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Some works are really complex. Trying to explain them is like trying to tell the sky stop raining purple droplets of sugar-coated chocolate pieces go very nicely when you crush them through a toothpaste tube.

Then, there are these. A work with a single trope so central to it, that when said trope is mentioned, the work is the first thing that comes to mind. Enjoy!

Note: Very often, these will be Trope Codifiers or Trope Namers. Also some - though not many - could potentially be summarised in one trope in more than one way.

Compare X Meets Y.

Examples (sorted by Trope)

Absurdly High Level Cap

Absurdly High-Stakes Game

Adaptational Jerkass


A.I. Is a Crapshoot

Alchemy Is Magic

Aliens in Cardiff

All-Ghouls School

All Myths Are True

All-Stereotype Cast

Almighty Janitor

Anachronism Stew

And Another Thing...

And Then What?


Anthropomorphized Anatomy

Anyone Can Die

Armed Farces


Art Attacker

Artifact of Death

Artifact of Doom

Artistic License – Chemistry

Ass Kicks You

Badass Boast

Badass Family

Badass Normal

Badass Pacifist

Bad Future


Batman Can Breathe in Space

Battle Butler

Battle of Wits

Battle Tops

Beach Episode

Bears Are Bad News

Beary Funny

Beary Friendly

Beautiful Condemned Building

  • Escape to the Chateau

Beautiful Void

Because Destiny Says So

Beware the Superman

Big Book of War

Big Brother Is Watching

Bigger on the Inside


Bizarre and Improbable Golf Game

Blended Family Drama

Bloody Hilarious

Bloody Horror

Bomb Disposal

Born Detective

Brainwashing for the Greater Good

Breaking Old Trends

Break the Cutie

Bubblegum Popping

Bug War

Bullet Time

Bunny-Ears Lawyer

Call to Agriculture

Canis Major

Captain Ersatz

Car Fu

Caustic Critic

The Chosen One

Chronic Hero Syndrome

Colossus Climb

Complete Monster

Comedic Sociopathy

Comically Inept Healing

Cool Car

Cool Gate

Cool Plane

Comically Invincible Hero

Conditioned to Accept Horror

Corporate-Sponsored Superhero

Courtroom Antics

Crazy Is Cool

Crapsaccharine World

Crapsack World

Create Your Own Villain

Crosses the Line Twice

Cute Bookworm

Cute Witch

Cyber Ninja

Daddy DNA Test

Dancing Is Serious Business

Darker and Edgier

Darkness Equals Death

Dating Catwoman

Day of the Jackboot

The Dead Can Dance

Deadly Disc

Deadly Game

Deadpan Snarker

Decadent Court

Defective Detective

Delicate and Sickly

Depending on the Writer

Depth Deception

Destructive Savior

"Die Hard" on an X

Dimension Traveler

Do Wrong, Right

Don't Try This at Home

Doomy Dooms of Doom

Double Jump

Dr. Jerk

Drugs Are Bad

Duel of Seduction

Duels Decide Everything

Dungeon Crawling

A Dungeon Is You

Dysfunction Junction

Dysfunctional Family

Edutainment Show

Escort Mission

Everyone is a Super

Everything Breaks

Everything Is Online

Everything Trying to Kill You

Evil Is Not a Toy

Evil Versus Oblivion

Expendable Clone

Extendable Arms

Extranormal Institute

Face of a Thug

Fake Ultimate Hero

Fantasy Counterpart Culture

Fan Verse

Fast Tunnelling

Faux-To Guide

Field Trip to the Past

Fire-Forged Friends

First-Person Snapshooter

Five-Man Band

Food Porn

Food Songs Are Funny

For Science!

For Want of a Nail

Fossil Revival

Foul Waterfowl

Fractured Fairy Tale

"Freaky Friday" Flip

Friendly Enemy

Friendly Neighborhood Vampire

Friendly Pirate

Friendly Shopkeeper

The Friendly Texan

From the Mouths of Babes

Frontier Doctor

Gambit Pileup

Gender Bender Angst

Going Native

Good Hurts Evil


"Groundhog Day" Loop

Guile Hero

Hand Blast

Hat of Power

Heal It with Blood

Heavy Mithril

Henshin Hero

Heroic Comedic Sociopath

Heroic Dog

High-Speed Hijack

Highly-Visible Ninja

Horrible Hollywood

Hostile Animatronics

How We Got Here

Human Weapon

Humongous Mecha

Hyper-Destructive Bouncing Ball

I Just Want to Have Friends

Idiot Hero

Impossible Thief

Improbable Weapon User

Information Wants to Be Free

Insufferable Genius

Intrepid Reporter

Intercourse with You

Inventory Management Puzzle

Item Crafting

Jackass Genie

Jigsaw Puzzle Plot

Journey to the Center of the Mind

The Joys of Torturing Mooks

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

"Just So" Story


Katanas Are Just Better

Kids Versus Adults

Large Ham

Le Parkour

Level Grinding

Like Brother and Sister

Living Lie Detector

Living Toys

Longer-Than-Life Sentence

Lolicon and Shotacon

Loophole Abuse

Lord British Postulate

Love Makes You Dumb

Loving Bully


Mad Marble Maze

Magic Versus Science

Magical Girl Genre Deconstruction

Magical Girl Warrior

Macho Camp

Man-Eating Plant

The Many Deaths of You

Martial Arts and Crafts

Martial Pacifist

Messianic Archetype

The Men in Black

Military Moe

Mind Screw

Monster Adventurers

Monster Mash

Morton's Fork


Monster Clown

The Most Dangerous Video Game

Motor Mouth

Muggle Born of Mages

Mundane Made Awesome

Nations as People

Nested Story

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero


Nintendo Hard

Noble Demon

No Fourth Wall

Nothing Is Scarier

Nuns Are Funny

Obfuscating Stupidity

Oh, Crap!

Ominous Fog

One-Man Army

Only in Florida

Paranoia Fuel

Parents as People

Pacifist Run

Paper-Thin Disguise

Le Parkour

Pay Evil unto Evil

Peeve Goblins

Perverse Puppet

Phlebotinum Rebel

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything

Platform Game

Point-and-Laugh Show

Poor Communication Kills

Power Copying

Power Fist

The Power of Friendship

Power Incontinence

The Power of Friendship

Princess Phase

Pro Wrestling Is Real

Product as Superhero

Product Placement

Pungeon Master

Pure Is Not Good

Purple Prose

Quest for Sex

Radial Ass Kicking

Rage Against the Heavens

"Reading Is Cool" Aesop

Reality-Writing Book

Recycled INSPACE

Reel Torture

Refuge in Audacity

Religion Rant Song

Religious Bruiser

Religious Horror

Retired Badass

Reverse Cerebus Syndrome

Ring of Power

Road Trip Plot

Roaring Rampage of Revenge

Robot War

Romantic Vampire Boy

Royal Brat

RPG Mechanics 'Verse

Samurai Shinobi

Sanity Slippage

Sadistic Choice

Scenery Porn

Science Hero

Screw You, Elves!

Scry vs. Scry

Serial-Killer Killer

Shovel Strike

Showy Invincible Hero

Sinister Surveillance

Smelly Skunk

The Snark Knight

So Bad, It's Good

Some Dexterity Required

Song Parody

Sociopathic Hero

Space Opera

Space Western

Speaks Fluent Animal

Spinoff Babies

Stern Old Judge

Stone Punk

Super Cop

Super Senses

Super Speed

Super Zeroes

Surprise Creepy

Sweet Tooth

Synthetic Plague

Tank Goodness

Tear Jerker

Teleport Gun

Testosterone Poisoning

There Are No Therapists

There Can Be Only One

They Killed Kenny Again

This Is a Drill

Toilet Humour

Toys-To-Life Game

Transforming Vehicle

Translation Train Wreck

Trickster Girlfriend

A True Hero

Two Gamers on a Couch


Unstoppable Rage

Vampire Hunter

Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle

Video Game Caring Potential

Video Game Cruelty Potential

Viewers Are Geniuses

Vigilante Man

Villain Protagonist

Vitriolic Best Buds

Wacky Homeroom

Wacky Racing


War Has Never Been So Much Fun

  • Nintendo Wars (excluding Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict)

Watch It for the Meme

War Is Hell

Weapons Kitchen Sink

What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?

What Is This Thing You Call "Love"?

When It All Began

Wizarding School

World of Badass

Workplace Horror

World of Ham


Yandere Couple

Yank the Dog's Chain

You Are Already Dead

You Bastard!


Zombie Apocalypse