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Intermediate Gods

    Indrick Boreale 
Indrick Boreale, God of Unknown and Baffling Accents (THE BAWLD AND FEWLISH, Indrick Baldreale, BAHLDreale)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His face along with the Blood Raven insignia.
  • Theme Song: Unreeeal SpaceMarine 3 (WE ARE THE SPACE MARINES!)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good or Chaotic Good, who knows.
  • Portfolio: SPESS MEHREEN, Narm, General Failure, former-Scout Marine and sniper, practicer of "STEEHL REHN", Bald of Dubious Awesome, The Peter Principle, Large Ham
  • Domains: Accent, Failure, Meme
  • Followers: Alfa Legion
  • Superior: The Emprah
  • Allies: Tommy Wiseau, Zapp Brannigan
  • Rivals: Cyrus
  • Enemies: The Forces of Chaos, Kratos, the rest of the House of War, actually.
  • Opposed by: The Adepta Sororitas/Sisters of Battle
  • NO Respect from: Gabriel Angelos
  • One day, the Pantheon was doing their own business, when SUDDENLY, Indrick Boreale came in riding a drop pod in deep strike, and landed. He then cited his infamous speech and named the entire Pantheon, BOREALUM! Not many of the deities took him seriously, even few of them just laughed at him, despite being a Space Marine.
  • An ardent practitioner of the strategy "Steel Rain," (or as how he would pronounce it, "STEEL REHN"), he would use a load of drop pods to deploy his forces immediately into combat. Good for offensive missions, but rather sucky on defensives, especially since he never made second thoughts about dropping the entire chapter into the enemy, instead only drop a few Marines one or two at a time.
    • When this fails, he um... Usually sends a bunch of Rhino transports to lead the attack, which pretty much any competent commander can do. But for some reason, people would express shock when he does it, as evident when he did this to Firraveus Carron, just to trigger the latter's hatred of METAL BOXES.
    • In fact, the House of War give him a lot of shit for being a terrible commander, especially for a Space Marine. Not that they were wrong, this is what he thought was the best strategy.
  • He gained no respect from his fellow Blood Ravens, blaming him for the loss of the Kaurava Campaign and the deaths of 5 whole companies, which nearly left them on the brink of destruction. While Gabriel Angelos respects many of his brothers, he couldn't believe that Boreale studied under him and STILL fucked up. And Cyrus does not want to speak about it.
    • Speaking of Cyrus, the two never looked eye-to-eye during the Kaurava Campaign. When Cyrus was under his command, leading the Scout Marines, he suggested a more unorthodox tactics and stealth, in which he opposes, despite Davian Thule, the commander that lead the successful Kronus campaign, actually saw some uses and support it. Cyrus tells him that many of his Scouts died and they are all in your hands, and leave it as that.
  • Despite the lack of respect from his fellow Blood Ravens, he somehow got the respect of the Alfa Legion (not to be confused with the Alpha Legion), who were founded based on his teachings.
  • Eliphas is amused of this man. He couldn't believe that the Blood Raven would have an incompetent Commander like him and thought that they were a lot smarter than this. Though, he admits that at least he's not Firraveus Carron.
    • During his quest for Abaddon's arms, he noted that the Ancient removed his helmet and revealed to be Boreale back from the dead. Though he only stayed a while and was distracted by another matter, so he couldn't directly confirm it, but this is only a rumor as the Ancient's identity is revealed to be Sergeant Tarkus.
  • The Sisters of Battle want him to burn for his action against the Order of the Sacred Rose in the Kaurava Campaign, an act against the orders of the Ecclesiarchy.

Lesser Gods

    Helena Douglas 
Helena Douglas, Goddess Of Sultry French Accents (The Vengeful Prima Donna, President and CEO of DOATEC)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The DOATEC logo
  • Theme Songs: Blazed Up Melpomene and Solitary Desperation
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Half-Sister To Kokoro, Illegitimate Daughter of Fame Douglas, Authority Equals Asskicking, Transformed DOATEC Into A Benevolent Entity, Honest Corporate Executive, Broken Bird, Byronic/Tragic Heroine, Dance Battler, Was A Death Seeker Until Zack Rescued Her, Kicking Ass In Expensive Dresses Sugar-and-Ice Personality
  • Domains: French Women, Opera, Business, Illegitimate Children, ‎Pi Gua Quan
  • Herald: Zack
  • Followers: The (legitimate) employees of DOATEC
  • Opposed By: Shadaloo, Umbrella Incorporated, Tricell, Phenotrans, Ultratech and HYDRA
  • Allies:
  • Business Rivals: Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Lex Luthor, Ken Masters, Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Karin Kanzuki, Robert Garcia, Danny Rand
  • Enemies: Lady Shiva, Geese Howard, Rugal Bernstein, Urien, Gill, M. Bison
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: with Ryu Hayabusa, Ayane (despite being ordered to kill her), and Kasumi
  • Odd Friendship: with Scorpion/Hanzo Hasashi (as they are both practicioners of Pi Gua Quan)
  • The sound of a helicopter emblazoned with the logo of the Dead Or Alive Tournament Executive Commitee was heard landing outside of the Pantheon's gates. From the helicopter, Helena Douglas emerges, having earned her ascension to the Pantheon in part of her successful attempt to transform DOATEC into a force of good.
  • Helena saw that Kokoro was already present in the Pantheon alongside Eliot. Helena had a private sit-down with Kokoro, and told them about their father, Fame Douglas. Much to Helena's surprise, Kokoro found out when her mother told her about their dad and the half-sister who was in charge of DOATEC.
  • Helena's relationship with the ascended ninjas (Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa and Ayane) is on somewhat shaky ground, due to Helena's company using both Hayate and Kasumi for their experiments and for Ayane trying to kill Helena on orders from the clan.
  • Spends her time either inside her temple or in the House of Theatre, practicing her sonatas. She was an opera singer before taking over Papa Douglas's company, and likes to keep in practice. So much so that there is talk in the Pantheon about her holding a concert there.
  • With her ascension, DOATEC has gained a foothold in the Pantheon. Helena gets along with the other deities who operate conglomerates of their own, despite being business rivals. Of course, the deified business tycoons are at odds over who is the wealthiest in the Pantheon.
  • Helena's fighting style is Pi Gua Quan. The style is Chinese in origin, consisting of powerful, sweeping actions which creates speed in the hips and the arms in order to create hard-hitting strikes, with the intention of causing confusion upon the opponent with constant motion.
    • The Ascended Kombatants know of Pi Gua Quan very well, as Scorpion himself is a practicioner of the style as well. Through this common bond of martial arts, a friendship is born between the two. Of course, Helena admits that Hanzo is the better-skilled between the two.
  • Rather than to erect the Tritower for her temple, Helena's temple is her personal ship, Freedom Survivor, which is in port in the Pantheon's harbors. For Helena, it's better this way, as she values her privacy.
  • As expected, Helena has enemies who are gunning for both her and DOATEC's secrets. Gill and his brothet, Urien, top the list, as they both seek the long-sealed notes on Projects Epilson and Alpha, both for their own ends.
  • The same can be said for the deified Shadaloo warlord, M. Bison, as he too seeks the forbidden notes of Epilson and Alpha, primarily to create a more deadlier breed of super-soldiers.
  • Helena also finds herself getting strange looks from some of the deities due to her voice:
  • Do not mention her live-action portrayal in that godforsaken film. If there is one thing that she and the ascended ninjas agree on, it's that anyone who mentions that abomination will have their asses handed to them on a platter.

    Hercule Poirot 
Hercule Poirot, God of Variable Accents (Achille Poirot)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A neatly trimmed mustache
  • Alignment: Usually Neutral Good, even though it can range into Lawful Neutral territory
  • Domains: Psychology, Little Gray Cells, Detection
  • Portfolio: Poirot Speak, Obfuscating Stupidity
  • Followers: Arthur Hastings, and most John Watson imitators
  • He won this title over all others by basically becoming a carbon copy of Holmes, except for one slight difference. The difference was that he solved cases through psychology, while Holmes solved them through science. Mostly.
  • Also, every single story he is in has at least one Shout-Out to Sherlock Holmes.
  • He and Sherlock have a rivalry to see who can solve mysteries in the Pantheon faster. The score as of now has Holmes winning by a few cases. When told this, however, by Gods who want to incite trouble, Poirot just smiles and states that they both have solved all the cases, Holmes just does it slightly faster. And anyway, he considers his method superior for another reason: through it, he can avoid all that tedious legwork Holmes so exults in. Poirot has confessed this habit of Holmes (shared by old friend Arthur Hastings) leaves him utterly baffled - who wants to go to such ludicrous extremes when you can get the same results from your armchair?
  • The word 'imitator' irks him slightly (although he is never seen to lose his composure over it), but he comes to accept it through reminding himself that Holmes himself was not truly the first of his kind, and that it is always possible for an imitator to surpass and overshadow the original ... as is the case, he believes, with Holmes and himself.

    Tommy Wiseau 

Oh hai, Pantheon.

Tommy Wiseau, God of Unexplainable Accent (Johnny, T.W., Bizarro-Fabio)

Ha ha ha ha, what a story, Pantheon. Anyways, how is your sex life?



    Sir Hammerlock 
Sir Alistair Hammerlock, Patron Saint of British-Sounding Scholars
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: An almanac with his hat over it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Quintessential British Gentleman…IN SPACE!, Gentleman Adventurer and a Scholar, Smart People Speak the Queen's English…quite sophisticated as Hell to boot, Great White Hunter (formerly), "Awesome McCool" Name, Artificial Limbs, Friendly Sniper, I Am Very British, Badass Bookworm
  • Domains: British Accents, Knowledge, Reference Guides, Hunting
  • Allies: The Crimson Raiders, Tiny Tina, Mad Moxxi, Histoire, The Librarian, Nico Robin, Twilight Sparkle, Ash Ketchum, The Monster Hunters, Steve Irwin, Red XIII, Zak Saturday, Theodore Roosevelt, Tarzan, Dudley, Henry Hatsworth, Hershel Layton, Iroh
  • Enemies: Handsome Jack, all evil deities from the House of Beast, Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy, Audrey II, Petey Pirahna
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Claptrap
  • Conflicting Opinion with: Venusaur, Groot
  • ''Pantheon, ho!''
  • Sir Hammerlock was already well-known for his bestiary almanac of all the creatures of Pandora, but he became fascinated with the multitude of new creatures not only within the Pantheon itself, but also the countless worlds that they have come from. With that mindset in mind, he set out to accomplish the most ambitious project of all time: Create and catalogue a bestiary of every single creature that exists out in the multiverse. He plans to call it the “Encyclopaedia Animalia Plurimundi” (despite many deities saying that is wrongly translated, he doesn’t care).
  • One of the first to greet him was Claptrap. To say he was not happy to see him, despite Claptrap's apparent jubilation, is an understatement. At least, he's glad the robot found others willing to fix him as he wouldn't go near him again.
  • While it is true he used to be an avid hunter, those days are long behind him (along with the loss of his eye, arm and leg), but he is still a crack shot if you give him a weapon, especially a sniper rifle.
  • Is utterly fascinated by many of the animal-based gods in the pantheon and tends to spend most of his time in the House of Beasts. Naturally, his reputation as a hunter precedes him and they tend to avoid him at best or attack him at worst. He at least makes sure to go with one of the three Guardians of the House of Beasts before venturing forth.
    • One day, instead of waiting for them, Hammerlock ventured on his own and was immediately surrounded by the Prehistoric Monster Power Trioand Gwangi. It would have been the end for him if it wasn’t for the timely arrival of Teddy Roosevelt and Tarzan. While the nature hero kept the dinos busy, TR immediately retreated with Hammerlock in tow. Hammerlock later thanked them and promised to mention them in very high regard in the Prologue to his Encyclopaedia.
  • He stays very far away from the Hall of Plants as it was a plant-based lifeform that cost him half his limbs. Even though the Heralds of the Crimson Raiders killed it for him, he still mistrusts any plant-based lifeform deities in the Pantheon with emphasis on Poison Ivy, Audrey II and Petey Pirahna.
    • His opinions on Venusaur and Groot are hard to pinpoint. With the Pokemon, he considers her quite remarkable for a reptile and wishes to test the leaves of her palm tree. As for the Guardian of the Galaxy, Hammerlock sees him quite amicable but hard to understand him with his repetitive “I am Groot”. Unfortunately, Rocket isn’t translating for him as he knows Hammerlock’s hunter rep.
  • Whenever he’s not researching at the House of Knowledge or traversing the House of Beasts, he sits down for a cup of tea with fellow tea-lover Brit deities Dudley, Henry Hatsworth and Professor Layton. He enjoys regaling them with tales of Pandoran wildlife with either hunting them in his prime or cataloging them later in life.
  • The less you talk about his sister Aurelia in front of him, the better, especially considering the fact that she was partially responsible for Handsome Jack's rise to power.

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