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The World is Your Weapon (aka Bukiatsume) is a 2018 RPG Maker game developed by kagaya, which later received multiple translations and a Steam release in 2019.

Weaco and Ponmi are sisters who run a weapon shop in the village of Peaceville. One day, the two read an article about the Legend of Legends Sword, aka, the LOL Sword, which the two want to claim both for collection's sake and for making their shop famous. With the ability to equip nearly any object as a weapon, Weaco must overcome the various trials in the land in order to become worthy of the LOL Sword.

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  • Affably Evil: Demon Lord Dolhabach is surprisingly polite to Weaco and treats her as a Worthy Opponent for traversing the Demonic Castle. If Weaco's inventory is full upon defeating him, he'll mail the prize for defeating him to the weapon shop, free of charge. He reveals that he actually has benevolent intentions by having himself and monsters act as a common enemy for humanity, and asks Weaco to ensure humanity doesn't become complacent after his defeat.
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  • Bonus Boss: Defeating the Demon Lord is not necessary to get the first ending, but beating him is necessary for the third and fourth endings. He and the Final Boss can also be fought in rematches so that the player can capture them. In version 2.40+, Weaco will have to fight a third version of the Demon Lord to get the secret ending.
  • Brutal Bonus Level: The Demonic Castle not only contains all normal enemies in the game, it also takes away Weaco's inventory and forces her to rely on random objects scattered throughout the castle. She won't regain her original inventory unless she exits the dungeon or finds the weapons scattered throughout the castle.
  • Death Is Cheap: Any NPC or boss the player kills, sells, or discards will return to their original location perfectly intact. Averted for Weaco herself since her death will still result in a game over in normal gameplay, and for Dirk, who died in the final trial to get the LOL Sword.
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  • Face–Heel Turn: In the secret ending path, Weaco picks up all the NPCs on the island and adds them to her inventory as weapons, and refuses to sell or discard them to restore them to their rightful place.
  • Final Boss: Ameno Ohbari, the God of Weaponry, tests Weaco in combat to see if she's worthy of the LOL Sword. Unlike most examples, she's not the Big Bad, since she's a neutral figure who simply wants to inspire adventurous spirit in humanity by spreading word of the LOL Sword challenge.
  • Hero Antagonist: In the secret ending, Demon Lord Dolhabach will leave his castle to personally defeat Weaco, who is keeping the entire island's population as weapons.
  • HP to 1: Withered trees are weak weapons, but can never reduce a target to below 1 HP. This effect can be used to make enemies easier to capture.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Weaco can pick up objects and weakened enemies, and then wield them as weapons. Objects can include almost anything shown on the map, including stray clumps of grass, floor tiles, holes in the ground, traditional weaponry, buildings, and the ocean surrounding the island. While non-traditional weapons tend to have lower durability than traditional ones, some of them also have special effects or large hitboxes that could be advantageous in grid-based combat.
  • Improvised Weapon: The game is built around letting you pick up anything off the ground and giving your enemies a good whack with it as long as it isn't anchored there by some kind of mysterious magic, and when we mean anything, we do mean anything.
  • Interface Screw: Zigzagged. At the 100th floor of the Back World Dungeon, Weaco can obtain the status window as a weapon. While this makes it harder to view her current status due to the weapon being held at an angle, it does make it easier to see the bottom left part of the screen.
  • Jerkass Realization: In the third ending, Valiant Hero Schivardi becomes jealous when Weaco defeats the Demon Lord before he can. He snaps and threatens to kill Ponmi if Weaco doesn't give him all the credit for it, but Weaco calls him out on letting his status as hero go to his head and offers him redemption. He then realizes how unheroic he's being and cries Tears of Remorse.
  • Kleptomaniac Hero: While most RPG heroes can loot items from houses, Weaco can loot everything in the houses, including the houses themselves! She can also pick up objects anywhere in general, though some objects cannot be picked up until she clears dungeons. Fortunately for the player, NPCs will not be angered if all their stuff is taken, though in some rare cases, their dialogue will change.
  • Level-Up Fill-Up: Upon leveling up and choosing a level up bonus, Weaco's HP will be restored, though her SP won't be restored.
  • Life Drain: One skill Weaco can learn from the dungeons is Miracle Slash, which heals her based on how much damage it does.
  • Multiple Endings: The game has four endings, and the player can view them by talking to Ponmi with the LOL Sword equipped.
    • Ending 1 can be obtained simply by defeating the Final Boss and obtaining the LOL Sword. Weaco and Ponmi briefly reunite with their father's ghost, who apologizes for leaving them behind and tells them that he's proud of them.
    • Ending 2 can be obtained by getting 1 million G in sales, forcing Schivardi to fulfill his promise to fight the Demon Lord. He's defeated by the Demon Lord and is launched all the way to the weapon shop. He decides to take his quest more seriously and thanks Weaco for inspiring him to apply himself. While he still isn't successful in beating the Demon Lord, he does spread word of Weaco and Ponmi's shop, causing their business to boom further.
    • Ending 3 can be obtained by defeating the Demon Lord. Schivardi is angered that Weaco is gaining the fame that he wanted for defeating the Demon Lord, and threatens to kill Ponmi unless Weaco surrenders the title of Demon Lord Slayer to him. Weaco remembers the Demon Lord's words about humanity becoming complacent and needing a moral compass, and proceeds to talk some sense into Schivardi. She and Ponmi start a religion to guide people in the right direction, which also has the convenient side effect of getting them donations for their shop.
    • Ending 4 can be obtained by completing the weapon glossary, making it count as the Golden Ending. Ameno congratulates Weaco on completing the glossary and anoints her as the next God of Weaponry, whose job is to spur the development of weapons and instill a sense of adventure into those who use and collect weapons.
    • Version 2.40 added a secret ending obtainable by picking up all NPCs without selling or discarding them. Demon Lord Dolhabach will be concerned about the disappearance of life on the island and asks Weaco to sell or discard everyone to restore them to their rightful place. If she refuses, Dolhabach will fight her in order to save everyone. After the battle, Weaco looks upon the lifeless wasteland that she created and thinks to herself, "I messed up!"
  • One-Winged Angel: The Final Boss, Ameno Ohbari, has a second form once her first form is injured enough, which turns her lower body into a head with many hands. The first form cannot be captured and has no entry in the glossary, but the second form can be captured in a rematch.
  • Satan is Good: Demon Lord Dolhabach destroyed the local castle after breaking free of his seal, but otherwise doesn't harm anyone during the course of the story. If Weaco makes it to the top floor of the Demonic Castle, Dolhabach reveals that his real goal is to maintain the balance between humans and monsters so that monsters don't overrun humanity while humanity doesn't become complacent from a lack of adversaries. Once Weaco defeats him, he asks her to act as a moral compass to the rest of humanity to prevent them from falling into complacency. In the secret ending, he'll challenge Weaco in order to free all the people she turned into weapons.
  • Throwing Your Sword Always Works: The church can teach Weaco how to throw her weapon, which can hit from far away, guarantee a critical hit, and increase the activation rate of special effects. However, the weapon will be lost immediately upon activation.
  • Video Game Cruelty Punishment: Downplayed. The only risk the player takes when attacking NPCs is them retaliating, but there's no effect on the story and the NPCs will drop their aggro once the map reloads. Damaging them and capturing them is also the only way to get their entries in the weapon glossary. Played straight in version 2.40+, where capturing all NPCs leads to battle against a souped-up Dolhabach and a Downer Ending.
  • You Killed My Father: Averted. Ameno Ohbari killed Weaco's father, Dirk, before the game started, but Weaco and Ponmi don't hold it against her, likely because he was killed as part of a trial rather than out of malice.

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