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"Here there be Dragons".

Dragonslayers are forbidden to enter this Hall, though. The exception is the Dovahkiin, as the Dovahkiin is a Dragon in Human(oid) form, and someone has to keep the dragons in check. However, there have been reports that The Nameless King wishes to replace Dovahkiin's role as the guardian of the Hall. Time will tell if the duty will come true for the king.

On occasion, Ornstein would be seen camping outside of the Hall, waiting to attack any dragons that come out. This normally ended with him getting chased off by Alexstrasza and/or Bahamut.

There are prophesies stating that one day there will be a climactic final battle between the good dragons and the evil dragons. When or if it does happen, this will play throughout the entire battle.

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Greater Gods


King Bowser Koopa Sr., God of Princess-Kidnapping Dragons (Great Demon King, Sorcerer King, Alarm Koopa, Kid Koopa, Captain Koopa, Emperor Augustus Septemberus Octoberus Koopa, Giant Koopa, Moon Man Koopa, Koopa Khan, King-of-the-Road Koopa, Count Koopula, Blackbeard Koopa, Long John Koopa, King Goo Goo Ga Ga Koopa, Professor Koopa-arity, Dr. Koopastein, Koopenstein Monster, Koopfinger, King O’Koopa, Koop-zilla, Koopa Klaus, Red Baron Koopa, Al Koopone, Rappin' Koopa, Bad Rap Koopa, El Koopitan, Koop-Tut, King Tut, Redcoat Koopa, Alley Koop, Caveman Alley Koopa, Klaimjump Koopa, Koopa the Cool, Cool Koopa, Greaser Koopa, Karate Koopa, Gramma, Billy the Koopa, Judge Koopa, Warden Koopa, Barra-Koopa, Kolonel von Koopa, Kangaroo Koopa, Darth Koopa, Robo Koopa, Ka-Hoopa, Fungus Cap, President Koopa, Larry Lazard, Koopa Clown, General Koopa, Baby Bowser, King of the Koopas, Giga Bowser, Giant Bowser, Super Bowser, Shrowser, Blockhead Bowser, Hammer Slam Bowser, Dry Bowser, King of Awesome, Dreamy Bowser, Meowser, Fury Bowser, MegaDragonBowser, Bowcien, Shiny RoboBowser Dr. Bowser, Tour Bowser (Santa), Big-Bow, The Huge, Mighty King of Guys Who Talk to Posters, "Bowsette" (call him that last one at your own peril depending on his mood))
Paper Bowser 
DiC King Koopa 
Baby Bowser 
President Koopa 
Shiny RoboBowser 
From top to bottom, left to right: Giga Bowser, Dry Bowser, Dr. Bowser, Hammer Slam Bowser, Dreamy Bowser, Meowser, MegaDragonBowser, Bowcien, Fury Bowser 

Grima, God of Demonic Dragons (The Fell Dragon, Gimle, The Hierophant, The Creation)
Human avatars (Spoilers) 
  • Greater God, potential Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Mark of Grima
  • Theme Songs: Id~Dilemma, Id~Darkness, and Monstrosity in Echoes
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Animalistic Abomination, Dark Is Evil, Dystopia Justifies the Means, Death by Irony, Not Quite a God of Evil, Giant Flyer, Kill All Humans, Our Dragons Are Different, Our Homunculi Are Different, You Can't Fight Fate, Ultimate Life Form
  • Domains: Evil, Dragons, Darkness
  • Heralds: Validar and the Grimleal
  • Followers: Seath the Scaleless, Dragon Fiend
  • Allies: Melkor, Hades (Kid Icarus), Omega (only because he sees potential in him), Metal Sonic (same as Omega), Satan, Nagash the Undying, Acnologia, Nightmare, Soul Edge, The Gravemind of the Flood, Phazon, Dark Samus, Deathwing, Nefarian
  • Enemies: The GUAG, Alexstrasza, Bahamut, Cosmos, Caim, Lulu, Sigurd, Marth, Dovahkiin, ROBIN, Chrom, Lucina, Artoria Pendragon, Squigly, Filia, Nozdormu, Alice, Alm & Celica
  • Ascended after his death by the hands of the Shepherds and wound up here.
  • No one quite knows exactly what Grima is or where he came from, but some speculate he is the last of the Earth Dragons and wants to avenge Dragonkind's decline by killing mankind. Either his way plans are bad for the majority of the Pantheon.
  • Now no longer having the Robin of the future to possess, Grima is reduced to using Validar as a vessel in a more ineffective fashion.
  • Hates Cosmos with a passion, due to her reminding him too much of his mortal enemy, the Divine Dragon, Naga.
  • Grima's true human form is unknown, the reason he doesn't use one is unknown.
  • Has a lot in common with Loptyr including relying on a human Soul Jar, and being Naga's Arch-Enemy, leaving many to speculate on their relation.
  • He finds Melkor to be an interesting conversational partner, and they often speak of many subjects. Melkor is potentially the only one who knows just what Grima plans to do.
  • Finds Hades' working with souls an interesting subject, and the two work together to create even more powerful Underworld warriors and Risen.
  • He finds Omega and Metal Sonic to be extremely interesting gods, and has apparently taken both as potentially allies. Supposedly, he intends to use them in the grand scheme of his plans, especially in the Kill All Humans part.
    • It is said when the end of Pantheon arrives, the forces of Bahamut and Grima will battle each other, the skies will become clouded with darkness, torn asunder by fire and lightning, and the three dragons will face each other for the dominance of all dragonkind, living and dead.
  • Grima can only truly die by his own power. A weapon made from an opposing dragon or a true god, like Falchion, the Master Sword, or Excalibur, can only seal him. Anything less than that will only hurt him.
    • To prove it, he dared ASURA to hit him with his strongest attack. Asura obliged, engaging him in battle with his Destructor form. Despite being reduced to a pile of bones and torn flesh, Grima STILL survived, though he needed Hades' help in putting himself back together.
    • Being able to be killed by his own power also had the downside of allowing Robin to kill him via Heroic Sacrifice, though since both are now in the Pantheon and Robin no longer has any of Grima's influence on him/her, it remains to be seen whether this loophole still holds. Grima certainly isn't willing to risk it twice.
  • Contrary to popular belief, he and Marth have never met, thus he scoffed at Marth's ascension. He holds a similar opinion of Dovahkiin, saying that he was but a barbarian that doesn't understand what a true dragon can do. On the subject of getting his soul eaten:
    "I fear no mortal save one. If he dares to, I will simply destroy him from the inside out."
    • On the other hand, his reaction to Robin's ascension was considerably less dismissive. Helps that he is said mortal.
    • On the other other hand, he was rather pissed to learn that Robin got invited to the fourth Smash tournament, bringing Lucina and Chrom along with him/her, and not him.
    • With Lucina's ascension, he now just thinks that the universe is out to make him as angry as possible.
    • It turns out Grima has met Alm and Celica in the past, back when Grima was merely the size of a "normal" dragon like Duma. Ultimately, Alm's Falchion proved just as effective at putting Grima to sleep as Archanea's eventually would, delaying Grima's ascension for some time. This has made Grima wary of the Valentian heroes, should either or both of them ascend to the Pantheon.
    • They Have and as lesser gods no less. What was now firmly thought is now full blown belief. The Universe is out to get him.
  • Was deeply angered upon learning that Alexstrasza had ascended and joined forces with Bahamut, due to the fact she reminds him far too much of Naga as well, particularly her status as a Hope Bringer. Her launching a direct attack upon him was enough to, while not kill him, make him even angrier.
    Grima: 'Purifying flame?' Your power is nothing to one who has cheated death itself. I am the one true dragon god, immortal, the greatest of all. I will crush you, show you just how pathetic your 'hope' is, and make you see all you ever hope to achieve was worthless!
  • Has formed an alliance with Nagash the Undying, God of the Undead, due to their similar portfolios. Such an alliance has many of the Pantheon on alert, given their aptitude for Necromancy and sheer power. Grima has even expressed some thought at allowing Nagash to serve as the general of his Risen armies, in exchange for his goodwill and loyalty.
  • Is one of only a few dragon deities (along with Deathwing) that Acnologia respects, partially because the latter can't kill the former by conventional means, and partly for their shared opinions on non-dragons.
  • Has an eerie fascination with The Flood and seeks to make contact with its Gravemind for some reason.
    • Has similarly taken an interest in the mutagen substance known as Phazon for its mutating and strengthening abilities, and has begun to communicate with its voice, Dark Samus, alongside the Gravemind. The three of them have apparently been considering a full-out alliance, to the horror of most of the Pantheon.
    • Acts unusually friendly with Deathwing and considers him one of his closest friends. Apparently Grima believes they have a lot in common; this furthers speculation on his true origin.
      • Has been working on his barrel rolls with the Destroyer, having been intriqued by the concept, ever since the two reminisced about how they were originally slain in a bar.
  • Is positively paranoid about Divine Dragons infiltrating the Pantheon to get him. Grima believes Reshiram is secretly a Divine Dragon sent to assassinate him due to his paranoia, the Reshiram's fluffiness.
  • Lucifer is amused by Grima's persistence of You Can't Fight Fate, mentioning that every small change in an event can have a big impact just as much as an earth-shaking one, and that his plans being disrupted or outright foiled proves how little he understands, especially since destiny is something only those who follow Law believe in so fiercely. Grima denies his statement, and refuses to accept that fate can be changed. And he has no problems personally getting involved to ensure that.
  • He was once summoned alongside his fellow FE deities to fight for the Kingdom of Askr. It was an incredibly strange experience for Grima to fight on the same side with his mortal enemies although he was lucky enough to gain spare vessels out of the alternate Robins he was summoned inside.
  • "I am the wings of despair. I am the breath of ruin. I am the Fell Dragon, Grima."

Lofwyr, God of Corporate Dragons (Hans Brackhaus, Gold Master, Gold Snout)
Lofwyr overlooking Portland
Hans Brackhaus, his Translator and metahuman guise
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The logo of Saeder-Krupp
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, but has a Chaotic Neutral worldview
  • Portfolio: Corporate Dragon, The Ageless, The Voiceless in Dragon Form, Affably Amoral, Bad Boss and Benevolent Boss, Despises Being Locked Out of the Loop Concerning His Company, The Chessmaster, Control Freak, Morality Based On "Givers" and "Takers", officially the richest being in the Sixth World, Social Darwinist, Supernatural Gold Eyes
  • Domain(s): Dragons, Corporations, Gold
  • Translator: Hans Brackhaus who's actually his alias as a metahuman
  • Herald: The Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries Company
  • Followers: Fafnir, Elma Joui, Glint, Griffen Mc'Candles (Dragons Wild), Luca Rohner, Joshua Rain
  • Allies: Io
  • Rivals: Other Mega Corps in the Pantheon, mainly BnL, Scrooge McDuck, The Corpus, Philip Price, Tyrell Wellick
  • Enemies: Tiamat, Smaug (currently under an uneasy truce), the Grand United Alliance of Machines, Grand United Alliance of Destruction, all Eldritch Abominations, Ornstein (and Smough), Sindragosa, Grima, Acnologia, Anankos, Fafnir
  • Distrusts: All robots and AIs, all undead
  • Opposed by: Bahamut, Alexstrasza
  • Dragons are usually known for their hoards. Corporations are known for having lots of money and power. And thus the imagery of a dragon and the idea of a corporation combined gave rise to the trope Corporate Dragon.
    • In the world of Shadowrun, its leaders aren't national presidents, monarchs, or prime ministers, but Mega-Corp CEOs, and most if not all of those CEOs are dragons. And the richest of them all is Lofwyr, the CEO of Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries, which is the second largest Mega-Corp in their world, beaten only by Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, which started as a Yakuza laundering front that became lucrative in its own right, but that's another story.
    • It's because of his reputation and company's success that Lofwyr was sent an invitation to Pantheon Godhood. Seeing it as a new frontier and an opportunity to expand his business (though he's told that his assets and earnings there will be exclusive to the Pantheon and cannot be brought over to his world), he accepted the offer and became a new player in its corporate stage.
    • Technically speaking, he was already present in the Pantheon as a follower of Smaug, God of Treasure Hoarding, and he had been biding his time there for his eventual rise by observing all the corporations already present.
  • After the usual business of… setting up shop in his two designated locations at the Halls of Dragons and Businesses and Corporations, Lofwyr took the time to fully evaluate his new surroundings. In the Pantheon, he was no longer a top dragon, and there was a whole new set of corporate players, all with differing agendas. Oh, and nations are still a thing in power.
    • It was certainly interesting to see that in here, some Corporate Executives are still able to hold the moral high ground, and some managed to remain afloat despite being a lot more blatant in their shadiness. Sure, his company is big enough to encompass an entire continent, but in the Pantheon, his influence is not quite as big. Yet. He plans to change that eventually.
  • In regards to communication with other deities, he has two methods of communication. For deities of relatively equal power as him or greater, he uses telepathy. For "lesser" lifeforms, he employs a Translator to speak on his behalf.
    • As for why Lofwyr uses a Translator in the first place, here's why: 1) their psychic voices are utterly inhuman and psychically "loud", are rarely enjoyable, and can permanently mentally scar some folks, and 2) they can't communicate through electronics like microphones or TV cameras.
  • Lofwyr's Translator is a human named Hans Brackhaus, a mid-level executive in Saeder-Krupp who corresponds with runners (read: mercenaries) a lot. However, according to him, he does not serve Lofwyr. That's because they're one and the same.
    • As for the whole being Hans Brackhaus deal, here's the reason why. All Great Dragons in his world can take on a metahuman (human, elf, dwarf, ork, troll, etc.) form. While this allows them to be their own Mouth of Sauron, most of them don't do this, as they're easier to kill in human form. That's why Lofwyr keeps it a secret, though he's aware of the "safety net" that is the House of Life and Vitality, but he prefers to keep people guessing, even if there are those who can see through his charade quickly and are powerful enough to take him down even in dragon form.
    • Besides, the name Hans Brackhaus has been used by a number of S-K Johnsons to keep runners guessing or to give the impression that they're dealing with Lofwyr directly (to motivate them to do the job perfectly). Some elements outside of S-K have taken advantage of this fact, and have used the name to set up a false flag operation on occasion, though he eventually catches on to these, acting against them if their goals get in his way or against his image.
  • As a dragon, Lofwyr eventually got into meetings with the other dragons of the Pantheon, starting with the main three.
    • First up was Io, the progenitor of all dragonkind. Lofwyr definitely sees just how powerful he is, but fortunately all he cares for is the safety of dragonkind (and won't get involved with inter-dragon conflicts), so the Gold Master can rest a little easy with him.
    • As for Io's direct descendants however, there is considerably more friction. Bahamut is displeased with Lofwyr's ruthless business acumen but ultimately just avoids him most of the time, only crossing paths when one of Lofwyr's plots ends up being something Bahamut doesn't approve of. Lofwyr for his part thinks Bahamut is wasting his efforts being a paragon for the lesser races, but given the time period Bahamut is from, he doesn't voice this out loud.
    • As for Tiamat, matters are lot more hostile, especially when she not-so-subtly courted him in a bid for more power. Having met her brother first, who had compared Lofwyr to her in a few ways, he was resistant to her advances, seeing her worldview as barbaric and nothing else (not to mention being a sore reminder of Aden, whom he's butted heads with several times, and Alamais, his brother and arch-rival). Unlike Alamais (and Sirrurg), Lofwyr is not, strictly speaking, a dragon supremacist. He believes that respect is the due of any being of great personal power and influence, not that dragons deserve it by default. She shortly lost her temper after that, attacking his company to "teach him his place". This forced him to intervene personally, something he's rarely had to do.
      • That said, even with himself and his best guards in the fray, Tiamat proved far more dangerous (with her multiple heads and multiple breath attacks), and a more seasoned combatant. Thankfully, having suspected that she would make contact with Lofwyr eventually, Bahamut and his allies (Alexstrasza and Ysera) got involved and drove away the five-headed dragoness.
    • Smaug, whom he used to be a follower of, and is now a neighbor in both Houses, eventually attacked Saeder-Krupp when one of his hired Shadowrunners took some of the Middle-Earth dragon's loot back to Lofwyr's temple, resulting in another scuffle. Fortunately, Smaug wasn't as powerful as Tiamat and Lofwyr soon had him at an impasse. After returning the stolen loot (and disposing of the perpetrator), the two dragons came to an agreement; as long as Smaug doesn't attack Saeder-Krupp again, Lofwyr will leave his hoard alone and do what he can to keep others from daring to take from it.
    • Smaug wasn't the only neighbor he had problems with, though. Others include the very destructive Sindragosa and Grima, given their genocidal agendas. He also opposes Arthas and his Scourge by extension, who killed and revived Sindragosa in the first place.
    • Crossed paths with Fafnir when he wanted to stake a claim on Lofwyr's hoard, though the former dwarf was ultimately disappointed that most of it wasn't even gold. Still, the Great Dragon wasn't going to let this pass and they've been enemies since then.
  • Given his reputation against dragons, he's got his eyes on the Dovahkiin and takes efforts to not come off as a priority target by subtly directing him to his enemies. After all, despite the threat this Dragonborn poses to him personally, when "used" correctly, he can be an extremely valuable asset.
  • As CEO of a Mega-Corp, Lofwyr has eyes for others of his size or greater in the Pantheon. Mainly, these are Buy n Large (which was big enough to encompass the entire world, and then ruin it and take its customers to space, which he did not like), Scrooge McDuck (not only has he made it big, he did it without any underhanded shortcuts), the Corpus (with its reaches spanning planetary systems, though their use of robots does make things tense between them), and E-Corp.
    • He's also got other people under his radar. Such as the multiversal merchant family of Annas, even if their clientele isn't much to speak of (only weapons, magic tomes, "stat-boosters", fanservice photographs, etc.). While Rodin is just a humble weaponsmith, there's also the fact that he's a fallen angel turned demon, and very powerful to boot, as some of his employees were able to gather from rumors.
  • In his mind, "it is the duty of the enlightened sovereign to guide the lives of his inferiors, to lead by example (and to reap the rewards)." In short, the strong deserve to rule. This has drawn Lucifer's interest, despite Lofwyr's controlling tendencies, and he's invited the dragon to join the Grand United Alliance of Chaos. No conclusive reply has been made as of yet.
  • After the last one who said it ended up getting swallowed whole by him, no one dares call Lofwyr a "corrupt, self-serving corporate headmaster", even if that's mostly what he is.
  • Even though Saeder-Krupp isn't at all racist or biased against any race, metatype, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or awakened status, Lofwyr has no tolerance for AIs and other sapient machines, holding a serious mistrust for them, though his company can occasionally hire one as a freelancer. Apparently, this is because as synthetics don't require food, money, vice, or anything else the corporation could offer them as benefits, buying their loyalty is virtually impossible, and enslaving them is dangerous. One good reason for this is that one rogue A.I. his company had created was used in a plot to wipe out dragonkind — and once freed, started its own plot to enslave a Great Dragon. As such, he's gone to war with Grand United Alliance of Machines and distrusts machines of all alignments, but as stated before, he might hire the help of one in certain cases.
    • He also has a dim view of Infected, ghouls, vampires, and other (near-)undead, due to his knowledge of the connection between the Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus (that makes ghouls in his world) and the Horrors.
  • Out of principle, he opposes those who would destroy all of existence. Not only would it be bad for business, but it's also a reminder of the Horrors he and the rest of his kind are keeping at bay. He also has it out against Eldritch Abominations in general, and desires to remove them permanently by any means possible.
  • "Never deal with a Dragon."

Ophis, Almighty Representation of the Ouroboros (Ouroboros Dragon, Infinite Dragon God, The Strongest Existence, Ultimate Dragon)

Sindragosa, Goddess of Undead Dragons (The Frost Queen, Queen of the Frostbrood, "Chillmaw", Sindy)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A dragon's skull
  • Theme Song: Sindragosa's Lair
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Frost Wyrm, Evil Is Deathly Cold, Large Ham, Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds
  • Domains: Undeath, Dragons, Ice, Tragedy
  • Followers: SkullGreymon, Bonechill
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Tiamat
  • Enemies: Deathwing, Malygos, Nefarian, Sylvanas Windrunner, Kyurem, Ornstein, Elsa, Artix Von Krieger, Usalia
  • Unknown Connection: Jaina Proudmoore, Medivh
  • After the events following the discovery that Grima wasn't really an undead dragon, Arthas immediately saw an opportunity to bring forth one of his mightiest minions to the pantheon. Sindragosa immediately rose to the pantheon to join her master and immediately settled in the spots that Grima left behind.
    • This also helped Arthas strategically, as it allows him to keep a close eye in the House of Undead and allow the Scourge to control an important spot of the same house. Of course, Stitches was already covering said position, but because he is not the sharpest tool in the garrison, Sindragosa's arrival was a huge advantage for the Lich King.
  • Malygos was shocked after he saw the former queen of his dragonflight in the state she is right now. Sindragosa despises him for leaving her for dead and is openly antagonistic towards the Blue aspect. Though she openly admits that if Deathwing is involved, he has no doubts in teaming up with him.
  • Most smiters of the Undead hadn't taken into account how powerful Sindragosa really is, with not even Artix being strong enough to take her down. Thankfully, she is now mounting guard in Arthas' personal temple, but the GUAG fears if Arthas will eventually try to use her at some point.
  • She also bonds with the Skeleton King about their shared fates of betrayal and how they returned as undead monsters looking for Revenge. However, Leoric has expressed some form of disdain towards Arthas for what he did to his father, making both the Frost Wyrm and the fallen King to argue about Sindragosa's allegiance to the Lich King.
  • The Night's King has taken a special interest about the giant Frost Wyrm, who could prove a powerful force against the Dragons of Westeros. Although if he wants to use Sindragosa for his own schemes, he has to ask Arthas about it first. And given that the Lich King is interested in taking over Westeros, most of its resident are certainly horrified if this alliance does last.
  • Any god close to her temple reports that her roar is incredibly loud. And it gets increasingly annoying as well.
  • Harth Stonebrew has claimed to have seen someone who resembles her a lot, going by the name of Chillmaw, attending to the Tavern from time to time. Although she has denied having any connection with said Frost Wyrm.
  • Often compared to Kyurem, who is said to resemble a non-dead version of a Dracolich. Neither Kyurem nor Sindragosa likes the comparison very much.
  • Sometimes joins her master in the Nexus whenever he requires her aid. She isn't a regular contender like most people from her world, but that doesn't mean she can't freeze the battlefield whenever she is summoned.
  • Has developed a fierce rivalry with Tiamat, who once used to be the sole evil female dragon of the pantheon. Sindragosa also doesn't like her given how she is also associated with Deathwing.
  • In an alternate timeline, Sindragosa decided to aid the mage Jaina Proudmoore or even the Magus Medivh whenever they required her aid. Of course, she doesn't know why, but still respects them in a way.
  • "The icy winds of Northrend will consume your souls!"
  • Also present in the House of Undead.

Smaug, God of Treasure Hoarding (Smaug the Golden, the Magnificent, Chiefest and Greatest of Calamities)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A large mound of gold and jewels
  • Theme Song: Smaug (score by Howard Shore)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Collecting treasure, being feared by all, a missing scale, Pride, Greed, hostility at minor offenses, clever wit, claims of grandeur, searing fire breath, psychological torment
  • Domains: Treasure, Destruction, Greed
  • Heralds: Glaurung, Scatha the Worm
  • Followers: Chrysophylax Dives, Ladon, the fucanglong, the Red Dragon, SCP-1779, Equestrian dragons
  • Allies(?): Acnologia
  • Enemies: Bilbo Baggins, Gandalf, the House of Commerce, Bahamut, Spike, Carmen Sandiego, Sly Cooper, Dovahkiin, Gimli, Alexstrasza, Spyro, Ornstein and Smough, the entire cast of Fairy Tail, Coco Reeve and Miranda Campbell
  • Evil counterpart to: Nozdormu
  • Odd Friendship: Daenerys Targaryen
  • The coming of Smaug was fast and violent. In a flash, the dragon had torn his way into the House of Commerce breathing fire and tearing apart defenses. Eventually he had caused enough chaos to create a temporary evacuation, which he used to hoard the riches of the house together for himself. He didn't have long to enjoy these godly spoils, as he was quickly opposed by those he had just stolen from, including the likes of Wario and Scrooge McDuck. These conflicts escalated continuously until the King of Dragons and finally the Dragonborn himself were sent to drive off Smaug. Although driven off, the dragon did not leave empty handed and was able to carry with it a portion of the treasure into an empty temple he claimed as his own.
  • As his great wealth was stolen from others long ago, Sly Cooper has been preparing his gang for a few raids against the dragon, while Carmen Sandiego was ready to live out a childhood fantasy of robbing a dragon itself. These moves have caused Smaug to attack the House of Crime almost as readily as the House of Commerce. The Pantheon as a whole has become a little more violent with the dragon's inclusion.
  • Tried to swallow the young dragon Spike whole when the would be thief tried to eat one of his many gems. Fortunately for Spike, he was able to learn not to antagonize Smaug further.
  • When not trying to build his own wealth or defending it from burglars, the dragon is normally buried in his gold for a long nap. A good number of gods breath easier when these times roll around.
  • Following his initial attacks, Queen Alexstrasza has always volunteered to subdue Smaug should he attempt to run attacks on other Houses again. Smaug is particularly annoyed with this troublemaker because she constantly scolds and lectures him as if he were her disobedient child.
  • Chester A. Bum, who was reviewing a movie at the time of Smaug's arrival, returned to the House of Commerce to find a massive hoard of gold and, unaware of Smaug's presence, began helping himself to the pile. When Smaug made himself known, Chester's abject horror and the quick return of the gold amused Smaug enough that he let Chester flee unharmed. However, Smaug has said he won't be so forgiving if Chester tries to steal from him again.
  • Has been compared with the bronze dragon Nozdormu because of their tendency to stay in his temple and rarely leave. He just laughs about that statement, claiming that he is not an old geezer who is lost in his own Mystical world of magic and generally does nothing productive with his temple. At least he has gold.
  • Much to the Pantheon's shock, Daenerys Targaryen is friends with Smaug. When she approached him asking for an alliance, Smaug was unimpressed. His opinion of her changed when she was left unscathed from his dragon fire. In High Valyrian, Dany had said, "I am the Blood of the Dragon. Fire cannot kill a Dragon." Impressed with Dany's gumption, Smaug is now one of Dany's main allies, much to the dismay of Tywin and Littlefinger. Of course, Dany now has to keep the peace between Smaug and Alexstrazsa.
  • Smaug got enraged upon learning the little person who forced him out of his cave and thus caused his death is in the Pantheon. One of the few things that makes him leave his treasure is an attempt to kill Bilbo, though the hobbit has evaded him so far.
  • Sometimes his temple gets visits from people who mistake Smaug's voice for Khan, Doctor Strange, or Sherlock. He's definitely not pleased at this.
  • Also present in the House of Commerce, in the Hall of Commercial Attitude.

    Tao Trio 
Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem, Draconic Personifications of Yin And Yang (The Tao Trio | Reshiram: The Vast White Pokémon | Zekrom: The Deep Black Pokémon | Kyurem: The Boundary Pokémon)
Clockwise: Kyurem, White Kyurem, Reshiram, Zekrom, Black Kyurem
Hall of Dragons, and more specifically, to the same seat as the two dragons, because Kyurem represents wuji, the absence of Yin and Yang and from which the two come from.
  • They also have a seat in the House of Philosophy. Their temple is different from the other Philosophy gods; the two dragons reside in a place known as Dragonspiral Tower, an old 7-floor tall tower that housed Reshiram and Zekrom when they were originally sealed. The tower’s origins remain unknown. Kyurem, on other hand, resides in a giant chasm where it is believed a meteor it rode on landed.
  • N was happy to see that the three dragons ascended. On the other hand, Ghetsis fears that those Pokémon will team up again with N, since they want vengeance for his treatment of N and trying to freeze Unova over with a mind-controlled Kyurem. N often makes occasional visits to the Tao Trio.
    • Reshiram and Zekrom are also mad about the fact that Ghetsis’s claim that no matter how powerful Pokémon are, they are still just Pokémon, is not entirely wrong. While the dragons are planning their revenge against him, they are also concerned that Ghetsis will try and use Kyurem again.
  • If Reshiram and Zekrom are not fighting each other over their beliefs, then one of them is fighting against either Groudon, Kyogre, or Rayquaza. What seals this rivalry is that these Pokémon are representative of specific conflicts (Reshiram and Zekrom being Yin-Yang, and Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza over the weather). It doesn’t help that Groudon and Kyogre have Primal Reversions and Rayquaza can Mega Evolve. Couple that with Mega Rayquaza being extremely powerful and the end result are two very bitter dragons.
    • In particular, Zekrom has a strong rivalry with Rayquaza due to the both of them having worked with Oda Nobunaga in the past.
      • Speaking of Nobunaga, Reshiram also seems to have memories of allying itself with Hideyoshi during that time in Ransei.
  • A mortal named Damon sought the help of either Reshiram or Zekrom in restoring his kingdom. Reports are varied as to which one he specifically used to accomplish this. Not even Ash Ketchum, who partnered with the other dragon during the incident, can say who teamed up with which dragon.
  • Do NOT call the two dragons Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Red-Eyes Black Dragon. Next person to do that will be on the receiving end of a Fusion Flare and/or Fusion Bolt.
  • Acnologia originally had interest in the two dragons, but put them on his shit list after learning that not only do they have sympathetic beliefs, but they are also willing to ally themselves with humans. Prior to that, Acnologia fought Reshiram and Zekrom in a 1-on-2 battle that resulted in severe damage throughout the Houses of Philosophy, Hatred, and Life and Death. N and Bahamut had to break up the battle before the damages got any higher.
    • After hearing that Kyurem was the strongest dragon, and that it eats humans, Acnologia tried to get him join his cause. However, after Kyurem said that those claims are nothing more than fairy tales, and he has no interest in working with him, Acnologia forced Kyurem to battle, with the aftermath being the entirety of House of Otherness being frozen solid. Acnologia only left after the five Ryus came to assist Kyurem.
  • As certain gods do battle in front of N’s Castle, Reshiram and Zekrom watch from afar. One of them will jump into battle and unleash their power.
  • Yin and Yang are known for being feminine and masculine respectively. Weirdly enough, Reshiram is the feminine one and Zekrom is more masculine. That and whenever they speak telepathically, they both have pretty deep, dramatic voices, and even both identify as male.
  • Since they both represent conflicting beliefs, Reshiram and Zekrom found supporters in Ryuko and Satsuki respectively. The one thing the four agree on is that Ragyo is a terrible person, if only because she reminds Reshiram and Zekrom of Ghetsis, but much worse.
  • Reshiram's ascension drew the ire of Grima. Grima is convinced Reshiram is a Divine Dragon, citing the apparent resemblance. Reshiram has yet to notice, but Zekrom sees Grima as a major threat, much like the rest of the pantheon do. It may be possible that the original dragon that Kyurem once was may come to form once again, if Reshiram eventually notices Grima, that is.
  • Ash's Pikachu has a contrasting relationship between the two dragons. The former had struck the Mouse Pokémon with lightning, causing Pikachu to temporary lose the ability to use electric attacks. The latter was freed by Pikachu when Ghetsis used technology to outright control the dragon.
  • Kyurem is known for being one of strongest dragons in Pantheon. Dragon is weak to Ice, after all. Granted, Kyurem alone cannot do much, but as White Kyurem or Black Kyurem, it becomes one of strongest Pokémon around. One can only imagine what kind of creature the Original Dragon was...
  • Anyone brave enough is able to fight Kyurem whenever it can. However, make sure that you will finish that fight, even of you must admit defeat. If you don't, Kyurem will hunt you to the ends of the Pantheon.
  • Kyurem visits the House of Prophecy a lot, due the fact that it ultimately obeys what it sees as being fate. And it will make sure that future will happen. As of now, he knows who will be the victor once Bahamut has the final clash against each other... and he is ready to make sure no one intervenes with the fight.
    • However, at the same time, he does find himself fascinated by those who happen to defy the fate that has been foreseen for them. Though Kyurem warns them that if they wish to defy it, they had better be ready to defy those who want to carry it out.
  • Kyurem might or might not be Yukari Yakumo's favourite Pokémon.
  • Kyurem supposedly avoids Judai Yuki even though the young duelist insists that he can fuse him back together. When asked for an explanation, he comments that the world isn't ready for it yet. Yes, even if Judai is immune to such things.
  • Kyurem has come to respect the dragon Nozdormu on how he accepted his future as the mad dragon Murozond. Nozdormu, in turn, wants him to become an honorary member of the Bronze Dragonflight, even though the Pokémon himself is not interested.
  • Also found in the House of Philosophy, in the Hall of Complex Symbolism.

Intermediate Gods

    Daenerys I Targaryen 
Queen Daenerys Targaryen, First Of Her Name, Divine Herald of Dragons Returning (Daenerys Stormborn, Dany, Khaleesi, Mhysa, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, The Silver Queen, The Dragon Queen, Princess of Dragonstone, Queen of the Ashes)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbols: The Sigil of House Targaryen: A red, three-headed dragon on a black field
  • Theme Songs: "Mother of Dragons" and "Mhysa"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, eventually Neutral Evil (has regressed to Neutral Evil leanings in the Pantheon)
  • Portfolio: The Dragons Come Back, The Anti-Nihilist, Beware the Nice Ones, Underwent Some Serious Character Development, Considered to be the Greater-Scope Villain in Westeros, Deadpan Snarker, Has Three Dragons as Pets, Determinator, Dude Magnet, Dragon Rider, Fighting for a Homeland, The Exile, Foreign Fanservice, Kill It with Fire The Queen With Three Dragons And The Unsullied, Messianic Archetype
  • Domains: Queens, Royalty, Dragons, Dragonfire, Incest
  • Heralds: Her three dragons, Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion (though the last one at times reverts into a Dracolich), Khal Drogo (her husband), Missandei (her handmaiden), Ser Jorah Mormont (Lord Commander of her Queensguard), Grey Worm (Unsullied commander), Daario Naharis (unofficial Queensguard member)
  • Followers: Kisara, The Hooligan Tribe
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Cao Cao, Arthas Menethil
  • On (Somewhat) Speaking Terms With: Jaime Lannister
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed By: The very evil Dragon Deities
  • Opposes: Indominus Rex (it tried to eat her dragons), Riptor (it tried to eat her), Zeus (he tried to get in her skirts), a good portion of ice-based deities in the Pantheon
  • Fears: the Dovahkiin (and for good reason)
  • Pities: Seto Kaiba
  • Complicated Relationship: Ser Barristan Selmy (bodyguard and Queensguard member)
  • The ear-splitting roar was heard over the skies of the Pantheon. The source was three massive Dragons flying overhead, one the color of bronze and emerald, the second the color of cream and gold, and the largest one black-and-red. Perched on the back of the largest dragon was a young woman with silver-blond hair and lilac eyes. The scion of House Targaryen, Daenerys Stormborn, had come to the Pantheon.
  • Initially entered under a different trope, but later chose to be closer to her dragons by representing The Dragons Come Back instead. Many felt this was an appropriate choice as she was the one to hatch and raise dragons after well over a century of them being extinct. Her dragons have helped her rise to power in Essos, and are going to be a deciding factor in the war for power in Westeros.
  • It is said that madness and greatness are but opposite sides of a coin, and that whenever a Targaryen is born, the gods flip a coin to see whether or not the Targaryen would be great. So far, Dany has not shown signs of the infamous Targaryen madness. Her father and brother, on the other hand...
    • Due to her experiences with psychotic family members, she feels no end of sympathy for Ange, who was nearly killed by her own brother and, for a while, consigned to servitude, something of a Berserk Button for the slave liberator.
  • Speaking of Viserys, it's one of the reasons why she avoids Johan Liebert like the plague.
  • She has also hit it off very well with Salamandinay and pledged to assist her, along with Ange and Tusk, against Embryo and any other malevolent dragon-slaughtering deities in the pantheon.
  • Her former Herald, Tyrion Lannister, and Lord Varys had arranged a meeting between Dany and Eddard Stark inside her temple, which is a perfect replica of The Red Keep. The two deities sat down and Ned told Dany the circumstances surrounding Robert's Rebellion and the role that Tywin Lannister played in the war. Dany really couldn't blame Ned for raising his arms in rebellion. After all, her father was a madman. Ned also took responsibility for what his elder brother had done to provoke Aerys' reaction. As the saying goes, 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend,' which is why she and Lord Stark are now allies.
  • Much to the Pantheon's shock, Dany is friends with Smaug. When she approached him asking for an alliance, Smaug was unimpressed. His opinion of her changed when she was left unscathed from his dragonfire. In High Valyrian, Dany had said, "I am the Blood of the Dragon. Fire cannot kill a Dragon." Impressed, Smaug is now one of Dany's main allies, much to the dismay of Tywin Lannister and Petyr Baelish. Of course, Dany now has to keep the peace between Smaug and Alexstrazsa.
  • As she is of House Targaryen, and therefore, 'The Blood of the Dragon,' Daenerys is a frequent visitor to the Hall of Dragons, where she is welcomed by most of the deities there. It is here that her, ahem...children can frolic and play with the other friendly dragons. At least with her ascension, she has better control over her dragons, unlike her mortal shell. Dany is now petitioning for her dragons to ascend to the Pantheon.
  • Dany can credit Alexstrazsa for mentoring and training her when it comes to better controlling her dragons, as she does not want a repeat of what had happened to the farmer's 4-year-old daughter...or to give the Dovahkiin an excuse to hunt her children down.
  • Speaking of the Dovahkiin, Dany and her dragons steer clear of the dragon slayer whenever they visit, due to him being able to permanently put down dragons. She wonders how in the world he is part of the Hall of Dragons if his purpose is kill them.
  • Caim and Angelus are thrilled to find another dragonrider in the Pantheon. Both Caim and Dany have a friendly race whenever she brings her Dragons along. So far, they are tied with five wins apiece.
  • There is no denying that she is beautiful. Some say that she is the most beautiful woman in the Pantheon, with her Valyrian features. Of course, some might be put off by the fact that she is the product of nearly 300 years of inbreeding. Despite this, Dany has plenty of admirers, both male and female, in the Pantheon, vying for her hand.
  • Seto Kaiba feels very uncomfortable in her presence. Despite sharing an affinity with dragons, Daenerys bears a strong resemblance to Kisara, the white-haired, pale-skinned vessel of the Blue Eyes White Dragon and lost love of Kaiba's past incarnation, Priest Seto, all of which he still tries to dismiss as "occult nonsense". Therefore, he's been evasive and apathetic at best (more than usual, anyway). His views haven't endeared Dany all that much, either.
  • Hates Lord Tywin Lannister for masterminding the Sack of King's Landing, which had been the final nail in the coffin, leading not only to House Targaryen's downfall, but also the murders of her father, sister-in-law, niece and nephew. It is a hatred shared with Lord Stark, as Tywin had orchestrated the Red Wedding, resulting in the deaths of Lord Stark's wife, son, daughter-in-law and unborn grandson.
  • Friends with Kratos due to their mutual hatred of Zeus. While Kratos despises Zeus for screwing him out of his absolution (later for him to discover that he had to forgive himself) and for trying to kill him, Dany dislikes Zeus not only that he reminds her of Robert Baratheon, a known womanizer, but the fact that he tried to seduce her, only for Dany to refuse him. Kratos chased Zeus off and the Mother of Dragons and the Ghost of Sparta have been allies ever since. When asked why Kratos did not try and jump Dany's bones, he replied, "She reminds me of Calliope."
  • Despite being a Queen, Dany realizes that she still has a lot to learn when it comes to being a benevolent ruler. That is one of the main reasons why she was seen in the company of Aragorn, who has become a mentor to Dany in all things dealing with leadership. Aragorn sees that Dany is rough around the edges, but has the potential to become a great Queen.
  • Due to their striking resemblance, the T-800 Mk.2, or rather, the T-800 known as 'Pops,' tend to confuse Dany for Sarah Connor.
  • While it's polite not to mention it in her presence, the House of Music frequently compliments Daenerys' attempts at singing.
  • Her attempts in getting Tyrion ascended has proven to be successful. However, Dany discovers that Jamie Lannister had also ascended around the same time as his brother. Her first line of thought was to feed the newly-christened God of Kingslaying to her dragons, but at Tyrion's urging, had a meeting with Jamie instead. When Dany demanded as to why he had stabbed her father, the Mad King, in the back, Jamie told her of his time as a member of Aerys' Kingsguard, in which he witnessed Aerys burning people alive and hearing of how he had raped his sister-wife afterwards (leading to speculate that Dany is the result of this). Jamie goes on to say that he stabbed Aerys in the back in order to save King's Landing from being burned down by wildfire. As a result, Dany has a non-aggression pact with Jamie, much to Tyrion's relief.
  • Was behind the ascension of Jon Snow. Dany finds it a bit strange that her nephew is a year older than she is. But Jon is her brother’s son, and is happy to see that she is not the last Targaryen.
  • Some people are concerned that Dany will one day descend into madness just like Aerys II Targaryen, her father, and hope that their fears are unfounded. They were not.
  • Once in her journeys, Dany found someone who looked a lot like her late husband Khal Drogo. That would be Conan the Barbarian, who has since gone along with her whenever he can until Drogo himself ascends. Dany has grown a liking for Arthur Curry, who has shared said avatar with Conan — though she only sees him as the muscular blonde from another live-action portrayal.

Falkor, God of Heroic Dragons (Fuchur, Falcor, Falcore)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Himself
  • Theme Song: "The NeverEnding Story"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: An unusual and extremely benevolent dragon characterized by his immense good luck, The Pollyanna, likes children, Giant Flyer, lucky enough to perform several rescues in the nick of time, name derived from 'fukuryu' (good luck dragon), breathes blue fire, weak to water
  • Domains: Dragons, Heroism, Luck
  • Followers: Elliot, Magellan, Drampa, Kai and Kaya Romero, Sisu
  • Allies: Shizuku Tsukishima, Yona, Issei Hyodo, The Pagemaster, Ressha Sentai ToQger, many dragons, Hiccup and Toothless, Pollyanna Whittier, House of Childhood and Adolescence, Totoro, The Hawkins Party
  • Enemies: The Nothing, Acnologia, The Shadow Monster/Mind Flayer
  • Complicated Relations: Dovahkiin, The Faun
  • Falkor is a Luckdragon, a creature unique to the realm of Fantasia. Luckdragons are known for their extremely good luck and Falkor has a positive personality to match. Falkor was a companion of Atreyu during his journey to stop the Nothing, becoming his steed after the boy lost his beloved horse Artax in the Swamps of Sadness. Falkor's optimism gave Atreyu courage in the darkest times and he often helped the boy out of a pinch. All-in-all, he was instrumental in avoiding Fantasia's destruction by the Nothing.
  • Accidentally discovered the Pantheon when he was flying in some uncharted part of Fantasia. He had gotten caught up in a storm and got tossed around, knocking him unconscious. When he came to, he was being patched up by a group of people led by a red-haired girl and a boy with spiky hair. He soon learned these were Princess Yona and Issei Hyodo, who had recognized Falkor themselves upon first sight and took it upon themselves to help out such a brave and good dragon. Falkor gave credit to his good luck that he had been discovered by friends instead of enemies after crashing in an unknown land. He decided he would stick around to see if his luck would cause him to meet more friends. The Main House eventually resolved to deify him with domain over Delightful Dragon.
  • Was horrified and dismayed to learn that the Nothing had found its way into this new plane as well, long before he did. The Nothing is a significant existential threat, seeing as the Pantheon, much like Fantasia, relies on imagination and stories for its existence. Fortunately, there is no lack of ingenuity among the population and the Nothing has been successfully kept at bay in the edges of the Pantheon by a special railroad powered by imagination. A railroad which is maintained and watched over by the Ressha Sentai ToQger, a team of heroes whose powers are derived from their imagination. Falkor fast became friends with the team, who received the Luckdragon warmly, and praised their bravery in fighting the Nothing. He also promised he'd come to their rescue if they ever got themselves in a pinch. He seems to be rather protective of them given that they are technically children.
  • And speaking of children, Falkor is really very fond of them and spends a good deal of his time in the Pantheon playing with them, or protecting them from evil forces, depending. He makes frequent stops in the House of Childhood and Adolescence for that reason, whenever he's not flying around, exploring the whole of the Pantheon. The children themselves are very happy to have a big, fluffy and nice dragon who will play with them and sometimes let them fly on his back, so Falkor is obviously very popular there.
    • One child Falkor has developed a special predilection for (though he's careful not to show it in front of the other children) is Pollyanna Whittier, as she shares with him the personality of always being optimistic even in bleak circumstances. Given Pollyanna had her breaking points as a result of being an orphan under the custody of an unwilling aunt, but still managed to push through, Falkor cares a great deal for her and is sure to run to her rescue should her happiness be threatened in some way.
  • Falkor has also developed an interest in meeting all the fantastic creatures notable for their friendliness towards children. So it was that he came to meet and befriend Totoro, after hearing the forest spirit's young friends Satsuki and Mei talk so much about him and how much Falkor reminded them of Totoro. Totoro himself was receptive to Falkor's intention of making friends, recognizing a fellow giant and fluffy protector of children's innocence and imagination when he sees one.
  • Falkor was soon enough paid a visit by the children who formed The Hawkins Party, devoted to protecting their small town from the Shadow Monster. They were all excited to meet the iconic dragon from a movie that is all the rage where (or when) they come from. Only Dusty felt visibly abashed to do so, since it reminded him of the embarrassing incident where he had to sing Limahl's song in order to save the day and virtually everybody was listening. It Makes Sense in Context. Falkor was delighted to hear the story, either way, and also more generally delighted to make friends with the kids. He promised them he would do whatever was in his power to help them against the Shadow Monster, not unlike how he helped Atreyu, which caused the team, even Dusty, who got over his embarrassment, to cheer.
  • Given that Falkor is effectively a character in a book that more or less guards all the imagination in the world, he is an important figure for many deities with a strong connection to literature. The Pagemaster was quick to establish an alliance with the Luckdragon with that in mind, which brought Falkor's attention around to the writers in the Pantheon. He got especially interested in the budding novelist Shizuku Tsukishima and her not-always-happy journey to complete her first novel. Falkor hopes that this girl can fly to even greater heights of imagination and contribute more of her work to the world. Perhaps it's for that reason that he offered to fly her anywhere she wants in Fantasia, the first deity he has offered that to.
  • If there is an emotion that Falkor rarely finds himself feeling, that would be anger, but that was how he felt upon coming across the Faun while communing with the deities in the Hall of Fantastical Beasts. While the Faun's aloof behavior doesn't bother Falkor much, he was irate at learning of his carelessness in guiding an imaginative girl called Ofelia through some dangerous adventures. Given the Faun is still not exactly apologetic about it, he and Falkor don't quite see eye-to-eye. The Faun's mockery of what he terms Falkor's coddling and overly cheerful usual attitude doesn't help either.
  • Between his explorations, stays at the House of Childhood and Adolescence and occasional returns to Fantasia, he isn't seen that much at the Hall of Dragons despite being assigned to it. However that doesn't mean he's not interested in making friends with his fellow fantastical lizards, and with his agreeable and sociable personality, he was quick to make friends with other good dragons like Spyro, Tiki, Mushu, etc. He can even charm more grouchy dragons into adopting a more friendly disposition and is willing to even chat with someone like Bowser. Although, Falkor feels some of the worst ones like Acnologia or Smaug would be impossible to get through to and so stays away from them. Acnologia has a virulent hatred for all dragons, to which Falkor isn't an exception, so he probably has a point there.
    • Falkor is also happy to become friends with humans who have significant relationships with dragons, such as Hiccup, who fostered peace between his village and dragons by befriending the Night Fury who would come to be known as Toothless. Hiccup was happy about a new species of dragon he had never seen before ascending, while Toothless was naturally a bit more cautious at first, but soon relented as it was obvious to him Falkor meant no harm.
    • Even though the Dovahkiin is a passionate slayer of dragons, he has learned to leave Falkor well alone after witnessing for himself just how benevolent and harmless Falkor is. Falkor remains a little uncertain about him given the Dovahkiin hasn't bothered to actually come talk to him, though in his characteristic positive way of looking at things, he assumes the Dovahkiin must find it awkward to do so, what with his occupation and all.

    Jake Long 
Jacob Luke "Jake" Long, God of Were-Dragons (The American Dragon)
Click here for his dragon form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A gong with his human shadow imposed on a dragon shadow
  • Theme Song(s): The American Dragon intro theme songs (both Season 1 and 2)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Weredragon through Dragon Ancestry, The Hero (Knight in Sour Armor and Pragmatic Hero type), Cocky, Shirks Responsibilities But Noble And Heroic, Heroic Red Dragons, Half-Caucasian, Half-Chinese, Big Eater, Beware the Nice Ones, Protagonist Title
  • Domains: Dragons, Heroism, Teenagers, Shapeshifters
  • Followers: Ryuko Tatsuma/Ryukyu, D'Bra, The Dragon/An Yu
  • Heralds: Luong Lao-Shi (his grandfather), Jonathan and Susan Long (his parents), Haley Kay Long (his little sister), Arthur P. "Spud" Spudinski and Trixie Carter (his best friends), Rose/Huntsgirl (his girlfriend).
  • Allies: Fu Dog, Lilo and Stitch, Spyro the Dragon, Harry Potter, Io, Bahamut, Crossbreed Priscilla, Ryu (Breath of Fire), Peter Parker/Spider Man, Avatars Wan, Aang and Korra, Zuko, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lloyd Garmadon
  • On good terms with: Benevolent members of the House of Otherness, most dragons really, Medusa (Fate series), friendly Deaths
  • Friendly Rival: Danny Phantom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Daenerys Targaryen (enemies with TV incarnation), The Dovahkiin
  • Enemies: The Dark Dragon, Acnologia, dragon hunters in general, Tiamat, Ripto, The Sorceress, Melkor, Smaug, Aerys II Targaryen, Voldemort, Kaido, The Shredder, The Dazzlings, Nekron, The Ebon Dragon
  • Opposes: Poseidon
  • Pities: The original Medusa
  • Jake Long is an at first unassuming Chinese-American teenager living in New York. In truth, he's a fire-breathing dragon whose job is to protect a secret world of magical creatures. The first American Dragon, he is said to be The Chosen One, though as a slacker teen he has a lot to learn. He gets it from his mom and her father. Normally he's in human form, but can transfer into a dragon.
  • The Weredragon trope was considered for Acnologia, however Jake decried this choice since Acnologia is a depraved beast who despises dragon and human alike. The fact that he hunts dragons only increased the American Dragon's ire towards him. It was Lilo and Stitch who ultimately proposed he gets the trope, as they had teamed up to deal with Morpholomew/Experiment 316.
  • Jake's ascension was a boon to the Otherness house, due to his role in guarding and protecting the magical creatures of an unseen world, though it remains taxing on his school life. Harry Potter has helped fill in some of his time protecting the magical world so he doesn't exhaust himself. Jake's travels eventually led him to meet another New York superhero, Peter Parker, who can relate to the stress of his role as Dragon Guardian given his own bad luck and responsibilities being a superhero.
  • The American Dragon wasn't happy to learn there were a number of fantastic racists who would want to see him dead. Ripto hates dragons in general, even ones with a human form. Voldemort considers Jake Long both a muggleborn and a "filthy half-breed". None of them revolted Jake as much as the Sorceress, whose plan of becoming immortal involves ripping off the wings of baby dragons. He is also an enemy of Kaido, due to being a Weredragon whose desire to spark the biggest war the world has ever seen is insane.
  • Jake is against dragon hunters by principle, and hopes the wish to destroy them all will mean the Huntsclan won't enter the pantheon. However he makes an exception for the Dovahkiin, at least to a degree. Despite his memetic hatred of dragons, the Dovahkiin only goes after malicious dragons and not ones outside the The Elder Scrolls verse as he doesn't have the same dreaded factor. He does have bad experiences with dragons as a whole so he only works with Jake to counter-act evil dragons. He'll be there if and/or when the Dark Dragon arrives.
  • As nobody knows where said Dark Dragon comes from, Jake wondered if he was a pupil of Melkor. Melkor claimed he was behind his turn to darkness, which was believable, but eventually his vanity led him to boast he is the progenitor of all dragons and that he is Jake's rightful ruler. Io stepped in and informed that other than possibly having a role in the Dark Dragon he's full of it. Jake naturally opposes someone as malignant as the first Dark Lord, and came to recognize Io as the true progenitor of dragons. He and Bahamut were proud to see Jake managed to make it to the pantheon.
  • While usually not as bad as the head of the Huntsclan, Shredder is still a villain who corrupted a ninja clan for his evil ends and that gives Jake bad memories of the Huntsclan. Fortunately for Jake he has the TMMT for backup, who can even turn into dragons themselves in one universe. Jake can also count for back up in the Dragon Warrior Po, and the quarter dragon Lloyd Garmadon.
  • There were a number of evil dragons like Tiamat or Smaug that Jake considers a threat to the magical world, however there are more benevolent, neutral or less bad dragons who considered him a great addition to their sub-house. Even Bowser was pleased, and in spite of sometimes fighting Jake Long when he uses magic for evil purposes like kidnapping the Sprixies they sometimes work together, especially when someone proves Eviler than Thou. Jake's a more straight ally with Spyro the Dragon.
  • His Dragon Ancestry was a point of interest for the Targaryens. Jake theorizes that their association with dragons and unique royal abilities are because Valyrians have actual dragons in their family tree. He wasn't happy around the likes of the Mad King Aerys, who in his delusions believed that burning down King's Landing with wildfire would have him reborn as a dragon. His daughter Daenerys was more level-headed and impressed by Jake, however the American Dragon is careful with her as while she has good intentions she can be...ruthless. Her TV incarnation's Face–Heel Turn has made that version an enemy of Jake Long.
  • He and Danny Phantom are rivals, albeit friendly ones. Other gods have noticed the comparisons: they're half-otherworldly beings who can shapeshift to that form, teenage superheroes and they help deal with supernatural/otherworldly threats. A simulation was made to determine in a no holds-bar fight who'd win. The simulation concluded Danny would make the winning strategy of overshadowing Jake and blasting him into a ghost.
  • Jake has faced a variety of magical threats, some with counterparts or same-species in the pantheon. He had experience with a siren who pretended to be a nice geek girl and manipulated him, so he knows the threat that the Dazzlings pose. He's cautious when it comes to numbered magical threats. The Ebon Dragon reminded him of the #11 threat, the Shadow Dragons, however he was far 'worse than even the Dark Dragon
  • He was used to Medusa being a villain along with her siblings. To a point this is true with the original, however she isn't interested in domination and more seeks revenge on the gods for what happened to her. While she is still a magical threat, Jake honestly feels sorry for her as she was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, who punished her for having sex in her temple. Jake is disappointed that Athena would victim blame and wants nothing to do with Poseidon. He is on much better terms with the Servant version of the gorgon.
  • Jake would rather not mention the time his grandfather wanted to hook him up with a younger version of his mom when he time traveled back to 1986. Marty McFly and Philip J Fry said that "it could've gone worse". He got Marty, but when taking a look at Fry's trope he felt a bit queasy and reaffirmed not wanting to mention said incident.
  • The nicer Grim Reapers wanted Fu Dog to ascend first, not Jake. This is because he's a good friend of his universe's Death, aka Marty. He's pleasant company. Most good reapers got a good word from Marty, who is probably closest to Grimm as they are rather chill, and funny. However Marty is actually competent. All of them warned him of Nekron, grimmest of the Reapers, who would jump on the chance to bring back the entire Huntsclan as a Black Lantern army against Jake and his friends.
  • As Jake is a protector of two worlds, he works closely with all versions of the Avatar. He is also friends with Zuko, given dragons are the symbol of the Fire Nation and he learned the true firebender style from dragons. The fact that Jake and Zuko have similar-sounding voices is a bonus point. A bit later than people expected, he ended meeting up and partnering with the Saturdays, which isn't surprising because they investigate the secrets of the world and the many cryptids. Jake helps with the nastier ones.
    "He's cool he's hot like a frozen sun. He's young, he's fast, he's the chosen one."

    Rathalos and Rathian 
Rathalos and Rathian, Divine Duo of Wyverns (Both: Rath; Rathalos: Liolæus, Fire Wyvern, King of the Skies [Azure: Azure Fire Wyvern; Silver: Silver Sun; Dreadking: Darkness Lord, Darkflame Lord], Apex Rathalos; Rathian: Lioleia, Female Fire Wyvern, Queen of the Land [Pink: Pink/Cherry Blossom Fire Wyvern; Gold: Gold Fire Wyvern, Golden Moon; Dreadqueen: Deadly/Purple Poison Princess], Apex Rathian)
Azure Rathalos 
Silver Rathalos 
Dreadking Rathalos 
Zenith Rathalos 
Apex Rathalos
Pink Rathian 
Gold Rathian 
Dreadqueen Rathian 
Apex Rathian 
  • Intermediate Deities. Greater Deities (Golden Rathian, Silver Rathalos, Dreadqueen Rathian, Dreadking Rathalos, Zenith Rathalos, Apex Rathalos and Apex Rathian)
  • Symbols: Their Hunter Icons
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Foils to each other, Lion Motifs, Battle Couple, Lightning Bruisers, Traditional looking Wyverns, Utilizing Poison, Roars, and Fire, Many variants
  • Domains: Fire, Poison, Wyverns, Lion Motifs (Naming Only)
  • Sizes: 1140.6cm — 2248.6cm (Rathalos, Azure Rathalos, Silver Rathalos) 1954.89cm — 2242.98cm (Dreadking Rathalos) 1151.9cm — 2303.8cm (Rathian, Pink Rathian, Gold Rathian) 2240.69cm — 19733.45cm (Dreadqueen Rathian)
  • Heralds: The rest of their variants, especially Ratha and Rathi. Unknown Black Flying Wyvern and Zerureusu.
  • Allies: Master Hand
  • Rivals: Deviljho, Lagiacrus, Rajang, Zinogre, Glavenus, Brachydios, Akantor, Odibatorasu
  • Enemies: Plesioth, Barroth, Nerscylla, Seltas and Seltas Queen, the House of Food, Big Al, Hircine, Acnologia, The Gang of Seven
  • Fears: All Elder Dragons but mostly Gore and Shagaru Magala
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, All ascended Smash Fighters (especially Yoshi, Bowser, Marth, and Duck Hunt Team), users of electricity
  • There have been many monsters, both from the New World and Old, known throughout history of the Hunters Guild. From thunderous lupines, killer frog sharks, ice cold or molten behemoths, to giant spiders, crocodilian cobra eels, and virulent dragons. But few can match the sheer recognizability and numerousness of the Flying Wyverns that are the Raths. All Raths have excellent vision, ability to breath fire with flamesacs, poison foes (either with talons or tail), and bloodcurdling roars, though a Rathalos and a Rathian have different approaches in combat. The Rathalos takes to the air, befitting its title of the King of the Skies, and pelts foes with fire before descending upon them talons open. Befitting her title of the Queen of the Land, the Rathian prefers fighting on ground using instead the poison located on the barbs her tail and the giant spike on her chin to fell prey and rival monsters.
  • While the Pantheon is home to an exceedingly diverse amount of wildlife, in all honesty, it had been a long time coming for the Raths' ascension to the Pantheon. It had actually started out with a Gold Rathian being the follower of Ahtal-Ka, but soon became dissatisfied with the lack of territory and flew off its own one day. It flew around the Pantheon before eventually settling in an empty, elevated point in the House of Beasts. Following her, denizens began to report Rathaloses and Rathians in a bunch of different colors, some even constantly burning. Eventually the Court of Gods decided, after also deciding that wyverns are different enough from traditional dragons, to just ascend the entire species as a whole for Our Wyverns Are Different.
    • The Raths, save for colder areas such as the Hall of Ice and Cold, just about inhabit a wide array of environments and it wouldn't be out of place to find them flying around their territory, with the Rathalos and Rathian alternating from this and protecting the nest. Unfortunately, they're also very territorial and won't hesitate to attack intruders on sight. Weaker monsters like Barroth, Nerscylla, Seltas Duo, and Plesioth prefer to hide and not deal with them. Others like Zinogre, Brachydios, Lagiacrus, Rajang, Glavenus, and Deviljho put up a greater fight though the Raths prefer not to tangle with the last three. Akantor even Odibatorasu even less so.
      • And speaking of monsters they don't want to tangle with, Elder Dragons are a definite no-go. They're cunning enough to know that trying to oppose them is practically suicide. Especially with the Magalas and their Frenzy Virus they spread around.
  • There is one guaranteed way to grab a Rath's attention: Stealing their eggs. Particularly in the Rathian's case, they will drop whatever they're doing to hunt down whoever touched her eggs without fail. Usually it's one parent hunting the thief down, but people are in a very special world of hurt if both of them are drawn. Still, it has not deterred some in the House of Food from making requests to those like the Monster Hunters to do the dirty work for them. The Monster Hunters warned people not to overdo it but Rath eggs quickly caught on anyways. As a result the Raths quickly caught on to the House's schemes and just resorted to going after requesters themselves. A spike in hospitalizations by incineration and mauling later, the requests for Rath eggs were soon kept at a regulated minimum.
  • When fighting the Raths it is important to watch for its many moves it can pull off, not just the weapons and skills it had on hand- er, claw. A Rathalos may fire off a volley of Fireballs or even briefly fly up off the ground seemingly fleeing but actually just swoops down on the earth to create a small blast of poison. But the biggest one to watch out for, in terms of just the Rathalos at least, is the Rathalos World Tour. It lifts off the ground and circles around the attacker in air and... that's it. That's all it does. It's true purpose is to waste people's time.
    • On a more serious and helpful note, the Monster Hunters note that generally Thunder and Dragon element works best for all of them as they tend to be weak to both save for the Azure Rathalos, who's weak to Dragon and Ice, and the Silver Rathalos, who's weak to Thunder and Water. Blinding them with a sudden burst of bright light is also a good thing to do, although in Dreadking's case it's much more harder to pull off if you don't meet the right conditions.
  • Typically, the Monster Hunters are called up when problems involving the Raths arises, though many in the Hall of Hunters have had their fair share of tasks dealing with a Rathalos or Rathian at some point or another. The Dovahkiin distinctly remembers a time when a Rathalos lowered its altitude to rake the adventurer with its claws only for the Dovahkiin to use Unrelenting Force and cause the Flying Wyvern to come crashing down into someone's temple, caving in both the walls and most of the roof. Said deity (who for this purpose chose to remain anonymous) angrily asked why couldn't just use Dragonrend to just force the Rathalos to land. They agreed that they would have tried that, but the Monster Hunters told them before hand they weren't quite like the Dragons they fought back in Skyrim. As in, they aren't immortal children of a god and the whole point of Dragonrend was to force upon the alien idea of mortality upon them.
    Anonymous Deity: Okay, so you can't use it on the Raths. But did you have to use Unrelenting Force like that?
    The Dovahkiin: I had to chase that thing all around the House. It was a long day, alright?
    • Being the Egomaniac Hunter Daedric Prince that he is, Hircine is quite fond the King and Queen. Though they are not the flashiest of beasts, he thinks their more grounded way of fighting and sheer amount of staminanote  is satisfying as it is and has brought the Raths over to the Hunting Grounds from time to time. They don't like that he keeps doing that, though the Nature Preservers thankfully have already begun cracking down on his hunts, at least for the wildlife being dragged into them at least. Hircine dragging people into them is a different issue in of itself.
  • The Rathalos has the greater spotlight of the two, being a Mascot for the original Monster Hunter but also Series Mascot for the franchise, sharing that spot with the Felynes. The Azure Rathalos, meanwhile, serves as the Mascot for Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate. Though, that isn't to say the Rathian is completely left out. In Monster Hunter: Stories, a Rathalos and Rathian (named Ratha and Rathi) serve as the main Monsties for Lute and Cheval, respectively.
    • Big Boss recalled fighting a Rathalos during the time when he wa driving out some armed forces in Costa Rica. He did so after heading the sales pitch of a talking cat to head to Isla de Monstruo on the promise that "they'd drop amazing stuff". The use of modern firearms made the Flying Wyvern's domain over the skies almost trivial, if only for the fact that it ate loads of bullets and rockets before it finally went down. The dozens of Velociprey didn't really make it any easier.
    • Continuing off of Big Boss's tale, Solid Snake, and the rest of the Smash Fighters for that matter, also describe their recollections with the Rathalos. They said he appeared as an assist trophy, but they also vividly remember having to corner it to actually fight it during their conflict with Galeem. Whether or not if it's the same Rathalos or just one that holds a grudge, it apparently holds a special disliking to Marth, Yoshi, Bowser, and the Duck Hunt Team for some reason. The Rathalos did, however, get along with Master Hand considering they both were under the command of Galeem. Technically speaking, anyways. The rest of the Raths don't mind Master Hand which is quite the surprise given their temperament.
      • Isabelle got sheepish at the mention of the Rathalos and when questioned why people pointed to footage of her summoning an infinite amount Assist Trophies, which of course included the Rathalos and the sheer chaos it brought. People cackling at the insanity of it all and snide comments on "Rath mating season but with only one Rathian" aside, one comment from the crowd stood out.
    Dogged Monster Hunter: Still wouldn't get a Rathalos plate.
  • Naysayers of the Raths tend to bring up their dwindling status in power as newer monsters get revealed. Said new monsters tend to include an invasive thousand-bladed scale wyvern, a theropod with a massive flaming tail, and a giant flying psycho bugzapper and it isn't to say all newbies get the better of the Raths. In the New World, a Rathalos easily picks up and manhandles an Anjanath like it's nobodies business. The Rathalos here was courteous enough reenact this scene, only with Big Al and he instead tossed the lesser theropod on the poor sod who badmouthed them.
  • Deities in the House of Beasts were in for one hell of a spook when a Rathalos swooped by one day and bore an uncanny resemblance to Acnologia. The Fairy Tail Guild was immediately notified, but the confusion was quickly cleared up though they were still unnerved at the idea of anything looking like him. Predictably, Acnologia thought it was pathetic that a Rathalos had the gall to try emulating him.

    Ryu (Breath of Fire
Ryu, Good God(s) of Draconic Transformations
The fourth, the second, the first, the third and the fifth
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: A pyramidal Dragon Gene
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Heroic Mimes, Half Human Dragons, Power Copying, Swordsmen, Bishōnen Line, Legacy Character
  • Domains: Dragon, Force, Scalykind
  • Heralds: Every version of Nina and the rest of their party members from each game.
  • Allies: Bahamut, The other Ryu, Liu Kang, Davion, Ressha Sentai ToQgers
  • Opposed by: Lina Inverse, the Dovakhiin, Ornstein, Acnologia
  • Good Counterpart to: Maleficent
  • Ryu rarely ever speaks, because he is said to move mountains and torch villages simply by breathing. None of this is true, of course, but nobody dares ask him questions. He speaks mostly through his consort, Winged Humanoid Nina of Windia. The one time he was able to talk freely... didn't end quite as well for him.
  • Due to her reputation, Ryu is forever opposed by Lina Inverse.
    • If he is defeated by him, He will forever be Dovakhin's slave.
    • And to pile up to this, Ornstein seems to also be after his head, after he failed in his intent to kill Issei Hyodo, following opposition from his master Gwyn. It's still not known whether he'd kill all five of them or just one, though.
    • Acnologia can not believe he would choose his human side over his "superior" dragon side. And yes, he would kill all five of them if given the chance.
  • Has been on a long, complex vendetta against a dragon who goes by Wormy for crimes that Wormy euphemistically calls "War Gaming".
  • The ToQgers got surprised that he has the same voice as Ticket. Right attempts to unmask him, claiming that he's Ticket in disguise.
  • Yes, there are five Ryus in total. Where they might differ in ways, they are generally the same.
  • Originally hailed as the Lord(s) or Humanoid Dragons, most gods noticed that most of their dragon transformations look more dragon-like than human-like. However, since everyone but the 5th (who has the closest to Draconic Humanoid transformation, ironically enough) has multiple dragon transformations, they were promoted to here.

Spyro the Dragon, God of Western-Style Dragons (Simon the Door)
Spyro's original incarnation
Legends incarnate 
Skylanders incarnate 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A collection of orbs and dragon eggs along with a crystal dragon
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Domains: Dragons, Reptiles, Elements, Size, Magic
  • Portfolio: Cute asskickers, Purple Is Powerful, Kid Hero, Being powerful despite small size, Various elemental breaths, Averting Reptiles Are Abhorrent
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Cael Cyndar
  • Enemies: Gnasty Gnorc, Ripto, The Sorceress, Malefor, Kaos, Neo Cortex, N. Trance, Polygon Man, Seto Kaiba, Hermaeus Mora, Ghetsis, Maleficent, Kevin, Oda Nobunaga, Ridley, Acnologia, Deathwing, Nefarian, Mordremoth, Zhaitan and many other evil dragons
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Moneybags
  • Conflicting Opinion: Bowser
  • Mysterious Connection with: The Meta
  • Spyro can be described as a small purple dragon who despite his size, has saved the day numerous times. Many Gods were rather surprised at Spyro, since he didn't match the normal idea of a dragon, being small and purple. Spyro got a little uncomfortable and asked everyone to quit staring. Haven't they seen a dragon before?
  • He originally entered into the Pantheon when Polygon Man diverted a portal Spyro had taken to visit Dragon Shores to the Pantheon. Upon arriving, Polygon Man forced Spyro to fight Crash Bandicoot as the main event in Round 2 of Polygon Man’s Battle Royale. Unfortunately for him, Crash and Spyro had been tricked into fighting each other once before by Cortex and Ripto, and they didn’t fall for the same trick twice. They have vowed to put a stop to Polygon Man’s scheme with the help of Lightning and the ascended competitors of the first Battle Royale.
  • Spyro can be often seen followed by a Dragonfly called Sparx that serves as his Life Meter. Originally Sparx did not follow Spyro to godhood but eventually he arranged Sparx to be part of the pantheon under his own title. The two are inseparable and now they are both together in the pantheon.
  • Spyro had been quite content before his ascension, since he hadn’t seen Moneybags lately. He wasn’t pleased to find out that this was because Moneybags came to the Pantheon ahead of him, and was still up to his old tricks, charging for crossing bridges, opening doors and such.
  • The Disney, Nintendo, and Kamen Rider gods seem to prefer Spyro's Skylanders incarnation over the other two, for some reason.
    • After hearing of the arrival of Bowser and Donkey Kong to the Skylanders realm on their next adventure, Spyro is willing to welcome the latter with open arms. Bowser, on the other hand, he keeps with suspicion, lest he takes advantage of his new-found power.
  • Hermaeus Mora once sent Dovahkiin after Spyro, neglecting to tell the Dragonborn that Spyro was friendly. Spyro was able to stop Dovahkiin and explain that he was friendly before Dovahkiin could slay him. Dovahkiin apologised and plans on attacking Hermaeus Mora with Spyro’s help.
  • While in his Legend incarnation, Spyro ran into Samwise Gamgee, who mistook Spyro for Frodo because his voice sounded similar. While Sam was initially disappointed, he and Spyro soon became friends, and Spyro has promised to help find a position in the Pantheon for Frodo. He also is a little creeped out that he sounds like Kevin and prefers to stay far away from him.
  • Speaking of Legend Spyro, should he REALLY lose his temper, he runs the risk of becoming Dark Spyro. One of the most reliable ways to trigger this is to harm Sparx. The one who discovered this sore spot for Spyro was actually Crash, who, while distracted, accidentally squashed Sparx at the site of a duel to settle their rivalry, where Aku Aku and Sparx were present to spectate. Spyro... didn't take kindly to that, and ended up becoming Dark Spyro. Crash and Aku Aku ended up being vaporized for it, and then Spyro went on a rampage and had to be calmed down by Sparx and Ignitus. Spyro has since apologized for that outburst.
  • Seto Kaiba was told about Spyro’s surprising strength for his size and age, but he simply laughed and couldn’t believe that the purple pipsqueak could stand up to the Blue Eyes White Dragon. Spyro will be more than happy to prove Seto wrong should he get the chance.
  • Spyro is rather annoyed at evil dragons, as they give the whole species a bad reputation. He also dislikes those who use dragons for evil, like Nobunaga, who took over the Ransei region with a Rayquaza. Spyro hasn't been told yet that Nobunaga had a good reason for his actions.
    • Same goes for Maleficent turning herself into a giant dragon. Since she's the leader of the Disney villains, he's more than happy to beat her down whenever a Disney god asks him to.
  • Spyro initially thought N used his legendary dragon to commit evil acts as the leader of Team Plasma, but he later came to admire N for fighting in what he believed in. He apologised to N for judging him harshly, and his ire has since been transferred to Ghetsis, the true ruler of Team Plasma and N’s emotionally abusive father. Ghetsis once ordered his Hydreigon to attack Spyro and N, but Spyro was able to drive it off with his Dragon Kata and Ice Breath, both of which proved super effective on Hydreigon.
  • Spyro can occasionally be found in the House of Combat, practicing his Dragon Kata, and the House of Magic, practicing his various elemental breaths besides his flame breath. Dovahkiin is eager for Spyro to teach him the Words of Power so that he can perform Superflame and Electric Breath shouts.
  • Aang has shown an interest in Spyro’s ability to use various elemental breaths. He never thought other worlds would have their own Avatars, and non-human ones at that! However, he explained that most of this effects were granted by fairies, but nonetheless Aang is curious to meet said fairies
  • Alexstrasza is very protective of Spyro, since he is a young dragon. Sometimes, she can be a little too overprotective for Spyro's tastes. He feels he can look after himself since he's defeated multiple villains on his adventures. However, he is careful not to say this aloud, as he knows Alexstrasza is just looking out for him, and that she also has a fiery temper, which he does not want to provoke. Then he found out from Bahamut that she has lost many of her own children in very painful circumstances.
  • Normally, Spyro can only glide since his wings aren't fully grown yet. However, when he competes in the Speedways in the House of Sports, he can fly fully. The Gods in the House of Knowledge are racking their brains for an explanation as to why this is the case. He can also gain the power of full flight (as well as the Supercharge and Superflame abilities) temporarily with the aid of 'power-up gates' that are sporadically placed around the Pantheon; however, it never lasts more than 30 seconds before wearing off.
  • Spyro has helped Samus battle Ridley because he wants to show her that not all dragons are evil like Ridley.
  • Spyro has nothing but disgust for "Dragon King" Acnologia, believing him to be no better than Malefor at his worst. This only increased when he learned from others tales about him, including how he slaughtered innocent dragons for sport and how he despises and refuses to interact with humans despite once being one. Spyro willing forged friendships with non-dragons and is proud of it, and won't hesitate to join forces with them to fight him, despite their difference in power.
  • There have been rumors going around that the Meta is somehow connected to Spyro. It is stated because Sigma, the malevolent AI responsible for making the Meta the way he is, has an uncanny vocal resemblance to the purple dragon. Spyro for his part is horrified by this.
  • Has become of an unofficial partner for Spike, a fellow small and heroic dragon who loves finding gems (though Spyro's not sure what to think of him eating them). Spyro can sometimes be seen giving advice to Spike, while telling him of his many adventures. He even promises to take Spike with him one day, if the baby dragon is ever allowed to Take a Level in Badass.
    • Some have found it suspicious that Spyro tries to help a baby dragon, who happens bares a strong resemblance to himself and whose parents are unknown. Spyro is yet to respond to this.
  • The ascension of Ripto did not go unnoticed by Spyro and promptly sighed when he heard that indeed, his Arch-Enemy came for a rematch. However, since he isn't the only dragon around, Ripto is busy hating other dragons and also weary that the bigger ones might gang up on him.
    • Funnily enough, Spyro possesses a Skateboard with Ripto's face and even a move called the "Raging Ripto" named after him. He hasn't explained about that, but he has implied that Hunter came up with the names, not him.
  • There was one time where Spyro got lost in a strange alien world and after being found, he decided to compete on the go-kart tournament that was happening. Considering Crash Bandicoot was involved he later grew curious and learned that Crash had to deal with the invasion of a strange alien named Nitros Oxide that threatened to enslave his planet so Spyro decided to help him. However, he was a bit late to the party and Oxide was defeated before Spyro could do anything. However, Spyro didn't want to waste the opportunity to participate and decide to arrange a Grand Pix of his own, where he would invite his friends of his own to his own world. The first two to join were Hunter and...Gnasty Gnorc, who came just to get revenge on Spyro by beating him on a race.

Tiki, The Divine Dragon (Divine Princess, Dragon Scion, Divine Voice, Naga's Voice)
Tiki as a "child" in Shadow Dragon
Tiki as an adult in Awakening
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Divinestone
  • Theme Songs: The Little Divine Dragon (Younger), "You have mine" (Older)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Put to a deep slumber for hundred years many times due to fears of her immense power, Our Dragons Are Different, Cute Monster Girl, Light Is Good, Light 'em Up, Really 700 Years Old, effective against other dragons, The Nicknamer (as a child), She Is All Grown Up, Immortal Immaturity (as an adult)
  • Domains: Dragon, Divinity, Transformation
  • Followers: The Dragon Kings, Eternal Dragons, Volgon
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Gharnef, M. Bison, Grima, Tiamat, Deathwing, Zhaitan, Nito, Gwyn, Mordremoth, Smaug, Ornstein, Onaga, Juri, Acnologia
  • Oppose: Arvis, Anna
  • Tiki was the daughter of the Divine Dragon, Naga. She was put into a deep slumber by her mother and Gotoh because they feared her immense power could destroy humanity should she grow feral. She was awakened by a manakete, Bantu, out of sympathy for the little manakete girl, who took Tiki outside to see the world. There she was separated from her guardian and was captured and brainwashed by Gharnef, but she was snapped out of the trance by Bantu and joined Marth's army. She was forcibly sealed away again by Gotoh until Marth retrieved the spheres to restore the Binding Shield, which allowed Tiki to awaken.
  • Thousand of years later, she lived in the continent of Valm where she was known as "Naga's Voice" and aided Marth's descendants, Chrom and his daughter from the dark future, Lucina, against the Fell Dragon.
  • She is a Manakete, an ancient race of dragons who can assume human forms and keep their powers though dragonstones. As the child of the divine dragons, she is the most powerful of all dragons (in the world of Fire Emblem, if nowhere else) and she could defeat other dragons with the Divinestone. So when she found that the Pantheon was home to many evil dragons who posed a threat to humanity, she promised that should they get out of hand, she would gladly show them the power of the divine dragons.
  • She happily hugged "Mar-Mar" upon finding him in the Pantheon. She was also happy to see all her friends that had been at her side; now that they are gods, they will never truly die. But she sometimes mistakes Lucina for "Mar-Mar" because of her strong resemblance to him, not that Lucina seems to mind.
  • She is completely terrified of Gharnef, because he used his magic to brainwash her in the Fane of Raman. His presence alone has given her nightmares.
  • She learned about other dragons in various Outrealms with mixed reactions:
    • She heard of a faraway land where the dragons gave their blood to empower twelve heroes to defeat Loptyr the Earth Dragon and meet some of their descendants. She was not happy that someone desecrated the dragon's lineage and created an empire that grew corrupted.
    • Then there was a land where humanity exiled the dragons from their world. At first, Lyn was a bit hostile with her because she faced a powerful dragon that tried to return to their world to wreak havoc, but Roy convinced the swordswoman that she means no harm. He explained that he learned there were good dragons when he befriended a divine dragon named Fae and they opposed the Scouring.
    • In a world where monsters nearly destroyed the continent of Magvel, dragons and the Five Heroes defeated Fomortiis the Demon King and sealed him in the Sacred Stones. The tribe retreated into seclusion and only the people of Caer Pelyn remembered them.
    • In another world, she meet Ike who told her about a kingdom of isolated dragons and admit that fighting them would be very hard, especially their king.
    • Finally, she was awestruck when meeting Corrin and the royal families of two kingdoms, who were descendants of the First Dragon whose blood allowed them to shape the land.
  • She's present as a Mirage, but also a visual character of a software called Singaloid. She governs the Bloom Palace that aids the party in powering up the other Mirages.
  • She wants to befriend other dragons since she has felt lonely after having been sealed away for centuries. This includes dragons who can assume a human(oid) form, as they are much like her. She considered the two Dragon Aspects like her aunts and thought they were Manaketes as well because of their pointed ears and dragon forms.
    • She wanted to befriend the other Dragon Aspects sans Deathwing but Nozdormu doesn't really care and Malygos REALLY doesn't care.
  • Gwyn and Nito both hold hatred toward dragons and since she is among the most powerful dragons in Archanea, they view her as a threat. Still, she told them that Divine Dragons have protected humanity from the degenerated Earth Dragons, but since they killed dragons during the Age of Ancient, she realize that it was a lost cause. She also have to deal with Ornstein who want to kill her for sport, especially as a challenge to see if she's as powerful as they claimed for a Divine Dragon.
    • The Nameless King has done his best to protect her from them. While she might not appreciate that he betrayed his father Gwyn, the fact that Gwyn committed a genocide on dragons horrified her, and she was glad she found a reliable ally who would fight for dragons.
  • When many worlds merged, Juri tried to kidnap her under M. Bison's orders. It was also the merging where she meet Yuri Lowell and his friend Flyn-Flyn (Flynn Scifo), in which she compare them to Ogma and Navarre. Once, in the Outrealm Hot Spring, she invited the party to relax in the spring.
  • She was not happy being merchandised by Anna. In fact, when Tiki found out about it, she threatened to eat Anna unless she apologized and started giving Tiki royalties. Anna decided to turn a profit someplace else, much to her annoyance.
  • Tiki has an interesting relationship with dragon-slayers. While she is a bit scared of those who would kill a dragon, she is powerful enough to overpower other dragons (mostly feral dragons and evil Manaketes like Medeus). In fact, Marth and his lineage was given a weapon designed to pierce dragon scales made from the fang of her mother, Naga. So, she's okay with good dragon-slayers. She's not okay with dragon-slayers who kill other dragons because they see them as nothing but feral.
  • Sometimes when someone tells her to behave or act her age (which is to say, millennia old): "Thbbbbbbt!" And that's before she throws an apple to that someone, telling them to loosen up.
  • Also has a temple in the House of Religion and Faith.

Lesser Gods

    Davion the Dragon Knight 
Davion and Slyrak, Dual Gods of Dragon Knights (Davion: Trogdor, Dragon Knight, DK, Knight Davion; Slyrak: Arc Honist, Father of Fire)
  • Lesser God. Goes into Intermediate God when he becomes a dragon.
  • Symbol: The Shield of Slyrak.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: A dragon-slaying knight that became infused with one through blood, merged between a dragon and a human knight, can transform into Slyrak when needed
  • Domains: Combat, Efficiency, Knighthood, Dragons (and Dragon Slaying)
  • Allies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Chaos Knight
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Opposed by: Gwyn, Lina Inverse, Sven, the Rogue Knight
  • Mixed Relation: Guts
  • Enemies: Dragonslayer Ornstein, Illidan Stormrage, other hostile dragons such as Tiamat, Alduin, Smaug
  • Amongst the Defenders of the Ancients were heroes of varying level of ancestry and hyper power, including primordial forces of the verse, or even those who shaped the world. In this case, the hunt for a legendary Eldwurm, a dragon of unfathomable power, became one of the origin stories of these Defenders. A knight named Davion was a dragon-slaying knight that initiated the hunt for a Eldwurm known as Slyrak. His search finally paid off but ended in disappointment as the Eldwurm was frail beyond combat. However, a whisper from the ancient being got the best of the knight's honor and both clashed, resulting in both Davion and Slyrak slain, but not before their bloods coalesced. This blood transaction resurrected Davion, enabling him to transform into the Elder Eldwurm he slain. The newfound powers allowed him to return to the world, not alone but with Slyrak with him, becoming the Dragon Knight.
  • In the war against the Dire and the Radiants, the Dragon Knight would prove a useful ally, though he is rather neutral and fights depending on the circumstance he is in, mostly within the side of the Radiant. Being a knight of order, Davion is expected to know his knighthood but even he is oblivious to it, though inscriptions in his armor indicates he belongs in a hidden (if not decrepit) order known as the Scaled Knights of Uthorian. Despite this, the Dragon Knight continues to roam around the battlefield, searching for treasure or perhaps a purpose, as some may point out that either Davion or Slyrak controls their actions.
  • As the Pantheon's battlefields roared, the domain has expanded the potential areas. Among which was a map that was composed of two symmetrical sides with three lanes, or as some would call, the Aeon of Strife. This resulted in some of the heroes from the Dire and Radiant faction to be chosen, which included Dragon Knight. When the House of Gaming honored the Defenders of the Ancients, they were excited to showcase their abilities. Dragon Knight, from one would guess at such a title, would look cool in any other worlds, but compared with those who battled under the Ancients... his transformation looked un-flashy and downright plain.
    • Plainness be damned however, what he lacks in special effects, he excels in efficacy. Davion proved himself with just simple tools like Super Toughness, a Shield Bash and a normal fire breath with increased range, he remains a potent force amongst the Defenders of the Ancients. He is seriously hard to kill and this becomes very effective in securing his victories. It was how he carried out such feats while becoming a terrifying dragon that he took on the throne of Dragon Knight after a certain incident. It also says something that a primordial force like Chaos Knight would go so far as consider Davion a Worthy Opponent, that just shows that you really do not need to be super flashy to be a force to be reckoned with.
    • While the House of Gaming have introduced various tutorials for many tourists to try out other worlds, this included the supposed battleground of the Ancients, notorious for the steep learning curve of learning how to fight against them. Davion was assigned to be one of the 'tutorial Gods' for those who are easing into his grounds, which makes sense as his abilities and overall stats allowed him to guide interested players into the realm of the Ancients as well as teaching some of the basics. Be warned though, his 'guidance' alone will not completely save you from the terrors that lurk ahead, so more practice is necessary beyond his teachings.
  • When the supposedly-named Aeon of Strife was brought within the Pantheon, or some would call it as the "Battleground of the Ancients", he was not the only visitor from the realm that entered ascension within the ranks of the Pantheon. Sure enough, when Chaos Knight was brought in, he continued his search for "The Light" and found many within the newfound plane including him as his next prey. The fundamental has shown worthiness in fighting him and his dragon and so left, seeking others. His fighting would not stop however as Sven entered and nearly won but was suddenly halted as both Invoker and Omniknight entered the fray, sparing him from defeat. To prepare, Invoker also helped with the return of some his armor that would allow his transformation to not damage it. With a few of the Ancients slowly entering within the Pantheon, they suspect that a new fight is coming against the Dires, Radiants and otherworldly forces beyond their control.
    Omniknight: Help us tip the scales, Dragon Knight.
    • However, it seems that just as his realm was opened, another one was opened beside them. From there they discovered a universe that operated similarly to theirs, calling themselves as the Champions of Runeterra. With those two realms open side-by-side, a bloody rivalry exists between the Ancients and Champions. While Davion has heard of rumors of a being known as Shyvana, he drew his sword to prepare while Slyrak was eager to meet a dragon from another plane, one that he may have a worthy challenge. The two have waited to see if that time will come to them.
  • Draconic Beings are complex beings. Huge, dangerous and hard to evade, there are many forms of dragons that have existed within the years. In the case of Dragon Knight, he is a case where a dragon has managed to assume half the control of a human, a rare case to some pure dragons. Bahamut first noticed Davion's case and has talked with Slyrak on the reason why the Eldwurm would merge with a human. Seeing that he has enjoyed Davion's company, Bahamut has given a blessing to the two as he believes they can coexist without any form of aggression. This also made Davion a special visitor within the House of Draconic Beings, seeing that the two are of a unique case of a dragon-human relationship.
    • Speaking of such, dragons have cases where they intermingled with humans, which resulted in domesticated and in some cases, a popular rise of dragon riders all around fiction. Hiccup first saw the two when he saw Slyrak transform into his dragon form and flew for hours which led to him and Toothless to follow him until he returned back to a human-knight form. Confused, Davion demonstrated that he and the dragon they were following are one and the same, becoming a merge of a dragon and a human. This news would reach to other dragon-related deities, particularly one of former royalty and one of prophecy. Both the Nameless King and the Dovahkiin have also sensed his link to the dragons and welcomed him in arms, though the Nameless King has his reservations as he rules a portion of some dragons within the Pantheon to avoid being hunted down. The Dragon Knight understood and a mutual agreement has reached between the Dragonborn, knight, rider and king.
    • It would not take long till Davion's lineage with dragons would become a risk as he too would become a target for hunts. Most notable antagonistic relations came to Dragonslayer Ornstein, who has a history within the Pantheon for being a persistent hunter of dragons, hence the title. Even with his free movement, the knight always has to be careful in the case Ornstein is watching from afar, though that is not without consequence as Ornstein's persistence has forced Slyrak to intervene and fight against him, to mixed results. Other times, he would avoid engaging them, but only when the Nameless King is around. This also attracted Lord Gwyn's attention, knowing the king's past with his stance against dragons during the Age of Ancients and his bout against the Everlasting Dragons. Hostile dragons such as Alduin and Tiamat would speak out against Davion, claiming him to be a disgrace to dragons pertaining to Slyrak and his choice of merging with a human knight. The mother of dragons also claim the presence of the two to be an affront to Dragonkind and has since sought all her kin to hunt them down. Between this and Ornstein's persistence, both the knight and Eldwurm will have to manage the worst to the best of their abilities.
  • When a devil figure appeared within the House of Slaughter, the dragon immediately took control and transformed, delivering a flurry of fire and brimstone within the area. As many of the denizens tried to make sense of the situation, one specific encounter between an enraged Slyrak and Illidan came to light. The Demon Hunter slashed the Elder Eldwurm with his glaives to little effect as the dragon roared in anger, deafening the surrounding place. As soon as Davion returned to his form, the question remained; what was the reasoning to Slyrak's anger to Illidan? The answer comes from the dragon's past fight with a similar figure, known as Terrorblade, who fought and nearly killed the dragon that lead to his decrepit state. Had Davion not completed the transaction between them, he would have rotted away. Now that he has returned with a newfound form, the dragon's blind rage may think that killing the Demon Hunter would finally end his revenge for good, sadly he is mistaken as Illidan will not go down without a fight.
  • Past Orntein, few other dragonslayers have caught wind of Davion's entrance. Slyrak has told the knight not to go near Guts, as his greatsword, the Dragonslayer kills dragons in one fell swoop. Seeing this, Guts has made it clear he has no intention of killing them both so long as the two are no threat to him, or to Casca and his companions. The knight has complied peacefully but Slyrak still remains wary. Another issue came with Lina Inverse, who is mistaken for another Lina who enslaves dragons, but with far more dangerous abilities to accompany her. This issue occurred when the two managed to find a large pile of gold, which ended with an encounter with the two. Between their greedy tendencies and their connections to dragons, the gold that the two were supposed to fight for were burned instead. Now Lina has another dragon-deity to watch for and so does the knight with another dragonslayer on the loose.
  • Gold hoarding is a common trend found in some dragons, particularly old ones. This is no different with Slyrak before his eventual merging with Davion in his lair, which seems to emulate by Davion's gold-hoarding tendencies. However, in one unfortunate trip down the mountain known as Erebor, both felt an unnverving presence stalking them down the lair. The hoarder known as Smaug made his presence known and even presented a private challenge to the Father of Fire, that if he beat him without his precious knight, he can claim the gold. Seeing that the merge was permanent, this was impossible for him to accomplish and resulted in the two duking it against Smaug, with the former finally transforming and leaving while giving large bruises to the King Under the Mountain but not before stealing some gold upon retreat.
  • The Dragon Slyrak sleeps within this armor, and the knight within the Dragon waits. Beware you do not wake them both.

Mushu, God of Little Dragons
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The gong
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A tiny Chinese Dragon, Getting No Respect from the Ancestors, Snarky Non-Human Sidekick, Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • Domains: Dragons, Sizes, Family, Guardians
  • Followers: Lockheed, Axew, Fiona
  • Allies: Fa Mulan, Sora, Donald Duck, Goofy, Luna, Kero, Spyro, Spike, Alexstrasza
  • Enemies: Master Xehanort, Shan -Yu, Kyubey
  • Opposed by: Mami Tomoe, Ned Stark
  • Odd Friendship: Donkey
  • Mushu was a guardian to the Fa family before being demoted to the incense burner and gong ringer. Regardless of his position, Mushu is... tiny, to say the least. He claims that he's conveniently "travel-size" so that he doesn't frighten "cows." But since other small dragons aren't as diminutive as Mushu, many find his claim to be rather shaky. It was ironically his size which earned him another pedestal in the Pantheon.
  • He was happy to reunite with Mulan when he ascended. Of course, he tried to make himself imposing in his grand entrance, just as he did when he first introduced himself to her. Mulan was amused with Mushu trying to make himself "bigger" than he usually is, but appreciates his company once again.
  • Most dragons make fun of him because of his size, comparing him to being more of a tiny lizard than a majestic dragon. Only the smaller dragons like Spyro and Spike actually befriended him. Still, he is conscious about this as his ancestors do not consider him a "real" dragon because of his pathetic size and powers.
    • Alexstrasza is one of the few dragons many other dragons who actually cares about Mushu, viewing him like her red dragon whelp, much to his embarrassment.
    • Ysera doesn't seem to mind Mushu's size as her servants, the fairie dragons, are at least around his size.
  • He's the resident gong ringer since he was demoted to one until he reclaimed his status as a guardian. It was a skill that he can handle without trouble and has woken up many denizens of the Pantheon and their ancestral spirits.
  • He once met Sora when his world was destroyed by the darkness. However, he reunited with him and his allies in his world when they repelled the Huns who were aided by the Heartless.
  • He heard that Mulan had once mistaken Donkey for him because of their similar voices. Upon meeting the second-rate steed, he then decided to make him his accomplice for some of his plans. However, since Donkey talks a lot more than Khan (Mulan's horse), Mushu views him as more troublesome.
  • Despite his status as a guardian for the Fa family, he is not exactly good at his job. He was disgraced and demoted because the one time he guided someone, he led him to disaster. And by disaster, we mean, came back home without a head. To say the least, people who lost their heads doesn't want to take advice from Mushu.
    Fa Deng: "Yeah, thanks a lot."
  • He is a "miniature" mentor to Mulan, much like Luna and Kero. Initially, he selfishly convinced Mulan to become a war hero with the goal of reclaiming his status as guardian, regardless of her safety. It was after her exposure that he realized he was being selfish and remained loyal to her.

Shyvana, Goddess of Humanoid Dragons (Half-Dragon, Shyv, The Half-Assed Title, Dragon Lady)