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Nightelf37 Sandbox Index


Step 1: Know the trope you're about to work on.
Step 2: Go to the trope page.
Step 3: Click 'Related'
Step 4: Search for keywords 'Pantheon' or 'Sandbox'.
Step 5: See if it's taken.
It's EASIER that way.


0) When you make a post, have only 1 profile if it's really long (10 note bullets or more, including 2nd and 3rd tier). If you got other stuff to say, you can post only 1 profile (less than 10 bullets, including 2nd and 3rd tier).
1) Don't create deities whose titles play with tropes!
2) Warn tropers beforehand before you modify titles to your style in their sandboxes. If you're not sure of the gender or how to word the trope, LEAVE IT BE, no matter how awkward the page would now look!
3) Do not make templates before the troper wants it to, not even hidden ones.
4) Reservations for candidates for tropes are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Any hopes to claim another's is all up to the troper. And there are some, like r-lock256, who are territorial about it in regards to specific tropers such as myself.
5) There's no need to repost a profile just before ascending them.
6) Make sure you do the research if you wish to work on a deity.
7) Don't notify others of what you've posted last page. Nobody gives a damn.
8) As long as you have enough [tup]s, you may take your time in ascending your profiles.
9) Profile reworks that add characters or merge profiles can be posted in the main thread.
10) Stop doing long drawn out suggestions about something and later post two long ass profiles and constantly repeat it over and over again until someone listens. It's annoying, a waste of space and makes it less likely for someone to notice you. It can even make others think you are a bot instead of a regular person.
11) Long posts makes it more likely for others to outright ignore you. So if you have a long profile to post, your post should not have a second profile.
12) Make sure your profile is updated before you post a profile again.
13) The mods have marked you for your misconduct. Keep on the straight and narrow from now on or risk expulsion.
14) Two profiles with a maximum of ten flavour texts is advised for a single post with minimal other questions/comments. Any longer, and only one is allowed. Other questions/comments risk getting lost if shafted with two profiles.
15) Single sentences must not be too short, lest they be regarded as too generic in content.

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Find Ideas On Your Own


Halloween in the Pantheon, 2019
Halloween in the Pantheon, 2020
Halloween in the Pantheon, 2021
Halloween in the Pantheon, 2023

Thumbs-up regulations for profiles

  • For ascending a new deity:
    • 1 or 2 thumbs-ups = Same as 0 thumbs-ups; not ready yet, but you know now that someone thinks it's ready.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Ascend within a week. Repost tomorrow. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend in 2 days (or immediately if you get two). Else, repost in 4 days. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend immediately.
    • 4 thumbs-ups = Ascend in 3 days. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend immediately.
    • 5 thumbs-ups = Ascend immediately.
  • For ascending a dominion/treasure:
    • 1 thumbs-up = Ascend within a week. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend in 2 days (or immediately if you get two). Else, repost in 4 days. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend immediately.
    • 2 thumbs-ups = Ascend in 3 days. If you get a thumbs-up after that, ascend immediately.
    • 3 thumbs-ups = Ascend immediately.
  • For reworking a deity:
  • For new pages:
    • 4 thumbs-ups = Cleared.

I have ascended the following gods to the Pantheon:

    open/close all folders 

    Ascension Record 

4-Thumbs-Up Era

Gilda (Our Gryphons Are Different)@, Aiden Pearce (The Cracker)@, The Marked Ninja (Real Life Ninja)@, Monty Oum (Awesome, Dear Boy)@, Carol Tea (Cool Bike and Wall Jump)@, Iji Kataiser (Pacifist Run), @, Lord Brevon (Villains Act, Heroes React)@, Plague Knight (Plague Doctor), Dumbo (Ear Wings)@, The Tactician (No Casualties Run), Nanako Dojima (Everyone's Baby Sister)@, Andy Serkis (Serkis Folk), Canterlot High (High School AU)@, Sam Starfall (Impossibly Delicious Food)@, Oolong (Fighting Game)@, Rubella (Subverted Rhyme Every Occasion)@, V.S.S.E. (Light Gun Game)@, Jimmy Neutron (TV Genius and Little Professor Dialogue)@, Kyu Sugardust (All Women Are Lustful) @, Miltank (Everything's Better With Cows)@, Chuck Bartowski (Omniscient Database)@, Sam Manson (Secretly Wealthy), Escafil Device@, Ax (Two of Your Earth Minutes)@, Red (Dueling Player Characters) @, Tamagotchi (Raising Sim and Virtual Pet)@, Excadrill (Drill Mole)@, George of the Jungle (Watch Out for That Tree!)@, Eliza Thornberry (Speaks Fluent Animal)@, Gregor Samsa (Just Woke Up That Way)@, Chief Vitalstatistix (Too Important to Walk) @, EDI (Spaceship Girl) @, Lord Death (Don't Fear the Reaper)@, Tucker Foley (Extraverted Nerd)@, Lavernius Tucker (Bow Chicka Wow Wow and Mister Seahorse)@, Franklin Delano Donut (Ambiguously Gay) @, Commander Torque (Little Green Men)@, Odette (Swans A-Swimming)@, Arsène Lupin (Master of Disguise)@, Jill Dozer (Drill Tank)@, Frank "Doc" DuFresne (Flip Personality), Kaikaina "Sister" Grif (Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick) @ Launchpad McQuack (Captain Crash), Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (Suck E. Cheese's)@, Pokémon Hunter J (Evil Poacher)@, The Boomer (Offensive Zombie Vomit)@, Fran Madaraki (Harmful Healing)@, Peter Burke (The "Be Careful!" Speech)@, Cow and Chicken (Random Species Offspring)@, Rusty and Co. (Monster Adventurers)@, Parasect (Festering Fungus)@, DedSec, San Francisco chapter (Hacked by a Pirate) @, Kazuya Minegishi & Hibiki Kuze (Aside Glance)@, Paul Bunyan (Mighty Lumberjack and Tall Tale), Moana (Born Under the Sail)@, Diplomacy@, The Dursleys (Obsessively Normal)@, Winry Rockbell (Wrench Wench), Milo Thatch (Adorkable)@, Legolas and Gimli (Elves Versus Dwarves and Body-Count Competition)@, Shiro Kanzaki (Non-Action Big Bad)@, Masashi Sudo/Kamen Rider Scissors (We Hardly Knew Ye)@, Eris (Evil Slinks)@, Moist von Lipwig (Refuge in Audacity)@, Escavalier and Accelgor (Socialization Bonus)@, Tsukasa Domyouji and Makino Tsukushi (Love at First Punch)@, Ethan Hunt ("Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop)@, Professor Hojo (Guinea Pig Family)@, Mr. Blik, Gordon Quid, and Waffle (Pet Heir)@, The Classic Team (Hero Shooter)@, Sora and Shiro (NEET), Ronald McDonald (Non-Ironic Clown)@, Chairman Drek (Not-So-Well-Intentioned Extremist)@, Garrett (Stealth Run)@, Trinity ([Verb] This!)@, Ann Takamaki (Heroic Seductress)@, Levy McGarden (Semantic Superpower), Malcolm Crowe (Dead All Along)@, The Monster House (Living Structure Monster and Sapient House) @, Rubeus Hagrid (Naïve Animal Lover)@, Calem and Serena (Celebrating the Heroes)@, Cedric Diggory (I Feel Guilty; You Take It)@, Carmilla (Lesbian Vampire)@, Hestia (Fire of Comfort)@, Fred and George Weasley (Trickster Twins)@, Alastor Moody (Mad Eye)@, Lucius Malfoy (Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!)@, Forrest Gump (Been There, Shaped History)@, Trixie (Smug Smiler)@, Muriel Bagge (What Does She See in Him?)@, Bunny (The Powerpuff Girls) (Tragic One-Shot Character), Jimmy Livingston (Bubble Boy)@, Natsuru Senou (Super Gender-Bender)@, Penny (Nerd Nanny) @, Shido Itsuka (Got Volunteered and Harem-Powered)@, Zordon (Huge Holographic Head)@, The Magic Mirror (Magic Mirror), Eelektross (Psycho Electric Eel)@, The Bladebreakers (Battle Tops)@, Unova League Elite Four (Elite Four)@, Shan-Yu (No Song for the Wicked)@, Professor Kukui (No Shirt, Long Jacket)@, Burroughs (Boss Warning Siren)@, Sam, Clover, and Alex (Best Known for the Fanservice)@, Unown (Gameplay and Story Segregation)@, Crystal (My Little Phony)@, Remoraid and Octillery (Viewers Are Geniuses)@, Chihaya Mifune (Symbol Motif Clothing)@, Qwilfish (Painful Pointy Pufferfish)@, Isabeau (Neutrality Backlash)@, Naoya (Biblical Bad Guy)@, Noah (Noah's Story Arc)@, Popplio (Sweet Seal), Angel Bunny (White Bunny), ICEY (Railroading)@, Blackiris and La (Kinetic Novel)@, Smokey Bear (Wildland Firefighting), Leverage Consulting & Associates (Good Feels Good and Caper Rationalization)@, The Formics (First Contact Faux Pas)@, Will, Brenner, and Isabella (The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People)@, Sonja and Lin (Fog of War and Defog of War)@, Gracie Hart (Undercover Model)@, Gosalyn Mallard (Most Definitely Not Accompanying Us), Millie Collins (Fashion Model -> Fashion and Modeling Tropes)@, Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog (Go-Karting with Bowser)@, Starlight Glimmer (Ex-Big Bad), Anataeus Vaya (Programming Game)@, The Enchantress (Aesop Collateral Damage), Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck (Tertiary Sexual Characteristics), Cyrus (Wizorb) (Breaking Out)@, Rooftrellen (Stealthy Colossus)@, Madeline (Celeste) (Scaling the Summit and Video Game Dashing)@, The Patapons (Addressing the Player)@, E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta (Upgrade vs. Prototype Fight)@, Poppy and Branch (Magic Hair)@, Razputin Aquato (Journey to the Center of the Mind)@, Jenette Vasquez (Vasquez Always Dies)@, Lord Elrond (The Philosopher King)@, Quote (Brutal Bonus Level) @, Fae (Required Party Member), Lewis Anthonio (Homemade Inventions)@, Sandy (Sentient Sands), Horace Slughorn (Enlightened Self-Interest)@, Kuvira (Villain Has a Point)@, Neal Caffrey (That's What I Would Do)@, The Dealer (Deckbuilding Game)@, Kazuya (Shin Megami Tensei I) (Cutting Off the Branches)@, Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout (World Tour)@, The Sinner (Longer-Than-Life Sentence)@, Karen Kohiruimaki/LLENN (Height Angst, tall variety)@, Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth (Cop and Scientist)@, Mina Tepes, Akira Kaburagi, and Yuki Saegusa (Vampire-Werewolf Love Triangle)@, The Chosen One (Artistic License – Martial Arts)@, Power Rangers Mystic Force (Mythical Motifs)@ Satoru Tojo/Kamen Rider Tiger (Heroic Wannabe)@, The Equestria Girls (High School Rocks)@, Desmond Miles (Genetic Memory and Insanely International Ancestry)@, Aurora and Queen Umbra (Light/Darkness Juxtaposition)@, 9S (Hack Your Enemy and Hacking Minigame)@, Helios and Selene (Night and Day Duo)@, The Metaverse (Your Mind Makes It Real)@, Lola Bunny (Ears as Hair)@ Fin Shepard (So Bad, It's Good)@, Sho Minazuki (Loners Are Freaks)@, Miguel and Tulio (God Guise)@ Chuck Brown/Kite-Man (Kite Riding)@, Nier (Deletion as Punishment)@, Raava and Vaatu (Yin-Yang Clash)@, The Master (A God Is You)@, Heather Brown/Spinnerette (Spider-Man Send-Up)@, Violetta Mondarev (Offscreen Reality Warp), Peridot (Curiosity Causes Conversion), Greg Universe (Open-Minded Parent), Palom and Porom (Black and White Magic), A2 (Not What It Looks Like), Castle Oblivion (Fight Like a Card Player) @, Grimoire Weiss (Flying Books), James Heller ("Angry Black Man" Stereotype)@, SCP-2295 (Super Doc) @, Connie Maheswaran (The Team Normal), Sturm (Slap-on-the-Wrist Nuke)@, Daring Do (Comic Books Are Real)@, Dora the Explorer (Fake Interactivity)@, Swiper the Fox (Swiper, No Swiping!)@, Eros (Cupid's Arrow)@, Wally West/Kid Flash/The Flash III (Fastest Thing Alive), The Darths & Droids Gaming Group (Campaign Comic)@, Hackerman (Hollywood Hacking) @, Jensen Ames (Win Your Freedom) @, Ninjas of the Ice: The Art of Fridjitzu@, Andrew Ryan (Became Their Own Antithesis)@, Jodie Holmes and Aiden (Psychic Link)@

5-Thumbs-Up Era

Rational!Harry Potter (Rational Fic)@, The Nightwings (Sports Game)@, Fionna and Cake (Fanfic), Edna Mode (Always Camp) @, Rimuru Tempest (New Life in Another World Bonus)@, Jura Tempest Federation (Monster Town)@, The Students of St. Hermelin High (Bad Export for You), SCP-261 (Vengeful Vending Machine), Sentry Turrets (Weak Turret Gun and Cartridges in Flight)@, The Asterisks@, Tadano Hitonari (Alignment-Based Endings)@, Ciggma Khint (Spell Blade), Born (Blamed for Being Railroaded)@, Miku Hinasaki (First-Person Snapshooter)@, Wes Collins/Red Time Force Ranger (Rookie Red Ranger), Mr. Deeds, (Butlerspace), Galen Marek (Bad Powers, Good People), Lofwyr (Corporate Dragon)@, Thomas Mutton (Saying Too Much), Kaede Honjou/Maple (One Stat to Rule Them All)@, Carmen and Juni Cortez (Teen Superspy)@, SCP-105 (Portal Picture), The Diamond Authority (Gem Heart)@, Prohyas and Vambre Warrior (Oddly Shaped Sword)@, Magiswords, Kyoko Kuremi (Bad to the Last Drop)@, The Jasmine Dragon (Adjective Animal Alehouse)@, Zerg (Brood) Queens (Spawn Broodling), Communication Players, Zee Tee (Dual-World Gameplay)@, Etrian Odyssey Guilds (Cartography Sidequest)@, Sayaka Yumi and Jun Hono (Torpedo Tits), Bill Rizer and Lance Bean (Run-and-Gun) @, Yggdrasil Labyrinths (Mega Dungeon)@

Year 2021

Mary (Dreaming Mary) (Realism-Induced Horror)@, Madam Pomfrey (School Nurse), Bakarasu (Idiot Crows), Boss (Mazinger Z) (Giant Scrap Robot), Bill Brady/Dollar Bill (Cape Snag)@, Eryi (Meaningless Lives)@, Princess Sakuna (Rice)@, Dragon (Female Monster Surprise)@, Tomomo (Party Game)@, Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson (Medical Game)@, Copernica (Robot Wizard)@, Lembas, Lobotomy Corporation (Monster Organ Trafficking)@

Year 2022

Dr. Hell (Surrounded by Idiots), Kumiko Yamaguchi (Psychologist Teacher)@, Markus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock (Socialization Bonus)@, Kanoka Disks, Miriam and Gebel (Gem Tissue) @, Bub and Bob (Floating in a Bubble) @, Happy Tree Friends (Bloody Hilarious) @

Year 2023

Lann and Reynn (Amnesiac Protagonist Catalyst)@, Max Owen (Trans Tribulations) @, The Alchemists of Arland (Item Crafting) @, Esplin 9466 and Alloran-Semitur-Corrass (Meat Puppet) @, Grit and Flame (On-Ride/On-Foot Combat) @, Mooshrooms (Fantastic Livestock) @, Leonard (White Knight Chronicles) (Idiot Hero)@, Littlepip (Demographic-Dissonant Crossover) @, The Unterzee (Alien Sea)@, Princess Pitch (Everything Explodes Ending) @, Bellafide, Hopper, the Quartermaster, and Archimedes (Sapient Eat Sapient) @,

Total number of ascended deities*: 244* - 39* + 2*
Total number of ascended non-deities: 10* + 6* - 1*

I have reworked the following Gods in the Pantheon:

    Rework Record 

4-Thumbs-Up Era

Lee Everett (added Clementine) (Zombie Apocalypse Action Survivor)@, Dr. Drakken (Harmless Villain)@, Sarah Kerrigan (Hive Queen), Lucia Nanami (added the rest of the Mermaid Princesses) (You Gotta Have Blue Hair) @, Tobias (Shapeshifter Mode Lock) @, Morinth (Death By Sex -> Sex Signals Death) @, Desire of the Endless (Everybody Wants the Hermaphrodite)@, Flowey (worked with kingvideogames) (Foul Flower)@, Dexter Grif (Blood Sport)@, The Medic (Shoot the Medic First)@ Iji Kataiser (Karma Meter) (added her Berserker counterpart)@, Miaka Yuuki (Chaste Hero)@, Johnny Appleseed (Apple) @, Eddie Riggs (Heavy Mithril) @, Agatha Heterodyne (Steampunk)@, Klaus Wulfenbach (The Extremist Was Right)@, Amethyst (Sense Freak), Garnet (Romantic Fusion)@, Steven Universe (The Heart)@, Pearl (Tutu Fancy), Kat (Dark-Skinned Blonde)@, Brock (Serial Romeo)@ Tomoyo Daidouji (I Want My Beloved to Be Fashionable)@, Sakura Kinomoto (Magic Wand) @, Miyuki-chan (homoerotic dream), Draco Malfoy (Draco in Leather Pants) @, Red XIII (Intellectual Animal), Sheldon Cooper (Insufferable Genius), Justy Ueki Tylor (Million to One Chance), N (The Only Believer), Naoto Shirogane (Born Detective)@, Wizardmon (Reverse Mole), Derpy Hooves (Memetic Bystander) @, Rarity (Fashion Designer)@, Stephanie Dora (Reluctant Fanservice Girl)@, Fuuka Yamagishi (Badass Pacifist), Doki Doki Literature Club (Surprise Creepy)@, Sunset Shimmer (Heroes' Frontier Step)@, Prince Adam/He-Man (By the Power of Grayskull!), Chibiterasu (Precious Puppy)@, Hoshidan Royal Siblings (Primary-Color Champion)@, Nohrian Royal Siblings (Thicker Than Water)@, Ryoji Mochizuki (Amnesiac God)@, Alan Wake (Most Writers Are Writers)@, Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu (Mental Time Travel), Dream of the Endless (The Sandman)@, Gildartz Clive (There Was a Door)@, Cana Alberona (Hard-Drinking Party Girl), Kanto Starter Pokémon (Starter Mon)@, Suguha Kirigaya/Leafa (Call of the Wild Blue Yonder)@, Agents K and J (The Men in Black), Quote (Brutal Bonus Level) (added Curly Brace)@

Period Where Profiles With Additions Go To The Discussion Thread

Final Fantasy IV Final Party (Combatant Cooldown System) (added Edge)@, Ladybug and Cat Noir (Two-Person Love Triangle), Odio (Live-A-Live) (Then Let Me Be Evil)@, Golbez (Darth Vader Clone), Zen and Rei (Divine Date)@, Edward Chris von Muir (Quirky Bard)@, Lenneth Valkyrie (Party in My Pocket) @, Kuja (Viewer Gender Confusion and Fashion-Victim Villain), Yukari Yakumo (added Ran Yakumo and Chen) (Nested Ownership)@, Zidane Tribal (Cultured Warrior), Tidus (This Is My Story), Vivi Ornitier (Black Mage), Jecht (Tough Love)@, Cid (Cool Airship)@ Jack (Mass Effect) (Bald Women)@, Finn the Human (Heroes Prefer Swords),

Post-Dissolution of the Rework Thread

Miranda Lawson (Broken Ace), Ice King (With Great Power Comes Great Insanity), Jake the Dog (Canine Companion)@, Princess Bubblegum (Princesses Rule)@, The Sumaru City Persona-users (added Lisa, Jun, Ulala, Katsuya, and Baofu) (Story Reset)@

5-Thumbs-Up Era

Phantom Thieves of Hearts (Phantom Thief)@, Shiki Misaki (The Fashionista) @, Neku Sakuraba (Headphones Equal Isolation and The Pin Is Mightier Than the Sword) @, Beat (Cool Board) @, Joshua (God Was My Copilot), The Heroes of Luxendarc (added Yew and Magnolia) (Theme Music Power-Up), Zubat (added Golbat) (Goddamned Bats), Twintail Warriors (added Aika and Erina) (Girlish Pigtails), Clifford (Gigantic Adults, Tiny Babies)@, Queen Chrysalis (Doppelgänger), Lord Tirek (Mana Drain), AMS Agents (Narm Charm) (added Rogan, James, and Gary), Isaac Washington (Sir Swears-a-Lot)@, Princess Cadance (Princesses Prefer Pink), Shining Armor (Shining Goodness)@, Maud Pie (The Comically Serious), Discord (World of Chaos and Mix-and-Match Critters)@, The Heroes of the World of Balance (added the rest of the FFVI Player Characters) (Ragtag Bunch of Misfits)@, Nightmare Moon (The Night That Never Ends)@, Mai Tokiha (The Caretaker)@, Twilight Sparkle (Talented, but Trained)@, Pinkie Pie (Life of the Party), The Cutie Mark Crusaders (Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life), Applejack (Instant Knots)@, Viridian (Gravity Screw) @, Rainbow Dash (Everything's Better with Rainbows), Death Note, Spike (MLP) (Hypercompetent Sidekick), Hello Kitty (Mascot)@, The Omnitrix, The Planeteers (added Kwame, Wheeler, Linka, and Gi)@, Rarity (Fashion Designer) (take 2)@, Goro Akechi (Bastard Angst), Kouji Kabuto and Tetsuya Tsurugi (Rocket Punch and Chest Blaster)@, Fluttershy (Friend to All Living Things)

Year 2021

Ron Weasley (Ron the Death Eater), Isaac Washington (Sir Swears-a-Lot) (take 2)@, Fae (Required Party Member), Clow Cards/Sakura Cards, Mystery Food Recipes, Igor (Creepy Good)@

Year 2022'

Green Flu Special Infected (Elite Zombie) (added Smoker, Witch, Jockey, Spitter, and Charger), Razputin Aquato (Journey to the Center of the Mind)@, The Allied Nations and the Black Hole Army (Color-Coded Armies) (added Sami, Nell, Hachi, Rachel, Jake, Sasha, Kanbei, Sensei, Grimm, Eagle, Drake, Jess, Javier, Flak, Lash, Adder, Hawke, Jugger, Koal, Kindle, and Von Bolt)@

Year 2023

The Animorphs (added Jake, Rachel, Cassie, and Marco)@, Escafil Device@, Snorlax@, Excadrill (added Drilbur) @, Gilda (Our Gryphons Are Different) (take 2)@, Tadano Hitonari (merge with Zelenin and Jimenez, add Commander Gore)@, The DEMONICA@, The Embryon Tribe, Sera, and Roland@,

Total number of reworked profiles: 124 - 25*
Total number of deities added as a result of rework: 69
Total number of reworked reworks: 5

I have assisted in ascending the following Gods to the Pantheon:

    Ascension Assist Record 

4-Thumbs-Up Era

Milla Basset (Deflector Shields) (Otemple 700)@, Muffet (Arachnid Appearance and Attire and Made from Real Girl Scouts) (Fasoman1996), Numemon (Dung Fu) (TPPR10), Shinn Asuka (Black-and-White Insanity) (N3xus)@, Tiny the Stone Giant (Ironic Name) (Mariovsonic 999), Felonious Gru (Reformed, but Not Tamed) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Wilhuff Tarkin (Machiavelli Was Wrong) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Misa Aname (Jack the Ripoff) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Aleksandra "Zarya" Zaryanova (TPPR10), Vincent Brooks (Rise to the Challenge) (Mariovsonic999)@, G (One-Letter Name) (Ferot_Dreadnaught -> me -> Spikes High), Mrs. Brisby (Nice Mice) (Ferot_Dreadnaught -> me -> Spikes High)@, Chanticleer (Cock-a-Doodle Dawn) (Spikes High), Cera (Haughty "Hmph") (Spikes High), Alia (Mission Control) (SomeoneElse17), Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash (Make Wrong What Once Went Right) (SomeoneElse17), Sombra (Everything Is Online) (Fasoman 1996), Hector and Lilina (Like Father, Unlike Son) (Chris X), Nightcrawler (Teleport Spam) (Patrickthekid), Ember McLain (Villain Song) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), SCP-173 (Neck Snap) (Fasoman1996), Ben and Saoirse (Gender Equals Breed) (Donnietu)@, Ryotaro Dojima (That One Case) (Mariovsonic 999), Barbie (Pink Means Feminine) (Over The Rainbow)@, Princess Fiona (True Love is Exceptional) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Babar (Civilized Animal) (Donnietu)@, Specter Knight (Wake-Up Call Boss) (Mystery Man 39), La Pucelle (Killed Offscreen) (Kindle 4 Light)@, Mona (Mini-Game) (Kingvideogames), The Batter (Deadly Euphemism) (Fasoman 1996 -> Lazy Name -> Leone Haxor)@, SCP-516 (Sapient Tank) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Matilda Wormwood (Brain Critical Mass) (The Uncreative -> Patrickthekid), Eric Brooks/Blade (Dhampyr) (SomeoneElse17)@, Marlin (Adult Fear) (RJ-CLOVIS-93)@, Akira Kurusu (Phantom Thief) (Mystery Man 39)@, Hansel and Gretel (Trail of Bread Crumbs) (Shatterstar), Angry Birds (Catapult to Glory) (Kingvideogames)@, The Ancestor (Genre Blindness) (Crownless Mimic)@, Olaf (Winter Warfare) (Mariovsonic999), Ken Amada (Harmful to Minors) (Mariovsonic999), Sojiro Sakura (Curry) (Mariovsonic999), Ladybug and Cat Noir (Two-Person Love Triangle) (Raziel 123)@, Top Speed (My Secret Pregnancy) (rin14100), Haru Okumura (Child Marriage Veto) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Francis (Mature Animal Story) (worldofdrakan)@, Dr. XXX (The Evil Genius) (Mr Doodle Noodle), Oboromaru (Pacifist Run) (Chris X), Faith Connors (Le Parkour) (Roku Alhazared), C-3PO and R2-D2 (Big Guy, Little Guy) (Time Lord Victorious), Power Rangers Jungle Fury (Three Plus Two) (originally from n3xus -> Mizerous) Hifumi Togo (Ambiguously Christian) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), Shield Knight (Badass in Distress) (kingvideogames), V (V For Vendetta) (You Cannot Kill An Idea) (igordebraga), Sae Niijima (Hello, Attorney!) (RJ-CLOVIS-93 -> me -> M1gami Tensei), Chiaki, Isamu, and Hikawa (Unconventional Alignment) (RJ-CLOVIS-93), The Embryon Tribe (Biodata) (Gmodder 1234), Casino Park (Casino Park) (r-lock256), Kaa (Hypnotic Eyes) (r-lock256), Galeem and Dharkon (Order Versus Chaos) (Fasoman 1996), Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka (Toxic Friend Influence) (Cel Prev XXVI)@, Void Termina (Wicked Heart Symbol), Naze Turbine (Sexy Man, Instant Harem) (Cel Prev XXVI)@, Amida Arca (Top Wife) (Cel Prev XXVI)@, Sloth the Indolent (Faster Than They Look) (Bazzardreturns), Ran Mouri (I Know Karate) (louisent31), Dracula (Hotel Transylvania) (Restored My Faith in Humanity) (Mr Doodle Noodle)

5-Thumbs-Up Era

The First Eight DigiDestined (Save Both Worlds) (N3xus -> wootzits), Nitros Oxide (Deliberately Jumping the Gun) (Fasoman 1996), Lan and MegaMan.EXE (Synchronization) (me -> HotmanX32 -> Mattman The Storyteller), Sartorius (me -> Muundeis), Lemeza and Lumisa Kosugi (me -> Necromancer 10), The Porygon line'' (Mis-blamed) (me -> RJ-19-CLOVIS-93), Spring Man (me -> RJ-19-CLOVIS-93)

Total number of ascended profiles I assisted in: 71
Entries in bold indicate deities whose profiles I first created before transferring them over.

I have been helping on these following profiles:
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Entries in bold indicate deities whose profiles/titles I first created before transferring them over.

I have assisted in reworking the following Gods in the Pantheon:

    Rework Assist Record 

Cirno (Boisterous Weakling) (TPPR 10)@,

Total number of reworked deities I assisted in: 1

    Axed Profiles Record 

The following Gods that I have worked with have been given a rework:

(A) Monty Oum (Awesome, Dear Boy) (Patrickthekid)@, (A) The Marked Ninja (Stealth-Based Game) (Donnietu)@, (R) Miaka Yuuki (Selfless Wish) (wootzits)@, (A) Qwilfish (Painful Pointy Pufferfish) (RJ-CLOVIS-93)@ (A) E-102 Gamma and E-101 Beta (Mutual Kill) (The Wikia Editor)@, (R) Amethyst (Eating Optional) (Muundeis)@, (A) Lord Death (The Death of Death) (wootzits)@, (R) Applejack (Honesty Aesop) (Ferot_Dreadnaught)@, (R) Miltank (Constantly Lactating Cow) @, (R) Kat (Gravity Master)@,

Total number of deities given reworks: 11

I have helped write the following Pantheon Stories with Camilla:

I have the following Pantheon pages in progress:

With so many to work on, I've decided, like n3xus and RJ-CLOVIS-93 before me, to split my pages. And thanks to a Private Message from Moderator 𝕋𝕒𝕓𝕤, My sandboxes were renamed since Sandbox is the only namespace that should be allowed in Sandbox. None of this number shenanigans.

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Banned From:

  • r-lock256 (Don't edit this sandbox anymore)

    Pantheonic Tournament Draft 
  • Arena 7: Running of the Leaves
  • Appearance: A dirt path flanked by deciduous trees in autumn. Along the way are things like stumps, rocks, outlying branches, beehives, tree sap puddles, and other obstacles opponents may use to hurt their opponents. It is made wider and longer to fit the combatants, and it has a portal that connects the finish line and starting line to prolong the match.
  • Special Rules: This match is a "running battle", where all the combatants battle while racing. All combatants will have unlimited stamina when it comes to their travel means (as not all of them are runners).
    • Combatants with Super-Speed (e.g. The Flash) get those powers toned down, those with lower-than-average speed are given permanent speed boosts to catch up, those who ride "vehicles" are permitted to ride them (e.g. Vannelope's kart), those who ride big "vehicles" will be provided small-scale substitutes, while those with no means of fast travel acquire special platforms that will keep them at the same pace as the rest of the combatants.
    • The battle lasts as long as there are still leaves left to fall, which are magically made more resistant in doing so. Once the last leaf has fallen, the winning team is the one who has the least KOs. Alternatively, the 25 KO rule may also end the match.
    • A wall of energy 'races' behind the combatants and 'prods' stragglers with a speed boost that also damages them, ensuring that nobody falls behind.
    • If the Ultimate Monster doesn't have the speed to keep up with the combatants by itself, they will be transported on a platform that will keep at the same pace as the combatants.