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  • Backhanded Compliment: invoked The Honest Trailer for Mortal Kombat: The Movie and Mortal Kombat: Annihilation admits that the horribly animated monsters look pretty good... for a Sega Genesis game.
  • Back to Front: Just like the movie it riffs on, the Honest Trailer for Memento is told in reverse chronological order (with the exception of the comment reading, which is done at the end like always). (But you can also watch the chronological version)
  • Badass Baritone: Jon Bailey a.k.a. The Epic Voice Guy, and he openly acknowledges it, too.
  • Badass Decay: invoked Their opinion of the Weeping Angels in the Honest Trailer for Doctor Who (Modern):
    Narrator: [...]killer stone statues who get less threatening with every appearance, until they're about as scary as Ghostbusters II.
  • Bait-and-Switch:
    • The Honest Trailer for Planet of the Apes (2001) opens with the narrator thinking it's for the 1968 original:
      Narrator: From 20th Century Fox comes a landmark of science fiction filmmaking, that's still one of the most shocking movies ever mad- Wait, we're doing the Tim Burton version? [sighs] Let's just get this over with.
    • In the Watch_Dogs Honest Game Trailer, we are shown a barrage of requests for Batman: Arkham Knight, then the narrator comments, "We got it on PC, and it still doesn't work. So... maybe next week?" Then, a single request for Watch_Dogs appears, the narrator decides that they're "Close enough," then starts narrating on the latter.
    • From The Mummy (2017) Honest Trailer:
      Narrator: What is dead may rise again, and the cast cannot stay buried for long. So when Universal Studios needed a cinematic universe, they dug up the rotted, bloated corpse of... The Mummy.
    • There is also a subcategory of this in some Honest Trailers mixed with a bit of Backhanded Compliment where a critically praised movie is complimented for several aspects of it before the trailer describes it as a more questionable genre:
      • Gone Girl is described as "the best acted, coolest looking, most well-written Lifetime movie ever made."
      • Jaws is described as "the best directed, well cast, masterfully scored cheeseball B-Movie ever made."
      • Jurassic World is described as "the box-office smash of the summer", only to immediately state that it's "just the most expensive Syfy Channel Original Movie ever made."
    • The Honest Trailer for Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) does this twice:
    • The Honest Trailer for E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial focuses more on comparing how much of a blatant rip-off Mac and Me is. They come clean at the end and apologize for the ruse, and admit that ET is too perfect to rip apart, but still portray both movies in the Starring segment.
    • The Honest Trailer for Lost opens by pointing out how it turned out similar to another show created by a member of the show's creative team:
      Narrator: From creator J. J. Abrams comes an iconic turn-of-the-century pop culture sensation, featuring a first season that had viewers wondering "what's in the box?!", and a time-travelling final season that left most fans disappointed and confused... Felicity! [*Beat*] Oh, and also Lost. Wow, J.J. did that twice? How does that even happen?
  • Bait-and-Switch Comparison:
    • In Batman & Robin:
      Narrator: In a world full of crime, [shows montage of Mr. Freeze clips] one man is determined to kill Batman once and for all. His name... is director Joel Schumacher.
    • In Attack of the Clones:
      Narrator: Ewan McGregor is forced to [shows montage of Obi-Wan Kenobi in scenes with CGI aliens] try and act alongside lifeless and emotionless computer characters like Hayden Christensen.
    • In Jaws:
      Narrator: People are dying on Amity Island, and only one monster is to blame: the town mayor.
    • The Honest Trailer for Moana opens with one:
      Narrator: Are you ready for a new kind of Disney Movie, full of strong female characters, no forced romantic subplots, and a celebration of Polynesian culture? Then you'll love... Lilo & Stitch!
  • Bat Deduction: The Honest Trailer for National Treasure pokes fun at scenes where Ben Gates solves riddles in the movie through a lot of wordplay, intercut with scenes of Batman doing the same with the Riddler's riddles in Batman (1966), resulting in the narrator going down a similar train of thought leading to a conspiracy theory about the COVID pandemic.
  • Beauty Is Never Tarnished: The Honest Trailer for Kong: Skull Island points out how Tom Hiddleston's character, James Conrad, "always looks perfect" despite being a Vietnam veteran-turned-mercenary in the 70s and is slogging through a jungle fighting monsters.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: invoked
    So cock those high heels and get ready to climax in a titillating experience that will leave your aroused with some of the breast combat around and action that will erect a timeless monument in gamers' memories. I guess what I'm trying to say is BEWBS.
    • The narrator even does with male characters, with "hot guy" being used to describe many characters including Leonardo DiCaprio as Jordan Belfort, and Frozen's Kristoff and Hans.
    • Subverted with Fifty Shades of Grey. The narrator says that, while people were hoping for the steamy sex scenes from the book, they were mostly treated to:
      AND... TENDER MISSIONARY LOVEMAKING. What the fuck? Let's get kinky weird!
    • Similarly, Fifty Shades of Grey's sequel, Fifty Shades Darker, is noted to only have roughly ten minutes' worth of sex scenes despite being two hours long. It's also pointed out that in all but one of those scenes, Christian Grey's pants stay on, for some reason.
  • Bestiality Is Depraved: The Frozen trailer describes "Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People" as the movie's "other romantic duet" (after "Love Is an Open Door"). Just like the trailer redubs "Love is an Open Door" to sound like it's about intercourse, the same treatment is given here:
    Narrator: I'm kinda turned on by reindeer...
  • Better on DVD: invoked
    • Inverted with Doctor Strange, the Honest Trailer of which points out that the awesome special effects are best enjoyed in 3D on a giant screen, but watching it on a smaller screen in 2D isn't as impressive.
    • Similarly inverted in the Honest Trailer of Mulan (2020), which laments that the movie's vibrant colors and beautiful landscapes will be wasted on a smaller TV at home.
  • Better Than Canon: invoked
  • Better Than It Sounds: invoked In the Honest Trailer for the 2018 Oscars, they point out that the The Shape of Water's premise of a woman falling in love with a fish man makes for a much more beautiful and romantic movie than it sounds, but also laments that it will still probably be best known as "the fish-banging movie".
  • Big "NO!": In the Honest Trailer for Tattletail, this is the Narrator's reaction to the fact that he has to do yet another Honest Trailer for a low-budget, indie horror game.
  • Bizarro Episode: invoked The Honest Trailer for Honest Trailers (Written by a Robot), which was written by a bot created by Botnik Labs, which had previously created a Harry Potter fanfic using an algorithm to generate the chapter automatically. It gets weird.
  • *Bleep*-dammit!: The second f-bomb used in the The Dark Knight's honest trailer goes (inadvertently?)note  uncensored.
  • "Blind Idiot" Translation: The honest trailer for Spider-Man (Japan) mocks the often poorly translated monster names and episode titles in the subbed version.
  • Boom, Headshot!: The Starring part of the Honest Trailer for John Wick includes the many, many headshots in the movie.
  • Both Sides Have a Point: The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer describes how divisive the film was, but notes that Batman's warehouse fight was cool, and Batman and Superman's mothers having the same name was ridiculous.
  • Bowdlerise: invoked
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs:
    • Pacific Rim is said to include: "Giant Robots", "Giant Monsters", and "Giant Robots Punching Giant Monsters".
    • The Starring part of the Honest Trailer for "Every Wes Anderson Movie" ends with a list of recurring elements that includes "Willem Dafoe, dead animals, Willem Dafoe playing a dead animal, Anjelica Huston, old-timey telephones, Anjelica Huston on an old-timey telephone, foreigners, classic rock songs, oil paintings, a foreigner playing a classic rock song in front of an oil painting, characters reading books, uniforms, graveyards, a character reading a book wearing a uniform in a graveyard, Jason Schwartzman, smoking, moving vehicles, Jason Schwartzman smoking outside a moving vehicle, a Wilson brother, strained sibling relationships, exotic animals, a Wilson brother and his estranged sibling smoking with an exotic animal, Ed Norton, reel-to-reel tape recorders, Ed Norton dictating into a reel-to-reel tape recorder while smoking and wearing a uniform, Bill Murray, tiny motorcycles, profile shots, and Bill Murray on a tiny motorcycle in a profile shot."
    • The starring part of the Honest Trailer for "Every Tim Burton Movie" has Lisa Marie, Helena Bonham Carter, Lisa Marie and Helena Bonham Carter.
    • The opening of the Honest Trailer for Batman: The Animated Series, as they compare its version of Batman to other versions:
      Narrator: Before he was swole, before he was existentially depressed, and before he was a cartoon, he was a swole, existentially depressed, literal cartoon[...].
    • The Honest Trailer for Jungle Cruise opens by pointing out recurring plot points in Dwayne Johnson's jungle movies:
      Narrator: You've seen The Rock make a jungle movie. You've seen The Rock make a movie where he teams up with a new friend to recover a shiny artifact. But have you seen The Rock make a jungle movie where he teams up with a new friend to recover a shiny artifact? Yes. Twice.
  • Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick:
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In the Divergent trailer, the Narrator stops during the intro and we see him in the recording booth, insisting that they've already done the trailer for this on The Hunger Games. It happens again at the end before "Starring..."
  • Brick Joke:
    • In the Honest Trailer for 300, while listing the instances of Artistic License – History and things that actually were historically accurate, the narrator gets really perplexed by the goatman. While making a similar list in the later Honest Trailer for Gladiator, the narrator says it was more accurate than 300 and once again wonders out loud what the hell the goatman was.
    • In the Fantastic Four (2005) trailer, the narrator brings up The Incredibles as a perfect Fantastic Four movie. Then, in the Fantastic Four (2015) trailer, the narrator says it's been ten years since the last good Fantastic Four movie. Cue a clip of The Incredibles.
    • In The Stinger for Batman (1989), the narrator has trouble making out one of the Joker's lines, "I'm of a mind to make some mookie", and repeats some similar-sounding phrases. In the next Honest Trailer to be released, The Revenant, he reads the line properly during the comment requests.
  • Bring My Brown Pants: His reaction to Brain!Andross in Star Fox 64:
    Narrator: Kinda makes a floating monkey head seem normal- OH MY GOD I PEED A LITTLE!
  • Broken Aesop:
    • The Alice in Wonderland (2010) trailer points out how the "be your own independent woman" aesop rings a bit hollow when Alice declares her intent to Screw Destiny only to follow it anyway.
      Narrator: ... Girl Power?
    • The fact that Scott Pilgrim vs. The World chose the ending where Scott ends up with Ramona, who has had him fighting her exes, instead of the one where he ends up with Knives, who has loved him throughout the movie earns this:
      Narrator: What was the point of it all then? Be jealous and violent and chase after a toxic relationship while true love stares you in the face?!
    • The Honest Trailer for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer has this to say about the fact that Rudolph is shunned by everyone around him and only allowed back because his glowing nose turns out to be helpful:
      The moral of this story, ♫
      ♫ Is that being different's bad, ♫
      ♫ Unless your defect's useful. ♫
      ♫ Man, this movie's really sad.
    • The Honest Trailer for Beauty and the Beast (2017) points out how its intended message of True Beauty Is on the Inside kind of falls flat when everyone good in the movie turns out to be hot.
      Narrator: Because while inner beauty is what really matters, your ugly ass is definitely a curse.
    • The Honest Trailer for Wonder Woman notes that its message of female empowerment might come off as a bit flawed:
      Narrator: ...and had a powerful message for girls: save the world, look flawless doing it, be a literal god, then men might half-tolerate your presence. [half-hearted] Woohoo! Progress...
    • The Honest Trailer for Fifty Shades Freed points out how its attempt to be a story about empowering women and sexual freedom is completely undercut by the fact that Anastasia marries the first man she has sex with, gets her dream job because he bought the company and, after spending the better part of the movie not wanting to end up barefoot and pregnant, ends the trilogy literally barefoot and pregnant.
    • The Honest Trailer for the first three The Purge points out how its intended message of the dangers and importance of releasing one's violent impulses falls pretty flat because how much each movie stylizes gory killings.
    • The Honest Trailer for Pokémon: The First Movie points out how it's message about fighting being bad is rather hypocritical considering fights between Pokemon are the main point of the franchise.
    • The Honest Trailer for Mulan (2020) remarks that Mulan's struggle to make her way in a patriarchal empire loses a lot of its punch when she spends the movie fighting to protect that same empire and it ends with her joining the emperor's guard.
      Narrator: #GirlBoss!
    • The Honest Trailer for Raya and the Last Dragon points out how the movie's intended message of the need to trust people doesn't come across when its characters betray each other left and right.
      Narrator: You're saying "give people a chance", but you're showing that "chaos is a ladder".
  • Broken Base: invoked The Honest Trailer for The Last Jedi breaks down how it divided the fanbase so widely and the bits both sides liked or disliked about the movie:
    Jon Bailey!Narrator: So gear up for the most divisive Star Wars film ever made...
    Gannon Nickell!Narrator: ...where Rian Johnson either doesn't understand the lore...
    Jon Bailey!Narrator: ...or he made the first Star Wars movie that actually lives up to the values it preaches, instead of endorsing royal bloodlines and reckless aggression.
  • Brother–Sister Incest: The trailer for Return of the Jedi points out how Leia's confession that she's always known Luke is her brother makes the scenes in the previous movie where they make out even more awkward than they already were.
  • Brutal Honesty: The style in which the trailers are narrated.
  • Buffy Speak: The Honest Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War describes it as possibly the best movie Marvel has ever made, but "without a doubt, the most movie Marvel has ever made":
    Narrator: [over special effect-heavy action scenes] There is just... so much movie in this movie. Look at all that movie!
  • Bullet Time: In the 300 trailer, they note the movie's overuse of dramatic falling stuff, Instagram filters, and............ suuuuuperr..... slooooooooooowwwwwwww...... moooooooooooooooootttttiiiiiiiiiooooooooonnnn.
  • But Not Too Gay:
    • The Honest Trailer for Birds of Prey (2020) points out how Roman Sionis and Victor Zsasz's gay subtext is downplayed in the movie in an attempt to slip it past censors in China, showing a clip of Ewan McGregor giving a rambling answer to a question if the characters really are in a gay relationship.
    • The Honest Trailer for Cruella draws attention to Artie, "Disney's third or fourth first live-action gay character",note  and calls out Disney for not making the character so obviously gay that the movie wouldn't get past censors in China or Russia:
      Narrator: Disney does know that liking fashion isn't the same thing as being queer, right? [*Beat*] Right?
  • But Thou Must!: An aversion is lampshaded in the Mission: Impossible Film Series trailer.
    Narrator: An agency with a silly name... will deliver assignments in a ridiculous way to agents who can choose whether or not to accept them...
    [cue montage of Mission Briefing, all saying "should you choose to accept it"]
    Narrator: Um, what happens if they say no? Do we all just... die?
  • Butt-Monkey: Aside from once calling him "great in small doses", the Marvel Cinematic Universe trailers seem to take extra effort in mocking Hawkeye.


  • Daddy Issues: The Honest Trailer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe points out how many of it's heroes have problems with their fathers (for various reasons), to the point that Dads can be considered the true villains of the MCU.
  • Damned by Faint Praise:
  • Damsel Scrappy: invoked The Narrator's opinion of Mary Jane of the Spider-Man Trilogy.
    Narrator: Meet Mary Jane, the love of Peter's life and the worst girlfriend ever. Grow to hate her snaggle-toothed face as she cheats on her boyfriend with Spider-Man, cheats on her fiance with Peter Parker, and cheats on Peter Parker with his best friend. You'll wonder why anyone bothers to save her over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again.
  • Dancing Bear: invoked
    • In the Honest Trailer for Boyhood, a movie about a kid growing up, the fact that it was filmed in about a decade to star a cast aging with their characters is considered this.
      "It's a beautiful movie, but honestly... if you took the same script and shot it over a few months, it would suck."
    • In the Honest Trailer for Memento, it suggests that the story's reverse chronological order belies a fairly ordinary thriller.
    • The Phantom Menace ruined everything you used to love about Star Wars, but they did it IN THREE-D!!!!
  • Darker and Edgier:
    • The narrator goes out of his way to point out how this does not work in Man of Steel...
      Narrator: So if you loved the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, but wished they made them less hopeful, killed countless civilians, visualized our worst fears of urban terrorism and had Superman overcome his first villain by murdering him with his bare hands, DC has made the reboot for you, psycho!
    • ...and Alice in Wonderland (2010).
      Narrator: Enter the joyless, bombed-out post-apocalyptic wasteland known as Underland. Seriously, Wonderland is Underland now. Watch your childhood wither and die as its replaced by a sepia-toned hellhole full of: animal cruelty, creatures licking open wounds and creatures getting stabbed in the eye. Ugh.
    • The Honest Trailer for Batman: The Killing Joke mocks it for going out of its way to include R-Rated elements, like bloody violence, drugs, prostitution and excessive profanity.
    • The Honest Trailer for The Empire Strikes Back points out that due to how dark it was in comparison to its preceding film, the name became shorthand for this.
      Narrator: In a sequel so dark, it became the lazy shorthand for every time a franchise turns even so slightly to the dark side.
    • The Honest Trailer for Every Tim Burton Movie points out how the director has a habit of darkening the title card of every studio he ever worked for.
    • The Honest Trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman and The Huntsman: Winter's War suggests that the movie was part of Universal's then ongoing attempt to build a franchise by taking public domain fairytales and making dark and gritty movies out of them.
  • Dawson Casting: invoked
    • The Narrator points out that The Maze Runner has "a society of grown men actors playing teenaged boys."
    • In the Honest Trailer for Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie notes that, despite it being about a group of "teenagers with attitude", none of the actors playing Power Rangers were actually in their teens when it was made.
    • The Honest Trailer for Batman Forever notes that Robin, a.k.a. "The Adult Wonder", was played by Chris O'Donnell, who was in his 20s at the time.
    • In the Honest Trailer for Starship Troopers, the narrator can't even keep a straight face when referring to the characters as "teenagers".
    • The Honest Trailer for The Kissing Booth and The Kissing Booth 2 credits includes "Teenagers", showing a cast member who is clearly older than that.
  • Deal with the Devil: From the Cats Honest Trailer:
    Narrator: Now that director Tom Hooper has won his Oscar, Satan has returned to claim his half of the deal.
  • Decoy Protagonist: The narrator considers Max this in the Mad Max: Fury Road video since Furiosa's struggle to save the brides of the Citadel is the central conflict, with Max taking a more supporting role in the story. During the Starring part, Tom Hardy is even called "Tom Hardly-In-The-Movie".
    Narrator: Oh, and there's a guy named Max in it too. He just kind of hangs out.
  • Dead Star Walking: In the Godzilla (2014) trailer:
    Narrator: Prepare for a movie that was sold as a face off between Walter White and Godzilla... Yet barely contains any Bryan Cranston ... And even less Godzilla. Seriously, there's less than 20 minutes of him: we counted. (Caption: Only 11 minutes, 16 seconds of Godzilla out of a 122 minute movie).
  • Death Is Cheap:
    • The Honest Trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 points out how the death of Yondu is probably the most genuinely tragic death in the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far - because just about every other hero or good character who has died in the movies up until that point has either come back to life, wasn't developed enough to make their death emotional, or in the case of Peggy Carter, simply died of old age and thus was somewhat expected:
      Narrator: ...[a]ll to create maximum emotional impact when he's killed off in the most tragic Marvel death since... [shows the death of The Ancient One in Doctor Strange] Errmm... no? [shows the funeral of Peggy Carter in Captain America: Civil War] Eh, she was in her 90s, so... [shows the apparent death of Bucky Barnes in Captain America: The First Avenger] He came back. [shows clip of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy before he sacrifices himself] He came back. [shows the apparent death of Nick Fury in Captain America: The Winter Soldier] He came back. [shows the apparent deaths of Loki in both Thor and Thor: The Dark World] He came back. Twice. [shows the death of Phil Coulson in The Avengers] He came back on TV. [shows the death of Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron] Quicksilver? Ehh... I guess it's Yondu by default.
    • The Honest Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War points out how, in true comic book tradition, the many deaths of various heroes, including the lead characters in profitable movies, probably won't last long, comparing to when it happened in The Death of Superman, The Death of Captain America and, notably, The Infinity Gauntlet, from which much of story is based off, where the same thing happened and was undone.
    • The Honest Trailer for Season 2 of The Mandalorian remarks that, with fan favorite characters from the cancelled Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels joining the series, Boba Fett's death in Return of the Jedi being undone and young Luke Skywalker's appearance in the Season 2 finale, it seems that Star Wars characters have become unable to ever truly stop making appearances, even when their stories are done:
      Narrator: It's official: no one in Star Wars gets to die or retire anymore. This season's most meaningful death was when they killed off a merchandising opportunity.
      [footage of Mando's ship being destroyed]
      Narrator: NOOOOOOOOOOO, my collectible!
  • Death Glare: The narrator cowers at one from Katniss in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, after saying that all books must now be stretched into as many films as possible.
    Narrator: Okay, we'll see the sequels! Please don't hurt us!
  • Death Montage: Sean Bean gets one during the Lord of the Rings trailer, where, after pointing out how his character is the only protagonist who died despite the dangerous situations they all got stuck into, the trailer shows various clips of him dying in other movies.
  • Demoted to Extra:
    • The Honest Trailer for It (2017) points out how Ben and Mike barely have any character development in comparisson to the other Losers, despite being main characters in the book. The narrator even draws parallels betwen Mike and Winston from Ghostbusters (1984).
    • The Honest Trailer for Avengers: Infinity War points out how Black Panther and Wakanda's limited screentime reveals how nobody predicted how big his solo movie would be.
    • The Honest Trailer for Toy Story 4 points out how none of the other returning toys from the previous movies (apart from Bo Peep) get much screen time, and most of their lines consist of saying Woody and Buzz's names.
  • Department of Redundancy Department:
  • Depending on the Writer: Due to Honest Trailers and Honest Game Trailers being written by different groups (Screen Junkies for the former, Smosh Games then Fandom Games(made up of former Smosh Games writers) for the latter), both series don't share the same view on the same subject even if they shared the same narrator. For example:
    • In the Honest Game Trailer for the Mortal Kombat games, the narrator praises Mortal Kombat: The Movie as one of the best video games movies while it's sequel, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation, sucks, yet in the Honest Trailer for both the Mortal Kombat movies, the narrator says both movies suck.
    • Due to fan backlash for the 2016 Ghostbusters Reboot, the Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters II refrains from making any criticism of the movie until its release, yet the Honest Game Trailer for Ghostbusters: The Video Game didn't have such restraints and predicted that the 2016 reboot was going to suck. (Funny enough, Honest Game Trailers were right when Screen Junkies finally did a Honest Trailer for the 2016 reboot and admit the movie did suck).
  • Derailing Love Interests: In The Hunger Games movie trailers, the narrator keeps on labelling Peeta as a plain, useless load, clearly preferring Gale over him.
  • Designated Hero: invoked
    • The Honest Trailer for Fifty Shades Freed describes Christian and Anastasia as the villains of their own movie because of their snobbish attitude, the fact that they have armed security and a secret room full of restraints and torture devices as well as the vague nature of Christian's company and what exactly it does.
    • The Honest Trailer for Waterworld goes out of it's way with a lengthy montage to show what a jerk the Mariner actually is, with the narrator wondering why we're supposed to root for him.
    • The Honest Trailer for Iron Fist (2017) really doesn't shy away from how much the narrator really doesn't like Danny Rand, between him being completely clueless about modern society, bankrupting his family's corporation, mistreating Colleen and getting her to shut down her kendo school, allowing the civilization he swore to protect to be destroyed and accidentally helping start a gang war.
      Narrator: Oh, it's a good thing you're pretty.
  • Designated Villain: invoked
    • In the Honest Trailer for Pokémon Black and White, the narrator is surprised that the villains of the game, Team Plasma, are an Animal Wrongs Group that actually addresses the ethical issues of putting Pokemon in balls and making them fight each other.
    • The Honest Trailer for Starship Troopers points out how it's kind of hard not to feel sorry for the bugs even though they serve as the bad guys:
      Narrator: Evil space bugs are on the attack because they hate our freedom, or because we started colonizing their planet; toma-toe, toma-toh.
  • Destructive Saviour:
  • "Die Hard" on an X: In the Honest Trailer for Die Hard, they list all the various movies inspired by it. And call the movie Die Hard in a Building.
  • Director Displacement: invoked The trailer for The Nightmare Before Christmas points out how odd it is that the movie is called Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas even though the credits don't make it clear what exactly his part in creating the movie was (for the record, he conceived the story and was the producer):
    Narrator: From visionary director Tim Burton... [shows the credits of the film, that read "Directed by Henry Selick"] I mean, from writer Tim Burton? [credits read "Screenplay by Caroline Thompson"] Uh, with music and lyrics by Tim Burton? [credits read "Music and Lyrics by Danny Elfman"] No? Well what did he do?!
    • This issue is brought up again in the honest trailer for every Tim Burton movie, which points out how, despite his big repertoire, people still associate Tim Burton most with the one movie he did not direct; The Nightmare before Christmas.
  • Dirty Old Man: In the How It Should Have Ended crossover of Star Trek Into Darkness, Spock Prime receives a picture of Uhura in a bikini in exchange for telling the past crew of the Enterprise about future threats (based on the original Star Trek movies).
  • Disney Death: Noted in The Winter Soldier, with at least four different characters all suddenly turning out to still be alive, in an "awesome twist they run into the ground. [...] Still great, though!"
  • Disney Villain Death: Noted in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes with Koba, even coupling that scene with a montage of villains falling to their deaths.
  • Distinction Without a Difference: The Honest Trailer for Frozen 2 says it's nothing like Disney's previous mediocre invokedDirect to Video sequels... because it got a theatrical release.
  • Distracted by the Sexy: All over the place in Avatar. "Meet Neytiri, but most importantly, meet her side bluebs."
    Narrator: As you're force-fed the most obvious message ever, it will leave you wondering, "Did I see her nipple?"
  • Divided for Adaptation: The Honest Trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part 1 describes Lionsgate, which also own the movie rights to Divergent, as having "casually redefined the word 'trilogy'", referring to their plans of splitting the last book in the respective trilogies into two movies to stretch out the movie series.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?:
  • Developing Doomed Characters: The trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong has the narrator rant about how many human subplots the movie has, even though most of these characters die at some point.
  • Do Not Do This Cool Thing: invoked
    • The Honest Trailer for Starship Troopers points out how, even though the movie satirizes the kind of militarized society it features, some things about life in its military come off as pretty cool:
      Narrator: ...because even though they're making fun of how dumb this culture is, who wouldn't want to play some taser-tag, then cool of with a nice co-ed shower? Just look at all these soapy Privates' soaped-up privates!
    • The Honest Trailer for Reefer Madness and The Big Lebowski points out how the former, despite being a notorious anti-weed PSA, accidentally makes it look cool by showing that it's cheap, easy to grow and gets the main character laid.
      Narrator: Man, I wish that were true in real life. Way to make pot look even better, movie!
  • Dork Age: invoked
  • Double Take: The Narrator's reaction to this line from Interstellar.
    Dr. Brand: Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends dimensions of time and space.
    Narrator: All right, all right, all-what? Wait, what?!
  • Double Standard: Discussed in The Stinger of the Fantastic Four (2005) trailer.
    Narrator: Make a Mexican woman put on a blonde wig and blue contacts to play Sue Storm, and no one bats an eye. Cast a black guy as the Human Torch, and everyone loses their minds!
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him: One of their big criticisms of Revenge of the Sith is that almost the entire Jedi Order gets killed off disgracefully by clone soldiers despite previously having cut down armies of worse foes effortlessly.
  • Dueling Works: Invoked and referenced in the Armageddon trailer.
    Narrator: Gear up for the best film about drilling into an asteroid and nuking it, since the one that came out two months earlier.
  • Dull Surprise:
    • Their largest criticism of the actors of Twilight, especially Kristen Stewart.
      Narrator: Is every director afraid of telling her to close her mouth?
    • Regarding Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) in Fifty Shades Darker:
      Narrator: Watch as she spends an entire movie attempting in vain to show human emotion.
    • The Honest Trailer for Season One of The Mandalorian describes Cara Dune (Gina Carcano) as having "less range than the guy in the helmet".

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