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Here is where many monster creatures reside. Some may be really dangerous, some could be very terrifying and others downright adorable. May or may not be Complete Monsters.

We are not responsible for any attacks that the residents can provoke on misbehaving visitors.

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Shub-Niggurath, Divine Mother of a Thousand Young (The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, The Mother Goddess, Chiyo)

    Tiamat (Fate/Grand Order) 
Tiamat, Goddess of Monster Creation (Beast II, the Beast of Regression, Primordial Mother, Draconic Corpus, Titan, Femme Fatale)
Click here to see her Pre-Dragonoid form 
Click here to see her Dragonoid form 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: Her two curled horns
  • Theme Song: BEAST II ~Tiamat Battle~
  • Alignment: Officially Chaotic Evil, though somewhat debatable given her Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Embodiment of Vice (Regression), The Corruption, Eldritch Abomination That Also Has An Attractive Humanoid Form, Knight of Cerebus, Obsessive Motherly Love To Humanity, Intelligence Despite Not Speaking, Monster Progenitor, Mother of a Thousand Young, Driven Mad Due to Being Cast Out And Made Unnecessary, The Juggernaut, possible Complete Immortality, Our Dragons Are Different
  • Domains: Motherhood, Regression, Monsters, Salt Water, Vice
  • Interests: Zanza
  • Allies: The other Tiamats, Mem Aleph, Shub-Niggurath, Keel Lorenz, Isamu Nitta
  • Rivals: Goetia
  • Enemies: Everyone else in Fate Series (particularly Medusa, Gilgamesh and B.B), YHVH, The Emperor of Mankind, The Life Entity, Nekron, the Neon Genesis Evangelion deities, Merged Zamasu, SCP-682, Eliphas(Yu-Gi-Oh)
  • Opposed by: The rest of the House of Mothers
  • Pitied by: Amara
  • Tiamat is the Mesopotamian Goddess of Chaos, embodiment of primordial sea water and the source of life on Earth. She created various monsters and other things. However life no longer needed her, and she was cast off to the Dimension of Imaginary Numbers. However various factors woke her up, and she seeks to exterminate humanity was we know it.
  • Has a complicated view on humanity as she both has a massive grudge and rejoices in the hopes of being a mother to them. Her goals amount to reverting humanity into a primordial soup and putting them back in her womb, reflecting the sin of regression. This is a similar belief to Keel Lorenz's view on the Instrumentality Project, and believes she can help him achieve it. It is also something that reflected Isamu Nitta's own philosophy of isolation.
    • Technically can be summoned as a Servant. It's just she gives out the fact they're simply one in seven billion things she must exterminate.
  • One of three Tiamats, the others being a five-headed dragon and a many-breasted Alternate Self to the Mesopotamian deity. The Fate Tiamat gets along with the other two, but mainly the SMT incarnation of the Primordial Mother. She discovered Mem Aleph, who she's very similar to in that they're mothers of men, monsters and madness who effectively want to to destroy humanity in their delusional views on what it means to be a mother.
  • Embodying the Primordial Chaos as it was seen in the Mesopotamian faith, a primal ocean of sea water. This attracted Amatsu-Mikaboshi to her, only to be disappointed. After all, while she is the progenitor of monsters and life on Earth, Amatsu-Mikaboshi is a primal chaos that precedes the universe itself and is of far greater scope than her. The other omnicidal maniacs connected to the chaos before existence don't care for her "lack of ambition". They find the potential of the Chaos Tide to be fascinating, however, as it's a sort of black mud generated from her which corrupts everyone who is consumed by it to their core.
  • Tiamat is more to dwell and show her power in the House of Water & Moisture, though all of them would rather stay away from her enormous power and madness. Usually she just spawn various horrific monsters within her own sub-house, like the Basmu. She can create monsters by devouring people, and then use their flesh to create a species of "new humans" with Lahmu. There are other children, but most of them are fodder.
  • The House of Mothers regards her desires to destroy mankind and regress them to primoridal soup being completely insane, and isn't letting her enter. Well, except for Shub-Niggurath, who seems to like her. But given Shub-Niggurath is an Eldritch Abomination with no comprehension of human morality, this isn't saying much.
  • Though she doesn't agree with her actions, Amara feels bad for her. This is due to how she felt cast off at the dawn of time, however she wants to help her re-connect with reality and have a healthy relationship with humanity. Perhaps it's because of their shared connection to the Primordial Chaos.
  • Zanza possessed a darker interest in Tiamat. The source of life where he came from, he recognizes her possessive motherhood as his own belief life should exist for him and only him, mistaking her madness and regression for narcissism. Dreadfully, he wants to teach her to be more self-centered as part of his own plans to have mastery on life.
  • Could be seen as a darker counterpart to the Life Entity. Both are the progenitor of life, but while the Entity is calculating, intelligent and was willing to let itself be replaced, Tiamat is a madwoman who can't let go. Though as a being of life, he has pity for how far she has fallen. Nekron meanwhile regards her as yet another example of the chaotic madness he views life as.
  • Zamasu looked at Tiamat, a once divine being laid so low, and declared her an exemplary take on why he thinks Humans Are Bastards; they abandoned their proverbial mother and drove her mad. At the same time, Zamasu dislikes how she is an embodiment of human failings, though he does consider taking her out as a Mercy Kill. As usual, no-one agrees with him.
  • The Emperor of Mankind considers Tiamat to be a major enemy of humanity, and Eliphas believes she represents malignant chaos that he must stomp out. SCP-682, finding all Earth life disgusting, finds her extra disgusting for being the mother of life on Earth. As she's destined to be the last living thing on Earth it's virtually impossible to kill her, and it took dropping her into the Underworld with the concept of death being forced on her so Tiamat would even be beatable. SCP-682 began to understand just how frustrating it was for the Foundation to try and terminate her when the two ended up locking each other in a duel neither could win because of their immortality.


Greater Gods

    Alma Wade 
Alma Wade, Goddess of Monsters Made from Tragic Pasts (Mother)
  • Greater Goddess, Overdeity on the Almaverse
  • Theme Song: Alma's Music Box
  • Alignment: REALLY Chaotic Evil, though can cross into Chaotic Neutral where Erma is concerned.
  • Portfolio: The Inhumane Definition of Rage, Reality Warper, Mind Raper, Humanoid Abomination, Determined to Kill Everything on Sight, Yandere, Similar to a certain Sadako, Her Name is "Soul", A Seemingly Different Type of Ghost, Tragic Child, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Has 3 Different Forms
  • Domains: Death, Revenge, Destruction
  • Allies: Her Expies such as Hisako and Sadako. And MAYBE Dark Danny. Also, she lets Samantha Maxis and Naughty Bear approach her sometimes, SCP-1048.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Deathwing, Atrocitus, The Old Gods, Erma
  • Rivals: Broly, Lucy, Ermac, Arael, Alex Mercer
  • Fears: The Slender Man
  • Enemies: Are you kidding us? She hates EVERYONE.
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Khorne
  • Opposes: People who have a happy life to this day. Or on a specific note, the Houses of Friendship and Happiness, including George Bailey.
  • Opposed by: Every single Hope Bringer in the Pantheon and anyone who got induced to Mind Rape, especially Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami and Alex Mason
  • Applauded by: Majority of the House of Hatred
  • Special Relations: The Point Man (Her son), Erma (Alma's Morality Pet / Genuine ally)
  • On Good (or at least speaking terms with): The Human Child/Frisk, Wander
  • The child that was destroyed for the rest of her entire life, Alma Wade had a terrible childhood, from forced tests inside a vault, to being sunken down into amniotic fluid in her death and pulled out from her life support. All while being a child without reaching adulthood at all. The result from those tragic memories: A spirit entity hellbent on one goal: destruction of everything around her regardless of anything.
    • It may sound like how a Generic Doomsday Villain might work, but that's not the case. She had her psychic powers from as early as 8 years old, and her father (who was a high official of Armacham Technology Corporation's Project Origin) wanted to test her, through tasks inside the vault for the rest of her life. That wasn't the case though, as she was forced to stay in Project Origin, using DNA implants and the impregnation of her "children" through scientific ways. And when things got too much, they shut her down with her body still in the vault. This, along with her indomitable will made her able to survive death and became the monster who brought down the Apocalypse.
  • Her ascension is one the most brutal ascensions to date. After being killed by either one of her children, she ended up in an angry state, prompting the Court of the Gods to weaken her without ending her life again. A joint operation on the House of Magic, led by Jaina and Mithra assisted in in weakening her influence. While it was a success, there were heavy casualties, including Mithra's powers, half of the Court of the Gods, and even Asura himself. And worse, many scouts have reported that Alma already created a Temple inside the Pantheon.
    • The worst part out of all the events that happened is that The Old Gods have started communicating with her, prompting her to be a "maiden" to their deeds. No one knows that they are planning, but it obviously isn't pretty at any level.
    • The title also used to be the title of Frankenstein's Monster. But not until Alma yanked that title from him and a battle ensured. This has finally placed a permanent position for Alma.
  • With her presence, a certain Edward Richtofen has been stalking her day after day, curious of her potential powers. However, this has ended up mostly badly for Alma herself, as she cannot control a super crazy psychopath in terms of mind control, but on the other hand, she still can kill him with ease, particularly by placing him in the Almaverse. Richtofen had noticed the she works like a certain "Samantha Maxis".
    • Ermac on the other hand has been proven immune to Alma's mind raping abilities, thanks to having many souls in one mind. That doesn't make him immune to being physicaly mauled to death. The same can be said about Arael.
    • This got the ire of Asuka Langley Soryu/Asuka Langley Shikinami and Alex Mason, as they know Alma is much, much worse than the ones they dealt with. However, Alma has no agenda for them, meaning they don't get into fights.
  • As the spiritual personification of Anger, this has placed a somewhat "good" deal with Red Lantern Atrocitus, as he wields a ring made up of anger itself. Unfortunately, he can't give one to her because of two reasons. One, she has REALLY unstable powers and an attitude so complex, he can't handle her anger very well. And second, the aformentioned problem, added with a Red Lantern Ring will cause chaos, that even Atros himself cannot control.
    • This is the reason why she is feared by both the GUAG and GUAE, she has no intention of joining any side and is willing to kill when she pleases (or do anything she wants because she does it harshly). The GUAD did try to recruit her, but with horrible results.
    • Even the happiest people can't calm her down, and she even hates people of that personality. George Bailey has been recently harrassed by her as a show of her hate against them.
    • Also, as a note: Do NOT force her into sides, as what Johan Liebert and Raul Menendez can attest to, since they felt her wrath when they tried to recruit her in the Liebertarian Movement.
  • As a ghost (or a spirit entity), this has gotten her into sights of the Ghostbusters and Luigi. Problem is that she is almost way too hard to deal with. Let alone even used with the Ghostbuster's gear while she warps herself back into the Almaverse.
    • Dark Danny however has seen some "great" potential with Alma as a "ghost-in-chief" for his destructive plans. Seeing her powers, he decided to make a contract in terms to connect with each other. It somehow worked, but on one condition: He must bring the Point Man, Paxton Fettel and Michael Becket into the Pantheon or she will erradicate his entire ghostly presence. He reluctantly agreed, although he may have plans to avoid such fate.
    • Both Danny and Clockwork weren't impressed when they heard that Dark Danny was able to make a deal with Alma. Clockwork on the other hand pities her due to him seeing her backstory. Though he has no intentions of changing her fate, as he would rather watch time than manipulate or change its course.
  • Her presence has made majority of the GUAG's Hope Bringers try their best to contain her, only to be almost killed in the process. This event was considered a huge failure on the GUAG that they made it proof on why they shouldn't interfere with her:
    • Makoto Naegi was one of the first who tried to talk to her in order to calm her down. It didn't work, instead it made her pissed and she decided to rip his head off to half. This called for a second plan.
    • Akane Tsunemori did the second try on her, and talked to her in a calmly matter, which was a disaster, including Mind Raping her and controlling a pistol point-blank into her head. The reason why she didn't shoot was that she immediately went crazy and went off to a rampage on the GUAG HQ.
    • As a last resort, Gordon Freeman was tasked to take down this abomination for good. While Alma's Replica Soldiers failed to kill him, she instead teleported him into the Almaverse, where thousands of Replica Soldiers are already prepared to kill the One Freeman. And they did, because when the GUAG retrieved his body, he was already filled with bullets.
      • Despite the project being aborted by the GUAG, the instant Wander heard about Alam, he became determined himself to help her out, given his track record with other villains he helped out over to the side of good. Despite her constant assaults on him, he still refuses to let her suffer and keeps returning to try and pacify her, earning her wrath she has for him.
      • The human child/Frisk also joined Wander with helping Alma's spirit finally rest. So far, they made SOME progress with Alma (as they not only promise to not force her into a side, but also can No-Sell her attacks with high enough determination), but time will tell if they get any further. So far, Alma's thought on Frisk are...curious, at best, and is actually interested to see how far Frisk will go to help her out.
    • Ironically, this has given the Human Child an INCREDIBLY powerful (albeit indirect) form of protection, as Alma is not amused by the villainous deities' attempts to corrupt the Child into despair while they are in the process of helping her, and and will not hesitate to make her displeasure known if they are foolish enough to try anything in her presence.
      • Even more surprisingly, they actually succeeded with some help from a newly ascended Expy of Alma, Erma. After the two ghost deities met and seemingly conversed (though how Erma did so is questionable), they seemed to greatly warmed up to each other. As such, Alma has thanked The Human Child for their services on helping her feel happy, and has allowed them and Wander to join with her and Erma whenever they go out, though are warned to not be too loud and to not be too energetic, both of which they agreed to. As such, that indirect form of protection has been moved up to direct whenever they are in mortal/grave danger, something that all of the Human Child's enemies are scared shitless about.
  • Ghetsis' life was made worse after her ascension, as her memories (which still has the mindset if her father torturing her life) are still filled with rage from the pains she received from her father, Harlan Wade, who is one his followers. It didn't help when he heard of the aformentioned follower's fate, and is currently calling help from the GUAE to suppress her, which is close to impossible.
    • Even Relius isn't spared from Alma's wrath, as his position makes him a perfect target for her rage, making Clover's future plans worthless while he has to defend himself from her.
  • Khorne has gotten very interested with the spirit thanks to her motive of destruction and bloodshed to her enemies. Unfortunately, she even doesn't like the Chaos God and that her powers almost rival his. He senses that this could be Magnus' doing.
    • But even Magnus has a hard time dealing with her, and even suffered a tie when both of them clashed, with thousands of Replica Soldiers and even a "visit" to the Almaverse almost losing his mind. He's pretty much pissed still about the result he had to put up against her. And he even still thinks that she was ordered by Lucy as a revenge gift.
    Magnus: "If anything I have to say about that psyker, is that I am both impressed AND distressed about her. And worse, she is none other than that Lucy's follower"
    • And it only got worse on Lucy's part, because it seems like that Alma wants to usurp her position. Many of her followers have heard one of Alma's screams to her:
  • Surprisingly, she became one of the few people who got into the eyes of Deathwing, who saw her destructive potential and apocalyptic nature. It would have ended good for them, if Alma wasn't hostile to everyone (and yes Deathwing, that includes YOU).
    • There is however, a weakness on her sanity: Alma's tendencies to reproduce caused her downfall, which happened to an unascended Michael Becket, and with the birth of The Creep lost her powers, up to the point where her child, either Paxton Fettel consumed her or Point Man killed her.. The only similarity that her and Deathwing share about their weaknesses is that, their respective weaknesses is hard to replicate.
      • For Alma herself, because both Michael, Point Man and Paxton aren't even ascended and the result after that weakness will leave the Pantheon into a wretched state. Therefore, its best to keep Alma in a weakened state, for a while.
    • There is one exception though, with recent research, it has been confirmed that Alma fears the Slender Man as it is a grave sign of The Creep, a.k.a her father. With this, they can use "it" as a warding symbol against her will.
    • And somehow, Valvatorez is a able to keep up against Alma in terms of both power and ferocity. Though, her encounter with him only happened once. And she is smart enough to not engage him all alone. Another thing that puzzles many other deities is if he can punch a ghost.
    • Uther the Lightbringer, Marona and Killia have been considered the other antitheses against Alma's powers. Uther's Exorcism works greatly against her, Marona is able to use her "Chartruese Miracle" powers to halt her, and Killia's Macrocosm is a definite killswitch for her. As a result, Alma is now plotting to end their existence first, by extending the Almaverse into the Pantheon and putting them in as the first victims of her wrath.
  • Worrisome enough, she has let a select few people approach her without harm, namely Samantha Maxis and Naughty Bear. While it's been speculated that the former had the more tragic backstory while mirroring Alma's own backstory a bit, the latter sympathizes with her for their terrible life that makes his own look nicer by comparison, while she was actually impressed the fact that he has done his own crusade against those that did him wrong all by himself. As a result, they are some of the very few people she doesn't plan on harming, and would even protect them should they get into too much trouble. It also helps that they also help her out with her own revenge plans from time to time, which just puts the Pantheon on an even greater level of high alert.
    Alma: "You are safe now.
  • For all of the worrying and panic Alma spreaded throughout the Pantheon, there was a tsunami of sighs of relief when they found something that actually puts her in a "semi-tranquil" state (read: when she'll still kill enemies on sights, but not bother with those whom don't want to bother her); Erma. Her visit to Alma's temple led to many a deity strapping down and bracing themselves for a deadly, catastrophic fight. However, there was actually a noticeable lack of anger or disgust from Alma's part; in fact, after receiving a teddy bear from Erma (it wasn't the same one that she lost, but it was the thought it counts) and seeing Erma as someone whom was just like her in terms of powers, and even downright to her own name, she decided to not only spare Erma, but to befriend her as well, willing to actually spend time with her. While some deities are shocked and awestruck to see Erma and Alma not only hang out with each other outside the temple, but also with Frisk and even Wander, whom tried to help her be happy even when she full on attacked them (though they have been warned by her to not annoy her in any way, and they seem to understand so far), they are learning to adapt quickly lest face her wrath for staring at her weirdly.
  • She once had a fight with Alex Mercer...wich surprisingly ended in a stalemate. Everyone expected Alma to win, but she couldn't kill Alex or cause any permanent physical damage to him because no matter how many times she destroyed him, he just kept regenerating himself back together. She then tried to use her powers to drive him insane via mind rape. She succeeded...sort of. Alex was already insane before, but because of that, he got even more pissed off at her. Alex, on the other hand, couldn't even touch Alma(duh, she's a ghost) and he didn't have anything that could truly damage her or any ghost deities. After a while, they both got bored and decided to stop fighting to go back to their respective temples.
  • Also has a spot in House of Sadness.
  • "Kill them. Kill them all."

Discord, God of Mix-and-Match Critters and Topsy-Turvyness (The Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, Discord P. Sullivan, Captain Wuzz, The Spirit of Order, Accord)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A cotton-candy cloud raining chocolate milk, or a tornado.
  • Theme Song: Don Discord
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, bordering on Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Insane entities of godlike power sealed inside stone, Heel Face Turns brought about by friendship, Mind games and trickery, friendship with the most unlikely of beings, not THAT reformed (until going into another Heel–Face Turn)
  • Domains: Chaos, Madness, Manipulation, Trickery
  • Followers: ILoveKimPossibleAlot
  • Allies: Fluttershy, Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Spike, Princess Celestia and Luna, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Gangrel and Luna Vachon (In a Not So Different kind of way), Mister Mxyzptlk
  • Enemies: Tirek, Lord Brevon, Alex Mercer, Chaos, Queen Chrysalis (for kidnapping Fluttershy)
  • Discord used to hold a title in the House of Villains as the God of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Shows, but his massive power level associated to a tendency to wreak chaos led to his replacement and yet another petrification by means of the Elements of Harmony. Discord's position was taken by Zero, whom Discord himself admits is much better suited for the role.
  • Shortly after his second imprisonment, Princess Celestia convinced the Court of the Gods to release Discord on strict probation, claiming that Fluttershy could possibly reform his ways. Sure enough, Fluttershy was able to successfully forge an odd friendship with Discord, and is currently acting his Morality Pet. The other gods still exercise extreme caution when dealing with him, as without Fluttershy Discord would likely go back to his old ways, and many are not convinced that his reformation is not simply another trick.
    • Has made frequent visits to meet up with Fluttershy in the newly formed House of Friendship. Many of the gods there have asked Fluttershy how it would be best to approach Discord, but Fluttershy just responds, "Sometimes, we just need to be shown a little kindness." In fact, many gods are amazed to find how deep this friendship goes, to the point that Discord even found himself worried that Fluttershy would hate him for what he was: a being that thrived on chaos. Fluttershy doesn't care though; they are friends and it's because of Discord's chaotic nature that attracted her to him.
  • A certain story has suggested Discord may have been far worse then previously thought. Thus far neither the princesses nor the bearers of the Elements of Harmony have commented on this.
  • Rumor has it that he has personally toyed with Jean-Luc Picard on multiple occasions in the past. Picard has so far declined to comment.
  • Shares a highly antagonistic relationship with Chaos, the God of Discord due the similarities in their names and titles. Chaos thinks Discord is an immature brat, and Discord thinks Chaos is too boring and serious.
  • The Spirit of Chaos shares a rivalry with fellow fan favorite and Spirit of Destruction, Hexxus. Discord thinks of Hexxus that his "parking lots and shiny shopping malls" are too boring, Hexxus thinks Discord's methods is immature and juvenile. The tension between the two has gotten more heated, considering that the only person Discord currently calls his friend, Fluttershy, values trees and wildlife dearly.
  • Upon hearing about Jack Skellington's plans for Halloween, Discord decided to pop in and have his own little fun with them. Jack, for the most part, was excited to see Discord make his plans for Halloween greater than he ever imagined and has asked Discord for his help for preparations, and asks that he brings Fluttershy to help out with some of the animals there (and to ensure that Discord doesn't go too far with the preparations).
  • Alongside Kefka, one Yayoi Ulshade has gotten a whammy in finding out that Discord also sounds just like her grandfather. Fortunately, thanks to Fluttershy, Discord isn't as malicious to her as Kefka is.
  • If Discord gets sick, he'll ask for a glass of water. And then it will escalate into this.
  • After a certain incident inflicted to him by Lord Tirek, Discord declares he now now permanently on the side of good after the things the latter did to him.
  • After an incident where Fluttershy was a victim of a Mind Rape by Eric Draven (working under Alternate Gentaro's commands), Discord is helping out with "Project: Alternate Gentaro", knowing his chaotic nature makes him immune to the asylum's darkness. He's making sure Fluttershy doesn't become affected by this madness.
  • His followers like to play a song regarding his exploits in the past, and, needless to say, he finds it catchy. He has yet to find out about the original.
  • Several witnesses have claimed to have seen him with R-Dash 5000 units. Discord, however, says he's behind those kinds of things.
  • Giratina is utterly confused as to why the Mob has compared it to Discord, and would rather not associate with him. The draconequus on the other hand has no comment aside from stifled laughter.
  • His hatred for Lord Brevon comes from when the warlord once kidnapped Fluttershy (though she wasn't the only one he was after) and mutated her into a monster. He was quick to storm the Dreadnought, undo the changes, and turn the warlord into a non-reproducing parasprite for a week as punishment.
  • After Queen Chrysalis captured Fluttershy for her nefarious plans, Discord has flat-out stated that his anger against her is now absolutely personal.
  • Has gotten interested in something called "Ogres and Oubliettes" and has used his reality warping powers to recreate the game in the House of Gaming. It's an amazing hit. His character is an archer whose name is "Captain Wuzz"
  • Never thought of Matt Hardy to be a threat until the day Matt became BROKEN and sent the Cutie Mark Crusaders to Limbo. That got his attention, and he's now teaming up with Fluttershy and the other Equestrian gods to put an end to Matt's BROKEN schemes.
  • A word of advice: it is ill-advised to NOT normalize Discord. Since his entire existence revolves around chaos, trying to make him "normal" would cause him to, as Jeff Hardy likes to quote, "Fade away and classify himself as obsolete!" Discord learned this the hard way when he tried to normalize his temple for a tea-party for him and Fluttershy, only for Fluttershy to bring his temple back to a chaotic state just before he disappeared forever.
    • Then there was the time he turned himself into the Spirit of Order, Accord. He essentially became the Equestrian version of YHVH and has promised to not do that ever again.
  • Upon hearing of two wrestlers living "Gothic lifestyles" moving to the Sub-House of Vampires, Discord decided to see them and was amazed how Gangrel ended up like Discord: a chaotic person who found friendship with ponies and found himself opening up even more. It also helps that the three hate Queen Chrysalis for harming their dear pony friends.

SHOCKERAcronym , Leading Deities of the Daily Monsters (Gel-Shocker, Neo-Shocker, Dai-Shocker, Super Shocker, Space Shocker, Nova Shocker)
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A Giant Bird on Top of a Globe
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Evil, of the Lawful, Neutral, and Chaotic varieties.
  • Portfolio: Nazi Remnants, World Domination, Nebulous Evil Organisation, Gathering Villains From All Sides, Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist, Forever Evil
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, Technology, Terrorism
  • Followers: Every Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Metal Heroes, and Pretty Cure monsters in existence
  • Leader: The Great Leader of Shocker
  • Members: Doctor Shinigami, Colonel Zol, Ambassador Hell, Psycho Rangers, Shadow Moon, Mesogog
  • Henchmen: Shocker Combatmen, Kurokage Troopers, Elementary Inves, Buglars, Stingwingers
  • Allies: Melkor, HYDRA, Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia and Nui Harime), Dark Link, Master Xenohort, M. Bison
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Phoenix
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Takeshi Hongo and Hayato Ichimonji), All Ascended Heroic Gundam Deities (especially Amuro Ray and Aila Jyrkiainen), All Ascended Pretty Cures, All Ascended Pandoras, Captain America, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ryuko Matoi, Senketsu, Satsuki Kiryuin, Sora, Sailor Moon and Sailor Warriors, Tuxedo Mask, 2nd Division Symphogears, Son Goku, Naruto Uzumaki, Kirito and Asuna, Ange, Shirou Emiya, Artoria Pendragon, The Doctor, Kung Fury, Ryu, Chun-Li, Batman, Saitama, Wonder Woman, Alisa Illinichina Amiella, Asuka Tenjoin, Monomi, Rio Kamishiro, Rei Shingetsu/Vector, Tracer, RinJuken Warriors.
  • Opposes: Dr. Evil, Monaca Towa
  • Opposed by: Katsumi Daido
  • The Monster of the Week trope was once held by the Dark Kingdom. However, after the GUAE found out most of the members' alliances were dubious, they were stripped of their title. It was then given to the evil organization of Shocker, who are able to summon any past kaijin that has ever fought the Kamen Riders.
  • Shocker has gone through many names over the years. First there was Gel Shocker, then it was Neo Shocker and then Dai Shocker. In fact, it was revealed that many evil organizations that the Legendary Riders fought were actually under Shocker's control.
    • The current edition of Shocker is actually made up of the remnants of the defeated Demonic Legion after their battle with the old Toku Base.
  • While their primary antagonist are the Kamen Riders, Shocker has run afoul to other heroes. They include the Sentai heroes and their Power Rangers equilavents. The magical girls, the Pretty Cures in particular have also fought them. Even western superheroes have clash with them. Though, they are actually very rare.
  • Many deities have done there best to bar any SHOCKER members into entering the House of Time and Space considering the last two times that dealt with time travel cause SHOCKER to rule the world and brainwash many of the Riders.
    • Unfortunately, they did get hold of the Doctor's TARDIS one time. Though, they were stopped thanks to the combined efforts of the Doctor, Uncle Bob, and DenLiner Crew.
  • Many deities, mostly from the west, have noticed that Great Leader's outfit reminds them of a Klansmen's outfits.
  • Has made a lucrative alliance with HYDRA as the two evil organization share very similar interest and origins. The two often lend technology they develop to the others to use. There has been rumors that Shocker and HYDRA are actually one in the same.
  • Shocker have decided to employed certain deities in their organization. While they aren't truly consider Shocker members, they do supply them with neccassery combat equipment to fight the heroes.
    • Ryoma Sengoku has been commission to make Sengoku Drivers and Matsubokkuri Lockseed to give to its Shocker Combatmens and be able to transform into Kurokage Troopers.
      • Sengoku has even made a personal Driver and Lockseed to be use by Shocker Leader.
    • Has somewhat impressed with Gihren Zabi for his accomplishments of dropping the colony and destroys a percentage on Earth which earns him a honorary membership of SHOCKER as the Great Leader also commissioned Gihren to provide every Zeon mobile suits to the Shocker Combatmen and be able to pilot it.
    • The Great Leader also recruited Nobuyuki Sugou to their cause due to his reputation of abducting the minds of 300 surviving members of Sword Art Online while using them for his Mind Control research as the Great Leader gives him the opportunity to continue it for their evil plans.
    • Embryo was also joined in this organization in order to get his revenge towards Ange and her allies. Due to this, he was commissioned by the Great Leader to provide more Ragna-mail units to their members a be able to pilot for evil use.
    • The Great Leader also commissioned Tenjuro Banno to create more Roidmudes for their evil uses after the former was pleased with the latter's schemes for the "Pantheonic Global Freeze" as the Great Leader assures to Banno that he will help him to achieve their desires of conquering the whole pantheon.
    • Monokuma's mastermind Junko Enoshima also joined in their cause because the Great Leader was impressed with the Mastermind's reputation of initiating the murderous "School Life of Mutual Killings" game and managed to plunged her world into chaos through despair, as well as her outright hatred towards Kouta Kazuraba, along with his fellow toku heroes and hope bringers, as she sees them as a threat to their plans. Junko also provides numerous Monokuma units to strengthen the organization to their use.
      • Monaca was once an employed member of this group who has the same role as Junko after the Great Leader was impressed with her depraved acts of controlling innocent children with a detonation bomb installed into the victims' helmets. However after she backed out of the conflict between hope and despair and severing ties with them, the Great Leader condemns her as a traitor for turning back on her ambitions.
    • Ragyo Kiryuin has also started to provide her Life Fibers to the organization as a means to empower their combatmen and their kaijin. Not to mention that the Great Leader is also impressed with her ambitions of enslaving the human race with her Modus Operandi.
    • Enter was commissioned to provide the Metaloids and the Burglars to the organization in order to strengthen their numbers. However the Great Leader has also started to keep an eye on him because he was cautious of his own ulterior motives.
    • Both Muruta Azrael and Lord Djibril were brought into the organization and they have supplied them with various WMDs. More importantly, a new Super Soldier program was commissioned and has led to the creation of dangerous and insane combat mooks. Muruta is actually one of the more difficult employed members of SHOCKER that the organization has to contend with, though. Djibril isn't much better and probably even worse in that regard.
    • Redyue was also brought into the organization as she started to provide her own set of Inves from the Helheim Forest to the organization after the Great Leader was impressed with her actions during the Helheim invasion, although the Leader is started to keep an eye on her in case that she might betray the group due to her personal agendas.
    • Trakeena joined the organization as she provided her own set of monsters and Stingwingers to them in order to strengthen their numbers in their quest for world domination.
  • It should be noted, even if Shocker has aligned themselves with the likes of Ragyo Kiryuin, Embryo, and Nobuyuki Sugou, they do not care for certain actions on their part. As cited by the likes of Doctor Shinigami and Ambassador Hell, they believed it has zero contribution to world conquest. On the other hand, the Great Leader and Colonel Zol doesn't bother their utterly depraved acts as long as they do their job well as employed members of Shocker.
  • Rumors have been spreading that San and Papyrus are actually Shocker Combatmen. While so far the rumors haven't been confirm, certain Riders are keeping a close eye on them.
  • The organization is somewhat opposed by Katsumi Daido, a fellow Toku villain, since their actions of performing experiments reminding him of the likes of Foundation X.
  • Once tried to find Hitler's hidden stache of gold. They were in for a unwelcome surprise.
  • They have taken actions to ensure that Foundation X ascends into the Pantheon,having grudgingly acknowledged that their more modern counterpart would be useful as a collaborator. However,they have stated their preference to remain in the shadows and have for the time being dodged many of Shocker's (and other Pantheon and GUAE organisations) requests for aid and resources.


Intermediate Gods

    Alice (Monster Girl Quest
Alipheese Fateburn XVI (16th), Goddess of Monster Lords (Alice, Monster Lord, The Sixteenth Monster Lord)
Clickhere  to see her human form

Lernaean Hydra, Deity of Multiplying Dangers

    Ludwig the Accursed 
Ludwig, the God Who Became the Very Thing He Fought Against (Ludwig the Accursed, The first Healing Church Hunter, Ludwig the Holy Blade)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Radiant Hunters Badge, or alternatively, the Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Leitmotif: Ludwig, the Accursed, shifts to Ludwig the Holy Blade once he retains his sanity
  • Alignment: Was Lawful Good in his human life, Chaotic Neutral as a beast.
  • Portfolio: Grotesque Mutation, Fallen Hero, Was Once a Man, Competent Clerics, Looks Like A Centuar, Was really a good guy for Yharnam, Master Swordsman (even in his monstrous form), Left-handed, Monster Knight, Even as a monster, it can still speak, Considers the Holy Moonlight Sword as his mentor, Dying as Yourself
  • Domains: Beasthood, Transformation, Swordsmanship, Humanity (formerly), Moonlight
  • Followers: Most Yharnamite citizens
  • High Priest: Nathan Hale
  • Allies: The Hunter, Knight Artorias, Guts, The Skull Knight, most gods from the House of Heroes (though they sometimes avoid him, because of his looks)
  • Commonality Connection: Leah, Samurai Jack, The Puella Magi
  • Fears: The Monster Hunters
  • Adores: Leonidas and the Spartans
  • Enemies: Micolash, The Great Ones, Manus, Aidan
  • There was a hero in Yharnam who was iconic to its citizens. Who rallied them into fighting against the beastly menace, and also brought the introduction of the Healing Church hunters. This was Ludwig, the heroic hunter of the healing church. He fought against the beasts, seeing a glimmer of hope in repelling the scourge. Unfortunately, his hunts would soon lead him to his fall, and after succumbing into the hunt itself, Ludwig transformed into the hideous beast who he is now.
  • During his introduction to Pantheon grounds, the Court of the Gods kept their eyes on him, as knowing his beastly nature, he would go berserk at any time. This jinxed it, and Ludwig soon fell into a beastly rampage. The rampage ended when the Hunter was called to take him down once more, alongside the aid of the Monster Hunters, and eventually Geralt too.
    • During the fight, however, as the were close to taking him down, Ludwig finally took his conscious back, and wielded him his iconic weapon, the Holy Moonlight Sword into battle. It was intense, but they managed to pull their victory regardless.
  • As one would expect, Ludwig's beastly incarnation was the result of the nature of the Yharnam hunts, the same fate that most of the Yharnamites fell into, except unlike the remaining citizens, he was stuck in the Hunter's Nightmare and was transformed into a bull-centuar thing. Among those transformed, his fate was the worst of them all.
  • One thing that makes Ludwig unique is his possession of the sword, known as the Holy Moonlight Sword, an iconic sword powered by moonlight. This item inspired many to replicate such beauty, such as forming Ludwig's Holy Blade. However, it should be noted that the sword may have been the main cause of Ludwig's fall to insanity, but also regards it as his mentor, giving ideas that the sword may be sentient.
    • Due to its link with moonlight, the Bringers of Everlasting Night have thoughts on bringing him to the group, with their intentions of stealing it and using it for their plans. He isn't too keen on joining the group, making the plan on hold.
  • Adores Leonidas and his army for good reasons. He created the Healing Church hunters to be the Spartans against the hunt, believing that success is within his hunters. The Spartan applauds this but doesn't want to spoil the fact that Ludwig's efforts were in vain.
  • Despite being a beast, he thanks the Hunter for helping him reclaim his humanity and has offered his assistance to him. He also claims that without the Hunter's intervention within the nightmare, he would have died as he was a beast with no conscience.
    • Unfortunately, his proud attitude was short-lived upon hearing that Micolash, among all the people, had ascended alongside the Great Ones. He blames him for causing the entire city of Yharnam, and the Healing Church to fall into chaos since he and the School of Mensis kept on communicating with the Old Ones, resulting into the scourge that left the city in flames. The only thing he wants from him is blood, and a deserving death.
  • Has been given a chance to join alongside Guts, alongside with the Skull Knight, for his worthiness in battles. He's also glad that even inside a beast, still lies a man with a conscience. Guts however still can't forget about a certain rape horse due to his looks
  • Ludwig finds great kinship in Artorias, of whom he was the former High Priest. Both of them are once-beloved heroes who were corrupted and became the very thing they fought against. They have both agreed to help the other fight the source of their respective corruptions and went as far as to make a vow that they both be ready to strike the other one down should they completely lose themselves once more.
  • Aidan, after looking at Ludwig's fate, tried to persuade him into joining the ranks with Diablo. While both of them had the same fates, Ludwig's doesn't trust him at the slightest bit, as he belives that he and him are different, especially their roles after their fates. With Ludwig able to retain his sanity, in comparison to Aidan, who basically just followed Diablo even within the Pantheon grounds.
  • Ironically, he gets along with many other victims who became the very thing they detested against. Very weird for someone who's a beast.
    • Samurai Jack once entered his temple, seeking advice for being the first Healing Church hunter. Once Ludwig heard of the samurai's tales of once being an Aku, he befriended him seeing that he also resisted being a permanant Aku. So much that Jack asked if he would join with him to take the personification of evil itself. Ludwig, filled with pride, accepted his invitation.
    • The Puella Magi on the other hand has a mixed opinion on him, seeing his form as a constant reminder on what happened to them in their timelines. Among those who avoid him, its Sayaka Miki who avoids him the most, due to giving her flashbacks of her inevitable fate as a witch.
  • Also has a spot on the House of Transformations.
  • You were at my side, all along. My true mentor, my guiding moonlight.

    Medusa (Nasuverse
Medusa, Goddess of Gorgeous Gorgons (Rider, The Gorgon, Bewitching Black Serpent, Lancer, Ana, Goddess of the Shapeless Isle, Avenger, Monster of the Shapeless Isle, Medusa Alter, Lancer Alter)
Clickhere  to see her child form.
Clickhere  to see her Gorgon form.
Clickhere  to see her Alter form.
  • Intermediate Goddess (Greater as Gorgon)
  • Symbol: Her head with snake hairs, Bellerophon, her Pegasus
  • Theme Song: Instant Vortex
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good as a Rider class, Neutral Good as a Lancer class, Chaotic Evil as both The Gorgon and her Alter self
  • Portfolio: Taken for Granite, Petrifying Eyes, Aloof Dark-Haired Girl, Boobs of Steel, Screwed Up Past And Present, Very Very Long Hairs, Cool Pegasus, Tall Beauty, Dark Is Not Evil
  • Domains: Loyalty, War, Monsters, Blood, Snakes
  • Allies: Sakura Matou, Shirou Emiya, Cu Chulainn, Naoki Kashima, Pit, Gardevoir, Gallade, Alexander the Great, Astolfo, Seras Victoria, Serperior, Chrona, Alice
  • Enemies: Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa, Athena, Medusa Gorgon, Gilgamesh, Ragyo Kiryuin, Skull Face, Allant, Manus, Master Xehanort, Artoria Pendragon Alter, Shiro Tagachi
  • Uneasy Friendship: Arturia Pendragon
  • Opposed to: Kratos
  • Opposed by: Simon Belmont (though he's really more just very annoyed with her)
  • Rocky Relationship: the other Medusa
  • Odd Friendship: Seaport Princess
  • Has a lot of impersonators here and there that makes her image look like an EVIL GODDESS. But only her worshipers know that this is her true form.
    • Is a little annoyed that one of Pit's primary opponents is an evil Goddess that calls herself Medusa.
    • When Pit became a member of the Pantheon and she learned they shared the same House, she talked with him about that and eventually befriended him.
  • Is constantly being whipped on the head by Simon Belmont for those Goddamned Medusa Heads that keep sending his followers towards Bottomless Pits. It's not her fault, she swears.
  • Ran into Naoki Kashima when browsing the Library. The two of them became fast friends, and now regularly meet to discuss literature and Real Life mythology. Uganda hasn't come up yet.
    • Was briefly attacked and nearly mugged by Flynn before he realized she wasn't the same Medusa he knew of old.
  • She has decided to embrace her Servant alias, Rider, as her official inscribed name, as she has seen other beings with the name Medusa (one is her 'origin' too) and she's not too pleased with their actions. The name change is to at least make a distinction with those other Medusas. After the name change, Simon's accidental whipping of hers tends to cease as well.
    • Alexander the Great, another Rider, is fine with this, as he prefers to go by his own name.
  • Oddly enough, James and Meowth would lock into fear whenever they see Rider around. It's probably because she wears a blindfold, like another god they fear once famously did...
  • Rider would sometimes remark how her riding skill is A+. That means she can ride any type of vehicles effectively, even a granny's bike. She may even be able to pilot a mech.
    • Humorously, some of the more perverted deities suggest that her Riding skill also applies to a certain activity very well. Though Rider doesn't like those comments, she shrugs and just refers those deities to either Queen Medb or Anne Bonny and Mary Read.
    • Is regarded with nothing but complete awe by the Sohoku High School cycling team, often taking cycling trips with her. She has given them some tips to improve their bicycle riding in exchange for the pleasant company.
  • Rider is very protective towards Sakura Matou and would do everything in her power to assure her safety. In fact, even if certain deity are friends with Rider, if any of them would to ever harm Sakura, she wouldn't hesitate to kill them.
    • It's because of this very protective, minus the killing part, nature that she is really good friends with both Gardevoir and Gallade.
    • Sometimes Rider's protective nature gets the best of her; when Percy Jackson accidentally bumped into Sakura one day, Rider immediately transformed into her Gorgon form. It took Shirou and Sakura to calm her down and send the spooked demigod on his way.
  • When the Equestrian deities heard that Rider could summon the actual Pegasus, her child, they wanted to meet him. Unfortunately for them, she could only summon him by drawing blood. And when she slit her throat, the sight of the blood cause them to cringe and for Fluttershy to faint.
  • Tends to avoid using her full strength as too much would convert her to her more monstrous form.
    • Speaking of appearance, many are surprised that Rider is very sensitive about her height.
  • Often mistaken for a vampire. While Rider does drink blood, it mostly to regain some mana.
    • The mistake did made her become friends with Seras Victoria.
  • May or may not be giving Shirou Emiya erotic dreams about her and Sakura Matou.
  • Has a bit of a complicated relationship with the other Medusa. While Rider dislikes her because her action gives Gorgons a bad rap, she does feel sorry for being abuse by the Gods. The two also share their animosity towards Athena.
    • She however despises Medusa Gorgon for her treatment of Chrona.
    • On the other hand, she does get along well with Alice very well, both for their motifs and pasts.
  • Tries to avoid Kratos. It's because he did rip off the head of not only a Medusa, but also Euryale. And even though it wasn't her or her sister, she still steers clear of him.
  • Rarely stays in her child Lancer form (in which she insists to be referred to as Ana), because she ends up being overwhelmed with feelings of longing to see her older sisters again.

    Mina Tepes, Akira Kaburagi, and Yuki Saegusa 
Wilhelmina Vlad 'Mina' Tepes, Akira Kaburagi Rēgendorf, and Yuki Saegusa, the Divine Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle
  • If you still doubt there is a love trangle between them, you can look at it this way. Instead of Akira in the middle with Mina and Yuki, think of it as Mina loving both Akira and Yuki.
    • Why? Her relationship with her is only second to the one she has with Akira (and it just might be a separate-yet-equal thing). Mina has called Yuki her closest confidant after Akira, meaning that she trusts Yuki more than people she's known her entire life, and just slightly less than the man she loves. Mina has complimented Yuki's good looks on several occasions, and Yuki has been caught openly admiring Mina's adult form. She'd even risk an international incident just to spend time in the tub together with her in Yuki's apartment (though they all now share a "house" post-ascension). Yes, there was Skinship Grope involved. For her part, Yuki has a tendency to turn a lovely shade of red at all of these.
  • They distrust Rasputin, given that in their world, he's an alias of Lord Ivanovic, one of Mina's "suitors".
  • One ally they met during the negotiations was Rachel Alucard. Things were a bit tense at first due to Rachel abusing her familiars (though Gii deserves it for always prodding her Berserk Buttons and Nago seems to like taking pain) (though not Valkenhayn) and her snarky attitude, but having well-meaning intentions as well as everything she's done on behalf of the heroes in her world helped them see what she really is and a bond was forged.
  • Exclusive to Mina:
    • As an advocate for peace between vampires and humanity, Mina is naturally in the way of those who believe that vampires should keep asserting their superiority or are otherwise tyrannical towards humans and other "lesser races".
    • Mina's Bund has such unbelievable wealth that she can pay off Japan's entire national debt and still have more to spare.
      • The Lorenzo Corporation, a company in her Bund, developed "artificial blood" known as Stigma, which was how Mina has managed to sate the blood thirst of her kind, and lightblock gel to protect from sunlight. These commodities, of which she , don't come cheap, though, even if LC gas Instant Home Delivery services.
    • -something about (Remilia Scarlet)-
    • Due to her experiences with the Three Clans and their lords who serve as her official fiancés, Mina is adverse to Arranged Marriages. Given she's lost her mother to them (and who was possibly raped), she especially despises those like them. Oh, and calling her mother a whore is a very bad idea, as is harming Akira or Yuki, especially the latter (since the former can hold his own in a fight).
    • Having been a victim of an impostor plot before, she's made countermeasures against any repeats of that incident.
    • Has a small private cubbyhole that contains her true personal treasures; some old furniture, an antique gramaphone, a few other knicknacks, and many, many photos of Akira.
    • Her kind of vampires can't catch the same diseases humans do except for tooth decay. In fact, some of her kind even like drinking the blood of the diseased, because it alters the flavor.
  • Exclusive to Akira:
    • Thanks to his Beowulf Armor, Akira is no longer a Glass Cannon in the face of threats powerful enough to match his werewolf form.
    • Silver weaponry is the only thing that can really hurt him. Not even being impaled by a broken-off church steeple comes close, though that would apparently do more on Mina than him.
    • The easiest way to piss him off is to harm anybody he cares about. Even easier is to impersonate Mina.
    • Valkenhayn (servant to Rachel Alucard) has blessed Akira in his love for Mina and has even offered to train him some more if need be.
  • Exclusive to Yuki:
    • When she isn't tending to Akira or Mina's needs or attending at Elysium Academy with (or without) them, Yuki is often writing her novels and improving her writing skills, and thus sometimes visits the House of Narrative to polish up on that.
    • Her latest work is apparently a Boys' Love story, its protagonist based on Akira, and was apparently really good enough for Mina to personally translate it to Latin, have it published in the Bund, and even actively contribute to the writing process. Many heads were turned at this and she became a recognized potential writer as a result.
    • Is often (she does her damnedest to, at least) the one who make sure Mina and Akira talk to each other and not keep secrets that could be very dangerous when spilled at the wrong moment. This was because the impostor Mina exploited this tendency during her "reign" of the Bund, and doesn't want it to happen again.

    Mr. Scratch 
Mr. Scratch, God of Monsters Born From Negative Emotions (The Avatar of the Dark Presence, The Herald of Darkness, Alan Wake's Evil Doppelganger, A Psycho)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A bloody razor surrounded by darkness
  • Theme Song: The Happy Song
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Doing evil just for kicks, Not afraid to be the center of attention, Avatar of the Dark Presence, Doing evil things because it's so sweet, living embodiment of all the nasty rumors that have circulated about Alan Wake, causing a certain someone to do the same day over and over
  • Domains: Darkness, Shadows, Evil
  • Followers: The Dark Presence, The Taken
  • Allies: Satan (Castlevania), Nightmare Moon, Randall Flagg, Master Xehanort, Vanitas, Angus Bumby
  • Enemies: Alan Wake, J.K. Rowling, Tidus, all deities pertaining to light (including the sun and fire)
  • A few months after his appearance in the Pantheon, Alan Wake disappeared, and after searches failed to locate him, was declared dead. However, something strange began to happen: Alan's friends began to see him — or someone who looked like him — around the Pantheon. They could never catch him, but he would always appear again in the corner of their eye. Even stranger, every time a sighting occurred, someone in the Pantheon would go missing as well. Then one day, two years after Alan's disappearance, the sightings stopped.
  • Most people thought that was the last Alan would ever be seen… until he reappeared in his House, exhausted, wounded, and clutching a nail gun. Alan explained what had happened to him: an avatar of the Darkness that had taken the form of an evil duplicate of himself named Mr. Scratch trapped him in the Dark Place, forcing him to live an episode of Night Springs over and over again. He had only managed to escape by rewriting the script to destroy Mr. Scratch and bring back the people he had killed in the Pantheon. Unfortunately, Scratch somehow managed to survive, and unbeknownst to anyone else, took up residence in the House of Monsters. Thankfully, he could only keep hidden for so long before he was found out, but no one's yet found a way to destroy him for good.
  • Mr. Scratch's favorite hobby is killing people in cruel and sadistic ways. Some of his favorite tricks include the classic "bag over head" captive and seducing an unsuspecting woman, then slitting her throat while she's watching TV. With the numerous victims the Pantheon affords him, he's eager to try out a few new methods he's cooked up.
  • Trying to say his name leads to the speaker's voice being cut off by a burst of static.
  • He's not as vulnerable to light as the Taken, but a large enough burst will weaken him.
  • Mr. Scratch likes having fun with his victims... whether they want to or not.
  • He has a lot of opinions on what weapons will do the job when you're trying to kill someone. However, he prefers bladed weapons, saying that guns don't give you the chance to connect with people that knives do.
  • Mr. Scratch, like all the Dark Presence's minions, is stronger when he's in a dark environment, but he's infinitely more dangerous in the Dark Place, where he can alter reality on a whim.
  • He's stated that he prefers the real world to the Dark Place, saying that what with all the "big bastards" down there, anything he does won't have much of an impact.
  • Isn't fazed by Alan and other gods trying to take him down, claiming he has all the time in the world, or as he puts it:
    "There's no rush. After all... it's not a lake, it's an ocean. Oooohh!"
  • After getting fed up with Alan hogging the spotlight, Mr. Scratch decided to pop down to the Remedy offices and make the case for his starring role.
  • Likes to work with Xehanort and The Heartless, as he hopes Xehanort can help him bring the Dark Presence into reality; also has the same reasoning with working with Nightmare Moon and Vanitas, especially since Vanitas is a being of pure darkness as well and the progenitor of the Unversed, which are similar to Scratch's own Taken. Needless to say, the two get along terrifyingly well.
  • Is working along with Randall Flagg under Satan to help usher in The Dark Presence after helping Satan take The Great Will's throne.
    • He has an ulterior motive to working with Satan: he wants the demon to make him a real being; if he's separate from both Alan and the Dark Presence they can't hold him back anymore.

Silvally, God of Hybrid Monsters (The Synthetic Pokémon, Type: Full, Beast Killer)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Its memory discs
  • Theme Song: Battle! (Gladion) (shared with Gladion)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Gender: Genderless
  • Ability: RKS System
  • Moveset: Swords Dance, Toxic, Crunch, Multi-Attack
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz
  • Portfolio: Hybrid Monsters, Created for Versatility, Made as a Defence Against the Ultra Beasts, Cryogenically Preserved After Violently Rejecting the System for Which It Was Created, With Great Power Comes Great Insanity, Similarities to Arceus, Evolving at High Friendship, Becoming Faster by Destroying Its Helmet, Balanced Base Stats, Normal-type By Default, Capable of Becoming Any Other Type Through Its Memories, Confusion Fu, Multi-Attack
  • Domains: Hybrids, Beasts, Genetic Engineering, Elements, Friendship
  • Allies: Arceus, The Eeveelutions, Quetzalcoatl, Raiden, Fiora, Nero, Erik Brooks, Rutile, Omnimon, Bladewolf, Philip J. Fry, The Elric brothers
  • Rivals: Mewtwo, Red Genesect, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Enemies: The Ultra Beasts, The SCP Foundation, Jadis, Kaldr, Cell, The Night's King, Indominus Rex, Professor Hojo, The Xenomorph Drone, Doomsday, Esdeath, Father(FMA)
  • Opposes: Guzma, Mr. Freeze, The Ice King
  • Odd Friendship with: Kyurem
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Discord
  • This Silvally was once one of the only three specimens of Type: Null in existence. The three Synthetic Pokémon were created and engineered in the labs of Aether Paradise for the purpose of combating any of the extradimensional Ultra Beasts which the Aether Foundation had been studying, and each individual contains cells from all eighteen known Pokémon types in their genotype. Unfortunately, all of them rejected the RKS system which would allow them to make use of these types and, after being subdued with power-controlling helmets, were considered failures and kept in cryogenic stasis for what was intended to be all eternity.
  • One of the Type: Null was later rescued by the Aether President's son, and the two escaped together from Aether Paradise. The other two Type: Null were set free later on, with one of them joining another Pokémon trainer as a companion, while the other was kept under protection in the labs. After their escape, Gladion spent the next two years training the first Null to become strong enough to put down the Aether Foundation's unscrupulous methods and rescue Gladion's sister Lillie from their mother's abuse. Soon after succeeding in this endeavour, Null finally learned to trust its Trainer and evolved by destroying its helmet. Gladion then gave his partner the new name of Silvally.
  • Ascended to the Pantheon alongside Gladion, albeit in different houses. Due to its mistrust of people other than its Trainer, it was quickly observed to be violent and belligerent. After a small party of gods failed to pacify it, they met with Gladion and proposed to fit Silvally with another inhibiting helmet. Gladion protested against this, and soon convinced the gods he could begin training it to be calm around people other than himself.
  • The SCP Foundation considers Silvally as a subject to be contained, even in spite of being engineered to kill Ultra Beasts. Actually, that might be even more of a motivation to contain it; Silvally could help fight off and contain dangerous SCPs. Silvally has told them to leave it alone, it'll fight those off when it feels like it needs to.
  • It is rumored that Silvally is an attempt to replicate or create another Arceus. The Pokemon's restrain as Type: Null resembled Arceus' ring, and its ability is the RKS System that allows it to copy different types. Father of the Homunculi thinks so and wishes to alchemically experiment as part of his plan to achieve apotheosis. The Elric brothers were far more sympathetic to the chimera Pokemon, due to what they have experienced.
  • As Silvally was sealed away in cryogenic suspension back as a Type: Null, it has a deep-seated hatred of those who wish to bring about mass freezing and malevolent ice figures. There is a particular disgust towards Jadis due to how she likes to freeze people to make them statues.
  • Ironically Silvally likes Kyurem since it can understand the pain the Boundary Pokemon must feel as incomplete. Philip J Fry, having been frozen for a millennium and an animal lover, came to comfort the Pokemon. Also, while it doesn't want to be near them it doesn't have the hard feelings to the other cryomancers that it has to Mr Freeze or the Ice King
  • Has only contempt for the likes of Doomsday and Cell, and especially the Indomitus Rex. While it has an understanding of the latter's pain, it hates that they are artificial life-forms that revel in their own maliciousness and simply want to kill and destroy. Silvally is staying the hell away from Professor Hojo and will attack evil scientists that try to experiment on it
  • Naturally rivals with fellow "ultimate beings" Mewtwo and the Red Genesect, along with Shadow the Hedgehog. Of the three, Silvally has the most sympathy for Shadow due to how he was sealed away for 50 years.

    The Undertaker 
The Undertaker, God of Wrestling Monsters (The Demon of Death Valley, The Last Outlaw, Big Evil, The Phenom, The Deadman, The American Badass, The Punisher Born from Darkness, The Lord of Darkness, Mean Mark, Mark Callous, Mark William Calaway)
  • Intermediate God, but gains the power of an Greater God during WrestleMania.
  • Symbol: A stylized uppercase T with an x going through the bottom. Alternatively, a golden urn.
  • Theme Song: "Rest In Peace", "Dead Man Walking" or "Rollin'" during his American Badass days.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, though in the past has been Chaotic Good and even Lawful Evil.
  • Portfolio: Dark Is Not Evil, Our Zombies Are Different, Being Buried Alive and Coming Back From the Dead Afterwards, Unbroken Winning Streaks at Big Events until WrestleMania XXX.
  • Domains: Death, Darkness, Wrestling.
  • Herald: Michelle McCool (his wife)
  • Complicated Relationship: Kane (his brother)
  • Superior: Death
  • Allies: Mystery Inc. (long story), Gangrel, Eric Brooks/Blade
  • Rivals: Roman Reigns, Edge, John Cena, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family
  • Enemies: Shang Tsung, Shao Kahn
  • Worthy Opponents: Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley
  • Commonality Connection with: Akuma
  • Feared by: Brian Kendrick
  • His job is mainly to collect souls and bring them into the afterlife, thereby making them "Rest in Peace." He keeps these captured souls in an urn and draws strength from them when he needs it, though in its absence he learned to draw strength from his followers as well. As a minion of Death of the Endless, he was assigned to collect souls from the WWF in 1990 along with manager Paul Bearer (himself a necromancer), who he later had a falling out with.
  • He briefly broke away from Death's control at the end of 1999 (after he was defeated in a brief skirmish with a man who had escaped from Hell and his brother) and regained his mortality. At this point he relinquished his godhood but was still a Badass Normal. After he was killed in a Buried Alive match by his brother Kane in 2003, Paul Bearer managed to pull some strings and resurrect him, essentially regaining his old position in the Pantheon.
  • Kane has challenged him for this position many times, and in 2010 with the help of Paul Bearer, Kane almost succeeded by burying him alive. But, like the several previous times he was buried alive, he got better, and Kane's powers quickly decayed once again at the hands of Edge.
    • However, Kane has finally ascended into the Pantheon and is willing to fight his brother for this seat once again. On the days they do get along, they become the "Brothers of Destruction" and anyone who is their target gets to be a part of their 'brotherly bonding'.
  • Even though Kane is the devil's favorite demon, the devil still addresses Undertaker as "sir". This causes some people to believe that Undertaker is the most evil creature to ever walk the planet but simply visits that evil upon the damned and corrupt to make them rest in peace.
  • During the time of WrestleMania, The Undertaker is known to be nearly undefeatable against any force. Many gods of the Pantheon believe that defeating him during WrestleMania will elevate them to the status of Overdeity. But as each year had passed, as each Wrestlemania came and went, as each challenger stepped forward, mortals and gods alike, as every trick in the book (both fair and foul) was thrown at him, as close as victory neared itself towards Undertaker's opponent, the results has always remained the same: the challengers defeated by the Demon of Death Valley, only to add more fuel to his dark powers.
    • Until Wrestlemania XXX, where a man known as Brock Lesnar became the first man to beat the streak. It was said that when that happened, the Pantheon grew silent in disbelief and horror. Brock just asked whether that was enough to elevate him to Godhood.
    • Nowadays, Undertaker has semi-retired from wrestling in the mortal realm, and quietly spends the time in between Wrestlemanias in the House of Life and Death ushering souls into the afterlife. After three years of this, he would be defeated again…this time by Roman Reigns…in what is said to be his final match. He continues on his work in the House of Life and Death, looking oddly relieved despite the shocking end to both his tenure in the ring and his overall physical invincibility.
  • When the sun is suddenly blocked out (or if the lights go out in whatever building his target happens to be inside) as the gong is heard in the middle of the darkness, one can only expect the Deadman to appear once the lights come back and for him to unleash his wrath on any nearby target.
  • Undertaker was once aided by Chuck Norris in a Casket match against Yokozuna where his godhood was on the line. The relation between these two gods are still unknown after the battle.
  • Despite his rocky relationship with his former manager Paul Bearer, Undertaker was genuinely saddened when he died. CM Punk then called him out…by interrupting him as he paid tribute to Paul Bearer, and stealing the urn. Taker was not amused, going on to defeat Punk at Wrestlemania.
    • This had one positive in that Paul Bearer, for the first time ever, united Kane and the Undertaker rather than setting one against the other, as Kane too was not amused with Punk's actions.
  • Has recently resurrected Gentaro Kisaragi from death — or rather a "different version" of him. Many think that it's because he's trying to prevent the alternate universe that came about when Gentaro was resurrected and has been trying to hide this story from Ryusei (since Ryusei killing Gentaro was the catalyst that caused everything to happen) and the other Kamen Rider Club members.
  • Smiled to himself upon learning that Jeff Hardy was in the Pantheon. When asked why, he told that the two fought in a ladder match long ago where his godhood was on the line. Jeff pushed him to his limit, and almost won that match, but not before getting the Deadman's respect. The Undertaker waits for the day they get into the ring again just for that reason.
  • Despite his stance as God of Wrestling Monsters, Undertaker has some hilarious stories from his wrestling days. These include:
  • Shanoa once tried to attack him, mistaking him for a monster called "the Grave Digger".
  • Just like his brother Kane, Undertaker met up with Mystery Incorporated. Unlike Kane, Undertaker was friendlier to the group and the gang helped him fight off against the monster known as "The Speed Demon". It is also when many gods found out that Undertaker announced that he "likes puppets" and is working on something he calls "Undertaker's Puppet Jubilee".
    • This incident reached Uncle Howee's ears and now the Theater god is teaming with Undertaker so the Deadman can have the jubilee come to life. Many gods are praying Undertaker never learns how to make puppets similar to Uncle Howee. If he does, they're screwed.
  • The House of Gaming have been wary of him due to the fact that anytime he's in a videogame and fighting off against a wrestler, said wrestler winds up dead after the game is published. The Undertaker states that finding an answer to this phenomena will never come and it's best to not question it.
  • Turns out, no; Roman Reigns did not end Taker's career. He came back a year later and squashed John Cena in three minutes in response to Cena, in a desperate bid to be part of WrestleMania 34, casting aspersions on Taker's character for over a month.

Lesser Gods

    Bloody Mary 
Bloody Mary. Goddess of Mirror Using Monsters
Click here  to see her final form.
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Red Tattoos of her true form
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Loves fighting, the most psychotic Fable, Horrifies everyone, has shark-like teeth in her true form, loyalty to whoever seems the most fun, Psychotic Smirks, very fast and agile
  • Domains: Mirrors, Fighting, Killing, Evil, Fun, Silver
  • High Priest: Mirror Master
  • Followers: Saltim, SCP-125, Merloc
  • Allies: Diavolo, Juri Han, Bryan Fury, Cletus Kasady, B.B Hood, Mr. Scratch, Dr. Angus Bumby, Kun Lan, Terrorblade
  • Enemies: Bigby Wolf, Sam and Dean Winchester, Snow White, Bloody Marie
  • She can travel through mirrors to attack her victims. Her true form has a number of mirror shards stabbed into various parts of her body. Bloody Mary has an innate sense about being scryed by Magic Mirrors as well.
  • Due to her dealings with Bigby she has often one of the first to be called on to deal with werewolves as she always has with her a gun filled with silver.
  • Recently has went under the employ of The Passione Mafia under Diavolo, though she has not seen The Boss in person she always has fun messing with Doppio.
  • Has also had a fun time with Kasady as they both went on a spree after she wanted to be apart of Cletus's "Family".
  • is usually looking for a good fight and is the first to try and bring out the worst in people that have a dark side as she wants to see what sort of evil that can be.
  • Is also fond of working with Mr. Scratch though she is often annoyed at the fact that every time she tries to say his name some sort of scratching noise goes off.
  • Often works with Kun Lan, though watching him turn others into Heaven Smile amuses her she isn't happy with him trying to do it to her from time to time.
  • Is opposed by Bloody Marie, who hates the fact that their Name's the Same and she's a monster who kills for the mafia, while she's out for vengeance against the mafia. Mary, surprisingly, isn't eager to get on this one's bad side...

    The Brainspawn 
The Brainspawn, Divine Brain Monsters
  • Lesser Deities (The Big Brain is an Intermediate Deity)
  • Symbol: The Infosphere
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Brain Monster, A Millisecond Younger Than Time, Omnicidal Maniac, The True Villains of Futurama, Making People Stupid Because The Thoughts Of Others Hurt, Evil Is Hammy, Lotus-Eater Machine, Killing Dinosaurs
  • Domains: Knowledge, Destruction, Brains, Aliens
  • Followers: Doctor Wheelo, Hector Con Carne, The Brain Golem
  • Allies: Vril Dox, The Lich, Randall Ross, Doc Scratch
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Daleks
  • Rival: The Admins
  • Enemies: Fry, Nibbler, Bender and all other Futurama gods, Stewie Griffin, all dinosaur deities, Alakazam, Arael, Sosuke Aizen, Freddy Krueger, Doctor Zomboss, J'onn J'onnz (and telepaths in general)...and every other sentient being in existence
  • Lusts after: The House of Knowledge
  • When the Big Bang occurred, the Nibblonians had already existed for seventeen years. For the first millisecond of time things were OK, however afterwards the Brainspawn would emerge. They find the thoughts of others agonizing, and wish to eliminate it by destroying all sentient life. They do so by making people stupid, of which none are immune...none, that is, except Philip J Fry. Without a Delta Brainwave, they cannot affect him. It is for this reason why Fry was frozen, in order to put an end to their evil.
  • Being brains, they are compelled to learn everything they can. For a thousand years, the Big Brain has been the core of the Infosphere, a colossal Memory Bank meant to collect all information in the universe. Which they will destroy afterwards, to make sure no new information comes into being. Though Fry managed to trap them in a lifeless universe of no escape, the Big Brain and Infosphere are able to interact with the Trope Pantheon. They've promised not to try and destroy the universe in exchange for some freedom, though the Court of the Gods is keeping a close eye on them.
    • Outraged upon learning that Bender temporarily managed to make the universe his processor, achieving the omniscience they've spent eons searching for.
  • The Delta Brainwave exists in all animals, robots, and some plants. So what makes Fry so different? It's because by assuming Mildred wasn't his grandmother, he is his own grandfather. Given Stewie is his own ancestor, he may have a diluted Delta Brainwave and possible resistance. Or not. Neither Stewie or the Brainspawn are taking any chances. Billy is also immune, though only because it's physically impossible to make him less intelligent.
  • Once tried to use time travel, so they could convince Fry to stop his own freezing. It backfired, as Fry decided the future was worth living and took control of his own destiny, pushing himself in the freezer tube. Nowadays, they are working with Randall Ross to undo important points in history so as to destroy the universe. Such as trying to mess with Stewie Griffin.
  • Speculated to have played a part in the Idiot Ball's construction.
  • Pretty similar to Brainiac, as they're both obsessed with collecting all the knowledge in the universe and killing everyone. Vril Dox has noticed this similarity, and has taken them under his wing. He could make good use of the Idiot Ball against Superman
  • They pride themselves on knowledge, their Infosphere containing everything you need to know about their universe up until 3004. They have been busy trying to collect all the information of the Trope Pantheon universe before planning to blow it up. The continuous addition of new gods and redevelopment of houses is a thorn in their side as it makes this a Sisyphian task. Their Infosphere is still not as advanced as the Admins, who they consider a rival in the field of information.
  • In case the stupefaction ray isn't working, they can use nearby fictional works and trap their minds in them. This can backfire on the Brainspawn, with one of the Big Brains being trapped in a badly-written story by Fry. They are wary of those who can play mind games screwing with their perception, like Aizen and Freddy Krueger.
  • As they hate all life and want them dead, they have an alliance with the Daleks. Temporary of course, since "races we hate" include each other.
  • Contemptuous to telepaths. Normal thought screams at them, reading their minds is absolute torture. As are those who are exceedingly intelligent like Alakazam. They are terrified of Arael, being more vulnerable to Mind Rape than any other being. They'd rather die than get near Arael.
  • The Big Brain was apparently behind the death of the dinosaurs. A number of gods would state they're responsible, particularly the Lich. Given the Lich also seeks to kill everyone, the two have agreed on an alliance.
  • They've heard about Doc Scratch and have allied with him. He gives them as much knowledge as they want, and when they are satisfied, they destroy the universe for him-everybody wins! They're also working with the GUAD in hopes of destroying everything, so long as Nekron promises to give them ultimate knowledge right before the extinction of all life.
  • Being big floating brains, Doctor Zomboss was watering his mouth upon learning they had ascended. The Brainspawn tried to stupefy him, but it didn't help as he still hungered and took a big bite out of one of their members. They avoid the good doctor like the plague.

    The Dazzlings 
Adagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, and Aria Blaze, Godly Triumvirate of Sirens (The Dazzlings, The Sirens)
Left to right: Sonata Dusk, Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze.
Click here to see their Siren forms 
  • Lesser Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their red necklaces
  • Theme Song: Under Our Spell
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Sirens, Hatred, Music
  • Allies: Courtney Gears, Clockwerk and Neyla, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Lucifer
  • Rivals: Yuna
  • Enemies: All of the good Equestrian deities, The Equestria Girls, but none as much as Sunset Shimmer, Lightning Farron, The Dog, Hatsune Miku, the Mermaid Princesses, Squigly
  • It was a pleasant day in the Pantheon for many of the gods… until Lightning burst into the Main House with the Dazzlings in tow. Apparently, the Dazzlings had somehow slipped into the Pantheon and hypnotized the gods there into a trance-like state of hatred. After snapping the gods out of their hypnotized state, Lightning captured the trio and dragged them to the Main House to get them thrown out. This ended up backfiring when Melkor approved of their actions and offered them a place in the Pantheon as the Godly Triumvirate of Sirens.
    • Adagio later admitted that they actually did not need to hypnotize most of the gods and could have easily sustained themselves by feeding off the eternal hatred of some. When asked why they didn't do just that, she replied "the best meals are the ones you work for."
  • The Dazzlings spend much of their time in the House of Hatred, as they see the place as one big all-you-can-eat buffet.
  • The Dazzlings have found a kindred spirit in Courtney Gears, and have dubbed her the unofficial 'fourth Dazzling'.
    • In a similar vein to Courtney, the Dazzlings' actions have frustrated Yuna to the point of sparking a rivalry since she stages concerts to foster solidarity between people.
  • Hatsune Miku doesn't like them at all, due to evil usage of music, but she especially hates Aria, due to their similar hairstyles. The feeling is rather mutual.
    • Another enemy of theirs from the same House is Lucia Nanami, who is on the opposite end when it comes to "song effects" and moral use of it. Puzzlingly, instead of succumbing to hatred, Lucia is simply inflicted mental pain when the Dazzlings sing in her range. However, the same seems to apply the other way around, with Lucia's singing undoing the Dazzlings in addition to hurting them.
      • And then it got worse when Lucia was moved to another House... and ascended all of her heralds to join her. Now the opposition has been octupled.
    • They also have a rival bordering on enemy with Squigly, who carries a similar grudge. They, particularly Adagio, are more interested in exactly how an undead could hope to match their abilities. One fight/sing-off later, and even Aria had to agree she wasn't half-bad…for a walking corpse. They barely avoided getting burned by Leviathan's revenge attack as they made their escape.
  • The Dazzlings regularly taunt Sunset Shimmer, High Priestess of the Formerly Hated God, for being a mere High Priestess while they get to be goddesses. Luckily, said god, the Duck Hunt Dog, is always there to chase them off, usually followed by his annoying laugh as they run away from a barrage of cans, frisbees, and bullets.
    • They were not at all pleased to see Sunset Shimmer herself ascend properly. To make it worse, her ascension was followed by the Dog laughing at them for the entire day.
  • In a way, the Dazzlings have made their own jobs even harder on themselves. While the Pantheon collectively has even more magic than Equestria did, this magic also gives the gods a level of resistance or outright immunity to their siren song.
  • Lucifer approached the Dazzlings with an offer to join the GUAC; in exchange for being able to feed off of the strife that naturally follows in the wake of the conflict he spreads, they would act as his 'Performers', using their songs to drain the morale of his enemies. The Dazzlings took him up on his offer, joining the Morningstar Battalion and showing their worth in the next real battle against the GUAL. To say their presence on the battlefield was a resounding success is a severe understatement.

    Frankenstein's Monster 
Frankenstein's Monster, God of Artificial Monsters (The Creature, Adam, Frankenstein, Berserker of Black, Fran, Saber)
Berserker of Black 

    The Gremlins 
The Gremlinsmajor members
Some of the more prominent Gremlins; Top row from left to right: Gizmo, Stripe; Bottom Row: Mohawk, Brain
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Gizmo with the shadow of an evil gremlin behind him
  • Theme Music: Gremlins Theme; Gremlins 2 Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Gizmo); Chaotic Evil (Stripe/Mohawk); Neutral Evil (Brain); an insane shade of Chaotic Neutral (most other Gremlins)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Creatures, Havoc
  • Superior: Steven Spielberg
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Very Wary of:
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Hulk Hogan and John Wayne (both only when it comes to the more mischievous Gremlins)
  • Commonality Connection to: Harukasan of the Puchi Idols (mainly for Gizmo)
  • Gizmo the mogwai is an adorable, yet mysterious creature that comes with three important rules: don't let it near bright light, don't get it wet, and don't feed it after midnight. To put it bluntly, none of these directions were adhered to and a whole lot of additional problems resulted from it. While Gizmo is a cute and calm creature, none of the other gremlins that spawned from him fit that description. This chaotic batch of gremlins that resulted from Gizmo coming into contact with water have no interest in doing anything other than causing a whole lot of chaos, mischief, and just messing things up in general. Among other Gremlins besides Gizmo, there's the insane Stripe with his alternate form Mohawk, and the more-intelligent-than-normal Brain serving as more or less the leader of the Gremlins after Stripe became Mohawk.
  • A box was left somewhere in the Pantheon that Rena Ryuugu found one day. When she opened the box, she found a cute creature and appropriately enough, decided to take it home with her. Things were going fine for her and Gizmo until late at night, when the creature decided to roam around her place for a bit and accidentally fell into a faucet that had running water. Gizmo ended up spawning even more gremlins, ones that were more hideous and mischievous than that of Gizmo and started wrecking the place up. Rena woke up as a result of the ruckus and was shocked to discover what she was witnessing. Some deities heard the noise and came over with bright lights, killing some of the Gremlins in the process. Rena held Gizmo after the commotion and was told that she can't keep him since he could create problems if not handled properly and that some of the evil Gremlins are running around the Pantheon. That said, Rena seems willing to visit Gizmo if possible even if she knows about the danger he has.
  • Besides the significant three Gremlins in Gizmo, Stripe/Mohawk, and Brain, there are some Gremlins who are named for some strange trait, but aren't as prominent compared to the aforementioned three. Daffy, George, and Lenny are three Gremlins that are usually seen with each other, with George being more level-headed compared to the other two, Lenny being fairly dumb, and Daffy being every bit as manic as his name would suggest. Greta is another Gremlin with name, albeit a male Gremlin that got turned into a woman as a result of a serum that swaps genders.
  • Whatever mogwai spawn from Gizmo will end up becoming Gremlins should they eat something after midnight. Knowing the kind of chaos that will unfold should it happen, the House of Food (and anyone in charge of a restaurant or having a kitchen in their temple by extension) made it a point to limit access to food-based places at that time-frame to try and prevent more Gremlins from being made. This hasn't prevented some idiots from feeding these creatures late at night against the warnings of others.
  • The House of Theater has often been subject to the Gremlins' chaos, though it only takes about an hour or two depending on how many Gremlins are there in order to get the mayhem to subside, with Hulk Hogan or John Wayne sometimes getting involved based on past experience. Some of their favorite activities there include intruding on movie screenings by replacing a currently-playing film with something else (Snow White and the Seven Dwarves is a film they like putting on for some reason) and at times, Brain Gremlin intrudes on TV interview programs to talk about how things are coming along for him and his Gremlin pack.
  • Plenty of effort has been made to make sure the Gremlins don't cause a ruckus in the House of Science out of concern that the serums produced there will get consumed by the creatures and cause more problems that result from it. The efforts haven't entirely been successful, but the Gremlins haven't really tried out the more dangerous serums in that place for the time being. Much of the concern arises from the possibility of another intelligent Gremlin akin to Brain being made or another Gremlin whose sadism equals that of Mohawk in addition to the serums that could grant additional power, but cause the Gremlins be even more insane than they already are. The biggest concern about all of this is that the Gremlins may end up finding some sort of serum that would render them immune to bright light, a goal that Brain has been going after for some time.
    • It isn't just the various serums in the House of Science that others are concerned about; there's a handful of deadly viruses and serums locked away in Maximum Security that many don't want the Gremlins to go after. The possibility of Gremlins (especially if it's Stripe/Mohawk) getting infected by the G-Virus or something that is just as deadly as that is something many don't want to think about, but are still preparing if worse somehow comes to worst.
  • Exposing Gremlins to bright light will destroy them, a fact that many deities have taken advantage of. Many of the Gremlins have avoided deities capable of summoning bright light, with Bright Man being someone they want to avoid as much as possible. Bright Man actually doesn't mind being used to stop the Gremlins from causing problems, though things are bound to be more problematic for him if water ends up getting involved.
  • What surprised plenty of deities is just how similar Harukasan of the Puchi Idols is to the Gremlins overall, especially taking into consideration just how manic her behavior is. Like the Gremlins, she multiplies when wet, hates sunlight, and creates more problems than before if fed after midnight. Gizmo was equally surprised that Harukasan didn't see it as much of a problem compared to his ordeal, but then again, the Puchi Idols are more playful in a friendly way compared to the devious Gremlins by default.
  • Many people believe that a typical gremlin would try to tear apart or hang around an aircraft carrier just to cause mischief. While those particular gremlins aren't seen often around airplanes and similar machinery, it's clear that they have the capacity to destroy such items. It's become a source of concern for those who use aircraft to get around.
  • Seeing as how the many crazy Gremlins are created as a result of Gizmo touching water, more than a few deities have wondered if killing Gizmo entirely will solve the Gremlin problem. There's another subset who believes that there is a way to prevent more insane Gremlins from being created without killing Gizmo, but so far, conversations related to most of these ideas haven't gotten anywhere.
  • Besides just being a cute critter, Gizmo is the mogwai that ends up spawing a bunch of other Gremlins if he comes into contact with water. He is very well-aware of what he could cause and doesn't like the other Gremlins at all. When push comes to shove, he'll fight back against the other Gremlins to get rid of least for the time being until the cycle repeats itself via a splash of water.
    • After getting abused one too many times, Gizmo opted to imitate Rambo in order to fight back against the cruel Gremlins. When the actual Rambo heard about this, he was a bit surprised that someone as small and strange as Gizmo would try to imitate him, but ultimately didn't have any real issue with it, especially since Gizmo needed to fight back during that time.
    • Gizmo found out about others who retaliated against former abusers by wandering around the Pantheon and eavesdropping on certain conversations. He was actually mortified with what Sakura Matou had to go through, seeing it as even worse than what he had to go endure. She understood Gizmo's situation and was willing to be friends with him, though their visits don't happen too often.
      • While the Hyenas did get some payback at their former boss Scar over getting blamed for something, Gizmo just doesn't want to hang out with the three, seeing them as a bit too similar to the other Gremlins when it comes to behavior. It doesn't help that whenever the trio gets bored, they sometimes aren't above trying to get near Gizmo and make him their temporary plaything and putting Gizmo in precarious situations before getting driven out by someone else.
  • Many of the Gremlins that result from Gizmo are much more troublesome than he is, but Stripe is the most actively malicious of them all. He's more than willing to kill others and has the capacity to torture Gizmo. After drinking a strange chemical, Stripe became Mohawk, who is far more vicious than Stripe could ever be, but is more focused on causing misery to Gizmo and more of a lone wolf compared to the other Gremlins.
    • As a cartoony creature with an insane demeanor that loves to inflict pain and misery onto others, Stripe got the attention of both the Toon Patrol and Dag and ended up joining them in their escapades. Stripe enjoys their company whenever he isn't hanging out with the other mean Gremlins and sometimes plays cards with these menaces in their spare time.
  • The appropriately-named Brain Gremlin came to be after a normal Gremlin guzzled down a brain hormone serum that made him more intelligent and able to speak, effectively made him the new leader of the Gremlins. Even if he's the leader of a group of amoral and mischievous monsters and has that same mindset (though not as crazy and sadistic as Stripe/Mohawk), he's actually a well-spoken creature who seems to enjoy the higher parts of human culture.
    • Brain was curious to see if there were others within the Pantheon that had their intelligence grow as a result of a serum of some kind. This led him to learn about Lucy Miller, a human who unlocked her full potential as a result of some drugs known as CPH4. He was actually frightened of just how capable she is as a result of the drugs, with her intelligence and abilities far surpassing that of regular humans and Gremlins. Brain is a bit curious as to whether or not the drugs Lucy had can affect the Gremlins as well, though he's not risking getting on her bad side.
    • He ended up encountering Zinyak while going around to see if there was anyone who enjoyed high culture. Brain was very surprised to learn that Zinyak kidnapped several influential historical figures to preserve them in addition to being a fan of the classics such as Shakespeare. Brain did tell Zinyak that he wanted the Gremlins to be civilized in addition to whatever mayhem they're causing, of which the alien did give a few pointers to Brain on making sure the Gremlins can understand and appreciate the finer parts of Earth culture. Of course, destroying Earth is something that Brain has no intention of doing at any point.
    • Alex DeLarge is someone whom Brain is very hesitant to talk about regularly. On one hand, he does admire the fact that DeLarge is a fan of classical work. On the other, DeLarge's behavior and actions make what Stipe/Mohawk has done look tame in comparison and most of the Gremlins are just out there causing mischief instead of outright carnage. Brain has made it clear that he and the rest of the Gremlins won't be at DeLarge's level when it comes to violence and mayhem.

    The Kaernk 
The Kaernk, Deity of Invisible Monsters (The Water Monster, Lurky)
The Kaernk making splashes
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: A pile of limbs and fresh meat
  • Theme Song: Kaernk Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Elite Mooks, Invincible Minor Minion, Invisibility
  • Domains: Monsters, Water, Eating, Horror, Invisibility
  • Allies: The Gatherers, Spooky, Dr. Griffin, The Kraken, Bruce, SCP-169
  • Enemies: The Houses of Water & Moisture and Aquatic Life (Particularly Ecco the Dolphin), Scarface
  • The Kaernk is an aquatic creature with a ferocious appetite and a terrifying presence. It's invisible to the naked eye, so few people are actually able to see it and has a preference from consuming meat, particularly that of humans. It was originally found at the flooded halls of Brennenburg Castle, where it proceeded to chase after whoever wandered into their vicinity. Its ascension occured when a few mangled bodies where found on the house of Aquatic Life but no culprit in sight, until someone discovered that an unseen creature was behind the attacks. Nowadays it resides in a temple where it's a giant dark flooded corridor where it tends to eat the fresh meat provided to eat and also any wanderer that dares enter its temple.
  • Since it's closer to an aggressive predator rather than an actual monster, the Kaernk is more manageable than the other creatures found in the same universe. Infamously known as the Water Monster, the Kaernk is often considered the scarier than the Gatherers for the simple reason that you can't see him coming and has made some people be terrified of water.
  • While no one has been able to decipher how he looks, some people have discovered that the Kaernk resembles an eldritch dolphin, something that Ecco the Dolphin found concerning.
  • Its relationship with the Gatherers is neutral at best but they remain alliance in a sense. However, the Kaernk is known to have eaten the remains of mauled grunts before so it's not picky if they happen to be the only thing that's around to eat.
  • Spooky has heard great things about the Kaernk, although she knows it better as the Water Monster. She has a specimen who behaves like it, Specimen 13 better known as the Siren and has tried to get the Kaernk to become another of her Mansion's dozens of monsters that roam the halls. Of course, that proved a challenge considered the pantheon authorities have limited her involvement with other mosnters but relocating the Kaernk wasn't that much difficult for her. She however, finds it hard to have the Siren and the Kaernk to cooperate.
  • Given its Invisibility, the common deities find it hard to see outside of the splash it makes. Thanks to the advanced methods that the higher ups in the pantheon has access to, deities who can use X-Ray Vision or have Super Senses are often tasked to deal with the Kaernk whenever it breaks loose from its containment zone, although given the lack of large bodies of water in most of the pantheon temples, this is rarely an issue.
    • The deity who tends to go after the creature the most is Scarface. The Yautja are very proficient at hunting and he considers the creature worthy of a good hunt, even if at the end the Kaernk proves to be no challenge for him.
  • Dr. Griffin took a liking to the Kaernk since it can appreaciate the invisibility of the creature and he himself has been interesting in studying. Given the animalistic behavior of the monster, Griffin hasn't really become friends with it but the Kaernk is unusually chummy with the Invisible Man.
  • Given it's aquatic nature, it was a matter of time before the monster interacted with others of its kind. Most of said deities detest it, the more evil ones either tolerate him or brush it off as a annoying creature. Then there is the Kraken and SCP-169, whose sheer size intimidates the invisible monster to the point that are probably the few aquatic creatures the Kaernk won't bother attacking, the same goes for the Ancient Ones such as Cthulhu.
    • Also has some begrudging respect for Bruce given his sheer hunger and vicious nature, which resemble the one of the Water Monster but it's a lot more effective at killing anyone that approaches his vicinity.
  • Hates barrels and boxes, most deities that enter its temple can simply avoid it by standing in one of them and avoiding contact with the water. The Kaernk can also be killed by it since the creature is small enough that a simple wooden box can kill it.
  • There are a few variants of Kaernk that are bigger and move a lot faster. The pantheon version is a regular one but it is said that the bigger version are more vicious and dangerous.
  • Can also be found in the House of Disguises.

    Ken Kaneki 
Ken Kaneki, God of Ghouls (Eyepatch, One-eyed Ghoul, Centipede, Haise Sasaki (formerly), the One-Eyed King, the Black Reaper, Dragon)

    Mike and Sulley 
Mike Wazowski and James P. "Sulley" Sullivan, Co-Gods of Benevolent Monsters
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol:
    • Mike: His eyeball
    • Sulley: His shape
  • Theme Song: "If I Didn't Have You"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Monsters, Teamwork, Scaring, Laughter
  • Herald: Boo
  • Followers: The Boxtrolls
  • Allies: The Cast of Toy Story, Carl Fredricksen, Merida, WALL-E and EVE, The Parr Family, All good-aligned monsters from Undertale, The Human Child, E.T, Fred Flintstone, Thrall, Shrek, The Beast, Philip J Fry, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Jak, Daxter
  • Enemies: Randall, Flowey, Vanitas, Bill Cipher
  • Pities: ''Indominus Rex''
  • Opposes/Respects: The Bogeyman
  • Initially ascended following a recent report on how they went from expelled University students to reviving Monsters Inc. with the power of laughter. The title they used to hold originally belonged to Jak and Daxter prior to "Project: Alternate!Gentaro", but the destruction of their temple forced them to move to the House of Narrative.
    • That is until they decided that they found more suitable title for them to take for their followers. The way they managed to convert their entire operation from using fear to laughter for fuel gave them the idea of leading other friendly monsters into the fold. As for their previous position, they hope to find a more suitable candidate in the near future.
  • Mike is often seen doing his normal comedy routes. Most of the jokes are dismissed, but using physical humor will almost guarantee laughter.
  • The two are best known in the pantheon for their cheap musical Put That Thing Back Where It Came From or So Help Me. In fact, the first performance of that show following their ascension was even sold out. Of course, it's mainly seen by most gods as being So Bad, It's Good.
  • Made allies with various other gods who came from the same creator. Together, they form a committee, seeking out more of their kind to ascend.
    • The exception, of course, is their old rival Randall Boggs, who still wants to beat the duo in some way.
  • They were glad to see a multitude of friendly monsters from a certain world. They have been particularly fond of the Human child, who they can't help but remind the two of Boo.
    • However, there is one monster they absolutely loath: Flowey the Flower. Even when Flowey initially helped out the Child, he was cruel and manipulative. Even if there's a version of him that redeemed himself in the Pacifist ending, they still refuse to give him a benefit of a doubt.
    • They are highly against the Bogeyman because of his continuous stalking of children in their bedroom. At best it's a malicious variation of what Monsters Inc was doing wrong. Even so, they feel like they have to respect him as an extremely influential figure in monster history.
  • Though possibly not a monster, Bill Cipher received a cold welcome from the two as well. After trying to get cozy with Mike over having one eye, he attempted to make a deal to create a permanent power source for their world. Fortunately they were well aware of the way he does business with his partners and rejected the deal. That hasn't stopped the being from constantly bugging them.
  • They took an unusually sympathetic take on Indominus Rex. While most see the creature as a monster, they take pity for the creature's horrible living conditions, not to mention the fact that humans created the hybrid for profit. All attempts for diplomacy has proved unsuccessful so far.
  • The two played a hand in ascending E.T. the extraterrestrial. While not a monster per-say, he does get labeled as such at times. The alien also helps bring about laughter to power the monsters' homeland.
  • Sulley has compared their relationship with Fred Flintstone and his herald Barney. They may have their disagreements, but things always work out in the end.
  • To many, orcs would be considered monsters as well. Many would be surprised to find a deity for more cultured kind. That was the couple's reaction when they found out about Thrall. The trio became quick friends after their initial meeting. They hope to further educate the public of the existence of beings like them.
  • The Beast was pleased with their new position, hoping it would create a greater understanding for people of his kind.
  • As much as he tries to distance himself from Mike and Sulley (given their rivalry it's understandable), even Shrek thinks the change in positions isn't a bad idea. He just hopes they won't count on him to make a strong case for him.
  • The two have been met recently with Philip Fry. The God of Grandfathering Paradoxes hoped to get their help in ascending his good friend Leela. While aliens are outside their jurisdiction, Sulley reassured him they would do their best to help him out.
  • Vanitas quickly made enemies with the two after he invaded Monstropolis with his Unversed. Fortunately, Sully and Mike managed to drive him out in the most glorious and humiliating fashion imaginable. Many were impressed with this display to the point where there are questions if Sully could actually be a keyblade wielder. Vanitas' pride has still yet to recover.

    The Monster Girls 
Miia, Papi, Centorea, Suu, Meroune, Rachnera, and Lala, Goddesses of Attractive Female Monsters
Clockwise starting from the top: Rachnera, Suu, Papi, Miia, Centorea, Mero
And Lala 
  • Lesser Goddesses (Suu can ascend depending what type of liquid she absorbs)
  • Symbols: A red "D"-hair accessory (Miia), a blue feather (Papi), a yellow horseshoe (Centorea), a green slime droplet (Suu), pink "head fin" (Mero), a purple spider web (Rachnera) and a black scythe (Lala)
  • Theme Song: Highest Speed Fall In Love
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (Centorea), Neutral Good (Miia, Papi, Suu, Mero), Chaotic Good (Rachnera), True Neutral (Lala)
  • Portfolio: Interspecies Romance, Fanservice, named after their own species
  • Allies: Kimihito Kurusu, Kraft and Holo, Mordin Solus, Latias, Squigly, Luka, Dante, Alice, (for Miia), Arturia and Ventari (for Centorea), Celty Sturluson (for Lala)
  • Enemies: ZEX, Ariel (for Mero initially), Melona (for Suu), Indiana Jones (for Miia) (one sided)
  • Fangirl for: Solid Snake and Big Boss (for Miia)
  • Considered on some level to be the Good Counterparts to ZEX, or at least the "less squicky" counterparts. They give their blessings to those who wish for a meaningful relationship outside their species.
  • Ascended when sales of their manga managed to beat out Bleach and Attack on Titan on the New York Times Best-Sellers list. Ichigo and Eren were quoted as saying: "What the...but that...there's no way in...HOW?!?"
    • The last of the Monster Girls to join (so far) is the Dullahan, Lala, but not many noticed her arrival since she lack presence.
  • Miia spends a lot of time taking courses from Mordin, hoping to pick up some...tricks for "Darling" and her to try when next she sees him. Whether "Darling" will take her up on her offers or not when the time comes remains to be seen.
  • Miia is prohibited from cooking in the House of Foods as many of the gods found out the hard way that her cooking is so bad that the very smell knocked out many of the gods.
  • Indiana Jones instantly freaks out upon seeing Miia for the first time, for obvious reasons.
  • Mero began hyperventilating when she met Sayaka Miki, to the point she actually passed out. When she regained consciousness, the mermaid practically BEGGED Sayaka for her autograph. The confused and unnerved magical girl complied, and Mero passed out again from sheer joy.
  • Centorea spends a lot of time in the House of Combat, honing her sword skills so that she can better protect "Master". She virtually hero-worships Arturia.
  • Despite their similar natures, Papi is understandably scared of Taokaka.
  • All of them greatly respect Luka, whose scent attracts monster girls like them like flies to him, yet he refuses to use it willing and prefers to even suppress it thanks to previous experiences and would never try to seduce any of them. Miia and Suu get along with him best though, since they remind him of his comrades Alice and Erubetie. Still, they respect his wishes to try and minimize contact with each other. Also they don't want to cheat on their Darling/Hubby/Boss/Master/Sir/Beloved/Honey.
    • When his wife Alice finally ascended, she was impressed by their dedication to Kimihito and decided to ally herself with them, being the closest to Miia. She has supposedly been considering training them into even more powerful well as more effective lovers.
    • They also all like Squigly after she made it clear she had no romantic interest in Kimihito. Most of them compare her somewhat to a much more lady-like Zombina, as hard as the image is for them to comprehend. Still, none of that has stopped them from at least mock-teasing her.
  • Meroune reserves a blazing hatred for Ariel, who she claims butchered her favorite fairy tale. The Little Mermaid was a TRAGEDY, dammit! Although she HAS been heard humming Les Poissons now and then, and while she thoroughly enjoys the surface world, she admits "Under The Sea" is VERY catchy.
    • With her recent realization that a tragic romance may not be as fun as she expected, she's been trying to muster the courage to apologize to Ariel for treating her so badly.
  • Suu and Melona don't get along well at all: Melona had chosen Papi for her latest round of teasing, and Suu took...exception. Melona's attempt to dissolve Papi's outfit backfired spectacularly (and literally) when Suu jumped in the way, absorbing the acid and firing it right back.
  • While Lala leaves little presence to the rest of the Pantheon, Celty is one of the few deities that she is friend with. The fact that they are both Dullahans may help. Though Lala has been trying out her bike since she doesn't have a steed at the moment.
  • Dante has been hired to help Kimihito Kurusu and protect the Monster Girls from potential troubles. While at first he was hesitant and wanted everyone to believe it was only for the payment, Dante eventually warmed up to them and made friends with both Kimihito himself and with all of the girls. Likewise, at first the Monster Girls were scared and untrustful towards the demon slayer, but soon enough befriended him and came to accept his demonic heritage after seeing his good side as he helped them several times (being the son of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda probably helped). Nowadays he hangs around them, shares a place over dinner and helps out whenever needed, though he refuses to partake in any of the more humiliating tasks.
    • Feels mutually uneasy around Rachnera, Suu and Lala due to them reminding him of some of his past enemies, though eventually they learned to respect each other and are on good terms. Meroune Lorelei and Centorea Shianus feel sympathy towards Dante due to having a tragic past and for Centorea due to being a fellow Half-Human Hybrid. The latter also challenged Dante to a duel, but was quickly defeated effortlesly without being harmed at all. Dante told Cerea his demon blood gives him an unfair advantage, but assures he will never hurt her due to being a friend and making a promise he will protect them. While a bit ashamed and envious, Centorea values Dante as an ally, a fellow non-human and a superior swordsman even to this day.
    • Out of all the girls Miia seems to be treating him the best (possibly due to being a red-skinned, yellow-eyed reptillian humanoid in his Devil Trigger form), something which has earned her the half-devil's friendship. However she also acts slightly weird and shy, making everyone think she has feelings of attraction towards Dante. Miia obviously denies this and says she will never cheat on her Darling. Despite this, all the Gods and Goddesses have seen that she is happier when Dante is around her and sadder when he is away on his demon-hunting duties.
  • They were overjoyed at their Darling/Hubby/Master/Beloved/Honey had ascended, and they all went to greet him. Unfortunately for them, they went overboard and nearly killed him as per usual.

    The Monsters (Monsters vs Aliens
The Monstersmembers , Avatars of Monster Team-Ups (Susan Murphy: Ginormica; Dr. Cockroach: Doc; B.O.B.: Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate; Missing Link: Link; Insectosaurus: Insecto, Butterflysaurus)
Insectosaurus in the background, Susan in the middle with Dr. Cockroach on her arm, and B.O.B. and Missing Link in the front
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: The Monsters Vs. Aliens logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Monsters, Heroism
  • Herald: General Warren R. Monger
  • Allies: Godzilla (most of the time), Mothra Leo
  • Rivals: Rampage Wrecking Crew
  • Enemies: Black Doom, Marvin the Martian, Martians (Mars Attacks), The Harvesters, Mars People, Dr. Hamsterviel, SpaceGodzilla, Gigan, The Combine, Wallace Breen, ADVENT, Them!
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Zim
  • Wary of: Nancy Archer, The Blob, The Invisible Man, The SCP Foundation
  • When the Earth is under attack by dangerous aliens, it's up to a team of misfit monsters discovered by the U.S. government to fight back and stop the incoming doom. Their members consist of a forty-nine foot eleven-and-a-half inch giant woman named Ginormica (real name Susan Murphy), a half-man half-cockroach scientist fittingly named Dr. Cockroach, a blue blob called B.O.B., a massive insect dubbed Insectosaurus, and a fish-person referred to as The Missing Link. All of them are based on pre-existing iconic movie monsters, but unlike their inspirations, this team of monsters are on the side of good as one might guess.
  • Chaos would befall the Pantheon yet again when the giant ants known as Them! attacked once more. This time, their numbers included a number of ants affected by various kinds of nuclear radiation. As various deities were prepared to combat this menace again, they received some additional help in combating these giant ants. More specifically, five monsters, all similar to old movie monsters in some way, helped out in stopping the ants' swarm. After it was settled, the five talked to other deities about staying in the Pantheon in order to stop other threats, be it giant or alien. The request was accepted and the five have since joined others in fighting aliens and monsters that threaten the Pantheon.
  • All of them were surprised to see the original movie monsters that inspired them present in the Pantheon. Despite a handful of attempts to try and get to know their inspirations better, it mostly didn't work out due to the originals having some sense of unpredictability that could cause a good amount of damage or just not wanting to really meet up with anyone in general.
    • Susan and her friends found out about Nancy Archer from a few deities who had witnessed the latter in action. Given how temperamental Nancy can be, there's quite a bit of bad blood between her and Susan, and a fight even broke out between the two at some point. Susan later learned that Nancy also had troubles with a guy and later stood up to him, albeit in a more deadly manner. The team were also told that were a few deities that have been hanging out with Nancy in the hopes of improving her behavior. Progress on that front has been a bit slow, so the team (especially Susan) are still making sure Nancy doesn't get out of hand.
    • Eager to meet up with another sentient blob, B.O.B wanted to try and meet up with what was only known as The Blob. The Blob's insatiable appetite and the ditziness of B.O.B. caused some problems and the rest of the team had to get B.O.B. away from The Blob before things could get worse.
    • The Missing Link was curious about Gill-Man, especially after learning about how the latter is supposedly "the missing link" between man and fish. After coming across the Gill-Man, The Missing Link attempted to talk to him and even strike up a friendship with him. The attempt didn't go well as the Gill-Man wanted to be left alone and forced The Missing Link out of the Gill-Man's lagoon.
    • Of the various monsters that inspired the crew, the only one that the team got along with pretty well is Mothra Leo, even if it isn't the original Mothra. All the members of the team, Insectosaurus in particular, are impressed with what Mothra Leo is capable of and are fond of his goals and dedication to protecting Earth.
  • It didn't take the group that long before they encountered Godzilla, a giant monster whom many have talked about thanks to his power and notability. They've also witnessed together a fight between Godzilla and Gigan during a mission with Mothra Leo. Once that ended, they learned that Godzilla can cause plenty of destruction, but for the most part, he's fighting to keep the natural order in check. Overall, the team respects Godzilla for the most part, but if the King of the Monsters does get out of control, they're going to have difficulties fighting him. Mothra Leo is willing to help them out if such a scenario does happen.
    • A later assignment took a turn for the worse when Spacegodzilla suddenly showed up and Susan's team had a lot of trouble trying to take it down. It wasn't until Godzilla showed up and took down Spacegodzilla that things began to settle down. Following that incident, Susan and her team learned that there were other giant monsters out there in addition to what they encountered that could pose a significant risk to others. It didn't help that Spacegodzilla was also an alien and one that was worse than what Susan and co. had been used to.
  • They have gotten into a lot of trouble with the Rampage Wrecking Crew several times as a result of the trio's chaotic and unpredictable nature. Ginormica and Insectosaurus are primarily the ones who are sent to fight them whenever the three are causing destruction towards others and each other. Susan in particular is concerned about the three after learning that they were originally humans exposed to radiation and that there really isn't much in the way of reverting the monsters to regular humans instead of just beating them up. There was also concerns about a chemical that causes increased size and rage having some involvement with the Rampage Wrecking Crew and the team is worried about a similar substance being made for additional enemies.
  • Having been involved with the U.S. government for a while, the team has been wondering if there were other secret organizations that kept similar beings such as themselves for whatever reason. That was when they were told about The SCP Foundation, an organization dedicated to studying unusual phenomena not just related to beings, but also locations and just weird events in general. Unlike the mostly benevolent U.S. government that Susan and her friends worked with, The SCP Foundation's goals aren't that clear-cut and some members within that particular group are morally ambiguous to the point of having their own goals separate from the Foundation. Susan and her friends don't want much, if any, involvement from The SCP Foundation as they're very worried about what could happen if they got involved with them.
  • Susan and her team quickly learned that there were a multitude of aliens present in the Pantheon and that a good number of them intend to threaten it to some degree. While some of these aliens were about as threatening as Gallaxhar was and only a few of them were less threatening than him, there were some that are even more dangerous than Gallaxhar could ever be.
    • After spending a bit of time looking through several aliens and what they're capable of, it became clear that there were aliens that can cause destruction greater than that of Gallaxhar. Of these aliens, Black Doom, The Harvesters, ADVENT, and the Mars People are among those that Susan and co. are afraid of, simply because those aliens don't pull any punches when it comes to their goals and what they are capable of.
      • What was even worse than those threatening aliens was that there were a few humans such as Wallace Breen who was willing to ally themselves with dangerous aliens such as The Combine. It's clear that not only are Susan and her friends not used to such a thing, but that potentially trying to stop those traitors is going to require more than just their current abilities.
    • Marvin the Martian and Dr. Hamsterviel are two aliens that Susan and her friends see as a bit similar to Gallaxhar in terms of attitude. Although Hamsterviel isn't a huge threat compared to many other aliens, the fact that he funded a project that created a bunch of aliens and is willing to continue this in the Pantheon with the help of others such as Marvin has made Susan and co. keep an eye on them in case a plan of their comes to fruition.
    • Even if many of the antagonistic aliens are something that the team takes seriously, even they have a hard time accepting Zim as a legitimate threat compared to other aliens. While Susan and co. have had a few fights against Zim (and they have acknowledged that Zim could be a threat if he tried hard enough), they generally don't see him as that big of a problem, even compared to Gallaxhar. This only prompted Zim to try and step up his game, though he hasn't been completely successful in that regard thanks to Susan and co., among other things.
  • One of the team's former members was apparently a version of The Invisible Man. At first they wanted to "meet" up with him, but they later got additional information about his true nature from other deities. They, Susan especially, are really wary about him after getting that information considering that things could get awkward if someone who had the same name as a former member of the team ended up causing problems for the group.
  • Susan Murphy was just a regular girl about to marry a new reporter, but her life would never be the same after coming into contact with a radioactive meteorite, causing her to grow to massive size and turning her hair white as a result. Now given the moniker Ginormica by the U.S. government, she encounters other unusual monsters and while helping them stop an alien threat, Susan manages to gain some confidence and accept her newfound life along the way.
    • Following Gallaxhar's defeat and her team's subsequent adventures, Susan became capable of shifting between giant size and normal human size. When it comes to the Pantheon, she is usually seen the size of a regular human whenever she isn't in action. Whenever she is working with her friends in combating some sort of threat, Susan will switch into giant mode and fight back.
    • After learning about another giantess named Diane roaming around the Pantheon, Susan wanted to meet up with her and see how similar and different they are to each other. When the time came for the meeting, Susan was surprised that Diane was shorter in size compared to her and Nancy. Regardless, Susan got along with Diane easily after learning that the latter is also involved with a team that battles strange threats, though in a much different matter. Diane also mentioned that she met Nancy previously and that she is trying to help Nancy out in trying to use her powers for good. Susan has considered Diane's help, and Diane is hopeful that it means burying the hatchet between Susan and Nancy at some point.
  • Dr. Herbert Cockroach is a brilliant, if a bit insane, scientist that turned himself into a cockroach during an experiment. Befitting his last name, he has a giant cockroach head and his body overall is size of such an insect, but is able to climb up walls and can endure plenty of physical damage.
    • Wanting to meet up with other inventors and scientists, Dr. Cockroach decided to visit the House of Science since that would be where others like him visit. While it wouldn't take him that long to meet up with other benevolent inventors, it would take him an equally short time for him to find out that there's other inventors and scientists that want to use their inventions to harm others. Dr. Cockroach is willing to help out friendly inventors in trying to prevent villainous ones from trying to have their way whenever he isn't with his monster friends.
  • The full name for B.O.B is Benzoate Ostylezene Bicarbonate and he is a sentient blob that was the result of a genetically-altered food coming into contact with each other. He has quite the appetite and is indestructible, but he literally doesn't have a brain compared to the other members of the team.
    • B.O.B. found a very good friend in Zac, another living blob like himself and their friendship happened quickly as a result of similar affable personalities, though Zac is more intelligent than B.O.B. is by some mark. B.O.B. is also impressed with what Zac is capable of and sometimes lets The Secret Weapon join him and his friends on some missions.
  • Originally frozen for about 20,000 years, The Missing Link is a fish-ape hybrid who, while once a decent threat after getting thawed out, had his stamina impacted after getting caught by the government. While he can get a bit boastful about his abilities, he cares about his friends and even translates what Insectosaurus says.
    • Although he didn't have the best of luck trying to approach Gill-Man, The Missing Link became interested in The Asset after learning that it was another fish-man hybrid. He ended up encountering a Elisa Esposito alongside The Asset and later learned about their story, which he shared with his friends following that meeting. After getting over the initial weirdness of a love story between a woman and a fish-man, The Missing Link is supportive of their relationship and is willing to help them out whenever trouble heads their way.
    • Rikuo ended up being another fish-person that The Missing Link found while going through the Pantheon, with the former's royal background being something that The Missing Link was a bit jealous of at first. After getting over that initial jealousy, The Missing Link became good conversation buddies with Rikuo and they sometimes have friendly sparring matches, mainly to get The Missing Link back in shape.
  • Insectosaurus is the largest member of the team, clocking in at 350 ft. tall as a result of exposure to nuclear radiation. He can shoot silk out of his nose and can get distracted easily by bright lights. The Missing Link helps translates what this unintelligible monster is saying. Insecto also has a second form known as Butterflysaurus, enabling him to fly.
    • Sig and Agitha, being the insect fans that they are, wanted to meet Insectosaurus after hearing that he was a monstrous insect. Insecto enjoys their company quite a bit (with The Missing Link being there to help the two understand Insecto better) and whenever he is Butterflysaurus, he sometimes lets the two fly around the Pantheon with him.

Reuniclus, God of Mega-Microbes (The Multiplying Pokémon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A green blob with an embryo and other objects inside it (basically itself)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Magic Guard
  • Moveset: Psychic, Acid Armor, Signal Beam, Thunder
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers, Mighty Glacier, Potential Homunculi, Surprisingly Cute Creatures, Mindlink Mates
  • Domains: Psychic, Odd Creatures
  • Followers: Goolix, SCP-371
  • Allies: Ness, Usagi, Luke Skywalker, SCP-999
  • Enemies: The Ghosts in the House of Otherness, Giygas, Lucy, bug-like and dark-and-gritty deities
  • Reuniclus is an odd creature, looking like an embryo or a homunculus inside some sort of green jelly. It can potentially live anywhere.
  • It has incredible psychic powers, being able to control its arms to crush even boulders and use other powerful psychic attacks. Combined with the jelly being durable and it being able to repel hazardous elements, Reuniclus is as cute as it is deadly.
    • Due to these powers, it has become allies with Ness. However, after this chance encounter, it discovered both Giygas (Who stirred up some Primal Fear surrounding his body shape...or lack of it), and Lucy (Who just plains scares him.) For these reasons, he flees in the midsts of them.
  • Whenever a Reuniclus holds hands with another of it's species, their minds become linked, increasing their psychic power. For this reason, it has become both allies with Luke Skywaker (who had a similar relationship with a woman named Mara Jade), and the favorite Pokémon of Usagi "Serena" Tsukino. For this reason, Reuniclus is another that has joined the Great Upheaval.
  • Stays far away from the Ghosts sub-house since he's weak to Ghost-type attacks.
    • Also tries to avoid insectoid and dark deities ("dark" meaning "gritty" more than "shadowy") due to its weaknesses.
  • Also present in the House of Beast.

    Rusty and Co. 
Rusty, Mimic, and Cube, Godly Triumvirate of Monster Adventurers (Mimic: Boxford, Rusty: Mister Russell, Cube: Gelly C, Gelatinous Cube)
From top to bottom: Rusty, Mimic, and Cube

    The Wendigo 
The Wendigo, Spirit of Cannibalism (Hannah Washington)
  • Lesser Divine Being, borderline Intermediate
  • Symbol: The black butterfly tattoo in its right arm
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, borderline Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Demonic Possession, No Party Like a Donner Party, Horror Hunger, Only Killed By Fire, Immune to Bullets, Lightning Bruiser, Monstrous Humanoid, It Can Think, Lean and Mean, Living Motion Detector, Was Once a Man, Meganekko, Shrinking Violet, Angsty Surviving Twin, Tragic Monster, Super Strength, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Monster, Cannibalism, Cold, Spirit
  • Allies: None, it is too dangerous to even have allies, except maybe Arthas Menethil (though he has other plans for the creature), and Spooky (as a specimen for her house)
  • Enemies: Zuko, Hanzo Hasashi/Scorpion, Sasuke Uchiha, Johnny Storm/Human Torch, Lina, Azula, Aang, Alexstrasza, Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider, Ragnaros the Firelord, Recca Hanabishi, Korra, Nefarian, Deathwing, Tiamat, Smaug, Natsu Dragneel, The Pyro, Rin Okumura, Vulkan, Adeptus Sororitas/The Sisters of Battle, Gul'dan, Adell, Laharl (Primary threats), Jame Howlett/The Wolverine, Bruce Banner/The Incredible Hulk, some twin deities
  • Pitied by: Queen Elsa, some twin deities
  • Much of the information comes from Pocahontas, as her tribe, the Powhatan, are part of the Algonquian people who tell the tales of the dreaded Wendigos. Wendigos are creatures of famine and cannibalism, which comes in the winter where food are scarce. Those who are possessed by the spirit will go on a cannibalistic craving and will devour anything in its sight. They'll slowly be transformed before becoming the very monster they are now possessed by. She warned that almost anything cannot kill it and the spirit will never rest and will possess another, but tells that the only way to kill it is by fire.
  • It founded its way into the Pantheon and was on an onslaught to feed its abominable cravings. It took the effort of many hunters and those of fire, to taunt it until they can place it into a cage. They knew that they cannot kill it because the spirit will just find and possess another and there will another problem, thus imprisoning it is the best solution. The SCP Foundations were in charge of keeping it in its custody, even consider doing research on the monsters. The monster was waiting for the chance to feed itself when it escapes and the biggest threat will be the first to die.
    • The God Emperor was even forced to step in, knowing that the Sisters of Battle will want to burn the "unclean."
  • Those that are anticipating its escape, be warned. This creature's hard-as-ice skin is nearly invulnerable to bullets, thus burning it off is your only solution. Nobody knows if using a rocket will also do the trick, but considering how fast it is, it is not recommended. The Wendigo appears to know that fire is bad so it is likely that those wielding flamethrowers or of fire wielders are likely her first targets.
  • According to Twilight Sparkle, there exist a Windigo, blizzard spirits that feed on hatred and strife. She herself doesn't know where they came from, whether it was natural or is actually closer to its mythological roots. She doesn't want to think about the latter.
  • Some gods tried to use the monster as a justification against cannibalism to all of the cannibalistic deities.
  • With assistance of several shamans, including Thrall and Nightwolf, they believe that the human possessed is a girl named Hannah Washington, who supposedly died in the wilderness but manage to survive for a month before eating the corpse of her sister, Beth and was transformed into a Wendigo. They were horrified when they realize that she could be possessed by the Makkapitew, one of the most deadliest Wendigo, so dangerous that killing it was necessary. Considering how this Wendigo appears stronger than the other Wendigos, this fear may be justified.
    • Some actually speculated that the monster that was once Hannah still lives within the husk and believe that they may be able to restore her humanity and body.
  • Though the creature is unaligned with anybody since she'll just attack and eat them, Arthas shows much interest in her since he want to use her as a weapon against his enemies. He doesn't seem to be worried of it rebelling against him since he could just kill it and enslave the spirit.
    • In addition, Spooky wants to take her in as one of her specimens for her haunted house. Unfortunately, the SCP Foundation are putting heavy surveillance on the Wendigo, so Spooky has to hold on to that plan until she could take the imprisoned monster.
  • Though it isn't a primary target, it took caution when fighting against the Wolverine and the Hulk, as they have faced the creatures before, some of these turned Wendigos included Paul Cartier.
  • Some analyzed that the Wendigo fought similarly to Genestealers, a special breed of Tyranids. Very fast, very strong, and can murderize unprepared groups incredibly quick. In addition, they have razor sharp claws that can penetrate armor and decapitate, like the Stranger who has excessive knowledge of Wendigos. However, they can easily be killed by proper preparation and cooperation, as well as flame-based weapons can make them their bitch.
  • Upon hearing of this creature, Elsa is not only horrified but also pities it because she could not think of a sister eating a corpse of her own sister. It isn't she that feels pity for it, some twin deities also have a similar opinion, while other call her a monster when she lost her humanity.
  • Cthulhu believed that she and the other Wendigos are the children of Ithaqua, one of the Great Old Ones.


Prinnies, The Servant Race
  • Quasideities (Yellow: Quasi+)
  • Symbol: A fish, a sword and a Cartoon Bomb
  • Theme song: Prinny My Love, alternatively Red Moon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Serving every other species imaginable against their will, Having to make up for crimes in their past lives, Looking like arctic birds, blowing up by being thrown, Rarely working when left alone, Always saying the word "Dood!"
  • Domains: Birds, Ghosts, Glavery
  • Allies (aka people who at the very least treat them somewhat better than Etna): Flonne, Fluttershy, Valvatorez, Bob-ombs, Asagi Asagiri, Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private, Yoko Littner, Sicily, Chuck, Bandana Dee, the Blue Slimes, Usalia, Ice King
  • Their Lord and number one enemy: ETNA!
  • Enemies (aka people who treat them like Etna does or even worse): Laharl, Baal, Ghazghkull
  • Pitied by: Boa Hancock.
  • At times, many people feel sorry for the constant abuse that they take from most of their owners. Then they remember that most Prinnies are in fact the souls of murderers, thieves and other various criminals/sinners, leading to most sympathy going out the window.
  • Now and then, Etna will "bless" one of her Prinnies to go on a somewhat important mission. And of course, those missions will always lead to that Prinny getting killed over and over again.
  • They stay as far away as possible from Ghazghkull, knowing how he is one of the few gods who actually treats his Prinnies WORSE than Etna does. Some Lost refugee Prinnies compare him to Demon Emperor Void Dark prior to Killia's attack.
  • The Penguins of Madagascar have made it their sworn duty to someday defeat Etna and liberate all the Prinnies as fellow "penguins". If nothing else, it does give the Prinnies a good laugh whenever Etna is on the receiving end of a well-done prank. Of course, only the idiotic ones let their merriment be known around her.
  • Every now and then, all the Prinnies—or at least those who have cleansed themselves of their sins—go to the highest point in the Pantheon under the light of the Red Moon to have their souls cleansed and reincarnated. Fluttershy comforts them as they move to the great beyond.
  • Every once in a while, strong Prinnies gather together to form Pringer X, a power robotic Prinny capable of defeating Baal and had once nearly taken Baal out of pantheon due to some nasty tricks like resisting attack used on it. However, when Baal came back more powerful than ever and turned Pringer X into a pincushion for his swords, the Prinnies have no longer attempted to become Pringer X.
  • Prinnies under the instruction of Valvatorez are notably more efficient and loyal than Prinnies under the watch of Etna. While not effective fighters, they are very effective scouts, being able to reliably gather information for Fenrich. This has caused many gods to be a little more cautious around Prinnies since Fenrich is very good at using information to his advantage.
    • Sicily sometimes likes to dote on the Prinnies, though Valvatorez will remind her not to spoil them, as they're still sinners who need to work off their sins.
  • As of late, a band of yellow Prinnies have been sighted around the Pantheon under the command of Usalia. The Pantheon is still reacting to this discovery.
    • Etna's sadism to her own prinnies kicked up a notch when but one of these new Prinnies stole her caramel mix, mistaking it for curry; this didn't anger her as much, given it was returned after the thief realized its mistake, but her entire prinny squad was obliterated trying to capture it. Etna's own attempt to capture these prinnies left her angrier still when she opened her bag and saw a single explosive carrot left inside.
    • Valvatorez bore witness to a squadron of these prinnies punching above their weight class and bringing down several Lesser Deities who thought them easy marks. He has been left confused, more on their Verbal Tic of "plip!" than their newfound competence. A discussion with Usalia has been planned for later in the month.
  • Hilarity ensued when a group of Prinnies accidentally sang "Red Sun" on the night of their redemption, rather than Red Moon. Sundowner had a chuckle when he found out.

Shantak-kun, Goddess of Monster Pets (Shantak-bird, Shanta)
Her true form 
Her human form 

Tartarus, The Unholy Protogenoi Of The God's Prison, is more associated with this house than House of Justice, having a pit here serving as a way to and if you're lucky out of his realm. Visitors are cautioned not to get to close to it, it will suck you in.


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