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The Combat Dojo!!!

A massive Dojo built to fit several types of martial arts. Here Gods come together to spar together and hone their best attacks. The Combat House is made to be very durable, since many of the Gods are known to be very powerful. It is best to not piss them off, or else you'll receive a beatdown.

It goes without saying that this house oozes badass from every pore, and consequently only the worthy may enter it. The unworthy tend to brown their pants immediately and run away.


Due to the sheer number of gods in this wing of the Pantheon, this page has been split.

Recently the improved training area designed and constructed by Evangeline A.K. McDowell and Nanoha Takamachi (with a few tweaks thanks to Urahara) have been completed. It's a hyperspace the size of the Solar System, improved from Evangeline's own training (and vacation) place that has the capability to compress time experienced by the users. It's varied from place to place, from X2 to X3650 longer than the times outsides. The insides also have various environments filled with monsters of any kind and training equipment, private customizable training rooms capable of meeting all kind of requirement, and a 5-star hotel, enough to train all the gods in pantheon as the same time, all of which were provided by the House of Technology. Finally, it has been equipped with an (optional) setting to project a powerful TSAB-designed energy field, capable of encompassing the entire area, that converts all forms of damage - from ki-based attacks to physical strikes from fists and even swords - into non-lethal magical damage. This has made quite a few of the Good-aligned fight-loving deities quite happy, as it allows them to go all-out and test themselves and each other to the fullest without worrying about accidentally seriously harming or killing anyone.


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Council of Three

The Three Guards of the House of Combat

    Bruce Lee 
Bruce Lee AKA Li Xiaolong in pinyin, God of Martial Arts, WA-TAAAAH and Grandmaster of Jeet Kune Do (The Dragon) (no, not that kind of Dragon, or that one, either)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Dragon
  • Theme Song: "The Dragon's Heartbeat", or Enter the Dragon Main Title
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Martial Arts, High-pitched Battle Cries, having multiple characters based of him, Sidekicks (In the form of his avatar, Kato), Training by Emotion
  • Domains: War, Dragons
  • Followers: Too many to count
  • Actual Followers: Sabin Rene Figaro
  • Allies: Ip Man, Ken Masters, Genjuro Kazanari, Jackie Chan, Kenshiro, Raoh, Eric Draven, Toki, Chie Satonaka, James Bond, Casey
  • Enemies: Chin
  • Heralds: Fei Long, Jann Lee, Might Guy, Rock Lee, Jon Talbain
  • Rival: Chuck Norris, Yuuki Konno
  • The only being ever to single handledly defeat Chuck Norris.
  • Some believe that his ability to defeat Chuck Norris means he may be able to challenge Fred Rogers himself in combat. Others...believe differently. Both seem to have a reached quiet understanding and respect for each other, with their mutual belief that "There is but one family under the sky." Bruce and Mr Rogers have since been seen walking and talking together, cheerfully exchanging bits of philosophy.
  • Was surprised by Sabin's desire not to emulate him, but has noted that if any human would be able to match or surpass Bruce in brute strength, it would probably be him. Why? MOTHERFUCKER SUPLEXED A TRAIN.
  • Had to do a double take over newcomer Eric Draven, because Eric looked like the son he never got to see grow up. Likewise, Eric saw Bruce as a strange father figure and began to shed tears of unknown sorrow for him. Many of the Gods haven't told Bruce about Eric looking similar to his own deceased son, Brandon Lee. They say it's for the best.
  • His most deadliest weapon is the technique known as the One-inch Punch. While he himself has never used it, he looked in utter shock when he found out that one Ryusei Sakuta, a member of the Toku Base who trained in his fighting style, has successfully performed it...on Gentaro Kisaragi all in the pursuit to save his friend in the past and even killing Gentaro with it. Ryusei has since apologized for this attack.
    • Unfortunately for Ryusei, his troubles weren't over yet. Bruce Lee soon heard whispers of another Gentaro who turned evil due to Ryusei's death blow.
  • Became friends with Jackie Chan in the Mortal Realms when he accidentally hit him for real while filming Way of the Dragon and promised him a role in every movie he makes thereafter. Although he could not fulfill said promise with his tragic passing in 1972, he can finally make good on it with Jackie's ascension into The House Of Weapons.
  • Reportedly a fan of James Bond, and was more than a little annoyed he could not carry his own Walter PK while filming Enter the Dragon; these days he visits The House of Romance to meet George Lazenby, a former student in mortal life and a one time Avatar of Bond, to teach him his Cha-Cha dance skills in exchange for a few rounds with said famous Bond Pistol.
  • After hearing the news of Liu Kang going evil from his heralds Fei Long and Jann Lee, reportedly, Bruce shed a tear lamenting that he failed to continue to steer Liu Kang in the right way as his herald. After a session of shedding tears together, Bruce decreed that Fei Long and Jann Lee have all the permission to 'do what must be done'.
  • For obvious reasons, Bruce Lee vehemently despises Chin for his blind racism and his blatantly false claims of being related to him and being a "perfect" clone of him at the same time, and has barred him from ever setting foot in his temple.

    Ip Man 
Ip Man AKA Ye Wen in pinyin, God of Practical Combat and Grandmaster of Wing Chun (He Who Tamed The Dragon)
Left: The Donnie Yen Ip Man, Right: The Real Ip Man
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Wooden Practice Dummy
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normal Nice Guys, Old Master, Chinese Martial Virtues, Combat Pragmatist, Doting Parent
  • Domains: Martial Arts, Family Man, One-Man Army,Defender of Innocence, Wing-Chun Kun Fu, Bravery, Honor Before Reason, Kindness
  • Allies: Bruce Lee, Doctor Wong Fei Hong, Donnie Yen (his avatar), Kamijou Touma, Yuuki Konno, Sayaka Miki
  • The teacher of Bruce Lee, God of Martial Artists.
    • How badass is he exactly? Were it not for his teachings, Bruce Lee would not be able to beat Chuck Norris; let that sink in for a moment.
      • Such is his prowess as a warrior that he earned the respect of the Japanese occupying Canton in World War 2, who attempted in persuading him to impart Wing Chung Kung fu to their soldiers. He politely refused, not wishing to betray his people. He cheerfully admits that well choreographed though the fight in his biography may be, he never actually got to fight one General Miura, head of the occupational forces.
    • That said, he has become very dear friends with Donnie Yen, and when he visits the mortal realms the two have been documented to have long and jolly chats with tea and cigarettes while watching the two good biographies made of him, naturally both starring Donnie.
  • In spite of his importance to the Chinese Warrior World, Master Ip is a sweet, kind and humble gentleman who insists that he is first and foremost a family man who was just trying to put a roof over his sons' heads and get them through school.
  • Deeply admires the staunch-devotion to justice of his new student Miki Sayaka, yet constantly reminds her to not lose sight of family and friendship while being devoted to the good-fight.

    Wong Fei Hung 
Doctor Wong Fei-hung AKA Huang Feihong in pinyin, God of Wuxia Heroes and Grand Master of Hung Gar (Tenth Tiger of Canton, The Tiger After Tigers)

Chie Satonaka of the Investigation Team spends much of her time here. The training is more brutal than anything she had faced before, but Chie makes no secret to how fulfilling she finds it. She ends every one of her sessions with steak.

Alternative Title(s): Combat Lesser Gods And Demigods, Combat Intermediate Gods, Combat Lesser Gods, Combat Overdeities And Greater Gods


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