culture 16, whose methods were considered unworthy to be practiced by Thraddash today due to being defeated by Culture 17 who managed to deal with all their deceptions, as history would show.
  • Through being defeated again and again into joining other alliances, the Thraddash have been taught under other teachers of various subjects. John Keating attempted to teach the Thraddash how to make poetry on request, but what the Thraddash had written up made Keating eventually give up and say that the Thraddash have already found their "style". Yakko, Wakko, and Dot decided to teach other Thraddash how to be wacky like them, showing them slapstick cartoons and the like to educate them. Soon enough, a few Thraddash were pulled into the Animaniacs' antics becoming the Butt-Monkey of their humor, though they surprisingly don't mind. There were also a few Thraddash students who were willing to train under John Kreese, liking his "No Mercy" motto, though they too have troubled Kreese not by how they beat up weaker human students of his, but all the property damage they cause from recklessness alone.
  • Lobo, infamous for managing to take out the rest of his incredibly violent species, is idolized by many Thraddash. A powerful man like him that can put down all other of his kind, get away with it, and even defy death (due to neither Hell nor Heaven wanting him) is the type of guy that any sane Thraddash would want to become. In fact, there's a new Thraddash belief that the ultimate Thraddash Culture would be something like Lobo's situation, one Thraddash blowing up the rest of their species into irrelevance for good and that one Thraddash being unstoppable, as Lobo has done, becoming the "Final and Supreme" Culture of his own species. With their respect for Lobo, they can be seen kindly greeting the Last Czarnian asking to punch his face politely. Lobo usually accepts and gives them his own in return, amazing other Thraddash by splattering the recipient's innards everywhere.