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Intermediate Gods

Usami, Goddess of Baby Talking (Monomi, Teacher of the Remnants of Despair, Observer of the Neo World Program)
Usami (right) and Monomi (left), by Meyly

Yoda, God of Odd Syntax Speech Style (Vanquish Is)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Green lightsaber
  • Theme Song: Yoda's Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Cool Old Guys, Mentor Mascot, Doting Parent, Obfuscating Stupidity And Disability, Paladins, There Is No Try, Living Legends, Doting Grandparents, Psychic Powers, Intelligence by Shortness
  • Domains: Intelligence, The Force, Legends
  • Allies: Every intellectual Benevolent God, Obi-wan Kenobi, Luke and Leia Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, Ahsoka Tano, Mickey Mouse, E.T., J'onn J'onnz, Chifuyu Orimura, Joseph Joestar, Jimminy Cricket
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Darth Vader
  • Enemies: Sheev Palpatine, General Grievous, Melkor, The Chaos Gods, Agatha Trunchbull, Sun Li, Amon, Nyarlathotep
  • Of the Jedi, few are considered greater than Grand Master Yoda. Already a master at only a century, Yoda spent centuries leading the Jedi Order. One of the wisest and most powerful Jedi in history, Yoda would be one of the few survivors of Order 66 and along with Obi-Wan Kenobi set the restoration of his order into motion.
    • Much of Yoda's background is a mystery, kept secret by George Lucas. Asides from knowing he became a Jedi Knight at 50 and Master at 100, a good 800 years of his life are a blank. Even the name, culture and homeworld of his people is a mystery. Some say he might be something called a Whill, who's race documented the events of the galaxy for humans. All agree it's likely going to be a big, important spoiler if ever revealed.
    • Apparently, E.T's race inhabits the same galaxy as Yoda. E.T even seems to know of him. It's unclear if this means anything, but the two nonetheless have a good relationship.
  • Upon ascending, he sees that the new generation of Knights have been very well, Usually giving them some advice. Usually trains them. His advice is not trying to strike him, but strike him to remind the heroes of what they stand for. He spends most of his time visiting the House of School. He's seeking to get rid of Agatha Trunchball, believing her presence is ruining the House.
    • He has since moved to the House of Quirks because of the Court of the Gods notice of his "strange" arrangement of words and decided to give him a new title because of his notable traits. Yoda is still willing to teach the newcomers, though. Also upon ascension, he preferred to be his in his prime due to the fact that he can't let the younger people suffer.
  • Expressed relief when his good friend Obi-Wan is in the Pantheon. Many gods have wondered why Yoda isn't the God of Mentors rather than Obi-wan. Yoda stated that Obi-wan was a more popular mentor than he was. And with Ahsoka's ascension, Yoda is determined to make up for his past mistakes with her.
    • Yoda is good friends with J'onn J'onnz. The two share many in common, being old green moral centers who delve into the mind. Yoda's particularly impressed with the Martian Mahunter's Heroic Willpower,
  • Is now seeking an army to eliminate Palpatine from the House of Leadership, which is no easy task, considering that Vader too is in the Pantheon along with his minions, 501st. Luckily, along with Luke, Obi-wan, and the rest of the Jedi Knights in training, the chances of success are high this time.
    • Yoda's task was made a lot more easy with Vader's redemption. Though there's still a lot of friction between the two.
      • Also once raced with Darth Vader to reach the sword Soul Edge. Of course, Yoda wanted to put a stop to its evil power. Result: The sword ran away with neither Yoda nor Darth Vader claiming it. Still, the deities they met back then invite Vader and Yoda to battle them once in a while, and Yoda's bouts are well attended to witness his impressive acrobatics.
    • Wishes that Anakin/Vader had been honest about his relationship with Padme Amidala; wise as he is, romantic and hormonal issues is a blind spot for the Jedi Grand Master.
  • Yoda has spent much of his time meditating on the nature of the Force, and of the Dark Side. Having witnessed Melkor, Yoda has come to wonder if he is the ultimate source of the Dark Side, but for now simply believes the Dark Enemy to be a more potent Dark Side avatar than Palpatine. Still, Morgoth is something to be abhorred.
    • Vehemently opposes the Chaos Gods and Nyarlathotep, whom he considers to be the Dark Side made manifest. Also, while he supports what Philemon represents, he disapproves of his inaction. True, he regrets the Jedi going to war, but both this other extreme of staying in the background led to the Jedi's downfall.
  • Yoda often adopts a goofy, harmless persona, combining it with his short stature so that others under-estimate him.
    • Has sought out Joseph Joestar for his unconventional tactics, and Jimminy Cricket to be another moral center for up and coming Jedi Padawans.
  • George Lucas creator once joked that Yoda was the illegitimate lovechild of Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. The Council of Cloudcuckooland interprets it as a Sarcastic Confession, and much to Yoda and Kermit's bemusement they've been trying to get the former to pay child support.

Lesser Gods

    Jimmy Neutron 
James Isaac "Jimmy" Neutron, God of TV Geniuses and Children Who Talk Like They're Older

    Juliet Starling 
Juliet Starling, Goddess of Teenager Talk
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her chainsaw
  • Theme Song: Lollipop
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Adorkable, Action Girl, A Love to Dismember to Nick, Bare Your Midriff, Chainsaw Good, Bunny-Ears Spy, Blood Knight, Cloud Cuckoolander, The Ditz, Manic Pixie Dream Girl, She-Fu, The Pollyanna, Stripperific
  • Domains: Zombie Killing, Combat, Chaos, Good
  • Followers: The teens at Caprica, The Blackadders, Jack Carter
  • Allies: Sabrina Spellman, Saeko Busujima, Buffy Summers, Claire Bennet, Kim Possible, Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Jill Valentine, Bubbles, Raven, Ben Tennyson, Twlight Sparkle, Betty Cooper, Charlotte LaBouffe, Sayaka Miki, Mio Akiyama, Ash Williams
  • Enemies: Libby Chessler, Albert Wesker
  • Rivals: Jack Cayman
  • Opposes: All zombie deities
  • Conflicting Opinion: Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Odd Friendship: Magik
  • Initially a teacher in the now defunct Academy (as well as a follower of Tallahassee along with the rest of her family), Juliet hoped to gain the cheerleader title from her inspiration Buffy Summers, with support from both the Slayer and Claire Bennet. The gods decided to put Juliet and the other competitor, Kim Possible, to the test to see which one had the acrobatics to deserve the title. Just as a winner was about to be announced, one particular cheerleader denounced the contest; Libby declared neither of them fit the title because they do not match common cheerleader traits of shallow ruthless Alpha Bitches that Really Get Around. The Court of the Gods agreed with the ruling, but amid Buffy and Claire's protests, they compensated by giving the two other titles. Kim would get the Heroic Multitasking title.
    • Appreciated Saeko for giving her the high priest rank for Orgasmic Combat. Both share a Blood Knight personality when it comes to mowing down zombies. Oh, and Juliet has her uniform as an alternate look as well.
  • She was also considered as the God of Chainsaws, but Jack Cayman proved to be much more worthy of the title. She doesn't mind, but isn't afraid to throw down with him whenever he offers a challenge.
    • The title she actually did get was suggested by Buffy herself. Although Buffy would have taken the title for her own, she decided that Juliet would be the perfect candidate for the job. It helps that Juliet has some experience with the supernatural.
  • When she was denied the cheerleader spot, she was met with a surprising ally. Although wary of cheerleaders in general, Sabrina would have preferred her to whatever Libby and her posse would choose for the title. Afterwards she, Sabrina, and Kim egged Libby's temple in a fit of revenge.
  • Her ascension caused some of her fellow zombie hunters to scratch their heads. The survival horror trio of Chris Leon and Claire were initially skeptical with her skills. That changed immediately once she showed them what she's capable of.
    • She became especially sympathetic with Jill Valentine after she found out that she was brainwashed for a time. That quickly turned to scorn at Wesker, the man responsible for it all.
  • Many in the House of Love were inspired with her relationship with her boyfriend Nick. Any couple that can survive when one is left with a head has to have a strong bond between the two. Nick himself was more ambivalent, wishing his girlfriend would listen to him more. It's a request Juliet is attempting to follow.
  • Once went into the House of the Undead, with varying results…
    • Her first target was Nagash the Undying, god of the Undead. Unfortunately, his necromancy as well as endless amounts of undead quickly overwhelmed her. From then on out, she approached with more caution.
    • She decided that less powerful gods would be easier to slay. The other Undying God was inflicted with heavy losses as his army was mowed down. The bout between the two ended in a stalemate.
    • She was finally stopped by a the Goddess of Revenants. After subduing her, Sylvanas Windrunner decided to let her go, warning her against going back into the House on a suicide mission. The cheerleader has been unsure on the archer's alignment to this day, but she promises not to attack her immediately on site.
  • Having the same voice of Tara Strong, Juliet forged several unusual relationships with several like-minded deities:
    • Despite her darker tendencies, Juliet managed to form an alliance with the demon Magik. She sees enough potential in the Corrupted one in overcoming her troubled past.
    • It hard not to see Juliet having a strong bond with the kid superhero Bubbles. One could say that the Powerpuff Girl is a much younger version of the cheerleader. It got especially grating for Buttercup.
    • Raven has been doing her best to avoid the girl, not just due to the similarities. Juliet contains strong enough emotions to make her sick to her stomach after prolong exposure. That doesn't mean she's not willing to occasionally help her out.
    • Ben just can't help but feel uncomfortable around her. Besides her skimpy outfit, the fact that he has the same voice as a girl confuses him to no end, much to Gwen's amusement.
    • Was once surprised by Pinkie Pie, who though she had heard Twilight Sparkle. Turns out the two share the same actress as well, and the two quickly became friends as a result.
    • She gets along with her Japanese voice partners as well. While she's trying to give confidence to Mio on her fanservice, she's sympathizes with Sayaka with what she had to go through.
  • It was surprising for Betty to find a cheerleader that isn't a stuck-up Alpha Bitch. Thus, she eased herself to a steady friendship with the preppy blonde. This has not gone unnoticed with Veronica, who has grown distraught over the concept.
  • When Juliet met up with Charlotte, the squees could be heard throughout the House of Commerce. It's not to say how the two wouldn't be best friends. Charlotte promises to fund the cheerleader's campaigns as well as that of the other zombie-killing deities.
  • Due to their love of the song, "Cherry Bomb," and other old hits, Juliet is good alies with Peter Quill/Star-Lord and the other Guardians of the Galaxy. She absolutely thinks that Rocket Raccoon is the cutest thing ever (much to Rocket's annoyance) and has promised Groot that she'd never use her chainsaw on him.

    King Togwaggle 
King Togwaggle, God of Broken Speech (King of the Kobolds, The Big Cheese)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Candle-Crown and a large miriad of treasures
  • Theme Song: Kobolds and Catacombs, Setting Out, Gather and Into the Catacombs
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Fat Bastard, Artificial Stupidity, Greed, Friendly Enemy, Final Boss
  • Domains: Kobolds, Catacombs, Broken Speech, Candles, Wax, Treasure
  • Heralds: Rakanishu, his flame elemental Familiar and his Kobolds Followers
  • Allies: Harth Stonebrew, Ragnaros the Firelord, Ahtal-Ka
  • Rivals: Smaug, The Ancestor, The Dungeon Keeper
  • Enemies: The League of Explorers, Yomi and Ceri, Riki, Fafnir, Wario
  • Friendly Enemy to: The Ascended Heroes of the Tavern
  • There are stories of fabled catacombs that contain unimaginable treasures as well as untold horrors deep within the clutches of the caverns. These Catacombs are inhabited by Kobolds, a race of rat-like humanoids that spend most of their time mining and living underground. Not very smart and prone to very strange activities and atop sits King Togwaggle, the biggest of all Kobolds and the one who runs the place. The King was found transported into an unfamiliar world beyond the caves he lives where people referred to others as "gods" and later he found out he was one of them. He and a handful of his Kobold followers were selected given their rather poor speech and the King found no issue with that. Little did he know that his ascension would usher the beginning of a new wave of adventurers looking to snatch the treasures located deep within the catacombs of his temple, but he welcomes the challenge of the new blood.
  • Anyone can dare enter the Catacombs of the Kobolds and try their best in collecting high amounts of treasure. However, the Catacombs are no friendly place, the place is infested by traps, beasts, monsters, demons and other untold eldritch horros that may drive anyone insane. Not to mention, the Kobolds themselves will try to steal your earnings once you are done collecting.
    • Concerning the latter, it would seem at first that Togwaggle and his Kobolds are uncharacteristically friendly to adventurers. Truth is, that's part of their master plan. They let the adventurers clean up all the horrors of the lower levels of the Catacombs and then steal the treasure they couldn't retrieve themselves and split it, the King usually taking the best stuff.
  • One thing to note: YOU NO TAKE CANDLE! Candles are sacred artifacts to Kobolds and touching any of the dozens of candles found in the catacombs is a quick way to get you swarmed by angry kobolds. They even have Waxmancers that use magic based on the components of candle.
  • His temple is not the only place that adventurers can venture to. He heard of other places such as The Ancestor's Estate or The Keeper's Dungeon domains and not wanting to be undone has tried to get more adventurers to enter the Catacombs. He is also greedy enough to send a few of his Kobolds towards those places to gather loot. He has had a surprising success rate considering that Kobolds can pass off as denizens from said dungeons without any trouble and have been successful in acquiring new loot for their king, but their stupidity is prone to getting them killed.
    • The King also heard stories about The Abyss and how many valuables that can be obtained there, not unlike the catacombs he lives in. He has commanded a few of his followers to make settlements in that place and at least the Kobolds were lucky enough to contruct a camp in the first layer. Their lack of inteligence and general quirkiness allowed them to bypass the Abyss curse (at least the insanity. They are already very insane usually) and get to the lower levels unscathed. Provided they don't run into the local wildlife.
  • Togwaggle is certainly not fond of Yomi and Ceri. The latter is a frequent visitor of the Kobolds dungeons and Togwaggle has tried to teach her the in and outs of the Catacombs with mixed success but Ceri has slowly gotten better at handling the denizens of the catacombs, but she tends to die in the lower levels a lot (or rather she rarely make it past those levels whenever she does adventure there) which has benefited Togwaggle a lot. That is, until her girlfriend gets involved when she's not managing her own dungeon (and his kobolds get a lot of eye candy whenever they visit to check for loot before getting their butts kicked by its Cute Monster Girls) and managed to make most of the catacombs challenged a breeze, which Togwaggle isn't very happy about. At least they struggle a lot in the lower levels versus entities like The Darkness or Xol the Unscathed.
    • However, should the two assemble an entire party (especially if it comprises of other monsters from Yomi's dungeon), they can actually succeed in clearing it, much to his ire. Given they've managed to thwart the dungeon lord who first overthrew Yomi, and even their world's Izanami, this way, that's something of note. Thankfully, this only happens once a month.
  • Many deities have compared the speech and mannerism of the Kobolds to the those of the Nopon Race, something that Riki didn't take kindly since unlike Kobolds, the Nopon are friendly creatures to others. The Kobold King also reminded Riki a lot of Bana considering the latters shady deals and the animosity between him and Togwaggle got a lot worse.
  • Inside the King's candle crown resides Rakanishu, a flame elemental that acts as Togwaggle's Familiar and often likes to burn things down. The little elemental of course, admires Ragnaros given he is Azeroth's prime fire elemental and wants to be like him but he also got to meet other fiery creatures that sparked his interest, like the Firebird, Brand or Magcargo.
    • A few of the deities from Sanctuary found Rakanishu to sound like a familiar name. Indeed, there is a demon by the same name that was once fought by the heroes of Sanctuary and they don't fondly remember him.
  • The Kobolds have a lot of Dragons living in their caverns, most of those are Dragon Hoarders who are very protective of their treasures and can get very angry at thieves. The first thing that Togwaggle noticed is that the Pantheon also had one of those (Smaug, to be exact) and since they heard that his temple holds a lot of treasure like their caverns do, they have tried to steal from the dragon. Usually that ends up with a few squashed or burned Kobolds as a result but the little critters have been succesful at snatching more treasure for Kobold King, something that has caused Smaug himself to rain terror on their temples. Funnily enough, the Kobolds are pretty used to it.
  • The King was surprised that a deity who initially he thought was an adventurer was seen collecting gold and it turned out to be a monster. More egregiously, the King was bold enough to make a partnership with said creature, who turned out to be the Ahtal-Ka, and make them stay with a huge pile of gold with the condition that they act as another obstacle for adventurers. The monster has stayed believe it or not, but the Kobolds don't like to deal with her unless it's really necessary.
  • The king may be greedy, but he founds the greed of both Wario and Fafnir to be even greater than his and that bothers him. In his own words, "No one can be greedier than Kobold King!" and so those are one of the few deities that he nevers give indications and hints about the Catacombs obstacles. Not that they needed those in the first place.
  • "We be taking this now! Is kobold way!"

    Porky Pig 
Porky Pig, God of Substituting Words after Stuttering (Eager Young Space Cadet)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A drum with himself popping out of it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The Everyman, Weirdness Magnet, Beware the Nice Ones, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal
  • Domains: Pigs, Dialogue
  • Heralds: Petunia Pig, Hamton J. Pig
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Babe, Piglet
  • Enemies: Marvin the Martian, Napoleon, Piggsy, Trollkaiger
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Daffy Duck
  • Difficult Relations: Angry Birds
  • Compared to many of the other Looney Tunes, Porky Pig's attitude is a bit more grounded, though that doesn't mean he can't have his moments of craziness. He's a pretty friendly guy by default, though that can change if something were to happen that would really set him off. He has done a lot throughout his career, most of which involved encountering something weird and confronting it (sometimes with the help of someone else) with varying degrees of success. Porky also has a tendency to stutter certain words, often substituting more complicated words with simpler ones.
  • Porky's relation with Daffy has been all over the place. One day, Porky might be hunting the duck just for sport and in another day, they might be friends taking up odd-jobs and going after a criminal of some sort. Other times, they're just annoying each other without any real justification. When it comes to the Pantheon, things are mostly cordial between the two, but driving each other nuts at certain points in time remain a thing.
  • Even though Porky is very good friends with Bugs Bunny whenever they meet, any meet-up concerning just the two of them are actually less frequent than one would believe. If they are hanging out with each other nowadays, there's a good chance that Daffy is going to have some sort of involvement, whether rabbit and/or pig want it or not.
  • He spent some time with Sylvester the Cat visiting places that were considered creepy. The Puddy Tat attempted to convince Porky that something was wrong with around them, but not only did Porky not believe him, but the one time he admitted that Sylvester was right was when it was too late. Sylvester didn't really say anything to Porky those instances somehow. It makes one wonder how Porky, who is so used to putting up with strange scenarios, didn't really believe that those kinds of scenarios were happening when he was with Sylvester.
  • Porky decided to spent a bit of time looking for other pigs and managed to become friends with Babe and Piglet doing so. Porky is someone that Piglet actually looks up to, seeing as how Porky has gone through plenty of strange situations and trying his best to keep his cool much of the time. Unfortunately, this meant an encounter with Napoleon was going to happen and Porky heard from Piglet just how horrible of a pig Napoleon is, especially with how hypocritical Napoleon is.
    • Being a pig meant that he wasn't going to be on the best of terms with the Angry Birds, due to the latter not showing any kind of trust towards pigs. While the only thing that they agree on is how bad Napoleon is, all Porky can do is keep his distance from the Angry Birds and not go near their eggs. The Angry Birds also acknowledge that Porky Pig is not a bad pig by default; it's just that protecting their eggs is their main priority.
  • A particularly unfortunate moment for Porky in the Pantheon was when he got tricked into meeting Piggsy, under the pretense that the latter is related to pigs. Of course, Porky was explained further on who Piggsy really was and by the time he met him, all Porky saw was just a maniac in a pig mask and ran away as soon as he saw Piggsy going up to him. Porky vowed never to meet up with this psycho ever again since then.
  • Some of Porky's adventures had him getting tricked into unfavorable tasks or getting irritated by something. Given how Trollkaiger is known for tricking others or simply annoying unsuspecting targets for their own amusement, Porky doesn't like them in any way and even found some of their "pranks" to be even worse than some of his own misfortunes back then.
  • One time, he was asked to do some construction work and went ahead with it, with apparent knowledge that someone would be recording it. Porky accidentally hammered his hand during that time, to which he said "[...]son of a gun." Of course, he knew that others would expect him to say "son of a bitch" after that minor injury. There were a few other people involved with the "construction" who believe that everything that happened then was just a joke.
  • While Porky isn't extremely fat, he's a bit chubby compared to his Looney Tunes friends. Some deities looking into some historical archives about him were a bit surprised to learn that Porky was much fatter back then...and that his stuttering quirk during that same time period was even more pronounced than normal.
  • Th-th-th-that's all folks!

Yahtzee, God of Fast Talking (Benjamin Richard Ermintrude Featherstonehaugh Godzilla Croshaw, Nick, Callipygian Superman, Charismatic Stallion, Ordinary Person, Inappropriate Menstruation Joke, Slick Internet Paparazzi, He Whose Name is Also A Game, A Banana)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Zero Punctuation logo.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (you nerds)
  • Portfolio: Cruel British (And Australians), Half-Empty Glasses, Use of Big Words with profanity, Unbigoted Misanthropy, Rapid-Fire Discourse.
  • Domains: Chaos, Criticism, Humor
  • Allies: Gordon Freeman, GLaDOS, Suda51, Keima Katsuragi, all of the Undertale Gods, mostly anyone from video game he finds good
  • Enemies: Nathan Drake (and those who sound like him), Bad Video Games in general
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: 9-volt and 18-volt
  • Opposes: Martin Walker
  • Has a clear dislike for most gods of Webcomics, but has at least a little respect for Gabe and Tycho.
  • Has a clear dislike for many other gods, though he usually does little other than snarky criticism coupled with the occasional constructive complaint.
  • Captain Planet once passed by Yahtzee's temple during a recording session, the sheer hatred exuding from it nearly (temporarily) killed him, he went back by it a few days later when Yahtzee was just hanging out and " "only" felt incredible pain".
  • For some strange reason, he seem to be next to immune to the charms of Bayonetta. Apparently, he keeps seing her as a "stripper giraffe". It is currently not known if he just one of the few gods with a very good resistance to lust or if Aphrodite is testing a new spell on him to see if it can affect the rest of the Pantheon.
  • Seems to be on oddly good terms with the Undertale Gods, to the point where Papyrus and Toriel were shocked to learn what he's like when he's not dealing with them. Apparently their story made Yahtzee's cold dead heart beat a little.
    • Although he doesn't like it when Sans sells tickets made out a toilet paper whenever he has a verbal fight against 9-volt and 18-volt if he's biased against Nintendo gods or not.
  • While he likes the game Martin Walker is from, Yahtzee dislikes the captain himself because Yahtzee thinks the man is a monster for the atrocities he committed.


    Dimitri L. Lousteau 
Dimitri L. Lousteau, God of Jiving
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His "greasy sweet" suit
  • Theme song: Greasy Sweet (remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: jiving, crazy artistry, wielding harpoons, Let's Dance!, working for the good guys (even though no one asked him to)
  • Allies: Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, Panda King, The Guru, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy
  • Enemies: Neyla, Penelope (ex-team member)
  • Like the Panda King, Dimitri started off as an enemy of the Cooper Gang as a member of the Klaww Gang, but was eventually betrayed by Neyla and thrown in jail. He got out, became a dance instructor on a cruse ship... and was tossed back in! But when Sly bailed him out, Dimitri offered to help him recruit Penelope (which eventually provided to be a big mistake) on the condition that Sly and his friends help Dimitri retrieve his grandfather's diving gear. They did so, and now he's a proud member of the Cooper Gang with no hard feelings between them for the Clockwork tail feathers.
  • When he's not with the ascended Cooper gang members, he's in his temple where he plays some of his "greasy sweet" music, or he's swimming in the dark waters of the House of Beasts and Nature, gathering sunken treasure to help promote his career as a professional skin diver. Amazingly enough, he's one of the few gods who managed to go toe-to-toe with both Bruce and the Kraken in several occassions and managed to come away unscathed every time, due both to his greasy sweet swimming and his skill with his harpoon gun.
  • There are only a few gods who actually understand what Dimitri is saying (mostly because Dimitri learned his English from hip-hop videos). And if there some who actually does and talks back to him with accurate jive talk, he just states that while they made good attempts, they just aren't to his level.
    • Shawn Michaels speaks jive apparently, and actually was able to get some sort of conversation going along. That and Dimitri knows that Shawn can pull out the Sweet Chin Music at any time.
  • Many of the Gods are wary about him turning good after they heard of that time he was counterfeiting his own money (which is frowned upon by all thieves in the Pantheon). Dimitri states that he's gone legit, though.
  • One of his favorite hangouts is Moe's Tavern, where he likes to unwind with a cool drink and show off his dancing. One particular day, he made the mistake of ordering the Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster (due to Moe not understanding the jivester's unique talk). Accounts differ depending on the alignment of the deity present, but Dimitri woke up the next day hanging from the rafters of the Academy's gigantic gym wearing one of Asuka's spare plugsuits and holding the Ore and the Anti-Life Equation taped to his face. Dimitri begged Haruhi to push her Reset Button to no avail as she found it too hilarious to retgone.
  • Another of his hobbies involves his life-long passion to his self-created artstyle, the "kinetic aesthetic". Despite showing off his painting skills to the other deities (which involve him swinging on a rope tied around his waist and painting with each pass), they all considered his art too strange for their tastes (or downright mocking it, in the case of the Trollkaiger and other evil aligned gods), much to the iguana's anger.
    • Nevertheless, he found a niche audience in the Council of Cloudcuckooland, who think his art is the best ever. Overjoyed to find "real patrons of the arts", Dimitri has painted portraits of every Council member, which they display in their respective temples.
    • In another act of sweetness, Dimitri's strange art style actually won him the Million Dreams Award in Toon Town. Apparently, Mickey thought Dimitri should be recognized for his unique talents in art, causing many to question the views of toons.
  • Dimitri has learned of "Project: Alternate Gentaro" and has decided to become Mission Control for Bentley, Murray and Carmelita as they venture into the Friendship Asylum to save Sly...
    • ...but before they could vender in, Dimitri was instead called to take April O'Neil's place as a anchorman for the Pantheon News following her abduction and Riku's corruption. Dimitri's "Jive News" did keep some gods away from the asylum, but it's reception from most gods was mainly negative.
  • Extremely fast when confronted in a battle on land, but never used this ability after his initial battle with Sly. He hasn't said anything either way, but it's presumably a result of taking his own product back when he was a dealer.

    Elmer Fudd 
Elmer Fudd, God of Rhotacism
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His double-barreled shotgun and his hat.
  • Theme Song: Grilled Cheese
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Butt-Monkey, Harmless Villain, Too Dumb to Live, his famous Speech Impediment, Arch-Enemy of Bugs Bunny, Villainous Underdog
  • Domains: Speech Impediment, Hunting, Incompetence
  • Allies: Other hunter deities, Remy, Scarface, Yosemite Sam
  • Rivals: Most Disney deities
  • Enemies: Tarzan, Fluttershy, Cure Pine, Buddy Baker
  • Friendly Enemies: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck (depending on the work portrayed)
  • Annoyance to: Megaman
  • Pities: Monomi / Usami
  • He has been hunting for Bugs Bunny for the past seven decades, but he has constantly failed, mainly from Bugs' trickery. Several times, Bugs would crossdress to trick him, he falls for it, many times.
    • There was one time the two were in the rivalry as an opera. He didn't take being tricked by Bugs dressed like a woman very well and was the angriest he has ever been. He actually killed him but ended up regretting it, though Bugs is alive, for obvious reasons.
    Bugs Bunny: Well, what did you expect in an opera? A happy ending?
    • He was once seen trying to turn Bugs into stew. Since then, he claims that he is a vegetarian, and he only hunts for sport. When he first met Remy, he thought he was an ordinary rat until he prepared for a ratatouille and Elmer loved it.
    • There was a time when he stopped hunting Bugs so that he could get the inheritance money from his uncle's will. Of course, Bugs being Bugs decided to pull jokes on him, and he eventually got the inheritance... of $1.98. He was pissed to say the least and started hunting Bugs again. Though the House of Commerce actually examined it and found that he actually earned $902,982.04, though Elmer didn't care about it anymore.
  • It is thought that he was once a man named "Egghead" before he became what he is. However, he pointed out that he and Egghead are two different people.
  • When he speaks to Megaman or even near him, a lot of deities make fun of Doctor Light's voice, much to Megaman's annoyance.
  • He shows his love of grilled cheese sandwiches, though a lot of deities note that how he loves them seem very... sexual.
  • He dread the one day in every year: Elmer Season.
  • Upon hearing of how she was made fun of her childish way of speaking, Elmer Fudd has started talking with Usami about a potential idea of a support group about their speaking habits.
  • "Shh. Be vewy, vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits. Huhuhuhuhuh."

    Ibuki Mioda 
Ibuki Mioda, Goddess of Speaking in Third Person (Super High-School Level Light Music Club Member, Ultimate Musician)

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