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Intermediate Gods

    Kiritsugu Emiya & Irisviel von Einzbern 
Kiritsugu Emiya & Irisviel von Einzbern, Divine Couple of Soft Women Comforting Saddened Men (Kiritsugu: Kerry, The Magus Killer, Mage of the Einzberns, Assassin, EMIYA; Irisviel: Iri, Caster, 'Dress of Heaven')
Kiritsugu (left) & Iri (right)
Kiritsugu as a Counter Guardian 
'Dress Of Heaven' 
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Kiritsugu's gun and Iri's DOH hat crossed together
  • Theme Songs: Magus Killer or his version of EMIYA (Kiritsugu) Silver Moon (Iri)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Necessary Evil according to himself), Chaotic Evil as an Assassin (Kiritsugu); Chaotic Good (Iri)
  • Portfolio: Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl, Lady and Knight, Happily Married, Having crappy lives that did not end well
  • Domains: Warfare, Pragmatism, Sacrifices, Love, Magic
  • Herald: Maiya Hisau
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Most other heroic Kamen Riders, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne, Master Chief (Kiritsugu); Saber Alter, Oriko Mikuni (both)
  • Enemies: Kirei Kotomine, Zouken Matou, Araya Souren, Melkor, The Millennium, Monsoon, Gilgamesh (Nasuverse), Sundowner, The Joker, Esdeath, Handsome Jack, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evol, Father Homunculus, Yaldabaoth, Master Xehanort, Gul'dan
  • Commonality Connection with: Illidan Stormrage (Kiritsugu)
  • Pities: Captain Martin Walker (Kiritsugu)
  • For the longest time, Kiritsugu Emiya have been killing mages left and right even before the start of the 4th Holy Grail War. That is until he is hired by the Einzberns to protect Irisviel, a homunculus who is groomed to be the vessel of the Holy Grail. She was also allowed to give birth, which sired Illyasviel. During their time together, they fall in love and their dynamic is exemplary; she comforts him when he's at his most broken. Needless to say, this doesn't last long as Iri got kidnapped by Kotomine and strangled to death by him when she told him about Kiritsugu's wish; after she fused with the Grail, Kiritsugu had to destroy dark constructs of her and Illya made by the corrupted Grail, breaking him even further. Their tragic story earns them their title to the Trope Pantheons.
    • Kiritsugu ascended first as the God of Pragmatic Heroes which he finds to be rather ironic, having openly criticized the Throne of Heroes for taking glory in war and finding himself in a literal Pantheon of Heroes. He's okay with his title... then he got lonely without Irisviel around. He could have spent time with Shirou and Illya but they have their own friends to hang out with, so he decided to change his title. The Court of the Gods found out his compatibility with Irisviel is unmatched compared to other couples with a similar dynamic; knowing he will not let a happier couple get in but at the same time saving them from the harsh world that awaits them, Kiritsugu accepts the change. With that finalized, at long last he has reunited with the love of his life, Irisviel von Einzbern.
  • Applies to both of them:
    • The first thing the couple did is to see their daughter Illyasviel once again. Illya is super happy that her father got her mother in the Pantheons and the three hugged each other as they cherish their new reunion. Shirou also happens to be there, and was surprised and happy to see his father once again. Kiritsugu is so proud of his growth, even commending him for throwing away his ideals to save Sakura (well, they are kind of unhealthy anyway). Irisviel took a liking to Shirou and proclaims herself his new mother figure; Shirou never had a proper mother figure since losing his birth parents in the Fuyuki Fire, so he's ecstatic to bond with her. Of course, she will not bring up her other self's tendency to sell off pictures of him to potential suitors...
      • They then meet Heracles, who has been taking care of Illya since she summoned him. Luckily, he was not a Berserker at the time so he's lucid enough to speak; anyway, the couple felt grateful for him to take care of Illya when they left her behind long ago to which Heracles accepted humbly since he's a hero and heroes got to take care of every children they were entrusted to. They were shocked and saddened that he was forced to kill his wife and child in a fit of blind rage, not unlike Kiritsugu who had to kill dark copies of his wife and child that nonetheless still psychologically broke him while Heracles understand why Illya's parents left her at the Einzbern manor. After all of this, they trust him enough to protect Illya and he too protects them by extension.
      • They are aware of Archer's real identity and Kiritsugu always made sure that he gave him a sad, but understanding smile on him. Irisviel can't help but feel somewhat uneasy towards him; not because she distrusts him, but she feels a great burden in his heart...
      • They are surprised that there's an Illya who actually lived a good life they wanted her to have. The young magical girl at first thought her parents are finally here, but then her original self told her that's not the case; Iri still took a liking to the more innocent Illya and Kiritsugu is blessed that he basically has two daughters now, even if they share the same name. They felt bad for Miyu Edelfelt, whose Kiritsugu is a more heartless man and never cared for her, to which the real Kiritsugu called him a failure of a father and resolves to be better at taking care of Miyu. As for Chloe, well... they do value her, but she has done very naughty things that they would consider un-childlike. Chloe is a little scared of them; sure they are nice to her, but she had bad memories of the other Iri kicking her ass like she's another mook for trying to kiss her while Kiritsugu has enough means to put her down lethally with his Anti-Magic Origin Bullets and a ruthless resolve to assassinate. She could nothing but shudder at their mere presences.
      • Taiga is ecstatic to see the two again for different reasons. She's got a Precocious Crush on Kiritsugu when she was younger and she met Irisviel after the latter pulled her in for the Einzbern Consultation Room gags. Kiritsugu entrusts her to keep taking care of Shirou while Iri is glad that Taiga got her out of Angra Mainyu's possession.
      • Their reunion with Saber is both conflicting for Kiritsugu and heartwarming for Irisviel. On one hand, Saber gets along well with Iri, even having fitting dynamics with her. On the other, Kiritsugu got along the least with Saber because back then, their philosophies clash greatly with Saber harboring disgust over his dishonorable actions and lack of decency despite no longer caring about him forcing her to destroy the grail while Kiritsugu considers her someone who is too bound by a romanticized view of war and chivalry to amount to much good in the world. Of course, Kiritsugu has long since been inactive in his assassination business (Maiya's not pushing it either, surprisingly) and he has entrusted his hidden ideals to Shirou entirely, so their hostilities has since reduced quite fairly; he and Irisviel are surprised that Saber and Shirou are romantically close, but they are not complaining since the two have been through a lot and they deserve some happiness after all that. Since their bitter opinions of each other crops up every now and again, their teamwork will be a last resort should everything go down the drain fast enough.
      • They both were alarmed of Saber Alter's existence, since she's basically Saber corrupted by the Greater Grail's black mud and under Angra Mainyu's control, which horrified Irisviel and unsettles Kiritsugu. Even worse is that she turned her back on her ideals, giving her a tyrant-like mentality and made her methods like Kiritsugu's. Saber Alter expresses that she now sees Kiritsugu's point of his cynicism, but since she was once the Artoria Pendragon that served him, her grudge against him didn't go anywhere; in fact it has grown a lot worse since she's now even angrier at him. Irisviel felt another of her worst nightmares have been realized upon just seeing Saber Alter, who she sees as very naive and said to her the following:
      Saber Alter: I have seen far worse, Irisviel. It is better if you have not experienced all of the world's evil...
      • They were surprised to find Tokiomi's daughters being alive and well. Rin and Sakura have finally met the adoptive father of Shirou and... were surprised to see him subdued in spite of his "Magus Killer" reputation. He's fine with them being with Shirou as long as Shirou makes them happy, but he's stopping himself from telling them everything about their family because he feels they don't have the mental fortitude to take it all in.
    • Kiritsugu feels he is not fit to be a "Hero of Justice" due to not only everything that has happened to him, but his morally bankrupt actions already stripped away his rights to be one. That's why he's fine with entrusting his ideals to someone who has the powers to do so, like to Shirou as well as Sieg, Jeanne d'Arc and Siegfried and said they could do a better job than him. The three were conflicted over his actions but nonetheless still determine to be better than Kiritsugu and Jeanne hopes he may find happiness with his family in the Pantheons. Jeanne also feel obligated to protect Irisviel since the latter is a conduit of the Holy Grail; Irisviel is flattered nonetheless and they hanged out over tea with Saber every once in a while.
      • He also considers Raiden, Optimus Prime and Yuji Sakai to be better "Heroes of Justice" than him. He sympathizes with Raiden after hearing about his past as a Child Soldier, and having experienced what war can do to a person and with Yuji after hearing that he is trying to end a war that has lasted for millennia and the war would eventually end humanity. Optimus shares Jeanne's opinion that Kiritsugu may not take back what he did, but at least he felt remorse for them and hopes he finds happiness again.
    • Kiritsugu and Irisviel may had gone through a horrible war, but they had never thought a war between dimensions can break out badly. Yuya Sakaki, Yuzu Hiiragi and their counterparts filled in on their experiences to them and all they could express is sympathy and horror, especially that Yuya and his counterparts are reincarnations of Z-ARC; Kiritsugu expressed he would have killed one of them if he was there, but today he wouldn't want to consider that. He and Iri got along with Yuto and Ruri Kurosaki the best since they get the worst brunt of the war by the Fusion Dimension's invasion of their Heartland and they see themselves in the kids while Yuto finds Kiritsugu to be like his friend Shun, only more extreme and brutal while they oppose Yuri who revel in the war's chaos and everyone's suffering, which Yuri feels no need to refute despite turning good at the end.
    • The couple felt bad for Homura since she and Kiritsugu would do anything for the women they love, even relating their extreme methods to one another; she confided in them because they were kind to her and Kiritsugu considers her a mini-him. Irisviel wanted to console her so badly, but Homura refuses to ever talk about her regrets and feels she deserve the bad reputation she was given, further saddening the three.
    • Master Chief has some rocky relations with Kiritsugu; the Chief is a lawful soldier that follows orders and pushes himself to do what's right and not what's easy while Kiritsugu would do whatever it takes to get the job done and honor just doesn't factor into that equation. They have gotten a bit better when Kiritsugu said he does regret his actions later to the point he quitted after saving Shirou; at least they sound like each other which they decide is something they could exploit soon and agreed that War Is Hell. While the Chief would definitely like to see Kiritsugu use his methods against the Covenant, he's not so sure he could see him go against Insurrectionists.
      • The Chief was once Homura's guardian, but then tensions built up regarding the morality of her actions and they ended up becoming distant towards each other. Due to this turn of events, Homura now turn to Kiritsugu and Irisviel for more moral support; this also contested the Chief's and Kiritsugu's partnership and who knows how long it will end badly as well.
    • Oriko found Kiritsugu to be a bit terrifying at first due to his Magus Killer reputation, not helping matters that Homura Akemi was said to resemble him, but she later was told that Kiritsugu had a certain characteristic that Homura didn't have. She liked him a bit better because of this, though he commented that "her heart was in the right place, but she escalated her actions too quickly." Meanwhile, Irisviel did pity her due to her backstory and resulting actions that spiraled from it, though she found her murder of Madoka Kaname a bit too far, not helping that she unwittingly doomed Mitakihara City due to no one able to stop Walpurgisnacht, which reminded them of the unfortunate results of the 4th Holy Grail War.
    • Because his cynicism rubs idealists the wrong way, Kiritsugu had friction among most heroic Kamen Riders since they largely fight for the sight of good. The compassionate ones do feel bad for his tragedy while the righteous ones feel uneasy towards him for his actions. Kiritsugu for his part tries not to cross their paths too much while Irisviel largely defends her husband like a good wife would.
      • There are two Riders he did got along with; Takatora Kureshima and Hiiro Kagami. Takatora felt bad for the couple and is willing to understand Kiritsugu crossing his lines while Hiiro sympathized with losing a loved one before your eyes and saw a lot of Saki in Irisviel. Taylor Herbert, who shares the same sub-house with Takatora also gained the couple's sympathy since she's just a young kid when she's Forced into Evil; Taylor herself is glad there are adults she can trust, though she does find Kiritsugu's past disagreeable.
    • Griffin feels bad for the couple because they were stuck in a hopeless war where death is inevitable and tragedy strikes at anytime. Even in a timeline where they slain the rest of Einzbern household and getting Illya safe, there is still bound to have death and tragedy. The couple didn't disagree either with Kiritsugu stating, "Even if I have the choice to turn back time, I wouldn't have changed anything. People will die regardless and I can't change that." Relatedly, Iri is amazed that Griffin can see possible timelines, which is not that different from Iri keeping memories of other Grail Wars due to being a vessel of the Holy Grail.
    • Kiritsugu and Iri have found out that there were couples who also had an ordeal like theirs. Zero and Gunvolt found a lot in common with Kiritsugu, being former cold-hearted hunters who found someone that gave them emotional security and they also took a liking to Iri, who's sad that they lost their beloved tragically not unlike her husband losing her. Joule is still alive, but she has fused with GV who refused to see her as the same person; so, his current Herald, Quinn is helping to fix that by being saved. The thing is, Joule became a new person entirely with no past memory and GV decided to give her a new life she deserves by keeping her out of his life, even if it breaks his heart. Hearing of this, Iri took GV and hugged him to comfort him and told him he's never alone anymore.
      • As for Zero's situation, the similarly named Iris, perished after being defeated while having her brother's powers, though afterwards she's alive and well in the Pantheons; she and Zero had enough heartbreak to go through but fortunately they remain amicable and Iri wished the best for each of their happiness.
      • They had a double date with Squall and Rinoa since like Raiden, Squall was a Child Soldier going through harsh training while Rinoa is a kind general's daughter. Likewise in another instance, Cloud and Tifa are Childhood Friends who also had the same dynamic with Tifa giving Cloud his emotional needs. The four were saddened that the married couple did not last very long to the end, though Kiritsugu and Irisviel assures them that it's all good now that they are in the Pantheons.
    • The couple are not happy that Kirei Kotomine and his Servant, Gilgamesh is in the Pantheons. Their reasons are understandable; Kotomine kidnapped Irisviel and strangled her to death once she expressed Kiritsugu's wish and Kiritsugu not only will never forgive him for that, but also starting the Fuyuki Fire that took away Shirou's parents and Gilgamesh enabled that behaviour, making him just as gulity. The two have been preparing for a rematch in spite of the Holy Grail War being over, yet the bad blood between them will never be truly quiet and Irisviel will NOT stop her husband for that; Saber agrees to keep Gil out of the picture should that happens.
      • They also hate Zouken Matou for torturing Sakura to the point of her not being able to be happy and Kiritsugu called it a mistake for Tokiomi to trust him. Araya Souren is also on their hit list since he's currently an accomplice to Kotomine by providing him shelter in his temple (an apartment complex). Kiritsugu and Maiya are currently looking to destroy the temple, but Araya has anticipated this however, and has erected new barriers to counter the origin bullet.
    • Ever since hearing all about Kiritsugu and how he suffers so beautifully as he's forced to lose everything he loves due to his ideals from Kotomine, Melkor is deliberately going out of his way to torment him even further with his forces of the GUAE. Yuki Terumi, Junko Enoshima, Evolt and The Joker are also following suit to ensure Kiritsugu never moves on from his despair, which he despises them for doing and considers them lower than the Mage's Association. Esdeath might top them in the sadistic department and Kiritsugu is willing to work with Night Raid in order to stop her.
      • Handsome Jack is also someone he and Iri agree to be very deplorable, not because of his pettiness, but he did monstrous actions in the name of good and that he used to be a legitimate hero which makes him an Evil Counterpart of sorts to Kiritsugu. Even worse is he murdered his own wife and abuses his daughter Angel to fuel Eridium into a Vault Key, further cementing their intense hatred towards him. Jack has a twisted respect towards Kiritsugu which he considers killing mages in cold blood to be heroic yet still considers him and Iri to be no better than Pandora's bandits, which the couple take great offense to.
    • Since he sees war as something to profit from, the couple hates Sundowner for doing so. They also hate Monsoon and his nihilistic philosophy where memes spread among people and cause great discord which they greatly disagree given their idealism. The Millennium Organization also earned their scorn due to the Major enjoying war and his subordinates are enjoying every second of everyone getting caught in the crossfire.
    • Father Homunculus has earned scorn from Kiritsugu and Irisviel due to being an evil homunculus and planning to sacrifice a lot of human souls to fuel his malevolent ends, and Illya pointed out his Philosopher's Stone is just like the Holy Grail which makes him no better than the mages of their world. Yaldabaoth is a Holy Grail himself albeit a fake one and the couple are now wary of him and his plans thanks to Saber's warnings. Master Xehanort finds Irisviel to be useful in his plans despite her not being a Princess of Heart, since he can achieve so much with the Holy Grail; Iri is alarmed and Kiritsugu angrily points a gun at him telling him to back off. Xehanort is currently biding his time to find a good opportunity to fit Iri into his plans.
    • Evil parents like Relius, Ghetsis, Hojo, Banno, Ragyo, Dr. Drevis and Dr. Lamb as well as the Child Abuse Supporters are instantly on their shitlist since they would never do that to Illya and consider them lower than Zouken. It's bad enough that Kiritsugu is considering coming out of retirement just to kill these sons of beyotches, though luckily his other allies will take care of that for him.
  • Exclusive to Kiritsugu:
    • Being a Vigilante Man, he's also close to Jack Bauer due to kind of similar method in dealing with what he considered evil, and he likes one of his theme songs. For that friendship, Jack has shared some knowledge with Kiritsugu, in particular his interrogation technique. Garrus Vakarian and The Punisher also got along with Kiritsugu for taking matters into their own hands and they are willing to take over his job of killing heartless magi when Kiritsugu expressed he's done killing anyone anymore.
    • Is considered the bane of MANY Gods and Goddesses in the House of Magic, even by Homura. None dared tried to piss him off or get on his bad side. When asked why, most followers would reply with, "Does the term Magus Killer ring a bell to you?" Kroak does, however, approve of him and his philosophy and Kiritsugu returns that respect with a quiet smile on his face. He and Touma also formed a Mage Killer duo and every magic user are now scared shitless of them.
    • Like with Saber, he's gotten bad blood with Diarmuid Ua Duibhne (since he never got to say that to him when he was around). He considered the hatred he got from them to be a natural reaction; they're never going to get along like water and oil since he killed Diarmuid's Master right in front of him.
    • Thanks to his skill as a 'Magus Killer', he was eventually befriended by Tavish DeGroot since the Demoman has a large amount of hate towards the House of Magic, mostly the evil ones. Because of this, both of them do normal hunts for evil deities within the house. Ironically though, Kiritsugu didn't want to befriend him since he may get into Artoria's bad side. He still became friends nonetheless.
      • However, at one point, Gul'dan's ascension in the House caused both of them to hunt the Darkness Incarnate. The damage around the house was catastrophic, and even destroyed half of the house itself. This became the last straw for Saber and decided to place the Demoman in her Teeth-Clenched Teamwork list, with him being the THE 2ND LAST RESORT she will work with. This got both of them disappointed but still tolerable to each other. Irisviel heard about of this from Saber and forbids her husband from going out for three weeks due to that incident.
    • He was seen drinking with Spike Spiegel and Shinya Kogami and some onlookers thought three of the same people were there due to having similar looks. Spike actually relate to Kiritsugu in losing someone they loved and some gods have actually thought of a line by the words of "See ya, Magus Killer", but they pay no mind to that. Kogami also relates to Kiritsugu in the vigilante department and they made a partnership by meeting in secret since Kogami is currently on the run in his world.
    • The Magus Killer is the confidant of Commander Farsight and is willing to understand his reasons for his Zero Approval Gambits. Farsight understands Kiritsugu is not willing to kill anymore and also fills in for him in taking care of Homura despite not agreeing with Homura's methods in protecting Madoka.
    • Maiev Shadowsong, who also hates mages partnered with Kiritsugu in hunting Gul'dan and other mages and fills in for Maiya should she be out of comission for a while. Illidan Stormrage calls it a shame because he sees a lot of himself in Kiritsugu and now that he partenered with someone who wants to kill him, he will not be nice to the Magus Killer.
    • As a man who has seen through the hells of war, he felt bad for Martin Walker, and they often sharing stories on how hellish war is and how people should avoid it at all cost. Walker is a bit stunned with Kiritsugu's extreme pragmatism, though, to the point of comparing himself to him of his bloodthirsty part, though Kiritsugu has said he has quitted his hunting long ago. The Magus Killer hopes the unstable captain get some help, or else he will raze another city like what he did in Dubai.
    • There is a possibilty where Kiritsugu became a Counter Guardian should he not be hired by the Einzberns and thus didn't meet Irisviel, making him even more depressed than his regular counterpart. When Iri told him about this, all Kiritsugu could do was sigh.
      Kiritsugu: *sighs* It's better to have a family than not having one at all...
  • Exclusive to Irisviel:
    • Irisviel thinks Illya has her father's eyes even though Illya is technically a duplicate of her. Kiritsugu just plays along to have fun with her.
      • This actually got her pretty well with Steven Universe, who took after his mother a lot more than he did with his father. It helps that he's a sweet boy, willing to befriend both Illyas.
    • She looks really young enough to be passed off as Illya's sister, which makes her friends with Sanae Furukawa and Yoriko Yasaka. Iri enjoys Sanae's pastry and even bought some for her family while Yoriko finds herself another youngin' to look after since in homunculus years, Iri is quite young.
    • As an ingenue with so much more to learn, Irisviel got along well with Yutaka and Ventus. Ventus, having more experience in his adventures finds himself teaching them a lot of stuff; tiring, maybe but at least it's worth it. Amy Rose also befriended Iri because they both see a lot of good in people and provided morality to former cold-hearted people; it helps that Saber introduces Amy to Iri.
    • Asia Argento got along with Irisviel since they both are sweet people to talk to and they have healing powers to boot; Iri was saddened that Asia's church disowned her when they found out about her being a former devil, though Asia assures her she's okay now that Issei is taking care of her. Mai Takatsukasa also relates to Iri in having to embody a powerful object, often unwillingly. Mai is sad that Iri did not live long enough to see her daughter again, though in her eyes Iri is glad that in two timelines, Illya will finally have the good life she deserves.
      • Speaking of healers, Dr. Ziegler befriended Iri at Sanae's bakery and was surprised that they sound alike. Iri is amazed of what Mercy has accomplished while Mercy is saddened that her homunculus lifespan is so short though Iri said that's what makes her life so meaningful; with a short life, you can get everything you want quickly and cherish it forever once it ends. Mercy knows it's inevitable so once Iri finally passes in peace, she vows to be there to see her go.
    • Irisviel can drive, it's just that she doesn't care about traffic cues; that's because she has spent so long driving around her estate that she finds it exhilarating to go nuts elsewhere. This has her gotten along with Yukari Tanizaki, who is arguably worse than her when it comes to driving. At least Iri is aware that Ms. Tanizaki does go too far...
      • Shiki Ryougi remarked that she's basically the opposite of her husband, Mikiya Kokutou when it comes to driving; Iri drives recklessly with no regards to traffic safety while Mikiya drives safely like a normal person and considers traffic safety (which actually irritates Shiki).

Lesser Gods

    Alm and Celica 
Alm and Celica, Gods of Masculine Aggression and Feminine Intuition (Alm: Arum, Albein/Alpine Alm Rudolf II, Saint-King, the Other Hero-King, Hero of Prophecy | Celica: Anthiese/Anteze, Caring Princess)
Left: Celica, Right: Alm
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Brand of Duma on Alm's left hand and the Brand of Mila on Celica's right hand. Alternatively, the Falchion for Alm.
  • Theme Song: March to Deliverance (Alm), With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Alm), Lawful Good (Celica)
  • Portfolio: Heroes of prophecy to save Valentia, Bear the Brands, Ruled Valentia together known each other since childhood
  • Domains: Foil, Gender, Aggression, Intuition
  • Allies: Marth, Ike, Robin, Lucina, Corrin, Roy, Palla, Catria, and Est
  • Enemies: Grima, Slaanesh
  • Opposed: Bacchus, Dr. Frank N. Furter (Celica)
  • Pities: Aerys Targaryen (Celica)
  • Alm and Celica were the two children that were destined to save the continent of Valentia. Alm was a warrior who led a war against the Rigelian Empire while Celica was a priestess of the goddess Mila who went on a journey to seek answers behind her disappearance.
  • The two has complete different opinions of dragons, based on their experience of the gods of Valentia. Alm is very intolerable of the dragons because of the gods' influence in the continent which drove the Rigelian merciless and ambitious and the Zofian lazy and hedonistic, and brought an end to the age of the gods in Valentia. Celica, on the other hand, was graceful of the things they have done for humanity.
  • After their reign of ruling the One Kingdom of Valentia, it would later become the Valmese Empire, with the continent of Valm named after the first king of the unified empire.
  • As their continent is a sea away from the continent of Archanea, they greeted Marth with intent for friendship for both lands.
  • Alm has an odd place in regard to the House of War, mostly because of his association with the War Father Duma and Rigel. He has no love for war but he fought valiantly because he wanted to protect the people of Zofia from the aggression of the Rigelian Empire, not knowing of his heritage or the scheme planned by his father, Rudolf. As such, he doesn't care much of the house as long as their warmongering goes too far and harm the innocent.
  • They were the first to discovered the Creation that would later terrorize the world as Grima when exploring the depths of the Thabes Labyrinth. They vow to destroy Grima once again upon hearing the Fell Dragon in the Pantheon.
  • Celica has a strong faith as a priestess of Mila and blissful of the deities that nurtured humanity.
  • Celica sometimes act out of self-sacrificing because she cares about the wellbeing of the people and disregard for her own safety.
    • Considering her self-sacrificing nature, Alm is wary of the deities within the Faith like YHVH and the Divine Powers that would abuse such nature and manipulate her to do their biddings.
  • Celica was happy to meet the three pegasus sisters from Archanea once again. The three hoped that she rule her land with kindness as their Lady Minerva would.
  • As a ruler of magical prowess, Celica showed some respect with Jaina Proudmoore.
  • Celica respected Gaea because of her providing the bountiful earth much like the Earth Mother Mila.
  • In spite of her faith, she doesn't like Judge Claude Frollo who tried to justify his evil acts he does in the name of his faith while lusting over a woman against her judgement.
  • Celica has many issues with hedonism to the point of being apathetic to everything around them as it reminded her of her father's poor ruling of Zofia. Though Celica is tolerable of Bacchus as a god, she doesn't exactly approve of his domain being hedonism and how his followers kill out of drunkard violence.
    • She pities King Aerys Targaryen as his decadence reminds her of how she come to view her father as a sad individual due to the way he lived. However, it won't stop her from opposing him for his tyranny.
  • Alm once had a disaster in the hair salon at the House of Personal Appearance. When he looked at the mirror, he noticed that he had blue hair rather than green hair. He had it fixed later and insisted that he never had blue hair in his life.

Archangel Gabriel, Holy Representative of Her Namesake and Female Angels (Gabby, Seraph of Water, Declarer of Anguish)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her breastplate
  • Alignment: Lawful Good to her allies, Lawful Evil with lapses of neutrality to everyone else
  • Portfolio: Feminine Angels, Adapted from Masculine Angels, Rough Justice, With Good Intentions, YHVH's Only Sane Angel, Less Extreme Law, Control of Ice and Water, Lilies (and Purity by extension), Healing Magic
  • Allies: YHVH (her superior), Metatron and the rest of the GUAL. Secretly, she has cultivated a friendship with Satan.
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Eliphas, Cosmos and the GUAG
  • Opposed by: Tyrael
  • Enemies: Lucifer and the GUAC, the other Gabriel, Supernatural Gabriel, Fiamma, Sebastian Michaelis, Derriere.
  • Gabriel's ascension was mainly a PR campaign for the GUAL. YHVH grew frustrated at His men's lowering morale and disloyalty, with most of the Pantheon seeing Him as evil (not that he'd admit that they're right). Realizing He needed help with this, He summoned Gabriel for help.
  • Of YHVH's angels, Gabriel is one of the few not mindlessly obedient. While many wish she could leave Him, Gabriel still refuses to see YHVH as evil: to her, YHVH is still good, with the main difference between her and Metatron is that not everyone unaligned with him is evil in her opinion. Though sometimes her faith in His goodness can be stretched.
    • Because of this, many good-aligned law deities are trying to convince her to leave YHVH. It hasn't had as much success as they thought.
  • Gabriel's feelings for Eliphas and Cosmos are...complicated. As enemies of her master, she's antagonistic to them. But she admires their fight for justice and good respectively. Whenever the GUAL is about to attack them, she usually comes to warn them to repent. She knows full well they mostly take advantage of her warnings to prepare but hopes one day they will be able to stop the fighting entirely.
  • Gabriel has a somewhat friction-filled relationship with YHVH's other angels, who consider her soft for wanting to save most beings (instead of a few). Satan, however, sees this as an example the other angels should follow. YHVH is somewhat annoyed Gabriel has this kind of free will, but tolerates it anyway. Sadly, she herself is not immune to Jumping Off the Slippery Slope, as Flynn can attest - she's at her personal worst when the salvation of large groups of Chosen is imperiled by demons of any kind. Personally, she submitted a suggestion to leave the PR campaign to an angel she believes can do a better job - Remiel, Angel of Hope and Compassion, who is likewise fully committed to the ideals of Justice and Salvation and does not allow his faith to drag him down to Well-Intentioned Extremist depths.
  • Is somewhat proud of Tyrael for showing initiative. Tyrael, though, wants none of it from one of YHVH's lapdogs. As far as he sees it, angels like Gabriel are even worse than her fellow council due to aiding and abetting the Mad God's schemes under true benevolence.
  • Gabriel has nothing but utter contempt for her name-share, Gabriel Belmont. To her, YHVH is love itself, and by turning against God because of love is the ultimate blasphemy.
  • She and the Archangel Satan are privately very worried about the path their Lord has taken but are at a loss as to how best respond to his growing Black and White Insanity. With very little options left, they have resorted to following His will by interpreting His orders as creatively as they can with the goal of increasing the numbers of the Chosen rather than merely focusing on preserving the ones they already have. Metatron became livid at this, seeing it as the first steps towards a schism within the GUAL. Gabriel promptly slapped him; her faith in the Lord is absolute and unwavering, as is Satan's - if Metatron willingly chooses to sink to the darker depths of Law, he's no better than an abominable fanatic. If they want to show everyone that their banner is more than submission and obedience, they must show Law's full virtues. She specifically named Charity, Understanding and Justice as a few the entire Alliance needs to remember.
    • Lucifer once noted Law and Chaos are Not So Different in that regard - neither Alliance is particularly good at avoiding their darker sides. He and Gabriel shared a bitter laugh over this.

    Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh 
Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh, Celestial Deities of Masculine and Feminine Gay Pairings (Sailor Uranus, Princess Uranus, Amara [Haruka], Sailor Neptune, Princess Neptune, Michelle, Michi [Michiru])
Haruka on the left, Michiru on the right

    Himeko and Chikane 
Himeko Kurusugawa and Chikane Himemiya, Goddesses of Yuri (Priestess of the Sun and Priestess of the Moon, Lunar Boobs (Chikane))

    Jack and Maddie Fenton 
Jack and Maddie Fenton, Divine Pair of Unattractive Men With Sexy Wives

Katsuragi, Goddess of Girl-to-Girl Groping (The Proficient Fighter And Perverted Flirter in Flesh, Kat, Katsu-nee, Queen of the hooters harem, Sexual Harassman, KatOppailar)

    Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie 
Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie, Gods of Savvy Guys Paired with Energetic Girls (Both: Flower Power, Team Sloth, Boop; Nora: Queen of the Castle, Apricot; Ren: Basically a Ninja, Nero)
Nora and Ren
Click here  to see Nora's, and Kairi's, thief form in Muse Hysteria
  • Lesser Gods (But Nora can reach Intermediate status if she is charged up)
  • Symbol: Their symbols, pink lotus (Ren) and a pink hammer with a lightning bolt through it (Nora)
  • Theme Song: Boop
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Ren) and Chaotic Good (Nora)
  • Weapon of Choice: StormFlower (Ren) and Magnhild (Nora)
  • Portfolio: Both: Platonic Life-Partners / Childhood Friend Romance, Ensemble Dark Horse, Orphans
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Allies:
  • Mentor: Thor (Nora)
  • Enemies: Cinder Fall, Adam Taurus, Roman Torchwick, The Meta, Felix, Nine the Phantom.
  • Opposed By: Sho Minamimoto
  • Best friends since they were really young, Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie are two aspiring huntsmen from Beacon academy. The two are inseparable and it was natural that the calm Ren and the energetic Nora would end up sharing house when they ascended. Both Jaune and Pyrrha were happy that their team was finally reunited all together in the pantheon.
  • Comparisons between Nora with Thor and Ren with Mulan have been noted by lesser attentive gods. Ironically, the four involved do not see any comparisons, but find each others' company pleasant enough.
    • Sora has wondered if Ren was really Mulan in a new disguise for "Ping", but was later filled in by Yang.
  • Due to her Cloudcuckoolander tendencies, Nora is on good terms with several of the Pantheon's other ones. Ren just ends up coming along with her on their adventures so she doesn't end up hurting herself.
    • She's also known for proclaiming herself to be "Queen of the Castle" whenever she stands atop a tall vantage point. This tendency has earned her the scorn of Sho Minamimoto, after he found her on top of one of his garbage piles.
    • Given she's nuts and perpetually manic, Nora is forbidden to drink coffee. There are indicatives her mind would go weird on a cosmic level.
  • Ellis stumbled upon Nora once and they immediately became the best of friends given their shared backgrounds of fighting legions of monsters on a daily basis. Nora is also a big fan of the stories about Ellis' friend Keith, often dragging poor Ren along with her.
  • Nora has her own agenda for the Pantheon: finding a sloth that can be ascended into the House of Beasts. So far, she has been unsuccessful.
    • However, she has been trying to find out what a sloth actually sounds like, so she can use it as a Signal when paired up with Ren on a mission. Though Ren would like to disagree most of the time.
    Ren: I don't think sloths make a lot of noise.
  • Some gods, mostly in the House of Love, have wondered if they're "together-together". They are not, but it's said that "Boop" might actually mean something else.
  • People jokingly call them "Flower Power" after Jaune decided to name their team attack. Ren still doesn't understand why he brings the flower and Nora still insists that Jaune in reality meant "Flour".
    • Other times, people like to refer to the duo as "Boop", often making Nora blush as a result. Ren doesn't see what the big deal is.
  • When Gods have a problem, they tend to go see Ren, admitting to liking him without knowing a lot about him. They then vent all their worries for him, though somehow tend to find the solutions without much of his imput. Though Ren says that he got used to it after a while thanks to Jaune and Nora.
  • Surprisingly, the two of them, along with the rest of team JNPR, are pretty good dancers. Ren states that Jaune sometimes would teach them some of his moves after a long day of training, and it actually helped them in battle sometimes.
  • Nora was absolutely thrilled when Thor decided to mentor her. Who knows, maybe one day she will be worthy to lift Mjolnir. Oh dear Primus.
    • The first day of her training with Thor, the god of Thunder was surprised to learn about Nora's incredible resiliance against electric attacks, which actually makes her much stronger.
  • Nora became good friends with Mako Makanshoku given their shared love for eating as well as for being quite crazy. And they sound the same too! Ren incidentally likes to chat with Mako's friend Ryuko given that they usually have to take care of their more crazy friend and often look after them.
  • Even though he isn't very talkative himself, Ren is quite competitive believe it or not. According to Nora, he takes Tag very seriously.
  • People have asked Ren about how he managed to explode the head of a King Taijitu with only his palm, which they considered awesome. He just says that he used his aura to do it but people believe that his Semblance revolves around exploding people's heads.
    • In actuality Ren's Semblance is revealed to be some sort of calming effect on himself and others, suppressing or alleviating negative emotions, allowing him to mask his presence from Grimm (and probably other emotion-sensing creatures).
  • Recently, Ren's encounter with a certain Japanese archer left him shaken up for a few moments, due to the strong resemblance Hanzo had to Ren's father.
  • While Nora is trying to figure out if her hammer/launcher could be a match for the Meta's knife/cannon hybrid, both agree staying out of his way is a good choice. They get along well with the good Red vs. Blue deities, even if Tex, Carolina and Washington seem uneasy whenever Nora speaks (leading to odd moments where the huntress was referred to as "C.T." or "Connie"), and Simmons prefers to talk only to Ren (even if Nora is interested in approaching him because both like rocket\grenade launchers).
  • For some reason, Ren is terrified of Annie Wilkes and hopes Nora never meets her.
  • Both of them have gone into mourning, along with the rest of the gods from their world, for the sake of their creator's passing. Nora's spent most of it alternating between crying to trying to keep everyone else happy. Ren has been supporting her and everyone else as best he can, but a lot of people have noticed he's been very quiet since then around others. Might have something to do with his voice.
    • Ren can now speak again, but his voice sounds distinctly different. He's not used to it, but he's certain he'll be happy with his new voice after some time speaking with it. Nora likes it already, but Nora likes almost everything about Ren.
    • They are happy that their creator is among the ranks of the pantheon. Now Ren is able to switch voices whenever he feels like it, but out of respect, he tends to stick with his new one.
  • The House of Food is always inviting Ren to cook with them, and his pancakes are celebrated as some of the best in the Pantheon. However, Nora is usually caged in said occasions to let others have a chance in tasting them.
  • Recently, have been joined on their journey by Qrow Branwen, Ruby’s uncle. They value his mentorship and protection, even to the point where they agreed to help him when he was poisoned. Now that he’s alright, they’re continuing their journey to Atlas, with him at the helm.

Meowstic, Divine Representatives of Dark Males and Pale Females (The Constraint Pokemon)
Left-Male Meowstic, Right-Female Meowstic

    Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki 
Meryl Silverburgh and Johnny Sasaki, Deities of Tough Girls and Wimpy Guys (Johnny: Akiba)

    Seltas and Seltas Queen 
Seltas and Seltas Queen, God and Goddess of Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism (Seltas: Piercing Beetle; Seltas Queen: Heavy Beetle; Desert Seltas: Axe Beetle; Desert Seltas Queen: Cannon Beetle)
Seltas on the top, Seltas Queen on the bottom
Desert Seltas and Desert Seltas Queen 
  • Lesser God (Seltas), Intermediate Goddess (Seltas Queen)
  • Symbol: Their respective Hunter's Guild icons
  • Theme Music: Boisterous Visitors, Heavy Armor Bug
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Seltas); Chaotic Neutral (Seltas Queen)
  • Portfolio: Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, Big Creepy-Crawlies, Combining "Mecha", Lightning Bruiser (when combined)
  • Domains: Gender, Insects
  • Size: 41.99-757.56cm (Seltas), 1271.42-1777.1cm (Seltas Queen)
  • Allies: Heracross & Pinsir, Herculious Anchus & Kuwagust Anchus
  • Enemies: Barroth, The Radiance, deities that can use fire attacks
  • Opposes/Opposed by: The Monster Hunters
  • Even though they are of the same species, the male Seltas look like large beetle-mantis hybrids whereas the female Seltas Queen looks like an organic Spider Tank with a pincer-like tail.
  • Their ascension was a brutal battle between them and the Nipponverse Archers and Rangers. The battle ended when other gods agreed that the Archers and Rangers do not really fit Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism, especially after they evolved into two different species. The Archers and Rangers are still a bit bitter about it.
  • Even though there are multiple male Seltas around and just one Seltas Queen, there seems to be at least one Seltas that is generally spaced by the Seltas Queen's methods of war. As in, forcing one of Seltas to stand around on her back to do additional attacks in a similar sense to a mecha of sort and then using her tail to grab the Seltas, continuously smashing him into the ground to hit opponents and then devour what remains of it.
  • Both Seltas really don't like deities that can use fire-based attacks. However, the regular Seltas also has a dislike towards those that can use thunder attacks (and avoids the Fire & Heat and Electricity house because of those two weaknesses) and the Seltas Queen has also shown animosity towards ice users as well.
  • A Desert themed variant of both Seltas and the Seltas Queen have been reportedly seen. As the title would suggest, this subspecies is normally found within the sandier parts of the Pantheon, mainly near the House of Nature.
    • What makes the desert variants just as threatening as the normal versions is that the Desert Seltas Queen can pull a Desert Seltas off the ground. No one is sure how fast the Desert Seltas can spawn after an earlier one is shattered after being thrown by the Desert Seltas Queen.
  • On a less frequent basis, the two are separate from each other. The Seltas Queen can use her limbs or tail to incapacitate her prey and shoot water while the regular Seltas can take to the skies and can slash his prey while at it.
  • Given the fact that are both dangerous insects (moreso in regards to the Seltas Queen), Misty doesn't like them at all and has made it a point to keep a good distance away from them.
  • The Old Gods have taken a bit of an interest with them since the creatures resemble a race of insectoids that served the abominations. It's safe to say that should these creatures get involved with The Old Gods, nothing good is going to come out of it.
    • Chen Stormstout has also mentioned that these creatures reminded him of the Mantids, only possibly more aggressive than what he had been used to.
  • Scyther seems to have a particular liking towards Seltas given that they have a similar fighting style. On the other hand, the Seltas Queen doesn't care that much about Scyther.
    • On the other hand, both the Seltas and Seltas Queen have no real issues with Heracross, Pinsir, Herculious Anchus, and Kuwagust Anchus (despite the latter two not being "organic" compared to the others). It's likely because the four of them are beetles like the Seltas and Seltas Queen, albeit beetles with differing traits.


    Ben and Saoirse (Song of the Sea
Ben and Saoirse, God and Goddess of Genders Represented by Breed (Ben: Stubborn boy; Saoirse: Little One)
Saoirse (left) and Ben (right)

    IF and Compa 
IF and Compa, Goddesses of Tomboyish and Girly Friendships (IF: Iffy, Ai chan, the mega-champion of the world, Planeptune Guild Member Compa: Clumsy Nurse)
some caption text

    Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar 
Jack Twist and Ennis del Mar, Dual Gods of Gay Cowboys
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Their black and white cowboy hats over a male symbol.
  • Theme Song: "The Wings"
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Ennis), Neutral Good (Jack)
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Sexuality, Cowboys, both got a passionless marriage, had a 20-years affair with each other that left everyone unhappy, can't be together because of society, can't keep their hands off each other
  • Domains: Love, Family, Cowboy
  • Allies: Any good cowboys in the Pantheon (who isn't homophobic), the kids from South Park except for Eric Cartman, Romeo and Juliet, Rose Bukater and Jack Dawson, Batman/Bruce Wayne, Dorothy Gale
  • Odd Friendship with: The Fantastic Four, the Mystery Gang
  • Enemies: Every homophobes in the Pantheon, every Abusive Parents
  • Complicated Relationship with: The rest of the House of Love
  • The couple who had a 20 years affair, Ennis and Jack were reunited and ascended when the Pantheon when the Council heard of their story and how much of a Tear Jerker it was because of Jack's mysterious death.
    • When the two were reunited, Ennis broke down to tears and run into Jack's arms, unable to believe that he is really standing here before him while repeatedly saying sorry and promise to never let his fear getting the better of him again. Everyone witness their reunion sheds a tear.
    • However, Jack's ascension met with some problem when some people points out that he doesn't fit the "cowboy" part of the temple because he became a tracker sellman. After much effort to restrain Ennis from punching them in the face at the possibility of being separated from Jack again, Phoenix Wright points out that Jack spent a significant portion of his life as a working cowboy and a rodeo rider, thus qualify him for the position.
  • Their temple is a barn filled with many different livestocks and located on the verge of the House of Love with a window view of Brokeback Mountain - the place the men met, fell in love and had their 20 years affair. When asked how they managed to move an entire mountain, the men said that they had help from the deities in the House of Travel and Magic who are touched by their love story.
  • Their theme song is popular among Yaoi Fangirls Pantheon members, followers or audience because they tend to play it over their videos that portray the male deities they ship together. Needless to say, Jack and Ennis are NOT amused by this.
    • The couple is also NOT amused when Hong Kong deities keep using the slang "playing Brokeback", citing that the mountain is a significant place for the both of them. They also not appreciate people insisting Jack to admit that he "don't know how to quit" Ennis, given that this is the last conversation the couple had with each other before Jack's death.
  • Ennis despises every homophobes in the Pantheon because he has a very traumatic childhood experience of being forced to witness the aftermath of a gay couple who were beaten to death with their genitals removed and left out in the field, as well as thinking that they are the ones that cost Jack's death. Any homophobe dare to approach their temple will be met with a shotgun to the head. Abusive parents also don't get off easy either given that both men grew up with one.
  • Their temple has made the men become friends with many fellow cowboys in the Pantheon, even though they never interact with actual cows in their work. Of course, those who are homophobic will be politely asked to leave by Jack and be... "convinced" by Ennis if they refused.
  • Being born in the 1960s American West, Ennis gets extremely uncomfortable and even sometimes aggressive when someone asked him about his exact sexuality. Jack usually has to step in and explains that the only important thing is that the two are in love and now can finally be with each other. The fact that their creator insists on being unclear doesn't help anyone.
  • Other Star-Crossed Lovers like Romeo and Juliet or Jack and Rose sympathized with their story and have been in contact with the cowboys. Jack and Rose as well as the cowboys had a big laugh when discovered that their most iconic posters are similar to each other.
  • The men are very controversial figures in the House of Love for their long affair. Some think that both of them are just unapologetical cheaters on their wives for 20 years. Some argue that the men wouldn't even have to cheat in the first place if not for their homophobic sociery. Some took the middle ground of sympathizing with them for their love and circumstances while condemning their action. This is one of the reasons the men opt to move their temple to the edge of the House of Love.
  • Being cowboys, they have been taking jobs here and there from the house of Beasts and from farmers in the Pantheon. They usually brush off concern that they can't keep their hands off each other to focus on the job by saying that they were just 19 years old when that happened.
  • The Joker once took advantage of his similarity to Ennis and kidnapped Jack in order to catch Batman's attention. After Bruce tracked the Joker down, Ennis beat up the clown within an inch of his live to the point that Joker only survive due to his immunity. The couple has been on friendly term with Batman ever since, especially since he is sympathetic with their story even though Jack is nervous at first when Batman introduced them to his on-and-off lover Selina Kyle given that she sometimes looks like his estranged wife Lureen.
  • Jack freaked out when a giant flesh eating plant nicknamed Audrey approached and called out to him with the sound "Feed me Seymour." during his trip to the House of Plants due to his similarity to the actual Seymour. Jack has been avoid the house's deeper areas ever since.
  • The boys from South Park had a laugh when heard about their story because it is suspiciously similar to the independent film about gay cowboys eating pudding in their world. Jack and Ennis took this in good spirit and made friend with the boys but ban Cartman from enter their temple for his homophobia and Jerkass behavior. Needless to say, Cartman is extremely angry about this.
  • Dorothy Gale likes to visit the cowboys temple because of her upbringing in Kansas. The fact that her movie has a rather large gay followers also helps the matter, even though Ennis is uncomfortable at first because one of Dorothy's allies, Glinda, looks similar to his ex-wife Alma.
  • The men were very surprised when they encountered the Fantastic Four in the Pantheon because Ennis thinks that Sue looks like one of his daughters Alma Jr. grew up. While Sue doesn't have any memory of this, the Fantastic Four still feels extremely sad when heard of the men's story and have been great friends with them, including using the cowboys to educate their kids to not be homophobic and what the harm that trait can bring.
  • The cowboys once ran across the Mystery Gang's Mystery Machine broke down near Brokeback Mountain which is located near their temple. After fixing the van, Ennis is surprised when discovered that Velma looks like one of his old flame Cassie.

    Nipponverse Archers and Rangers 
The Nipponverse's Archers and Rangers, Gods and Goddesses of Battle of the Sexes
  • Demigods, usually (Have destructive power of lesser powers)
  • Alignment: Generally Chaotic Good (Archers) and Lawful Neutral (Rangers).
  • Portfolio: Archer Archetype, One-Gender Race, The Straight and Arrow Path
  • Followers: Nearly any member of a large and brutish MMO species, probably unwillingly.
  • Allies: The SCP Foundation, Jerrica Benton (for Rangers).
  • Enemies: Each other.
  • Opposed by: Etna (Archers AND Rangers)
  • The Archers and Rangers ascended after one member of the Council began looking into the history of the Netherworlds. There, it was found that the female Archers and male Rangers had been locked into a war so bad, the Overlords (Normally the kind NOT to intervene) had to break it up. This led to some bizarre sexual dimorphism, including baby Archers being born from a tree.
  • Some of the lesbians in the Pantheon have asked them how they did this, for... "reasons". The Archer race however while being from a tree are themselves capable of producing children through more conventional means.
  • The Archers (and the Rangers by association) are absolutely hated by Etna, and not because they're particularly buxom. The opposite is true, really. One archer in particular held a flat chest contest in which competitors competed for the title of flattest contestant, and both Etna and one of the Makers, Nisa, entered. When they found out what kind of contest it was, and, more importantly, that they had won it, they both ganged up on the archer, despite the fact that the point of the contest was probably to be proud of the whole thing.
  • The Archers and Rangers (after their ascension) were hired by the SCP Foundation. They were glad that the Archers were willing to work for free, but the Rangers demanded a hefty price. The SCP Foundation was seriously considering using one of it's containment units, because of the sheer prices that their combined forces would require, but they decided against it. They turned to Jerrica. Reluctantly, Jerrica complied. The Rangers consider themselves to own a debt to her, as well.
  • Interestingly, hostilities still linger between the two groups, and they can often be found killing each other while defending the Treasury. Thankfully, Death Is Cheap, but this really pisses the SCP Foundation off.
  • Note that even though they hate each other, it doesn't mean they cannot co-operate. One Archer (simply called "School Board Pres.") has an entire squadron of Rangers called the PTA (Perfectly Trained Assassins).


    Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto 
Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto, God and Goddess of Short Guys paired with Tall Girls
Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto

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