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    The Monitor 
The Monitor, Divine Herald Of Crisis Crossovers (The First Monitor)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His Monitor spaceship
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Watcher, Guardian of the Multiverse, Embodiment Of Positive Matter, 10 Billion Years Old, Cosmic Entity, Thanatos Gambit, First Of The Monitor Race, Protectors On A Higher Plane, Good Counterpart, Cosmic Retcon
  • Domains: Monitoring, Positive Matter, Power, Retcons, Crossovers, Space-Time, Sacrifice
  • Herald: Nix Uotan
  • Allies: All heroic DC Gods, The Endless, Chronoa, The Creation Trio (yes, even Giratina), Whis, Cosmos, Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, Prismo, Finn and Jake, Arceus, Primus, The Homestuck Kids, Linkara, Eru Ilúvatar, The Living Tribunal, Eternity, Clockwork, Reiji Arisu and Xiamou
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Present and Future Zen'o, Beerus, Eliphas
  • Enemies: The Anti-Monitor (his Evil Twin), Nekron, Darkseid, Krona, Lord English, Doc Scratch, Lord Fuse, The Lich, Merged Zamasu, Majin Buu, The Brainspawn, Don Thousand, Unicron, Sigma, Malal, Amatsu-Mikaboshi
  • Wary of: The House of Vampires
  • Outside of the multiverse lay the blank canvas, the Overmonitor. Upon discovering the DC Multiverse on it, the entity sent a probe, which split into the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. A cosmic being almost as old as the universe, the Monitor watched the multiverse and helped guard it. When the Anti-Monitor awoke and began the Crisis on Infinite Earths, it was the Monitor who gathered various heroes and villain for the mother of all crossovers and the fact of creation at hand.
  • Expecting to be betrayed by a mind-controlled Harbinger, he used the situation to save the remaining universes at the time. And after ages, he's finally managed to regenerate. He's a distant, higher-up protector of the multiverse, an embodiment of positive matter who's personal strength depends on the amount of positive matter universes. And the pantheon's grander multiverse was so full of the stuff it made him immensely powerful. He is also aware of the likes of Merged Zamasu who wish to destroy the multiverse, and he's ready to take arms against such beings.
  • During his retreat, he became the progenitor to an entire race of Monitors who guard a different universe. Having reviewed the poorly-received Countdown to Final Crisis, Linkara wasn't impressed and summarized them in "We should do something! Should we do something?" The Monitor agreed with him on this and hopes to sort things out with the only active member of these new Monitors, Nix Uotan, and respects how Linkara has defended his own universe from various threats. He was also horrified to learn of Mandrakk the Dark Monitor, and the vampiric nature of these new Monitors. There's a lot for him to clean up.
  • His ilk dwells in Monitor Space, which lies above the Sphere of the Gods and bordering the edge of the DC Multiverse itself. As such, he usually searches for friends and foes in the Main House. He found much in common with Primus-both are ancient, multiversal guardians who have an Evil Twin that wishes to destroy everything. He has also allied with Cosmos, as the Grand United Alliance of Good are an excellent alliance to oppose the Anti-Monitor and his like. Unlike her he is willing to get those from the other alliances(sans the Grand United Alliance of Destruction) if it means protecting the multiverse. Sometimes heroes and villains have to work together for an ultimate threat.
  • Because of his role as Guardian of the Multiverse, he plays an important role in the House of Time and Space. He was curious about Giratina, since it is a god of antimatter yet wishes to protect the positive matter universe of Pokemon. Giratina explained that the two need each other and the Anti-Monitor is an aberration that must be stopped. The Monitor wholeheartedly agreed and was happy to see that antimatter could be used for good. He has gotten along with both the Creation Trio for their role of guardians of dimensions, and their creator Arceus for how they guide the realities below them.
  • Has been making various tuning forks to buffer the defense of the many universes in the pantheon, across both space and time. Chronoa has been giving him advice for where and when to put them, and Clockwork has been helping upgrade them to be better at protecting space-time. While doing this, the tuning forks were being assaulted and burned down by Lord English. His ambition to destroy everything ever and ability to manipulate history using the Stable Time Loop makes him just as dangerous as the Anti-Monitor, possibly even MORE so.
  • The rebuilt Monitor Sphere serves as his mobile temple, containing vast amounts of information. The Admins still have more that he does, though. The Brainspawn have been assaulting it to satiate their lust for all the knowledge in creation, then destroy it afterwards. Whenever they do so he shoots them down, and proved too out of their weight class to stupefy.
  • Has been travelling to the different higher realms in the various multiverses the pantheon has access to. He ended up travelling to the center of the Adventure Time multiverse, and met Prismo in the Time Room. He found Prismo to be very friendly company. There he also learned of the Lich, who considers the Monitor to be one of his biggest obstacles against his goal of destroying all life. The Monitor is proud of how Finn and Jake have managed to fight against this menace.
  • Has some issues with Beerus-he's not exactly comfortable with a Destroyer Deity, much less a petty one like him. However he is about keeping balance in the universe and despises the likes of Zamasu who cause destruction on a multiversal scale. He is also not quite sure what to think of the Zen'o for their childishness, but they are ultimately trying to keep order like their Secret Test of Character, so he ultimately sides with them.
  • He is also not quite sure what to think of Eliphas. While he desires order, he is a Knight Templar who has issues in enforcing too much of it. However Eliphas is improving his attitude and he is far more preferable to Don Thousand's desire to spread chaos everywhere. He considers Lord Fuse a major enemy as well for his power to merge different worlds so as to assimilate them to his will.
  • Appears to be unaffected by the various reboots and tweeks to continuity that DC Comics has undergone. This has led him to be aware of those rendered under Canon Discontinuity and the pantheon's various retcons. Malal saw the Monitor's ascension as his golden opportunity to escape the Retconnian, likely the pantheon's answer to Limbo and become the most powerful Chaos God of all. He has been assaulting the Monitor for this reason, who completely disapproves of the outcast for obvious reasons.
  • For their opposition to Lord English, he finds the kid heroes of Homestuck excellent champions for the safety of creation. He considers Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu important allies due to their prior experience with saving the day in massive crossovers. He has also found a kinship with the Living Tribunal, for being the Marvel Multiverse's guardian. The Living Tribunal doesn't think he's as impressive as he should be, but otherwise they are working together to safeguard both their multiverses. He has got to know Eternity as well.
  • Doesn't believe in being overt, and is more concerned with the biggest of threats. He's more about using the various superheroes for a larger goal. It's a philosophy that Eru Illuvatar can understand, and so does Cosmos and Whis. Following his return, however, he might have to be more active in his goal as the monitor and guardian of the DC Multiverse.

    The SOS Brigade 
The SOS BrigadeMembers , Divine Quintet of Genre Blending (Haruhi: The Unstoppable Force, O-Haruhi-sama | Kyon: The Immovable Object, Patron of Normalcy, John Smith | Mikuru: Moe-blob)
From left to right: Itsuki Koizumi, Yuki Nagato, Kyon, Haruhi Suzumiya and Mikuru Asahina
  • Overdeities (Haruhi and Kyon, though the latter's powers are sealed) and Intermediate Deities (Mikuru, Nagato and Koizumi)
  • Symbol: The SOS Dan Logo
  • Theme Song: Hare Hare Yukai
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral/Chaotic Good (Haruhi), Lawful Neutral (Kyon), True Neutral (Mikuru), Neutral Good (Nagato), Lawful Good (Koizumi)
  • Portfolio: Having no definitive genre, Widget Series, Five Temperament Ensemble, True Companions
  • Domains: Narrative, Creation, Chaos, Destruction, Mentalism, Balance, Courage, Protection, Community, Time, Knowledge, Loyalty, Characterization, Observation, Inquisition, Magic
  • Herald: Tsuruya
  • High Priestess: Thursday Next
  • Followers: The Smith Syndicate, Johnny Truant, Buttercup and Westley, Shuya Nanahara and Noriko Nakagawa, Shaun, Ed and Liz, Buckaroo Banzai, Nathan and Shilo Wallace, Donnie Darko, The Keroro Platoon, Rose Haibara and Leo Shishigami
  • Allies: The ESP Research Society, Konata Izumi, Patricia Martin, The Dimensional Counterparts
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger, especially Yuuki Terumi and Bernkastel, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma
  • Odd Friendships: Yoruichi Shihouin (Haruhi), Ragna the Bloodedge (Kyon), Duke Togo (Nagato), Shizuo Heiwajima (Koizumi)
  • Friendly Rivals with: Sebastian Michaelis (Koizumi)
  • Opposes: Whis (Haruhi)
  • Opposed by: Maeda Keiji (Haruhi)
  • Extremely Complicated Relationship with: The Spy (Haruhi)
  • O-Haruhi-Sama has been feeling bored lately. With the current going-ons in the Pantheon where everyone is getting traumatized left and right, she feels that she, Eru and Dream aren't really doing anything important despite having the highest positions possible. The gods way higher than them, Gygax and Arneson decided (after rolling two 20s together) that the Holy Trinity shall be no more. They were saddened, but ultimately not surprised and get packing right away.
    • After departing from the Main House, she found out that her friends have their temples in shambles due to poor maintenance and they are spending more time in the mortal realm. Not wanting to get lonely again, Haruhi decided to reunite with her friends once again by finding a new position: as the Divine Quintet of Genre Blending. At the Gods' Courthouse, she explains her reason for such a title; her series mixes a lot of genres from sci-fi to slice of life to romance among others to the point that there is no concrete genre to define the series. After some evaluating, the Court thinks she and her friends can take the title, since they have enough influence in the Pantheon for quite some time. When they reascended, Haruhi became overjoyed and declares that the SOS Brigade is back in action, much to Kyon's exasperation.
  • Haruhi also designates Tsuruya as herald due to hanging out with the Brigade very often. The latter is also excited that she gets to be part of a larger world. Some other deities might often see her as Churuya, her chibi self that often says, "Nyoron~".
  • Konata Izumi has always been the biggest advocate for O-Haruhi-Sama. She was overjoyed when the latter returned and gave full support to her and her friends. Likewise, Patricia Martin also offered to help them in school events, mostly of the anime and manga variety.
  • They also have good relations with the ESP Research Society, with Haruhi genuinely happy to meet Haruka Kotoura, a real esper in the flesh (well, everyone else knew already) and Kyon is chummy with Yoshihisa Manabe despite the latter's tendency to think in a perverse manner. Yuriko Mifune gets along with Mikuru and offers advice to her on how to seduce Kyon, like with obvious Fanservice though Mikuru takes it with a grain of salt considering Daichi Muroto's reactions to Yuriko's advances. Speaking of Daichi, he got along with Nagato and formed a club with her and Histoire, Blanc, Patchouli Knowledge and Yue Ayase because the Pantheons is too noisy and he wants to read quietly. All in all, Haruhi likes Haruka and her friends as long as they don't interfere with her plans (not that they want to, anyways).
  • Yuya Sakaki, Yuzu Hiiragi and their respective counterparts have befriended the Brigade after hearing about their many adventures. Even the Brigade is horrified by the events of the Dimensional War, as the threats of those like Jean-Michel Roger and Professor Leo Akaba have posed reminds them of various enemies they themselves have faced like Ryoko Asakura, Fujiwara, the Data Overmind and the Agency. (Luckily, Haruhi is still not aware of them.) Haruhi finds the war too much even for her and gave the counterparts full support of the SOS Brigade.
  • They also vehemently oppose Junko Enoshima and Monokuma for getting other students to kill each other in despair in a locked down school. Junko in turn thinks they also might be perfect toys to play with and is fascinated by the fact that Haruhi has god-like powers and a person like her is perfect to fall into despair, ignoring her sounding like Monaca. No one dares to tell Junko about the repercussions...
  • Exclusive to Haruhi:
    • A Genki Girl who formed the SOS Brigade after getting bored with joining the other clubs. Her aim with the club is meeting all sorts of creatures like aliens, time travelers and espers. She got what she wanted when she first ascended to the Pantheon, further exciting her more.
      • What no one is telling her is that she has god-like powers. If she did find out that she had already shaped her universe, this can break reality in and of itself and her ignorance to this is part of the Equilibrium. The Status Quo is making sure that she remains oblivious for as long as possible.
      • With this revelation, Yuki Terumi and Bernkastel think this is a good idea to shape the current reality into a bleaker and dark one. They first deceive her into thinking they mean no harm which works; then they make her believe their views of everyone should be suffering and it is all hopeless to change that. The result works too well; the Pantheons ended up becoming a Fire and Brimstone Hell and everyone is finding a safe place to take cover. Luckily this did not last, as Rachel, Rika and the LOLrangers quickly come to her aid with Rachel and Palutena giving the mischievious two a beatdown they deserve. Haruhi was too broken by the time they got to her, so they get Pollyanna Whittier's help to cheer her up. Pollyanna tells her to play 'The Glad Game' and not think about anything bad Terumi and Bernkastel told her. Haruhi believes her advice, causing the world around her to literally brighten once more and gained a Morality Pet in Pollyanna. When the rest of the Brigade heard about this, they fiercely fortify their temple and prepare for the next worst incident involving the Trollkaiger.
    • Probably not Kyon's girlfriend.
    • Some sects believe Sasaki should have ascended instead of Haruhi. But since Sasaki herself does not desire this or any other position in the pantheon, this would be a moot heresynote . Likewise, another group of schismatics believe Kyon is the true God of Tropes. He pretends not to hear them.
    • Back then, Haruhi used to always keeps her trusty Reset Button, which has resetted situations numerous times, such as how Shinji Ikari's moments of happiness get cut short from her pressing it. That is until an enraged Yui Ikari stormed through the Main House and almost killed her. Even though she didn't succeed, Yui did destroy the Reset Button, freeing her son.
    • She is considered to be the greatest shipmaster in the Pantheon. Many gods have been traumatized as a result. Maeda Keiji, the resident matchmaker greatly opposes this; while he does pair up people a lot, he does so with consideration of compatibility and prior relations while Haruhi ships everyone just because they have fanart on Deviant Art.
    • How did she had the Spy under her orders, you ask? Well, he tried to disguise himself as her after getting bored of impersonating John Carmack in the Main House and it took fifty seconds for her to catch him in the act. Instead of kicking him out with extreme prejudice, she gave him three certain conditions if he wanted to keep hanging around in there: NEVER reveal any info to any god regardless of alignment, stay invisible and check if anyone is following you in the Main House and simply follow her around. He accepted, though he is still embarrassed that he got caught very quickly.
      • The other members are still very wary of him though. Even if he already expressed that attacking them is a disobedience to O-Haruhi-Sama, his very nature will still spell trouble for them.
    • She may have a bit of an ego, but deep down she does care about those around her... unless you're her enemy. Aside from Terumi and Bernkastel, she is irritated that Monaca Towa share the same voice as her Monaca herself thinks Haruhi is not worth fighting considering the latter's powers... Haruhi finds most destroyer deities like Melkor, the Anti-Monitor, Zamasu and Nekron frightening and tries to stay far away from them. What makes matters worse is that the Pantheons can still be shaped to her will and once they learned this from Terumi and Bernkastel, they individually plan to kill her in order to cause chaos and destruction to all. And ever since his ascension, Lord Fuse is on her shitlist because of what he did to the place and her friends; Fuse also fears her as much as he fears Dream of the Endless and Gygax & Arneson because she too has power over imagination, his greatest weakness and also arguably more stronger than the previous three.
    • Haruhi is chummy with fellow clubrunner Miu Kazashiro, though Miu feels Haruhi can be a bit too overbearing. She also has good terms with the idol group Muse, even getting them to perform at events organized by the SOS Brigade. A few members, notably including Maki Nishikino are a bit wary around Haruhi's eccentricities, though Kyon assures them they will be tempered and kept in check.
    • Besides Pollyanna, Haruhi also befriended Miyuki Hoshizora for wanting everyone to be happy and Miyuki definitely did not bore her when they hang out together, thus gaining another Morality Pet. She also hanged out with Excel, a fellow Genki Girl who finds kinship with her. Aware of her uselessness, Haruhi tries to have Excel in groups Haruhi personally dislikes to which Excel, being Excel always accepts with enthusiasm and no questions.
    • Gained an Odd Friendship in Yoruichi Shihouin for reasons as of yet undisclosed. Haruhi even invites her to cosplay events once in a while, which Yoruichi do accept once her schedule has openings.
    • Haruhi rejoices at her return to the mortals of the United States with the release of her adventures on DVD and Blu-Ray, and legal streaming September 13th, 2016, after a long time of being away and legally unavailable.
  • Exclusive to Kyon:
    • A reserved guy who is responsible for Haruhi's club in the first place and regrets it ever since. And this isn't for comical reasons. Also an Unreliable Narrator due to how some events are given embellishments as well as giving too much bias. He's not bothering to refuting these claims. Regardless, he exists to balance out her energy and keep the world in a roughly constant shape.
    • He may have temporary falling outs with Haruhi like when her abuse on Mikuru reaching an apex, causing Kyon to snap and almost punched her, but he and Haruhi will ultimately reconcile in spite of that. They will not making anymore big moves other than that.
    • Kyon has met Fred Jones of the Mystery Gang, who was surprised that his adventures are super fantastical. Kyon at first thinks Fred's own adventures are just child's play compared to him... until he heard of the time Fred and his friends has beaten the Nibiru Entity. From that day onward, Kyon has nothing but respect for Fred.
    • He used to be the God of Normalcy since outside of the SOS Brigade he finds other parts of his life boring, and Naota Nandaba was the one who coined the trope's name. Because of this, the two became friends, being the Only Sane Men of their worlds. Likewise, Houtarou Oreki also shares Kyon's said trait along with being dismotivated by their boring worlds. Also joining the 'only sane men' club is Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard, who often Face Palms at everything going wrong. Picard also sympathized with Kyon for the various threats he and his friends faces being all too similar to his and his crew's experiences with enemies from all over the galaxy.
    • Being a First-Person Smartass, he also got along with Peter Parker and Daria Morgendorffer as fellow Deadpan Snarkers. Daria is a bit baffled why would Kyon keep hanging around with the SOS Brigade if he's so unwilling to join their escapades, to which Kyon refuted that he does enjoy their presence after a fight with himself (yes, really) realizing that he prefers wacky adventures rather than a normal life and someone needs to temper them for once.
      • Speaking of not wanting to stay normal, Kyon also got along with Azuma Kazuki and his friends as they too refuse to live a boring life. Azuma even offered to defend the Brigade whenever a threat looms over them, which Kyon accepts, given the nature of the Pantheons.
    • Also got along with Mordecai and Rigby for constantly having weird things happen to them. Kyon even joins them in slacking off, playing video games and whatnot.
    • Ever since his encounter with Ryoko Asakura going after him, Kyon started to fear Yanderes for not wanting to relive it again. Unfortunately, Lilith Madlove refuse to give him a break by chasing him, getting mad for not accepting Asakura's love for him. It doesn't help that she is too reminiscent of Asakura.
      • This opposition also extends to the rest of the Yandere Squad, with the exception of Yuno Gasai (whenever she's not her 1st World self), Anna Kozuki and Yubel.
    • Because of his voice, Kyon gained an Odd Friendship in Ragna the Bloodedge who went through even worse hell than Kyon did. Together, they relate to one another about the most out-there experiences they had and Ragna even offered to defend Haruhi for Kyon after Terumi once broke her.
  • Exclusive to Mikuru:
    • A Cute Clumsy Girl who serves tea to the other Brigade members, often in a maid outfit. She is literally dragged into the club just to be the living embodiment of sex appeal.
    • Apart from standing around, looking cute, she is also a time traveler, with a star-shaped mole on her left chest. This causes her to befriend Ryotaro Nogami, Hiro Nakamura and the Doctor; the former can relate to her unluckiness and gentle, soft-spoken nature and the latter even let her join on his adventures just to cheer her up. Some speculate he is the reason Mikuru's future self is much colder...
    • She is suspected to be an alternate version of Orihime, due to similarity in appearance, personality, and English voice. Both of them deny being the same person, but they get along swimmingly and Orihime hopes she gets better treatment from her friends. Mikuru also has befriended Fuuka Yamagishi after they both shared similar stories of bullying from a close friend.
    • Has gotten along with Mikan Tsumiki for being a fellow Cute Clumsy Girl and having a lot of Fanservice moments and the similarly-named Aoi Asahina, who often shares donuts with her. Though she has nothing nice to say about Tsumugi Shirogane; Enoshima is one problem and Tsumugi sadly adds to that because of her end-goal of entertainment for herself, even being compared to Mikuru as her Evil Counterpart of sorts. Tsumugi herself thinks she would be a perfect candidate in a killing game, though she have to get through the other Brigade members considering who and what they are.
    • Some believe she is the real force behind the creation of the band Houkago Tea Time. This is not the case, though Mikuru did befriended them especially Mio Akiyama for also being Reluctant Fanservice Girls. She oftens joins them in band rehearsals and school festivals.
    • Has gotten along with both Fluttershy and Nia Teppelin, who used to be one of her former followers. Fluttershy can relate a lot to Mikuru's clumsy and gentle nature while Nia is also kind enough to her and she never treated her like an object. Most gods in proximity, even the most stoic ones cannot handle the sheer sweetness of their free time together.
      • On a related note, Mikuru also befriended the Katawa Girls and by extension, Hisao Nakai as well. But watch out, seeing the girls having fun will also have you grinning wide and blushing beet red.
    • Those who make her cry will receive a sonorous reprimand from O-Haruhi-Sama. Kyon and Koizumi learned the hard way.
    • It seems that her future self will have already arranged for her placement in the pantheon. What could her plan be?
  • Exclusive to Nagato:
    • A really quiet girl with glasses who is actually a Humanoid Interface sent by the Data Overmind to observe Haruhi and her powers.
      • She does have emotions, she just doesn't express it much. This hasn't stop her from finding kinship with the person she was based on, Rei Ayanami and her Great Herald, Origami Tobiichi. The three are often seen hanging around in the Houses of Knowledge reading in total silence together, often with Daichi's reading club.
    • So leet, she can hack reality. Challenged O-Haruhi-sama once, but got beaten badly.(Or, at least, that's the official version. There are some who believe that Nagato would have destroyed Haruhi entirely had it not been for Kyon's influence. At any rate, nowadays she is much more preferably a follower of Kyon.)
    • She got along greatly with Spock who she once served as his High Priest. They also relate their problems of feeling emotions to each other and discusses their importance to their growth. Together, they become an excellent duo of logic and analysis, often with IF joining due to being a fellow Knowledge Broker.
    • Since they don't speak very often, Nagato got along well with Gordon Freeman even aiding him in attacks against the Combine and Dr. Wallace Breen. Also gained an Odd Friendship of sorts with Duke Togo for this very reason. Try not to expect them to talk much though, let alone with each other.
      Nagato, Togo and Freeman: ...
    • Got along with Miranda Campbell due to the two sharing a voice. She even offered to defend her and Coco from various threats of the Pantheons, which she accepts with gratitude.
    • Can play the guitar better than (almost) any human. If cheered on by the Ouendan, The Beatles can beat her. And maybe Buckaroo Banzai. Maybe. But Buckethead can.
    • Has another self from a timeline where she actually got together with Kyon. Nagato is considering opening up more to Kyon to emulate her alternate self's success.
  • Exclusive to Koizumi:
  • The SOS Brigade is also present in the Main House.

Greater Gods

    Dr. Caligari
Dr. Caligari, Divine Representative of German Expressionism and Madness Montage
  • Greater God in Francis's hallucination, he is actually a Quasideity
  • Symbol: The Cabinet
  • Theme Song: "Introducing Cesare" (shared with his minion/patient Cesare)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil according to Francis, he's actually Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Circus, Brainwashed and Crazy Evil Minions, Madness Montage, Room Full of Crazy (Trope Maker) is apart of Francis's hallucination, Twist Ending (Trope Maker), making film a valid art form
  • Domains: Trickery, Darkness, Mentalism, Manipulation, Tyranny
  • Followers: Tim Burton, Werner Herzog
  • Allies: Cesare (his minion), Harley Quinn,
  • Enemies: The ascended cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Light Yagami
  • Complicated Relationship with: Sofia Lamb
  • Made his ascension with multiple posters stapled across the walls of the Pantheon saying, "You must become Caligari!"
  • Despite his job as a psychiatrist, he claims that the House of Ambiguity is weird, even for his tastes. That said, he thinks that Lambdadelta is an interesting friend for tea.
  • With the reveal that all of his and Cesare's evil actions is in Francis's hallucination, the Pantheon is having a headache of trying to figure out whether or not to ascend the Caligari in Francis's hallucination or the "real" Caligari. In the end, the Pantheon decided to let the two share the temples, with one alternate the other.
  • He and Harley Quinn forge an unconventional relationship because of the fact that they are... less than normal psychiatrist. She surprisingly bonds with the "real" Caligari during her saner moments.
    • Caligari has less of a smooth relationship with Sofia Lamb, however, given that she is so evil that Caligari's "real" counterpart can't get along with her.
  • Rick Blaine freaked out when visiting his temple because Caligari and Caesar are fictional characters in his universe. Blaine has been trying to avoid the both of them ever since.
  • Being the temple that holds the mad moments of quite a few of notable figures in the Pantheon, he has earned the ire quite a few figures in the Pantheon.
    • The most prolific figures are the ascended cast of Neon Genesis Evangelion because his temple holds the mad montage from them. While Caligari promised to not use them for any evil purpose, they still uncomfortable with the montage's very existence.
    • Yagami despite Caligari with a passion due to his house holds the one montage of his breakdown when he is about to be arrested and killed by Ryuk, couples with the fact that Caligari's patient Cesare has similar looks to Light's enemy L and Ryuk.
  • Because his movie is the one that makes films grow into a valid art form, his temple received a lot of visit from many cinematic deities. The "real" Caligari is annoyed with this while the insane Caligari is welcoming visitors to satisfy his ego.


Intermediate Gods

BEN, Unholy God of Internet Short Horror Stories
  • Intermediate God... maybe.
  • Symbol: A disturbing Link Statue.
  • Theme: The Song of Healing. Played backwards.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Started the 'Creepypasta' Trend, Haunted Game Cartridges, Nightmare Fuel, Contagious A.I. (?), Eldritch Abomination (?), Sealed Evil in a Game Cartridge, Bleeding Into Reality, Nothing Is Scarier, Worsening the Emotional Torture, Big Bad
  • Domains: Fear, Technology, Otherness, Nostalgia, Water(?)
  • High Priests: The Crew of the Laughingstock and Zalgo
  • Allies: Majora (surprisingly enough), Slender Man, Giygas, Phazon, Spooky, SCP-993, White Face
  • Rivals: The Outsider, Richard, AM, .GIFfany, Pony Island
  • Enemies: All other The Legend of Zelda deities, good and evil and those from other media with an accompanying Creepypasta, (Insert Name Here), Lain Iwakura, Mr. Rogers, Noah Kaiba, The Lyoko Warriors, Sombra, King Kong, Ben Tennyson, AM's five victims, The SCP Foundation, The Protectors of the Plot Continuum
  • Unknown Relationship with: Polybius, Alex Mercer, most Outer Gods, The Sleeper
  • BEN is an enigmatic figure. His nature, actions, ultimate goal and origin; all complete mysteries. Many gods and goddesses offer widely differing explanations for the creature, but there is one thing they all agree on; at some point in time, a boy named Ben drowned. (for a sinister purpose of a moon-worshipping cult...)
  • BEN appeared in the Pantheons soon after an odd event in the House of Gaming: a mortal follower playing The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask noted that the game had started to glitch up, referring to him as "BEN". When he resets the game, he was greeted with the words, "You have met a terrible fate, haven't you?" He mentioned hearing the Song of Healing played backwards before passing out. Since then, that copy of Majora's Mask has been confiscated and quarantined in a temple under Hermaeus Mora's supervision. That hasn't stopped the entity inside that copy from getting out into the corporeal world...
  • While BEN’s domain is Creepypasta in general, his specialty is the corruption of innocence; that is to say, creepy and unsettling takes on old, nostalgic pieces of entertainment. Suicidemouse.avi, Squidward's Suicide, Dead Bart and all manner of ‘lost episodes’ and ‘game hacks’ spring from BEN.
    • This ended up gaining the eternal enmity from the The Legend of Zelda deities, good and evil due to BEN tainting a copy of one of their titles to terrorize anyone hapless enough to play it. Other deities, like Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob and Bart Simpson are also horrified that BEN's influence has reached their shows as well. The GUAG is currently trying to find more effective methods to keep BEN's said influence at bay. (Insert Name Here), being every Creepypasta protagonist ever as well as the reader has every reason to fully oppose BEN.
    • To spite the Zelda deities even further, BEN often appears himself as Link with a creepy face or the Link Statue. Part of it because his followers always see him like that and part of it is just for screwing with them.
  • There is one Zelda deity that BEN can find a footing with; the God of Evil Masks, Majora. Like BEN, Majora also likes to torture others for amusement and they have sinister plans for their victims, though BEN is a lot more secretive about his. Majora is disappointed that he can't truly control BEN like a puppet, but he became ecstatic once again since his alliance with Yuki Terumi since he found another dark entity to relate to and the feeling is mutual for BEN. Who knows what kind of horrible fates they would bring to the entire Pantheons...
    • Being a fellow entity with fame from the creepypasta circle, Slender Man is seen with BEN a lot. Let's not think about their meetings. BEN also joins Spooky as her new scarer and attraction in her Haunted House because she gave him more opportunities to terrorize more people. And Giygas also has an Odd Friendship with BEN, probably because their true forms are incomprehensible. Not everybody wants to know what BEN's true form is...
    • Other malevolent entities BEN finds kinship in is White Face (for assaulting the player directly by haunting his game) and Phazon (a fellow creature capable of corruption) after Majora introduced him to them. BEN on his own met SCP-993 who also corrupts childhood innocence to the point of evil. Everybody started fearing what would happen if BEN teams up with or uses his newfound brethren...
  • Being an enigmatic entity, BEN gained rivals in The Outsider and Richard. All three have their own unknown agendas (though BEN's is easy to guess) and who knows, maybe they'll use each other for such...
    • Both he and AM have a penchant of torturing others, though BEN wants the suffering out of amusement while AM does so out of sheer malice. Due to the difference in expectations, they became rivals instead. That hasn't gain BEN brownie points from AM's own victims who see him as no better; they try to stay away from BEN just so that he'll never get any ideas of haunting them.
    • Very rare, but BEN does get compared to the Outer Gods due to his unfathomability and also capable of driving his victims mad. The Outer Gods hasn't said anything about him yet. Considering that The Sleeper also corrupt its surroundings, a select few began fearing of a combination between the two...
    • The SCP Foundation has been working with Hermaeus Mora (albeit the alliance is uneasy) on containing BEN completely, causing him to hate them for stopping his hauntings. The Protectors of the Plot Continuum also hate BEN for not only his usual threat but spawning endless terrible OCs that serve to fulfill every horror fangirl's wet dream which some are trying to intrude into the Pantheons. Surprisingly, even BEN agrees he doesn't like Fangirls too much.
  • Being a creature born from The Internet, he has gained the ire of Lain Iwakura and the Lyoko Warriors who sees him as no better than XANA. Noah Kaiba is horrified that a threat more worse than him actually exists, and Sombra not only sees him as an obstacle to her plans but a horror as well.
    • .GIFfany sees him as competition since they both get out of their game to reach their victims and the Lucifer of Pony Island is also jealous of BEN for that reason. Nobody wants to think about BEN and .GIFfany assimilating into something worse...
  • Mr. Rogers finds him everything he stood against since he wants happiness from remembering childhoods, not ruining them. Ben Tennyson is FURIOUS that he shares a name with an irredeemable evil to the point of unintentional mix-ups; not to mention having creepypastas of his series from BEN's influence.
    • Has a very confusing beef with King Kong. Probably has to do with April Fools' Day...
  • He is rumored to have some sort of connection with Polybius. Alex Mercer also has something to do with whatever is happening in BEN's universe. Mercer himself has not been reached for comment on this matter.
  • While BEN is biding his time for an opportunity, the other gods try to diminish his threat by bringing up the horrible Narmy memes coming out of terrible creepypasta like 'hyper-realistic blood' and 'WHO WAS PHONE?!'. Even BEN finds them amusing, but later on annoying as the jokes escalate.
  • “You shouldn’t have done that...”

    Guillermo del Toro 
Guillermo del Toro, God Of Speculative Fiction (born Guillermo del Toro Gómez, The Latino Peter Jackson)

    H.P. Lovecraft 
Howard Phillips Lovecraft, God of the Cosmic Horror Story (Abdul Alhazred, Randolph Carter, Master of Nightmares, Lord of Madness, Defiler of Euclid, Scribe of the Necronomicon, Divider of Zero, Black Patriarch of the Internet, and Harbinger of a Thousand Tropes)!.jpg

    Humphrey Bogart 
Humphrey Bogart, God of Film Noir (Bogie, Sam Spade, Philip Marlowe, Fred C. Dobbs, Charlie Allnut)

    Mark Grayson/Invincible 
Markus Grayson, Patron Saint of Capepunk (Mark Grayson, Invincible)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His mask
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Half-Human Hybrid Flying Brick who Jumped at the Call, Lightning Bruiser, deliverer and receiver of the Curb-Stomp Battle, raised by a veteran superhero who was a plant to take over the world, goes through several traumatizing events as a result yet ultimately triumphed in the end Happily Married to Eve
  • Domains: Good, Strength, Glory, Protection, Air
  • Heralds: Samantha Eve Wilkins/Atom Eve his wife, and their daughter Terra
  • High Priest: Matt Garetty
  • Allies: All superheroes in the Pantheon, especially Clark Kent/Superman, Spawn, Alana and Marko, The Bard, Dick Grayson/Nightwing, Korra
  • Enemies: Supervillains in general, Regime Superman, The Plutonion
  • Opposes: The Kankers and the subhouse of Tainted Love, Griffith
  • Pities: Casca
  • Pitied by: Red Sonja, Guts
  • By the turn of the millenium, the folks at Image Comics were at a bad place. The Dark Age of Comic Books went bust on them. While Spawn remained, they needed a new comic to attract the masses. They got just the person in 2003. Codenamed Invincible, Mark Grayson became the new face for Image Comics for that decade. His story was one a Coming-of-Age Story that took a turn no person could have imagined. Nevertheless, his books had recently ended. While he was no longer the flagship of Image, Spawn, Alana and Marko decided to pool their resources to bring him over into the Pantheon.
    • There was a dispute for the title from Matt Garetty, a powerful user of telekinesis who was also vying for the title. Sad that he had blocked him out of the title, he settled for giving Matt a seat as the high priest. Mark also saw to it to train Matt in using his powers.
  • Superman was present for his ascension, and it was a joyous occasion indeed. Mark was one of his premier followers for years given his initial optimism and similar powers. He now has the opportunity to properly team-up with a vast array of superheroes, something that has been a dream of his for years.
  • While not following the principle of The Cowl, he still thought Batman was pretty cool. Yet he does understand the kind of trauma the Dark Knight had to go through. While Invincible isn't exactly one of his favorite superheroes to hang out with, he does appreciate the sentiment. Both laid a memorial in Batman's temple in honor of Darkwing's death at the hands of Omin-Man.
  • Has Atom Eve to thank for helping him transition into the superhero lifestyle. The two soon became lovers and ultimately parents. Her recent discovery of her immortality showed that his wife will be with him for the rest of his life.
  • Like a few other superheros, he was eager to become a superhero as soon as he gained his powers. Even with all the trauma he endured, he still encourages others to join the House of Heroes. While a pacifist, The Bard admired Mark's convictions.
  • Very few people can question why he hates Regime Superman so much: His own father, Omni-Man was one of his greatest generals before he found out he killed the Guardians of the Globe. After receiving a vicious No Holds Beatdown from him, he just left. But that wasn't the end. Soon, other Viltrumites tried to invade his world on multiple occasions. It an alliance involving several other worlds to finally put down the threat once and for all. His father renounced his former faith to join his son... costing him his life in the process A plaque detailing his complicated history can be found outside the temple.
    • Has only slightly more sympathy towards the Plutonian only because he only snapped before turning evil. He's not truly ready to forgive the former superhero for his crimes, though.
  • The only other people he hates as much as the two above are the Kankers as well as the subhouse of Tainted Love in general. The reasoning is also a personal one. One of the Viltrumites who stayed in earth wanted to birth a son from him. After he refused, she proceeded to rape him. The accuser later died in the final battle, but their son ended up being a superhero himself. Mark was glad to find other men such as Nightwing who underwent similar trauma but he still wants to raise awareness on the seriousness of male rape.
    • Red Sonja was impressed with his opposition and has sought to help him out in that regard. Not surprising as she too was a victim of rape.
    • Absolutely hates Griffith for putting Casca through a similar fate. Guts may not go far as to call him allies, but any enemy of Griffith is someone worthy of hanging around with him.
    • In some ways, his character growth has a similar trajectory with Avatar Korra. It took a lot of willpower for the two to overcome their pitfalls. Still, the two enjoy the company; Mark thinks her elemental powers are awesome while Korra is impressed with his strength.
  • In the end, he succeeded in defeating the Viltrumites once in for all. He and Atom ended up exploring other worlds to make amends for all his peoples' atrocities. The two later gave birth to a daughter named Terra. She was a handful at an early age, but grew up to become a wonderful daughter. Both his wife and daughter stay with him in the Pantheon.

    Negi Springfield 
Negi Springfield, God of Genre Shifting (Negi-bozu, Thundergod Negi)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The pactio artifact Mile Vincula
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Chaste Heroes, Kid Heroes, Adorably Precocious Boys, Chick Magnets, Western-Style Hermetic Magic, A Harem Disguised as a Class Full of Cute Young Girls, Warrior Princes
  • Domains: Magic, Charm, Pact, Mysticism
  • Allies: Asuna Kagurazaka, Yue Ayase, and possibly Evangeline, Hayate Ayasaki, Hinagiku Katsura, Issei Hyodo, Criminy
  • Followers: Erio Mondial if one were to believe the doujinshi.
  • There were supposed to be 31 cards in his personal deck, but Evangeline was a bit... vampy, and he was afraid she would take initiative and go too far. Another refusal is... complicated, involving time travel and a blood relative. And then theres something about stealing harems from his Arch-Enemy and now, even his Arch-Enemy. Currently a third refusal is being debated with one of his students who seems to be defending his Arch-Enemy.
  • Thanks to his command of magic and his way with the ladies (especially Rydia the summoner, and surprisingly enough, Shizuru), the Elder Gods allow Negi to sit at the Big Gods' table during holidays so that they can hear of his "exploits". He roundly asserts that he doesn't have any, despite the stack of love letters he gets every month.
  • Has never been seen in the same room as Harry Potter... until recently. They're good friends, really. Negi's been working on teaching Harry martial arts so that Potter won't be completely helpless against an up-close foe or without his wand.
  • Is on good terms with Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa-Harlaown, who often invite him over to talk about things... as well as to take care of and fawn over him; Nanoha and Fate are both well-known for having very powerful maternal instincts, especially toward children who have faced significant hardships, and Negi is - despite his power, prestige, and skills - a cute little boy with a pretty traumatic past and both parents missing from his life, setting off the duo's "mother mode" at full strength.
  • It was revealed later on that in addition to being the son of the Strongest Still Mortal Mage Ever (according to some sources) he is also the son of one of the oldest royal families ever, and his mother has been accused of destroying her entire country (though evidence points to her relative Asuna being the true culprit).
  • Sought advice from Nanoha in order to fight a particularly strong Fate, and befriend him. She agreed to tutor Negi, and he seems to have learned his lessons well.
  • Often is seen with Hayate Ayasaki, for various reasons.
  • Being both amongst the biggest Chick Magnets in the Pantheon, he is good pals with Hyodo Issei. As such, he's the vice of his group, the GUAG Chick Magnet Quartet.
  • Frequently confused with Adam Young (the Canadian one).

     The Outlaw Star Crew 
The Outlaw Star crew Members , Paragons of the Space Western
From left to right: Melfina, Aisha, Gene, Suzuka, Jim
  • Ranks: Intermediate Deities (Jim and Melfina are Lesser, though)
  • Theme Song: Through The Night
  • Symbol: The Outlaw Star
  • Alignments: Chaotic Good (Gene), Neutral Good (Jim/Melfina), Chaotic Neutral (Aisha), True Neutral (Suzuka)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Space, Westerns Parody, Teamwork
  • Allies: All the GUAG Robot War Division, Son Goku, Superman, Optimus Prime, The Guardians of the Galaxy, Marcus Kincaid, Dr. Kenzo Tenma, Gondar the Bounty Hunter, Space Dandy
  • Enemies: Every Single Member of the GUAE Mecha Cohort, Darkseid, Thanos, Megatron, Galactus, Lobo, Frieza, Cooler, Cell, the Pillar Men, Johan Liebert
  • Rivals: Coyote Starrk, Revy (for Gene), Saber Marionette!Bloodberry (for Aisha) Agent 47, Ra’s Al Ghul, Talia Al Ghul, Lady Shiva, Niko Bellic (for Suzuka)
  • Melfina used to be by herself in the Pantheon as the Goddess of Mysterious Waifs until she couldn’t stand being alone without Gene and was in the process of stepping down. Before doing so, she made a wish on a falling star to see Gene and all her friends again. To her shock, that particular falling star began to grow larger and larger until it became a familiar red spaceship. Tears welled up within her. Her wish had been granted. The Outlaw Star crew was reunited at last.
    • However, she was confused as to how the Outlaw Star was able to find her since she was its navigational unit. Gene explained about fate and destiny, only for Gilliam II (the ship’s AI) to spill the beans that it was mere luck that they managed to land in the Pantheon. Still, Melfina was happy to see them all again.
  • Gene immediately signed up the crew to fight for the GUAG and the Robot War Division as it has two advantages. First, it gave the Outlaw Star a docking area of its own (which he’s very thankful that it’s free of charge, despite Gilliam’s criticism of sharing the facilities with others), and second, he can outfit the Star with weapons and repairs (also free) as the engineers there are happy to supply and fix things. Jim merely mused that Gene joined the GUAG just to get those benefits.
  • Gene prided himself on his shooting abilities which allowed him to become good friends with Vash (who was also one of the core representatives of the Space Western genre). The two are seen hanging out together sharing a box of donuts most of the time. Through Vash, he also met more traditional Western deities such John Wayne, John Marston and Lucky Luke. Alongside the Man with No Name, they’re known as the “Six Shooter Spirits of The West” in the Pantheon.
    • Is also drinking buddies with Spike Spiegel, another well-known Space Western-based deity. Lupin III often joins them for a round as well (although the three of them each make themselves scarce when it comes to paying the tab). Often, Vash, Gene and Spike also share moments of silence, having all gone through similar events.
  • Despite having easy access to weapons for the Outlaw Star and proficient with traditional firearms, Gene has been trying to find Caster Shells to use with his special Caster Gun. Marcus (his go-to guy for regular ammo and guns) claims he has a few but they each cost roughly the equivalent of the Maximum Security items in the Treasures Vault, so it was not practical. However, realizing the presence of a Housee of Magic and many Good-aligned skillful wizards, he decided to go and make his own Caster Shells. As such, he went to find out about the history and manufacturing of them in the House of Knowledge where Nico Robin and the Librarian immediately helped find him the necessary references (after Gene had to apologize profusely after getting the Librarian mad for accidentally calling him a monkey). Gene was later seen talking with both Vulcan and Negi Springfield about helping him make home-made Caster Shells. He has also gone over to talk to various magicians for their raw power, skill and advice on their creation. Many wonder what could arise from the creation of such unique ammunition.
  • Both Gene and Jim are friends with Kim Kaphwan’s two sons for entirely different reasons. Gene and Dong Hwan hang out often in various activities to slack off and have a good time, whereas Jim and Jae Hoon are always the ones who have to find them and haul them back to work/train.
  • Gene tends to be referred to as “Aniki” by Jim. This caused confusion one time when Jim, Sho Marufuji and a Date retainer each called out “Aniki” only for Gene, Judai Yuki, and Date Masamune (both coincidentally standing nearby) all looked back and called out a greeting in response. The whole group stood around in confusion as they silently pointed fingers all around, until they broke out in laughter. From then on, Judai, Sho and Masamune became friends with Gene and Jim.
  • Jim is a sort of Cuteness Proximity magnet among many of the female deities around the Pantheon, which unnerves him. He bonds with Negi over this (in addition to both being very smart), even surprised that he is much younger than him.
    • And then there was the time he met the Elric brothers. Jim was impressed in how Al was able to function as a soul bound to armor as he studied him all over. Meanwhile, Ed was glad he wasn’t the short one around for once. Insulted, Jim said that size doesn’t matter (making Ed elbow Al with smugness), only to follow with maturity not also judged by size, which immediately made Ed sulk in a corner. Still, he was comforted by the fact he wasn’t the shortest one between the two in the end.
  • Aside from Negi Springfield, Jim is also good friends with fellow kid geniuses Tails and Dexter. He is currently working with both of them to create a Mini-Mecha of his own to help out the rest of the crew if need be.
    • Not only that, he has a new mentor by the name of Dell Conagher of the mercenaries. Due to this, Jim now knows how turrets work, but he has to know how to make one soon. Dell however, is willing to teach him.
  • One day, a rough voice shouted Jim’s name in a jovial manner, proclaiming that he’s glad he’s finally ascended. When they looked in direction of the voice, they found Long John Silver with a comforting smile on his face. His smile quickly turned to puzzlement and wondered why Jim didn’t recognize him. Jim claimed it was the first time they met. That was when Silver said “he’d never forget his friend Jim Hawkins.” Jim immediately corrected him saying his last name was HAWKING. Silver then excused himself and left. Before he did, he again said that he looked a lot like his Jim that they could be twins.
  • Jim would not be quite the same after an encounter with Johan Liebert. It began innocently with Johan asking if Jim ever fell in love. Jim was wary but told him of his first crush with a girl who liked cats and who strangely enough never returned after setting up a date. Johan took that moment to begin his assault. He told him that Jim himself actually killed her as she was the mysterious attacker who fought against the crew in that area. Jim immediately went into shock as Johan kept his vicious offensive pointing out that it was Jim’s own counterattacks at the control of the Outlaw Star which destroyed her ship, her cats and her life. That he was responsible for the death of a young girl and her pets, he himself destroyed his one and only chance at love and that their blood was in his hands. Jim was immediately devastated as his mind shut down by the look in his eyes. Before Johan could finish, his crewmates finally found them and Johan exited quickly to avoid the hail of bullets from one very pissed off Gene. Jim was completely frozen by shock and sadness after realizing the truth. It was only by taking him to Dr. Tenma and having lengthy visits with him did he eventually manage to snap out of it. He managed to regain his youthful spirit, but one day he managed to slip out of the Pantheon to return to Symka Five and laid a wreath at the side of the fountain where he and Hanmyo first met.
    • Gene meanwhile managed to find his way over to Johan and quietly shot him with three Caster Shells, specifically the three most powerful ones from his world. While very taxing in life force, Gene had prepared himself and utilized the Pantheon's unique state to keep himself from dying. Johan was not heard from for weeks, but Gene had left a message to Johan's allies and the House of Evil about what would happen should they mess with another one of his crew.
  • Melfina finally finds purpose and a reason to go out now that Gene and the rest of the crew are with her. Still, she tends to visit the House of Philosophy to continue musing over her purpose that she had found the Galactic Leyline and what to do with her life.
  • With no one around to cook for them, she is often chosen to be the cook for the crew. Though sometimes she takes advice from friends and even lets them cook something. One of her favorite cooking partners is Cherry of the Saber Marionettes. Though Melfina often tries talking with her over her existence as an Artificial Human like her, the Marionette tends to reply that she doesn’t care what her origins were as long as she looks forward to her Otaru-sama. At mentioning his name, she immediately went into one of her imagined fantasies and ending up blushing madly calling out his name. Melfina simply stood there unsure what to say.
    • She was cautioned in allowing friends cook for her after she invited Noel Vermillion. Melfina was scared at the end result of what Noel cooked, but still allowed it to be served. She had to immediately call for Eirin Yagokoro in the House of Health & Diseases for an antidote. The meal was so devastating that even AISHA got sick. Only Suzuka saved herself because she was not around.
  • Aisha can always be found around the Pantheon accompanied by two particular deities: Taokaka and Saber Marionette Lime. For one thing, both are always great to fight with. For another, they know the best places to get a free handout in the House of Food. Though, she and Tao always tend to fight over food more than just playful sparring (and the fact Tao nicknamed her Boobie-Kaka) with Lime cheering them on, no matter who wins.
    • She heard of the Gourmet Race Club table from Tao and is preparing herself for the eventual next Gourmet Race to earn herself a seat there.
  • Though she has zero maturity and tends to be on the wrong side of the cosmic luck scale, she is also a nearly-immortal Ctarl-Ctarl warrior. When she gets very serious or angry, her power increases dramatically (refered to as “half powered” mode where her eyes turn into slits, her nails become claws, teeth turn into fangs and grows a tail) to the point that she is unstoppable. And then there is her werecat-tiger transformation
  • She is often found in the Combat Dojo, proving her superior Ctarl-Ctarl fighting prowess. She however bit more than she could chew when she challenged both Hercules and Zangief one time. The end result was a severely sore back and stomach after Hercules managed to grab and bear-hug her with the same stamina as when he defeated the Nemean Lion. He then passed her off to the Red Cyclone who immediately gave her a Final Atomic Buster. She yielded much to her embarrassment but enjoyed the fight and promised she’d be much more powered-up next time. When not in the Combat Dojo, she's also likely to hang out in the Feline Sub-House.
    • It was also here when she met the last of the Saber Marionettes, Bloodberry, who was also looking for a fight. Their fight lasted hours, with even Aisha going into “half powered” mode. She then had the Marionette on the ropes and was about to launch the finishing blow…until she fainted from hunger after burning off so many calories in the fight. Aisha and Bloodberry called out a momentary truce to go out for some chow at the House of Food, with neither yielding the results of their fight as a draw.
  • Aisha was shocked to see Guts standing before her one time. He merely looked down and said that for a second he thought he heard the voice of his beloved and walked away. The Ctarl-Ctarl was puzzled by his comment.
    • She also had an ugly encounter with Lord Raptor who rushed towards her in a love-struck frenzy, only to be sent crashing into a nearby wall with one good punch. After regaining his bearing, he cursed her for confusing him with the voice of his sweetheart Hsien-Ko. Already angry, Aisha went into her “half powered” mode and utterly annihilated Raptor, leaving his body in pieces.
    • Still, these strange encounters of her voice being familiar to someone have eventually become friendlier. On one occasion, she met Asuka Langley Soryu, who also sounded like her. After a brief but friendly fight, Aisha went into her were-tiger form and pounced on Asuka. . . then started licking her face as if she were a kitten! Asuka was shocked by this, but complimented Aisha on her were-tiger form, comparing it to Eva Unit 02's feline Beast Mode. Stranger still, on the times she attempts to speak in English, she sounded exactly like a non-accented Rogue. It was being friends with her that allowed Aisha to meet both Wolverine and X-23, whom the latter apparently enjoys sparring with her.
  • As her status of Sixth Ranger in the crew, Suzuka hardly stays in their temple and can be found wandering the Pantheon. Most see her meditating in the House of Nature, enjoying a cup of tea in Iroh’s shop, or friendly sparring with several swordsmen and women in the House of Weapons. Despite having a place to stay in the House of Narrative, she tends to visit Yukiko Amagi’s inn as she claims it feels just like home. Yukiko enjoys having her visit as she is very polite. Yukiko also notes just how much Suzuka is part of a close-knit group, much like the Investigation Team.
  • When Suzuka first met and fought Arturia, she thought for a second she was facing Melfina as their voices were nearly alike. That slight moment of hesitation cost her the match, but she waits for a rematch soon.
  • Her relations with assassins in the Pantheon are varied. With Ezio, she treats him with utmost respect as one of the original members of the Assassin order. With Agent 47, they treat each other with professional aplomb as each has their own special way of executing their kills. With the League of Assassins, she considers them rivals as Ra’s wants her to join only for Suzuka to politely decline as she works by herself. This sometimes gets her to blows with his daughter Talia who feels insulted by Suzuka rejecting her father’s kindness. Only with Ra’s telling her to not attack does she relent.
  • Currently, Gene and Jim have been discussing the possibility of having "Hot-Ice" Hilda ascend onto the Pantheon upon further learning how Death functions much differently.

    Valkyrie Cain 
Valkyrie Cain, Goddess of Urban Fantasy, (Stephanie Edgley, Darquesse)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A flame in a hand.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Pragmatic Hero, Cool Big Sis, "Battle Accessory", Uses a mixture of elemental magicand Necromancy, until losing them a gaining lighting powers.
  • Domains: Magic, Fantasy, Justice
  • Allies: Ascended – Skulduggery Pleasant, Harry Potter, Bigby Wolf, Cole MacGrath, Raiden (Mortal Kombat)
  • Enemies: Darquesse, The Slender Man, Voldemort, Bloody Mary, evil vampire deities, any deity who abuse their siblings
  • Odd Friendship with: Celty Sturluson
  • Caused a bit of a scare at the House of Magic due to her having the same appearance as Darquesse, fortunately Skulduggery came by to clear things up before a fight broke out.
    • After the confusion passed, Valkyrie was surprised when she meant Harry Potter and had a minor geek-out.
    • Also became enemies with Voldemort not only for being an ally of Harry’s but because he blames her for being temporality turned into a rubber duck by Darquesse.
      • Quite a few of the deities at the House have taken an interest in her magical abilities since she's directly connected to the source of magic.
  • Her connection to Darquesse is somewhat complex: In short, Darquesse is Valkyrie’s Superpowered Evil Side. The two where eventually separated but Darquesse survived by finding a host in Valkyrie’s "Reflection" (a magical clone). It Makes Sense in Context.
  • Though her original given name is Stephanie Edgley, she chose the name Valkyrie Cain when she became a sorceressnote . She’s okay with people addressing her by either of those names, as long as it’s not Darquesse.
    • Isn’t exactly happy that Darquesse got to the Pantheon before she did either.
  • Often joins on Skulduggery on detective cases, which has led to her meeting Bigby. While she was wary of him at first due to a near-fatal encounter with a werewolf in the past she eventually warmed-upped him after he help her in an encounter with Bloody Mary.
  • Is currently training with Cole Mac Grath and Raiden on practicing her magic lighting abilities as well as learning some parkour from Cole and new fighting techniques from Raiden.
  • After hearing about a Goddess of Dullahans, she decided to do some snooping and eventually met Celty Sturluson. The two soon became buddies.
  • Her taken name caught the attention of Freya who decided to watch Valkyrie in battle one day. Afterwards Freya praised her by saying she would make a fine warrior.
  • Despises any deity who mistreatments their siblings, this is mainly because Valkyrie has a younger sister who is often a sore topic for her to discuss.
  • Is worried that The Slender Man may be a Faceless One, a concern shared by Skulduggery.
  • Once dated a vampire who turned out to be a yandere who tried to kill her after she broke up with him. It's best to never ask her about it, EVER.

Lesser Gods

    John Carter 
John Carter, God of Planetary Romances (John Carter of Mars, Prince of Helium, Warlord of Mars, Captain Jack Carter of Virginia, Dotar Sojat, Jeddak of Jeddaks)

    John Wayne 
John Wayne, God of The Western and Cowboys (The Duke)

    Michael Myers 
Michael Myers, God of Slasher Movies (The Shape, The Boogeyman)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A knife
  • Theme Song: Halloween Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Alliterative Name, Dogs Hate Him, Black Eyes of Evil, Bloodbath Villain Origin, Covered with Scars, Determinator, Evil Is Bigger, Genius Bruiser, Healing Factor, Implacable Man, Knife Nut, Lack of Empathy, Made of Iron, Menacing Stroll, Malevolent Masked Man, Silent Antagonist, Super Strength, The Voiceless, White Mask of Doom
  • Domains: Evil, Chaos, Strength, Murder
  • High Priest: The various Ghostface personas
  • Followers: Many monsters and killers in the Horror and Thriller genre
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, Aku, Jack of Blades, Kane
  • Rivals: Freddy Krueger, Jason Voohres
  • Opposed by: Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott, All Private Detective deities, The House of Justice, Marion Crane, Kenzo Tenma
  • Feared by: Leatherface
  • Not to be confused with: Mike Myers
  • During one particular Halloween, Final Girl Laurie Strode couldn't help but think she was being followed. Thinking it was her long-time foe Jason, she looked back in search of anyone wearing a hockey mask. Instead, she saw someone far worse: her old nemesis in a familiar white mask. She immediately high-tailed it into her temple and locked the doors, fearing the worst. Michael Myers has entered the Pantheon.
    • To make matters worst, Sidney also saw her own personal stalker. It turns out that Myers chose Ghostface as his high priest as a token of thanks for reviving the Slasher Movie industry. The two now roam the Pantheon in search of victims.
  • Oddly enough, Jason and Freddy respect the newcomer enough as a rival than they do each other. That's probably due to being the originator of the genre. The two now let him terrorize the final girls to his heart's content.
  • Leatherface fears the masked man almost as much as his family. To him, Michael Myers' ascension is a sign to carry out more heinous murders.
  • Myers and his followers are the bane of Marion Crane and her clergy, many of whom were victims of horror films. It may be too late for her, but she can at least warn many others before they share the same fate.
  • One of the only true allies of his is the God of Sociopathy . Johan always gives him a nice list of victims to kill overnight. Myers doesn't care who it is, only that at least someone is willing to help quench his thirst for death.
    • This would probably explain why Tenma has put a significant time to put down Myers, second only to his never ending battle with Johan himself. Some like to compare him to Mr. Loomis, Meyer's archnemesis.
  • Is under no circumstances allowed to step foot in the House of Family. That goes double for the subhouse of Siblings. Michael Myers has a habit of killing anyone who looks like his sisters and their descendants. Not even evil-aligned deities there want to be anywhere near him.
  • Every detective in the Pantheon has been told to watch their backs whenever they encounter a victim of Myers' wrath. Virtually every detective in the Pantheon have vowed to take him down. Shawn Spencer has taken a particular interest in the monster... if only because of his love of horror movies.
  • Judge Dredd has ordered his forces to be cautious when encountering the man. He is more than a match for most of his forces and will be a difficult arrest indeed. Nevertheless, the House of Justice is dedicated to finding him.
  • Some conspiracy theorists believe that he may have gotten his power from a bit of Aku's essence. Since many think he is literally Made of Evil, this theory is agreed upon by some.
    • Robot Chicken proposed an interesting theory of his origin: he is actually Mike Myers with a clever change of his name. Even Mike Myers himself jumped at the idea. Most people dismissed the idea as a joke as best. Those who were voiced by him have distances themselves from the topic.
  • Is still awaiting the day he gets accepted into a Mortal Kombat game. Seeing so many of his peers gain entrance has him peeved.
  • Jack of Blades, wielder of the White Mask of Doom, hopes to make Michael Myers a crucial part of his repertoire in order to remove certain threats to his temple. Myers has proven to be more difficult to direct than he thought.
  • Many believe Kane drew inspiration for the slasher villain's reign of terror. He is currently interested in fighting Michael in a no-disqualification match, with McMahon contemplating about it. Many fans believe it would not end well for either wrestler should the two meet.
  • Despite his coming back so many times, there is a way to kill him for good. Of course, Death Is Cheap in the Pantheon, so that's not working.

    The Paranatural Activity Club 
The Paranatural Activity Club, Representatives of School Club Stories (The Activity Club)
From Left to Right: Isabel Guerra, Richard "Rick" Spender, Edward "Ed" Burger, Maxwell "Max" Puckett, and Isaac O'Connor


    Jon Stewart 
Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, God of News Parodies (Jon Stewart)
  • Theme Song: Dog On Fire
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Daily Show logo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Satire, Straight Man, Motor Mouth, Unfazed Everyman, Jewish Complaining, Butt-Monkey, Nice Guy with an occasional Brooklyn Rage
  • Domains: Knowledge, Good, Charm, Trickery
  • Followers: Samantha Bee, David Frost, Chris Morris, Larry Wilmore
  • Herald: Trevor Noah
  • High Priest: John Oliver
  • Allies: Kyle Brofloski, The LOL Rangers, Seth Rollins
  • Enemies: Cartman, Trollkaiger, John Cena
  • Opposed by: Hank Hill, Bandit Keith
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: with Stephen Colbert
  • It has long been Stephen Colbert's mission to try and ascend Jon Stewart in the Pantheon. The two have been at odds with each other for years during the heydays of when they owned their own shows. With Jon retiring, Colbert had no rival anymore. So he worked tirelessly to find a way to ascend him. That day finally arrived as the interest for News Parodies has never been higher. Boosted by this new craving, Colbert brought Stewart into the Pantheon. The first thing he did was gloat bout beating him to the Pantheon by several years. The next moment was spent with the two hugging each other. Differences aside, the two have become best of friends. Nowadays, Jon runs his own show entirely within the Pantheon to tell the news on what has happened in the land.
    • There are many anchors who use the News Parody as their platform but it was Jon Stewart who paved the way to making it popular. In fact, many of his followers ended up creating their own shows, including the ascended Stephen Colbert. The current head of his old show is Trevor Noah, his high priest. His final show was an emotional affair, with many hoping that he would continue on well past 2015. But he had made up his mind by then, leaving things to his high priest as he ventures off on his own.
  • With his new show in the Pantheon, Jon spent little time taking shots at the idiocy of many in the Pantheon. With plenty of factions around, there was no shortage of topics to bring up. It was then that he realized that people here tend to strike back much harder. A day after making fun of Handsome Jack's Villainous Breakdown, his show was completely taken over remotely by Trollkaiger who responded by spending an entire episode dissing Jon Stewart. The day was saved when the LOL Rangers managed to regain control of the broadcast. Afterwards, they invited him to become a partner ranger. Stewart is contemplating as we speak.
  • A New Yorker through and through, he has the city's back. That goes double for anyone who tries to talk trash about the Big Apple. That and anyone who tries to say deep dish pizza is better than New York style.
  • The were two different reactions to his ascension for the boys of South Park. Kyle welcomed the news, as he got to see a Nice Jewish Boy grow up to become the man known as Jon Stewart. Cartman on the other hand despises the man, accusing the man of showing liberal bias. Jon tends to prefer the former, but he also allowed Cartman to speak his mind in his show from time to time.
  • He may be on the left side of the political spectrum and does enjoy dissing conservatives on Fox News, but do not convince him to carry that sort of news over to actual news channels. CNN learned a painful lesson when they tried to get Jon Stewart to endorse their new show Crossfire it was cancelled shortly after his appearance after he bashed the very concept of the show.
  • Jon Stewart's career rose to its height by making fun of George W. Bush and his vice president Dick Cheney. This did not sit well with many followers of Hank Hill who revered the former president. Hank chimed in, stating he thought that Dubya was treated unfairly during that time. With that said, he does admit that some of his jokes are funny.
  • Bandit Keith had a more hostile reaction. He demanded to be put on the show to give the comedian a piece of his mind. Keith only served to embarass himself even more, with the resulting video scoring millions on viewers.
  • The fact that there is even a tiny chance for Commie Nazis to ascend drives him up the wall. Jon can't comprehend how such a being can ever make it to the Pantheon, not because they are Obviously Evil but because such a thing should not exist given how diametrically opposed the two groups are. One can be sure he will shoot down any candidate to ascend on that regard.
  • One wouldn't think as such, but Jon Stewart is familiar with the workings of the WWE. Seth Rollins came by the give the man a hug. It was Jon's interference that helped Seth win the US Championship at Summerslam 2015. Shortly afterwards, John Cena came by regarding the same match... and performed an Attitude Adjustment on Jon Stewart through his own table. That was for costing him said title. It helps that Jon Stewart was a New Yorker, a common enemy of those from Boston.
  • "And with my profile done, here it is: My Moment in Zen."

    The Man with No Name 
The Man With No Name, High Prophet of Spaghetti Westerns (Joe, Manco, Blondie, The Stranger, The Hunter, The Bounty Killer, Americano, Mister Sudden Death, Señor Ninguno, Nameless, No Name, The Spirit of the West)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A black hat, a poncho, and a Smith & Wesson revolver
  • Theme Music: A Fistful of Dollars; For a Few Dollars More; The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Spaghetti Western, Badass Poncho, Nice Hat, Bounty Hunter, The Drifter, The Stoic, The Gunslinger, Quick Draw, Improbable Aiming Skills, No Name Given, Good Is Not Nice, Anti-Hero
  • Domains: Westerns, Drifters, Stoicism
  • Followers: Sartana, Django, Juan Miranda
  • Allies: John Wayne, John Marston, Jesse McCree, The Lone Ranger, Marty McFly, Roland Deschain of Gilead
  • Rivals: Yosemite Sam, Erron Black, Hol Horse, Boba Fett, Gondar the Bounty Hunter
  • Opposed by: Gwangi
  • Odd Friendship with: Dirty Harry, Jotaro Kujo, Rango
  • Mysterious Protector towards: Jill McBain
  • A drifter of few words, this man has traveled across the wild west visiting a number of towns. He is easily identifiable through his hat, his poncho, and the fact that he is quick on the draw with his revolver. While he may be just looking for a bounty that can provide good money, he has a sense of honor and many of the people he has gone up against are morally reprehensible in different ways.
  • In his travels, he somehow managed to find a place that is unlike any other place he had been to. He decided to stay at what is known as the Pantheon as it provided plenty of opportunities to take on jobs for money and possibly clean out whatever corruption there is at that place. That said, his temple is merely a place for him to rest since he still travels frequently to other places.
  • Despite what his moniker would suggest, he has been given a few nicknames from some of the people that he has encountered in his travels. That said, none of those nicknames are considered to be his official name. The various other aliases he has don't count as well. And neither do the nicknames that some of the deities came up for him as well.
  • Before becoming a bounty hunter, he was originally a ranch hand that had to put up with another, crueler hand known as Carvell. Conflict later lead to a shootout with the latter hand getting killed. The Man with No Name then became a bounty hunter after it was discovered that Carvell was a wanted man, alongside the fact that the bounty reward for Monk Carver (who Carvell actually was) was higher than the pay at the ranch.
  • Gwangi, a dinosaur, is rather antagonistic towards him given that it had come into conflict against cowboys in the past. While he feels a bit more indifferent than anything at the fact that a creature that he largely didn't know about until told about it hates him, he is willing to take down the dinosaur if given a job to do so, even if such a thing is potentially more difficult than his normal targets.
  • One of his more notable encounters throughout his travels was with Dirty Harry, a man who looked a lot like the cowboy. Both are anti-heroic figures who rely on a revolver as their main weapon, but while the cowboy goes into action whenever he is offered to take on something, the cop is much more active in trying to deliver justice. In any case, the two hold brief conversations with each other whenever they meet.
  • He didn't really expect to have much in common with Jotaro Kujo, but his meeting with him proved otherwise. Putting aside the fact that The Man with No Name is a wandering bounty hunter and Jotaro is a Japanese man with a supernatural fighting style that has encountered a lot of weird things, the two are very capable men that are able to keep a cool head even when things become serious. Jotaro even quoted (or at least paraphrased) one of the cowboy's lines at one point.
    • Jotaro also told him during one of their talks that there was a bounty hunter who had a bit of a cowboy-like attitude and a revolver that tried targeting Jotaro and his group in the past (Jean-Pierre Polnareff had a talk with Jotaro after the latter's initial meeting with The Man with No Name and brought up one of such pursuers to Jotaro). Not long after, The Man with No Name went around looking for that person and it brought him to Hol Horse. An improptu duel ensued and it ended with Hol Horse getting shot. The Man with No Name told Hol Horse that had it not been for the latter's cockiness, he would have been a formidable adversary (especially consider what Hol Horse is capable theory, at least).
  • It was obvious that he wasn't the only bounty hunter around and heard about some others in his field, regardless of the time period that they came from (and in Lockdown's case, size). Oddly enough, some see Boba Fett as something of a futuristic counterpart for the cowboy due to their stoicism and how, of all things, the cowboy's poncho and Boba Fett's armor have a similar color scheme.
  • Being a cowboy, he encountered others like him during his travels and is fairly good acquaintances with much of them even if their meetings only happen infrequently to begin with. In particular, he sees Jesse McCree as having a lot in common with him.
    • He also heard that there was an outlaw or two running around, though he considers Yosemite Sam to be more of a nuisance compared to the much more serious threats The Man with No Name had originally gone up against.
  • Roland is familiar with the concept of alternate worlds, so it didn't surprise him he had many similar traits with the Man With No Name though he chalks it up to being a coincidence. His Improbable Aiming Skills has the other man beat, but he still gives a bit of respect for the cowboy. Just don't try and claim that he is an Expy.
  • While the two generally don't meet up with each other under normal circumstances, he has served as a bit of a protector towards Jill McBain. It's understandable, considering that Jill has gone through a lot of hell originally (and that her options to defend herself are limited) and that The Man with No Name will help someone whenever necessary (like what happened when he met a family that was caught between a war between rival gangs).
  • Has grown fond of Rango, who reveres him and calls him "The Spirit of the West". The chameleon even inspires the mostly quiet Man with no Name to deliver words of wisdom such as "You don't know that you gotta choice, son. No man can walk out on his own story."

    Max Rockatansky 
Max Rockatansky, God of Desert Punk (Mad Max, The Maximum Force of the Future, The Road Warrior, Captain Walker, Raggedy Man)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His leather jacket
  • Theme: "We Don't Need Another Hero" by Tina Turner, or "Brothers In Arms"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Domains: Earth, Madness, Toil, Racing
  • Portfolio: Awesome Aussie, Ambiguous Disorder, Badass Driver, Captain Crash, Crazy-Prepared, Dented Iron, Heartbroken Badass, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, The Quiet One, Walking the Earth, Still wears his cop uniform
  • Followers: All allies of his respective movies, The characters of Desert Punk, Tank Girl, Eli
  • Herald: The Interceptor
  • Allies: Imperator Furiosa, Steve Irwin, Ashley Williams, Saxton Hale, Vash, The Crimson Raiders, Kenshiro, Toki, Solid Snake, Samurai Jack
  • Enemies: Immortan Joe, Kano, Handsome Jack, Souther, Calypso
  • Rivals: Mad Moxxi, Leto Atreides II
  • Opposes: Bane, Raoh
  • When the latest of Max's adventures was recorded in film, many gods awaited his ascension. Surprisingly, that did not happen. In fact, the whereabouts of his location were unknown for many months. It was only the investigation of Steve Irwin that revealed his fate: Max had been held prisoner all that time in revenge for his death. The two managed to escape Immortan Joe's temple, with massive help from a bald-headed woman. The three ventured out on the Interceptor with the War Boys in hot pursuit. The resulting car chase drew enough attention to force a settlement. The Court of the Gods ruled Max's imprisonment a violation of neutrality. With no one else to oppose him, Max became the rightful owner of the Desert Punk franchise.
  • He wasn't pleased in the slightest to not only find another god who looked like Immortan Joe, but one who looked just like him. Bane merely scoffs at the Max's ascension, not seeing him as much of a threat.
  • His most well-known weapon of choice has been the sawed-off shotgun, making him a former follower of Ash Williams. Max sometimes pities him, seeing the man as one of the few gods that has had it worse in his mortal life than himself.
  • He was glad that there were other Aussies in the Pantheon... he just didn't expect one as eccentric as Saxton Hale. The Australian Champion greeted him with a hug that could choke a kangaroo before offering to tour the area. Max finds it difficult to stick with him for long, so he finds excuses to leave early.
  • Vash offered to teach him how to be more accurate, given Max was getting rusty by the looks of his latest film. He silently shrugged, taking up the offer. It can be in handy in future adventures.
  • Kano took to the task of hunting down Max, hoping to receive a reward from Immortan Joe. Max has been keeping an eye out on the mercenary ever since.
  • His stories have said to inspire entire worlds to take a similar path. It didn't take long for many of their rank to give thanks to them... but not all of them. He woke up one day to see his temple covered in graffiti. A quick investigation with the help of the Crimson Guard laid the blame on Handsome Jack. The God of Petty Villains tried and failed to take up Max's title and is currently planning to take it back.
  • Many gods believe that Max has sworn not to hook up with any other woman in respects to his dead wife and daughter, victims of the early phase of the post-apocalyptic future. However, that wasn't the only reason he turned down Moxxi's offer. He feels she reminds him too much of Aunty Entity.
  • Speaking of similar premises, Raoh turned out to be too similar to Immortan Joe for his liking. Although he stands no chance of defeating him, Max received the backing of Kenshiro and Toki. Some say the Mad Max series inspired the world of Fist of the North Star, allowing Max to call in a couple favors from powerful friends.
    • Souther was not pleased with the development of his latest film, claim it to be shameless propaganda in favor of friendships. He hopes to prove this point by stomping Max into a bloody pulp. So far Max has been able to avoid the God of Abhorrance Towards Love.
  • Leto had hoped to take the title from Max in order to increase his power. The Court of the Gods denied the request, citing that Max appeared two years earlier than the Dune series. The two are still bitter over the attempted insurgence.
  • Among the various gods who saw inspiration from his movies was Solid Snake, as his creator is a huge fan of The Road Warrior. Although Metal Gear Solid isn't usually set in a desert environment, the dialogue is remarkably similar.
  • Calypso had hoped to invite Max to his Twisted Metal tournaments, to which the later vehemently refused. Max is wary with how Calypso manipulates people to give them corrupted deals and wanted no part of it.
  • Samurai noted when he was in a similar predicament, forced to fight in the Dome of Dome. He doesn't lay any blame on Max, instead congratulating him on his ascension.
  • He feels some sort of connection to Babe - even if it reminds him of the underground pigsty of Bartertown - and sees fit to protect the pig whenever he faces danger in the Pantheon.

    Michael Scott 
Michael Scott, Patron Saint of Work Comedies (Prison Mike, Ping, Blind Guy McSqueezy)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The Dunder-Mifflin Paper Company logo
  • Theme song: The Office Theme Song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Aesop Amnesia, Attention Whore, Stupid Boss, Camp Straight, Frequently Uses the phrase "That's What She Said", Cloudcuckoolander, Contemplate Our Navels, Crippling Overspecialization, Dirty Coward, Fourth Date Marriage, Friendless Background, Genius Ditz, Idiot Houdini, Innocently Insensitive, Jerkwitha Heartof Gold, Manchild, No Social Skills, Small Name, Big Ego, Wrong Genre Savvy, Ungrateful Bastard
  • Domains: Good, Business, Stupidity
  • Followers: His office employees, Ally McBeal, The crew of Better off Ted
  • High Priestess: Retsuko
  • Allies: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, Leslie Knope, Segata Sanshiro
  • Enemies: Looten Plunder, Amadeus Cho, Tsunade
  • Rivals: Weird Al, Isabela of Riven, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart
  • Opposes: GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Annoys: Ron Swanson
  • Odd Friendship: The Minions
  • Conflicting Opinion: Liz Lemon
  • Thinking he could make a name of himself in business, Michael Scott made his case for a spot in the House of Commerce. Kaiba allowed him to pitch the sale of Tickle-Me Elmo dolls to parents. Although he made a lot of dumb decisions, he made up for it in having an expertise for his job. He ultimately came up short, but another deity offered him a spot. Lucy Ricardo had selected him as the God of Work Comedies. Thinking this was his big break, he accepted the offer with glee.
  • He made a plea to the Pantheon to also receive the title of Benevolent Boss. That suggestion only caused the entire House of Commerce to break down in laughter. They were quick to point out many complaints that other deities made for being too aloof for the title. Not even his employees could defend him.
  • Despite his aloof nature, he's turned out to be a great salesman when the chips are down. When Segato asked for help selling Sega products, Michael managed to increase sales by 80%. Of course, that cost him his temple which caught fire in the calamity but he's not complaining.
  • Made an enemy of Looten Plunder when Michael rejected his bid to buy a plot of forest under the advice of Leslie Knope. He plots to make a hostile takeover of Michael's business to throw him out of the Pantheon.
  • Speaking of Leslie, the Goddess of Beleaguered Bureaucracy was delighted to have her spiritual descendant into the pantheon. Ron was more nonplussed with him, hoping that a more competent boss could have taken the position. The three are plotting to ascend more of their kind into the Pantheon.
  • Sees the Pantheon as the perfect grounds to launch his song parodies. What he didn't know is that he's got competition. Weirld Al took up the challenge, with two often competing in a Battle of the Parody Bands in the House of Music. Al may have the experience, but Michael does have his followers.
  • Loves to put in in a sexual innuendo, so much that some deities considered giving him an additional title for it. To his delight, many other gods were more than willing to to exchange sexual innuendos with him. Despite all this, he hopes to settle down in a loving relationship and have kids.
    • When Isabela heard news of his innuendo skills, she couldn't help but answer the challenge. The resulting double entendres lasted for hours on end, causing many to shake their heads in disgust. In the end, the two lest satisfied taking on a Worthy Opponent.
  • He's often seen to have mental breakdowns numerous times. Trollkaiger released a video to one of his most famous outbursts, causing most in the Pantheon to burst out in laughter. Michael Scott responded with a smear campaign against the group. Reception was... more mixed, and only convinced them to troll them further by hacking his computers.
  • He's also known for creating alternate personas for himself, usually ending badly for those on the receiving end. Amadeus Cho claimed only through willpower of Hal Jordan prevented him from punching his Ping character. His Prison Mike character induced the eyerolls of the entire House of Crime. Things went heated when he used his Blind Guy McSqueezy to cop a feel of Tsunade. His return trip to his temple was courtesy of the Megaton Punch she delivered him. He's been more careful about using his alternate identities from now on.
  • Initially, he was surprised to see a group of short yellow beings hunched up outside his temple. Turns out the Minions thought that he was their boss Gru who share the same actor. They were disappointed that that wasn't the case, but Michael invited them in anyways. The Minions turned out to be one of his most loyal allies in the Pantheon. The Minions' competence is a different story, but it's not like he's fared any better.
  • Another person who confused him for the actor was Stephen Colbert. Apparently the two worked under the leadership of Jon Stewart, a man who ascended after him. Although he doesn't have any knowledge of that part of his life, the two decided to become friends to get to know each other.
  • Once that that telling a Chris Rock impersonation to Mr. T would be a good idea. He's been pulling out glass in his head from the window he got thrown out of to this day.

    Private Snafu 
Private Snafu, God of Wartime Cartoons (Snafuperman, The War's Greatest Zero)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The same as his profile image, A smiling face with the words, "PRIVATE SNAFU"
  • Theme: "You're a Horse's Ass" (A common five note tune played in many classic cartoons.)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Enlisted during World War II, Used to teach soldiers on proper military etiquette, Armed Farces, Big Eater, Can be easily distracted by beautiful women, Kavorka Man, Tends to be a Jerkass, Can lose money very easily, Right Way/Wrong Way Pair, Fun with Acronyms, Became Sanfuperman once, Cannot Keep a Secret
  • Domain: Animation, Military, Education, Propaganda, Aseops
  • Herald: Technical Fairy First Class
  • Allies: All ascended Looney Tunes, Donald Duck, The Three Stooges, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Margaret Carter, Kyu Sugardust
  • Enemies: All ascended Nazis and Nazi-esque villains (including Red Skull, Gihren Zabi, Wilhelm Strasse, Millennium & Adenoid Hynkel), The House of Toxicity, The Spy
  • Opposes: The Yooks and Zooks
  • Opposed by: Cole Phelps, Richard Winters, Ronald Spier, John Basilone, General Shepherd, Seita and Setsuko, The other Dr. Seuss deities (Especially The Lorax and Horton), The House of Love
  • Complicated Relations: Walt Disney, Superman
  • Confused by: The Kancolle dieties
  • Avoids: The House of Insects
  • Private Snafu enlisted in the United States Army in 1943 and had a stunning military career... suffering one glorious disaster after another at the hands of either his enemies, or by his own incompetence. At the end of the day though it didn't matter, as the dimwitted Private's antics served to educate new army recruits in what NOT to do while enlisted. For that, as well as being among the most recognizable Wartime Cartoon characters, he was brought to the Pantheon to share in a boatload of new adventures... and more blunders to boot.
  • When he first ascended, Snafu was welcomed by the Looney Tunes, who also served in the War effort. Bugs Bunny lead the Private to his temple, revealing along the way that he had vouched for his ascension and apologized for the time he snuck into Snafu's handbag during a gas mask drill. Since that first day, Snafu has been welcomed into the Looney Tune inner circle, all sharing their own harrowing and wacky adventures both on and off the front lines.
    • Despite also serving in the war effort, Snafu is wary around the deities of Walt Disney. This may have to do with Walt originally wanting to do the original short films and owning the rights to them in the process. That said, the Private did become a good friend with Donald Duck and the Three Stooges as all five fought in both the European and Pacific theatres.
  • Upon ascending, Snafu was accompanied by a strange, cigar chomping pixie; one Technical Fairy First Class. He serves as the Private's Herald and acts as a conscience, helping to teach the valuable lessons needed to survive on the battlefield. Sometimes it works... and sometimes it really, really doesn't.
  • Many have asked what the name Snafu exactly means. He's been quiet about it but eventually, after much persuasion, he gave in and confessed. Turns out it's a military code that translates out to "Situation Normal All... All Fouled Up." The same is used for Snafu's two brothers. There's Fubar Note  and Tarfu. Note 
  • War has changed since 1945 and with it has come a whole new generation of dangerous warriors to tangle with. Snafu though was none the wiser and believes as long as there are Axis forces still lingering about the war is not finished. This mindset did lead him to try and challenge Sundowner to prove that his fighting tools were the best around. It all went downhill from there.
  • Unsurprisingly, the ascended Nazis of the Pantheon were not too happy to hear another American soldier had ascended, even if this particular soldier is not the most threatening of the bunch. In fact, all of them have shown the poor Private the ropes and made him look like a complete waste of soldier material. But even as they beat him into the ground, Sanfu has not given up; he'll continue to fight the good fight no matter what.
    • Also unsurprisingly, EVERY single deity of Japanese descent despises Private Snafu due to how they're portrayed in the various shorts. This is especially true with Seita, who is not only very patriotic towards the Japanese empire of his time, but also lost his mother in the Allied firebombing of Kobe. His sister Setsuko, being younger, doesn't share her brother's hatred of Snafu, and finds him to be rather goofy.
  • Almost every single American/Allied soldier present in the Pantheon keeps themselves well and faraway from Private Snafu, whom they consider to be a sign of bad luck. Figure such as Richard Winters, Ronald Spier John Basilone, and even Cole Phelps don't want anything to do with him. In fact, the only one who has tried to help out the poor Private is Captain America, who was once considered unfit for service and has a soft spot for the soldiers he fought alongside. As a result, Cap and Agent Carter have been training Snafu in proper military etiquette, in the hopes that one day he will become fit for proper military service. Progress has been slow but it has been made.
  • While he may not be the smartest soldier in the service, there are times where Sanfu has learned from his mishaps and manages to make it through some of his encounters. It was thanks to his training in the care and use of the gas mask that Snafu survived in the House of Toxicity, much to the ire of the deities there. But he still can't keep a secret to save his life. The last time that happened to him, Snafu ended up being torpedoed straight to Hell. Literally. As a result, The Spy has a field day trailing the Private around the Pantheon and keeping tabs on every single detail he lets slip.
    • His tendency to let secrets slip is also the reason why Snafu is banned from drinking while on duty. It's for his own good.
  • Once, Snafu took up the role of Snafuperman, only to almost bomb the White House, thinking it was Berlin, and attacking an American tank - with George S. Patton inside no less - while under the assumption it was a Japanese tank. The real Superman was not at all impressed, and agreed with the Private on looking over the maps and field manuals for later reference.
  • Despite working alongside Dr. Seuss during the war years, even adopting his rhyming speech from time to time, Sanfu's relationship with the author did become strained due to Seuss regretting how he depicted the Japanese in old political cartoons. This also extends to Seuss's own characters, with Horton the Elephant and the Lorax opposing the Private's very strong war stance.
  • Considering how most of them are personifications of naval warships from his time period, Snafu was completely confused by the Deities of Kantai Collection. For their part, the girls keep their distance from the Private, not wanting their battles to be hindered by his incompetence.
  • After ending up on a malaria-ridden mosquito's menu, Snafu has made it his goal to avoid the House of Insects at all costs. This is somewhat ironic as none of the gods there are not even mosquitos... but they still can sting and the Private doesn't want to find out if he's allergic that way.
  • He gets easily distracted by gorgeous women, resulting in almost being banned from the House of Love altogether. Luckily, Kyu Sugardust stepped in and offered to make him and Technical Fairy First Class her clients. After all, being a soldier automatically makes him more desirable for the ladies... unless they go AWOL, or are psychotic. Kyu is careful about it though; if Snafu puts her, himself, and/or her other clients into trouble, she might have to reconsider her choice. But so far, things are looking well.


    Alma & Elisabet Vogler 
Alma and Elisabet Vogler, Dual Goddesses of Arthouse Cinema (Alma: The Nurse; Elisabet: The Patient)
  • Quasideities (questionable in Elisabet's case)
  • Symbol: Their juxtaposed faces
  • Theme Song: Bach's Violin Concerto in E Major
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Alma); Chaotic Neutral (Elisabet)
  • Portfolio: Movies that are difficult to figure out, being (maybe) the same person, chiaroscuro, lots of conversation, dark turtleneck sweaters and headbands, True Art Is Angsty
  • Domains: Jungian Psychology, Madness, Cinema, Art
  • Followers: The Cinema Snob, Oancitizen
  • High Priestesses: Betty and Rita
  • Allies: Fellow Ingmar Bergman deities, Carl Jung, Igor, Philemon, Persona users in general, Shinji Ikari, Utena Tenjou, Lain Iwakura, Roxas (and Sora by extension), Omnimon, Kyurem, Kamen Rider Double, Calvin and Hobbes, Lucifer, the Jedi, Spock, the Care Bears, Roger Ebert
  • Enemies: Nyarlathotep, YHVH, Nurse Ratched, Arael, Johan Liebert, Palpatine, Hannibal Lecter, Dr. Angus Bumby
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • Avoid: House of Family (for Elisabet)
  • Alma is a nurse charged with taking care of Elisabet, an actress who made a conscious decision of never speaking out of disillusionment with society. The two lived together in isolation for a while, and as their friendship grew and then soured, at some point things started getting really strange for Alma as the similarities between her and her charge caused her personal identity to become conflated with Elisabet's. Their story offers no easy answers as to what exactly is going on with them, especially since there's a lot of strange, seemingly random imagery accompanying it. The strangeness and the undeniable artistic flair of their film caused them to be deified as arthouse film goddesses.
  • Because Elisabet is mute and has a strong dislike of being around people in general, it's mostly Alma who deals with the affairs of their temple.
  • Elisabet does speak up on rare occasions, but only when it's profoundly meaningful to do so. And even then it might be Alma hallucinating and externalizing the hallucinations.
  • Deities such as Shinji Ikari, Utena Tenjou and Lain Iwakura imediately latched on to them since the tales they hail from are of a similarly confusing and highly symbolic nature.
  • Carl Jung immediately took an interest in them when he saw that their situation had much in common with his branch of psychology. He was also compelled to introduce them to some other deities that he's been observing for the same reason (you know which ones). Their issues don't make a lick of sense to Freud though. This has aggravated his rivalry with Jung.
  • Igor and Philemon strongly suspect that Elisabet is Alma's shadow. In case it's true, they are eager to offer them guidance so they can merge back together and a new Persona user can be born, which would be a great asset to Philemon.
  • It does annoy Alma and Elisabet slightly that when people talk about "the Persona deities", 9 times out of 10 people mean the SMT ones.
  • Due to the prominence of the SMT deities, most of the Pantheon has come to believe that Alma and Elisabet must indeed be the same person, much to Alma's despair. But not all deities subscribe to this opinion. One such deity is Roxas, who identifies with Alma's desire to remain her own person, since he didn't want to be just Sora's Nobody.
  • They very unexpectedly managed to make friends with some Merchandise-Driven deities. Most of the Pantheon were expecting them to be allergic to such deities or something. Kyurem thinks they are incomplete without each other much like it is incomplete without Reshiram and Zekrom, so it sympathizes with them. Omnimon and Kamen Rider Double, as composite beings born from The Power of Friendship, hope to serve as examples to inspire Alma and Elisabet.
  • Cartman holds art movies in contempt. He likes to say that Alma and Elisabet are the Goddesses of Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding. Alma is completely offended, but Elisabet finds it Actually Pretty Funny.
  • Sometimes take walks with Calvin and Hobbes, wherein Alma and Calvin ponder various existential questions. They've also all been seen playing Calvinball together. Yes, really. Alma claims it's therapeutic for Elisabet, who seems to understand the "rules" better than her. Calvin, for his part, is impressed that the first 6 minutes of their film include a hand getting nailed down, a sheep getting its throat slit, a tarantula, and a boy waking up in a morgue.
  • While the deities of the House of Health and Diseases are displeased with what they perceive as a lack of professionalism in Alma's part in regards to Elisabet, they do call upon her to help out on days when the House gets particularly crowded with patients.
  • Nurse Ratched insists that if she was given charge of Elisabet, she'd be talking in no time. Having learned about Ratched's particular brand of care, Elisabet is terrified of her. Luckily for her, Alma keeps refusing because whatever else happened between them, Elisabet is still her patient and she doesn't want her to suffer like that. Nurse Ratched says that she'll bring Alma around to her way of being a nurse yet.
  • Elisabet will admit (as well as a mute person can) that she isn't at all a good mother, but she can't stand the Child Abuse Supporters and being compared to them. After all, she did send her unwanted son to be raised by relatives who actually could care for him when she couldn't bring herself to. Her relationship with the House of Family as a whole still isn't great.
  • Respected by Lucifer because the kind of cinema they have domain over defies conventions and the status quo. YHVH hates them for the same reason, finding a good deal of films artistiques to be horribly blasphemous (like so), and also because their boss won't stop questioning His existence and His reasons.
  • The Jedi and Spock took pity on them and sometimes help them calm their turbulent psyches with the help of the Force or the Vulcan mind meld. The Care Bears also "treat" them occasionally.
  • Because Alma and Elisabet are psychological messes to begin with, their strongest allies do their best to shield them from the likes of Arael, Liebert and the twisted psychologists Hannibal Lecter and Angus Bumby. No one wants to know what Alma and Elisabet would look like if they were Mind Raped or pushed off the deep end.
  • As a patron of the arts, Palpatine actually likes them. But after the Jedi warned them of the corrupting powers of the Dark Side that Palpatine wields, Alma and Elisabet decline his patronage. Or having anything to do with him in general.

    Rosemary Woodhouse 
Rosemary Woodhouse, Patron Saint of Religious Horror (Rosemary Eileen Reilly)

    The Tenants of Hidamari Apartments 
Yuno, Miyako, Hiro, Sae, Nori and Nazuna, Goddesses of Iyashikei (Yuno: Yunocchi, Miyako: Miya, Nori: Norippe, Norisuke)
From left to right: Sae, Hiro, Miyako, Yuno, Nazuna and Nori

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